Alexis My Sweet Teen

It started innocently enough. One day while working on my computer I received a messenger request to be added to someone’s messenger list. I didn’t recognize the name and figured it might be a spammer, but figured ‘what the heck, I can always block them later’ I accepted the request. Nothing happened that day or the next. On the third day, a Sunday, the day of the superbowl, I was working on some online crosswords when I received a simple ‘Hi’ from the aforementioned messenger user adavis999. I responded with

‘Hi there my name is Andy, and you are?’

‘I’m Alexis’ she responded.

‘How are you today Alexis’

‘I’m gud’ ‘Is the game still on’

‘Yes and the 9ers are dyin’

‘Too bad’

‘Yes it is, my team, but that’s the way things go. What are you up to?’

‘I’m working on homework I have to do a algebra quiz’

’Algebra is fun, I was doing crosswords’

‘I hate it, I don’t think I’ll ever get it’

‘You’ll get it, it just takes time’

‘It’s my second time takin it lol’

‘You’ll get it you just have to figure it in a way that makes sense to you’

‘You should help me’

‘I’d like to help you, but how do we do that’

‘I can email a copy and you could show me how to do it’

Soon I was receiving an email with a copy of some algebra problems. They weren’t all that difficult just simple stuff. I ran through them pretty quick showing my work on the paper like we did in high school. I scanned the completed sheet and attached it to the reply email. I got an almost immediate messenger response thanking me and asking a question about one of my answers. I explained the reasoning behind my answer and she responded saying she understood. We bantered back and forth for a while then she said she should get going and I said good-nite asking her to let me know how she did on her homework.

The next day I came home to an email and a messenger chat invite. Alexis was very happy to have gotten her first ever perfect score on an algebra assignment. She asked if I could help again tonight. I agreed and soon received the email. I did the work and sent it back. Then we discussed my answers in chat. This went on all week with Alexis getting perfect scores on all her assignments. She was very happy. Soon I had her completing the first half of an assignment while I worked the second half, then we would email the scanned copies back to each other. I would check her work and offer up corrections. She was beginning to understand the basic tenets behind the math and often expressed her gratitude for my help.

One day when I opened the usual email, I was surprised to see an extra attachment. It was a picture of a young girl, perhaps 18 or 15 in panties and bra, obviously taken in front of the bathroom mirror with a cell phone. The girl in the photo was very cute and sexy with perky A or B cup boobs and a slender waist and flat tummy with just a hint of baby fat. Was this Alexis? Did she send it on purpose? I printed the worksheet and started working from the bottom, all the while looking at the picture on the screen of my computer. I had decided that maybe she had accidentally attached this photo to the email and so I wasn’t going to mention it. Her first messenger post though informed me it was no mistake.

‘So did u get my pic what do u think’

My reply was to tell her it was a lovely photo but that it probably wasn’t appropriate as I was old enough to be her dad. She responded with
‘OK daddy, well how about this one’

I received another email containing a photo of the same girl this time with no bra! Her bright pink nipples were hard, like erasers on top of her tits surrounded by quarter sized, pinkish areolae. She had the fingertips of one hand slipped inside the waistband of her panties. She was sweet and sexy looking with a mischievous grin on her full lips, and I started getting hard looking at the picture. Of course I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. The idea of a girl her age baring herself to my view was too erotic, but I did take one last try at getting back control of the situation.

‘Yes, it also is a very sexy picture. I still think it’s wrong but I will keep them both. But I think we should get back to work on the task at hand’

‘Okay, how about problem number 3’

And so it was we got back on track and the photos were not mentioned again that night. We finished working on her homework, said goodnight and I went off to bed. Her picture was fresh in my mind as I lay there next to my sleeping wife. As I thought about her pretty face and perky tits, I ended up getting very horny. I rolled over and started to caress my wife as she slept. As I slipped my hand between her legs she moaned and I imagined it was Alexis moaning. I rubbed her pussy as my rock hard cock nestled in the crack of her ass. She woke and pushed herself into me. I made love to her with extreme passion that night but it was Alexis’ face I saw in my mind as I spilled my hot load deep insider her.

