Mom my lover

Don’t get me wrong, l love both my parents and l know they love me, but l suppose, like most parents, they do say such stupid things at times. Like the time Mum was in the kitchen preparing a meal, l went behind her, reached round and grabbed her tit.

“David!” She squealed, pushing my hand away and turning round. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“What do you think l’m doing Mum,” l replied, “l’m feeling your tit.”

I put my hand back onto her tit and squeezed it gently.

“David, stop that immediately,” she said, trying to push my hand away but l was determined, we struggled for a few moments then l managed to get my hand inside the v-neck of her dress and force it inside her bra. I felt her nipple rock hard, l had been told by Jeff that that was a sign that she liked what was happening so l fought harder against her struggles and pinched her nipple.

“David, stop it this instant,” she said but l could feel her struggles weakening, l pinched her nipple harder just like Jeff had told me and l saw the flush of colour in her cheeks, heard her give a guttural groan deep in her throat then felt her relax. “Please stop David,” she said weakly as my other hand slid into the neck of her dress and grabbed her other tit. I pinched both nipples together and she slouched back against the worktop. As my hands worked on her tits l felt the materiel of her dress give way, l pulled it apart, exposing her bra covered tits. That was much better than the pictures Jeff had shown me, her tits were big and firm but the skin felt so soft and smooth. Her nipples were like bright red corks, l pinched them again.

“Oh David, please don’t do this,” she said, but she made no attempt to stop me.

“Admit it Mum, you like it don’t you?” I smiled.

“No David, please stop, this is very wrong,” she replied, but then groaned again as l pinched her nipples again.

“Is your pussy wet Mum?” I said, taking my right hand from her tit and reaching down, l got to the hem of her skirt which was just above her knee, put my hand under onto her thigh.

“Oh my god no,” she cried, trying to struggle but my left hand was forcing her back against the worktop. “Stop it now David please, don’t touch me down there, please David.”

“Jeff said your pussy would be wet if l pinched your nipples hard,” l said, my hand sliding up her thigh. I tried to get between her thighs but she had clamped them together.

“What do you mean?” She said, “who’s Jeff?”

“He’s my special friend,” l replied, “he likes you, says you’re hot, he told me that if l pinched your nipples hard you would give in to me, he was right wasn’t he?”

“David please, l don’t know who Jeff is, or what silly ideas he’s put into your head, but this has to stop. Oh god no!”

As she spoke, my left hand got under her bra and pushed it up, both of her tits tumbled out, she tried to cover them with her hands but at that moment l felt her thighs relax and l managed to get my hand between them. I was feeling more confident by the second, it was going just like Jeff had said it would.


I think l had better explain how this actually started.

I live in a small town, someone told me once that there were less than 10,000 people living there. We have one main high street and there is a newsagent there where l would call in on the way home from school each day and buy a chocolate bar. Jeff owned the shop, although l didn’t know his name until that first eventful day, he was somewhere in his thirties, about six feet tall and looked quite fit, l learned later that he played a lot of tennis and football. He had always been very friendly when l went into the shop.

At the back of the shop there was a door with a sign over it saying “Adults Only”. I had never taken much notice before as l was usually in the shop with my mates but on this day l was on my own.

“What’s through that door?” I asked, “can l see?”

“No you can’t,” Jeff said, “you have to be eighteen to go through there.”

“That’s not fair,” l replied, “l have to wait four years before l can go in there, can’t l just have a quick peek.”

I should have noticed the change in his expression but l wasn’t taking much notice.

“We’ll l might be able to let you have a quick look,” he said, “but you will have to come the other way, through my back room.”

I didn’t see any problem so agreed, Jeff went to the shop door, there was a sign hanging there that said, “Back in 1 hour”, he turned it to face out and locked the door.

As we went through to the back room he told me his name and asked for mine. We entered the back room which was furnished like a small living room with a sofa, table and chairs, there was a door to a kitchen and another door which l worked out must lead to the area l wanted to go to.

“I’ve seen you in town with your mother,” he said, “she’s very pretty.”

I have always known my mother was pretty, back in the days when she used to wait for me outside my primary school she was the prettiest Mum there, she always wore clothes that showed off her figure without being flashy.

“Do you wank?” He said.

I was surprised by his question and rather embarrassed.

“Oh don’t worry,” he laughed, “wanking is quite normal, l bet you wank a lot don’t you?”

I didn’t want to admit that since l had discovered the pleasures of wanking l had become addicted to to, wanking at any opportunity. I wasn’t sure what to say but he could obviously read my mind.

“Do you think about your mother when you wank?” He asked.

I must have gone bright red realising that he could somehow tell that l had lately been thinking about my mother just about every time l wanked.

“Oh don’t worry, l’m not going to say anything,” he said, “it’s perfectly normal to think about your mother when you wank and your mother is so sexy, l often think about her when l wank. Have you ever seen her naked?”

“No,” l replied, “l’ve seen her in bra and panties a couple of times and in her bikini when we go to the beach.”

“Wow!” He said, “l bet she looks hot like that, even thinking about her like that makes me hard, does it do that to you?”

I was doing my best to disguise the fact that my erection was growing but he could obviously tell.

