Naughty Neighbors

From the day I moved in the neighbors were always very nice to me. They were three sisters that lived together. They were very friendly and outgoing. During the summer they would come over and swim in my pool.

The girls were all beautiful women.

Nichole the oldest stood about 5 1/2 feet tall. She has shoulder length dirty blonde hair. I wouldn’t call her fat but she isn’t super skinny either. She has the perfect amount of meat on her body. She has perky large B cup breasts.

Beth is the middle sister. She is a little shorter than Nichole. Her hair is the same length as Nichole’s and a little lighter. She is skinnier than Nichole but has just a beautiful of a body. Her breasts are slightly bigger than Nichole’s.

Emily is the youngest. She is just as tall as Beth. Her brunette hair sits just on top of her shoulders. She is chubbier than Beth and Nichole but still has a great body. Her breasts are perky but are only a medium A cup.

Around 10 o’clock one evening night my doorbell rang.

As I looked out the peep hole in the door I seen the beautiful faces of my neighbors.

“Hey ladies” I said as I opened the door.

“Can we stay with you while our plumbing is being fixed?” Nichole asked.

“Sure.” I said.

“Come in.” I said as I moved out of the way so they could come in.

The girls came in and all sat on the couch.

“Are you ladies hungry? Want anything to eat, or drink?” I asked

“No we’re ok.” They all said.

We sat in the living room for a couple of hours chatting about anything and everything. I was starting to get tired and decided I was going to go to bed.

“I think I’m going to head to bed. Are you ladies ok?” I asked

“Yep we’re ok.” They responded.

“Ok well there’s a queen sized bed in those two rooms and one of you can crash on the couch if you don’t want to sleep in the same bed.” I offered.

“See you girls in the morning.” With that I went to my bedroom and prepared to go back to bed.

Shortly after I went to bed, the girls settled into their sleeping arrangements and the house was quiet. Or so I thought. I heard moaning coming from one of the spare bedrooms. I’m not sure who was doing the moaning or what they were doing but all kinds of ideas came into my head. As I lay there listening to the moaning, I realized that I was starting to get an erection. As I lay there slowly stroking my erection I heard something I never thought I would hear. Someone was moaning my name. Hearing that, my strokes quickened and soon I was approaching my orgasm. As it was building I heard the moaning quicken and get a little louder. As I started shooting my cum all over myself the moaning stopped and I assume the moaner has also had an orgasm.

After coming down from my “high” I fell asleep.

The next morning when I woke up, I jumped in the shower to clean up from the night before. After getting out of the shower, I headed down stairs to prepare breakfast for myself and the girls.

When I got downstairs the girls were already up. As I looked at them, I was trying to figure out which one was thinking about me last night. With all three of them still half asleep it was hard to figure out which one it was.

“What would you ladies like for breakfast?” I asked. “I’ve got some bacon and eggs if you want them.”

“That sounds good.” Emily said.

“Ok. Any special orders?” I asked

“Just scrambled.” They all said

After we had breakfast I asked the girls if they had any plans for the day.

“I think I’m just going to spend the day by the pool and in the pool if that’s ok with you.” Nichole said.

“Yeah that’s what we were thinking too.” Emily and Beth added.

“That’s fine with me.” I said.

Soon I seen Beth and Emily out on the deck sticking their feet in the pool to test the water.

“Chmm…” I heard from behind me.

As I turned around I seen Nichole standing in the doorway to the kitchen. She was wearing a very skimpy bikini.

“Wow” I said. “You look amazing.”

“Thanks. I’m glad you enjoy it. Do you think it’s too revealing?”

“Well, it is a little revealing but it looks good on you.” I said.

“I’ve seen you checking me out lately. Knowing that you’re watching me while I’m tanning or swimming makes me so horny. At night I masturbate to the thought of you fucking my pussy.” She said.

“So was that you that I heard moaning last night?” I asked.

“No it wasn’t me. Must have been Beth or Emy.” She said. “But I was fingering myself last night after you went to bed.”

