Service With A Smile

I’m stereo repair man, I like my job. I even got my son a gig as a repairmen. We work hard, even thou it can be a thankless job at times. Then other times…….well smooth this over. It was a normal day. Nine stops on my sheet, all in a fifteen mile radius. Pretty good compare to those forty five mile runs we get from time to time. I arrived at 8:30 am just as the customer requested and rang the door bell. A good five minutes went by before I rang it again. Finally I herd a ladies voice say, yes. Custom stereo repair, I said in a clear voice. Holding up my I.D. badge just in case she was looking through the peep hole. Just a moment, I have to put something on, she said. Well what a way to start things off. Hopefully a skimpy dressed, fine young thing for my first stop.

I wasn’t disappoint when she came to the door in a tight fitting tank top and some clinging silk shorts. I tried not to stare, but, she was hot. Long flowing hair, lovely brown skin, bright eyes, nice firm breast, small waist, sexy hips, lovely legs and a smile that lit up the out doors. Those shorts hugged her in all the right places. The out line of her treasure begged me to touch it and I guess I stared a little to long. She stuck out her hand and said, hi I’m Sheryl Evans. Making me return my focus to the business at hand.

She invited me in and took me to the den. She turned on the light and showed me to the stereo. I went to work, she kept checking on me from time to time. With me sitting on the floor I was eye level with those hot shorts. Damm…. those shorts sure fit good. Would you like something to drink, she asked. No thank you Mrs. Evans. It’s Miss Evans and please call me Sheryl. O.K. Sheryl, I said with a smile. My desire for her was growing by the moment. I was thinking of things to ask her just to keep her in the room with me. Her sweet perfume, the way she brushed her lovely hair from her face and them damm sexy shorts. I couldn’t believe I was having thoughts of taking the pussy. I’m no damm rapist, but, this women was sexy hot and I know she won’t give me some. Just focus on the job I told my self.

My heart raced as I grew bolder and bolder, I even touch her on her soft ass and her firm legs. By accident of course (smile) or so I hope she thought. Man, I should take that sweet pussy raced through my mind as I was nearing completion of my job. I was running out of time to get in those sexy shorts. Dick all hard, wondering what color g-string she has on. She had to have on a g-string cause I couldn’t see any panty line.

Hey, Sheryl, I called to her. My body was over riding my mind as she walked in the room. This transitor needs to be replaced, pointing to it. She came over to take a closer look. When she bent down to take a look, I saw her sweet melons for the first time. That combined with her sweet smell and the picture of her tight sexy shorts all in my head. Made my mind go numb with lust for her.

Before I realized what I was doing I pulled Sheryl down to the floor. Pent her down and was rolling my hard dick on her phat pussy. The win was forced out her body and when she took a breathe I pressed my lips down hard on hers and my tongue down her throat. She never had a chance to scream as I pressed my body hard against hers. What am I doing, I thought to my self? Her tot body squirmed beneath me as I felt my prick trying to penetrate her through our cloths.

My mind wanted me to stop, but, my lust told me. It’s to late now, might as well get the pussy. I pent both her wrist over the top of Sheryl head with one hand. While I pulled the zip ties out of my tool bag. I zipped tied one wrist to the leg of her couch and the other to her table. When she could talk she begged me not to do this. But, driven by deep desire I couldn’t turn back now. I zipped tied her legs spread wide open. I’ll scream, she promised as I worked. That’s when I duck taped her mouth.

With Sheryl bound and gagged I slowed down. Taking my time I cut her top off of her. Dayumm….. I said aloud. As her lovely firm breast greeted me with long erect nipples. Teasing, pinching and caressing each nipple I thought about what I was doing. But, I didn’t care as I looked upon her beauty. My other hand slid over those silk shorts and chills ran through me. I almost came as I felt her warm, puffy pussy. I let each finger split her phat pussy lips and graze her clit through those soft shorts. Sheryl was no longer fighting it. She just shivered our jumped when I touch her erect nipple or her enflamed clit. Sheryl really responded when I made circles with my thumb stroking her clit and my tongue coated each nipples. The heat from her aroused pussy warmed my hand as I caressed her. Sheryl began to match the circle with her hips. When all of a sudden her body became ridged, she locked her thighs and arched her back. The pleasure over whelmed her and she loved that nut. Sheryl acted like she wanted more as she moaned, her sexy body almost begged for more.

I gave her a few moments to regain her self as I positioned my self to cut off her shorts. My heart thumped with excitement as I pulled at the leg of her shorts. I couldn’t wait to see Sheryl’s soft treasure. Ring tone…..ring tone went my cell phone. Who in the fu*k would be calling me now while reaching for the cell phone. I didn’t even look to see who it was……I just pushed the silence button. Later I would find out I pressed the listen only button.

