Alexis Brings Her Aunt on Vacation


After a rather romantic morning with Justine in a swank Beverly hills hotel, I was headed back in the direction of San Diego.

But, I wasn’t headed directly home. Instead, I would be making a stop at a Hampton Inn in Encinitas for something that was bound to be at the opposite end of the spectrum.

A couple of weeks ago, I had received a text message that Katie and I had been frankly waiting months for. It was from Erica, the buxom mother that we had seduced on the beach. This in turn had lead me to this very same hotel. On that rainy day, I had fucked not only Erica but her daughter Alexis. This had been the impetus for what evolved into the Tuesday playdates that had become such a part of my life. In addition, the encounter had lead to my first truly incestuous sex as Erica had given her own daughter hands on lessons. Alexis was also my first foray into sex with younger girls.

Sure, my wife had been 17 when we first made love. However, we also were legally married at the time.

Since that time I had bedded Alexis, Blanca, and Vivian but now they all had IDs that claimed they were of legal age. They all acted more mature than their birthdate may suggest.

Then there was Priya, Shana, and Makaylah. It was my relationships with them that were probably the ones most inspired by that first raunchy, illicit encounter with Alexis.

After driving well over an hour, I arrived at the hotel. I parked and made my way inside. Erica had indicated that she had requested the same room as before so I knew right where to head.

I reached the end of the hall and knocked on the door. I heard excited giggling inside and after a few moments the door cracked open and a woman looked out. Her thick body filled the doorway. She was blonde and built similar to Erica, but it was definitely not her.

“Oh, I am sorry! I… must have the wrong room.” I stammered as I looked around obviously a bit confused.

“Are you sure about that?” she responded addi g to my confusion.

Giggling continued from behind the door. I started to step away when the door flung open and there stood Erica.

“Awww Eve, we should stop messing with him.” she said as she pulled me inside.

“This is my sister! We decided to play a silly prank on you. I’m sorry for confusing you!”

She pulled me close and I felt her big tits pressed against me as she kissed me excitedly. “Mmmmm I missed you… and I know I am not the only one.”

Alexis shyly approached and hugged her skinny little body against me. She was so vulnerable and sexy. I wanted to rip off her shorts and shirt right then and there. But, I was still confused by Eve’s presence.

As if reading my mind, Erica spoke up. “Eve, don’t freak out but I didn’t tell you nearly everything that happened last time. I told you about how I blew him in the bathroom with Alexis outside. But I didn’t tell you Alexis spied on me doing that. She had a lot of questions, and well… things kind of happened.”

“Nooooo… you didn’t?” Eve gasped.

Erica nodded, “Yeah, I know I am a terrible mom!”

“Like how much happened?” Eve asked.

“Please don’t freak out. But like, I showed her how to jerk him off and then… well I let him…”

“Oh my God, Erica! You let him what? Fuck her?” Eve asked. Her voice wasn’t judgemental, simply incredulous that her sister had done such a thing.

“Yes, he fucked her. He is so big I thought he would break her in two. He came in her too. Eve, it was so hot! I wish you could have seen the first time.”

“You let him cum in her too? I know she is young but what if he knocks her up? Erica, you could get in so much trouble!!”

“He is fixed, and she knows not to say anything. You aren’t going to say anything are you?”

“Hell no! But why did you tell me about it just now? What if I had flipped out about it?” Eve asked.

Erica giggled nervously. “I knew even if you got upset you would never tell on your sister. And I told you about it for the same reason I invited you on this trip. I want you to join in the fun!”

“Mmmmm, come on Aunt Eve. Make it a foursome” Alexis pleaded.

Eve pouted. “I doubt he wants to fuck a fat 42-year-old virgin!”

“Eve, it isn’t like you are that much bigger than me. You know it is just because we live in the middle of nowhere. There aren’t good men to pick from.” Erica reassured her.

I picked Alexis up and tossed her back on the bed. She smiled and seductively questioned “Yes, I am first?? You missed my little pussy didn’t you?”