“Mine’s almost bursting my trousers,” he said, “would you like to see it?”

Now l had seen other boy’s cocks in school but the only adult one l had ever seen was my father when l’d stood beside him at a public toilet peeing. I had never seen an adult cock fully erect. I felt strangely nervous but still nodded my head.

Jeff unzipped his trousers, reached inside and pulled out his cock. I was fascinated, it was bigger than mine but not by much, it curved upwards towards his tummy but half way up the shaft it kinked to the right.

“Why don’t you show me yours,” he said.

I thought it was only fair so l followed suit, undoing my trousers and pulling out my cock.

“My word!” He said, “that’s a good sized cock for a boy your age.”

“It’s not as big as yours,” l said.

“Not by far,” he laughed, “and you’ve got a few years left before you reach full size, l’m telling you David, the girls will be queueing up to have that up their pussies, l bet you mother would too.”

As l watched, Jeff peeled back his foreskin revealing the big purple head of his cock.

“Can l touch yours?” He said.

I wasn’t sure what to say, no-one else had ever touched my cock, l had tried to get Alice Smith to touch it but she had refused, pretending to vomit at the thought. I just stood there as he came towards me. When his hand touched my cock it felt so good, he wrapped his fingers round me and squeezed gently. I felt the heat of his hand. He then peeled back my foreskin, exposing the head of my cock.

“It’s beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you,” l replied nervously.

“Would you like to hold mine?” He said.

My mouth suddenly dried up, l was unable to speak so l just reached forward and wrapped my fingers round his shaft. I squeezed it just like he’d done to me. I saw a small drop of clear fluid emerge from the slit of his cock.

“That’s called pre cum,” he said.

“I get that,” l said.

“Use your finger and spread it over the head of my cock,” he said, “it’s to lubricate your cock so that when you put it up a girl’s cunt it goes in easier.”

I smeared his pre cum over the head of his cock. “I do that with mine,” l said.

He squeezed my cock again and my pre cum oozed out.

“Do you mind if l taste it?” He said.

I wasn’t sure what to say, l presumed he would rub his finger in it then suck his finger but when l nodded he suddenly dropped to his knees and before l could do anything his lips slipped over the head of my cock. He immediately put one hand behind me, on my bottom, and pulled me towards him, burying my cock in his mouth. I felt such a heat from his mouth and it felt so good my free hand went to the back of his head, holding him hard against me. I heard him groan and felt his mouth moving, felt him suck me. Suddenly l felt a surge coming, l didn’t know what to do but he must have felt it as well because he pulled me closer and when l came l cried out, pumping my cum into his mouth. I heard a guttural groan from his throat as he swallowed, taking all of my cum as l pumped and pumped it into him. My knees almost buckled with the strength of my orgasm, it was much more powerful than any l’d had by wanking.

When l had cum my last, Jeff pulled away. He turned his face up to me, opened his mouth. I could see my cum sitting in his mouth, then he swallowed and showed me it was gone.

“Now l want you to do the same for me,” he said.

“I’ll try,” l replied, “but l don’t know if l’ll be any good.”

“There’s only one way to learn son,” he said. “One day soon you’re going to want a girl to do it to you, she will probably say she’s afraid it will taste disgusting so once you know that it doesn’t you can convince her to do it, who knows, you may even get your mother to do it, l bet she’s swallowed loads of cum.”

The vision of my mother doing what Jeff had just done flashed through my brain and l almost came again.

He stood up and l knelt before him.

“Take it slowly,” he said, “just taste the head first, it’s covered in pre cum, once you know it doesn’t taste nasty you’ll be ready to take a full load.”

I took hold of his cock, he was rock hard and l could feel it pulsing. The head was a deep purple colour, glistening with pre cum, the eye seemed to be as if it was breathing, as if it had a life of it’s own. I put my lips to the head, taking all of the helmet into my mouth. He held me there for a few moments then pulled out.

“How did that taste?” He said.

“It didn’t taste of anything,” l replied, “just a tiny bit salty.”

“Exactly,” he said, “and my proper cum will taste the same, now take me properly, l’ll be gentle, l won’t fuck your mouth this time, just take me as deep as you can and suck me.”

I moved forward again, sliding my lips over his helmet then carried on, his cock filled my mouth, l was stretching to take him. I kept moving forward until he reached the back of my throat, by that time l had about three quarters of his cock, l really wanted to please him so pushed against him, trying to take it deeper. He held me.

“That’s deep enough for now David,” he said, “it take practice to take it into your throat, plenty of time to learn that later, just suck me, l’m on the edge now.”

I could feel his cock pulsating as l sucked as hard as l could. Suddenly l felt a change, the head of his cock grew larger, filling me completely.

“I’m cumming David!” He cried out.

There was a burst of wet heat in my mouth.

“Oh my god yes, suck it you bitch,” he shouted, “take my spunk, swallow it.”

I swallowed as hard as l could but l still felt some of his cum escaping from my mouth, it began to run down my chin. I panicked as l realised that it would fall onto my school uniform, that would take some explaining. I managed to hold my hand under my chin as l continued to try and swallow what was pumping into my mouth. I could feel it falling onto my hand and l hoped l was catching it all.