Now where was I…….thinking to myself……..grabbing her silk shorts. I started cutting her tight shorts right off of Sheryl. Up one side than the other. Grasping the middle of her waist band. I peeled the skimpy shorts right off of her bare naked, eye catching pussy. I took a few steps back to drink in her beauty. Wow…….talk about eye candy!!! Sheryl is the total package and I told her so. She teased me as her sexy hips did an erotic air dance for me. Exposing and then hiding her swollen pussy lips and her moist enflamed clit. Opening and closing her sexy thighs as she thrust her hips forward. Her pussy smacked when she parted her thighs. Man… she wet……juicy even, I couldn’t wait to bury my face into that sweet looking treasure.

I had been smelling hints of her sweet pussy mixed with her perfume all morning long. Now with my nose inches away from her warm treasure…..I drank in her sensuality and my dick became even harder. I dipped my tongue in her nectar and my tongue burst in delight as her flavor danced on my tongue. Which drawn me into her honey pot, Sheryl bucked when she felt my hot active tongue on her love button. My tongue caressed her pussy lips, her opening and her very sensitive clit. I enclosed her clit with my soft lips as I swirled it with the tip of my tongue. I was driving her crazy…….her hips bucked wildly and her body trembled. Sheryl gushed hot nectar into my mouth as I pleased her.

Ding dong went her door bell………we both froze. Ding dong it went off again as we looked at one another. You expecting some one, I asked her? She shook her head no. Since Sheryl was all tied up, I had to go see who was at the door. I went to the window with a hard dick and as quite as I could I pulled the curtain back. Ding dong went the bell once more.

Bam, bam, bam…….Father I know your in there…….bam, bam, bam……….Eartis E. Beck I know your in there, let me in. I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears as I rushed to the door to shut him up. Be quite I barked at my son. Pulling him into the house by his collar. What do you want, I asked him? With a sh*t eating grin he pulled out his cell phone. Looking all around, he asked, where is she. Trying not to reveal anything, I asked, who are you referring to? The women’s who’s pussy is so good, he beamed. I just stood there wondering how he knew so much. Then he came out with it, where is Sheryl. I swallowed hard and asked again, what are you talking about? Holding up his cell phone again. He said, I heard it all, you pushed the wrong button on your phone. Now where is she, he demanded.

I motioned him to follow me as I thought this is my fault. All the times I told my son about my sexapades with customers. I guess he wanted in on this one and how dumb of me to push the wrong button on my cell phone.

Dayumm……..I heard him say as he laid eye’s on Sheryl. Pop’s, she is a hottie, he told me. I don’t know how she’s going to handle the fact that I let you in. Soon as I said that I looked into her beautiful big eye’s and saw confusion. It’s all right I assured her, he’s my son. Nothing won’t happen that you don’t want to happen I assured her. My son was in awww……. while he studies Sheryl from head to toe. She seem to settle down once she saw the bulge in my son’s pants. Let me get her worked up and you work your way in I told him as we removed our clothes.

The confusion quickly turned back to lust when she saw two big dick men before her. Pop’s why is she tied up, my son asked? At first I thought I had to, but, now I think she likes it. Sheryl slowly opened her thighs as to say let’s get back to this.

I repositioned my self with my head back between her thighs as I drank in more of her womanly aroma. My son watched as my tongue parted her soft pussy lips, finding her sensitive love button and Sheryl’s eyes rolled up in her head from the pleasure. It didn’t take her juices long to delight my tongue. Her hips slowly returned to grinding my face. This woman loves to have her pussy sucked. She knew how to guide my head with her thighs and work her hips to get me to the spot that made her feel the best.

I was so into sucking her sweet pussy, that I didn’t see my son remove the tape. My attention was drawn up when I heard a smacking sound. I opened my eyes to see Sheryl licking the under side of my sons balls. Her soft lips massage his nut sack with such care. His nuts shined from her saliva, it didn’t take Sheryl long before he was moaning…….. I couldn’t wait until it was my turn.

Sheryl hummed with his nuts in her mouth, it drove him crazy. He broke her lip lock so he could reposition him self. I got a show while I ate, she became wanton as I sucked her treasure and she opened her mouth to suck his cock. She looked so sexy while she licked her lips, waiting to suck her first cock of the day. Sheryl greedily took the head and half his shaft into her hot mouth. Dayumm…….she has a hot mouth I heard him say.