I pulled off my shirt and began unbuckling my belt.

“Mmmm look at how manly he is Eve, that hairy chest!” Erica teased.

As I pulled down my shorts and boxers at once, my thick cock sprung free. I intentionally turned enough so Eve could see it. I saw her jaw about hit the floor.

I swung back to Alexis and yanked her pajama shorts down. Her bare little slit beckoned me but I remembered that last time she had been very dry. I gently rubbed my fingers against her. She moaned and pumped against my hand, but she was indeed parched.

“Ladies, little Alexis’ pussy needs some lubrication. Would one of you like the honor of getting her wet?” I inquired.

Erica didn’t hesitate. She left her sister’s side and immediately dove between her daughter’s legs. Alexis clutched her mother’s head against her and moaned loudly. I heard Eve gasp as she watched her sister. I motioned for her to sit next to Alexis on the bed, which she nervously did.

When I was sure Alexis was wet, I pushed Erica aside and pulled Alexis to the edge of the bed. Positioning myself between her’ legs, I took my hard cock and pressed against her tiny cunt.

Erica and Eve watched excitedly. I slowly inched into Alexis’ vise-like pussy.

Erica began to remove her own clothes. Her shirt came off first, revealing her enormous bags of fun. She then slipped off her shorts.

I saw Eve staring at her sister’s body and realized she likely was drawing comparison to her own.

Meanwhile, I was now buried deep inside Alexis skinny body. She winced as I grabbed her hips. She knew she was about to get pounded. She wasn’t wrong. I grabbed her hips and began tugging her back and forth on my throbbing adult cock. She whimpered in discomfort.

“Oh my God Erica! He is going to destroy her!” Eve said worriedly.

“Don’t worry she likes it that way.” Erica assured her as I watched her plunge her fingers into her own pussy.

Alexis loved being my little fuck toy. I hadn’t seen her in months and I wasn’t about to slow down.

“Mmmmmm harder, even harder, pound my little pussy!” she moaned.

Eve watched in shock as her young niece begged for me to brutally fuck her.

Erica meanwhile had several fingers shoved in her own wet pussy. She was lost in her self pleasure, completely aroused by what I was doing to her daughter.

I thrust hard into Alexis and she moaned loudly and shook with a forceful orgasm.

I was close, but not as close as Erica. Erica was just inches from our sweating bodies. She rolled on her side and shoved one of her big GG tits towards Alexis mouth. “Suck it, suck it just like you do at home!” she moaned.

Alexis complied as I realized that they had continued their play after the left here last time! I had truly corrupted them.

As Alexis sucked her mother’s big tits, and her aunt watched in shock, Erica moaned loudly. Her back arched and I watched as a spray of juices erupted from between her plump labia. Alexis and I got drenched in the process.

“Holy sis! You just pissed on them!” Eve exclaimed.

“Mmmmm it is squirt, I just orgasmed on them!” Erica panted huskily.

“How did you do that?” Eve questioned.

Erica shrugged. “It just happens.”

Alexis giggled. I knew she was thinking about how last time she — disappointed that she couldn’t squirt — had instead pissed on me… much to my delight.

Reminiscing about that erotic moment was enough to make me explode inside Alexis young body. I thrust several more times to ensure my current load was fully emptied into her. I then slowed my movements, pulled out, and watched my cum began to ooze out of her young pussy.

Erica moved back making space between her and Alexis and I collapsed into that spot. The sheets there were wet with sex, but I needed to catch my breath.

Alexis turned on her side and leaned over to kiss me. “I missed that so much! Do you know how hard it has been without you around? But don’t worry, my little pussy will never be touched by another man.”

I pulled her skinny little body towards me and kissed her. Her skin smelled of freshness and body wash. My hands gently stroked her body. She still was fairly flat chested and boney. She had none of her mom and aunts genes when it came to body structure.

“How much time do you need?” Erica leaned over asked quietly.

“At least 30 minutes.” I responded.

