Cruise to Nowhere


When my wife Alexis hovers over me like this I know I’m in for something special. Married six years now, sex still hasn’t gotten anywhere near old. I look up at her dark sexy features, eyes gazing at me as her body remains tantalizingly close. Her hands are flat against my chest, her arms in position to squeeze her breasts together just a bit. Delicious breasts, small tasty, teasing me. She reaches between us and lets my cock just touch the opening to her pussy. Glancing down I see her fingers holding me in place, the dark hair, trimmed short, leading to…oh..she settles down, letting the head of my cock spread her open, just the head.

She professes often about how she loves me, for being me, but loves my cock, because it stretches her in the right way and fills her how she needs to be filled. This was one of those times where she was going to go, oh so slowly, feeling her insides stretch bit by bit as she lowers herself onto me. I let my hands rest on her hips, not to rush her, just to feel her soft skin. Then down over her shapely butt, around and up her sides, feeling how her body curves over her hips, narrowing along the sides, then up until I find a breast in each hand.

Perfectly shaped, never a complaint from me, but Ally knew, she knows everything about me, she knew some of my girlfriends from before, she knew as she laughed at me, catching me checking out a well-endowed woman on the beach, she knew I was a tit man. She’d even offered to get an enlargement which I firmly voted down. Telling her not to mess with perfection and besides, I liked real ones. But she knew most of all, that I loved her for being her.

That the sex was amazing was quite a bonus.

She kisses my nose as another inch has made its way, then another. Her insides squeeze, massage, hold me. I enjoy every moment.


I’m bracing myself on my husband, my lover, my best friend. Sure I enjoy wild frantic sex. I enjoy any kind of sex. As much as I can get. But there are times, I want, I need, to feel every bit of Eric, inch by inch. Feel what his hard cock does to my wet pussy. Feeling him as it fills me slowly. Eric wasn’t my first lover, but in all honesty, he’s the best. We fool around together. Go to sex parties and swing with friends of mine. But nothing could take me away from Eric. He’s kind and thoughtful and sharing and passionate. And that’s all I need. But he’s also handsome and fit and well, I LOVE his cock. Sometimes I lay my head on his stomach and hold it. Watching it grow to its full length. About 7 inches and just thick enough. Not enough to hurt, but plenty thick to stretch me. When fully hard it curves up just a bit at the end, he wide head calling to me as my nail trails along the veins that line the length. I could hold it and pet it, then take that thick head into my mouth and take it all the way down. It’s a skill I learned along the way and one I use to pleasure my man.

For now, it’s his thick cock, pushing in, pushing deep as I sit on it, letting it spread me wide, until I lean foward having taken all I can fit. I lay on Eric, feeling him inside me. Then I spring my surprise.



“Remember how you told me I could plan our next vacation?”


“I did.”

“Oh cool, where?”

“A cruise.”

“Where to?”

“Nowhere really, everywhere maybe?” He looks up at me, confused,

“OK, and what’s the catch?”

“It’s adults only.”

“Good, no little ones running around.”

“ADULTS only.”


“As in, it’s not one of the big cruise lines. It’s a specialty cruise. For adults with adult activities.” I begin rolling my hips as what I’m saying dawns on him.

“You mean, like?”

I’m shaking my head and rocking my hips. I know at any time I could roll myself into an orgasm. I was that excited.

“Yep. Nude sunbathing. Adult games, dirty fun. I’ve signed us up for everything!”

“Wow.” I can tell he’s interested. His cock somehow seems to have grown, thickened. He’s squeezing my ass, trying to fit more of him up my pussy. I can’t possibly fit him all, but he tries. Now I put aside cruise thoughts for a moment and begin working over this larger than usual cock. As I let him slide from me, that curve comes into play and drags along the top of my canal, rubbing me, then again as he thrusts up and in. I run myself against him, feeling his strong hands kneading my ass, his lips coming up to find my nipples, biting and pulling at them. I find the right pace for me and let his cock do its thing until I feel it coming, working its way through my body, until I settle on Eric and let it come in waves, my body flush, my hands are grasping at my man, nails leaving marks, my pussy grinding on him until I can relax and let him work himself until he tenses and fills me with his cum. We relax, his cock still in me, my head on his chest.

“I love you Eric. This cruise will just be some extra fun.” He kisses the top of my head.

“I do love everything we do Ally. You don’t have to…”

I look up at him all sandy hair and blue eyes. “I know. Nothing wrong with some fun. And what goes on on the cruise stays on the cruise. I’m gonna find you some big tits to play with.” I lean up to cover his protest with kisses. A guy needs tits sometimes. He’s caressing my ass, he does love my ass.


The packing was easy. Actually Alexis insisted on packing for me. When she handed my bag to me I asked if it was empty.

“No silly. Your toiletries are in there. And a few other items. Clothing is not optional. They provide robes for dining rooms and other occasions.”

“You really researched this didn’t you?”

“Oh yeah, a lot. Believe me, I know just what’s going on and all is ok with me. Ok?”

I smiled. “If you say so.”

We dressed in lightweight but presentable clothes for the flight. Ally’s sundress showing off the curve of her butt and her nice legs. At 5-5 she wasn’t real tall, but her legs were just right. She insisted that I not wear underwear beneath my linen shorts.

“I want to know, it’s ohh so close.” Then she flipped up her skirt to reveal nothing but Ally underneath. She bit my earlobe and promised again a cruise to remember.

Getting through the airport with ‘regular’ people was a bit of a chore. The driver holding up the sign with our name was a surprise. When we got in the limo with the darkened window blocking the driver’s view Alexis declared,

“Vacation starts right now.” A moment later her lips were on mine and her hand was working the zipper on my shorts. I felt the cool a/c on my stiffening cock as Ally’s tongue wrestles mine, her teeth biting my lower lip, her hand now working me to fully hard. She breaks the kiss and looks down at the object of her desire. “Driver, add a few minutes to the drive please.” Ally’s lips wrap around the head of my cock, then she slowly takes me in, all the way down, coating me with saliva, her tongue wrapping around on her way up. She pops the head out of her mouth and smiles at me as she feels my hand caressing her round ass. Then my finger finds her wet hole and sinks in. I finger fuck Ally as she goes back to sucking my cock, oblivious to the scenery going by. As I feel myself getting closer I find her clit and begin working her to orgasm, intent on getting her there first. It’s a race against time, an unspoken need to pleasure our partner faster, sooner. She gasps, pauses on my cock as I get her to her spot. Her lips clamp down on my cock, her body tenses and relaxes, she’s humming on me, my cock swells, I add a finger into her pussy, she draws me in, her hum now a low sound from her throat, the feeling overwhelms me as cum shoots into her mouth, down her throat. She sucks, swallows, pushes her cunt back onto my fingers, sucks, licks, moans, then calms.

Ally licks me clean, then licks my fingers when I bring them up between us. She grabs a handful of tissues to dry herself. Then tells the driver, “OK, to the port.”