At that moment I slipped two fingers into her drenched coochie. Sheryl’s pussy is so, tight, it felt like her pussy was sucking my fingers. Into the depths of her sugar walls as I lapped up her warm nectar. I pumped her hole with my fingers as deep as I could. She met every thrust as she wiggled under the pleasure of my lips, tongue and fingers. What a sex kitten, sucking cock as she was being sucked and she handled it like a pro.

Sheryl’s pussy began to pulsate and I could tell she was nearing climax. Her moans became more intense even with a dick fucking her wet mouth. She slurped on his penis like a lollie pop. I pushed my fingers in and out…….in and out of her tight cunt at a quicker pace. Sheryl matched the pace as her coochie gushed more nectar. I heard my son fighting not to cumm, his moans and groans let me know he was about to blow. With both of his hands locked behind the back of her head. He fucked her mouth at a good pace. I was surprised at how much of his cock she was taking down her throat. I lightly raked my teeth over her clit followed by my hot tongue circling her swollen love button. The pleasure rushed through Sheryl……triggering the beginning of her first orgasm. Causing her to suck really hard on my sons dick which pushed him over the edge. He filled her mouth with hot man juice as she filled mine with sweet nectar. Sheryl didn’t waste a drop while I had juice all over my face.

While those two caught there breathe I freed Sheryl from her bonds. Damm….that was good, I haven’t came like that in awhile, she told us. Then she saw my long throbbing dick. I sat on the floor and grabbed the back of her head and pulled her toward me. She resisted at first, playing the role, but, I know how much she loves dick. Her soft lips inches away from my bouncing pole, glistening with pre-cum. We were fully arousal, Sheryl licked her luscious lips and my pole danced in anticipation. Her breathing became erotic and my nut sack grew tighter. She parted her lips and engulfed the head of my dick. Her sound was mmmmm …. and I moaned in please. Her head bobbed up and down taking as muck dick as she could. The pleasure was wonderful as her tongue swirled around my shaft on the up take. Sheryl has skills…… grabbing the base of my cock sucking up and down the length.

My son eased up behind Sheryl and began to lick her twat from the back. This really got to Sheryl. At times she had to take a break from sucking my penis because the pleasure was so good. That’s my spot…….that’s my spot, she would say breathlessly. I could see her pushing back onto my sons hungry lips and tongue. The further he shoved his tongue up her tail, the hotter she became. The hotter she became the better the suction on my meat. At one point I thought she was going to suck the skin off my prick as my toe’s curled from the pleasure. Dayumm……..gurl…….you can suck some good dick, I offered.

Sheryl did the nuts in the mouth and hum thing, it sent shivers through my spine. No one has ever sucked my nut sack like that. My thumb and fore finger found her stiff nipple. I lightly pinched and twisted it, this made her body buck and jerk. She bucked so much, it caused my sons tongue to be shoved up her ass. Sheryl came instantly and sucked the nuts right out of me. DAYUMM…….I yelled, as I filled her mouth with hot jism.

Hard as I came my dick was still throbbing and hard. This woman’s sex appeal and skill kept my cock rock hard and hungry. Sheryl must of came just as hard as I did, she collapsed on the floor. Mumbling and panting that she has never had a hot, wet, active tongue in her butt before. That was awesome……..she explained. I’m still trembling……mini-orgasms stimulating from my ass hole. How erotic……she finally said.

Just the way she described her last climax made me want her. This woman oozes sexuality, or what I deemed to be sexuality. I picked her orgasmic body up off the floor. Found a chair, made her straddle my lap and guides her pussy towards my rock hard dick. Careful, she warned, I can still count the men I have been with on one hand, she informed me. Why did she tell me that, I wanted her even more with that bit of information. So, you have never been with two men at the same time before or a father and son. Shyly she shook her head no.

Holding the base of my cock I stop her decent where the tip of my cock could stroke her very soft pussy lips. Her pussy radiated heat, her moistness coated the tip of my prick. I wanted her and she wanted my nine inches of man steel. I ran the head along the length of her wet pussy lips and each time I touched her clit she shivered. That feels soooooooo gooooood, she whispered. Your pussy is really hot and wet, I whispered back. The head of my prick was coated with her silky, wet love juices. Sheryl put my dick at her opening and lowered her self. I had to thrust up to enter her tight wet pussy, inch by tight inch. Her pussy is amazing….warm…..creamy and vise like. Sheryl took every inch of my nine inch penis. Her head back, eyes closed as her sweet pussy squeezed my dick. She brought her head forward and our eyes locked, her nor I moved a muscle. My cock was throbbing deep in her coochie and her pussy was quivering all over my long, hard dick, o.k., maybe we did move a muscle or two.

