A Mature Neighbor Comes to Call


It had been several months since Henry had been asked to introduce some of his neighbors’ teenaged daughters to the world of sex. The girls and their mothers had wanted, no they had almost insisted, Henry at over fifty years of age take the girl’s virginities and show them how wonderful sex could be. The mothers were afraid their sixteen-year-old daughters would end up getting screwed and knocked-up in the back seat of some boy’s car unless they knew what they were doing sexually.

It had been a long hot summer since the last girl and her mother had knocked on his door. Henry‘s life had settled down to a much quieter and less stressful routine.

It was a warm late summer afternoon and Henry was mowing his lawn. He had paused briefly to wipe the sweat from his brow when he noticed a woman coming up the sidewalk in his direction. She was a lovely, mature lady with a full head of white hair. Her hair seemed to form a halo around her tanned face. She was walking briskly with a determined step as if she had a specific destination and purpose in mind.

Henry nodded and waved a friendly greeting to the women as she approached his property. He was surprised when she turned off the city sidewalk and came straight up his driveway to where he was sitting on his idling mower.

He shut his mower off and climbed from its seat to further greet his visitor. Extending his hand to her, Henry welcomed the woman. “Good afternoon. Isn’t it a beautiful day? Is there something I can do for you, madam?”

The woman came up to stand close to him. He could see his visitor seemed nervous. She stood silently for a few seconds. She was visibly shaking. She reached out with a trembling hand to return Henry’s greeting.

“Hello! My name is June. Are you Henry?”

“Yes I’m Henry. What can I do to help you, June?”

“Well I, uh, umm, I.” She had difficulty speaking at first. She then paused and took a deep breath. She seemed to gather her courage with that breath. She then boldly spoke. “Well damn! I’ll come straight to the point of my visit today. Henry, you have a certain reputation in the neighborhood. Some of the teen girls seem to love you. They often chatter about you as they walk past my house. I live just two blocks from here. They love you for the gentle and caring way you’ve treated them.”

“Whoa there June. You might want to be a little more specific about what you’re saying. Otherwise, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“I’m sorry, Henry. I’m just so nervous.” June took a deep breath again and continued. “For months I’ve overheard these teens girls chatting with each other as they walked by my house. You are one of the topics they seem to get the most excited about. At first I thought they were talking about some boy at school. Then, one day, I overheard one of them mention your age. They’d nearly swoon when they talk about how you were so gentle and loving when you took their cherries.”

“June, let me stop you for a minute. This is not a subject I want to discuss in my front yard. It’s such a warm day, won’t you come inside for a glass of iced tea or something?” Henry held out his hand in invitation to his visitor.

June took Henry’s hand as he led her into his living room. Once she was seated on his couch, Henry excused himself to get June the promised glass of tea.

June nervously wrung her hands as she waited for Henry’s return. She knew she had to get to the point of her visit soon or she would loose her nerve and leave. With this new resolve in mind, she opened the top three buttons of her light summer dress. A bit of cleavage between her breasts came into view as she had intended. Her dress usually fell to below her knees, but she pulled its hem up to just above her knees.

About that time, Henry returned with their iced tea. As he bent to hand his guest her tea, he noticed her open dress buttons and exposed knees. “Very nice, June. I see you’re making yourself comfortable. I think a woman should always be willing to show off her assets.” Gazing directly at June’s chest, he added. “And those are definitely assets.” He then sat on the couch next to June.

June smiled at the compliment.

“Now, just what is on your mind, June? Please be honest and blunt. I don’t care for the games some people play.”

Once June started talking about her life and what she wanted from him she seemed to get on a roll. Henry sat quietly as she poured out her heart.

“Henry, I’ve heard what you’ve done with some of the teen girls around here. I want you to do the same for me.”

“I’m no virgin. As a matter of fact, I’ve done just about everything there is to do in a bed. My first husband was my first lover. We met and began dating when I was fifteen. I was a good girl and we didn’t do anything until I was seventeen and in my Senior year of high school. After we married, we did vaginal, oral, and anal, and tried all kinds of positions. My favorites positions are missionary for making love and me sitting on top for pure sex. I thought we were happy together until he cheated on me. After the divorce, the kids became my life’s entire focus.”

“I married a second time but that didn’t last long. I came down with a very serious illness. He was a very attentive husband and stayed with me until I was fully recovered. However, he lost all interest in me as a partner in bed. I don’t know if he was afraid of hurting me or the surgical scars scared him off. He left after I had beaten my illness.”

“I’m over sixty-years-old and have three kids. However, it’s been fifteen years since I’ve been with a lover. Henry, I think I want you to try to awaken my body so I can feel and enjoy sex the way I used to feel.”

June paused and Henry gave some thought to all she had said.

“June, if we do this, you must first get comfortable with your body as it is now.”

“I am. I know I am not a beauty queen, but everything still works. Even though I’ve not had a lover in fifteen years, I can still make myself feel good with my hands and a well-lubricated toy now and then. One problem I do have is I don’t lubricate the way I used to.”

“Very well! If you are sure you want to do this, would you please stand here for me?” Henry asked as he indicated a spot in front of him.

She slowly stood and stepped in front of Henry. She was a little less nervous by then.

Henry stood up as well. He took the shaking woman in his arms and hugged her firmly. Her breasts were pressed between them. He could feel her beginning to relax as he held her in his arms. When he nibbled her ear and kissed her neck, she quietly cooed and stroked the back of his head with her hand. She responded eagerly when he kissed her lips. He placed a kiss on her exposed cleavage. June gasped in surprise but arched her back as if offering Henry more of her breasts.

Henry took June by her still shaking hands and sat in front of her. “June Honey, will you please take your dress off?”