She sat up and spoke to her sister. “So Eve, what did you think?”

Eve nervously smiled. “I have so many questions. Pardon the naive virgin… but is it always so rough? I thought it was supposed to feel good, but it looks painful! Everything from how he fit that big thing in her to how he just was so aggressive. It all just like ‘ow! Ouch!'”

Alexis giggled. “I don’t think it has to be. But it is just the way I like it.”

Erica shook her head in agreement. “Face it, I have seen his wife, and I am not remotely as hot as her. I know I am here just as a sexual release and I am perfectly okay with that. I would take it however he wants to do it with me… rough or not.”

Eve paused thinking, “When you said you had showed Alexis stuff, I didn’t realize you had actually went down on her. Erica, that is incest! You could get in so much trouble.”

Erica laughed, “Oh Eve, I had a man have sex with my underage daughter. If I was worried about getting in trouble, incest would be down on the list of my worries. I had fantasized about Alexis before, and when I realized he wanted to fuck her I made that fantasy a reality.”

Alexis, who had been running her fingers through the cum leaking from her slit, spoke up again. “Aunt Eve, it is so much fun. After we were here last time — more than once mom and I have started talking about it and it gets us horny. One thing leads to another and we end up having sex.”

Eve looked shocked at this revelation.

She sat in silence for a bit as Alexis and I kissed. Alexis gently fondled my dick and I felt it stiffening slightly.

After a bit, Eve spoke again. “Erica, how are you so comfortable with your body? I mean you aren’t quite as big as me, but…”

Erica smiled. “The first time he saw me, he saw all my fat curves in a little bathing suit. I wasn’t trying to show off, I just wanted to sun at the beach. But I realized if he wanted me when he could see almost all of me, then I could just relax.”

It hadn’t been 30 minutes yet, but Alexis gentle play with my shaft had the blood flowing again. “Eve, why don’t you show off your body?” I prodded.

She blushed “Do you mean? Take off my clothes?”

I slid out from between Erica and Alexis and stood up and approached Eve. “Come here.” I said holding out my hand. She lifted her body off the bed and stood next to me.

I pulled her overweight figure to me. I realized that her tits seemed even softer and bigger than Erica’s enormous mammaries. I kissed her and she awkwardly but hungrily kissed back. She stopped and whispered “Please don’t make me. I am so embarrassed of my body.”

I slipped one hand under the back of her shirt and she shivered at my touch. As I kissed her again, I pushed the hand under the waistband of her pants and squeezed her one ass cheek. It was indeed big and round and very soft.

She whispered, “Please, I am so fat. You don’t want to see it.”

I sat down on the bed and turned Eve away from me. I slowly tugged her pants down as she begged me not to. Her panties got caught up with them and came down with it.

Her ass was indeed bigger than Erica’s. It was very soft to the touch and very pale in color. They obviously had not been to the beach since they arrived as her ass and legs were the color of heavy cream.

Erica and Alexis waited patiently and watched me turn Eve back towards me. Her face is was flushed deep red with embarrassment. She nervously covered her womanhood with her hands.

“Oh gosh, please…” she protested aimlessly as I pulled her hands aside.

“Holy lips!!” Erica exclaimed causing her sister to blush even more.

Indeed, Eva had a set of fat outer labia that clearly revealed her large pink inner labia. They were the most prominent pussy lips I had seen. This was accentuated by the fact that she had apparently waxed herself bare.

“I know they look like lunch meat” Eve pouted.

“Shhh it is fine! Now why don’t you show us your tits.” Erica prodded.

Eve sighed and pulled her blouse off. She stood there in just a wine colored bra that was stuffed to the brim with her big milky white tits.

She reached back to unfasten the clasp and I watched as her tits fell free.

They were definitely bigger than Erica’s already enormous GGs.

Her areola were saucer sized and light pink. Her nipples were swollen and stiff.

I pulled her closer to the bed and using both hands lifted one of her breasts to my mouth.

