Weekend in bed

On Wednesday I received a text from David. “Any idea when you are due on Friday?” “I’d rather not come, got the sniffles”, I texted back. “Poor excuse MacDonald. Get ur skinny arse over.” I did not reply.

Thursday he texted again. “What r u up to tonight?” “Nothing the antibiotics are fucking me up” He did not reply.

When I came home on Friday I sighed, and coughed. I had made it through the week, somehow. Now I was exhausted, tired, fucked. Bed, undress first, take the antibiotics. I even had to concentrate on these little things. I just dropped my stuff on the floor, put on my long shirt and the shorts and slipped under the blanket.

The knocking at my door woke me. It was dark, I must have been asleep for some time. “What?” A coughing fit shook me, my throat felt as if someone had deposited a whole role of razor wire inside.

“Someone here to see you.” Ralph, my flatmate called through the closed door.

Before replying I reached for my water bottle and drowned it in long gulps. Who could that be? My friends here knew that I was sick. And none of them would call with a bowl of soup.

“Who?” Not coughing this time. A quick glance around my room let me cringe. Clothes on both chairs, on the floor. It was a mess. To be fair, so was I.

The door opened and I sighed, fought a cough. “Yeah, enter.”

“Just me.” David. I froze. How? Why? I switched on the small lamp by my bed, hoping that its soft light would not reveal too much of this mess.

He looked around, negotiated his way to my bed. Dropping his rucksack on one of the free spaces on the floor he sat down on my bed.

“MacDonald, you look like shit.”

Yeah, sure I did. Sweaty, hair in an entangled mess, dark circles under my eyes. “So, you came all the way down to state the obvious?” Not the best reply. Coughing I turned away, muttered a “damn” as it subsided.

“Who is looking after you?” “Me”, I admitted weakly, stifled a yawn. My body was on the verge of going back to sleep. My brain was in overdrive. David was here. For the first time ever he was visiting me. Uninvited, unannounced just as he had entered my life. Kind of. And I? I could just sit here, cough, blow my nose and look like death warmed up.

A cough woke me up. I was half lying, half sitting in my bed. It was still dark. What a weird dream. David, here. I smiled, shook my head. Silly girl. Only then I felt the arms around my waist. It wasn’t a dream. David was sitting behind me, fast asleep but still holding me. I snuggled closer, rested my head at his naked shoulder. He stirred, his hand brushed my belly, came to rest on my leg. Still smiling I drifted off again.

Saturday passed in a blur. Drifting in and out of sleep. David was there every time. Tea, soup, tucking me in, sitting next to me, lying next to me. It was overwhelming in my tiredness.

Sunday morning dawned. For the first time in nearly a week I felt refreshed. Yawning I stretched, sat up in bed.

David was still asleep next to me. Looking at him nearly hurt. I loved him. And I was so grateful for what he had done.

Slowly I got up, went to the kitchen. Tea, maybe a fag. Remembering my first morning at his place I smiled. So much had happened. Since that day I had been there nearly every third weekend. I had met his friends, even his brother on my last visit.

And though we had never talked about it, we had fucked. Every time. And now he was here, still asleep in my small room in my flat share.

Humming to myself I poured the milk, looked at the contents of my fridge. Shopping today, but later. Back to bed now.

I placed my cup on the small bedside table and sat down. Trying not to disturb David I got under the blanket, propped the pillow behind my back and reached for my e-reader. Reading and sipping my tea I realized that I was felling different. It was not only that my cold was nearly gone. Now and again I glanced at David, smiled. Yes, I was happy. More than I had been for a long time.

I was just pondering if I should make another cuppa when he opened his eyes.

“Good morning.” I smiled down on him, wanted to reach out and touch him. I rose my hand, checked myself. Instead I pushed a strand of my long black hair – still an untidy mess- behind my ear.

“Good morning, feeling better?” Grinning I nodded. “Much better. All I need now is a shower, food and a fag.” He laughed softly, sat up as well. “Back from the brink of death and all she can think about is a smoke.” I pulled a face. “And shower and food. Not sure which one first.”

“Okay, I decide. Shower, get dressed and then we go and get a decent breakfast.”

Smiling I saluted laxly. “Yes, Sir.”

The hot water felt like heaven. Wrapped in my towel I hurried back to my room. “Clean towels are in the wardrobe. If you want one. It will take ages to dry my hair.” He grinned. “Found them yesterday, or rather, you told me. Won’t be long.”

Frowning I watched him leave. What else had happened that I could not remember? I dressed quickly in jeans, a clean t-shirt and a jumper. Laundry had to be done as well. Damn how I hated that when life got the better of me.

While blow drying my hair I gathered everything I could reach. David would have to leave today. Only a few hours left.

“Wow, you even have a floor. And a carpet.” David teased me as he came back. “And even chairs” I retorted, emptied one and dropped the clothes in the laundry basket. “Welcome to the Hilton.” David laughed, pulled a fresh t-shirt out of his pack. “I’ll just pop this in the machine while we’re out.”

He nodded, looked at me. “You look a lot better.” I avoided his gaze, did not know what to say. “Thanks”, I murmured eventually and left the room. Even though that meant I would miss an opportunity to see him naked. “No worries. And hurry up. I’m starving”, he called after me.

