Open marriage 4.


Faith spent the entire weekend with Hank and
practically three or four nights’ week the next three
months. Mark noticed changes taking place in their
marriage and recently noticed Faith no longer wore her
wedding rings. Mark commented on it one evening and
gave him the excuse about meeting business people with

Mark had been dating Rita so it wasn’t like he was
sitting at home playing the neglected husband role.
He’d been busy working with clients and seeing Rita
whenever they could get together. Mark even got an
opportunity to meet Rita’s husband.

Rita arranged a double date with her husband.
Surprisingly, Dan was much older and tall and skinny.
Mark was taken by Shelly, Dan’s twenty-eight-year-old
girlfriend. She was tall, about five-ten with legs that
seemed to stretch out a mile in length. She was thin
and flat-chested but her beautiful smile and charming
personality certainly composited for those attributes
she was lacking.

Unlike Rita having large boobs and red hair, Shelly had
dark eyes and long black hair. Dan charted a private
plane and flew them to Miami for the weekend. The
internet site that Mark met Rita through was holding a
huge party for swingers and the two couples booked a
double room for three nights.

They checked into their suite that afternoon. Mark
found it awkward to be sharing a room with his
girlfriend’s husband. Rita joked about it and tried to
reassure Mark.

“Sweetie! It’ll be fun! I think my husband was born a
natural voyeur anyway. I think it’ll be rather
entertaining sharing our room with them.”

Mark just smiled back at Rita as he unpacked his
things. Mark glanced at Rita’s finger. He knew she
hadn’t wore her wedding rings since they met. He was

“Rita? You’ve never worn your wedding rings since I’ve
known you. I was sort of wondering if there was a
reason. Don’t you love him enough to wear them?”

Rita laughed at his question as she leaned on his
shoulder. “Mark. You picked a crazy time to ask me a
question like that one!”

“Seriously, Rita! Is there a particular reason?”

Rita sighed. “Well. It’s nothing to do with not loving
my husband or out of disrespect. I think it would be
disrespectful to him if I did wear it when I’m out with
another man.”

Mark starred into space. “Mark. Why did you ask?”

“Oh. I noticed lately that Faith wasn’t wearing her
rings and just wanted to know if it meant anything.”

Rita squeezed his arm. “I see Dan’s face every time I
stare at them and it’s a constant reminder that I’m
still a married woman.” Rita hesitated as she held his
hand. “It gives me a sense of freedom when I don’t wear

Rita noticed Mark seemed upset. “Mark. It’s part of the
territory if your going to participate in an open
marriage. When was the last time you sat down with
Faith and just held her and told her how much you still
love her?”

Mark starred at Rita trying to give her a date or a
time but couldn’t answer the question. “That’s what I
thought. Mark! You need to take time once in a while to
let her know how you feel!”

“I guess you’re right!”

Mark was still starring into space as Rita rubbed his
back. “There isn’t anything you can do about it this
weekend. Just make a point to try when you get back

Rita was freshening up when Mark confronted her with
another question. “Rita? When did you and Dan make love
together last?”

Rita turned to stare at him surprisingly and laughed.
“Mark? You never quite, do you?”

Rita went back using the makeup pad on her cheeks when
she blurted out. “Last week!”

Rita finished and walked out into the room putting
things in her purse and casually asked. “Why? How long
has it been for you and Faith?”

“Three months, two weeks and four days!”

Rita was surprised and laughed but replied. “Mark! I
think you better do what I said after this weekend!”

They spent the afternoon walking along the shops in
South Beach then returned to their room where they met
Dan and Shelly for dinner.

They ordered dinner and Dan broke the ice. “Mark. Rita
mentioned that your wife is seeing a black guy?”

“Ah yes. He owns a development firm out of New York and
spends most of his time here in Florida now. He flies
his own plane.”

“How long has she been going out with this guy, Mark?”

“It’s been five months now.”

Dan had a sense of humor. “Mark. You know what they
say! Once you go black! You never turn back!”

Everyone laughed. Dinner was served and they sat around
drinking cocktails. They were going to stay until the
dancing began. Rita excused herself to use the potty.
She was in the large powder room where several women
were mingling and laughing and saw Mark’s wife, Faith
applying lipstick.

Faith was wearing a tight white dress that barely
covered her ass. Rita walked closer and saw Faith’s
tits spilling out of the top of the dress as she leaned
over the counter and starred into the mirror.


Faith turned and smiled. “Oh. Hi Rita! How are you?”

They hugged. “I didn’t expect to see you here, Faith.
What’s the occasion?”

Faith laughed. “Hank had to come here on business this
weekend and we heard about the big group of people here
from the internet site. What about you?”

“Well. I’m here with your husband.” They both laughed.
“We’re sort of double dating with my husband and his
date this weekend.”

“Oh. Well. Tell Mark I said hello when you see him!”

“We’re right over on the left of the dance floor if
you’d like to stop by, Faith.”

“OK. Hank and I are here with another couple. Our table
is in the far corner on the right.”

“Oh? I’ll let Mark know you’re here and tell him you
said hello.”

Rita returned to their table and sat down. Everyone was
still laughing about a joke Dan just told as Rita
sipped her drink and said, “Mark? You’ll never guess
who’s here?”

Mark looked with wonder in his eyes as Rita pointed
across the dance floor. “It’s your wife!”

Mark was as surprised as everyone as they all starred
across the club and saw two interracial couples sitting
at a table.

Dan stretched his neck. “Uh. Mark? Which one of those
hot looking blondes is your wife?”

Rita answered the question for Mark. “Honey. She is the
one on the left with the white dress and longest length

Dan and Shelly were both stretching their necks. “Hey.
Mark. Your wife is hot!”

Shelly playfully punched Dan on his shoulder as they
laughed. Dan was still starring as he glanced at Mark.
“Who is the other couple with them?”

“Uh, Dan. I don’t know them. It must be someone Hank
does business with.”

Dan laughed. “Yeah. I guess they both like to date

Dan kept starring while Shelly started to say. “I
remember seeing them across them in the hallway this
morning. They have adjoining rooms next to ours.”

Rita laughed as she starred at Dan. “Well. At least
they were smart enough to get separate rooms.”

Dan made a suggestion. “Why don’t we ask them to join
us for a drink?”

Everyone looked around waiting for someone to
volunteer. Rita finally volunteered. “OK. Let me find
out if they’re interested.”

Everyone waited while Rita spoke with the two couples
and they shortly stood and followed Rita back to the
table. Faith and Hank introduced themselves then the
couple they were with introduced themselves as Ann and

Everyone scooted chairs around until there was enough
room at the large round table. Faith ended up sitting
between her husband and Hank. Everyone was chatting in
different directions as Mark listened. It felt strange
as he glanced at Faith’s lap and saw Hank’s hand
wrapped between her hands.

Dan seemed to be the clown of the group as the
conversation turned silly as Dan took a survey.

“OK. This one is for the ladies. How many times do you
orgasm when you’re having sex with your lovers?”

The woman laughed. Rita yelled out. “I think your
getting too personal Dan?”

Dan laughed. “No. Really! Let’s see. Ann? How about it?
How many do you have with Lee? Tell us the truth, now!”

Ann smiled. She was shy and as petite and attractive as
Faith. She was holding Lee’s hand as she smiled at him
and looked at Dan. “Well. I’d have to say at least two.
Maybe more if he’s really good to me that night!”

Everyone laughed.

Dan laughed as he looked at Shelly. “I’m not so sure if
I should ask her this question or not.”

Shelly pinched Dan’s shoulder as she stuck her finger
to her lips and starred at the ceiling. “Ah. Let me
see? Um. Do I have to count the fake ones too?”

Shelly made everyone laugh as Dan starred at Faith.
“Well. It’s your turn Faith. What’s it going to be? Any
fake ones there?”

Faith smiled and modestly answered. “No. I don’t have
to fake any. Hank is pretty good at making sure he
pleases me.”

Dan smiled. “Oh. Hank you devil!”

Dan was looking at his wife now. “Honey. Come on and
tell everyone. How many orgasms do you have with Mark?
Not me, now!”

Rita smiled at Dan. “You’re a good lover too but Mark
is always good for two or three a night!”

Dan yelled. “That a boy, Mark!”

Everyone laughed but Mark felt uncomfortable sitting
next to Faith when he knew she was starring at him and
looking over at Rita.

Dan couldn’t get sex off his mind but kept everyone
entertained for a couple hours until it got late.
Shelly was right. Hank and Faith were in the room
directly next to them and Lee and Ann had the room next
to Hank’s. Dan discovered that the rooms had adjoining
doors that could open which made each room accessible
to the other.

Dan took his fist and knocked on the wall as hard as he
could until Hank finally opened the door to his side
and Dan gave him a beer. “Care to join us?”

Hank walked in shirtless and only wearing a pair of
boxer shorts as Dan greeting him and said, “Where is

“Oh. She is over there with Ann and Lee right now.”

Dan looked through the doorway and saw the other door
was open into the adjoining room. “Hey. Call them over
and tell them we have drinks over here.”

Lee walked through the door wearing only boxers’ too as
Dan gave him a beer. “Lee? What did you do with those
beautiful blondes?”

“Ah. They’re in the other room right now.” Lee laughed
as he finished his sentence.

Lee kept starring into the other room as Ann walked
though the doorway wearing a purple wait clincher with
garter straps and black nylons. She wore spike heels
and modeled like she was on a runway with her hands on
her hips as them men whistled.

Ann’s pussy was shaved bald and visible as she walked
toward Lee and turned her back on him and wiggled her
butt as she leaned over and pushed her body against
him. He pretended to fuck her doggie style as he
grabbed her ass making everyone shout to go further but
she laughed and stopped.

Hank leaned around the corner looking for Faith and a
few seconds later, she emerged from the other room
wearing a pink waist clincher with black trim with
garter straps hooked to black nylons. She wore pink
heels and her breasts were held up with half size cups
that pushed her tits forward.

Faith wiggled her hips as she walked into the room as
the men cheered her on. Hank opened his arms as she
walked toward him and allowed him to circle his arms
around his waist. She turned around until her back
faced him and slowly brought her hand back and touched
his cock through his boxer shorts making it stick
straight out. She let go and everyone groaned in

Dan blurted out with a bold comment. “Faith? We were
looking to see a little hot interracial action! You’re
not going to let us down, are you?”

Faith laughed. “I’d need a few drinks before I
considered doing a show here tonight.”

Rita got up from the bed and took Shelly by the hand.
“We can’t let these ladies out do us!”

They were going to change. Dan passed out drinks to
Faith and Ann. Mark was checking out Ann in comparison
to his wife. Ann’s hair was a couple inches short then

Ann sat on the edge of the bed near Mark. Lee was
talking to Dan about something as Faith and Hank hugged
and kissed in the middle of the floor. It gave Mark a
chance to talk to Ann.

“Are you married, Ann?”

“Yes. I’ve been married for eleven years.”

“You must have an open marriage to out with Lee?”

“Well. Lee is my husband’s business partner and Lee’s
wife is an attorney and she flew to New York on
business this weekend with my husband.”

She laughed as she added. ” It works out as a
pleasurable business trip.”

Rita and Shelly walked out a few seconds later. Shelly
was first and had on a garter belt and half cup bra
with fishnet stockings and heels. Rita followed with a
green baby doll and thong with heels.

Lee stood and shouted. “Hey. Dan? Have someone help you
with the liquor and follow me back to our room.”

Mark and Hank helped carry the bottles as they followed
Ann and Lee through the first room and into Lee’s. It
was decorated as a honeymoon suite with a huge round
bed at floor level and a big plasma television screen a
few feet away. Everyone walked in the room in awe as
Lee switched on the television.

There was an interracial adult film on the screen and
Dan howled and yelled out. “Now that’s what I’m talking

Faith giggled. “You see, Dan. I won’t have to perform
after all!”