I was flush, satisfied, smiling as Eric arranged himself in his pants. Vacation was off to a great start. I was sure I’d suck a few cocks over the next few days, but Eric’s would always be my favorite. Just long enough, just thick enough to do whatever I needed.

The cruise terminal was a lot different than the airport. No families, no one under age. People were dressed, but barely so. I delighted in pointing out particularly buxom women to Eric. This was one place where no one minded being stared at or looked over. When we got to the front of the line I produced all our documents. Passport, vaccines, recent doctor’s report.

“What’s all that?”, he asked.

“The reason we went to the doctor last week. We need to prove we don’t have any diseases and stuff, before boarding.”

We found our cabin, looked out from our balcony. There was a note requesting that we stay in our port attire until notified by the captain that we are in international waters. Eric looked at me. I must have looked like I wanted to strip right then. He gave me an evil smile,

“I guess that means no fucking on the balcony for the benefit of those on shore.”

“Oh damn, I would so let you bend me over the railing right now.”

“Let’s not get thrown off before it starts.” I gave Eric a pout, flashed my pussy at him and let him grope me a few moments before leading him out of the room. My suggestion,

“Let’s get lunch. Probably the last time we’ll see all these people fully dressed.” We ate, we checked out our fellow passengers and some of the crew members. Eric was looking at his key/ID card.

“What’s the colored circles?”

“Yours says you’re bi-curious.”

“I am? Since when?”

“Since we’re on a cruise with people who we’ll never see again and it won’t limit you.”

“Hmm. And why is yours a differnet color?”

“This one says I’m bi.”

“You are? I didn’t know you liked women. I mean, I know you told me about back in college.”

“Yes, it’s been that long, but when we get out there. We’ll see, but I think yeah.”

“And other colors?”

“All manner of combinations. I think the list is in the daily planner.”

“Oh, this should be interesting. Can’t wait until we get moving.”

There was a call for the required emergency session. Then we all met in the theater. There were a lot of people there but not thousands like on a typical cruise. They went over rules and regulations. Pretty much anything goes with permission. Let loose, have fun, wear a robe while dining and lounging in indoor public areas. Poolside, clubs, anywhere outdoors, on your balcony, feel free to be yourselves. The Cruise Director set the stage,

“You know what kind of cruise you signed up for. We’d prefer not to have clothed voyeurs. Now by my watch we have about 10 minutes until we’re far enough at sea. So you can go to your rooms and get comfortable.”

He finished his presentation. Then stripped down to his shorts. There was a short announcemnt from the captain and the director dropped his shorts showing an average sized cock. He closed with, “We’re off, have fun!”

We hurried back to our room. I was naked in no time. Eric hesitated for the briefest moment and lost his shorts. He looked at me,

“Can we fuck first?”

“Why don’t you save that energy for the rest of the world?”

“Cause I’m going to have a hardon in no time.”

“Good. Maybe someone with give you a blowjob.”


I followed Alexis out of our cabin. My cock already bobbing a bit as I followed her sweet ass down the hallway. At first people were a little shy, not making direct eye contact or staring at the naked bits as we walked upstairs. I furtively glanced around taking in the bountiful boobage. Alexis held my arm and encouraged me,

“Look, don’t worry about anything. And don’t worry about your cock. This isn’t some typical nude beach scene where you have to act like you’ve been there before. Lots of guys are sporting semi or full hardons. I know. Because I’M looking.”

So I looked, made eye contact, nodded my head, tried not to worry. By the time we got to the pool deck the party was well underway. The DJ was cranking tunes and waving his cock around. The servers were wearing the skimpiest bikini bottoms, men and women and nothing else. The cruisers were dancing and drinking and touching and getting to know each other. Alexis stood next to me with her hand on my ass, caressing me. Apparently she was making eye contact too as a couple walked over towards us. She was about 5-7 dark blonde hair, with an hourglass figure that was drawing looks all around. She was shaved down below, but my eyes were drawn to her large swaying breasts. Likely DD, still with some defiance of gravity, areola small for her sized tits and nipples pointing right at me. A quick glance at the guy, showed he was a couple inches taller, decent shape and had scored way over his head. When they reached us she introduced herself as Natalie and her partner as Ed. They stood either side of me looking at the people splashing in the pool.

Alexis spoke first,

“I’m Alexis and the shy guy here is Eric.” When I turned to object, she added, “I’m going for drinks, anyone need anything?” Natalie responded,

“No thanks, we have everything we need here.” Alexis strolled off with a,

“Have fun.” I finally piped in,

“I’m not really shy.”

Natalie put her head in my shoulder looking at me. I felt a hand on my ass, two actually, and one holding up my cock. Natalie licked my ear, “You don’t mind?”

“No, not at all.” I turned my head and met her lips. A second hand was cupping my balls. I could do the math. As Natalie’s tongue met mine I felt her nails scratching down my chest. The hand moved from my balls to stroking my cock. Natalie whispered to me,

“Ed saw you and would really like to suck your cock.” She’d moved my hand to her breast. My cock felt like it got harder when I felt the weight of it in my hand. “Like my tits? They’re real.”

“I know. They’re amazing.” Natalie took my hand and led me to a lounger in the shade. I could see people beginning to engage in various sex acts. She settled me onto the lounger and straddled me resting her self on my stomach and presenting her tits to me. I quickly began sucking and licking at them, feeling their softness against my face. I then felt my cock entering the warm wetness of Ed’s mouth. While I pulled and caressed Natalie’s big tits, Ed was giving me a quite excellent blowjob. I’d never had a guy on my cock before. Natalie was moaning as I continued my attention on her tits.

“Ed likes a nice cock now and then. And I like having my tits pampered. Despite having tits I could only dream about smothering me, Ed’s work on my cock finally had me lifting my hips. Natalie assured me, “Just go when you’re ready.” I bit down on Natalie’s right nipple and shot my load into Ed’s throat. It was already more than I expected from this cruise. When my head fell back Natalie kissed my neck. “Maybe we’ll see you around sometime. If you’re really curious, Ed wouldn’t mind sticking his long cock up your ass.” I was catching my breath, looking up at Natalie as she rose from me. My spent cock resting. I watched them walk

off realizing Ed hadn’t said a workd.

As I rested I looked to my left. About twenty feet away I saw Ally getting her pussy licked by two guys. One of them likely the man who had brought over her drink. I sat and watched. Damn she’s hot.


I sat just far enough away to not be noticed. I was enjoying the sight of Eric with his face in some big tits. I knew it was his secret, or not so secret, desire. Why deny my man? I was also greatly amused to watch a guy sucking on his cock. I knew he wouldn’t have been into it if not distracted by tits. Big tits. I was also happy that he was going along. It opened up the trip to so many possibilities. I lost track of Eric when my drink arrived. The young man carrying it had a noticable bulge in his tiny bikini shorts. I’d done some research and knew how it worked. Rather than a tip I scooted down on the chair I was using. He put down my drink and smiled, reaching out a hand to cup my mound. When I said ‘thank you’ he let a finger slide along my slit. I sighed and he correctly took that for approval.

“What’s your name?”