She gasped as she felt my tongue on her. I sucked on the nipple and the gasp turned to a loud moan.

Alexis clambered over to me and wrapped her little hand around my shaft. “Aunt Eve, it is time!”

Eve sighed. “Oh this is embarrassing, I am 42 and I don’t even know what to do. How does my niece know more about this than I do.”

Alexis giggled. “I really don’t know anything about it either. I just know what mom showed me and what feels good to me.”

I lay back on the bed as Erica guided her to straddle me. Eve nervously did so.

“Go ahead, lower yourself. Alexis will guide it in!” Erica urged.

Eve looked scared as her body got closer to mine. Alexis carefully watched to ensure my shaft slipped between Eve’s flabby labia and I felt my cock become enveloped by her hot, wet cunt.

I felt her tense as I invaded her, taking her virginity after so many years. Erica pushed on her, forcing her to take the full length of me inside her.

As her heavy body pressed down on me, I noticed tears pouring down her face. She actually was quite loose so I knew they couldn’t have really been tears of pain.

“What is wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing! I never thought this day would happen, that a man would want to fuck me. But not only did it happen, but it is a really sexy man too!”

I squeezed her big ass. “Mmmm go ahead and ride my cock. I want to see those huge titties bounce.”

She nervously began to pick up pace. I watched my cock disappearing between her fat pussy lips.

It slid easily, regardless of how thick I might be.

Her heavy body pounded against me.

“Yes! Ride him! Take that big cock!” Erica cheered on her sister.

“Is it big? I thought it would hurt more. When I saw him fucking Alexis it seemed she was in pain, but it is just sliding back and forth in mine.”

Erica laughed, “Sis, you just have a loose vagina. I am not exactly tight, but geeze…”

Eve looked offended. “I was a virgin, I should be tight, right?”

“It is okay, it is just how our bodies are built. We will never be as tight as Alexis. She is just built smaller than us. Plus she is like — what — 27 years younger than you?” Erica replied.

Alexis reached between her aunt’s legs and rubbed her swollen clit.

Eve moaned out loudly, “Ohhhhh fuck, mmmm you shouldn’t touch me like that. It feels so good!… but…”

“Shhhh” Erica shushed her sister. “I thought we were past that. Do you want to feel really good?”

“Yes, I do…” Eve said breathlessly.

“I want you to lean forward and fuck him, enjoy that cock and shove your big titties in his face. I am going to do something that will blow your mind.” Erica instructed.

Eve obeyed, steading herself with her arms on the pillow. On every downward stroke she slammed into my groin forcefully. On every upward stroke her huge jugs slapped me in the face.

I felt her get wetter, her skin was cool from the sweat that was beginning to sleep from her pores.

Alexis lay down next me and kissed me on the cheek. She started to say “This is so naughty, do you like…”

She was interrupted by Eve’s shriek, “Erica??? What are you doing???”

Erica had apparently crawled behind Eve and had grabbed the globes of her soft ass. She had gently separated them and just as Eve asked that question, Erica had plunged her tongue into her sister’s tight ass.

Eve’s eyes grew big as she stammered “Erica, that is my butt!” I felt her loose snatch get noticably wetter

Alexis giggled as we heard the sounds of Erica’s tongue working furiously mixed with some rather obscene sounds of Eve’s wet pussy slapping against me.

Erica gasped for air. “Eve, how do you keep it so fresh? I am always so sweaty there!”

Eve blushed, “I think it’s just because I got out of the shower just before he came. Erica, I don’t think you should do that. It is so nasty.”

Erica scoffed and buried her tongue deep in Eve’s anus again. “Oh FUCK!” Eve screamed out as the wiggling tongue violated her.

She began riding me hard, her tits slapping against Alexis and I. She yelled, she cursed, and moaned. I managed to grasp her right tit and latch onto it with my hungry mouth. I sucked hard on it.

This was apparently too much for Eve. Her pussy flooded with wetness. I returned the favor by firing a thick creamy rope of cum deep into her void.