“Hey. Beautiful? That woman is attractive but I’d
rather watch you with Hank. What do you think

Everyone started hollering out as Faith covered her
face with her hands. Hank was laughing as he hugged
Faith and laughingly replied. “Wait until the drinks
kick in. The night’s not over yet!”

It took about thirty minutes until Dan began messing
around with Shelly. She was sitting on his face and Lee
started kissing Ann’s tits. Mark was watching Faith who
slid Hank’s shorts down and was stroking that big cock.

Rita pulled Mark to the edge of the round bed and
started to feel around for his cock as they kissed.
Mark fingered Rita as she laid back and waited for him
to get on top. Mark kissed her belly and worked his way
down until she lifted her legs. He spread her slit with
his tongue.

Rita moaned as she put her hands in Mark’s hair. Mark
continued to lick her pussy as he saw Ann mount Lee
from the corner of his eyes. He could hear Dan moaning
loud on the other end but couldn’t see Faith from his
position but was too involved with Rita to care at that

Mark slid up and rubbed his cock near Rita’s belly and
slowly lowered himself until he pushed into her slit.
He began screwing her as she wrapped her legs around
his waist. Mark felt her nails dig into his skin as he
hammered away.

Lee was groaning and grunting next to him and saw Lee
tense as he dumped his seed into Ann. Mark could see
her legs draped over Lee’s shoulders as he emptied his
load into the attractive blonde.

Mark kept screwing Rita until she started to shake and
he knew she was going to cum. Mark hammered away at her
until he shot his hot load deep inside her belly. He
lay on her chest as she kissed his face until he caught
his breath.

Rita rubbed his back as she whispered in his ear.
“Thank God. You’re not potent!”

Mark laughed as he pulled his limp dick out of her wet
pussy. She was afraid of making a mess on the blanket
and held her hand over her pussy and got up to clean
off. Mark glanced at Faith who was getting rammed by
Hank now.

Hank was driving that huge cock inside her pussy like a
jack hammer. His big legs slapped against her ass with
each thrust. Mark could see Dan and Shelly on the other
side of them just watching as he played with her pussy.

Faith was groaning and got the wind knocked out of her
lungs with each thrust. You would have thought she was
in pain the way Hank screwed her but she was whispering
to him to fuck her harder.

Hank let out a loud yell as he slammed down inside
Faith one last time and held himself deep inside her
belly as his hot potent seed filled her pussy. Faith
moved her fingers like a kitten being stroked and
purred as well. Mark could see Faith digging her nails
into his skin. Hank began humping again only much
slower now as she reached down and put her hands on his

Mark finally remembered that Hank didn’t pull out this
time and now he was screwing her again. Hank kept
pushing his cock deep into her belly and holding still
for a second while Faith wiggled below.

Mark knew that Hank’s cock was still plugging his cum
from escaping her pussy. Mark watched as Hank moved his
lips to Faith and they locked in a passionate kiss that
lasted over a minute until he finally came up for air
and started to fuck her again. Faith’s little legs were
still locked behind his thighs as he began screwing her
again as she dug her nails into his back a second time.

Mark turned around and saw Ann riding Lee’s cock and
could see that Lee had already cum inside the pretty
blonde at least twice! Lee’s cum coated his cock as he
pushed it inside the tiny blonde.

Rita walked back smelling fresh again and laid down
next to Mark as they watched the two interracial

“Mark? Look at the size of these guys! Especially
Hank!” Faith and Hank were on a slight angle enabling
them to see Hank’s cock inside Faith’s pussy.

Rita stroked Mark’s arm as she commented. “Mark. Look
how stretched Faith’s pussy is around that monster! I
bet she feels like a virgin for him!”

Mark turned his face and smiled. “Yeah. For Hank!”

Rita kissed Mark while they watched both couples. Dan
was at it again with Shelly. She was riding him like a
stallion, yelping and screaming like she was in heat.

Hank was moving faster as he banged into Faith’s tiny
round ass with his legs. She was moaning and yelping as
she had another orgasm. Hank didn’t let up as he
continued to pound into her hard.

Rita rubbed Mark’s stomach as she kissed his neck as
they both watched Hank grunt as load as he could and
plowed into Faith. Rita. Laughed and whispered to Mark.
“Your wife is going to have bruises on her ass

Hank shoved his cock deep inside her a few more times
until he finally pulled out with a loud wet noise.
Faith’s pussy fluttered with a mixture of air and cum
as Hank rolled off and wiped his face with a towel.

Faith quickly got up as cum dripped down her thighs and
walked toward the bathroom. Rita taped Mark on the
shoulder. “Honey. Let me go and see if she needs any

Mark looked surprised. “Is there anything wrong?”

Rita looked back as she got up. “I’ll be back in a few

A few minutes later and Lee and Ann finished and she
too went to the bathroom. Dan was the last guy to cum
as Shelly rode him hard to the end. Within the next
couple minutes the room was filled with four exhausted

Mark and Dan decided to go back to their room and told
the other guys they’d see them in the morning. Rita
came back with Mark about thirty minutes later.

“Was something wrong?”

“Oh no Mark. I was just talking with the other girls.”

“Oh. I thought something was wrong when you rushed out
with Faith.”

“She looked concerned when she got up so I wanted to
make sure everything was fine and we got it taken care

Everyone slept in the following day. Dan and Shelly got
up and left and Rita wanted to shop. Mark got out of
bed and slowly wandered around. He noticed the
adjoining bedroom door was still cracked open from last
night and peeked inside the room.

The room was silent except Mark saw someone laying on
the bed. He looked closer and saw that it was Faith
laying on her stomach with her head buried into the
pillow. Mark looked around and didn’t see any sign of
Hank and walked into the room and sat on the end of the
bed. Faith had just recently been screwed from the
looks of her pussy. Her legs were spread out and her
pussy was clearly visible, still gaped open with cum
dripping on the sheet.

Her skin appeared red and swollen around her mound.
Mark leaned forward and didn’t see any movement and
figured she was asleep. He gently put his hand on her
ass cheek when she woke up and talked into the pillow.
Her voice was muffed as she half groaned and laughed.

“Oh. Hank. I thought you were going for coffee. Haven’t
you had enough pussy for one night?”


Faith tried to lift her head but it fell back down then
turned over slightly and saw him starring at her.

“Hi. Honey. I wasn’t expecting to see you here!”

Mark was still naked and crawled into bed next to Faith
and put his arm around her as she smiled. Mark felt a
sexual stimulation he never had before. He pulled her
tiny body to his and kissed her forehead as she put her
arm on his shoulder and waited for his lips to touch

Faith smiled at Mark as she said, “Honey, I’m so glad
you’re here with me.”

Mark helped her onto her back and gently kissed one of
her tits then worked his way down to her belly and
pussy mound. He could smell the strong scent of sex on
her body. It was the masculine scent of Hank mixed with
her scent and it drove him passionately wild.

Mark lifted himself up and climbed over her body and
kissed her lips as she wrapped her arms around his
neck. He was hard as he spread her legs as she giggled.
“Oh. No. Honey. I can’t. My pussy is so sore!”

Mark was in a hurry and felt a need to get inside her
as Faith giggled again and tried to put her hand down
to stop him. “Honey. Please! No!”

It was too late as Mark popped inside. Faith starred
into his eyes as she watched his reaction when he
started to move inside her wet slushy pussy.

Mark felt it! She was hot and wet from Hank’s cum! He
kept pushing inside her pussy as she held her arms
around his neck and kissed his nose. Mark felt the
passion inside his body. He was screwing his wife’s
well stretched and well-used pussy. He’d never screwed
her after another man enjoyed her body this fast. She
felt it too and knew he was aroused.

“Fuck me! Ah… Yeah… Do you feel his cum?”

“Oh yeah… You feel hot and wet!”

Faith was starring intensely into his eyes as she held
her arms tight around his neck. Mark could tell how
stretched she felt to him but wasn’t going to ruin the
moment this time. He felt himself swelling even more as
he pictured what he’d seen last night with Rita when
Faith’s pussy stretched around that thick black shaft
like a rubber band.

Mark closed his eyes as he imagined Hank’s thick black
cock being griped by Faith’s pussy last night. His mind
wondered how many times she’d been screwed by him. He
actually felt the cum Hank had deposited in her. He
started to tremble as his mind raced with the vision of
his cock pushing Hank’s seed deep inside her belly.

“Fuck me. Mark… I want to feel you’re cum inside me!
….Cum for me, Honey!”

Mark was at his height as she coaxed him to cum and
finally shot his load deep inside her wet pussy. Faith
rubbed his back and moved her feet across his thighs as
she kissed his check.

“That’s it, Darling.”

Mark kissed her lips as he rolled onto his side. He
pulled her as close as he could as she lifted her leg
and laid it on his as they kissed and starred at each

“I love you, Mark!”

“I love you too, Baby.”

Chapter 5

Mark laid in the empty bed starring up at the ceiling.
He was thinking back four months ago to that trip to
Miami when he last screwed Faith. Has it been that
long? Nine months since they first met Hank? It was a
rarity when Faith spent a night at home with Mark.

Maybe that’s why that weekend in Miami stood out
vividly in his mind. He felt so close to her that
morning. The morning he walked into their hotel room
and got a quick piece. Yeah! Left overs, you might
consider it! It was good! He felt it! Faith felt it!

Mark looked at the time. It was after eleven. Faith
promised that she’d be home that night. It wasn’t their
wedding anniversary but it was the anniversary of the
night they first met. Mark would just take it and
forget about it. He closed his eyes remembering their
first date. Mark thought she was adorable.

Faith always wore her hair down to her waist as she
does today. She was sweet. Hardly dated anyone. Her
father was strict with her and wouldn’t allow her to
date until she finished high school. Then it was
college! Mark closed his eyes. He was falling asleep.

Something touched his nose. He was startled as he
opened his eyes and saw red roses in his face and an
adorable blonde woman holding them with a smile.

“Hi baby!”

Mark smiled as he reached for her. Faith leaned over
and kissed his lips. “You thought I’d forget?”

Mark smiled as he starred at Faith. She was dressed
conservatively in a dress suite. “Why the formal wear?”

“Honey? That’s why I’m so late. I just flew back from
New York with Hank tonight. He had business to attend
to and if I knew we were going to be this late I
wouldn’t have gone.”

Mark slipped himself up and laid back against the bed.
Faith gave him the flowers to hold as she took off her
clothes. “I’ve had a long day. I’ve been on that plane
for five hours and had to rush over here. I could just
fall asleep.”

Mark felt disappointed. They never had quality time
together any longer. He watched as Faith got completely
naked then opened a drawer and pulled out her pajamas.
She combed her hair as she spoke. “Mark. We had such a
busy time in New York this week. Hank had meetings to
attend and we met clients for dinner. I thought it
would never end!”

Mark tossed the flowers on the bed and put his hands
behind his head as he watched her playing with her
hair. “How many times did he fuck you this week?”

Faith turned around with a surprised expression on her
face. “What?”

“You heard me. How many times did he fuck you?”

Faith shook her head and took her ear rings off and
slammed them onto the counter.

“Can’t you remember or did you lose count?”

“Mark? Why are you doing this? I came all the way over
here tonight to spend time with you.”

“Oh. No! Forget it! I’m not just a puppy dog you can
spend a couple hours here and there with and I’m
supposed to lap at your hand and take what love and
affection I can’t get! How many? Five? Ten? Lost

“Fuck you. Mark!”

Mark got mad and rushed out of bed and grabbed Faith by
her arms. “Dam it. Faith! I hardly every see you any
more! Don’t you understand what your doing to our

Faith tried to get away as she twisted her arms and
finally through them down as he let go of her. “Mark.
You’re the one that started this open marriage shit!
Tell me this! Did you get Rita out of here in enough
time to make room for me in bed? Is that it, Mark? Did
you fuck her tonight? Did she suck your dick and
swallow you’re cum for you?”