“Pavel.” Pavel then put his tongue to my slit. With slight pressure he separated me, tasting my excited pussy. Another man walked by. Pavel motioned him over. “Tasty, you should try.” The second man looked at me,

“Two is better than one.” Satisfied with my response, he joined Pavel, taking turns licking my slit. I glanced over to see a very satisfied Eric looking at me. I raised my glass. He smiled. I put my head back and got lost in the feeling of two men pleasuring my pussy. Two fingers were inserted, a tongue lashed my clit, a hand caressed my right breasts, pulling at my nipple. I sipped my drink and let them have their way. I was almost surprised not to feel a cock pressing into me, but that thought went away as the double attention had me building to a satisfying orgasm. Ah, to lay naked, dozens of people around and my pussy throbbing. I sighed and moaned my way though it.

Pavel licked his fingers clean. The other man kissed my tit, then kissed me, letting me taste myself on him.

“Oh, thanks so much. Very nice.” When they’d gone I got up and walked over to Eric.

“Well that was an interesting start. How are you Eric?”

“Not exactly what I expected, but I feel oddly relaxed. You.”

“MM hmm.” We sat and watched others having fun. We walked the outer decks taking in the ocean breezes, stepping around couples copulating, among other activities. It was invigorating to sunbathe nude without needing to slink off to some private hidden area. We liberally applied lotion to prevent burning of key parts, and besides I liked slicking up Eric’s cock. I noticed that he took his time to add sun protection to every inch of my boobs. Sure they weren’t real big like his friend from earlier, but they’re mine. Smart guy.

For dinner we went back to our room, showered and donned lightweight robes provided by the cruise line. These were apparently available all over the ship. We sat at a table with three other couples we’d never met. The robes kept the seats clean, but they weren’t keeping anyone from getting a look at each others bodies. I let mine fall open enought to give the guys a good view of my tits. Eric sat to my right, a middle aged guy with salt and pepper hair sat to my left. Drinks were ordered and as we toasted each other I felt a hand on my left leg. I turned and smiled at my neighbor.

“Hi, I’m Alexis.” His hand gently stroked my thigh.

“I’m Bob, this is my wife Candice.” I tipped my glass towards Candice as her husband’s hand worked it’s way up my leg. I leaned over to say something to Candice, letting Bob get a closeup of my tits.

“Candice, have you two been on this type cruise before? This is our first time.” As Candice replied I felt Bob’s fingers slide under the edge of the robe,

“Oh this is our third. The first time Bob was so shy, now he just enjoys himself.” Candice was an attractive woman of about 40. Her no longer shy husband now had his hand between my legs, a finger pressing between my lips. When I reached for Bob’s cock I found Candice already there. She smiled at me.

I assured her, “I see that he does. I’m really enjoying myself too.” Candice and I worked on Bob’s cock which had room for both of us. Bob was looking around the table with a satisfied look as his finger hooked inside of me. He knew what he was doing, lucky Candice, and soon had me shivering in my seat. Candice casually took a napkin from the table and covered Bob just before his cum ran in volume from his cock. I sat back, my face flush and looked at Eric as I licked my hand clean. Looking around I noted I wasn’t the only one in the room who had a similar appetizer.


I was slightly surprised not to be put off by having men checking out Alexis, staring at Alexis and touching Alexis. She had a bit more fun at dinner than I did but the food was good and we had some laughs listening to what our table mates had gotten up to. One of them asked what was up with the evening activities. Alexis jumped right in,

“I signed us up for all the games!” Candice replied,

“Brave girl.” When she saw the looks around the table she added, “Oh, it’s nothing bad, a lot of what’s been going on. Good dirty fun.”

I leaned over to Ally, “Did you just?”

“Well he had a finger in my pussy, it was the polite thing to do.” I had to laugh at her offhand manner. We roamed the ship, listened to music. Then found a club where everyone was nude and dancing. We started together but were soon trading off and slow dancing with whomever offered. There’s something different about dancing close with a stranger with your cock pressed against them. And mmm, some of the tits that couldn’t fit between us. Hands on butts, and whispered offers to do all manner of things. We decided that we would wait for the games, though the very tall woman who could dance with my hard cock between her legs was tempting.

At 9 they announced for “Can You Find Your Man?” Alexis grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the stage. She gave our names and saw them checked off. The cruise director called four of us up on stage. Now this was a bit different. With the lights I couldn’t really see anyone, but I knew they were all looking at me and the other three contestants. My cock was hanging a bit at the moment and a quick glance to either side showed three men with nothing to be embarrassed about. We were given instructions.

“First hands behind your backs. No touching or clues. Next, blindfolds to help you not give hints.” When we were set came the final part. “Now our ladies will be led one by one, also blindfolded. They may touch or anything else but not above the waist. After, um, ‘inspecting’, each man they will be led off and tell our lovely assistant Margo, which man is theirs.”

I waited. I was second in line from my right. To my right I heard sounds as someone had joined us on stage. There wasn’t much else until I heard some slurping noises, the unmistakable sound of sucking cock. The crowd was cheering her on.

“That’s it, encourage all you want, but no hints.” A few moments later I could sense someone in front of me. She was holding my balls and touching my cock. I was quickly past hanging there and got cheers as she stroked my hard cock. Next I felt lips around the head and her breath as she bobbed on me. Finally she licked the length and around the head. She sure was thorough. She moved on to my left and I was left with my cock bobbing in the air. As she got to the last man, I could tell another had been led to the stage. The audeience was cheering and asking for deeper. Then more cheers. I soon learned why. The second contenstant soon had me balls deep with her tongue out licking my sack. The croud whooped in excitement as she moved on. I’m guessing the guy to my left was hung because the crowd broke into a chant of “all the way” and a raucous cheer as she must have succeeded. I soon had contestant three licking around my cock. The way her tongue moved, the way she sucked at my head, the way I just made it into her throat, holding it there. I was sure this was Alexis. When the fourth woman began by kissing up and down the sides of my cock and only taking it in so far I was more sure. I guess she could have been number 2, but I had few doubts.

When the ladies had been taken in the back Margo removed our blindfolds to give us a break. She also used a warm towel to clean our stiff cocks. At that moment I would have been happy to bend sexy Margo over a chair and release my pent up cum. She saw the way I was looking at her, leaned close,

“Maybe later”, She shifted her eyes to the side, “he’s too big.” I looked over. Damn, he was pretty big. I looked at Margo. She was 21 if the info Alexis showed me was true. She was also cute as could be with perky tits and a tight little ass.

“Would be my pleasure.” She smiled back.

The director came back out. He was carrying two chairs. “We have two correct answers. Numbers two and three please stay here. Sorry to one and four.” Ah, good for Alexis. She knows me. “Now, if you gentlemen will take these seats, and again hands behind your back. Margo?” Margo put on our blindfolds.