“Fuck! You came, didn’t you???” Eve exclaimed. “I felt it! I felt you cum in me!”

She continued to grind as she began agressively kissing me. I felt her sweaty tits mashed against me as our tongues tangled.

I finally pushed her gently back so I could breathe.

“I know it was just a one time thing! But thank you for doing what nobody else ever seemed to want to do!” she sighed.

“What the fuck are you talking about? One time?” I asked? “You don’t understand. I just fucked your fat pussy. It belongs to me now. You will be accompanying Erica and Alexis every time they come here.”

Not wanting to lose my erection, I pushed her off me. Erica moved out of the way and I stood up.

“All three of you on your knees, right now!” I ordered.

They all obeyed, lining up in front of me. “Now, just wait until it is your turn! Don’t move.” Alexis giggled and shook her skinny little butt at me.

I had originally planned.on continuing with Eve, but Alexis was just teasing me too much. I grabbed her hips, and lowered my face to her, I gently pressed my tongue into her butt. Thankfully, she tasted soapy and clean.

I heard her moan out as I gently moistened her hole with my saliva. I reached one hand under and gently rubbed her pussy. She moaned louder.

“Mmmmmm I need your big dick” she said breathlessly.

Erica drew a deep breath, “Baby, are you sure? You know what he is going to do to you right?”

“I do! I remember him licking me there last time, and I have wondered what it would feel like to have his big dick go in there!”

“Wait, you are going to have him put his thing up in your butt?” Eve questioned. “What if … I mean what if it is dirty?”

Alexis laughed. “Well if it is, then I guess you need to wash it better! I had fun with that shower wand in the bathroom this morning. Mom, I keep telling you we need a bidet at home.”

She was not wrong. I had been using a bidet for years now. At home, my wife had been a life-long bidet seat user. She had introduced it to the other women in my crazy little family. I always found them fresh and clean. I had introduced it to similar fanfare at the La Jolla house too. But some people seemed suspicious of them. Mounika’s house was lacking them and it appeared that Erica and Eve were doubters too.

I leaned forward and kissed Alexis neck. I asked “Are you ready baby girl?” as I grasped my cock and positioned it against her ass while I continued to kiss her.

She giggled, “Mmmmm, yes I am!”

I pressed forward feeling my head slowly push in, soon popping inside.

“Mmmmmffff ouch, yes! Put your big dick deep in my little ass! Mmmmm you are so wide.”

I pushed deeper as Erica and Eve watched the look on Alexis face. Erica’s gaze was lustful while Eve’s was frightened.

“Erica, are you sure it is okay for him to do this? She looks like it hurts!” Eve asked with concern.

Erica had reached between her own legs and was plowing her pussy with her fingertips. “Alexis wants this. I am not going to stop him.”

I had now inched about half my thick girth into Alexis’ ass. She pushed back against me, forcing it deeper. She moaned erotically as soon I was buried in her.

“Mmmm, you can go faster. Fuck my ass like you fucked my pussy earlier. Grab my hips and just fuck me hard. I want you to be rough.”

I gave her one more kiss, then leaned back. I took hold of her skinny hips and slowly started withdrawing from her tight hole. My precum was already leaking from the tip. I then realized just how tight she was squeezing my cock. As I pulled back, my shaft came out clean, only covered by my own early emissions.

“Is it okay?” Alexis asked with nervous embarrassment.

“Perfectly clean!” I replied, to which she beamed proudly.

I thrust in roughly.

“Aaghhh owwww fuck that was nice and rough. Abuse me!” Alexis begged.

I obliged, grasping her hips I yanked her back, impaling her young body on my raging cock.

I heard the sound of wetness hitting fabric and saw Erica struggle to remain in the position on all fours. She had just squirted again after masturbating to the sight of me and her daughter.

Alexis suddenly pushed my hand away and then pushed back on me. My cock slipped from her tight ass with a pop, and she immediately turned around. She grasped my shaft and took it deep in her mouth. I felt her tongue swirling around it and I felt dizzy with erotic elation.