In the morning my wife Jen commented on the passion of the previous night, asking where it had come from. “I don’t know, you just really turned me on I guess” I lied. She had cooked up my favorite breakfast, and I felt a little guilty, knowing the passion I had exhibited was not just for her. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and our sex life is quite good, but somehow Alexis had ignited passion in me that had lain dormant for many years. That night there was no homework assignment in my email and Alexis was not online. There was however an email explaining she was going to a slumber party with some of her friends and a special attachment. In this photo Alexis was completely nude but it was from a rear angle. Oh my, she had the nicest sweetest tight little bubble butt ever! I zoomed in on the photo and I could just make out the edges of her pussy lips through the opening between her slightly parted legs.

That night I fucked Jen again with the image of Alexis burned into my mind. I ate her pussy for an hour, sucking her clit and fingering her to multiple orgasms before slamming my cock into her with abandon in many positions, cumming not just once but twice. It was nearly dawn when we finally drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. I awoke the next morning once again feeling guilty, but enjoying the feeling of renewed lust and vigor. My wife was ecstatic. She could not get over the passion we had been having, and she was not afraid to show it. Consequently our home sex life escalated even when I wasn’t thinking of Alexis.

The next week went like that, with Alexis providing a new photo with each night’s homework assignment. Each was more provocative and revealing than the last. The photo with Friday’s homework had Alexis completely nude on her back with her legs wide spread and a vibrator buried deep in her freshly shaved pussy. I know it was freshly shaved because Thursday’s photo showed her rubbing a cunt with a nice tuft of light brown hair above it. We still completed the homework assignments, but it was becoming a little more difficult for me. I suggested maybe we lay off the pictures for a while and work mainly on her studies. She agreed and for the next couple weeks, she didn’t send any more pictures. I kept the ones I had and occasionally would masturbate while looking at them, that or I would catch my wife and ball the heck out of her. She was really enjoying the increase in my sex drive, but was getting curious as to what had triggered it.

Then one day it happened, I received an email from Alexis’ address, but it wasn’t Alexis. It was her mother asking who I was and what I was doing communicating with her daughter. I didn’t know what to do, but knew I was busted. It was only a matter of time before I was traced down and arrested, so I came clean, sort of. I explained that I had been contacted by Alexis and she had asked for help with her homework. We had figured out a way to do it on line, so I had never met her, just knew I was helping someone. I knew if anyone checked our email conversations I would be in deep trouble, but unbeknownst to me, smart little Alexis had been able to go through her email history and remove all of the special attachments and any reference to them. In other words, it looked like we were simply doing as I had stated.

Alexis’ mom seemed to be satisfied with my response, but she wanted one thing more. She wanted to meet me and know who I was before she would consent for me to continue helping her daughter. I felt that if I didn’t comply with her request, that she would decide that I was just some predator and turn me into the police, so I agreed. Lara, as that was her name, suggested that we meet for coffee at one of the local shops and discuss her daughter’s math tutoring. We set a time and date, and agreed on a location. I arrived earlier than the scheduled time and sat at a corner table where I would have a clear view of the entire shop. I sat with a coffee and pulled out some crossword puzzles I had previously printed.

I was surprised when they arrived as I noticed Lara had brought Alexis with her. I recognized them immediately, having seen the pictures Alexis had provided. Even if she had been alone, I would have recognized Lara. She looked so much like Alexis, it would be difficult to tell them apart. For a woman with a teenage daughter, Lara looked amazingly youthful. She had a few age lines in her face and her body showed a few more curves, but she was still fit and sexy. I looked back to my crosswords. I didn’t want Lara to know I’d already spotted them. As I glanced over once more, I noticed Lara entering a number on her cell. Immediately my phone began to buzz. Lara looked my way and I looked up and smiled. She herded Alexis to my table.