“For the tie breaker, the ladies will use a different way to find their man. Please bring out one of the successful ladies. I could tell they were standing in front of me. I felt a hand holding my cock, then the very definite feeling of a pussy sinking down on me. She braced herself on my thighs and I felt her lift and drop letting me fill and stretch her. Then she was gone. They moved to my left. I heard, “Oh, ooff.” If I wasn’t positive, I was now. Alexis was getting stuffed by a bigger cock than mine. After a few moments it was the next contestant’s turn. I felt a hand on me again, then another wet pussy. Definitely not Alexis. She bounced on me briefly, then was gone. I couldn’t imagine how either would guess wrong. Then what?

The crowd was enjoying the sex show. Big cocks slipping up into waiting cunts. No passion, just sex, on display. When they were gone Margo removed our blindfolds and again stroked us with a warm cloth. The other guy looked at me smiling,

“I think your girl liked the ride.” I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of being jealous.

“Can’t say I blame her.” Nodding at his proud cock. The director came out again.

“I suppose it’s no surprise they guessed right again.” He looked from me to number three. The crowd laughed. “So now the ultimate tie breaker. No blindfolds. No hands free. Ladies, come on out. Alexis and the other woman walked out. The other contestant was pretty hot too. “Ladies, please stand by the man you didn’t come with….yet.” More laughter. Now you work as a team. Ladies, get on those cocks and make them cum!. Guys, reward your ladies by holding off, if you can. Team effort. First guy to cum loses. Ladies, you may cum as often as you want.” Much applause. I figured Ally would feel so tight on his cock it wouldn’t take long. I’d use self control to…oh shit, she faced me, straddled me, and stuck a pair of 38 D tits in my face. She grabbed my hands and put them on her tits. She quickly sat down taking my full length to much crowd approval. From my left I heard Ally moaning, crying almost as he pussy was stretched wide. She was yelling and telling him to “fuck me, fuck me.” He kept saying, “fuck you’re tight.” He may have been used to the big tits of his girl but he was soon latched on to Ally’s. Ally rode him slowly while her competition bounced and bounced, holding my shoulders for balance. She was going hard and fast, rubbing her tits in my face. I could feel it rising, I closed my eyes, trying to ignore, the bouncing, the soft flesh, grinding on me, then from my left,

“UUUUUungh. Oh, just too fucking tight.” Ally raised her hand in triumph,

“He came, he came!” The guy carefully lifted her off and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, and a good fuck, gave her a kiss. The woman on my cock stopped bouncing. She frowned, then looked at me,

“Actually good fuck. But I’m used to Clint.” She also kissed me. It was good to see that everyone was still in the spirit of good fun. The director raised our hands. Margo cleaned my cock. Then stood in front of me and Alexis. She looked at our tags, raised an eyebrow.

“You look like you really need some relief.” Then to Ally, “want to join us?” Ally look at the cute elfin young woman, smiled broadly,

“Lead the way.”


My pussy felt stretched beyong belief. I love how Eric makes me so full, but that Clint, damn, biggest one for me. Now we were following a cute young thing to get some much needed relief for Eric. But the interesting part was, she wanted me there. Fun!

She took us behind the stage into a waiting area of sorts. Margo closed the door over then turning to us she removed her bikini bottoms. Margo was waxed, had to be, small butt, perky tits that made mine look big and a huge personality. No wonder she worked the performances. She was licking her lips as she looked us over.

“Oh, you don’t have any idea how long my day has been. With all the setup and prep and guys staring at my almost naked body and then handling those nice hard cocks. God I have no idea how you fit that Clint’s cock. But I so need some cock and you seem like a great couple and good sports playing the game and obviously not shy. Would you guys do me?” I answered before Eric,

“Sure. Your pleasure.”

“OH! great. So Alexis..”

“You can call me Ally.” She seemed happy at my friendly suggetion.

“Ally, sit in the chair, scoot forward, I’m going to clean what’s left of Clint’s cum and any other juices I find. Eric, you know where to put that nice cock.”

I got on the chair and Margo got on her knees. Her tongue was soon plunging into me, licking all around, then out and up to my clit, before repeating her actions. She paused a moment when Eric’s cock pierced her pussy, stretching her in the way I knew so well. She looked up at me,

“Oh fuck, that’s what I needed. Push it in there Eric. Not too gentle.” Now as Eric thrust into Margo, her tongue pushed into me or her lips pushed onto my clit which she sucked and teased. I looked at Eric and smiled as he enjoyed burying his cock into this sweet young woman. His return smile had just a bit of a smirk of ‘holy shit I can’t believe this is happening’. I put my head back and let Margo do her thing. I was moaning, she was humming, Eric was grunting. With all the attention on stage Eric was read to blast. With a final thrust he sent his load up into Margo then sat back to watch as I told her to get on the floor. She lay back, her pussy now wide open and leaking my husband’s cum. I settled my pussy over her face and went to work cleaning her messy cunt. I liked the combination of Eric’s familiar spunk and Margo’s wetness. We were soon both shaking with pleasure, then falling together. I turned to take her in my arms, kissed her deeply,

“Oh wow Margo. We should have been the main event.” Eric agreed.

“Could have sold tickets and made a fortune.” Margo sat up, her body flush, her pussy glistening. She grinned at us.

“Now unfortunately I have more work to do. Could I, maybe see you guys another time?”

I asked curiously, “So many options on board. Why limit yourself?”

“Oh, I’ll probably get some more action, but like I said, it’s long days. I’d rather not do a co-worker. It’s frowned upon anyway. And some of the guests don’t treat the staff as nice as you guys did. They think we’re here as sex slaves or something.”

Eric, “That’s kind of shitty. You’re a nice person.”

i looked at me, then, “Tell you what. Tomorrow night find us, we’ll take you back to our room after your shift.”

“Really? That would be so nice for a change. Our rooms are small and sparse.”

“Nah, we can do better. Eric will bend you over the balcony.”

“Hahaa, deal!” We watched her skip off, her tight butt barely moving. I looked at Eric,

“I suppose I should have asked you first before promising your cock?”

“Nah, she’s fun. I’m up for anything now.”

“Let’s got find some more dance music. Something livelier so the cocks and tits and asses are shaking.”


We found a club. And the people were moving and the parts were shaking. I danced with Alexis who giggled as my cock bounced to the tunes. Naked dancers are rather amusing. Ally then pushed me towards a girl whose big tits were bouncing all over. She was happy to dance with me. I was mesmerized by her movements and their movement. I was also thinking about Margo’s tight pussy. Damn she’d been fine. I was looking forward to having another shot with her this trip. I found Alexis dirty, very dirty, dancing with a guy whose cock was trying to find its way into my wife. I got in front of Ally while her dance partner was in tight against her ass. When the song ended Ally turned and gave a thank you kiss. We moved off to the side, she told me,

“He asked about doing my ass. He couldn’t say enough about my ass.”

“It is a very fine ass.”

“So you tell me, often.” She gave me a wicked smile. “I just wasn’t up for that right now. I think I’m fucked out for tonight.” We grabbed obes and found a late night snack. Relaxing for a bit she asked, “So, how was your first day? Up for a couple more?”

“It’s…been interesting. My dick’s sure getting a workout. You?”

“I think it’s been fun.”