Mark slapped her face and quickly put her hands on her
cheeks. Tears were forming in her eyes as she gritted
her teeth and slapped him back as hard as she could and
ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.

Mark was just about ready to kick in the door and
stopped. He was pissed and stood listening to Faith cry
on the other side of the door.

“Faith? Listen to me!”

“Go away! I don’t want to be around you!”

Mark could feel the anger building up in his shoulders
and head. He’d never hit her before today.

He sniffled and discovered his nose was bleeding. Faith
hit him hard. He grabbed a few napkins on the dresser
and held them to his nose until it stopped.

He still heard her crying a few minutes later. “Faith.
I’m coming in!”

“Fuck! Don’t you understand? I don’t want to be around
you so go away!”

Mark walked in circles a couple times in the bedroom
and picked up the flowers and put them on the dresser.
Mark hesitated a second, then he quickly walked to the
door and tried the door handle. It was locked. He was
getting angry again as he tried to figure out what he
was going to do.

Mark picked up a coat hanger and straightened it out
and poked it into the door knob and it unlocked. He
pushed the door open and saw Faith sitting on the edge
of the tub crying.

Faith stood and tried to get away but he stopped her.
“Get away from me!”

Mark grabbed her arms as she tried to swing at him,
“What’s wrong? Can’t remember how many times he screwed
you this week?”

“Get out! Get away from me. Now!”

Mark grabbed her around the waist and carried her into
the bedroom as she tried to pull away. He through her
back on the bed and quickly yanked off her pajama
bottoms as she kicked and fought to get away.

Mark pulled her back by her feet as she wiggled and
struggled again as he grabbed a hold of her pajama top
and pulled it open to reveal her tits.

“Look! Bit marks!”

Faith spit at him as he kept pulling her back toward
the edge of the bed. “Come here! Let me count how many
times he chewed on them!”

“Fuck! Let me go!”

“Tell me how many times did he fuck you this week?”

Mark kept pulling her until he got on top as she tried
to kick him off and hit his balls making him grab his
crotch as she pushed him off and ran out into the front
room. Mark regained himself and followed her out into
the kitchen where she was dialing the phone.

Mark grabbed the phone out of her hand. “Whom are you
trying to call? The police?”

“No. Give me the phone. Now!”

Mark grabbed her by the hair. “Tell me who?”

“I’m calling Hank!”

Mark started to dial the phone. “Let me get him for you
so he can come here and fuck you again!”

Faith tried to grab the phone as he through it down on
the floor and grabbed her from behind and carried her
back into the bedroom as she kicked and hollered. Mark
through her back down on the bed and climbed on top of
her and pinned her legs this time so she wouldn’t kick
him again. He had a hold of her writs as he tried to
kiss her mouth but she spit at him again as she
struggled and twisted her arms trying to get away.

Mark began to yell in her face. “Come one and tell me.
Whore! How many times did he fuck you this week!”

Faith starred at him angrily as she shouted back at
him. “That’s why I’m late. Hank wanted to fuck me this
morning and we were late getting the plane off the
ground! Yes! I wanted to fuck too!

Mark managed to get between her legs as she licked them
out but he was on the verge of penetrating her with his
dick He held her writs as tight as he could and pushed
forward until the head of his cock touched her slight.

“Let me fuck you! This pussy belongs to me too! We have
an open marriage, remember?”

Faith tried to squirm away but mistakenly moved forward
and Mark lodged himself inside her and pushed. “That’s
it. Open those legs and take my cock!”

“Stop it! Take it out of me now!”

“What’s the matter? You’re pussy only like that black
dick now? Is that it? You want that big black cock in
you instead on mine?”

“Mark? Your hurting me, now stop it!”

Mark was breathing hard as he pushed into her. “Tell me
Faith. How many times did he fuck you this week?”


Mark kept pushing. “Yeah? Was it good?”

Faith was giving up as she responded. “Yeah. It was

Mark was able to push in further as he held her wrists.
“Did he fuck you hard like you wanted it?”

“Yes Mark. Hank screwed me the way I asked him to.”

Mark kept pushing and finally felt Faith respond and
eased up on her arms. “Did you beg for it?”


“I knew you would. You love that big black dick in you,
don’t you?”

“Yes Mark. I love feeling his black cock in me!”

Faith was breathing hard as Mark began to fuck her.
“Are you in love with Hank?”

Faith just kept starring into his eyes and saw the
anger as he shook her writs and repeated. “Tell me. Are
you in love with Hank?”

“What did you expect?”

Mark lunged forward as hard as he could and released
her arms as he grabbed her ass and began screwing her
as hard as he could. Faith reacted by humping her legs
against him.

Mark lifted his head and looked her deep in the eyes
and tried to kiss her but she held her lips together as
tight as she could. Mark took his hands and placed one
on her face and rubbed her cheek as he starred into her
eyes. She began to cry as he kissed her nose and wiped
a tear away from her eye.

“Did he cum inside your pussy today?”


Mark raised himself as she finished that word and
pulled her legs apart as he dipped his face between her
legs and began licking her ferociously.

“Mark? Please!”

Mark kept licking and knew every spot she licked until
she began to respond and held her fingers on his
shoulders as she closed her eyes and began to strain to
make herself cum on his tongue.

Mark licked her pussy knowing what she said was true.
He was enraged as he thought of Hank shooting his sperm
into his wife’s pussy that morning. It wasn’t anything
he didn’t already know. It just drove him sexually

Mark worked on her pussy until she finally came. He
lifted himself onto his knees and pulled her back down
and mounted her pussy as she caught her breath from her

Mark was still starring into her eyes as he screwed
her. “I deserve a piece of this too. I’m still your
husband, aren’t I?”

“Yes Mark. Your still my husband.”

Mark leaned down and kissed her again only this time
she opened her mouth and accepted his tongue as he
continued to fuck her hard. Mark kept giving her little
kisses on her lips as he screwed her and started to
whisper in a chanting fashion.

“Did you feel his cum shooting inside you?”

“Yes I felt his cum in me!”

“Was it deep?”


“How deep?”

“It hit my cervix when he came!”

Mark felt his cock begin to throb and get stiffer as he
kept going. “Is Hank in love with you?”

Faith hesitated and groaned before her reply. “Yes.
He’s in love with me.”

Mark kept stroking as he held her arms over her head
and kissed her neck. She was breathing hard and
probably getting aroused with his questions as he was.
Mark bent his body so he could suck on her tits as he
screwed her then straightened up and kissed her mouth

“You want a divorce?”

Faith groaned and shook her head. “No…”

“Fuck me… I want you to fuck me…”

“Yeah… Is that what you want?”

“Yes. Mark… I want you to fuck me…”

Mark kept lunging into her pussy as she held on tight.
He was breathing hard as he looked down into her face
but her eyes were closed now as he felt he was about
too cum. “Can I cum inside you?”

“Yes. Put it inside me.”

“Here it comes!”

Mark yelled as he shot his load and felt several spurts
then began to go soft inside her pussy. Mark flipped
over and tried to pull her along but she looked at him
funny as he said, “Sit on my face.”

Faith starred at him for a few seconds then climbed on
top of his face while his cum started to drip onto his
chest. Mark pulled her ass onto his face and started to
eat her pussy and his cum.

Faith didn’t respond at first but felt his tongue hit
her clit and started to grind her hips.

Faith was grinding her hips above his face as she
clinched down on his hair and slightly pulled on it as
she chanted. “Eat it! Eat my pussy clean!”

Faith was a little bolder on her next remark. “That’s
it! Hank likes a clean pussy so eat it clean and get
all you’re cum out you put into it!”

Mark kept eating until she came again only this time
she pulled his hair until it hurt when she came. Faith
was trying to catch her breath as she stretched out and
put her arms on the headboard as she put all her weight
down on his head.

She was still angry at him but still loved him and
aroused at the same time. She let him struggle for a
few seconds before lifting herself up then she scooted
her body back until she sat on his chest and looked
down into his eyes. Mark took hold of her hands as they
starred at each other.

“Faith. Come lay down next to me.”

Faith starred at him a few seconds before moving. She
laid down with her head on his shoulder and stroked his
chest. He reached out and played with her fingers as he
said, “Why didn’t you tell me you fell in love with

“Mark? I don’t know what you expected to happen!”

“How do you feel about Rita?”

“I never told Rita I was in love with her!”

“I bet you have feelings for her, don’t you?”

“Yes. I won’t deny it.”

“Mark? You suggested that we have an open marriage.
Surely. You don’t expect someone to spend that much
time with another person without developing feelings
for them!”

“Do you want a divorce?”

Faith lifted her head. “No. Mark. I never gave that a

Mark lay quite for a few seconds before he asked. “Has
Hank told you he was in love with you?”

“Yes. Mark. He has told me many times that he loved me”

“How about you? Have you come out and just told Hank
you loved him or did you simply answer his remark.”

“Mark? I don’t see why that is so important to you.”

“Faith? I’d like to know! Did you tell him you were in
love with him?”


Mark kept quizzing her. “Have you told him while making
love to him or after or before?”

Faith sighed and took a deep breath. “Yes Mark. I’ve
told him before sex and after sex and while we were
having sex. Now! Are you satisfied that I told you?”

Mark hugged her tight. “Yes. As a matter of fact I’m
glad you told me the truth and didn’t lie.”

Everything wet silent for a minute or so until Faith
calmly asked. “Are you glad I cam home tonight to see

“Yeah. I’m glad you’re here.”

They laid together silently for a few minutes. Mark
finally spoke and said, “What do we do now?”

“What do you want to do?”

Mark sighed. “I don’t know. I still love you and care
about you. I worry about you when you’re gone. I think
about you when you’re not with me. I wish that you were
here when I’m lonely.”

“Do you want me to stop seeing Hank?”

Mark hesitated as he rubbed her shoulder. He knew she
was desperately waiting for his reply.

He didn’t elaborate but just simply relied. “No.”

“I’ll spend more time with you. I don’t want you to be
lonely or hurt.”

“I only want you to be here because that’s what you

“Yes Mark. That’s what I want.”

Faith laid silently with Mark for a while. She was
thinking. “Mark? You got aroused when you were mad and
you were asking me questions about Hank making love to

“Yeah? Why are you asking me that question for?”

“Well. I’m not sure what aroused you so much tonight.
Do you want to spend more time with me and Hank?”

Mark laughed. “Yeah! Right. Faith! This man is in love
with you! I don’t think Hank even want you coming back
here with me let along me come to visit too! I can see
it now! Hi Hank! I’m here to watch you screw my wife!”

Faith grabbed Mark’s arm. “No. I didn’t mean it that
way. Would you like to be around and watch or maybe we
could have, a threesome?”

Mark laughed hysterically this time. “I’d like to see
that too!”

Faith leaned over and gave him a warm open mouth kiss.
“I meant having you watch Hank, fuck me! Would you like
to watch?”

Mark shook his head then held her hand as she kept
kissing his face. “Honey. I know it turns you on!”

Mark felt the kisses she was planting on his face as he
replied. “Yeah.”

Mark squeezed her tight against his chest as she kissed
his neck.

Faith closed her eyes and fell asleep. She hadn’t
expected for things to be this way when she agreed to
meet Hank at the beginning. She wanted to be honest
with Mark but wondered if there relationship would ever
be the same.


Mark woke up early and turned over and saw Faith was
still asleep. He’d thought that maybe he was dreaming
last night when she told him she was in love with
another man.

He laid their starring her way until her eyes opened
and said, “Good morning.”

Mark got out of bed first and peed and turned on the
water in the shower while Faith sat on the toilet. He
held the shower door open and waited for her to get in
first. He’d done a lot of thinking last night and
wanted to confront Faith on a few suggestions.