Finally the pulsations ceased, l had swallowed all of the cum that was in my mouth. Jeff pulled his cock out. I looked down, the palm of my hand was covered with spunk, without prompting l looked up at him and smiled, raised my hand to my mouth and licked all the spunk from it.

“You’re a dirty little cunt and no mistake,” he laughed, “l can tell how much you enjoyed that,” he said, looking down at my rock hard erection. “You’ll have to make do with a wank when you get home David,” he said, “l have to get back to the shop.”

I looked at the clock, l realised l was very late and that my mother would begin to worry. I quickly sorted out my clothing, checking to make sure there were no spunk stains.

“Sorry,” Jeff said, “l haven’t got time to show you what’s in there,” he said, pointing to the door that l guessed led to the adult area.

“If l come back tomorrow will you show me?” I said, “you can teach me how to take all of your cock, l really enjoyed that, l’d love to do it again, if l tell Mum l’m going out with my mates tomorrow after school we can have more time.”

“You really did enjoy it didn’t you?” He laughed.

“It was a lot better than wanking,” l replied.

When l got home, Mum wondered why l was late. I told her my mates wanted me to stay out but l said l had to be home.

“Can l stay out later tomorrow though Mum?” I asked, “I promise to be home by seven.”

“Okay David,” she replied, ruffling my hair and kissing my forehead. As she bent to kiss me, the neck of her dress dropped away and l was treated to a view of her big tits hanging down, her nipples just covered by her bra.

She must have seen the reaction on my face as when she stood up, her hand went to the front of her dress and l saw the flush of embarrassment on her face.

I went upstairs to change out of my school uniform. I was down to my underpants, my cock was sticking out like a tent pole. I took out my cock and pulled back my foreskin. The head was sticky with the residue of my cum. I took hold of the head, coating my fingers with the sticky mucous then put them in my mouth, sucking them as l used my other hand to wank. I could still feel Jeff’s cock in my mouth, could still taste his cum. My orgasm was about to burst, l grabbed the tissue box, taking a handful and wrapping them round the head of my cock just in time.

All through tea time l hardly heard a word of the conversation between Mum and Dad. As soon as the meal was over l excused myself saying l was going to my room to listen to music. I quickly stripped off, lying on my bed stroking my cock as l relived everything that had happened. I came suddenly, without warning, ribbons of cum shooting into the air and landing on my tummy. I grabbed a tissue then stopped. I scooped up the cumin from my tummy and sucked it from my fingers. I made a decision that from then on, whenever possible, whenever l wanked l would catch my spunk and swallow it. I laid back and closed my eyes. I could see Mum’s tits swaying before me, l so wanted to touch them, wanted to cover them with spunk then lick it off. Soon l was hard again, they say too much wanking makes you blind but l didn’t care, l just had to wank.

School was a nightmare the next day. I kept looking at the clock, praying the time would go faster. Twice l had to rush to the toilet and wank, each time catching my spunk and swallowing it. I was sure someone would guess what l was doing but l didn’t care.

I almost ran to the shop after school. There were a few people in the shop and as l waited l saw two men coming out of the adult area. Mrs Hopkins the local gossip saw the two men coming out, she looked at them with disgust, l wondered if she had ever been in there or was she just surmising what was in there.

Eventually there was just me and Jeff left in the shop. I walked over to the counter.

“I have to stay open for half an hour,” Jeff said, “you go through to the back room and make yourself comfortable, l’ll come through as soon as l can.”

“Can l go in there?” I said, pointing to the adult door.

“Okay but use the other door, l’ll lock this one, that way l can come round and warn you if a customer wants to go in there.”

I did as he said, l went into the living room, took off my uniform jacket, then went through the door to the adult area.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all it was was a number of magazine racks, some shelves of books and some more of DVD’s. I started looking through some of the magazines. Each one had a picture of a naked woman on the front. I found myself imagining my mother in those poses and decided that she would looked better than most of them.

I opened some of the magazines, inside the girls were naked again, this time with their legs spread wide open showing off their cunts. I was fascinated to see that there was such a variation in the cunts, not just colour but some were hairy, some were hairless. I decided l preferred hairless as it gave me a better view of the cunt. Further on there were girls on their knees pulling their bum cheeks apart and showing their cunts and arseholes.

I could feel my cock getting hard as l went from one magazine to another. Moving back further from the entrance door the magazines showed girls being fucked my men with huge cocks, some black, some white. One girl was being fucked in her arsehole by a big black man with a huge cock. I wondered what that must feel like and automatically l took out my cock and started wanking.

I found pages of what looked like letters, men describing how much they enjoyed watching their wives being fucked by other men. At first l wondered how that would be exciting, but then l thought about if l could watch my mother being fucked by other men and immediately my cock started leaking pre cum.

The magazine rack at the back was labelled “Specials,” the cover of the first one showed a woman tied to a chair withheld her legs tied wide open. She had a gag in her mouth and things hanging from her nipples. They must have been heavy as they were stretching her nipples.