Looking down at my growing erection Nichole said “Someone likes what they are hearing.”

“The thought of you fingering your pussy thinking about me is a big turn on.”

“Well maybe these next couple of days we can do a little more than just think about eachother.” She said as she moved closer to me and pressed her body against me and moved in for a kiss.

I wasn’t going to ruin the mood so I kissed her back. I moved her up against the wall as we were kissing. She broke the kiss and looked up at me and gave me her beautiful smile.

“Mmm…I’ve wanted to taste your lips for a while.” She said.

“Me too” I responded.

As we kissed I picked her up and placed her on the counter. I reached behind her and untied the string to her top. I pulled the fabric off of her breasts and covered them with me hands. I started kissing her neck and chest as I played with her breasts and pinched her nipples.

“Mmm….That feels good.” Nichole moaned.

Hearing her moaning was driving me crazy. I kissed farther down her chest and took her left nipple into my mouth. I sucked gently at first then a little harder before I gave it a little bite and pulled on it with my teeth. I didn’t want the right nipple to feel left out so I proceeded to do the same thing to it.

Then I kissed back up her neck to her ear. “How was that?” I asked.

“It felt great.” She said with a smile. “I want more though.” she said as she placed my hand between her legs.

I could feel the dampness on the fabric of her bikini bottoms. My head was racing. I wanted to know how she tasted, I wanted to know if she shaved her pussy, I wanted to know all the details of her.

I pulled her closer to the edge and leaned in for another kiss. As we were kissing, I slid my hand up her leg and slipped a finger inside the leg of her bottoms and rubbed it along her slit.

Nichole let out a gasp as I slid my finger across her clit and back down her soaking wet slit. As I moved my hand to push her bottoms over so I could have full access to her pussy we heard the slam of a door.

Startled Nichole jumped off the counter, adjusted her bikini bottoms and tied back her top. “We’ll have to finish this later” she said.

“Are you guys going to come join us?” We heard Emily yell.

“Yeah we’ll be out in a second.” Nichole replied.

“We’ll finish later.” She said again and left to go outside.

With my raging hardon I was in no shape to go outside so I figured I’d wait a couple of minutes before I went out.

After my erection went away, I joined the girls outside on the deck by the pool. When I walked out Nichole looked up and smiled and winked at me. All I could do was smile back at her.

Handing me a bottle of tanning oil Nichole layed on her stomach and asked if I could rub some oil on her back. I said I would and she reached around and unclipped the back of her top so I could rub oil all over her back.

As I was rubbing the oil in my hand “drifted” down her side and brushed the side of her breasts. Every time my fingers ran across them she would let out a soft muffled moan. Once again I had a raging hard on. After oiling up her back I moved down and started rubbing oil on her legs making sure that every time I got to the top of the inside of her leg I would brush against her pussy.

After getting myself worked up again, I decided I needed to get in the pool and cool off a little.

When I jumped in the water I swam across the pool to the shallower end. While I was resting there Emily swam over to me.

“I always liked being thrown as a little kid. Do you think you can throw me? she asked.

“I’m not sure but we can give it a try if you want.”


So we moved towards the deeper end but to where I could still safely touch and not be up to my neck in water.

“Do you want to stand on my legs or what?” I asked

“I can or you can just try to pick me up and throw me.” she replied.

So I had her come around in front of me, I grabbed her waist and had her put her feet on my legs.

“1..2..3” I said as I pushed down on her waist and then pushed up and out. She went flying and screamed like a little kid.

I threw her a couple of times and each time she swam back under water and got close I would reach down to grab her and I ended up with a handful of her breast.

Then the last time I threw her she swam back and once again I ended up with a handful of her breast and she ended up a handful of my dick.

“I seen what you and Nikki were doing through the window.” She said with a smile.

“Really?” I questioned “What all did you see?”

“Well I seen you guys kissing, and you sucking her nipples. I figured you guys would start fucking soon that’s why I came in and asked if you were coming out.” She said

“I won’t deny any of that but I’m not sure we would have fucked. Why did you not want us to anyways?” I asked

“I don’t care if you do I just want to watch you when you do.”