Faith held a cloth and the soap in her hand and began
lathering his chest. Mark starred at her eyes but she
just focused on his chest making sure she got ever
little area. Faith held her hand a little higher and
that’s when he noticed she had put on her wedding
rings. She didn’t have them on last night when she came
home! She probably felt guilty after telling him that
she was in love with Hank.

Mark rubbed her back for her as she held her long
blonde hair out of the way. Mark rubbed the cloth down
to her butt and gently massaged the soap into her skin.

“You know, Faith. I was thinking after we had our talk
last night.”

Faith turned around to face him and wiped his arms with
the cloth. She waited nervously to see what he had to

“Listen. I’m not going to beat around the bush here. We
both know that Hank is built very largely. As a matter
of fact he’s about two and a half times as large as

“Mark? Why are you bringing this up again?”

“Faith? Let me finish!”

Faith lathered the cloth with soap again. “Fine!”

“Well. You said you were in love with him so I was
thinking that maybe we shouldn’t have sex any longer?”

“Mark? Your acting very childish, now! I want you to
stop saying those things.”

“No. I’m not acting childish. Do you realize it’s been
four months since we had sex? Do you remember when I
came into your hotel room and found you asleep? If it
wasn’t for me coming to you, we would never have had
sex then!”

“Mark? You’ve been with Rita many times since we were
in Miami. I certainly can’t take all the blame for

“There hasn’t been much effort on your behalf lately
and you know it!”

Faith took the lathered cloth and grabbed his cock and
balls and started to wash him. “Spread your legs a
little so I can clean your balls.”

“Have you been taking birth control?”

“That reminds me! I have an appointment with my doctor
at noon today.”

“Faith? That’s not what I asked you?”

“Yes. I’ve had a diaphragm inserted but it’s causing
problems so I’m having it taken out.”

“Why not take the pill?”

“I can’t. They cause more problems for me.”

“What are you going to do about Hank?”

Faith squeezed Mark’s balls with the cloth as she
lathered him well. “He’ll have to remember to pull out

Faith moved so the water would spray on his cock and
balls as Mark took the cloth away from her and began
wiping her tits. He’d almost forgot how beautiful they
were. He’d examined Rita’s boobs many times in the last
few months but neglected the fact that Faith had always
been his trophy wife!

Faith closed her eyes and turned her back toward Mark
so her face was under thee water. Mark wrapped his arms
around her and lifted her tits in his hands and gave
them a gentle squeeze as he kissed the top of her head.

“Honey? I’m really sorry about last night I’ve never
slapped in all the years we’ve been married.”

Faith turned around. “It’s not your fault.”

They kissed and went into the bedroom. “Mark. I want
you to drive me to the doctor’s office today. I might
be sore when I have this thing removed.”


Faith was getting dressed as Mark stood slipping into
his pants. “Honey? What did you have in mind last night
about having me watch you with Hank?”

Faith was slipping her top over her head and glanced at
Mark. “Mark. You were aroused asking me questions about
Hank last night so don’t deny it.”

“Faith? I’ve always been excited watching a black guy
with you and you knew it from the beginning. You pissed
me off when I found out you were in love with him!”

Faith was silent as she finished getting ready. She was
leaning into the mirror checking her lipstick. “I’ll
discuss this with Hank today. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind
if you watched us.”

Faith’s voice trailed off into a whisper. “He’d
probably enjoy having you watch.”

“What’s that, Faith?”


Faith had been seeing another doctor because she didn’t
want their family doctor to know she had to have a
birth control method. Mark waited for over an hour
until Faith came out and paid the bill.

“What did he say?”

“He gave me a prescription for this spray stuff I’m
supposed to insert inside me.”

They were at lunch when Rita called his phone. Mark was
tied up for several minutes talking with Rita so Faith
decided to give Hank a call. Mark kept glancing at
Faith as she talked to Hank. She had a serous
expression on her face while she talked.

Mark was finished talking and waited as Faith spoke
very low into the cell phone. She was giving short
replies’ to whatever he was saying. “OK. Yes… I’ll
tell Mark… Yes… ”

Mark saw as Faith lift her eyes to look at him for a
moment just before she was going to hang up the phone.

“Yes. You know I do… I can’t talk right now… Be
careful… See you soon.”

Faith made plans to stay with Mark that night. She
rested most of the evening after her visit with the
doctor. Rita planned to be out of town the following
weekend visiting her mother in Seattle for two weeks.
Mark felt depressed. He’d be alone much of the time.

Faith had an extensive talk with Hank on the phone the
next morning. Mark was working on the computer when
Faith walked in with her cell phone stuck in her ear.

“Honey? ‘Hank said he could come by tomorrow evening if
that’s OK with you?”

“Yeah. That would be fine.”

Mark was out running errands the following morning and
ran into Ann in town.

“Mark? How have you been?”

“I’m fine. How are you and Lee coming along?”

“Oh. Lee is as busy as ever.”

“How is Rita doing?”

“Rita is fine. She left on a trip to Seattle yesterday
for two weeks.”

“Wow. I bet you don’t enjoy being alone?”

Mark smiled. “Uh. Well. I have Faith staying with me.”

“Oh? I thought you two were getting divorced?”

Mark looked surprised but laughed it off. “No. We’re
not getting divorced yet anyway.”

Ann got Mark’s curiosity going. “So. Did Faith mention
we might be getting a divorce?”

“No. I just assumed because Faith and I had a few long
discussions about your relationship with Rita and she
felt you were so in love with Rita that you’d be asking
for a divorce soon.”

Mark laughed but felt concerned and figured he’d fish
for a few answers. “I do know that Hank is in love with
Faith and she explained how she felt about him.”

“Yeah. We were at dinner last week and they got into
this big argument.”

“Oh. What was it all about?”

Ann hesitated but decided to tell Mark. “Hank has been
bugging her to take out the diaphragm she has been
wearing. They starting arguing about it at dinner one

Mark was really stunned “Faith just had it taken out.”

“I know they were back being all love and affection
that evening.”

Mark was speechless as he swallowed and tried to figure
out what was going on. “You think Faith thinks I’m
going to ask her for a divorce?”

“Well, yeah. She cried to me when we lift Miami that
weekend. She figured she lost you and was so upset.”

“I didn’t know she felt that way.”

“I know Hank did everything he could to try and calm
her down. He tried to explain to her that people
sometimes grow apart.”

Mark starred at Ann for a few seconds then replied. “I
guess I pushed her to Hank, didn’t I?”

“Faith was upset for days and I think she felt she had
to move on. Mark? You shouldn’t worry about Faith now.
I think she understands about you and Rita.”

“Ann? It was nice seeing you again and maybe we can
have dinner with you and Lee sometime?”

“Yeah. Sure. It was nice talking to you again. Good

Mark was noticeably upset. He could only wonder if
taking the diaphragm out that he wanted her to get
pregnant. If they were in love as she said then Mark
couldn’t see any other reason why. He felt helpless and
panicky. He wanted to save his marriage but was afraid
if he told Faith flat out that he didn’t want her
seeing Hank that she would resent it.

Mark made a few phone calls before driving back home.
When he arrived home, he saw the flowers he’d just
called and ordered sitting on the dinning room table.

He found Faith in the shower and poked his head in for
a second. Her face was lathered but she opened her eyes
long enough to smile. “Hi Mark! Thank you for the

“I made us dinner reservations for seven tonight.”

“Mark. I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

Mark shut the shower door, and peed and saw Faith’s
jewelry sitting out on the counter. There were earrings
and the necklace Hank bout her and her wedding rings.
Mark was curious and slid the rings across the counter
until they were hidden behind a couple bottles of

He wanted to see if she would notice the gone and
possibly mention it. He knew the only reason she
started to wear them again because she felt guilty
about her romance with Hank. OK. Maybe he was playing
games with her but he wanted to see how important they
really were to her.

Faith walked out dressed about an hour later. “Mark? I
must be losing my mind. I thought for sure I laid my
wedding rings on the counter.”

Mark felt relieved. At least she noticed them missing.
Maybe she was just afraid not to wear them. Mark went
into the bathroom and picked them up. He found her in
the kitchen and slipped them on her finger for her.

The restaurant was nice and dark and their table was
set in a corner. Faith seemed happy but Mark felt
inside that he wanted to find out more.

“Faith? I’d like to know where your relationship is
heading with Hank.”

Faith stopping eating as she starred at Mark for a
second. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t expect anything to change, I guess.”

“Mark? I’m not sure if I know what your talking about?
You said you wanted us to continue our open

“Yes. I said you could still see Hank.”

Faith cleared her mouth and wiped her lips and said,
“Mark? I already talked with Hank about your fantasy.
He doesn’t mind at all!”

“Faith! I figured he wouldn’t. It’s just that I was
wondering about something else.”

“What?” Faith sighed. “If you’re worried that Hank will
be nervous or upset then you shouldn’t be! He told me
about his experiences with other couples in the past.”

Mark was curious. “What did he tell you?”

“Mark! He told me about husbands’ who loved watching
him make love with their wives. He told me about one
couple where the wife cuckolded her husband.”

Mark nervously laughed. “It seems like he got
experience while he was swinging?”

“Hank gave all that up. He didn’t want to keep meeting
different women all the time.”

Mark found an opportunity and relied. “That’s when he
started seeing you?”

“I’m just saying that Hank wouldn’t be surprised with
any request.”

Mark finished eating. “Faith? I just want you to know
that I’m not planning anything with Rita. You never
have to worry about losing me to her.”

Faith was sipping her wine as she listened to that
comment. She never responded to his statement but Mark
knew she was thinking.

“So. What going to happen tomorrow evening?

“I thought I’d have dinner with Hank and maybe you
could drive over to his place around nine and meet us
there. Hank said you could stay as long as you wanted
tomorrow night. If you get tired then you can use the
guest room.”

“So. Hank is doing this for my benefit?”

“Mark? Stop denying you were aroused the other night.
It’s perfectly fine! Hank said he understood if you
were embarrassed.”

“You told Hank about what happened?”


“Honey! Why are you telling him all our business?”

“Mark. This has to do with Hank so I felt he should

Faith reached out across the table to touch his hand.
“Mark? I asked you that night if you wanted me to
continue seeing Hank and you agreed. Don’t you think he
deserves to know what’s going on?”

“I should too! Have you and Hank had any arguments
recently that concern me?”

“Mark! We have spats. If I think its important and
concerns, us then I’ll tell you.”

Mark was sitting on a bar stool the next day when Faith
walked behind him and startled him. She ran her hands
along his shoulders and worked her way down to his lap
while she kissed his face and finally grabbed his cock
and balls. He was hard.

“Would you like me to relieve a little of that

Mark kissed her back as she kept rubbing his crotch.
She kissed his neck saying. “I can take care of that
while Rita is away!”

Faith took his hand and walked him into the living room
and unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor.
She tugged at his underwear and pushed him back onto
the sofa. She kneeled onto the carpet and spread his
legs and reached for his cock.

Faith stroked it while smiling at Mark and playfully
said, “Since you insisting on not having sex with me
any long then I’ll have to resort to sucking on it for

Mark appeared surprised and remembered what he said the
other night. Mark felt her lips circle around his cock.
Faith always took pride in knowing how to suck cock.
She practiced on him when they were first married and
always laughed at how good she became.

“Faith. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in screwing

Faith made a loud sucking noise as she popped his cock
out of her mouth and replied. “Honey. If you don’t feel
adequate then I understand.”

Faith put his cock back into her mouth. Mark wondered
if she was playing with his mind or really meant it. He
couldn’t concentrate. Mark started to get upset. Faith
worked her tongue around his cock but he started going
soft in her mouth. He’d never done that before

Faith was staring up at him as she tried to keep him
hard then stopped and lifted up and held his face.
“Honey? What’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure.”