Feeling tired from a long day getting to the cruise, then our various activities we went back to our room, say on the balcony for awhile holding hands and listening to music and the sounds of people engaging in various activities on other balconies. The cooler air felt good on our bare skin. I looked at Alexis,

“A nightcap?”

“MMM, maybe just hold me?” So I held my love, spooning with my arm around her and my leg between hers feeling the warmth of her pussy against my thigh. I wondered what the next day would bring.


I woke to the comforting feeling of being enveloped by Eric. If I had any doubts about his ability to share this experience with me, they had passed. I could feel his morning wood pressing against my butt. I wiggled my ass against him. As he woke he moved his hips and tweaked my nipple. I leaned my head back while placing his hand on my pussy,

“Fill me?” He moved his hip back, I bent my leg up and felt him press against me. Then the comfortable feeling of my man’s hard cock, pushing up into me. I sighed, contented. “Go slow.” He was rolling my nipple between his fingers, leisurely fucking me, moving his fingers from my breasts, down my stomach, over my mound. He found my clit and began tweaking it as his cock moved in and out. As his pressure on my clit increased I began rolling my hips, causing his cock to touch me how i liked. He was kissing the side of my neck, fucking me, touching me, fingers, tongue, cock all stimulating me until I rolled into an easy glowing orgasm. A long sigh and I rolled onto my stomach sticking my ass in the air. “OK love, go for it.”

Eric got behind me, settling into position and slid his cock back inside, now moving faster, driving towards his, pushing, thrusting, building until, ahh yes, his cum, warm, deep inside. He kept himself inside, admiring and caressing my ass. Then leaning onto me, letting me feel him on top, covering me with his strong body. Putting his head alongside mine,

“Love you Ally.”

We did the usual morning things, breakfast, walking the quieter decks, admiring the scenery. Eric asked,

“So what’s on the agenda for today?”

“Good that you asked, we just so happen to have massages scheduled for this morning.”

“Oh this cruise, that should be fun.”

“Oh sure, I signed us up for the full treatment.”

“Now I’m really interested.”

We walked down to the spa. Waiting for us were Glenn and Anna. Eric whispered to me,

“Who’s doing who?”

“Hmm, who do you want?” I saw him look at our masseuses. Glenn was tall and muscular, a towel around his middle. Anna was also tall, short auburn hair and a towel barely holding in place over full prominent breasts. I knew his answer.

“If it’s all the same to you, I think Anna.”

“Hah, I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with Glenn.” Glenn asked,

“Are you ready? I see you signed up for the couples room?” With a grin I answered,

“Yes, we do everything together.” They led us into a large room with two tables. Anna explained,

“I’ll start with Eric and Glenn with Alexis, but as this is a couples room, we may switch off as needed. Fair?” We both nodded. “Shall we get comfortable?” Glenn and Anna tossed their towels on a side table. As expected Anna’s tits were heavy and stood out with large dark nipples. Eric quickly walked over to her table. I was pleased to see that Glenn had a nice cock, long, slim, his foreskin covering what seemed to be a thick head. We both started face down on our tables. I looked over and smirked as I saw Eric adjusting himself. Then I closed my eyes as I felt the warm oil down the middle of my back. I was lost in blissful relaxation as Glenn’s strong hands worked from my neck, to my shoulders and down and across every muscle on my back. He was taking his time, finally going down one leg, working over my foot, then the other, before going up the other leg. He paused a moment for a little more oil, then began on the glutes. Man, Glenn must really be an ass man cause he dug in deep and massaged each cheek to its fullest. Then it got interesting. I felt Glenn’s hand rubbing oil over my ass, then his fingers slipped between my cheeks and followed my crack, deep into my crack, I tensed a moment when a finger touched my anus, then it circled my tightest opening. Around a couple times. Then a slick finger pressed against me. Fortunately I was so relaxed I separated my legs a bit. He pressed again, now one knuckle in my ass, his hand still squeezing my cheek. He wriggled his finger then pushed again. I moaned. Then deeper, pausing to wait, then when I didn’t clench, pushing his middle finger in. As the middle finger on his left hand slowly went in and out of my ass, his right hand was cupping my pussy, a finger circling my clit, then two fingers entering me. I let out an “ohhh” as I felt both holes penetrated. I looked over to see Anna just beginning to work Eric’s glutes. I wondered if he’d get similar treatment. I lost tract of Eric as Glenn brought me to my first orgasm. Then he turned me over as he cleaned his hands. His travels over my front were just as leisurely, pleasuring my breasts, relaxing me, the sound of Eric shouting, “oh fuck” as Anna found the mark. I smiled.


Anna was doing a great job. I’d never felt better. She wasn’t shy at all about touching me and even though she was working my back, I had a hardon the whole time. Partially from her hands working my body and also from her tits swaying beside me, touching me as she leaned over me. When she came back up to my ass, her strong fingers dug into my glutes, massaging my ass like no one had before. It was the slick oiled finger that got me. At first tracing a line between my cheeks, then touching my anus. I nearly jumped off the table. She put her hands on me and instructed me to relax. I tried to. It was when that finger went in my ass that I yelled, “Oh fuck”. I don’t recall Alexis ever sticking a finger up my butt. It was very different. As she moved her finger my cock got harder. When she told me to roll over, I hesitated, realizing my state. Then I rolled over. My cock was hard and standing at attention. Anna smiled at me and ignored it. She worked down the front of my body, all the way down, then up. Finally she held my ball sack in her hand and inspected my cock.

“I’d say this seems a bit tense, what do you think Glenn?”

We both looked over to where Glenn had Alexis pulled to the bottom of the table and was in the process of thrusting his cock into my wife. He grunted, looked over at me and said,

“Damn, I’ll say. Need any help?”

“I might.”

“Let me, mmm, finish here. You get started.” They were saying this all in fun. Alexis had her head back, her tits shaking and her legs spread wide as Glenn’s ass cheeks flexed with each thrust. Anna regained my attention by taking my cock in her mouth. I reached down and took a breast in my hand. She smiled around my cock and climbed up on the table. Now her tits we hanging in my face as she directed my cock between her pussy lips. I took a nipple into my mouth and began my own bit of massage. Anna rode me hard as I took pleasure in her tits. I heard Ally let loose some of her favorite orgasmic curses as Glenn showed great stamina and determination. She seemed to be rolling from one to another as he kept going. When she seemed to have had enough he withdrew, his hard cock glistening from Ally’s juices. Glenn walked over to my table his cock bouncing before him. He adjusted my table, lowering the top end. My head leaned back. He grinned at me,

“Your key card says, bi-curious. Here’s a chance to be curious. All covered with Alexis’ juices.” I looked up, down?, to see his cock waving in front of me. Anna had stopped moving on me and was rubbing her tits on my chest. Ally had recovered a little, turning to watch us. She offered her own advice,

“Go ahead Eric. What happens on the cruise, stays on the cruise.” I wasn’t really all that curious, that had been Ally’s idea of fun. But I did like watching her play with another woman. And who would know. And it was right there, hard, straight. I opened my mouth. Glenn stepped towards me, Anna lifted her hips just a bit, my own cock quivered inside her. Then he was in my mouth. I closed my lips around him, let my tongue slide along the bottom of his head. I did taste Ally I suppose. Anna had her head along side my neck. She was giving instructions, encouragement.