Just as quickly as she had started, she stopped. She looked up at me with a seductive look as gently stroked the length of my precum-oozing manhood. “You were right, perfectly clean. I know you want cum up in my ass, and I want that too! But, right now. I want you to fuck my mom and aunt up the ass. Mom first!”

Erica flushed with embarrassment. “Oh God, ummm… Alexis, maybe I should go shower first. I don’t think I am as clean as I could be.”

“No! I am not waiting for that, now get back on your knees.” Alexis ordered, seemingly having a bit of fun being in charge.

Erica meekly obeyed. I positioned myself behind her as Alexis instructed Eve to watch.

I gently massaged Erica’s big round ass. I thought about how I had done the same thing the first time I had met her on the beach and had helped her with the sunblock.

Erica seemed to be thinking the same thing. “Mmmm, this is what got us started. I still can’t believe your wife offered me your cock. I am glad she did.”

“Does she know what you did to her daughter?” Eve inquired.

“She does, she knows every detail. Let me just say my wife is a very classy young woman, with a very dirty mind.” I replied as I gently ran my hands up Erica’s very wet inner thighs. When she had squirted she had apparently drenched herself. I rubbed my cock against the wetness, moistening it. Erica pushed back trying to mash her vagina against my shaft. I let it drag between her pussy lips and she moaned.

I then positioned the tip against her ass hole, Alexis reached in to guide it as I grabbed Erica’s hips and pushed it in. Erica was tense with nervousness which made entry more difficult.

“Relax mom, let him in!” Alexis said.

“I thought you said you didn’t know about sex?” Eve asked Alexis as I slowly pushed into Erica.

“I don’t, I just figure it out as I go. I want to just have fun and I don’t care what is wrong or right! Mom told me that people would say I shouldn’t do stuff with my mom. But why not? I love her and it is fun. …or that shouldn’t have sex with my aunt? But why not? I have urges to do crazy things to you. …or that I am too young to have sex and that he is sexually abusing me. I hate what people say, that’s why I don’t want lessons on sex. They all just tell you what you shouldn’t do. I fucking love my man, and I will do what I want. I don’t care.” Alexis replied with conviction.

Erica moaned out “Baby, I love hearing you say that… I hope you don’t mind that your man is all the way up my ass right now.”

Alexis giggled “Getting it in there is the first battle. Are you ready to get fucked?”

“Oh God, yes! Do it!”

I slowly pulled my cock back, before stuffing it back in. The sudden plunging and displacement of air caused an obscene fart-like noise that caused Alexis to giggle and Erica to blush. “Ohh, that was embarrassing.” she bemoaned.

I continued to shove it deep over and over, and Erica cried out… “Ouch, ohhh fuck I need some lube or something, fuck you are so so big.”

“Aunt Eve, why don’t you suck his dick and get it nice and slippery.” Alexis suggested.

Eve started to protest, as I pulled my cock from Erica “Ewww no, that was in her ass! This is gross.”. Alexis grabbed Eve’s hair and shoved her closer to my cock as she continued to protest.

Erica looked over her shoulder and saw my cock was covered with a thin film from being deep inside her ass. “Oh no, don’t make her clean that. It is …”

But it was too late, I forced my cock into her sister’s mouth. Eve gagged and grimaced as Alexis gleefully ordered her to suck. “Yes, taste mom’s ass! Taste it on his big cock!”

This was truly nasty but I was caught in the moment, eager to fulfill Alexis’ perverse curiosity.

My cock deep in her mouth, Eve had little choice but to comply. Soon the film was gone, replaced by a slick covering of Eve’s saliva.

Erica was profusely apologizing to her sister as I shoved my cock back between her round ass cheeks.

“Holy fuck!!!! That is so much better!” she cried out. “It feels so fucking good how it is sliding in there! Fuck baby, make me squirt! Oh FUCK, I am so close to cumming.”