I stood and held out my hand as they approached. “Hi, I am Andy. You must be Lara, and is this Alexis?” “Yes, I’m Lara and this is my daughter, Alexis. Pleased to meet you Andy” she replied. “Please sit down. Can I get you a coffee, and maybe something for Alexis?” I asked pulling out a chair for Lara. “Thank you, a mocha would be nice and maybe an ice tea for my daughter” Lara replied. I walked to the counter and placed their order, returning immediately with the iced tea for Alexis. “Your mocha should be ready in just a moment Lara, I’ll be right back with it” I said before heading back toward the counter. I watched from the counter as they talked. I noticed Lara checking out my puzzles with some interest.

As I approached the table with Lara’s mocha, I heard just a little of their conversation. Alexis was pleading her case. “I told you Mom, he’s just a nice man. He hasn’t asked any boyfriend questions or anything. He’s just being helpful” she lied. Although in the beginning that had been true, once the pictures started showing up, I had asked some questions about Alexis’ sex life and how she had decided to tempt me with the pictures. “I’m still not sure, but we’ll talk with him at least” Lara replied. “Here’s your mocha” I said smiling and placing the cup in front of Lara. I sat opposite them and gazed into two matched sets of beautiful light blue eyes framed by soft flowing light brown curls. Both women were absolutely gorgeous and I found myself being lost in their gaze.

Lara was the first to speak asking how I had contacted her daughter in the first place. “I’m not sure” I replied honestly. “One day I received an IM from someone I’d never heard of. It turned out to be Alexis” I added. Lara turned to Alexis and asked how she came up with my user name. I had been interested in knowing this myself. Alexis explained it had been an accident really, she had thought she was contacting someone from school but had mis-typed. It all seemed innocent enough and must have satisfied Lara as she seemed to relax and soon we were just having pleasant conversation. The inquisition was over.

As we talked I kept feeling a foot press against my leg. At first I wasn’t sure if it was intentional so I just moved away, but the foot persisted. I could not tell for sure if it was Alexis or her mother so I just kept moving away, finally turning sideways in my chair. It was then I figured out it had been Alexis from the look on her face, a playful disappointed look that accentuated her beauty. I think she had practiced this look many times in front of a mirror.

As it turned out Lara and her daughter lived only a few miles from me just off the route I took home each day and Lara was usually at home when Alexis got off the bus from school. She asked if I could possibly tutor Alexis in person a few days each week. She was very pleased with Alexis’ grade improvement in algebra and would like to see it continue but wanted to be there to supervise. I agreed to her request and we arranged for me to start the following Monday. Monday’s session went off without a hitch. I arrived and Lara let me in with Alexis arriving home a few minutes later. We settled down at the kitchen table while Lara worked around the house. I left less than an hour later with Alexis’ homework complete receiving a warm hug from each Lara and Alexis.

For the next couple weeks, we continued this way without incident. Lara would dress a little less conservatively with each visit. The change was gradual, but by Friday of the second week, she answered the door dressed in loose shorts and a tank top. She hugged me on my arrival, and it was evident she was not wearing a bra. I figured this was a test to see if I might try to take advantage of her or at some point her daughter, so I remained professional, kept my dirty little thoughts to myself and didn’t let my hands roam the way I wished I could. When Alexis arrived, we got right down to business and finished up quickly. As usual I received hugs from both on my departure, however when Alexis hugged me her hands strayed down my back, her fingers sliding inside the top of my jeans. As she broke the hug she winked at me with that mischievous grin on her face.

The next Monday, Lara did not answer the door when I knocked. Instead, Alexis clad as her mother had been last Friday in loose shorts and tank top answered the door. “You’re here early, where’s your mom?” I asked. “Mom’s working late because I was home sick today, no homework” she replied. “Oh, well I’ll be going then” I replied turning to leave. “Don’t go, we could just talk today” Alexis pleaded. I knew I shouldn’t but I turned around and let Alexis show me into the house, her hand brushing across my stomach as I entered. She ushered me into the living room and bounded to the couch sitting cross legged and patted the cushion next to her. As I rounded the coffee table to take a seat, I could see well up inside the legs of her shorts. I didn’t see any underwear. I almost left at that time, but didn’t. My little head was beginning to think for me.