Faith didn’t give up as she played with his cock with
her hand and starred into his eyes. “Honey. Try to
imagine we’re already at Hank’s house and your watching
Hank screwing, me. Close your eyes and try to picture
how it arouses you to watch us.”

Faith kept working on him as he started getting hard
again. “That’s it. Picture it in your mind how you
enjoy watching him kiss my breasts.”

Faith kept stroking Mark as he got harder. “Can you see
how Hank’s cock has my pussy spread and his balls are
slapping against my ass while we screw?”

Mark kept his eyes closed as he felt her mouth back on
his cock. Faith expertly used her tongue and brought
him to climax within several minutes. Mark groaned loud
and intensely as she licked and cleaned his cock with
her mouth and smiled as she lifted herself and gently
kissed his nose as he was catching his breath.

Mark put his pants back on and followed Faith out into
the kitchen where she was drinking orange juice to wash
down his sperm. Mark rubbed her firm round ass as she
sipped her drink. She put the empty glass down on the
counter and wrapped her arms around his neck as they

“See? I know how to get you hard!”

Mark rubbed her ass and squeezed her tiny waist. “Do
you still love me?”

“Yes. Mark! I love you very much.”

Mark starring at her beautiful eyes. “Your still in
love with Hank too?”

Faith sighed. “I know it’s hard to accept what I said
to you. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be in
love with two men.”

Mark still held her waist as she kissed him again.
“Faith. I was wondering? How are you going to manage
two relationships?”

Faith giggled and half laughed as she touched his nose
with the tip of her fingernail. “You manage fairly well
with two?”

Faith kissed him once more. “Honey. I have to start
getting ready. I’m just going to wear something casual
and change at Hank’s!”

Faith kissed Mark before driving over to Hank’s. “I’ll
see you later!”

Mark arrived at Hank’s place on time. Mark knocked on
the front door and heard the familiar footsteps of high
heeled shoes across ceramic tiles. Faith opened the
door smiling. She looked hot!

She wore a white dress which looked like it was made
out of a stretch material. It barely covered her ass
but revealed her long shapely legs with the white heels

The dress had a plunging neckline that exposed most of
her boobs. Faith kissed Mark and walked him into the
kitchen and got him a drink. Hank had a bar so they sat
on stools.

Faith moved her hand to her husband’s lap and stroked
his thigh as she starred at him intensely

“Honey. Hank should be out any moment.”

Hank did walk out a few seconds later dressed casually
Mark turned and they shook hands. Hank laid his hand on
Faith’s shoulder.

“Mark. It’s good to see you again. It’s been awhile,
hasn’t it?”

Mark smiled. “Yeah. It’s been a few months, actually!”

Hank squeezed Faith’s shoulder. “Baby. I have a couple
bottles of fine wine chilling. Would you open one of
those bottles for us?”

Faith stood as Hank gave her a gentle kiss on the lips
as she retrieved the bottle.

“Mark? I understand you and Faith have had a long
discussion these past couple days concerning the
development of our relationship?”

“Yes. We had quite a discussion the other night.”

“Mark, I don’t think anyone is at fault here. Faith
told me how understanding you’ve been considering the

Mark just sat nervously waiting and hoping Faith would

“I wanted to let you know that none of this was
planned. Faith assumed your relationship had developed
seriously these past few months with Rita. In fact, we
were expecting to hear about you filing for divorce

Mark nervously laughed. Faith walked around the bar
with the bottle and glasses in her hands. Mark helped
by taking a couple glasses as Hank took the bottle.
Faith sat down on the opposite side of Hank as he
poured the wine.

“Drink up, Mark! I picked this up on our last trip to
New York.”

Mark held the glass to his lips and that’s when he
noticed Faith had taken her wedding rings off again. He
swallowed the wine thinking how she took off the only
symbolic item that represented their marriage. Mark
remembered what Rita had said but maybe it meant much
more to Faith.

“Mark. I have to admit that having you here today for
the reason Faith mentioned sort of taken me for a loop.
Are you sure your going to be comfortable with this?”

Mark felt very uncomfortable as he tried to answer.
“Um. Yeah. I think that’s a very good question.”

Faith cut in. “I only suggested the idea because Mark
was quite aroused with the subject.”

Faith put her hand on Hank’s knee as she leaned forward
so she could stare at him in the eyes as she continued.
“Honey? You’ve told me so many stories about your past
experiences with white men.”

She glanced at Mark while holding that pose with her
hand on Hank’s knee. “Mark? Hank had seen it all!” She
glanced back at Hank. “You remember telling me about
the husband who liked to hold his wife’s breasts while
you screwed her doggie style?”

Hank laughed and looked at Mark. “Her husband liked to
feel her body shudder every time I shoved inside her.
He’d crawl down between her legs after I cum inside her
pussy and she’d sit back on his face and he’d just lap
it up and want to do it again.”

Mark grinned as he sipped the wine.

Faith had her hands locked around Hank’s arm now as she
asked him about another couple. “Tell Mark about the
husband who wore that little thing in his dick. What
did you call it?”

Hank smiled as he recalled the couple that Faith, had
mentioned. He looked at Faith first to clarify what it
was then back to Mark.

“That was a chastity tube, Baby. Well. Mark. This
couple had been into D’s and such and the wife already
kept her husband locked in one of these metal tubes. It
had a bend so he couldn’t get an erection and locked
around his balls so there wasn’t anyway he was going to
get that thing off his penis.”

Mark sat nervously listening and took another sip of
the wine.

“His wife would have him locked in that thing for
weeks. Anyway. I’d come over and she would caress me
and we would kiss and such and she would point out
everything we were doing. He’d look frustrated as

Hank put his hand on Faith’s knee at that point. “I
thought she was mean but I found out later that he
insisted on wearing it and insisted on having his wife,
fuck other men, especially black men. Mark. I’d fuck
her all night while that poor bastard lay on the bed
next to us.”

Mark asked. “Didn’t she unlock him in the morning or
let him cum?”

“Sometimes she would unlock him and let him jack
himself off or let him fuck her.” Hank broke out

“Mark. I’d fuck her all night long two or three times a
week for several months. I have to tell you that seeing
the expression on her husband’s face when he put his
small dick inside her was to die for! I know for a fact
that he could hardly touch the sides when I got

Mark quickly starred at Faith but she tilted her head
down to face the floor.

Mark was still glancing at Faith as she kept her face
in the opposite direction as she tilted the glass to
her face and took a sip. Mark noticed that she was
holding Hank’s hand now. Their fingers were interlocked
tightly together as if she were holding on for security

“Whatever happen to that couple?”

“Their oldest son came back from the service and they
couldn’t play anymore. They moved away soon after and
we all moved on.”

Mark took another look at their hands locked together
and decided to get a little bold. “Hank? Faith and I
have discussed many things recently. I have to be very
honest with you. I don’t think I’d want to wear one of
those tubes.”

Hank laughed as Faith cut in and replied. “Mark. Hank
has a lot of experience with situations where white
husbands’ like to participate. We don’t really have any
idea what might arouse you unless we experiment.”

Hank interrupted “Mark. What do you say we get
comfortable in the media room?”

Hank stood while still holding Faith’s hand. Mark saw
her starring in Hank’s eyes as he grabbed his wine.
Hank finally let go of her hand and walked ahead while
Faith put her arm around Mark as they followed Hank
into the other room.

“Honey? If you’re too uncomfortable with this then we
can stop?”

Mark had his arm around her and squeezed her tight as
they stopped for a second. Mark thought for a moment
then said, “Why don’t you just pretend I’m not here and
I’ll sit and watch from a distance?”

Faith rubbed her hand along his back. They started to
walk again and found Hank setting up the plasma
television. He turned and saw them coming in and said,
“Mark? I’m putting a little ice breaker on for us to
get warmed up. Take a seat and make yourself

Faith started to sit in the middle of the white sofa
and tried to pull Mark down next to her but he tugged
back and silently expressed his concern about sitting
next to her. He didn’t want Hank to hear him so he
turned to look back at Hank and saw that he putting a
DVD in the player and turned toward Faith only to see
her patting the cushion again.

He reluctantly sat next to her as she put her arm on
his shoulder and lap as they waited for Hank.

Hank turned and laughed as he noticed Mark sitting
right next to Faith. He sat down on the other side of
her and clicked the play button.

Hank had put on an interracial movie. It was a blonde
and a black guy. Mark kept glancing at Faith every so
often and see their hands touching or Hank would be
rubbing her leg.

Hank made one particular move where he hiked up the hem
of Faith’s dress and was rubbing her thigh. Hank must
have touched a sensitive area because Mark felt Faith
squeezed his hand slightly. During the next few
minutes, Hank moved his hand from her thigh to between
her legs then up to her boobs. They even kissed lightly
a couple times.

Hank finally whispered into Faith’s ear after about
thirty minutes and Mark saw her shack her head. Hank
stood and walked out of the room and Faith leaned over
and told Mark. “Follow me into the bedroom.”

Faith took his hand and when they reached the dark
hallway she embraced him as they kissed. She took his
hand again and entered the room. Hank was waiting on
the other side of the bed and put his arm out to her to
her and once she was wrapped in his arms as he began
lifting her dress over her head. He pawed his way
across her curved body and began kissing around her
neck and shoulders.

Hank moved his hand over her pussy and inserted a
finger. It was wet and she was ready. Faith crawled
onto the bed as Hank followed. They kissed passionately
as Mark watched. They forgot he was there! Hands were
moving. Legs were being positioned.

Mark watched as Hank mounted her. Faith raised and
pulled back her legs for him. Her body tightened as
Hank slipped inside. Hank began humping and moving
steady. Faith’s hands were torching his head. Her hands
caressed his face and chin as she leaned forward to
kiss his lips. Her body trembled as she came.

Hank’s body was moving faster as the wet sounds filled
the room. His cock sliced inside her tight pussy like
it was butter. Faith’s pussy was still tight for him
but not for Mark. Mark could see it stretching as Hank
hammered into her.

Hank was going to cum. He grunted as his thighs slapped
into her ass. She moaned telling him to cum. Hank’s
body forced its way into Faith a few more times until
he rammed it in deep and shot the seed of life inside
her womb.

They kissed as Faith rubbed her fingers across his
back. She lightly dug her nails into his skin as they
kept kissing. Mark stood near the end of the bed with
his eyes on Hank’s cock. It was still hard and coated
with sperm. Mark saw him start to move again but he
stopped so he could turn Faith over onto her stomach.

Mark saw it. It was a puddle of sperm beginning to
escape past her pussy lips but not for long. Hank
guided his thick cock back into her slight and pushed
forward. His hands were on her ass while her face was
pushed down into the pillow. Hank began shoving into
her and making her ass slap against his legs.

Faith’s long blonde hair was flowing across the bed as
Hank screwed her hard and fast and deep. The room was
filled with the sound of her wet slushy, pussy being
rammed and the moans that escaped from her mouth
muffled by the pillow.

Within minutes, Hank was shooting another thick load
into Faith’s pussy. Hank collapsed along the side of
Faith and laid there until he caught his breath and
lifted one of her legs and inserted his cock back into
her well-stretched pussy.

There were cum stains covering the bed as Hank screwed
Faith again. Her pussy was red and looked sore but Hank
kept shoving his cock inside her pussy until he came a
third time. Mark leant back against the wall watching
and waiting until someone would remember he was still

Faith finally opened her eyes and just starred at Mark
as Hank played with her tits. Faith’s back was facing
Hank and cum leaked out of her pussy and down onto the
bed. Hank kissed her shoulder and smacked her ass
before getting up and going to the bathroom.