I continued to slide more easily inside Erica. I felt pressure building in my balls. I slowed to delay having an orgasm yet. I saw Alexis hand slide under her mother and she smiled. Her fingers rubbed into Erica’s pussy and were almost immediately rewarded with Erica squirting on the sheets again.

Alexis withdrew her hand which was now dripping wet. She licked them seductively, tasting her mother on them. As she did, she looked up at me. I was tense and she seemed to see that I was about to explode. “Pull out! Pull out! Don’t cum yet please! Aunt Eve, turn around.”

I pulled out of Erica as Alexis roughly shoved her aunt around. Soon Eve’s enormous ass was pointed in my direction. I spread her soft cheeks, and positioned myself at her ass hole. It was good her ass was as soft, as it let me still push rather deep. There was resistance entering her, but after I gained access I found that — much like her pussy — her ass wasn’t tight.

I rapidly began to pound her, her fat rippling with every thrust. Her sphincter tightened and ripped the cum from my balls. I exploded deep into her and Eve moaned loudly as she felt me full her up.

I thrust until my animalistic urges calmed down.

I then pulled out and headed to the shower to cleanup, leaving these nasty girls in their sweaty pile of cum and juices.

I showered, scrubbing until I felt squeaky clean. I then dried off. I stepped out of the bathroom to find Eve and Erica grinding against each other while Alexis watched excitedly.

The two were moaning quite loudly.

I sat down next to Alexis. “This is so hot she murmured breathlessly. We need to bring Elena next time… then it would be super sexy.”

“Who is Elena?” I asked.

Erica looked up, “Our other sister. She is the youngest of us three. Alexis, that’s just crazy. You know she still is married to her asshole husband — err sorry jerk of a husband.”

Alexis snickered. “Mom you can say asshole in front of me. I mean all three of us just got fucked in ours. He he, I mean but yes she should divorce him and join us on our next trip here.”

“Alexis! You know her husband wouldn’t ever let her divorce him. Besides who would watch her girls of she joined us?” Erica said.

“She could just bring them with her?” Eve suggested.

“You two are terrible, they aren’t even as old as Alexis.” Erica said with disbelief at what her sister was suggesting.

Alexis wasn’t giving up as she absentmindedly grasped my cock and fondled it. “Mmmm mom, I bet he would enjoy it — a true family orgy. I bet the girls would love it too. You don’t realize how hot it is to…”

She was interrupted by a knocking at the door. Before I could stop her, Alexis had sprung from the bed and flung the door open.

At the door was the attractive 20-something blonde from the front desk. All I could think was “Shit, here was naked underage Alexis flinging open the door, revealing me also naked.”

I saw the girls eyes flit back and forth from Alexis body and my cock. She seemed flustered. Erica and Eve sat motionless on the bed, just out of the line of sight.

“Yes?” Alexis asked.

“Ummm… Uhhhh just your downstairs neighbors complained of some loud noises and yelling. But ummm…” the girl stammered.

Alexis shrugged and gestured directly towards me … “Well, you understand… sometimes fun can ”

The girl looked at me and blushed.

She turned to me “Sir, you know what you are doing to her is against the law. I can tell she isn’t 18. I won’t say a word — I promise — but you need to keep it down so people don’t complain.” Looking back at Alexis she continued “And please don’t answer the door like that. I don’t want him to get in trouble because of carelessness.”

I breathed a sigh of relief as she took another long hungry look at my cock before heading back down the hall.

Alexis shut the door and apologized tearily “I am sorry, I didn’t think about it before opening the door.”

I wrapped my arms around her thin frame. “It is okay, she said she wouldn’t say a word. But maybe shove your face in the pillow to keep the moans quieter.”

Alexis sniffled and smiled at that comment.

Erica and Eve refrained from admonishing her as they saw I had forgiven her.

I lay back on the bed and Alexis cuddled in close. We watched Erica and Eve exploring each other’s bodies. They didn’t say a word. It was like watching lesbian porn but just a foot away from us.

They were both careful to keep moaning stiffled under hands and pillows.