I didn’t think we’d begin so soon, but OK.” With shaking hands, June began unbuttoning her dress. As she worked her hands down the buttons on the front of her dress it fell further and further open. When she released the last button, she stood up straight and shrugged her shoulders. Her dress slid off her shoulders and fell to the floor around her feet. She had already kicked off her shoes and stood in front of Henry in nothing but her panties and bra.

Henry had watched June remove her dress in silence. He could see the fear in her eyes. Her hands at her sides were clenched tightly into fists. After all, it had been fifteen years since she had undressed for a man. He slowly scanned up and down her body. He admired her shapely figure. Even though her body was not as slender and tight as his teenaged friends, she was a lovely sight. She stood 5’7” tall, had a delightful set of C-cup breasts, and had just enough body fat to give her some nice curves. Her long legs terminated in a round butt that appeared to still be firm. After several passes of his eyes over June’s body he stood, took her hands in his, looked up into her eyes, smiled. “Very nice June. You are a beautiful lady. It will be my great pleasure to help you reawaken such a lovely body.”

“However, before we get started, I’d like to ask a favor. I need to take a shower and shave. I’ve been mowing all afternoon, and I don’t want to be intimate with you while I smell and look like an old goat. So, if you would please get dressed and go home, I’ll hit the shower.”

June gasped but didn’t pull away when Henry reached out and cupped his hand over her pubic mound. “While you’re there you might want to freshen up a bit too. I love to eat a freshly cleaned pussy. I prefer it bald. Would you mind shaving yourself?”

June hadn’t waited for Henry to finish speaking before she was putting her dress back on. Henry could already see a change in her. She was not nearly as nervous and she was smiling broadly. Her eyes seemed to have taken on a sparkle. When she finished buttoning her dress, she threw her arms around Henry’s neck and kissed him with passion. “I’ll be back in about an hour.” She hesitated and added. “With a shaved pussy.”

Henry patted June’s ass and said. “I look forward to seeing you then.”

June then hustled out of Henry’s front door and rapidly walked the two blocks to her home. She sang to herself as she showered. She took her time and carefully made certain her body was clean and fresh everywhere. She didn’t know where Henry might want explore. She used her razor and removed all of the hair on her pubic mound and vaginal lips. She had shaved her pussy before, but it had been decades ago. After drying and before getting dressed, she splashed her favorite fragrance on her neck and between her breasts. She hadn’t used her bottle of White Diamonds in a long time. She even put a small dab of the fragrance on her pubic mound just above her freshly shaved vaginal lips, just in case.

June then put on her sexiest silk panties, a matching push-up bra, and a fresh summer dress. After applying a bit of make-up and a quick brush through her hair, she was ready to go. With nervous confidence, June walked back to Henry’s house.

“Come in!” She heard Henry call out when she knocked on his door.

When she let herself in, she saw Henry coming from his kitchen with two glasses of wine in his hands. “Welcome back, June.” He greeted her as he handed her a glass of red wine.

They each took a sip of the wine. Henry smiled at her and kissed her cheek. “June, you look wonderful. Rather than getting down to the reason you’re here right away, would you like to go out for dinner with me?”

“That would be nice Henry. I’d like that.”

“Good! There’s just one thing we need to do first.” Henry then leaned forward and tenderly kissed June’s lips.

She returned the kiss.

While they kissed Henry reached up between their bodies and released the first four buttons of her dress. A little more cleavage than she was used to showing came into view. “Remember, a lovely lady like you should proudly display her assets. I think you have a nice pair of breasts. I look forward to seeing more of them.”

June looked down at her exposed chest and replied. “OK Henry, if you say so. If all those teens think so much of you, I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I put myself in your hands.”

Henry laughed. “I certainly hope so. I am anxious to get those lovely tits in my hands.”

June blushed and giggled. “I did say I’d put myself in your hands, didn’t I?”

They then walked arm in arm to Henry’s car and headed out to dinner. Henry took June to one of the nicer restaurants in town. They were seated next to each other at a corner table. Henry ordered steak and lobster for both of them and a bottle of wine.

Even though they both knew why she was with him, Henry wanted to seduce his date. After all, June wasn’t a teenager, and she needed and deserved some tender loving care. He took her hands in his under the tablecloth as he told her how lovely he thought she was and how much he was enjoying her company. He told her how beautiful her hair and eyes were. He then leaned close and whispered into her ear. “Baby, you smell delicious. You look and smell good enough to eat.”

June giggled in response and scooted closer to him.

About that time their dinner was served. During dinner, Henry took the opportunity to occasionally place his hand under the table and rub June’s leg just above her knee. Luckily, the tablecloth concealed any of his activities under the table. His hand on her leg went unnoticed by anyone else in the restaurant. As dinner progressed, his hand frequently returned to June’s leg. He placed his hand higher and higher up her thigh each time he reached under the table. As he rubbed her leg June felt her dress being pulled up. It was soon bunched near the top of her legs. The next time Henry reached down to rub her leg his hand slid between her soft thighs and pressed against her freshly shaved pubic mound.

June gasped and tensed her legs. After all, it had been fifteen years since anyone other than her own hands and toys had touched her there. She started to push Henry’s hand away.

When he squeezed the top of her thigh she looked into his eyes. June then remembered why she had sought Henry out in the first place. She smiled and relaxed her legs. Instead of clamping them together, she spread them a little to give him easier access to her long neglected pussy.

Henry gently petted her mound and rubbed her nether lips. June cooed and smiled at Henry as he stroked his fingers up and down her long neglected sex.

June leaned her head on Henry’s shoulder and held his upper arm tightly to her chest. She whispered in his ear. “Oh Henry, it’s been so long since anyone wanted to touch me.”

“The night is just beginning June. When you finish your wine we’ll head home.” He then tenderly kissed her lips.

June held his arm and pressed it even tighter to her breast as they walked to Henry’s car. She giggled and said. “You know, I feel like one of those teenaged girls on their first night with you. I’m a little frightened and nervous, but I’m excited too.’