Inside it showed the same woman in a series of situations each of which looking extremely painful. There were stripes on her body which looked as if she had been beaten with something. Heavy weights hanging from her cunt and what looked like needles sticking in her tits.

I reached for the magazine at the back and nearly dropped it when l saw the photo on the front. At first l thought it was my mother but when l looked again l could see that it wasn’t. She was on all fours, her face turned towards the camera. What really shocked me was that there was a big dog, it looked like a huge Labrador type, he was up on her back and it looked like he was fucking her.

Inside there were more photos. Different angles showing the dog’s cock in her cunt, finally the ones at the back showed her sucking his cock and then her face covered with cum.

“She does look like your mother doesn’t she?” Jeff said. I hadn’t heard him coming up behind me.

“Would you like to see your mother doing that with a dog?”

I didn’t know what to say, l couldn’t take my eyes off the photograph.

“I didn’t know people and dogs could do that,” l said.

“Oh people have been having sex with animals for years,” Jeff said, “not just dogs,” he added.

“Have you ever seen it happen live?” I asked.

“Yes, loads of times,” he replied.

He walked over to the DVD rack and took one.

“Come through to the other room, we can watch a film while we have some fun.”

I followed him through, he looked back and smiled to see my cock sticking out of my trousers.

“Why don’t we get undressed then there’s no danger of you getting spunk on your clothes,” he said.

That seemed like a good idea so l quickly undressed, folding my clothes neatly over a chair.

“You look beautiful,” he said, “so sweet and pure and innocent, and your cock looks much better like that, you really are nearly as big as me, and because your pubic hair is still just a bit of fuzz it makes your cock look bigger, you will be much bigger before you stop growing.”

“Yours looks funny,” l said, “that bend in the middle is even more noticeable now you’re naked, funny but l didn’t notice it when it was in my mouth.”

“It’s always been like that as long as l remember, my mother used to say it was like that because she always knelt on that side of the bed when she sucked me off.”

“You’re mother used to suck your cock?” I said, “did your father know?”

“Yes,” he replied, “he was usually fucking her cunt or arsehole from behind while she did it. Sometimes she sucked me off while he fucked my arsehole, Mum liked it like that, she said l gave her more spunk that way.”

“Wow!” I said, “sounds like you had a kinky family.”

“Oh my family have all been like that for years,” he laughed, “they all fuck each other and the animals.”

“What…dogs?” I said.

“Dogs, horses, bulls, goats, pigs, anything with a cock basically and if anyone wants a cunt there’s always sheep. We lived on a remote farm, there wasn’t much else to do for entertainment.”

“Is that why you got involved with selling those magazines?”

“At the start yes,” he replied, “but l’m stopping that soon, the internet has killed the trade, everything is available on the internet these days, l’m setting up a live show business now, should be up and running soon.”

“What, live shows of girls fucking animals?”

“Not just girls,” he laughed, “there’s plenty of fellas that like the idea of a dog fucking their arsehole.”

“God that sounds crazy,” l said, “can l watch it someday?”

“You never know David,” he said, “you might even one day be up on the stage with a dog up your arse, l’d love to see that. Also that mother of yours, l know a few fellas who would pay good money to see her tied down and raped by a couple of dogs.”

It sounded so out of this world but listening to him was making my balls ache, l desperately wanted to wank but that would be such a waste, l just wanted to get started at having fun together.

“Do you want to suck me off first or shall l do it to you?” I asked.

“How much time have we got?” He replied.

“A couple of hours,” l said, “Mum thinks l’m out with my mates, l have to be home by seven though.”

“We’ll in that case we have time to try something different,” he said, walking over to the sideboard and picking up what looked like a jar of ointment. “I take it you’ve never been fucked,” he said.

“In my bottom do you mean?”

“That’s right,” he said, “everyone should know what it feels like to have a dick up their arse.”

“I saw some photos of that in there,” l said nodding towards the adult room, “won’t it hurt though?”

“Not if l’m gentle and l make sure your arsehole is well lubricated,” he replied. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, it’s up to you.”

“Did you ever have it done to you when you were my age?” I asked.

“Oh l was a few years younger than you,” he laughed, “my first time was by my mother with a strap on dildo, by the time l reached your age l was getting shagged three or four times a week, my Uncle wanted me whenever he visited and his cock was huge, my mother used to prep me with loads of lubricating jelly and a big dildo so that l was gaping for him as soon as he arrived.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“I was uncertain the first time because it was just a dildo but after the first time a real cock filled me with cum l couldn’t wait for the next one.”

“We’ll okay then, as long as you’re gentle,” l said, “but will you stop if l tell you it hurts too much.”

“Of course l will,” he replied, “l don’t want to hurt you, l want you to discover all the different ways you can get pleasure.”

“I have one question though,” l said, “you’re going to stick your cock up my bottom, aren’t you bothered about getting it……..,”

“Oh that does happen often,” he laughed, “but it is one of the hazards of fucking anyone up their arsehole, you just have to take a chance, and if you’re unlucky you just clean up and carry on.”

I was still a little uncertain but sure that he had no intention to hurt me so l asked him where he wanted me. He said that for the first time l should bend over the table with my legs spread. I was very nervous but so far everything Jeff and l had done had been fun and he wasn’t putting any pressure on me. I didn’t want to disappoint him or end up with him saying he didn’t want to play with me anymore.

