Sally Does Seven

My wife Sally had just turned 50 and was feeling
depressed. “It only seems like yesterday that I was a
high school cheerleader. All of the guys in school
wanted me then. Now I’m just old and nobody wants me.”

“How can you say that?” I replied. “You are still a
foxy babe and I want you.”

“But we’re married. You know what I mean. Men don’t
turn to watch me walk down the street anymore. Besides,
men only want younger women. If we weren’t married, you
probably wouldn’t even notice me.” Sally lamented. “You
remember the story I told you about when I was sixteen
and went to the fair with my friend. Older men wanted
me then.”

I did remember the story. Sally and another girl had
gone to a county fair. The ferris wheel operator had
been really friendly to her and let her and her friend
ride for free over and over again. He’d asked her to
meet him after the fair closed. Her friend warned her
not to go, but Sally decided he was just being nice and
went to meet him. After all he looked around forty and
she thought he was just being fatherly.

She met him after the fair closed and went with him to
his trailer. It started out innocent enough, with them
talking and drinking a little wine. But a little wine
became more wine and soon Sally was quite buzzed. And
innocent conversation soon turned to hugging and
kissing. When the man slid his hand under her blouse,
Sally let him. He then played with her pussy until she
came and she sucked him off. She had not been so drunk
that she couldn’t enjoy it. She had also been quite
pleased that she had been able to attract an older man.

“I know the story,” I said, “but I don’t think you
would have any trouble attracting younger men. You are
still pretty hot looking. Besides, you are a great lay
and any younger man would appreciate that. Remember
Mrs. Robinson in ‘The Graduate’? Just leave it to me.
I’ll convince you that you are still desirable.”

At fifty, Sally is still a knockout. She is a bit
plump, best described as voluptuous. Unlike many women
who are her age and younger, Sally has large tits which
still ride high on her chest, rather than sagging. She
has a nice round ass and creamy thighs that part to
reveal a pussy that is always wet and ready for action.
Her short blonde hair frames a face that looks much
younger than her age. She has deep blue eyes that
sparkle as she laughs. In addition to being a hot
property physically, she is a great conversationalist
and is very witty.

I consider Sally to be my trophy wife. As a young man I
had always lusted after my high school’s cheerleaders,
but they had only been interested in the jocks. Now,
nearly 35 years later, I was regularly nailing a former
high school cheerleader. It was one of my fantasies
come true. My other fantasy, to share my wife with
other men, had also come true.

After our marriage Sally had told me that she often
fantasized about getting gang banged but never gotten
the courage to do it. I set up our first threesome with
another man and then set up several gang bangs for
Sally. In our five years of marriage she had already
screwed around thirty-five other men in all sorts of
situations (see some of my other stories about Sally’s
adventures elsewhere at WTW).

After our conversation, I got on the internet and
started setting up another gang bang. I was going to
show Sally that she was still attractive to younger men
so I looked for men who were under thirty. I put out
several ads reading “Seeking young studs to gang bang
Mrs. Robinson. My hot wife just turned 50 and would
like some action. If you are a young man under 30 and
would like to fuck an older woman, contact….”

I got over thirty responses, which I narrowed down to
six. I then set up an evening and a rendezvous point.

The evening of the gang bang, I laid out the outfit I
wanted Sally to wear. It was a black cocktail dress
with a deeply scooped neckline. It was classy and very
seductive. The ensemble included sheer black hose held
up by a garter belt and high heels. She wore no
panties. After she had put on the dress I gave her the
necklace I wanted her to wear.

Hanging from the chain was a long phallic-looking dark
crystal. The necklace hung between her cleavage, with
the end of the crystal pointing toward her slightly
rounded belly. That belly would receive several loads
of young cum by the end of the night.

The bar I had chosen was just as classy as her dress. I
wanted the six young men to realize just how special
their evening was going to be the moment they walked in
the door. The bar was dimly lit and there was a small
jazz combo playing quietly in one corner. Sally and I
sat at a table in the opposite corner and ordered

“Excuse me, are you Sally Robinson?” It was the first
young man. He introduced himself as Jason and sat down
next to Sally. Soon two more young men, William and
Jeremy, joined us. Then three more young men, Charles,
Brad and Chad, also came up to the table.