“June, try to relax. I promise I’ll do nothing to intentionally hurt you.” Then, before opening the car door for her, he pulled her into a strong embrace and kissed her passionately. While kissing her, Henry moved his hands down her back and firmly squeezed both of her butt’s cheeks.

June gasped and pressed her pelvis forward. She could feel Henry’s swollen manhood pressed against her pubic mound. She broke their kiss and, with a breathless voice, said to him. “Ummm. That feels so nice, Henry.”

Henry simply smiled, kneaded her butt with his hands, and kissed her again. He then told her. “Yes, you do feel nice. Your butt is still so firm.” He squeezed her butt once more then opened her door. He held her hand as June settled into her seat. When Henry climbed into the drivers seat, June slid over to sit close to her date.

As they pulled out of the restaurant’s parking lot, Henry draped his right arm over June’s shoulders and pulled her snuggly to his side. He pushed his hand further over her shoulder and firmly squeezed her right breast through her dress and bra.

June gasped then moaned loudly as Henry continued to squeeze her breast. She then turned her body to the left, lifted her head, and kissed his neck just below his right ear. She placed a hand on his upper right thigh, but was too nervous to reach for what she really wanted to feel. With her free hand, June released another dress button.

Henry noticed her movement and immediately reached into the opening of her dress and stroked the exposed upper slopes of her breasts.

“Mmmmmm.” June cooed her approval.

As they continued to travel to Henry’s home, June rubbed her hand up and down his thigh. They had reached Henry’s home and were about to pull into his driveway before June worked up enough nerve to place her hand on Henry’s erect manhood concealed in his pants. “Oh my!” She seemed startled. “How big is that thing, Henry?” She asked.

“Seven and a half inches when fully erect.” He told her.

“You will be gentle with me, won’t you Henry?”

“Of course I will. You haven’t heard those big mouthed teens complaining, have you?” He asked.

“No! No I haven’t. I guess if those skinny young things can take you, so can this old broad.”

“June, let’s get a little something straight. I don’t want to hear you refer to yourself in those terms again. You are a mature and still very lovely lady that has a lot to offer some lucky man. OK?”

“OK Henry. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” She replied.

As they pulled to a stop in Henry’s driveway, he leaned over and gave June a passionate kiss.

She eagerly returned the kiss until he sat up and opened his door. He quickly went around to the passenger side and opened the door for his date. He then took her arm and led her to his front door and into his living room.

Once inside, Henry had June sit on the couch while he went to the kitchen to get them another glass of wine. When he returned with the wine he found June smiling broadly at him. She took a sip of the offered wine and patted the seat cushion next to her.

Henry happily accepted June’s invitation and sat close to his guest. He draped his left arm over her shoulders and turned to face her. He pulled her closer and passionately kissed her lips.

June closed her eyes and eagerly returned the kiss. When Henry pressed his tongue to her lips she immediately opened her mouth and allowed it to enter. Their tongues briefly fought a lover’s duel.

In the mean time, Henry brought his free right hand up to June’s chest, released a few more dress buttons, and squeezed each bra-covered breast. When they broke their kiss Henry leaned over and kissed the exposed portion of each breast.

June laid her head back on Henry’s arm and moaned. She brought a hand up and stroked the back of his head while he kissed and licked her breasts. Arching her back and lifting her chest up, she offered her breasts to Henry’s exploring mouth and tongue.

In the mean time, Henry’s right hand had slipped down June’s body, pulled her dress hem up, and squeezed her right knee. He slowly moved his hand up and down the inside of June’s right thigh. His hand slid higher and higher up her leg with each pass.

When Henry’s hand approached the juncture of her legs, June sighed and let her legs fall open.

Henry gently stroked June’s panty covered sex. As she began breathing heavier, he suggested they move off the couch. “June, rather than grope each other like a couple of teenagers here on the couch, let’s move to the bedroom. We’ll have more room, and I think you’ll be more comfortable.” He stood and offered her his hand.

June smiled broadly and reached out to take Henry’s offered hand. She stood, kicked her shoes off, and said. “That’s probably a good idea. These bones don’t like to be scrunched up on a couch any more.”

While Henry led June to his bedroom she snuggled up close to him. He could feel her nervousness returning. “It’s been such a long time, Henry. Please be patient with me.”

“Of course, June. We are in no hurry at all. Unless you have to be somewhere early in the morning, we have all night. I’d love to have you spend the night.” He replied.

“I have no other plans, Henry. I’ll stay with you tonight.” June agreed.

Once in his bedroom, Henry led June to stand next to his bed. He turned her to face him and kissed her softly. As they kissed, he slowly released the dress buttons that were still fastened. When her dress fell open, he pushed it off her shoulders. It fell to the floor revealing her matching black lace panties and bra.

Henry smiled at her choice of underwear.

June giggled. “They are the sexiest things I own.”

Smiling broadly Henry said. “I think they’re beautiful June, just like you.”

They then hugged each other firmly while he released the clasp of her bra. He pulled the bra’s straps off her shoulders and it quickly joined the dress on the floor. Her 38C breasts sagged slightly as was expected of a mature woman.

Henry cupped a boob in each hand and squeezed gently. He hefted them as if judging their weight.

“You have a beautiful set of tits, June.” He bent to kiss and lick each of her nipples while holding her tits up to his mouth. He found her nipples were already erect.

June moaned as he moved his mouth back and forth between her nipples sucking them firmly.

While sucking on one of her nipples, Henry slid his hands down her sides and caught the waistband of her panties. As Henry released her nipple from his mouth and kneeled in front of her, he pushed her panties down her legs. They quickly joined the pile of June’s clothes on the floor at her feet. She stepped out of them and stood nude before Henry’s appreciative eyes.

He kissed June’s freshly shaved pubic mound. He grabbed a cheek of her ass in each hand and squeezed. He pulled her firmly to his face and kissed her bald pubic mound again. He then stood and told her. “June, you have a beautiful body. I love your inviting tits, your ass, and your bald pussy. You definitely look and smell good enough to eat. I am going to immensely enjoy our time together.”