Faith wiggled her finger at Mark who walked near the
edge of the bed as she held out her arm. Mark leaned
down as she kissed his lips. She took his hand and
guided it toward her wet gaping pussy lips. Mark felt
the wetness and felt Hank’s cum as it leaked out
between her pussy lips. She felt soft but used and very

Mark heard Hank coming back and moved away from the
bed. Hank didn’t saw a word as he got back into bed and
laid down next to Faith. She turned around and put her
leg on top of his as he hugged her. Mark heard them
kissing as Hank stroked her long blonde hair.

Mark turned around and walked out of the room. Whatever
they planned sure wasn’t including him. He was their as
only a witness. He’d thought he’d be asked to join in
some way. It wasn’t what he had expected.

Mark let himself out and drove home wondering how long
it would take before they knew he was gone.

Faith laid with her face nestled next to Hanks as he
played with her round ass. She reached down between
them and grabbed hold of his cock and giggled. “I can’t
believe you’re hard again?”

Hank gave her a deep passionate kiss as his tongue
entered her mouth. He felt her tongue moving in gentle
harmony with his. Faith broke the kiss and whispered
extremely low in Hank’s ear. “Mark’s been very quite.
Are you sure he’s still watching us?”

Hank gave her another kiss before he replied in a low
whisper. “Don’t worry about your husband and come up
here and sit on my cock.”

Faith kissed him back then said, “Fine! Fuck me!”

Faith quickly got up on her knees smiling as she waited
for Hank to position himself in the center of the bed
before having her climb on top. Faith straddled his
legs and reached down where his cock touched her belly
and circled her little fingers around it.

She starred deep into his eyes as she lifted her leg
and ass and rubbed the big head next to her slit. Hank
reached out and touched one of her breasts as she
inserted the head into her slit and applied pressure.
She felt it pop inside and let out a gasp, “God!

Faith worked her little body around as the big cock
slowly slid inside her pussy. Hank could never get the
entire length inside her pussy but he felt the head
hitting her cervix as she adjusted her body and began
to rock above his legs.

Faith leaned forward letting her big tits dangle down
in his face and watched how he stretched his face out
to suck them. She moved back slightly every time he
tried to suck a nipple and giggled. Faith repeated this
a couple times until she let him have one and moaned
when she felt his tongue circling her nipple.

Hank put the tip between his teeth and bit her gently
making her body tense. “Ouch!”

He thought it was funny and repeated the same thing to
the other nipple making her yelp. “I’m going to bit you

Hank just laughed as he held her nice round ass and
moved her above his body. He starred into her eyes as
she moved up and down letting her tits swing and flexed
her pussy muscles around his cock.

“Mm… Tight!”

Faith kept working the muscles and watched the
expression on his face. Hank raised his hands and
squeezed her tits as her body moved and wiggled above
him. He saw her close her eyes as he flexed his hips
making his cock push harder against her cervix. Frank’s
cock seemed to expand as he watched the expression on
her face as she tilted her head back letting her long
blonde hair flow back until it touched his legs.

Hank moved his hands away from her tits and grabbed her
hands and kept grinding his cock into her as she rode
him with her eyes still closed and her head tiled back.
Her hair tickled his legs but enhanced his arousal. She
was absolutely gorgeous! She was a Goddess!

Hank was at his height in arousal as his cock hit
bottom. It felt so natural without the diaphragm. Hank
knew it had slipped her mind that she had it removed.
It hadn’t slipped his mind as he shoved his cock as
deep as physically possible inside her tight white

He’d thought about the three loads he’s already planted
and knew there was a possibility that she could already
be pregnant. Hank loved this woman and wanted her for
his own! He knew if she became pregnant with his baby
it would end her marriage.

He tried to stay focused as he thought about Mark. Hank
hadn’t the slightest idea where he was at the moment
but pictured him in his mind at the foot of the bed
with his eyes focused on his big black cock.

Hank thought to himself. “That’s right. Stand there and
watch! If you want to come to my house and see me bang
your wife, then watch! Maybe I’ll spread her pussy lips
so you can get a good look when I’m done! I’ll let you
lick it! Is that what arouses you? I’ll let you lick
her! Let’s let it soak for a bit first!”

Hank watched as this beautiful blonde wiggled around
above his big black cock. She finally leaned forward
after several minutes as Hank started to fuck her
faster and harder. He held her ass while watching her
close her eyes. Her tits swayed and her hair flowed
down across his arms as he pounded away at her tight
little married pussy.

Hank couldn’t hold out any longer as he gritted his
teeth and started to spew his load into her womb. He
kept stroking his cock into Faith until every last drop
had been spent. He caught his breath as he kept her
positioned above his body. His cock kept his sperm from

Faith tried to wiggle free but Hank kept her sitting
and impaled and pulled her beautiful blond head down to
his face and whispered to her. “Stay seated on me! Your
husband’s probably thinking about eating your pussy

Faith lifted her head enough to stare into his eyes as
she wondered what he meant as he pulled her back down
and whispered again. “They’re all like that! He’ll be
taping you on the shoulder any second wanting to stick
his face into your pussy and eat!”

Faith tried to keep from laughing as she exhaled with a
slight laugh but Hank placed his hand over her mouth.
Once he knew she would be quiet, he released his hand
from her mouth as she starred into his eyes. She
lowered her mouth to his, where they remained locked in
a kiss for almost a minute.

Faith whispered in his ear. “Nobody’s taped me on the
shoulder yet!”

Hank whispered back into her ear. “I’ll keep it hot for

Faith replied in a loud whisper this time. “Your bad!”

Hank pulled her back down and locked his lips to hers.
They continued to kiss and stare at each other as Hank
played with her hair. Faith starred at the clock on the
night stand. They were laying there for thirty minutes.

Faith straightened herself until she was sitting
straight and looked around the room. “Mark?”

Faith looked down at Hank who raised his head to look
around. “I don’t see him!”

Faith started to panic as she yelled out! “Mark? Are
you out there?”

“Maybe Mark got tired and fell asleep in the other

“I better go and find out if he’s alright!”

Faith raised herself and a large puddle of sperm
escaped her pussy and landed on the blanket. She got up
while a trail of sperm settled on her thigh as she
walked out of the room looking for her husband.

Hank was wiping off when Faith returned to the bedroom.
“Mark must have gone home! I found his overnight bag
gone and the front door was unlocked!”

Hank tried to make a joke out of it. “Baby? Mark
probably didn’t want desert tonight. I’ll scoop some of
this off the bed and put it in the frig!”

Faith sighed. “Hank! That wasn’t funny! You probably
hurt his feelings when you told him about that other
husband not being able to feel his wife’s pussy after
you got done!”

“Faith? I was telling the truth!”

“Yeah. You didn’t have to make it sound like you were
making fun of that man! Can you imagine how my husband

“Faith. I was only joking about that man! I didn’t mean
anything personal about your husband!”

Faith started to find her dress. She was angry and
concerned about Mark “Hank. I shouldn’t have told you
what Mark said about you being so huge!”

“Darling? Calm down!

“I can’t calm down right now! I’m too worried about

Faith slipped into the tight fitting dress and grabbed
the heels and slipped them on her feet Hank watched as
she stood and grabbed her purse off the dresser.

“Faith? Your not going to drive home wearing that tiny
little thing, are you?”

Faith just turned and walked toward the front door as
Hank followed. She walked outside into the dark as Hank
walked closely behind her. Hank was holding a towel
around his waist.

Faith got into the car and tried to start the engine.
She made several attempts but the engine wouldn’t
start. She finally gave up and slammed the door and
starred at Hank.

Hank tried to calm her down. “Faith. Come back into the
house and I’ll call a service truck out here in the

Faith felt disappointed as she walked slowly back into
the condo. She tossed her purse on the sofa and tried
calling Mark on his phone but he wouldn’t pick up.

“Faith. Mark is fine! He probably stopped off at a bar
or something. Come back to bed and we’ll get that car
fixed the first thing in the morning.”

Faith was still angry and worried. She’d tried calling
Mark several times but to no avail. She took a quick
shower before getting into bed but couldn’t sleep. She
dosed off several times and finally fell asleep late.
She woke up at six and Hank was already up.

A few seconds later he walked into the bedroom and
smiled. “They just got your car started! It wasn’t
anything serious, just a loose wire.”

Faith started to get out of bed and that’s when she
remembered about not having the diaphragm

Inside. Her pussy gaped open and was wet to the touch
when she inserted a finger.

“Damn it! Hank!”

Faith ran into the bathroom and took one of her
portable douches out of the drawer. Faith cleaned
herself out the best she could and got dressed in
shorts and a top.

Hank was waiting for her in the front room as she was
getting ready to leave. “Hank? You knew I wasn’t
wearing that diaphragm last night!”

“Baby? Don’t be so upset with me! I thought you wanted
it to happen otherwise you would have told me not to
cum inside you!”

Faith was angry and grabbed her purse. She glanced back
at Hank before shutting the door. “I’ll call you

Chapter 6

The phone had been ringing several times off and on for
the past hour. Mark looked at the clock again and saw
that it was after noon. He had a few drinks before
going t bed last night around three in the morning.

He slowly got out of bed and used the bathroom and
started the coffee pot and checked the phone. The
message light was flashing and there were several
messages from Faith wanting to know if he was there and
if he were all right.

Mark poured his coffee and listened to the phone ring
again. He sat and read the paper until it was after
two. Mark heard the front door open. He put the paper
down on the table and turned to see Faith walking
toward him with a worried expression on her face.

“Honey? Why did you leave last night? I was worried
sick about you!”

She glanced at the phone and still saw the message
light flashing. She leaned down and began hugging and
kissing his face. Mark just sat there and waited until
she stopped and just starred at her.

“Mark? Are you OK?”

Mark shook his head and just said, “Yeah. I’m fine. A
little tired but I’m fine!”

“Why didn’t you call me?”

“I hadn’t had my coffee yet. I figured I wouldn’t call
and disturb you with Hank.”

Faith laid her hands on his shoulders as he drank his
coffee. “Honey. I got up looking for you to join in
last night but you were gone. I thought you wanted to
stay and watch.”

Mark took another sip and replied. “I was there. I
watched Hank cum I think three times. I saw you cum
twice and watched Hank, fuck you on your back and on
your side and oh yeah! Doggie style too!”

Faith walked over to the coffee pot and poured herself
a cup and stood starring at Mark as she drank the

“Didn’t you get aroused watching?”


“Mark? What is it? What’s bothering you?”

“Faith! I’m fine really! You didn’t have to come all
the way back here just to see what’s wrong or why I
didn’t stay. Everything is fine.”

“I’ll make you something to eat.”

Faith spent the day at home catching up on house work.
Mark worked on catching up on his work. Mark was laying
in bed when Faith walked in from taking her shower.

Faith dried her hair and climbed into bed still naked
and cuddled next to Mark and gave him a kiss. He was
reading but closed the book and put it on the night
stand while Faith rubbed his leg.

“Mark? Why don’t you slip off your pajamas?”

Mark gave her a weird stare as she squeezed his thigh.
“Come on, Honey. Surely you really didn’t mean it when
you said you never wanted to have sex with me did you?”

Mark slipped the pajama bottoms down his legs and put
them on the floor while Faith cuddled next to him and
put her arm around his waist. Mark stroked her hair as
she leaned her head against his chest. Faith moved her
hand to caress his cock until he got hard then moved
into position to straddle his legs.

Mark reached out and rubbed the palms of his hands
across her tits as she held his cock near her pussy
slit and started to move the head back and forth until
it slipped inside. Faith began moving up and down while
she kissed Mark’s forehead.

Faith moved her hips in a rotating fashion while she
starred into his eyes. Mark held her waist and leaned
forward to kiss her tits as she moaned as he flicked
his tongue out at each nipple.

Faith pushed her chest out to feed her tits to his
mouth. Faith’s body was moving like a well-trained
belly dancer as she rode her husband’s cock. Mark
couldn’t last much longer as Faith worked every muscle
in her pussy to squeeze and tease Mark’s cock.