Soon Sally was in the middle of a lively conversation
with all six, showing off her wit and humor. To any
passersby we simply looked like an older couple with
our college son and some of his friends. Of course, the
fact that the friends could hardly keep their eyes away
from his mother’s cleavage would not have been obvious
to any but the most astute observer. After around
twenty minutes, I gave directions to the hotel suite I
had reserved and we left.

In the room, Sally quickly changed into a black teddy
with a snap crotch. She sat on a couch by the
television while I answered the door. One by one the
young men arrived. I had chosen carefully, each of them
was good looking but a bit nerdy. It was clear that
they were neither used to being in such a nice hotel
setting nor all that experienced sexually. Sally was
truly going to play Mrs. Robinson for them.

I had brought a VCR from home and hooked it up to the
television so we could show an x-rated movie to warm
things up. The movie I had chosen showed an older woman
getting fucked by several men. I wanted the guys to see
just what was ahead for them. Once all six men had
arrived, Sally stood up and invited four of them to sit
on the couch. The other two were seated in chairs that
were on either side of the couch. She took everyone’s
drink orders and went to the suite’s kitchenette to fix
their drinks.

“I thought we’d start with an x-rated movie to get you
fellows warmed up,” I said. “Just relax and enjoy the
movie while Sally brings your drinks.”

As the men watched the movie, Sally delivered each one
his drink. When she Charles his drink, he reached up
and caressed her breasts. When she gave William his, he
slide his hand up the inside of her thigh and rubbed
her pussy.

I knew that by this time it was already wet and ready.
After delivering the drinks, Sally took a turn on each
young man’s lap giving each a long open-mouthed kiss.
She took a particularly long time with Jeremy, each of
them sucking on the other’s tongue as she ground her
ass against his cock.

By this time, all six of the men had a hard bulge in
his jeans, both from watching the movie and from
Sally’s attentions. Sally got down on her knees and
crawled up to the four men sitting on the couch. She
pulled Brad’s legs apart and slide her hands up both of
his thighs until she came to his crotch. She then
unzipped his pants and pulled his hard 8″ cock out of
his pants. Sliding up between his legs, she began to
suck on his cock.

After a few minutes, she turned to Brad, who was
sitting next to Chad, and pulled out his cock. Once
again, she began licking and sucking. She went down the
line on the couch, doing the same for each cock she
encountered. By this time, the two men who were sitting
in the chairs had stood up and taken off their clothes.
One was playing with her pussy while the other caressed
her breasts. I stood back and enjoyed the scene.

“It’s time for a circle suck, I want all of you to take
off your clothes and stand around me so I can get at
your cocks.” Sally said as she knelt and leaned back on
her calves. They all complied and soon Sally was busy
slurping and licking. After a few minutes with each she
would say “Next” and the circle would rotate so she had
another cock to play with. You could tell that a couple
of them were very close to coming. When Sally started
sucking on Jason’s cock it was clear he couldn’t take
it any more.

Just as she pulled away to go to the next man, Jason’s
cock started jerking and his clear fluid shot out of
its head into the air. Sally quickly returned to him,
trying to catch his cum in her mouth. Some of it got in
her hair but she managed to catch most of it in her
open mouth. She engulfed his cock sucking and
swallowing. Jason was clearly embarrassed about cumming
so soon but Sally reassured him. “You just relax and
enjoy the show. By the time I’m finished with these
other fellows you’ll probably have a new load of cum
ready to dump in my pussy.”

“Let’s move to the bed,” Sally said, “I want to get
fucked.” She pulled off her teddy and moved to the bed
with the five guys. Jason rearranged one of the chairs
so he could watch. I stood however, because I wanted to
move around and watch from every angle as these
strangers fucked my wife. Sally laid down on her back
with her legs spread. “Who’s first?” she asked.