June leaned forward for another passionate kiss while she removed Henry’s shirt. Without hesitation, as soon as his shirt had joined her pile of clothes on the floor, she began releasing his belt, pants button, and lowered his zipper. He stepped out of his shoes and his pants soon joined the growing pile of clothing on the floor.

June then tentatively pushed his boxers off his hips and down his legs. She got her first good look at Henry’s manhood. She gasped when she saw Henry’s naked and erect cock for the first time.

“Oh my! You will be a challenge.” She said.

“It’ll be alright June. You’ll be just fine. Would you like to get on the bed now?” He asked. Without waiting for an answer, Henry took her hand and helped her sit on the edge of his bed. He kissed her lips and helped her lay back. He then helped her scoot to the middle of the bed.

He then crawled into bed next to her. Henry could feel June nervously shaking next to him. He began stroking her white hair. It felt soft in his hands and smelled like flowers. He tenderly kissed her lips.

June hugged Henry firmly and eagerly returned the kiss.

Slowly, Henry began kissing and licking all over June’s face, ears, and neck.

She moaned her appreciation and tilted her head to offer her neck to Henry’s exploring mouth. She then giggled and said. “Henry, please don’t give me a hickey on my neck. I don’t think my kids and grandkids would understand why Granny has a love-bite.”

“No problem, June. How about here?” Henry asked as he moved his lips down to her tits and their hard nipples.

When he began sucking on her chest between her ample tits, June used her hands to press her boobs together tightly and trapped Henry’s head between them. “Oooh, that’s nice.” She cooed.

After giving June a sizable love-bite on her chest, he licked and sucked all over her chest. Her nipples were standing hard and proud as he sucked each of them into his mouth. June rubbed her hands over the back of Henry’s head as he tended to her tits.

“That feels so good Henry. It has been far too long.”

Henry then kissed and licked his way down June’s soft belly. She giggled loudly when his tongue delved into her bellybutton.

Slowly, Henry kissed further down until he was kissing and licking June’s freshly shaved pubic mound. He enjoyed the dash of fragrance he found there.

June widely spread her legs giving Henry enough room for his body to lie between them. He looked up at June and said. “Honey, you do look and smell good enough to eat.”

He then gave her a long pussy-lip parting lick from near her asshole to her clit.

June gasped and squirmed in response to Henry’s lick. She then moaned and spread her legs as wide as she could.

Henry began to use his tongue to lick and probe June’s pussy. It was a pussy that had been neglected far too long. He noticed soon enough that even though her body was writhing on the bed, a broad grin was stretched over her face, and she was moaning in excitement, she was not producing much personal lubricant. Henry used his own saliva to ease his tongue into her hungry hole.

When June began shaking and seemed to be approaching an orgasm, Henry sucked her clit between his lips and flicked it repeatedly with his tongue. That did it!

June raised her knees and thrust her pelvis up to Henry’s mouth. Her hands, which had been balled into fists at her sides, quickly grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face tightly to her pussy.

“OH GOD, YES! EAT ME!” June cried out loudly.

Henry didn’t stop eating her when June’s orgasm passed. He happily continued to lick and probe her pussy with his tongue, albeit at a slower pace. With her knees still raised, Henry tickled her asshole with a finger.

June jumped again and giggled. She did not however push him away. When he tried to probe her pussy with his finger, he found she was still too dry to do so comfortably. Her pussy was producing some juices but not enough to allow something to comfortably enter her.

Without taking his mouth from her pussy, he reached into his nightstand and obtained a bottle of cherry flavored personal lubricant. The gel had been used when needed to ease entry into his teen friends.

Henry applied the lube to his middle finger and then spread it around June’s vaginal hole. After a couple of applications, he slipped his middle finger into June’s extremely tight pussy. He continued to lick and suck on her clit.

June groaned and tilted her pelvis to give Henry a better angle into her pussy. Henry turned his hand so it was palm up and added a second finger. He curled his fingers up and found June’s G-spot.

She tensed and groaned in pleasure. June again began to shake as another orgasm built in her core.

Henry continued rubbing June’s G-spot until she was nearly ready to let go. He again sucked her clit between his lips and flicked his tongue repeatedly over it.

“OH MY GOD! I’M CUMING AGAIN!” June cried out. This time she repeatedly thrust her hips up to Henry’s sucking mouth and probing fingers. She grabbed two hands full of Henry’s hair and pulled his face tightly to her throbbing pussy.

Henry could feel June’s pussy muscles contracting on his fingers as he probed deeply into her. When her contractions eased, Henry pulled his fingers from her. He continued to minister to her pussy with his mouth and tongue. As June’s breathing returned to normal, Henry tickled her asshole again.

June giggled and wiggled her ass in response.

Henry used the lube again. He applied a gob of the gel to his finger and then to her tightly puckered butt.

June knew what was coming next. “Oh!” She gasped when Henry shoved half his middle finger into her anus. He slowly pushed the rest of his finger into her rear. As he continued licking and sucking on her pussy, Henry stroked his finger fully in and out of her ass.

June was soon building toward another orgasm. “Oh Henry, it’s happening again! What are you doing to me?”

“Just what you asked me to do, June. I’m reawakening your long neglected body. You have a lot of passion locked up inside. I’m only helping it come out. Are you enjoying it as much as I am? He asked.

“Oh God yes. I just don’t know how much more pleasure I can take.”

“Let’s find out.” Henry said with a laugh.

He then resumed eating June’s pussy and fingering her ass. Henry soon had her building toward another orgasm. With some added lube Henry pushed a second finger into June’s ass just as he sucked hard on her clit.