Jeff went over to a large flat screen tv, he switched it on and put the DVD that he had picked up into the player. I could see the screen clearly from my position. The credits came up, the title was “The training farm.” There were some general shots around the farm, showing different animals, then a van drove up and two big muscular men got out, they went to the back door.

“This is where it gets interesting,” Jeff said.

He was stood behind me and suddenly l felt something cold and wet being applied to my bottom.

“Just relax,” he said, “watch the show and enjoy it, just relax, let me take control, trust me.”

I felt his hands on my bottom, they began massaging the lotion into me. His fingers traced down between my buttocks and l started when l felt his finger press against my bum hole.

“Just relax,” he said.

On the screen, the back door of the van opened, inside were two young girls, they both looked to be about my age but l presumed they must be older and probably picked because their bodies looked like they belonged to younger girls. Both girls were naked, their hands tied behind their backs.

I felt Jeff’s fingers massaging the lotion into my bum hole. I watched as the girls were dragged from the van and thrown to the floor before being dragged away.

The next shot was inside a barn, both girls were tied down, bent over a bench, their legs had been tied well spread and l could see their cunts and arseholes. The shot went to their faces and they were both crying.

“I haven’t put the sound on,” Jeff said, “but the story line is that they have both been caught stealing from a shop.”

I could feel my erection growing as his fingers began pressing against my bum hole, they felt very slippery and wet. Then l felt one finger push harder and it slipped into my bottom. I expected it to hurt but instead it felt quite pleasurable.

On the screen, two large dogs were led into the barn, each one went up to one of the girls and began licking their cunts and arseholes. I felt Jeff’s finger moving inside me and l tried hard to relax.

“You’re doing great David,” he said, “now l’m going to put another finger inside you.”

On the screen, one of the dogs had mounted his girl. The camera showed a close up of his cock, it was bright red and pointed, there was mucous dripping from the tip which l supposed was his pre cum. What shocked me most was the size of his cock, it was huge, certainly as big as mine. He began jabbing his cock at the girl trying to get inside her. Just then l felt my bum hole being stretched wider as two fingers entered me. I let out a groan as they probed inside me.

“That’s good David,” he said, “you’re doing great, l’m proud of you. Now l’m going to stretch you even more ready for when my cock goes into you, are you ready?”

Just then, one of the men took hold of the dog’s cock and directed it towards the girl’s cunt. The dog wasted no time, driving his cock deep into her, l saw her cry out as she was invaded. I felt my bum hole being stretched wider as another finger was added. I groaned again as three fingers probed deep inside me.

“I want to fuck you now,” Jeff said, “are you ready?”

“Oh yes,” l replied, watching that dog violently shagging that girl. The camera swung to the other girl to see that she too had her dog humping inside her. “Do it Jeff,” l said, “fuck my bottom.”

I felt his fingers slipping from my bum hole, l wanted them to stay, it felt so good, but then l felt the tip of his cock pressing against my anus, the head slipped inside so easily.

The camera showed a close up of the first dog, his cock ramming into the girl, l could see a big swelling at the base of his cock, it looked bigger than a tennis ball.

“That’s his knot,” Jeff said, “once he gets that inside her he will be locked in, that’s when he starts pumping his spunk into her, making her his bitch.”

As he spoke l felt his cock slipping deeper into my bottom, it felt so weird but so good as well. When he stopped l asked him if he was fully inside me.

“Oh no,” he laughed, “you’re doing great but you’re not ready to take all of me yet.”

“I can try,” l said, “l want to be good for you, go a bit deeper.”

He asked me if l was sure but l said l wanted to try and take him all, l was afraid that if l didn’t do it he wouldn’t ask me round again. I felt him move deeper inside me.

“Oh yes,” l said.

On the screen the dog rammed hard and his knot disappeared into her cunt, the shot switched to her face as she cried out with the pain. My own cock felt like it was going to burst, l wanted to wank but couldn’t get my hands down to it.

“That’s deep enough David,” Jeff said, “l’m going to pull back a bit then fuck you and cum inside you.”

“Oh yes please,” l said, “l want to cum too.”

“Try to hold it,” he said, “as soon as l’ve cum inside you l want you to fuck me and give me your cum.”

He started to fuck me with smooth strokes, it was the weirdest feeling. I tried to concentrate on the tv, the dog had stopped ramming his cock into the girl, he was deep inside her his hips trembling as he unloaded his spunk into her.

“Oh god you’re good,” Jeff said, “you have the sweetest, tightest arsehole l’ve ever fucked, you’re my first virgin, l’m going to cum.”

“That’s nice Jeff,” l said, “cum and fill my bottom with spunk, l want to feel you cum, go deeper if you want.”

“Oh jeez!” He said.

I felt his hands on my hips.

“I can’t hold back, l have to do this,” he cried out.

“That’s okay, do it,” l said, “l want it.”