I thought I knew where this was going and took one last stab at a conservative retreat. “You know, I probably really should be going. Your mom would have a fit if she caught me here with you with no chaperone. She’d never trust us again” I said knowing I was not convincing Alexis. “Mom won’t be home for at least three hours tonight. She left a note for you on the door. We’ve got lots of time. Now, tell me. What do you think of my pictures?” Alexis countered. “Your pictures are very lovely and you are a very sexy desirable young lady, but you’re only 18 and I should not be having those thoughts about you” I said hoping to dissuade her but knowing I was going to give in and fuck her three ways from Sunday. “I’m 15, Saturday was my birthday and I’m not a virgin. You already know that from my photo. You’re a hunk and I want you. Tell me you don’t want this” she said stripping off her tank top and revealing those beautiful pink nipples to me in person.

I reached forward and grabbed her right nipple pinching it between my thumb and forefinger and giving a little twist. I leaned forward pushing Alexis back onto the couch and began kissing her passionately. Her lips were soft and hot and she moaned as I tweaked her nipple again and pushed my tongue into her hot little mouth. As we explored each other’s mouth with our tongues I slid one hand down inside the waistband of her shorts. My fingers slid across her smoothly shaved mons to the top of her slit. She moaned as I brushed over her clit. I gripped her pussy lips between my thumb and forefinger, trapping her little clit in the middle. I began to slowly jerk her off by rolling my grip back and forth and slightly up and down. Her clit was trapped between and was pulled back and forth, up and down. Alexis moaned and wriggled as I manipulated her cunt.

She was becoming extremely aroused as I continued my manipulation. I broke our kiss and began kissing my way down her body all the while continuing jerking her off. First I sucked her ear lobes and then kissed and nibbled her neck. She voiced her approval through loud moans of pleasure and excitement. I gently nibbled each of her nipples and continued trailing my way down across her belly. As I stuck my tongue deep in her navel and at the same time gave a strong pull on her pussy lips, she came, bucking her hips into my hand and begging me to fuck her. I kissed slowly across her tummy and releasing her pussy, grasped the waistband of her shorts. She lifted her hips so I could pull her shorts off, leaving her completely nude. Her skin was soft and smooth, white with just a few freckles here and there. Her cunt smelled of musky woman cream and sweat.

I pushed my head between her legs and began kissing, licking and nibbling her inner thighs and all around here sweet teen pussy. I used my thumbs to massage her crotch on either side of her pussy, teasing her slowly toward another orgasm. I did not let her cum. I changed tactics just enough before she was ready and she whimpered out loud. I now slipped a finger into her cunt pushing down toward her anus. She moaned again and tightened her cunt muscles. I raised my finger slightly and she relaxed. I pushed down and she tightened her muscles again and I raised my finger. We kept this up for a few minutes as I gripped her pussy once more with my other hand. She tried humping her hips to increase the pace and I would slow down. Finally she was begging me to let her cum. She wanted it and needed it.

I inserted a second finger rotating my hand so I could stimulate her g-spot. Then I put my head forward and began to suck on her clit. Suck and release, suck and release in time to my fingers drumming on her g-spot. Soon she was arching her cunt up to my mouth trying to drive my face into her pussy. She was moaning and grunting uncontrollably now, lost completely in pre-orgasmic bliss. I could feel her g-spot swell, her skene’s gland full of fluid. I knew now was the time and I pulled my fingers harder and faster against her g-spot. In a few seconds it happened. Alexis began squirting. Her woman juice was flying all over. The cushion of the couch was soaked and she just kept cumming. Her orgasm must have lasted for at least a minute. She continued to twitch and writhe almost as if in pain, but I knew it was pure pleasure.