“Oh damn! Here I go again.” She rapidly thrust her pelvis up to Henry’s face while she grabbed her own tits and squeezed them hard. As her orgasm ebbed she seemed to collapse on the bed. She was exhausted.

With a breathless voice, June begged Henry to stop. “No more Henry, please. I don’t think I can take any more right now.”

Henry gently pulled his fingers from June’s asshole and lovingly kissed her pussy. He then crawled up and lay beside her and replied. “OK honey. We can rest for a while. Just relax and we’ll see what happens later.”

June smiled contentedly at Henry. They both rolled to face each other. She laid her head on his right shoulder, wrapped her right arm around his body, and pulled him tightly to her chest. She enjoyed the feeling of having her breasts crushed into Henry’s firm body.

Henry tenderly stroked the side of June’s right breast as they both relaxed. They shared a romantic kiss and held each other close. They then dozed off and slept soundly in each other’s arms until the next morning.

Henry awoke the next morning by June moving on the bed. She had turned enough so she could lay her head on his chest. She was staring at his erect seven and a half inch manhood that was pointing up at her face. As she stared, she was slowly and gently stroking Henry’s morning hard-on.

She realized he was awake when he started rubbing her back. “Henry, I have never been with a man who did for me what you did so many times last night. I have had men give me oral sex, but never so much. God, a couple of times I thought I was going to explode. Now, it’s my turn to please you. You didn’t get off last night, did you?”

“That’s not important June. We are here to please you.” Henry replied.

“Nonsense! It’s my turn to return the favor. I hope I haven’t forgotten how to do this. Now lay there and enjoy this.”

June then moved her head further down Henry’s belly until she could kiss the head of his hard cock. She continued to stroke him as she kissed all over Henry’s manhood. Her tongue flick out and lapped up the drop of precum that had appeared on the tip of the magnificent weapon in her hand. She opened her mouth and took the head of his cock in.

Henry groaned and began stroking the back of her head as she swirled her tongue around his cock’s head. She lapped up more drops of precum as they seeped out. She then opened her mouth a little wider and slid Henry’s hard member in deeper.

June soon had Henry’s cock hitting the entrance to her throat as she repeatedly bobbed her head up and down on it. Her tongue continuously swabbed him as she sucked hard. It may have been a long time since June had been with a man, but she had not forgotten how to give a great blowjob. She was soon briefly popping Henry’s cock into her throat. With each plunge down she shoved it into her throat.

Henry stroked the hair on the back of June’s head and moaned with pleasure. “June that feels fantastic. You’re about to get a mouth full if you keep it up.”

She pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up at Henry. She smiled broadly and said. “I know.” She then returned to giving him one hell of a blowjob.

A short time later, Henry groaned and warned June. “I’m about to cum, honey.”

June seemed to put even more effort into sucking Henry. Just as his cock erupted, she pushed down hard and took his cock deep into her throat. She began swallowing as he fed her a large load of cum straight down her gullet. After taking the first two shots of cum, June pulled Henry’s cock out of her throat and sucked the rest of his cum into her mouth.

When Henry had fed her the last of his cum, June sat up, smiled at Henry, and swallowed twice. She then turned on the bed and cuddled up close to Henry. With a bit of a giggle in her voice, she said. “I didn’t know I still remembered how to do that. I guess it’s sort of like riding a bicycle. You never forget how, and with giving a blowjob you can’t fall off and break bones.” She then laughed.

Henry laughed at her comment then kissed her and said. “June, that was a wonderful way to wake up. That was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever gotten. Now, how about we grab a shower, and I’ll take you out for breakfast”

“Sounds good to me.” June got out of bed with more spring in her step than she’d had in a long time. She gathered her clothes and headed to the bathroom. As she left the bedroom, June turned to Henry, grinned broadly, and said. “Would you care to join me?”

“I would love to join you.” Henry replied. He then hopped out of bed and quickly followed June to the bathroom.

Once they had the water temperature adjusted to their mutual liking, Henry and June stepped into the shower together. As the water cascaded over them, Henry again surveyed June’s naked body.

“June, you are a beautiful lady. I am so glad you came to see me.” He then bent and kissed each of her hardening nipples.

“Ummmm. So am I, Henry. So am I.” She softly replied.

They then used their hands to lather up each other’s bodies with Henry’s body wash. They both enjoyed the sensual feelings as they used their slick soapy bodies as washcloths. Their bodies, arms, and hands smoothly glided all over each other. They took care with their hands to tenderly and thoroughly clean their tender areas.

When they had finished washing each other, they used Henry’s fluffy oversized towels to dry each other. Henry then left June in the bathroom to dress and went to his bedroom to do the same.

He was pleasantly surprised when June came out of the bathroom. She had left several buttons unfastened and a good amount of cleavage between her breasts was exposed.

Henry looked at her and smiled. “Yummy! You still look good enough to eat.”

“Maybe later! You do that so well, but didn’t you promised me breakfast?” June replied with a laugh.

“So I did. Shall we go?” Henry said as he offered June his arm.

Breakfast was uneventful. June and Henry told each other of their past life and loves as they ate. As they prepared to leave the restaurant, Henry made June a proposition. “June, why don’t we stop by your place to pick up some of your things? Then you can stay with me for a few days. That way we can play and practice with your renewed body any time we like.”

June pretended to think about the offer a few seconds. Her broad grin gave her away. “OK! I think I’d like that. But how about you just drop me off for a while? I’ll clean up, pack a few things, and call my kids and grandkids. I don’t want them to worry when I’m not home for a few days.”

That’s what they did. Henry dropped June off at her home and drove on to his home. A couple of hours later, June pulled her car into his drive. As she got out, Henry noticed she was dressed differently. Her dress had been replaced. She looked very natural and relaxed wearing jeans, a western blouse, and boots. The top of her blouse was open just enough to show a little cleavage.

“You look great June.” Henry told her.

“Thanks! This is how I prefer to dress, except when I want to seduce my neighbor.” She laughed.