“That’s it Eric, relax, let him move.” And he did. Not thrusting, slowly pushing in deeper, then backing off. “Close your lips on him, just a little suction.” I did as instructed. Then I got into the routine. Glenn moved, I sucked and licked. He did’t push deep, he pulled back and let me lick the head, suck on it. Then Ally was there, stroking Glenn. There was movement below. Anna was now sucking my cock, long and deep, then an oiled finger, between my cheeks and, ‘oohh’. I had Anna’s finger in my ass and Glenn filling my mouth. With Anna’s throat working my cock, there was almost stimulation overload. Glenn said,

“Get ready.” Ally’s hand moved fasted, Anna’s fingers pressed on me, inside. Glenn began coming in my mouth, salty, thick, odd. I’d tasted bits of myself on Ally’s lips before, even licked some off her tits, but this was spurting in my mouth. Ally said,

“Swallow!”. I did. Anna pressed again. I came instantly. She swallowed, but I was already in her throat. Some of Glenn’s cum ran out. He raised the table and Ally kissed me, tasting Glenn, letting me feel something more usual. Anna popped off my cock and sighed.

“MMM. So how was that?” Ally answered,

“Awesome. So relaxing, then so stimulating, then wow.” I was spent, in many ways. I lay on the table a few moments then sat up looking at the three of them.

“Well that was different.” We put on robes, thanked them again and went back to our room for showers.


When I was sure Eric hadn’t been traumatized by his new experience I let him know I thought it was hot watching him be used by two sexy people. He told me he had new appreciation for my ability to take his whole cock down my throat. We lounged nude for awhile then in the afternoon I remembered there was a chocolate event.

There were items for sale, all chocolate, and all representations of body parts. I paid to have a chocolate mold made of Eric’s cock. He was a sport as the woman coaxed him to full hardness, then encased his cock in some material. She said,

“We’ll need you to stay hard intil the plastic sets.” Eric looked at me and shrugged. I looked around and saw another couple. She was so cute, short but with nice tits that looked big on her. I walked over and whispered to her. She smiled and shook her head yes. In moments her guy was standing next to Eric getting his cock molded. As they stood there watching I led Dawn to a sofa. Since no one was wearing anything anyway we went right to making out and fondling tits. Eric and our new friend stepped closer to watch, encouraging us all the way. Dawn and I settled into a 69 with her soft light brown bush hovering over me. I grabbed handsful of a tight young ass and pulled her to me. Her tongue had already found the spot. The guys had no trouble staying hard as Dawn and I sucked and tongued, pussies and clits. Her tongue was magic. Eric eats pretty good pussy, but Dawn really knew how to drive a woman wild. My tongue was buried in her as she sucked and pulled at me. I came first, then Dawn sat up resting her pussy on my face, her firm tits rocking and bouncing, then shaking as she came, drenching me. We sat side by side on the sofa holding each other in appreciation. The other woman came over to remove their molds and to clean off their cocks. Both of our guys were still firm and needing some attention. I looked at Dawn,

“You get Eric and I’ll take…”

“Brett. Fuck or suck?”

“You choose.” Dawn stood and took Eric’s hand leading him to her spot on the sofa. He sat and Dawn straddled him, quickly sinking his cock into her wet pussy as he held her tits to his mouth. I had Brett join them and was soon rocking and rolling on his needy cock. I looked over at Dawn smiling as we rode our new friends. We bounced and grinded, the guys sucked nipples and squeezed our asses. I felt Brett stiffen and settled on him as he came. Eric was a little behind us but soon was coating Dawn’s insides. When we dismounted Dawn and I received a short round of applause from the other shoppers. We were then handed chocolate models of our man’s hard cock and bags containing the molds. Dawn looked in the bag, then to Ally,

“Thanks so much.”

I’d been more than happy to pay for hers, “My pleasure.” As they went happily on their way Eric looked at me and laughed,

“You bought theirs too?”

“I needed to be sure you stayed hard and I saw her eyeing the chocolate cocks and she said it was out of their budget. Money well spent I’d say.”

“Me too.”

“So you enjoyed that little pixie?”

“I’m enjoying this whole trip.”

“Even the..” I mimicked sucking a cock.

“Yeah even that was ok.”

“MMM, my adventurous man.”

After dinner we hit the clubs again. I needed Eric in the proper mood for the next contest. He’d need all his newly learned skills.


I have to say, trying some new things was a small price to pay for being allowed to fuck some really fine pussy. And all that with my wife right beside me, encouraging me. I knew we’d go back to normal at home and I really was satisfied with being a one woman guy, so this was a treat I hadn’t imagined. Oddly it wasn’t bothering me to watch Ally get her pussy filled by several cocks. I knew she felt as I did back home.

After some dancing Ally led me to a club that was the setting for the next game. She’d volunteered us as contestants for “How Oral Are You?”

We were led on stage with two other couples. Supposedly all of us were husband/wife couples. The cruise director again led the event and I noticed that Margo was his lovely and almost naked assistant.

“For tonight’s event we’ll see how oral a married couple really is. We’ll be presenting four men, especially chosen by my cohost Margo. Each has been fully measured, right Margo?”

“Yes! Fully!” As before she was exuberant and fun.

“Each couple will receive as many points as inches they can cover. Contestants can use their hands. We’ll redden their lips and measure their progress. Well Margo will.” He laughed, she smiled brightly. “Total inches over four men wins! Are you ready contestants?”

I nodded, Ally whooped, the other women did pretty much the same. One of the guys seemed not so sure about this.

“Our first subject, who Margo found by the Lido deck pool, Peter!”

Peter walked out already hard, his cock straight and not too thick. Margo walked to him and made a show of holding a ruler against his cock, then wrapping her fingers around him. She announced, “6 inches with a girth of 5 inches.” The crowd applauded. The directer made a joke about Margo’s measuring skills. We were third this time. The first couple walked up to Peter and knelt. When Margo applied lipstick to their lips the guy got more uncomfortable. His wife took Peter’s cock and easily left her mark at the base. Margo announced “6!” Now her husband tried, without touching the cock. He quickly opened wide and bobbed down then off. Margo made a frown as she measured, “plus 2. A total of 8 for couple number 1.”

With couple number two the guy was a bit more enthusiastic and they managed a 5.5 and a 4. “9.5 inches!” announced Margo. She then carefully cleaned Peter’s cock while also ensuring he stayed hard. The director kept the crowd in it with a series of well practiced off color jokes. Often at Margo’s expense. Now it was our turn. I had already accepted that I’d be wrapping my lips around more cock and I wasn’t sure how far I’d be able to go, but what the hell. Ally knelt down and quickly went ball’s deep. “6”, announced Margo. She gave me a wink as she reddened my lips. Then whispered, “is it still ok if I come by tonight?” I’d forgotten about our talk the previous time. I nodded. She smiled, “You guys are the best.” Sure I was. As I watched her tight ass move around the stage. Now I turned to the cock at hand. I took a deep breath and pushed my face forward. I gagged. I stopped. Margo gave me a pouty face as she measured. “plus 3 inches, for a total of 9.” Damn, we were behind. Ally scowled at me, only half jokingly.