It was my turn to cry out as his cock rammed up inside me, further than it had gone before. Then l felt my tummy being filled with a heat that could only be his spunk flooding inside me. I could feel his cock pulsating as he pumped his cum into me. Then my own cock exploded and l new l was shooting my own cum onto the floor, l tried to stop it but l was out of control. In the end l gave up as l wanted to concentrate on that hot rod up my bottom.

Jeff collapsed on top of me, his cock still throbbing. Slowly l felt it slipping from me, l didn’t want it to go but as it finally slipped from my bum hole l felt his cum leaking out.

“I can’t hold it in,” l said.

“That’s because your arsehole will take a while to return to normal,” he said, “just lie there and let me clean you.”

I expected him to use tissues or something to clean me but instead l felt his face pressing against my bottom and his tongue started licking his cum from inside me, l knew l should have been disgusted but it felt too good and l even giggled a bit as his tongue tickled the inside of my bum hole.

I looked at the tv, both dogs were still locked inside their girls but both of them had turn away creating the weird spectacle of them being bottom to bottom with their girls, their cocks pulled backwards.

After a few minutes, Jeff was satisfied that he has cleaned me sufficiently. He stood up.

“I’m sorry,” l said, “l came and shot my spunk onto the floor, l couldn’t help it, l’ll clean it up.”

“That’s okay,’ he said, “leave it, l will clean it up after you’ve gone. Look at the tv.”

I looked at the screen, the scene had changed, both dogs had separated from their girls, they were both led on their backs, the girls lying next to them sucking their cocks. Each girl then looked at the cameras and smiled before going back to sucking the dogs.

“That’s just to prove they were only acting,” Jeff said.

“Oh,” l said.

“I know,” he replied, “l wish they didn’t show that bit but apparently it has to be done for legal reasons, it takes the thrill out of it though, knowing they weren’t actually being raped. Would you rather see it as if it was real?”

“I think it would be more exciting,” l replied, “but l’d prefer to see it live than on film.”

“Oh that would be great,” he laughed, “your mother would be good, jeez l’d love to see her with a big dog’s cock up her cunt, l bet she’d love that.”

My mind flashed back to earlier when l had imagined it was my mother on the front of that magazine with a dog mounted on her, l thought it would take a while to get that image out of my head.

“Shit!” Jeff said, “what time did you say you had to be home.”

“Seven,” l replied.

“Fuck,” he said, “that only gives you twenty minutes.”

I went into a panic, it would take me longer than that to walk home.

“Quickly,” he said, “get dressed, we’ll go out the back way, my car is there, l can drop you closer to your house.”

I dressed quickly then we both rushed out of the back door, in less than ten minutes l had directed him to the street next door to where l lived.

“Can l come round after school tomorrow?” I said, “l can’t stop long but l can fuck you then if you like.”

“You can come round certainly,” he said, “whether l can leave the shop long enough for you to fuck me we’ll have to see, but we can talk about what l’d like you to do with your mother.”

I didn’t have time to stay and ask him what he meant, l couldn’t imagine that l could ever do things with my mother that l could do with Jeff. I puzzled over it as l walked home but then had to snap out of it and pretend everything was normal. Mum asked if l’d had a good time with my mates, l said l had. I ate my tea then said l was going to my room to do my homework.

I undressed when l got to my bedroom, l noticed some staining on my underpants. I stood in front of my wardrobe mirror, turned with my back to it, spread my legs and pulled my buttocks apart. My bum hole was still open and there was a trickle of cum leaking from me. I thought that Jeff must have unloaded a lot of spunk inside me and that gave me a thrill. I put my fingers next to my bum hole and pushed two inside me. When l took them out they were covered with mucous. I put my fingers into my mouth, tasting the mixture of his cum and my arsehole. I felt my cock hardening as l repeated it with my fingers, pushing them as deep as l could into my bottom, then l licked them again as l used my other hand to wank. I had to take my fingers out of my mouth to catch my spunk when l came then laid back on my bed, licking my cum off my hand as l relived everything that had happened.

The next day l hurried round to the shop as soon as school finished. Jeff said he couldn’t close the shop for a while but l could go through to the living room, he said he had left out some magazines for me to look at while l was waiting, l went through and undressed, then sat on the sofa and started looking through the magazines. I looked at the pictures for a while, they were all showing older women with young boys, they were pretending to be mother and son and they were doing everything together.

There were also what appeared to be letters giving accounts of how boys started fucking their mothers. Most of them were just about straight fucking but some of them were a bit more kinky. There was one from this boy who lived just with his mother, she was very strict with him and he resented not being able to do the things other boys were doing. He was getting angrier and angrier until one day it just got too much, she had tried to stop him from going out, he grabbed her and pushed her but his hand caught in her dress and he ripped it all the way down exposing her in just bra and panties. Instead of just covering up, she tried to hit him, he grabbed her and they began wrestling, they ended up on the floor, rolling around until her tilts fell out of her bra. She was on her back on the floor, he was on top of her staring at her tits. He started groping her tits, she tried to fight him off but he was too strong. He felt his cock getting hard so he took it out and put it between her tits, she was protesting but he noticed that she wasn’t fighting very hard. He moved down ended up kneeling between her open thighs, he tugged at her panties and they ripped and came away. She tried to talk him into stopping but he picked up her legs lifting them and pinning them down either side of her head, he was above her and she was at his mercy, his cock was hard and in one movement he rammed it into her. He fucked her hard and came quickly, then he noticed that she had stopped protesting, he stayed inside her and soon felt himself getting hard again, he started fucking her again ramming his cock into her. The harder he fucked her the less she protested until suddenly she shuddered from head to foot and he felt her orgasm. He carried on fucking her, making her cum twice more until he came for the second time, then he took his cock out and made her suck and lick it clean.