“Your neighbor enjoyed being seduced, but I thought I was seducing you. Why did you drive here June? I’m only a couple of blocks from your place.” Henry asked.

“I really didn’t think it would look too ladylike for granny to be walking down the street carrying an overnight bag. So I drove.”

Taking her bag and her hand, he led her into his house. On the way in he said. “That’s cool. You are right, of course. Men usually don’t think of things like that. Come on in.”

Once inside they passionately embraced and kissed one another. June moaned in pleasure when Henry slid his hands down her back, squeezed both of her butt’s cheeks, and pulled her hips forward. She could easily feel his hard cock pressing against her body. They broke the kiss but Henry maintained his grip on her rear end.

June spoke breathlessly. “I am so looking forward to the next couple of days.”

“So am I, June. So am I. I think you will be a very delightful guest.” Henry replied. “However, do you really want to jump into bed now? It’s only a little after noon. Perhaps we could go somewhere this afternoon, have dinner this evening, and then come back here to play.” He emphasized the word ‘play’ by squeezing her butt and rubbing himself against her body.

June moaned again. “That sounds like a great idea. I noticed you have a Harley in your garage. Do you think we could go for a ride? I’ve been told I’m a good passenger.”

“I bought that thing shortly after my wife died. I haven’t been on it in months. But, if it starts, we can give it a chance to breath a bit of fresh air. Come on! Let’s see of it will start.” The full-dress Harley turned over slowly but started and was soon running smoothly.

Henry shut it off and said. “Let me throw a quick charge to the battery just to be on the safe side and we’ll head out. He then hooked up his battery charger and they went back into the house. “I’ll be right back.” Henry told his quest. He then disappeared into his bedroom.

A few minutes later he returned to June wearing his jeans, western shirt, and boots. He handed June a helmet. “I know this will mess up your hair, but…”

June was already pulling the helmet over her head while smiling broadly. “So what! I have a brush in my purse.” Are we ready to go?”

Henry gave her a gentle kiss and she followed him back out to his garage. He disconnected the charger and the bike fired up without a hitch. He rolled out of his garage and left the bike idling as he secured the garage door. He stowed June’s purse in his saddlebags and remounted the bike. June climbed on behind him. He plugged both helmets into his intercom system.

“We can now talk without shouting. Ready?” He asked.

She scooted up close to Henry, placed her arms around his waist, her hands in his lap, her boobs pressed against his back. She replied. “Oh yes! Let’s go!”

Henry then pulled out of his drive and headed out of town. As Henry twisted the throttle open, the Harley Davidson roared to life. Both June and Henry could feel it’s powerful engine throbbing between their legs.

“I had forgotten how much I enjoy riding.” June said. She could feel the bike’s vibrations surging through her legs and lower body. She was getting turned on just from having Henry and his powerful machine between her legs. She pressed her tits even harder against his back. Her nipples were hardening and pushing against her bra.

After a couple of hours riding, Henry pulled off the road to get some gas. As they came to a stop next to the premium pump, June squeezed his hard cock. She then jumped off the bike and hurried to the restroom.

When she returned, June was carrying a bag. It contained some sandwiches and drinks she had gotten at the deli next to the service station. The refreshments were stowed in the saddlebags and they took off again.

A short time later, they arrived at a picnic area next to a small lake. They retrieved the sandwiches and drinks from the saddlebags and found an empty picnic table nearby. They made small talk while they ate.

“Are you having a good time, June?” Henry asked.

“Oh yes! But I must say, I had forgotten the effect the vibrations have on me.” June replied.

Henry smiled knowingly at her. “I think that may be a very good thing. By the time we get home, you may be ready to play.”

“Hell, I’m ready to play right now if it wasn’t day light and these other people weren’t here.” She giggled.

“Well, finish your lunch and we’ll head back.” He told his date.

A short time later, they remounted the Harley and Henry fired the machine up. Just before he pulled back onto the highway, he reached around behind his back and petted June’s denim covered pussy. She moaned and crushed her tits to Henry’s back while squeezing his hard cock.

The ride home wasn’t quite a leisurely as the outbound ride. Henry and June were both anxious to get back so they could get their hands on each other. With June’s hands rubbing his manhood during most of the ride Henry had been hard for hours. Even June was feeling her body come to life. Her panties were beginning to get wet. Of course it helped her get hotter every time Henry reached behind his back and petted her pussy. More and more, it was promising to be an exciting evening.

As they pulled into a restaurant for dinner, June asked. “Henry, do we have to eat here? I’d just as soon go to a fast food joint and get something to take with us.”

“If that’s what you want, June. That’s what we’ll do.” He then went to the Captain Ds Seafood joint near his home. They got a couple of fish dinners to go. Once dinner was secured in his saddlebags they headed home.

It was dusk when they pulled into his drive. June hopped off the bike and got the food and her purse from the saddlebags. She then took Henry’s keys and let herself in the front door of his house. In the mean time, Henry secured the Harley in the garage. He patted the leather seat and spoke to his bike. “Well ole buddy. It looks like you may be getting a little more exercise in the near future.”

When Henry entered the kitchen he found June had set out the food on the table and poured each of them a glass of wine. She had also opened a few more blouse buttons to expose a great deal of her cleavage.

“What a beautiful dinner guest. I’m not sure which I’d rather eat first, the fish or you.” He told her with a laugh.

June giggled. “Let’s start with the fish. Maybe you can have me for desert.”

“Now that’s an offer I can’t resist. I’ve been horny all afternoon, and I can’t wait to take you to bed. Just looking at you makes my tongue hard.”

June giggled. “Henry, you make me feel young again. I even got a little wet today without playing with myself. That hasn’t happened in a long time.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. I’ll do my best to please you. Now, let’s eat our dinner. I am anxiously looking forward to desert.”