“Relax”, she instructed. I assured her I would. Then the next guy was led out. He was bigger than Peter.

The director told us, “And this is Carl. Margo says he works as a room steward. Lucky ladies whose rooms he has keys to. Margo?”

“7 inches, 5.5 girth.” A groan from the male contestants. Cheers from the crowd. This time team two went first. She managed 4.5 inches, and her reluctant husband barely got past Carl’s head. It was called 5.5 and they were eliminated. He was the happiest guy there. Then as we were getting ready it was noted that Carl’s cock wasn’t fully hard. He smiled at Margo. She was facing away from the crowd and rolled her eyes. Kneeling in front of Carl she stuck out her tongue and flicked it under his head then sucked on his head until he was at full strength again.

“Thanks Margo. Maybe later we finish the job?”

“You wish.” She turned to me, “Last cruise for me.” We took our turn. Ally again easily taking his full length. I again getting about 3 inches in. Margo, “A total of 10.” The last couple, contestants #1 managed 11. The cruise director announced,

“After two rounds Contestants 1 have a total of 20.5 and Contestants 3 have 19. Contestants 2 have gone to the buffet to practice on bananas.” Laughs for the corny jokes. “OK, you don’t think this is getting easier do you?”

“Nooooo.” We nervously smiled.

“Margo, bring out subject number 3.” Margo led out a man with a cock to be proud of, not only was it 8 inches, per Margo, it had an upward curve that would add to the challenge. “Margo found Kent relaxing in the shade with his lady making sure he didn’t burn this specimen.” He was no thicker than Carl but the curve would be interesting.


Damn that was one delicious looking cock. I had to hope this other chick would hit her limit because my dear Eric seemed like 3 inches was his limit. This was starting to be a challenge. This guy was bigger than Eric. I was standing by Margo as Contestant’s 1 got ready.

“Where did you find this one?”

“Oh most are actually volunteers. But I do look around. One of the fun parts of the job.”

“You’re coming to our room tonight right?”

“Yes, Eric said I was still invited.” I patted her butt,

“Of course.”

Margo left me to go announce, “7 inches!” Cool maybe she had a limit. Her guy only went 3 inches this time. Come on Eric. I got down in front of Kent. I stared at his cock bobbing there challenging me. I looked up and winked at him, then started going down. His head was touching me in different places. I gripped his balls, pulling myself along as I got near the end, I gripped his thighs and pushed forward. Then quickly off, ahh.” I heard Margo, “Wow 8 inches!” With a determined look Eric gave it his best shot and “3 inches.”

“And after three rounds it’s a tight one, as we’d all like to say.” Contestants 1 are at 30.5 and Contestants 3 are at 30. It’s all about round 4. And I’m sure Margo has someone special for us. Margo?”

As Margo led out subject 4 the crowd began howling. I looked over to see a slab of meat to make any porn star proud. It was hanging between his legs, long and thick. Margo held it up in her two small hands. Her fingers didn’t touch. She knelt facing the crowd and let it hang over her shoulder. She was patting it as if it was a pet. She leaned back and let it slide down to her chest. Then Margoo began stroking it and it began to stiffen. The director added his own comments,

“Margo tells me this amazing cock is hidden away in the kitchen. Pedro says it can’t stay hard too long or he’ll pass out. But Margo is getting him there.” She had it stiffer, giving in to gravity it had a downward curve. We waited for the announcement.

“I had to stretch my little tape measure, but it’s 10 inches. My hands don’t go around it, so it’s well over 6 inches. I wouldn’t even think about trying to fit it anywhere else.” She made her eyes wide in mock fear.

“OK, thanks Margo. I think you can let go now. Margo? Margo?” She pouted and walked to our side. By luck of the draw, Contestants 1 went first. The woman tried gamely. She pushed and pushed but was announced as 6 inches. Damn good for that thickness. Her husband added another four. Shit that was more than expected. Margo read the numbers out,

“10 inches total for a grand total of 40.5 inches. Contestants 3 will need a total of 11 inches to win.” Well this didn’t look good. I told Eric to go first. I didn’t think there were rules about the order. He stepped up, knelt and slammed that cock into his mouth. “3 inches.” Damn consistent Eric. He came back to me,

“Sorry.” I kissed him. Cheering. A comment about where those lips had been. Now me. Could I get 8 inches of that cock down my throat? I didn’t think so. I got ready. I held it in my hand. It was damn impressive. I took some breaths, licked it to get ready, then started. Down I went. I quickly felt full, stuffed. Into my throat, closing my eyes, swallowing, down, trying to go in one movement, stretching. I put my hands on his ass and pulled, I don’t think I’ve had a cock this far before, I needed to breath, I had tears in my eyes, I wanted more but, uuh. I fell back. Margo held up his slippery cock. She pinched his head, she stretched him out. Then she made a face.

“7 and almost a half. Contestants 1 are the winners.” She looked at us. “Sorry, I tried.” I gave her a hug.

“Make it up to us tonight.” She smiled and went off to get the trophies for our opponents. Eric looked at me disappointed. I couldn’t be mad at him, he was a gamer. “Great try babe. I guess sucking cock isn’t your forte.” He laughed.


“No I guess it isn’t. Can I be done for the cruise. I’m not curious any more.” Ally laughed at me, the said kiddlingly, I hope,

“OK, I’ll cross you off the butt fucking comp list.” My ass clenched. “Let’s go get cleaned up and wait for Margo.”

We were relaxing with glasses of wine when there was a knock at the door. A fully naked Margo was waiting to be let in.

“Hi guys. You two are the best. So many people touching me and grabbing me all day and all I want is to be with a couple of caring people.”

Ally welcomed her, “And now you are. Wine?” She poured. “I wouldn’t mind handling a few of those cocks.”

Margo laughed, “It’s not as glamorous as you think. I had to “audition” 20 guys. They get pissed when you tell them their cock isn’t what you’re looking for and half of them think I owe them a blow job just for being there.” Ally looked a little concerned,

“Do they force you?”

“No, no. There’s always a security guy nearby. I never feel unsafe.” But I just want to have some of the carefree fun I see all over the ship. Like now. I feel safe and you guys are sexy and you can do whatever you want, I’d welcome it.”

My cock sprang to attention. Margo was lying across the bed on her stomach. I was admiring her ass. I was just about to say something when Ally chimed in,

“Really? Because there’s one thing I think Eric has been hoping for and I see the way he’s checking out your ass.” Margo looked over towards me.

“You want to fuck my ass?” I kind of rolled my head from side to side, shrugged and…”cause you totally can if you want. As long as you also fuck me on the balcony as the sun comes up tomorrow. I’ve always wanted to have a hard cock slipping up into me leaning on the railing as a new day started. Deal?”