“Yeah I imagine you fucking me all the time. I want to see your dick sliding in and out of a pussy and maybe even feel it in mine.” She said.

“So was that you then last night I heard moaning my name?” I asked.

“Yeah that was me.” She said with a big smile.

“Does Beth think the same thing as you and Nikki?” I asked

“I’m not sure if she does or not.” she said

After our conversation Emily swam off and floated around the pool by herself.

Having my fill of being turned on and not getting anything out of it, I decided to head in and get a shower and get changed.

After my shower the girls came in and all got showers and changed. We sat around the living room watching some tv for the rest of the afternoon.

We decided to go out for dinner instead of eating in. Oh boy did I get some curious looks walking in the restaurant with these three beautiful ladies. Dinner went along with out much excitement. The girls just chatted about anything and everything. Soon dinner was over and I paid and we headed home.

Since it was pretty hot all day long Nichole and Emily decided they wanted to go for an evening swim. They talked me into joining them. Nichole and Emily quickly got changed and went outside and got in the pool. Beth decided that she was going to stay inside and watch t.v. When I got outside everything looked normal. There were towels on two of the chairs and a couple empty chairs. So I threw my towel on the chair and got in the pool.

“Hurry and get in. The water feels great.” said Nichole

Once I got in both Nichole and Emily came over to me. When they got to me I noticed they did not have a swimsuit on. When they swam up to me they both pressed their bodies up against me. One of them grabbed the front of my swimming trunks and the other untied them and they both pulled them off of me.

“That’s better.” commented Emily as she grabbed my dick and started stroking it.

“Nikki feel how thick his cock is.” said Emily.

Nichole reached down and replaced Emily’s hand with her own and continued stroking me.

“This isn’t fair to me. You two are touching me. I think I should be touching you too.” I said.

“It’s kind of hard for the three of us to play in the pool, don’t you think.” Emily said.

“What about Beth?” I asked “You don’t want to leave her out do you?”

“I don’t know if she would want to play with us.” Said Nichole.

“How about we go inside and we can all have fun.” I suggested.

“Ok!!” They agreed.

As the three of us went inside Emily told Beth that we were going to go into my bedroom and have some fun if she wanted to join us.

“Since we were in the pool how about we jump in the shower and clean up a little.” I suggested.

“Ok” they both agreed

“But first I want to watch you two pee.” I said.

We went into the bathroom and Nichole and Emily got into the shower. There is a ledge in the shower that you can sit on. First Nichole sat down on the edge of the ledge and spread her legs. As she started to relax she started to pee. Watching her pee turned me on and my dick got harder (or it seemed) as I watched. Next thing I knew Emily was rubbing Nichole’s pussy as she was peeing and sucking on her nipples. That was an even bigger turn on. As Emily was doing that Nichole started moaning and moving her hips with Emily’s rhythm.

Turning around Emily smiled at me and said “Like that? I think I might be a little bit of a lesbian.”

“My turn to pee.” Said Emily. She sat on the edge and spread her legs. She then reached down and spread the lips of her pussy and started to pee, then started to finger herself while smiling at me.

“That’s kind of sexy watching someone pee.” Nichole said.

“Ok we need to get a shower because I can’t take the teasing any longer.” I said and started the water.

I washed both of the girls mostly so I could feel their bodies but also to make sure everything I planned to kiss was clean. As they were washing my body the door to the bathroom opened and then the door to the shower.

“Is there room for one more in here?” Beth asked.

“Sure is sis.” Said Emily

Emily and Nichole moved out of the water so Beth could let it run over herself. After letting the water run over her Emily picked up a wash cloth and started washing Beth.

Emily washed Beth’s breasts and then slowly made circles down her body to her pussy. As she washed Beth’s pussy, Beth let out a soft moan.

Beth and I rinsed off and then we turned off the water and all got out of the shower and dried off.