They had been going at it for easily an hour. During that time, Alexis would play with my dick until she would sense I was about to cum and then stop. Finally she broke the silence. “Mom,

I really think Aunt Elena needs to join us next time. You need to talk her into leaving her husband. You remember, she said he wasn’t screwing her anymore and she was pretty sure he was screwing their neighbor.”

Erica reluctantly pulled her mouth away from licking Eve’s body. “Alexis, I told you she won’t leave him. Besides even if I can convince her, who is going to watch the girls?”

“Like Aunt Eve said, they can join!”


“What mom? Fine! Whatever! You know you are thinking about it too!” she pouted.

Erica had a look of guilty embarrassment but said nothing.

Alexis stood up and took my hand. She pulled me into the bathroom and closed the door. She guided me to the tub and motioned for me to get into it. I did and she climbed on top of me. She reached between her legs and guided me into her tight young pussy. She was still very tight but she took her time slowly impaling herself on it. “I am annoyed with my mom right now” she whispered. “I don’t know why she is resisting bringing Aunt Elena into this. I know you would enjoy her. She has a slimmer body but still some big milk jugs. If mom won’t convince her, then I will!” she continued with determination.

She slowly gyrated her skinny hips. All of that edging she had been doing early was bringing me closer to a violent eruption.

“Do you still like my little pussy?” she mewed.

“I do!”

She pulled my close and kissed me before whispering “I love you!”.

She then slowly rode up and down on me until the eruption occurred. With a deep quaking in my balls, my cum rocketed forth like a volcanic blast. It sprayed into her and she bit her lip as she felt me coat her insides.

She continued to ride and kiss me. Then I suddenly felt a warm wetness wash over me. I looked down to see a golden stream flowing over my torso. As she showered me with her warm pee, I grabbed her hips and hammered her up and down until she orgasmed.

We eventually exited the bathroom to find Erica and Eve had apparently tired out and were laying in a tangled sleeping pile on the side of the bed.

Alexis and I continued to make out for quite some time before I finally had to call it a day and head home. I could have stayed longer and my wife wouldn’t have minded but I was just completely spent.

I made my way out of the hotel, by the reception desk.

As I was about to step out the front door, I heard “Sir” being called out in a loud whisper.

I turned to see the girl who had showed up at hotel room door earlier. She was apparently still on shift.

She motioned for me to approach the desk. “Hi, are you leaving?” she asked.

As I stepped up to the desk, I saw another young girl seated, listening to music, and apparently doing her homework. She looked up briefly and then returned to her studies.

“I am done, heading out.” I responded.

She nervously glanced at the girl next to her and then leaned over. “That is my little sister, don’t mind her she can’t hear over her music. Did you satisfy that girl upstairs?”

I nodded affirmatively.

“Can I ask how old she is? Don’t worry I am not going to say anything.”

I looked around to make sure nobody was within earshot and then told her.

Her eyes grew big, “Same age as her, actually a year older” she said nodding towards her sister.

She suddenly acted busy pretending to look at the computer and I noticed an older couple walk in to the lobby. She waited until they had disappeared down the hall before she spoke again.

“I actually live here at the hotel, I have for a while now. My mom was a single mom, and she died of sudden kidney failure a few months back. I ended up becoming my sister’s guardian. Luckily my boss has been super nice and let me stay here for super cheap.” she explained somberly.

“I am sorry to hear that.” I replied — a response so commonly uttered it seemed hollow. Having lost my wife too early, I knew no response ever seemed appropriate.

She again paused as we watched a family exit, the kids noisy exclaiming something about ice cream.

As they exited she clumsily handed me a key card. “Room 104. Whenever you can. I see you are married, so I understand if it can’t be tonight!”

“Maybe while your sister is in school?” I asked.

“Why? I thought you liked young girls?” she teased.

“Oh!” I said, somewhat surprised at her response.

“Yeah, don’t worry. I am not going to say anything because I am just as guilty. I will just leave it at that…”