The story went on to say how sex between them became a regular thing, that he dominated her, sometimes spanking her, tying her up and fucking her then making her wear revealing clothes in public until one day making her have sex with a complete stranger.

All the time I was reading the story l was stroking my cock, l was taking myself to the edge then squeezing the base of my cock to stop my orgasm before starting again. I lost track of how long l had been there until Jeff finally walked in.

“He said he was sorry for taking so long.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “just get undressed, l want to fuck you.”

Jeff laughed as he started to undress. “My word, you sound very dominant today, what have you been reading?”

“I want you now,” I demanded, picking up the jar of ointment from the sideboard.

“You won’t need that,” Jeff said, “l lubed myself earlier hoping you would come.”

I expected him to bend over the table like l had but instead Jeff got on the floor, on his back.

“Pick my legs up and pin them either side of my head,” he said.

I thought about the boy in the story, that was how he had raped his mother. I did as Jeff suggested seeing that his arsehole was now totally at my mercy.

“I can tell you need to be quick,” Jeff said, “don’t mess around, do it as hard and deep as you like, l can take it.”

I positioned himself above him, my cock nudging against his anus. I thought again about that boy raping his mother and l crashed down on top of Jeff, driving my cock deep into his arsehole.

“Oh Jesus yes!” Jeff cried out, “don’t stop David, fuck me hard, l’ve been waiting for this all day, l was afraid you wouldn’t turn up.”

I withdrew my cock, almost all the way, then drove it back down again, Jeff crying out again as my body slammed into Jeff’s bottom.

“Oh my god yes,” Jeff cried. The position he was in, his own cock was directly above his face, he was rock hard. He managed to get his hand between us and started wanking himself. “Don’t stop David,” he said, “don’t wait for me, just fuck me, l want to feel you cum inside me.”

I knew l was out of control, the vision l had was that boy raping his mother but in the vision it wasn’t Jeff below me, it was my own mother. I rammed my cock in time after time, not relenting with my ferocity. Jeff encouraged me, wanking his own cock as l fucked him.

I saw Jeff cum, saw his cock shooting spunk onto his face. I saw him opening his mouth, trying to catch his own spunk. With one last surge l slammed down again, crying out as my cock exploded deep inside Jeff’s arsehole, flooding him with spunk. I saw Jeff’s spunk covered face smiling up at me as l pumped my cum into him.

“Oh god that feels so good,” Jeff said, “it’s so long since l was fucked like that, too long.”

I felt my legs beginning to cramp, l lifted myself off Jeff, releasing his legs. I rolled sideways, ending up on my back on the floor.

“Oh thank you,” Jeff said, getting up onto his knees, he bent over me, taking my limp cock into his mouth, he sucked me and licked me, licking my balls, taking one at a time into his mouth.

“I want to clean your arsehole like you did to me,” l said.

“You don’t have to do that David,” he replied.

“But l want to,” l said, “l want to do all the perverted things l saw in those magazines, please let me.”

He didn’t need any more persuading. He got up on all fours the bent right forward, his bottom in the air, he pulled his buttocks apart. I got behind him, l could see his gaping arsehole and see my spunk inside him. I bent forward and pressed my mouth against his bum hole, stretching out my tongue to get as deep as l could inside him.

“Oh David, that feels so good,” he said, “reach under me and wank my cock.”

I did as he said, his cock was still hard, l began wanking him as my tongue searched his arsehole cleaning out my own spunk.

“Harder,” he said, “don’t be gentle with my cock, wank it harder, try to hurt me.”

“Are you sure?” I said, lifting my mouth from his arsehole.

“Yes David, milk my cock as hard as you can.”

I went back to licking out his bum hole as l began pulling and twisting his cock. I heard him groan with pleasure, l pulled and twisted harder and he groaned again.

“I’m going to cum David,” he said.

I quickly left his arsehole, pushing him sideways and onto his back, l managed to get his cock into my mouth just as he shot his first burst of spunk. There wasn’t as much as before as he had already unloaded over his own face so l had no difficulty swallowing it, sucking the last dregs from his cock.

“God you are turning into a real perverted cunt,” he laughed.

“Is that bad?” I said.

“Not as long as you do it with the right people,” he said, “it’s fine with me but you have to keep control, you can’t let other people guess you’re such a pervert.”

We lay there for a while, recovering.

“You need to shower before you go home,” he said, “you can’t go home stinking of my spunk and arsehole, your mother will guess something is going on. Go through the back to the bathroom and have a quick shower while l tidy up in here.”

I went through and showered, when l got back Jeff had tidied up the room, he had cleaned his face and he was sitting on the sofa, still naked. He patted the sofa and l sat next to him, he immediately put his hand on my cock and l did the same to him. We stroked each other slowly as we talked.