Now that we were all dry we went to my bedroom. “I think we might have to go into the living room. I just don’t think there’s enough room on the bed for all 4 of us.” I commented.

“We can try.” Nichole said.

“So what do we want to do first and who wants to go first?” I asked.

“You can have me first, since I’m youngest.” Emily offered.

“Ok. Beth you sit over there and Nichole you sit there. Emily get on your knees and face Beth.” I instructed.

I then climbed onto the bed behind Emily. I put my knees on the outside of her feet and legs and moved in close to her pressing our bodies together.

With my hard dick pressing against her butt I reached around her body with my right hand and cupped her left breast and started massaging it and pinching her nipple. With my left hand I reached around her body and started rubbing the outside of her pussy lips. Then I slipped a finger between her lips and rubbed up and down her wettening slit. I quickened my pace fo rubbing her pussy while I started kissing and biting her neck and her back. Soon she was moaning and moving her body with my hands. As she is really getting into it, just to tease her, I stop rubbing her pussy and her breasts. I then reach under her from behind I start rubbing her pussy again and push on her back so she leans down on her hands and knees. Continuing to rub her pussy I start kissing her lower back and her ass. I stop rubbing her pussy and instead add my tongue. Tonguing her pussy was driving her crazy. She was pushing her ass into my face to get my tongue on her clit and into her pussy.

“Come closer Nichole.” I said. As she got close to Emily and I, I leaned into her and gave her a wet kiss with Emily’s pussy juice all over my face.

“That’s not a bad taste.” Nichole said.

“Ok Nichole I want you to spread her ass cheeks for me.” I instructed.

Nichole leaned on Emily’s lower back and put her hands on both of Emilys cheeks and spread them open. I leaned in and started licking Emily’s pussy again. This time as I reached her hole I continued to lick and kiss up to her ass hole and then back down her wet slit to her clit.

“Put a little of your spit on her ass hole for me.” I told Nichole.

She let some of her spit fall from her lips to Emily’s ass hole. I licked it up and tongued her ass hole a little more. With the probing of my tongue Emily let out a muffled moan.

There was other moaning than just Emily. I looked up and there was Beth leaned back on one hand and the other holding Emily’s head in between her legs. Emily was greedily eating Beth’s pussy and both seemed to be liking it.

I had Nichole put a little more spit on Emily’s ass hole and then gently pushed my finger into Emily’s ass hole and put my thumb in her pussy while I was licking her clit. When I got the second knuckle in her tight little hole Emily bucked backwards on my finger and moaned loudly.

Pulling her face out of Beth’s pussy and continuing to fuck my fingers in her ass and pussy, Emily said “Don’t stop. Shit, I’m cumming.”

I continued to finger her ass and pussy through her orgasm and then when her pussy stopped spasiming I started licking her clit until she begged me to stop because it was so sensitive.

Emily rolled over on her back and tried catching her breathe and let her body cool down.

“Damn you really did her in. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone cum that hard before.” Nichole said.

“Would you like to see if I can make you cum that hard?” I asked her.

“Sure!!” she said excitedly laying in front of me.

I started kissing her neck and chest. I worked my way across her breasts teasing both nipples with kisses and gentle bites. I kissed down her stomach, to just above the small amount of pubic hair that she had not shaved off. To tease her a little more I kissed across her pelvic bone to her left leg. I think kissed down her leg to her feet and sucked on all her toes before kissing back up her leg. When I got back up to her pussy I gave it a couple of quick kisses then continued across to the right leg. I kissed down that leg to her foot and sucked all her toes and then kissed back up to her pussy. Once there I dove right in and started licking up and down her now soaking wet pussy. I pushed her legs up so I could have more access to her pussy. Now that it was wide open I started pushing my tongue in and out of her pussy and then licking back up to her clit. When I got up to it I ran my tongue over it while applying all the pressure I could with my tongue. Everytime I would brush across it I could feel her body give a little shiver. I decided that to really get her to cum I needed to do a little more. So I had her hold her legs up. With my hands free now I started sucking on her clit again. Then I moved down and licked her pussy a little more before moving farther down to her asshole. Once there I spread her cheeks apart and licked her asshole with all I had. I then slid a finger into her pussy and started fucking her pussy with my finger.