When Alexis’ orgasm subsided, I stood and stripped. My cock was rock hard and ready for action. I knelt once more between her legs and slid my pecker into her well lubed cunt. Oh god she was tight, tight and hot and wet. I watched as my cockhead slipped between the lips of her pussy and the shaft went deeper and deeper into her slippery little teen fuck hole. When my pubic bone touched hers and my balls rested against her ass, I began to slowly withdraw, pulling back until just the head was left in her cunt. I pushed back in sharply and withdrew slowly once again. I repeated this, slowly picking up the pace. I pushed her legs up and over her shoulders, allowing me to push my cock deeper into her teen pussy. I kept fucking faster and faster. Her moans began to get more and more urgent. She was grunting with me now, as I pounded my cock into her hot teen cunt. I was on the verge of cumming and Alexis was screaming my name as she came once more.

The door opened and Lara stood watching as I continued to fuck her teen daughter. She cried out as I spilled my hot spunky load deep inside her baby. I had thought her cry, was one of anguish and anger and that soon I would be awaiting the arrival of police, but this was not the case. Lara had been watching through the window as I had fucked her daughter. She masturbated and impaled her own cunt with her hand as she saw Alexis writhing and squirming beneath me. She frantically hurried herself to orgasm, to cum with us as one. Her cry was the culmination of that orgasm reached in time to enjoy the moment together with her daughter. As I rolled off Alexis and my cock pulled out of her pussy, Lara dropped to her knees and began to lap up our combined juices as they poured from her daughter’s cunt. She continued licking and kissing her baby’s little pussy toward another mind blowing orgasm.

My cock had remained hard as I watched mother eating daughter. I noticed Lara was wearing a loose fitting skirt and her ass was pointed right at me. I knelt behind her pushing her skirt up. She wore no panties, having slipped them off while masturbating outside. She moaned out loud as I slipped my cock into her hot slippery fuck hole. I immediately began to pump hard and fast. She matched my thrusts pushing her ass back toward me and moaned again into Alexis’ pussy. Alexis now encouraged her mother as she humped her cunt to meet Lara’s mouth. She was fast approaching another orgasm. Lara pushed back into me, moaning and grunting. It was a race. Who would cum first? I reached around and began rubbing Lara’s clit in time with my thrusting cock. She soon reached the edge, and came screaming into her daughter’s cunt. Her screams triggered Alexis and her clamping pussy muscles milked one last cum from my now shrinking cock as we all writhed and shook as one. After nearly a minute of ecstasy, we lay panting in a mass of tangled flesh.

As I extricated myself from our love embrace, I learned that this had been Lara and Alexis’ plan all along. That Lara had acquired my messenger address from an associate and they had begun the plan to seduce me, a man, because they had tired of sharing a few high school boys that Alexis would bring home. The extra, and really unexpected benefit for them, had been the improvement in Alexis’ grades and they both thanked me for that. They then proposed I become a friend with benefits, that I continue tutoring Alexis with the added fun of sex on the side. Lara admitted this was not their usual tactic, as normally they would sleep with a man once or twice, but would want someone new soon thereafter. She had been completely enthralled as she watched Alexis wriggle and toss though her squirting orgasm and wanted to experience that for herself. I admitted I would be happy to oblige, but needed to be home this evening before my wife returned from work. Lara agreed we could do it another day. Both ladies gave me an amorous lengthy goodbye kiss and I reluctantly continued my journey home.

Before my wife arrived, I cleaned up, took a shower and cooked up a simple dinner of grilled chicken and salad. I was finishing just as she pulled into the driveway. When she kissed me on coming into the kitchen, I was surprised by the jolt of sexual energy I felt at her touch. Contrary to my expectation, I was now extremely horny for my lovely wife. I wanted to strip and fuck her right then and there, but contained myself through a quiet dinner. After dinner as we sat together on the couch, I began to softly stroke Jen’s legs and offered her a massage. We adjourned to the bedroom where I slowly stripped my lovely wife and then lay her on the bed. Rather than the normal relaxing deep tissue massage I usually provided, I began softly caressing every inch of Jen’s silky smooth skin paying extra attention to the insides of her elbows, her neck and arm pits. I straddled her as I caressed her back, making sure to brush the sides of her breasts on return strokes.