I never connected with women like this before, we were in each others head. I read desire in her eyes and I know she read lust in mine and we both were alright with it. I reached for her nipples, lightly rolling them between my thumb and fore finger. Mmmmmmm……..she purred, not once breaking our gaze. The touch of her skin, her sensual smell, her wetness and the tightness of her pussy. Drove me crazy as she began to ease off my cock. I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock back deep into her cunt. We both gasped as the pleasure mounted.

Sheryl began to ease up and down on my dick, allowing her kitty kat to adjust to my size. I let her control the moment until she was comfortable. It wasn’t long before she was bouncing up and down on my prick. We had a good rhythm going when my son reappeared, he slapped Sheryl which brought her even more excitement. He also put some lube in her ass hole and pumped a finger in her butt. Where he found anal lube is a mystery to me. Sheryl was besides her self with pleasure, her whole body was trembling. I was pumping her pussy and he fingered her ass. Her moans were so erotic and full of passion as we filled both her holes.

The next thing I saw was my son slowing Sheryl’s bouncing and lining up his prick with her ass hole. Before I could stop him he thrust forward, slamming his dick deep into her anus. Her eyes bucked…. then returned to normal. Pain rushed across her face, while extreme pleasure ran over his. Are you all right, I asked her? Delicious…….she purred with a wicked smile as the pain was replaced with delight.

Two dicks……she panted……..two hard dicks, fucking my ass and my pussy. Fuck me…..fuck me, Sheryl demanded. We did as she instructed and once we found our groove. We fucked her pussy and ass real well. Ah….ah…..ooooooh aah…..oooh…ahh……ohweee, fuck me………yesssss…..fuccccccck me. My pussy is on fire and that dick in my ass……..feels sooooooo gooooooood. Were the sounds of pleasure that filled the room. My son spanked her on the cheeks of her butt as he slammed his dick in and out of her tight ass. The whole scene was truly erotic as we thrust hard cock in her two holes. My son pulled her hair to steady him self. I tweaked her nipples as she caressed her own love button. I never felt a pussy move like that before, Sheryl’s got moves and the wetness never seems to stop. Dayumm……. woman you got some goooooooood ass pusssssssssssscy.

The situation got intense as we all were wet and hard. Sheryl’s body felt so good and her moans heightened my desire. The satisfying look on her face mixed with lust was priceless, making me jam my cock in her further. The look on my son’s face told me he was about to cumm. Beads of sweat streaming down his face as he fought back the need to let go deep in Sheryl’ butt hole. I, myself was fighting not to shot my wad deep in her sweet pussy. Even Sheryl slowed the caressing of her clit to make the pleasure last as long as it could. We were all one kiss, one touch, one moan, one stroke, one lick, one sensation from the ultimate pleasure………..orgasm.

Sheryl was the first to reach climax, all it took to send her over the edge was a soft kiss upon her juicy lips and a lick of my hot tongue. Her body exploded with passion as her pussy and butt hole clamped down on the two cocks in them. Her cum was gushing down my shaft while nut after nut flowed through her. Her multiple orgasms triggered first my son to shoot his man juice all in her ass. He slapped her cheeks all the while he nut in her butt. The slaps rang out which added to Sheryl’s pleasure, she groaned with every pop. Flexing her inner pussy muscle all over my penis. Her pussy did thangs to my cock no other cunt ever did.

I had to focus on something or I was going to blow, so, I found her soft, love button. First I got my thumb wet in her warm cumm. Then I slowly caressed her clitoris just using the tip of my thumb. Her gyrating slowed at first as I watched the passion work her body. Using more of my thumb I applied a little more pressure. Her ass began to bounce up and down the height of my cock. I stroked her in a circular motion that caused her clit to jump, her moan to deepen, her nipples ark and her pussy clamp down on my dick. With my mouth and other hand I sucked one nipple while I twist, lightly pinched the other.

Sheryl sucked air in just to moan it erotically back out. She and I did all we could to make the other explode. Her massaging pussy against my throbbing cock. The passion, the chills, the near misses, the ooooo’s and the aaaaah’s. This was the best fuck, no, check that. This was the best sex I ever had. With cumm still seeping out her butt, Sheryl rode my dick like no other. My heart raced, my head rushed and my balls exploded. Dayumm…..this pussy is good as I pumped my hot jism deep in her sucking pussy. The words rushed out of me as I slammed my prick as far up in her as it would go. We held that position for two or three minutes…………then she collapsed on me and I slumped into the chair. Breathing hard and heavy we lightly kiss and touched one another. We showered together and cleansed one another while looking, I mean gazing into one another eye’s. Our last kiss was just as passionate as the first. My son waited for me out by the truck. I’ll never doubt you again old man, he told me. Two or three times a month something would go wrong at the Evens home. I love this job…..smiling to my self.

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