“Put another finger in my pussy.” Nichole begged.

So not to upset her I put my index and ring fingers both in her pussy. Now that I had her asshole nice and lubed up it was time to make her explode.

I heard from the other side of the bed “Lick my pussy you little pussy licking whore.” I looked over and Beth was squatting over Emily’s face and Emily was again licking her pussy. I didn’t want Nichole to lose anything she had so I got back to what I was doing.

“Oh that feels good. Fuck my pussy and eat my ass.” She said. “Oh don’t stop. I’m so close.”

Since one finger wasn’t good enough in Nichole’s pussy I decided that she would need more than one in her ass. So I pulled my two fingers out of her pussy. As I lined my fingers up to penetrate her ass I figured I better distract her a little. So I stated licking her clit again.

“Uh..Uh..” she moaned

With that I pushed my two fingers into her asshole and started fucking her with them.

“DA..MN…..I’mm….C..C..Cumming.” she moaned as I licked her clit and fingered her ass. Her hips were now bucking high and hard off the bed so I wouldn’t lose contact with her clit. Soon her rocking slowed and she started breathing a little slower. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and sat up on my knees.

“Hey look at Beth and Emily.” I told Nichole.

Rolling onto her stomach, Nichole said “Holy shit, Emily you are a little lesbian aren’t you?” “Lick that pussy good.” “How does her pussy taste?” she asked Emily. Since Beth was sitting on her face she couldn’t talk all she could do was give a thumbs up.

I was dying to get some of Beth. Since I had the other two. I wanted to know how her body felt and how her pussy tasted but I didn’t want to ruin Emily’s fun.

I moved on the bed so that I was behind Beth and start kissing her neck and reached around and rubbed her nipples and breasts. Beth was rocking her hips across Emily’s face and tongue and really enjoying it.

“Oh shit, Oh shit.” Beth said. “Damn, Damn, Oh SH..IT…I’m cumming” she said as she rocked back and forth on Emily’s tongue.

“Damn that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” Beth said rolling off of Emily’s face.

When Beth rolled off of Emily, Nichole went over and gave Emily a great big kiss. “Damn her pussy is pretty good.” Nichole said.

Seeing everything that had happened so far today I was about to blow my load everywhere. So I leaned into Nichole and started rubbing my dick up and down her wet slit. Knowing what I wanted she laid still on her stomach not giving me access to the treasure that I wanted. Instead she turned around and started stroking my dick. After a few strokes she slipped my dick into her mouth and started to give me a blow job. Holding her head so that she couldn’t get too far from me I guided my dick in and out of her wet mouth. Each stroke in I would push it a little farther into her mouth.

“That feels good but I want something else.” I said as I guided her face away from my dick. “Nichole come stand behind me, Beth sit on the edge of the bed and lean back on your hands and wrap your legs around mine, and Emily you can suck on Beths nipples.” I instructed.

So they all moved around. “Now move in close to me Nichole.” I said. Soon I felt the warmth of her breasts pressing against my back. She reached around my waist and grabbed onto my dick again. With Nichole jacking me off and seeing Emily sucking on Beth’s nipples I knew I wouldn’t last long. With Beth’s legs wrapped around mine my balls were swinging back and forth and brushing across her pussy.

“Watch out Emily.” I said as I felt my cum about to shoot out. As soon as Emily moved away from Beth’s tits my cum started shooting out. A few drops shot out and landed between Beth’s tits, some of it landed on her stomach and pussy. Nichole continued to stroke my dick as more cum shot out and landed on Beth’s stomach and tits. Emily reached up and started rubbing my cum all over Beth’s stomach and tits and then lickd her fingers clean.

“I think we all need a bath.” I said with a smile.

“Yeah.” They all agreed.

With that we got up and went into the bathroom.

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