They both laughed and chatted while eating their fish dinners. When they had finished eating Henry disposed of the trash. June poured them each another glass of wine and carried them into the living room.

In the mean time, Henry popped one of his little blue pills. He still had a supply of them from his time with the teens and their moms.

June and Henry then went into the living room to watch a little TV. It didn’t’ matter what was on. They were much more interested in getting off, their clothing that is.

As they sat cuddling, June used her feet to push her boots off. Henry removed his boots as well.

He then released the rest of June’s blouse buttons. He helped her remove the blouse and tossed it to her floor. Her bra went flying through the air a few minuets later. With her bra out of the way, Henry greedily fondled, licked, and sucked June’s tender tits. She arched her back pressing her chest to Henry’s hungry mouth.

“God that feels so good!” June gasped.

As June was panting and moaning in response to Henry’s attention to her tits, he stood and took her hands. He helped her stand and kneeled in front of her. He kissed her belly while squeezing both of her tits.

June groaned.

Henry continued kissing June’s belly while his hands slid down to her waist. He released her jeans waist button and lowered her zipper. He then hooked his fingers inside her pants waistband and slid them down her legs.

She stepped out of her pants as they lay on the floor at her feet.

He noticed right away that June’s panties were wet between her legs. He kissed her smoothly shaved pubic mound through her panties and smiled up at her. “I see someone in these panties is a little excited.”

June was grinning from ear to ear. “That hasn’t happened in years. I have needed extra lubricant down there for a long time. I guess you have done a good job with me.”

He then pulled her panties down and helped her step out of them before kissing her wet pussy. He then said to her. “Come on, honey. Let’s go to bed. I want to get a good taste of your wet pussy.”

June led the way and Henry enjoyed watching her naked butt sway as she walked rapidly down the hallway toward his bedroom. As they stepped into his bedroom, Henry reached out and squeezed both of her rear cheeks.

“I love the way your ass sways as you walk.”

June giggled and turned to face Henry. She proceeded to remove his shirt and tossed it into a corner. She then released his belt, pant’s button, and lowered his zipper. With one motion, June pulled his pants and shorts down.

Henry quickly stepped out of them.

June then giggled.

“What’s so funny June?” Henry asked.

“We’re both naked, except for our socks. It just struck me as a bit funny to see us here in your bedroom about to make love and we both still have our socks one. Sorry! I really didn’t mean to laugh.” She answered.

Henry chuckled and said. “Humm, it is a bit funny looking isn’t it?”

They both sat on the edge of the bed and removed their socks.

Henry then put an arm around June’s shoulder and pulled her tightly to his side. She tipped her head back onto his shoulder and gazed up into his eyes. They shared a gentle romantic kiss. The kiss grew in passion while their tongues were dueling with one another.

Slowly, without breaking the kiss, they laid back onto the bed. Henry’s free hand began roaming over June’s body. They scooted to the middle of the bed, and Henry started kissing her neck and ears. June was soon breathing heavily.

Slowly, he kissed his way down to her tits. June thrust her chest up as an offering to her lover. He happily accepted the offering. Using his free hand and his mouth, Henry fondled, pinched, licked, and sucked all over June’s chest. She was soon panting with excitement and her upper chest was taking on a rosy tint. He kissed the spot between her tits where the hickey from the previous night remained.

As Henry slid his hand down her body, June spread her legs for him. He found her pussy had become quite wet with her own lubricating juices. He slipped first one then two fingers into her awakened hole. She had produced more than enough lubricating pussy juices to allow easy access into her depths.

He continued to probe her pussy deeply with his fingers. June was soon moaning loudly and thrusting her pelvis up to accept Henry’s fingers. Her eyes were closed and head was rolling back and forth.

June was in a blissful world all her own. She didn’t even realize it when Henry left her tits and kissed his way down her torso.

She gasped when he crawled between her legs and started licking and sucking her soaked pussy lips. “Oh God yes, Henry! Eat me! I love it so much when you eat me.” She reached down and pulled his face tightly to her wanton sex.

Henry was more than happy to oblige. He probed her pussy with his tongue while lapping up as much of her juices as he could get. When he thought she was about explode in orgasm, he sucked her erect clit between his lips and flicked his tongue rapidly over it.

“YES! OH GOD YES! EAT THAT PUSSY, HENRY!” June shouted out in ecstasy as her orgasm took complete control of her body and soul. She thrashed about on the bed as she rapidly and repeatedly thrust her pelvis up to Henry’s mouth. She pulled his head tightly into her sexually starved pussy.

After what seemed like several minutes of orgasmic bliss, June’s body collapsed back onto the bed.

As her breathing gradually returned to normal June said. “Oh Henry, I didn’t know I could still do that. My heart is still pounding with the excitement of what you did to me.” She then giggled. “Perhaps I should have let you eat me for dinner rather than the fish.”

Henry chuckled and replied. “June, your pussy is making plenty of juices and they taste fantastic. You make a wonderful desert. I hope I get the opportunity to frequently get a taste of you.” He then crawled up and lay next to June’s wonderfully soft body. While she continued to recover, he petted and gently fingered her soaked pussy.

As June’s body began responding again to his touch, Henry softly rubbed her sensitive clit. When she began rocking her pelvis up to accept more stimulus from Henry’s hand, he rolled on top of her. As he kissed her, the head of his cock pressed up against her pussy’s swollen lips.

She was more than ready. June wrapped her arms around Henry’s upper body and spread her legs as widely as she could.

Without a word, Henry slowly pushed forward. His cock’s head spread June’s outer then inner vaginal lips.

June didn’t resist but seemed to tense a little.

Henry paused with his cock’s head in the entrance to June’s pussy. When she relaxed a bit, he pushed in a little further. She accepted him in without any more tension. Slowly and steadily, Henry pressed inward. He soon had nearly seven and a half inches of thick cock fully buried in June’s pussy. With one final shove, his cock’s head bumped into her cervix.