“DEAL”, I practically shouted. Ally laughed. Margo looked at her,

“You don’t do anal?”

“Oh I do. Eric’s more of a tit man but I’m a little shortchanged there so he gets my butt sometimes.”

“Ha, I wish I had your tits. But I guess my ass is nice.”

All this talk of tits and ass had me ready in no time. I was sitting in a chair and soon had two sexy young women running their tongues up and down my cock. When they looked up at me, or let their tongues meet somewhere along my shaft I felt jolts through my body. And Margo was going to let me fuck her ass. That cute little ass I’d been watching on stage. If Ally wasn’t already getting her share of cock on this cruise I’d really owe her for all this.

Ally moved over to the bed laying on her back with her head towards the bottom. Margo got the picture and settled her self above Ally, then bent her head down to taste my wife. I’d grabbed the lube and had liberally applied some to my cock, then I let my fingers massage around Margo’s tight opening. I slowly inserted a finger and worked it gently in, opening her until I could fit a second. She lifted her head from where she was tonguing Ally,

“I’m ready. Give me that cock Eric.”

I made sure my cock was slick then pressed it against Margo’s ass. I caressed her cheeks, small, tight, smooth, as I pushed, my head entering gripped by Margo. She again instructed,

“Go ahead, smack my ass.” Cool. Ally wasn’t into that. It wasn’t a need for me either, but good to have the option. Now I smacked her cheeks, pushed my cock, slapped and pushed. Her cheeks so smooth, unblemished, now a little pink. Slap. Push, in. I let my cock sink into Margo. She was humming and making sounds into Ally’s pussy. Ally reached up and held my balls. I got into a rhythm, Margo’s tight ass holding me as I rocked in and out. I picked up my pace. Standing behind her, holding her ass, filling her with cock. Now she was crying out, partially muffled by Ally’s pussy being pushed up to her. Ally had two fingers in Margo’s pussy as I thrust deep in her ass. Margo’s head came up, “ooooh fuck me, fuck me hard, aaaaah fuck, oh, oh, oooooh.” Ally must had been working hard on her pussy. Her ass was crushing my cock, until she screamed out and came. I held her, smacked that ass and thrust deep, again, again, holding her slim hips, then pushing deep and releasing my load. She was limp now. I held her up to me as I pumped my cum into her ass.

Ally had scooted out from under Margo, holding her in her arms as I stayed attached, not wanting to leave her ass just yet. Ally said,

“Eric, I think she’d done for the moment.” Reluctantly I let my cock fall from her. I’d been hoping I would be able to stay in and continue but Ally was right. Margo was done for a bit. I washed up and joined them on the bed. Ally and I wrapped our arms and legs over the young woman, holding her between us, gently touching her. After awhile she stirred, rolled onto her back and looked at us,

“That was awesome guys. Wow, I haven’t gone off like that in I don’t know when. Eric, your cock is just right for that. And Ally, whew, you did me good. Sorry I didn’t finish you.”

“No problem Margo”, Ally replied, “our pleasure. You seemed like you needed a good one this afternoon.”

“It’s nice to be appreciated.”

I was taking this in. Two naked women lying next to me. My hand was spread across Margo’s flat stomach. She looked up at me. I leaned down. We came together, her mouth open, welcoming me. As our tongues met I felt Ally’s hand stroking my shoulder. Margo and I kissed deeply me showing my appreciation for her sharing her body, she showing the same for our caring for her I suppose. When we separated, she looked

quickly at Ally,

“Was that ok? I don’t want to cause any problems.” Ally smiled,

“It’s ok. But how about bringing some of that over here?” Margo turned and I settled back to watch them kiss just as passionately.

We fell asleep, Margo cuddled between us. Flesh touching flesh all around. I woke to the sound of Margo feasting on Ally’s pussy. I think it was Ally’s moans that woke me. I got up to take care of morning needs then watched as Margo brought Ally to an orgasm or two. It was our last morning on the cruise, but I had one more event. We’d be pulling into port soon. I went and waited on the balcony looking out over the waves, then the shoreline in the near distance. I could hear some of my neighbors taking advantage of their own balconies. I leaned over the railing, looking up and down around me. Sure enough there they were. I waved to a woman who’s large tits hung over the railing. The shaking a hint that she was getting it good on the other end. She waved back. I turned as Margo joined me. I pointed out the action to her.

“Well I don’t have tits to hang like that but I definitely want to get some as we get near port.”

“I thought we weren’t supposed to, in port.”

“Are you kidding? People line up to watch. It’s not like they can kick you off the boat.” So she sat on my lap. Alexis was giving us some privacy, going in to shower. Margo was kissing my neck, her hand making circles on my chest, her butt moving, stimulating me.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you last night.”

“NOOO, it’s a bit of a turn on. You were gentle.” She kissed me again, on the lips. We heard a horn. “MMM, we call that the time to fuck horn. It means we’re coming into port, so time for all good cocks to find a port.” She got up and stood by the railing. “I’ve never done this before. I mean in public. Not part of a show.” She was waving to people. They were waving back at what must have been a lot of naked people. I stood behind Margo, caressing her body, kissing her neck. My cock was ready. She leaned forward and spread her legs. I lifted her and pushed a stool under her feet. Now at this angle I aimed my cock and found her wet pussy waiting for me. She sighed as I sank into her. She looked back and smiled then watched the crowd watch us. She waved as I thrust my cock into her. Her small tits shook, her mouth opened and I fucked Margo long and steady. The ship slowed but I kept going. She held onto the railing and I thrust and thrust.

She began crying out, encouraging me to fuck her. Anyone watching would know that pixie was getting all the cock she needed. When at last I pumped my cum into Margo she cried out and let her head fall forward. When I pulled out she turned around and took my sticky cock into her mouth sucking me clean. She looked up at me wth her pale eyes and smiled, the tip of my cock between her teeth. We turned as Ally joined us, applauding. Margo stood between us.

“You guys are awesome. Now I have to go get my stuff together. This is definitely my last cruise. I need to find someone like you. Either of you, to treat me right.”

Ally was the one to say it, although I was thinking it, “Come visit us someday if you’re out our way.”

Margo looked at her with surprise, then at me. “Thanks!” Then she was off.

When she left I looked at Ally,

“Did you mean that? Or are you still in the mood of the cruise?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. And I think we have time for a quick one before we leave.” She took me by my soft cock and led me to the bed.


We packed our stuff, what little there was, and disembarked. It was kind of strange seeing all our fellow passengers as regular people back in the port. For a few days we’d all been naked and fucking each other. Now we’re back to being “respectable”.

The flight home was uneventful. And once home we settled back into our routine, which to be honest, was pretty damn good. I went back to loving my favorite cock in the world, giving it all the attention it deserved. Eric, as always, loved me for who I am and gave me what I needed.

It was a good six months later when I answered the front door. Standing there was a young woman I didn’t recognize. For one, she was wearing clothes. Jeans, a loose sweatshirt, a ball cap. Her hair was a bit longer too. But I recognized the smile. I immediately got a warm feeling between my legs. I turned,

“Eric, we have company…..”