Mark wanted to cum while on top and flipped his wife
over onto her back. Faith wrapped her arms and legs
around Mark as he continued to fuck her. Mark kissed
her face and moved his and rocked his hips as Faith
hugged his back as tight as she could.

Mark felt he was going to cum and started to fuck her
faster until he blasted his cum deep inside his wife’s
pussy as Faith locked her legs behind his things. Faith
kissed Mark’s face and neck then lowered her hands to
his back.

“Honey? Lick my pussy and make me cum!”

Mark didn’t have to be told twice as he slid down and
kissed her belly then her thighs. He back up slightly
and lifted her legs and dipped his tongue into her wet
pussy slit. Faith moaned as she felt his tongue touch
her clit and rocked her hips as Mark worked his tongue
inside her wet pussy.

“That’s it! Eat it! Lick it clean for me, Baby!”

Mark brought her to two orgasms as he stretched his
tongue inside her pussy trying to get every last drop
of his cum he deposited inside of Faith’s pussy a few
minutes ago. Mark was stretching his legs and holding
her legs high in the air as Faith came a third time
only much louder and longer and intense then the
previous two.

Mark finished and worked his way back up to her face
with kisses. Faith was extremely aroused having Mark
eat his own cum from her pussy. She was thinking back
to the night before when Mark watched her with Hank.
This is what she really wanted, Mark to do. She wanted
him to eat Hank’s cum from her pussy.

“Honey? That was so good. Is that what you wanted? Did
you want to lick my pussy last night after Hank was

Mark was too embarrassed to say but he shook his head
in agreement to her statement. Faith kissed his face
and neck and held him tight as she rubbed her hands
along his back.

“Honey? I’m sorry I ignored you when I was with Hank. I
should have had you next to me in bed so you’d be

Mark kissed her face and starred into her eyes as she
kissed him on the lips. She ran her hand along his face
and kissed his nose. “Honey? I loved the way you made
me cum with your tongue!”

Faith kissed him again and shut off the light.

She snuggled next to Mark feeling his hand rub her
thigh. She couldn’t help but think about how aroused
she became when Mark was licking his own cum from her
pussy. It could have been Hank’s cum he was eating and
that’s what aroused her so much tonight.

Faith had Hank on her mind the next day. She was pissed
at him for not pulling out when he came. She called and
left a message on his phone that she’d stop by that
afternoon to pick up her wedding rings. Faith wanted to
make it a quick stop, nothing romantic. She didn’t feel
that Hank deserved any affection after what he did the
other night.

Faith was so mad at Hank that day that she wanted to
end their relationship. She remembered how her feelings
deceived her that morning when she was leaving and told
him she’d call.

Faith unlocked the front door and let herself in. She
put her purse down and saw a note on the kitchen
counter. It was from Hank telling her she could find
her rings in the bathroom. Faith walked into the
bathroom and saw the rings sitting on the counter and
slipped them on her finger. She fluffed her hair while
looking into the mirror before walking back into the

Hank was standing practically naked with a bottle of
wine I his hand and two glasses. The only thing he was
wearing was a white thong.

“Hey, Baby!”

Faith was starring at him but a moment later she shook
her head and started walking toward the door.

“Faith? I thought we’d have a little drink together
before you run off.”

“Hank. I have to leave. I promised Mark I’d be home to
fix dinner today.”

Hank walked in front of the door to stop her. “Baby.
You have time, just stay and have a quick glass of wine
with me.”

Faith sighed. She closed her eyes for a moment and
turned around while Hank put the glasses down on a
table and poured the wine. He gave her the glass and
leaned over and gently kissed her lips.

“Baby. I’m sorry about the other night. The last thing
I want to do is lose you over something stupid.”

“Hank? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking these past
couple days. I don’t know if we should continue seeing
each other right now.”

Hank put the glass on the table and held her shoulders.
“Faith? How many times have you told me how much our
relationship meant to you and how much I arouse you
when we make love? Do you remember the night you told
me how I stimulate and arouse you more then any other
man ever had?”

Faith held the glass but just starred at his chest.
Hank took his hand and raised her chin so she was
starring into his eyes. “Faith. I love you and you know
how much you mean to me and my life. I never met a
woman like you that gives so much as you. I don’t want
our relationship to end like this.”

Hank leaned down and kissed her softly and passionate.
He moved his had away from her chin once their lips
were locked and held one hand on her shoulder while he
unbuttoned the sweater she was wearing until every
button was loose.

Faith’s black bra was fully exposed as she kissed him
back and put a hand behind his head as their tongues
mingled. He took the glass out of her other hand and
put it on the table. He went back kissing her again as
she wrapped her arms around his back.

Hank managed to unbutton her skirt and let it fall to
the floor as she reached out and touched his cock
through the thin material of the thong. Faith was
breathing hard into his mouth as they kissed and he
unhooked her bra allowing her breasts to spring free.
He lowered his face and sucked a nipple into his mouth
as she held his head close to her chest.

Hank tugged on her panties while she helped and let
them fall to the floor as she tugged at the thong. Hank
put the palm of his hand against her pussy and inserted
a finger and found her extremely wet and ready. He
backed her to the bed until she fell and climbed on top
and started to kiss her again.

Faith wanted him inside her and reached down between
her legs and positioned his cock to the entrance of her
pussy. Hank wasn’t ready. He teased her with the head
while Faith moved her hips and legs trying to get him
to put it inside.

“Hank? Don’t tease me. Put it in!”

Hank kissed her face and neck and gently kissed her
lips as she breathed and whispered into his open mouth.
“Please. Put it inside me.”

Hank kept kissing her and moving his hips as he felt
her pushing her pussy up against his crotch. She held
his arms and was digging her nails into his skin as she
breathed hard and squirmed beneath him.

Hank whispered. “Faith. Tell me what you want?”

Faith was breathing hard as she kept moving her hips
and finally said, “Fuck me, Hank. I want you to fuck me

Hank pushed forward until the head popped inside.
Faith’s body tightened as she dug her nails into his
back. Her legs lifted as Hank began to slowly fuck her.
Hank kept it slow and steady as her breathing became
more labored. Hank kept up the slow steady pace until
Faith had her first orgasm.

Faith was faintly moaning and making sounds like an
injured kitten. Hank never increased his pace, he
screwed her with long even strokes and hesitated every
other stroke to keep her stimulated and aroused and
wanting more.

Faith kissed his chin then his neck. Her toes were
curled as Hank plunged deep inside her and held himself
still for a moment. He watched her face and felt her
body trying to squirm and get him to move which he
finally did.

Hank repeated his strokes and hesitated several times
before finally increasing his pace just slightly as she
breathed harder and held onto his arms tight. Hank kept
this rhythm until Faith came again.

He kissed her neck as she started to relax and slowed
the pace again until she recovered from her second
orgasm. Hank’s body began to shake as his arousal built
up to a point where he wanted to cum. Hank wanted to
cum inside Faith again. H e wanted to cum so deep that
it would insure a better possibility of pregnancy.

Hank wanted this woman and didn’t want to lose her. Her
pregnancy would insure and practically seal the deal.
Mark wouldn’t want her pregnant with another man’s
child, would he?

Hank had every symptom, which he was going to cum at
any moment and Faith knew those signs all too well as
she felt his cock expanding inside her tight pussy.

Faith whispered. “Hank. Pull out, OK?”

Hank kissed her lips and starred down into her eyes as
she looked back. He kept kissing her gently as he tried
to hold back from spewing his load. He could feel his
balls tighten as he kept starring into her eyes and
whispered. “You’re my girl, Baby. You want me to pull


Hank kept kissing as he whispered. “It feels so very
tight inside you. Faith? Do you feel the head inside
you? Tell me, Baby? You love to feel that big black
cock inside you, don’t you?”

“Yes. So good!”

Hank kept kissing and licked her ear making her groan
and started another orgasm as he let loose inside her
pussy. Faith grunted and tightened as she felt the
first hot jet of his sperm shooting inside her. Hank
rammed deep inside her again unleashing the last
remaining spurts as deep as he could as Faith labored
to catch her breath.

Hank withdrew only to ram it back inside as deep as he
could while Faith still tried to catch her breath. Her
body went lax as she held onto his arms with a less
stronger grip. Hank kept moving inside her knowing for
sure that he was putting every effort into making her
become pregnant.

“Hank? I have to get up! Please.”

Hank was kissing her face and neck and moving one of
his hands along her breasts as he whispered. “It’s OK.
Lay here with me and enjoy the moment. I want to spend
time with you before you leave.”


Hank kept kissing her until she accepted his kisses and
they were soon locked together again as Hank stroked
her hair. Hank looked into her eyes. “I love you,

Faith was reluctant to reply. Hank kept stroking her
cheek with his hand as he kept starring into her eyes
waiting for a reply. “Hank? You know how I feel about

Hank replied. “Yes. But it’s nice to hear it once in

Faith looked at the clock. “Hank, I’m running late and
have to go. I barely have enough time to clean up.”

Faith stood while Hank picked her panties off the floor
and held them out for her to put on. She shook her
head. “Hank. I have to clean up!”

Hank grabbed her wrist as she started to walk toward
the bathroom. He kissed her passionately and held the
panties next to her belly. “Put these on for me.”

Faith starred at Hank pleadingly to allow her to clean
up. He held her hand and used his charm and power on
her until she finally slipped on the panties. Hank
watched as she quickly buttoned her sweater and
adjusted her skirt.

Hank walked her to the car where they embraced and
kissed. He opened the door for her and watched as she
drove around the corner and out of sight.

Faith took the pan off the stove and placed it on the
counter. She had hurried since she returned home from
Hank’s place and only stopped long enough to kiss her
husband when he got home. She was still wearing the
clothes she wore at Hank’s including her cum soaked

She prepared Mark’s dinner as she kept her mind off the
consequences that could occur leaving Hank’s cum inside
her. Mark walked back out into the kitchen and gave her
a big hug. He noticed she was wearing the rings and
starred into her eyes. He could smell the aroma of
Hank’s cologne.

He wasn’t stupid. He knew Faith had a quickie while she
picked up her rings. He wasn’t angry. He was aroused.
Mark took her hand and lead her away from the kitchen.

“Mark? I have everything ready! Our dinner will get

Mark held her hand all the way into the bedroom and
started to unbutton the sweater that Hank took off just
a couple hours ago. Mark unhooked her bra letting it
fall to the floor followed by her skirt and gently
backed Faith to the bed and helped her lay back while
he slipped off her panties.

Mark quickly took off his shirt and pants and lowered
his underwear and kicked them off and laid down on the
bed between Faith’s legs which he lifted and spread. He
lowered his face between her thighs. He was right! She
smelled of having sex with Hank.

Mark kissed her pussy mound and stuck his tongue out
and licked her slit. Mark then dipped his tongue
further inside and started to lick and eat her pussy.
Mark began slurping while Faith helped lift her legs
and laid her head back on the pillow and close her

Mark’s tongue felt good and soothing. She was still
sore from Hank’s big cock. Mark was licking and eating
her like a wild man would be who was starving. She
lifted her head and saw his nose buried between the
crack of her pussy mound.

Faith was aroused. She knew Mark was eating Hank’s cum
out of her pussy and knew it. It was just like Hank
told her about certain men. Mark got aroused more then
she had thought.

Mark licked her pussy for a few more minutes and
climbed between her legs and stuck his dick into her.
Faith was sore but Mark wasn’t anywhere as large as
Hank. She could handle him, OK.

Faith starred into Mark’s eyes and he pounded her
pussy. She thought about coming but after having cum
three times with Hank just a couple hours ago made her
a little numb and tired. Mark was driving into her hard
as she held her legs back for him. Faith closed her
eyes and imagined Mark’s dick screwing her where Hank
had just been.