I slid down her body and now massaged her firm shapely ass, making sure my thumbs tickled her anus from time to time. I then began to massage her thighs and made every effort to brush my hand against the sides of her pussy as I did so. Jen was squirming with anticipation when I asked her to turn over. I could see the excitement and lust as I gazed into her eyes. I decided to forgo any pretense of massage and lay full alongside her sexy curvaceous body and pulled her in to kiss me. We lay together kissing passionately for minutes, all the while I continued to caress and stroke her soft silky skin. My hand finally slipped between her thighs and she moaned as I grabbed the outer lips of her pussy. Having been my wife and lover this many years, Jen knew what to expect now and she growled her approval. I began to jerk her off much as I had Alexis earlier in the day, as we continued to kiss passionately, our tongues wrestling for dominance.

As Jen neared orgasm, I stopped jerking her and slowly kissed and licked my way down her body. She moaned and writhed as I neared her beautiful cunt covered by a nicely trimmed bush. She had tried shaving once or twice before, but didn’t care for it, preferring instead to shape and trim her pubes. I certainly didn’t mind. She always looked so lovely and always tasted sweet and musky. I now dipped my tongue between the lips of her mature cunt and savored the flavor of her arousal. Jen moaned her approval. I licked and kissed and sucked all around her pussy, deliberately ignoring her clit. I wet one finger and began stroking the sensitive area between her clit and cunt hole, teasing her on the edge of orgasm. She moaned and whimpered as I slid two fingers into her hot wet pussy. Jen began to hump her hips on my fingers impaling her cunt. She wanted to cum and she wanted it now. I began sucking on her swollen clit and she sighed and moaned her pleasure. I rotated my fingers and began massaging her g-spot. I could feel it was already swollen, her glands full of fluid. I began pushing up into her g-spot vigorously while still sucking her clit. In just a minute, she came, squirting her woman juice all over my face and calling my name. She grabbed my ears and pulled my face tight into her cunt.

Jen then pulled me up to kiss her. She loved to taste herself on my lips. She pushed me back on the bed and began stripping me, pulling off first my shirt and then my pants and underwear in one movement. She nibbled on my nipples and kissed her way down to my turgid man meat, sucking my cock deep into her hot mouth. I could not help but moan as she sucked on my cock. Then she licked the head, pushing her tongue into my pee hole. If felt incredible as always.

She cupped my balls in her hand and sucked the sensitive spot just under the head, almost sending me through the roof. Then she stood and straddled my cock as I sat on the edge of the bed. Facing away from me she lined my cock up with her cunt and buried me deep inside her in one move. I almost came then and there but managed to hold on as she rode me, building herself to another orgasm. I was barely able to last and nearly ready to shoot my load when she shuddered and cried out she was cumming. I could wait no longer and spewed rope after rope of man cream deep in her boiling cunt. Jen collapsed back on top of me, and we lay like that sweating and panting for several minutes. When she rolled off, our mixed cum poured out of her cunt and onto my legs. Jen licked it up and then kissed me. We swapped our cum back and forth before each swallowing a portion. We crawled up to the top of the bed and continued kissing and caressing for a long time. We finally curled together in a warm spooning cuddle and I pulled the covers up as we drifted off to sleep.

My adventures with Lara and Alexis continued on for several weeks and my home sex life continued with renewed vigor. Jen was amazed at my new passion and very appreciative. I felt little guilt as I had in the beginning, because it was Jen I was thinking of as I made love to her. I no longer pictured Alexis or Lara unless I was with them. I couldn’t believe the stamina I had developed. I could fuck both Lara and Alexis, cumming multiple times and then go home and make love to Jen, almost without effort. I was getting to be a real stud, well not really. Sexually I was doing OK, but I was getting a little worn out. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go on satisfying three women alone. As luck would have it, help was right around the corner.