“Ummph!” June grunted. “Oh Henry, I feel so full. I can’t remember if I’ve ever been this full. You feel so good in me. Would you mind laying still for just a bit so I can lay here and feel you inside me?”

“Of course, June. You feel pretty good to me as well. I’d love to lay here for a while and just feel your tight pussy wrapped around me.” He then lovingly kissed her.

She returned the kiss and hugged him tightly. Her breasts were crushed between their bodies. After just a minute or so, June began slightly rocking her pelvis.

Henry took that as a clue she was ready to go on. He withdrew his cock from her pussy until just his head remained in her. He immediately reversed course and pressed back into her depths. He bumped into her cervix again.

“Ummph!” She grunted again.

Slowly, Henry increased the speed and force with which he pressed into June’s body. She matched his thrust with the rocking of her pelvis.

In just a short time, Henry was pounding into June’s depths and hitting her cervix each time.

“Ummph, ummph, ummph!” She grunted with each plunge of Henry’s cock into her pussy’s depths. “Oh God Henry, give it to me.” She begged. She then raised her knees and wrapped her legs around Henry’s waist. She thrust her hips up in response to each of his plunges into her pussy.

“Oh damn Henry, I going to cum again. GIVE IT TO ME, HENRY! FEED YOUR COCK AND CUM TO MY STARVING PUSSY!” June cried out as she again exploded in orgasm.

Henry did just that. As June’s orgasm took over her body, he slammed deep into her core and bathed her cervix with four or five powerful surges of hot cum.

They both collapsed together on the bed. Henry’s cock remained hard and soaked in June’s cummy pussy.

As they regained their strength, Henry began taking slow strokes in and out of June’s pussy.

June’s eyes opened wide. “Oh my, Henry! You’re still hard. How can you do that? Don’t you need to rest a little while? Can you screw me again already?”

Henry looked into her eyes, kissed her, and smiled. He whispered into her ear and replied to her questions. “Yes June, I’m going to screw you again. Is that alright?”

“Oh hell yes! Please do me again! It’s been so long since I’ve had a man. Of course you can screw me again.” She threw her arms around Henry’s neck and hugged him with all her strength.

Henry kissed her passionately. She opened her mouth to accept him when he probed her lips with his tongue. She moaned contentedly as Henry sawed his cock in and out of her well lubricated pussy.

When June began returning his thrusts, Henry hugged her body tightly to his and rolled over. That put June on top of him. Her pelvis rocked as she happily screwed herself with Henry’s cock.

“Sit up, June. Didn’t you say you used to like sitting on your lover. You can ride me like that if you like.” Henry suggested.

June pulled herself off Henry’s cock and brought her knees up until her legs were folded under her hips and she was straddling Henry’s hips. She sat straight up and lifted her hips. She reached down and aimed Henry’s cock at her horny hole. She sat down slowly and impaled herself on Henry’s hard spear. She moaned contentedly as she settled fully on his cock.

“Oh God Henry. You fill my body and my needs so well.” She then began raising and lowering her pussy on the cock buried in her depts.

Henry reached up and took a tit in each hand. He squeezed June’s fleshy mounds firmly and tweaked her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers.

June groaned and began rapidly bouncing on Henry’s cock driving it in and out of her pussy. “Ummph, ummph, ummph.” She grunted each time she felt Henry’s cock ram into her cervix. She was soon building toward another climax.

Henry thrust up to meet her. His own orgasm was building as well.

“Oh God! I’m going to cum again. Give it to me, Henry! YESSSSSSSSSS!” June cried out as she came. She slammed her pussy down one final time and shuddered as a huge orgasm washed over her body. She pressed down as hard as she could to increase the pressure of Henry’s cock against her cervix.

A few seconds after June climaxed, Henry bathed her cervix with another load of cum. June continued shaking as he pumped his cum into her body. As their orgasms ebbed, she fell forward and lay breathlessly on his chest.

Henry gently kissed June’s lips and held her tightly to his body. “Are you alright?” He asked.

“I will be in a few minutes. That was so awesome. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so satisfied.” Her breath was slowly returning to normal. She pulled her cum filled pussy from Henry’s semi-hard cock. She was amazed he was still hard at all.

“Henry, I think we need to take a shower. But I need to do something first.”

Without warning, she turned in the bed and sucked Henry’s slimy cock into her mouth. She eagerly sucked and licked until she had him shiny clean. She then turned again and lay beside her lover.

She smiled at him and said. “I wanted to know how we tasted together. Henry, I think I want to do this again.” She then kissed him, climbed out of bed, and headed for the shower.

Henry quickly followed and joined her in the shower. They thoroughly, affectionately, and sometimes playfully cleaned every inch of each other’s bodies. After drying off they retuned to bed.

“Oh dear! We seem to have made a mess of your bed, Henry. Where are your extra sheets? We’ll need to change them before we can sleep there.”

After changing the bedding, Henry and June cuddled closely together and quickly dozed off. It was late Sunday morning before they woke.

Henry made pancakes, eggs, bacon, and juice for breakfast. They lightheartedly chatted as they ate.

Then Henry became a bit more serious. He looked into her eyes and spoke. “June, I would like to see you again. OK, I’d like to make love to you again, too.” He chuckled. ”Anyway, I’d really like to see you. Maybe we can go on another date or something.”

June, grinning from ear to ear, agreed. “Henry, if you don’t call me soon, I may become a stalker and drive you nuts until you do call. I expect you to keep my body awake and filled.” She giggled. “I hope you don’t get embarrassed if I introduce you to my family as my ‘boyfriend’.”

“I’d be honored to be your boyfriend, June. I never thought I’d have a girlfriend at this stage of my life. I guess the teenaged girls will just have to find someone else.”

Both June and Henry laughed out loud.

After breakfast, June gathered her things and Henry carried them to her car. They kissed sweetly and she drove home anticipating their next date.