Faith’s body started to tremble. She groaned as she had
a mild orgasm. She was just too exhausted for anything
intense. Mark grunted and shoot his cum inside her.
Faith felt the spurts filling her pussy and mingling
with Hank’s

Faith was rubbing his shoulder. “That’s it, Honey.”

Mark laid down next to her as he caught his breath.
Faith rubbed her hands over her eyes as she laid flat
on the bed.

“Faith? Did you ever tell Hank your getting a birth
control shot every three months?”

Faith giggled. “No. I thought it would be fun keeping
him on the edge for a while!”

Mark laughed. “Do you think he’s tried to knock you

Faith laughed harder. “Yes. He even suggested I leave
his cum inside me when I drove home! I told you he

Mark snuggled next to his wife’s breasts.

“Good night, Faith!”

“Good night, Darling!”

Chapter 7

It was Saturday morning and Mark had gone out to show
houses to one of his clients. Faith pulled coffee cups
out of the cabinet and put them down on the table.

Rita smiled at her as Faith poured the coffee. “Honey?
How did you and Mark become involved in your open

Faith laughed as she sat down at the kitchen table next
to Rita. “Oh. I guess it was a little boredom after
being married for so many years.”

Rita sipped her coffee then replied with a smirk.
“Well. Dan and I haven’t made it that far yet. I think
he wanted to lay this little blonde on our honeymoon. I
just can’t stop him from wanting to bed these young

“I think Mark is getting more out of this then I
originally did. Mark loves to watch plus he has this
fetish I haven’t told you about.”

“Oh really? What sort of fetish has Mark been hiding
from me?”

Faith laughed. “I guess I shouldn’t be telling on him
like this, he’d kill me if he knew we were talking
about him. The fact is, Mark loves to hear about my
experiences with Hank.”

“Does he like to watch?”

“Yeah but he gets embarrassed knowing that Hank is
aware that he is watching. The other night when I came
home, Mark asked me all about my date with Hank then
started to undress me then sniffed around until he
smelled Hank on my body.”

Rita laughed as she took a bit out of a cookie and
sipped her coffee. “Faith! You make your husband sound
like such a pervert!”

“Oh. I didn’t mean to make it sound that way at all.
It’s just that Mark hurriedly ripped my panties off
while he kept asking me questions about Hank. Mark had
his mouth buried in my pussy faster then you can say
cheese when he knew I hadn’t showered.”

Rita laughed. “Dan’s only concern is to dip his face
into a hot pussy. He couldn’t care less about knowing
about one of my dates with another man.”

Faith sipped her coffee then seriously starred at Rita.
“You know, Rita. I’ve been spending too much time with
Hank lately but Mark doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he
has encouraged me to go with Hank on his trips to New
York. I’m afraid we’re moving apart too much and want
to spend more time at home with him.”

Rita stopped eating her cookie as she starred at Faith.
“You’ve developed feelings for Hank over the past few
months, haven’t you?”

Faith had a worried expression on her face as she
nodded her head in acknowledgment. “It’s not that I
don’t love my husband or care about him. Hank has been
very demanding lately and he’d like me to leave Mark
and come live with him.”

“Oh. I didn’t know that.”

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about Hank.
He told me a few weeks ago how much he loves me and
wants me to have his baby. Rita! I lied to Hank when I
said I was off birth control. He wants to have children
soon and I feel really bad about deceiving him.”

“Can’t you just be honest with him?”

Faith sighed. “Rita. I didn’t know this was going to be
so complicated when I got involved with Hank. I figured
I could just turn it off like a faucet anytime I

Rita just starred for a moment. “You’re in love with

Faith appeared rattled as she slid the cup across the
table. “Rita. I’m in love with two men.”

“Don’t you think your husband should come first?”

“Yes. I’m afraid that if I tell Hank the truth that
he’ll want to stop seeing me.”

“Does Mark know any of this?”

“I told Mark everything.”

Rita walked across the kitchen floor as she sipped her
coffee then turned and asked. “How does it feel having
a black man with such a huge cock inside you and
knowing that he could make you pregnant at any time if
you desired? I get a rush just thinking about it!”

Faith stood and walked toward Rita and took hold of her
arm near her elbow. “I take it that you never had a
black man before?”


Faith walked across the kitchen floor and opened a
drawer and pulled out a photo album and brought it to
the table and opened the first page to show Rita
pictures of Hank in weight lifting competition.

“Wow! I remember Hank having muscles but don’t remember
seeing him like this!”

“Hank has been competing for several years now.”

Faith turned the pages as Rita stood gasping at Hank’s
muscular body in the photos’. Faith got to the end of
the album and flipped the last page which showed Hank
holding Faith in his arms like she was a small child.
The photo was taken on a stage at a weight lifting
contest and Rita noticed a trophy sitting on a small
stand next to them.

“I take it that Hank must have won this competition?”

Faith smiled. “Yeah. I remember Hank telling me that I
was a better trophy then the one they gave him that
night. That’s why he held me up for the camera that

Rita starred at the photo of Faith. “You look fantastic
in your bikini!”

“Yeah. Hank insisted that I change into it before they
took the pictures. Say! Why don’t we go for a swim this
morning? It’s so hot outside today. It’ll give us a
chance to cool off!”

“Oh. Faith. I’d love to but I don’t have my suit with

Faith laughed. “Since when do we need bathing suits in
my own back yard?”

The water was warm as Rita slowly walked down the steps
into the pool. Faith was already splashing around in
the deep end of the pool as Rita finally made her way
down to her neck into the water and started to swim out
near Faith.

Faith heard her cell phone ring on the patio table and
reluctantly stepped back out of the pool to answer it.
“Hi Honey!”

“Faith? Could I bother you to bring the Johnson folder
out to the Brown’s house?”

“Oh Mark! Do you need it right away?”

“Yeah Darling. I’m trying to close this sale and I need
to check over a few things in the disclosure.”

“Mark? It’ll take me about forty-five minutes to get

Faith put the cell phone down on the table. “Rita? I’m
going to have to leave for a couple hours. Why don’t
you stay here and cool off for a while until I get

Rita smiled back. “I’ll just relax while you’re gone.
If you need anything, just call me on my cell phone.”

Faith was dressed and out the door within five minutes
leaving Rita splashing around in the water. Rita was
doing back strokes and starring up at the sky and
gently moved toward the edge of the pool and closed her
eyes for a few moments. Rita floated in the shallow end
of the pool for several minutes until she finally
opened her eyes and starred straight up for a second
and thought she saw a figure standing at the edge of
the pool.

Rita screamed when she turned and saw Hank standing
along the edge taking off his shirt and laughing.

“Hank! How long have you been watching me?”

Hank laughed as he slipped out of his pants and started
to walk down into the water. “Long enough!”

Hank kept walking toward Rita as she stood in the
shallow end of the pool. Hank kept starring at her
massive breasts as he finally reached her and wrapped
his arms around her and pulled her to him and laid a
big passionate kiss on her mouth.

“Hank! Faith is gone but she should be back in a couple

Hank kissed Rita again only this time he slipped his
tongue deep inside her mouth. Rita held onto his large
shoulders and accepted his kiss but as soon as he
lifted his mouth away she said, “Hank! Rita is my
friend. I don’t think we should be doing this.”

Hank didn’t answer her but only picked her up and
carried her out of the pool and into the house where he
laid her on the bed still dripping wet and climbed on
top of her and began kissing her passionately again.

Their hands were roaming on each others’ body’s as Hank
kept kissing Rita on the lips then finally began moving
down to her neck then onto her breasts and took each
nipple into his mouth and flickered his tongue out
making them hard.

Rita was breathing hard as Hank spread open her thighs
and reached down and began guiding his huge black cock
toward her wet pussy as she lifted her legs for him.

Hank started to push forward until the large head
popped inside causing Rita’s body to tighten. She
moaned and wrapped her arms around his should as he
kissed her again as his cock began to slip deep inside
her pussy.

Rita wrapped her legs around his thighs as he began
screwing her while they kissed. Rita was lifting her
body to meet his thrusts into her as she kissed his
face and neck and held onto his shoulders as tight as
she could as Hank began screwing her faster.

Rita shouted out loud as she reached her first orgasm.
Hank kept pounding away at her as he flipped her over
on top of him letting her huge breasts dangle in front
of his face as she rode his cock.

Rita’s eyes starred intensely into Hank’s eyes as she
worked her ass around that big thick cock of his as
Hank grabbed hold of her ass and moved her around on
top of him.

Rita’s body began to shack again as she reached another
orgasm. Hank held her ass tightly as he shoved his
thick black cock deep inside her until he blasted his
load deep inside her belly as he held her body next to
his huge legs.

Hank finished shooting his load inside her then flipped
her around onto her back and began screwing her again.
His cock never went soft and kept her pussy plugged
shut with his first load of sperm deep inside her

Hank kept ramming his cock into Rita, pushing his sperm
deep inside her womb then let out another loud moan as
he erupted deep inside her belly again sending another
load of hot seed deep inside her womb.

Hank was still hard as he pulled his cock out of Rita
and laid down next to her. Rita wasn’t done yet as she
lifted herself off the pillow and twisted around and
took his slim coated cock deep inside her mouth and
started to lick it clean.

Rita swished Hank’s cock around her mouth then began to
lower her face down until she took him all the way down
her throat. Rita couldn’t believe how hard Hank was
after shooting two hot loads of seed inside her pussy.

She kept lowering her head down until his cock entered
her throat until Hank finally blasted his third load of
hot seed down her throat as she sucked him clean.

Rita laid down on the bed and closed her eyes for a few
seconds until she felt Hank rubbing his hand along her

“Rita. I want you to spend the night at my place this

Rita turned her head to stare at him. “What about

“Let me take care of that!”

Rita stood a few minutes later with her body still
dripping wet from the sweat of their love making. Hank
got up from the other side and walked into the bathroom
and waived his arm at her to follow him into the

Rita got into the shower stall with Hank as the cool
water hit her back while Hank leaned over and kissed
her on the lips.

“Was this your first time with a black man?”

Rita smiled as she rubbed the wet cloth against his
chest. “Yeah.”

A few minutes later, they were drying off together as
Hank kept starring at her huge breasts while she moved
the towel around her body.

“You know I wanted to screw you when we met in Miami a
few months ago, don’t you?”

Rita just smiled at Hank knowing that she knew and
wanted him then. “I better straighten up their room
before Faith gets home!”

Rita walked into the bedroom and starred at the bed. It
was a mess and still wet from their bodies getting out
of the pool. Rita did her best to straighten the
blankets but they were still wet as she turned on the
fan hoping it would dry before Faith returned home and
wondered what was going on.

Rita starred at Hank while he buttoned his shirt. Rita
pulled on her thong then slipped into her shorts then
put her hand on her belly and spoke out loud. “Hank was
the first person back out near the pool retrieving his
cloths while Rita dressed and starred out Oh my god!”

Hank just starred at Rita thinking she got a pain in
her stomach but what she really remembered was that she
wasn’t taking any sort of birth control.

“What’s the matter?”

“Uh, nothing.”

Rita straightened the bed one more time before leaving
the bedroom as Hank walked near behind her on the way
out. Hank put his arms around her at the door and gave
her another passionate kiss.

“How about Thursday night?”

“That sounds fine.”

Hank kissed her again then starred into her eyes. “Are
you sure your OK?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

Hank finally pulled away from Rita and put his hand on
the door knob. “I’ll tell Faith you were here.”

Hank turned around and smiled. “Tell her I couldn’t
stay long. I have an anointment to attend.”

Rita watched as Hank walked out the door. She sighed as
she put her hand on her belly again wondering if she
should try and use a douche to clean out his seed. Rita
walked as quickly as she could into the bedroom and
starred at the bed again. It was still wet as she
sighed and began searching around in the bathroom for a
douche kit but couldn’t find one and simply gave up.

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