While out hiking a local trail one day with two friends, Toby and Denis, we ran head on into Lara and Alexis who were likewise out enjoying a nice sunny day. I stopped to say hi for a minute as Toby and Denis caught up. On Lara’s request I introduced them as close friends. They exchanged greetings and both Lara and I noticed that Toby and Denis, both strapping young men, had expressions made it obvious they were attracted to Lara and Alexis. Lara took the lead in escalating the attraction. “In truth, Andy isn’t just a close friend. He is a lover to both me and my daughter” she admitted, watching Toby’s and Denis’ faces for reaction. Reaction there certainly was. Both my friends looked first at me then back at the two ladies then back to me.

Toby finally spoke. “Does your wife know about them?” he asked. “No, but they know about her” I replied. “It’s something that just kind of happened by accident” I added. “How do you accidentally become lovers to a foxy lady and her equally sexy daughter?” Denis asked. “It’s easy, you just let them stalk and seduce you” offered Lara. “Perhaps you would enjoy joining the club” chimed Alexis “you’re certainly cute enough”. “Ah, but do they have the skills to provide the pleasure to which we have become accustomed?” asked Lara. “Very few I’ve met can match our friend Andy” she added. My face turned red and my ears burned as my friends looked back at me. “Does it matter? There are two of them” said Alexis. “Even if they’re only half as good we still have Andy” she added. “True,” replied Lara. “Why don’t we find out” she added stepping toward Toby and reaching for his crotch. Alexis nearly tackled Denis in the middle of the trail. “We probably don’t want to find out right here in the trail” I said as another group of hikers rounded the bend just 50 yards away. “Why don’t we move to the glade just off the trail at this switch back. Not many people know it exists and we should have a little privacy there” I added, and we moved several yards off the trail into a nice secluded meadow hidden from the trail above and below.

Lara and Alexis began stripping my surprised friends as soon as we entered the glade. Within moments both were naked and had a set of lush feminine lips locked around their cocks which began to grow immediately. As Alexis sucked on Denis’s large pecker, Lara pulled and licked at Toby’s. My two friends looked at each other in utter disbelief, smiling at their good fortune. I began to strip myself and moved around in behind Alexis. I reached around her and began to unbutton her blouse as Denis looked on incredulous. He gasped as he saw her perky white tits topped with those bright pink nipples. I pinched both hard and Alexis moaned around Denis’ rock hard man meat. She then straightened her legs while bending over careful not to lose contact with his cock, but allowing me to remove her shorts and panties. Alexis was now naked saver her shoes and socks. As she bent over sucking on Denis’ cock I pushed my prick into her tight teen pussy. She moaned around his cock once more and he nearly shot his load down her throat. I began pumping her hard and fast pushing her to orgasm as quickly as I could. She pushed back with ever increasing urgency. Soon Denis and I were both pumping a load of hot sticky man cream into this teenage slut, his in her mouth and mine in her cunt. As Alexis had not yet cum I suggested Denis finish her off orally, a suggestion he greedily accepted. He pushed Alexis onto her back and began licking and sucking at her sopping wet cunt.

I looked over and saw that Lara and Toby were engaged in a frantic 69, he on his back and her straddling his face. My cock was still quite hard as it usually was around these two ladies so I moved over behind Lara and pushed my cock, still slick from her daughter’s cunt juice, into her open asshole. She groaned at the intrusion and Toby muttered something into her cunt but kept on sucking on her clit. I pounded Lara’s ass as she came screaming around Toby’s cock. In seconds he also was spewing a load into her hot mouth. I was near cumming so I pulled out and jacked my load on Lara’s fine ass. We all lay laughing in the middle of the glade when Lara suggested we adjourn to her house for round two. Toby and Denis jumped at the opportunity, but I decided I might like to spend some time with Jen. I still visit Lara and Alexis on occasion though not as often as before. My home sex life, however, remains hot and spicy, maintaining the vigor and lust induced by two photos from a 18 year old sweetheart.

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