Two hours later we were back in my room. David smiled at me. “Back to bed now.” I opened my mouth to protest but he raised a hand. “Rest. You still need it.”

Smiling I started to undress. “Admit it. You just want to see me naked.” Grinning he sat down on the free chair. “Yes, but this way it doesn’t sound too selfish.”

I laughed, coughed again. Turning around to put my jumper and the shirt on the other chair I blurted out “Why did you come?”

I sensed him move and turned towards him. “To see you – naked.” He smiled again, came nearer and reached out, undid the clasp of my shabby bra. “To feel you.”

David slid the straps from my shoulders, cupped my small tits in his hands. As he rubbed the nipples gently with his thumbs they responded instantly by getting hard.

“And I was asleep most of the time.” I smiled up at him. “And snoring”, he teased me, let his hands wander down towards my hips. Pulling me close he slid his hands in my already opened jeans kneaded my butt cheeks. With a sigh I leant against him. Now I was sure that my cold was almost gone. I wanted him. Now.

With a deep sigh he pulled free. “You should really get some more rest.”

“You could fuck me to sleep”, I retorted, bit my lip. He laughed. “And when you wake up I’ll be gone.” “Just like a dream”, I murmured, smiled a sad little smile. The whole weekend had seemed like a dream.

David embraced me, stroked my naked back.

“If that is the only way I can get you to rest, so be it.” With a theatrical sigh he pulled down my jeans.

“Next time you get the sniffles you call in sick and move your sorry ass up to mine, understood?”

Confused I looked at him. He just smiled, grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me towards the bed. “Get under the duvet before you get too cold.”

His lips brushed my neck and sent shivers down my spine. How could I not obey him? I was on fire with longing.

Just a moment later he slipped in beside me, naked. In an instant his hands were on my body. All over my body. I stretched myself, spread my legs. David chuckled but followed the invitation. I moaned as his hand slid between my legs. Slowly his fingers found their way and he started rubbing my clit.

Licking my lips I reached out, felt his warm skin under my fingers. He pressed himself against me. His already hard cock rubbed against my thigh, leaving a smear of pre-cum.

Would I ever get tired of this? Feeling him, being fucked by him? It felt so fucking good. Or would he? I frowned, pushed the thought aside. Instead I wrapped my leg around him and pulled him closer.

Chuckling again he rolled on top of me. As he pushed his cock inside my cunt he buried his head in my hair. I moaned, my hips rose to welcome him. He fucked me slowly. Gentle, careful, just like the first time.

Buried deep inside me he stopped, pushed himself up and looked down on me. Questioning I rose an eyebrow. He just smiled. The bastard just stayed like that, smiling down on me. And I wanted more. Now. Teasing I buckled my hips against him, willing him to go on.

Slowly he pulled back. Longingly I moaned, tried to pull him back with my legs.

With a powerful thrust he buried himself deep inside me. Another one, faster, harder. I responded to his movements. My hands slid down his back, gripped his nice firm ass. This felt so good. Again and again, fast, hard, deep. Panting he buried his face in my hair again. I felt his skin rub against mine. Skin on skin, sweat, our juices mixing. His heavy breathing next to my ear. His loud moaning. All that set me aflame, I was burning with desire.

The noise of our fuck filled my room, my world. The soft squelching sound every time he drove his cock deep into my wet cunt.

I felt his tension, bit my lip. That was nearly the best part. Feeling him cum inside me. I just loved it. Not long now, I was sure. He stopped again, tried to control himself. No, not now. I wanted to feel him. Willingly I contracted the muscles in my cunt, released, tensed up again.

With a loud groan he pushed himself deeper, as far as he could and I could feel him cum inside me.

“Bitch”, he panted in my hair and I chuckled. “Sorry?” But I wasn’t.

“You will be.” Playful he bit my shoulder, pushed himself up and lay down next to me. Only an instant later his fingers had replaced his now wet cock. He started to fuck me with them. I gasped, wriggled but he just went on. Hard,fast, deep. Two fingers, three fingers, widening me, filling me. Open mouthed I moaned, pushed against his fingers. He watched me closely, smiled this special smile of his.

I closed my eyes. Just feeling I reacted, moaned, panted. I felt the tension, the need. Unable to say anything my thoughts were still along the lines of ‘more, yes, harder, fuck’. Now with just his fingers inside me the squelching sound was louder, bore witness to my wetness. I did not care. His fingers slid in so easy, fuelled my longing.

David moved, his fingers slowed down. Just as I let out a small disappointed sigh I felt the reason why. Fingers slowly sliding back in his thumb started to circle on my clit. Involuntarily I pressed against him, increased the pressure.

“Oh”, I gasped as the orgasm rolled over me. With his fingers deep inside me I came, panting, trembling. Squirming on the bed I felt his hot skin touch mine. He did not stop. His thumb still circled my now more than sensitive clit. It felt good, too much, irritating, all at the same time. Whimpering I pressed my legs together, tried to free myself from his touch.

Gently his movements ceased, he withdrew his fingers. Still panting and sweating I lay back, tried to get my breath back. His wet fingers brushed across my belly and I shivered. I was so tired, did not want to open my eyes.

The last thing I felt were his breath and his lips, as he placed a soft kiss on my brow.

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