Chad got between her legs and slid his cock into her
wet pussy. Soon his ass was bobbing up and down as his
dick pumped in and out of Sally’s wet cunt. “Shove it
to me hard,” Sally commanded, then gave him a long

It wasn’t too long until Chad moaned and increased the
intensity of his strokes. Sally could tell he was going
to cum and whispered to him, “Fill me with your hot
semen.” Chad groaned one more time and his whole body
stiffened. He lay on top of my slut wife for around a
minute, emptying his balls into her. When he finally
got off and pulled his cock out of her pussy, we could
all see that it was slick with his semen and her own
pussy juices.

William decided he was next to bat and aimed his cock
at Sally’s sticky pussy. She wrapped her legs around
his back and pulled him into her. Soon he was pumping
away. Jeremy got on his knees next to Sally’s head and
shoved his cock into her mouth while the rest of us
watched the scene appreciatively. Soon William shot his
load of cum into Sally.

“I want it doggy style,” said Sally, getting up on her
hands and knees. Jeremy laid down on the bed in front
of her so she could continue sucking his cock and
Charles got behind her. As Sally spread her legs wide
we could see the first two men’s sperm starting to seep
out of her. Charles quickly plugged the leak with his
own dick. “You are so slick,” Charles moaned, “I never
thought sloppy seconds would be this stimulating.”

Sally couldn’t reply, since her mouth was full of
Jeremy’s cock. She bounced back and forth between
Jeremy’s cock and Charles’ cock, her large breast
swaying back and forth. I got up close so I could see
Charles’ cock sliding in and out of her pussy lips.

“Tell them what you are,” I commanded Sally. She lifted
her head from Jeremy’s cock and responded, “I’m your
slut wife.” “And what else are you?” I asked. “I’m a
whore,” she responded. “Do you like fucking my slut
wife?” I asked Charles. “Oh yes,’ he replied, grunting
as he continued to pound her pussy from behind. “Then
give her your young sperm. See if you can make her

Charles moaned and gave a deep thrust, hold Sally’s ass
tightly back against his groin, his dick buried to the
hilt with her. I could tell that he was shooting his
sperm deep into Sally’s belly. “Give it to me, give it
to me,” Sally moaned, “I can feel your pumping its load
into me.”

Sally and Charles stayed connected for several minutes,
just like a couple of dogs who are mating and can’t
separate. In the meantime Sally continued to suck and
pump on Jeremy’s cock. Soon he moaned as well and came
in her mouth. I could see her struggling to swallow the
cum as it shot down her throat.

Brad and I were the only two men in the gang bang that
hadn’t cum yet. When Charles finally pulled out of
Sally’s pussy, she rolled over on her back and spread
her legs. We could see the three men’s cum leaking out
of her. “My pussy’s full for now,” she said. “Why don’t
you give me a cum bath. Brad kneeled over her head and
shoved his dick in her mouth.

I stayed down by her pussy, watching the semen ooze out
of it and jerked on my cock. I was so turned on by the
sight that it was only a matter of seconds before I
shot a stream of cum onto her belly. My cock continued
to jerk and send what seemed like a quarter of a cup of
sperm onto her, puddling in her navel and rolling down
her sides. I looked over and saw Brad’s cock cumming as
well, shooting sticky fluid over her face and into her
hair. By this time Jason’s cock had revived and he
moved in beside me and knelt over Sally’s large

“Cover my tits with your cum,” Sally said. “I’m your
whore, treat me like one.” Jason grunted and ropy cum
soon shot out of his cock onto Sally’s breasts. Her
nipples glistened as it slowly slid down her mounds and
toward her belly, mingling with my cum. Sally writhed
on the bed, rubbing the stick semen into the skin of
her breasts and stomach.

All seven of us stood back and looked at my wife lying
on the bed. Cum was oozing out of her pussy and
glistened on the skin of her stomach and breasts. There
were splatters of cum in her hair and when she opened
her mouth her tongue was white with cum as well.

“Well fellows,” I asked, “did you enjoy your ‘Mrs.
Robinson’ experience?” All six grinned and gave me a
thumbs-up. After they got dressed and before they left,
each politely thanked Sally for providing them with
such a good time.

The next day I got e-mails from four of the guys saying
what a good time they had and saying they would love to
do it again. When I showed the e-mails to Sally she
grinned and said, “I’m still not convinced. Keep

She gave me a wink and walked off.

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