“You were reading about that boy raping his mother weren’t you?” He said, “l bet you were thinking of what it would be like to do that to your mother.”

“I could never do that,” l said.

“But you would like to wouldn’t you?” He smiled.

I was quiet for a moment, not sure if l should admit to myself that the story had stirred things inside me.

“Your mother is hot David,” he said, “any man can see that when she walks down the street, oh she doesn’t make a big thing of swinging her arse or bouncing her tits, it’s just the way she holds herself, she screams sex, l bet if you started something with her she would react like that mother in the story.”

“I’m not sure,” l said, “l’ve only recently started thinking about her when l wank, l used to think about the girls in school but l admit that since l started thinking about Mum the wanks have been a lot better.”

“I bet she looks amazing in bra and panties,” he said, “do you ever think about standing over her when you wank and shooting your spunk onto her face, l bet she would love that.”

I felt my cock react to what he was saying, he squeezed it gently in response.

“Just think of her lying there,” he said, his hand getting firmer on my cock, “imagine her surrounded by men, all wanking, all shooting their spunk onto her face and into her mouth. Imagine when they start to piss on her, she’s turning from side to side trying to catch their piss in her mouth.”

I groaned as he began wanking me harder.

“You could turn her into a pervert just like you,” he said, “there’s a switch inside her, you just have to press the right button and she would be yours, just like that mother in the story.”

I could feel his cock getting hard again as his hand got more demanding on my cock.

“She’s a hot bitch David,” he said, “l bet you could get her on all fours with a dog banging away in her cunt.”

“Oh god,” was all l could say.

“You just have to hit that switch David,” he said, “you can do it, you’re her son, she loves you, she’ll allow you to do things no-one else could, once you press that switch she will be under your control, you can make her do anything, there’s a slut inside her trying to get out, you can set her free David, just imagine having her like that, willing to do anything you demand.”

“Oh Jesus!” I gasped as his hand pumped harder. My hand was doing the same to him.

“Let’s suck each other off together,” he said, “imagine it’s your mother sucking your cock while l fuck her up her arsehole.”

We both slipped down onto the floor, lying head to toe, l took his cock into my mouth and he did the same to me. He pushed my legs apart, his hand went between them and l felt his fingers against my anus, l did the same to him. He slipped two fingers into my bottom and l did the same to him. He started fucking me with his fingers and l followed, his arsehole was wider and l got four fingers inside him, l heard him groan with pleasure. I lifted my mouth from his cock.

“Do that to me,” l said, almost immediately l felt my bum hole being stretched as he pushed four fingers into me, l took his cock back into my mouth, sucking him in deep.

As his fingers fucked me l did the same to him. I came first, crying out as l pumped what spunk l had left down his throat. He followed seconds later, there wasn’t much spunk but l swallowed what there was hungrily.

When we finally fell away from each other, he reached over, putting those same fingers that had been up my bottom into my mouth, l did the same to him. Once we were both spent we just lay side by side.

“You have to work on her David,” he said, “she’s a slut in waiting, you can do it, she will be your sex slave, imagine the fun you can have.”

I couldn’t reply to him, hundreds of thoughts were spinning through my brain.

“I have to go,” l said, “l’m going to be late.”

“I can’t take you this time,” he said, “l have to get the shop open again, l can’t afford to lose the trade.”

I told him not to worry, that l would think of some excuse. All the way home l was thinking of what he’d said, l could feel myself getting hard thinking of the things he’d described that he’d like to see my mother doing. I was growing more and more frustrated as l got nearer home, it was just as well that Mum wasn’t there when l got home, the back door was open and there was a note on the table.

“5 p.m., thought you would be home by now, had to pop out to the shop to get something for your father’s tea, won’t be”

I breathed a sigh of relief, l’m sure that if she had been there l would have done something stupid. I had to wank, l went upstairs, undressed and started wanking. A few minutes later l heard movement downstairs.

“Are you home David,” Mum called up the stairs.

“I’m coming Mum,” l shouted back, “just getting changed.” I smiled at the irony of saying l was just coming when l was busy pumping my hand on my cock. “Too right l’m just cumming Mum,” l whispered to myself, “why don’t you come up and suck my cock.”

“Sorry David darling, did you say something?” She shouted up from the bottom of the stairs.

“No Mum, l was just singing,” l replied, pumping my cock harder then catching my cum and licking it off my hand.

“What shall we do tomorrow?” mum said as we all sat round the table eating our meal. My mind had been so full of what l was doing with Jeff that l hadn’t realised it was Friday. “It’s going to be a nice day, why don’t we get up early and go to the coast, you always enjoy a day at the beach don’t you David?”

As she spoke she reached over and patted me on my thigh. It was an innocent enough action and something she often did but all of a sudden it seemed to have different connotations. For a start, l still had half an erection and her hand had come very close to touching it. Had she realised what she had nearly done, l could only guess, but she certainly had a twinkle in her eye and every move she made suddenly seemed to have a double meaning. Even when she picked up a chip l imagined that she was miming sucking my cock. My eyes went to her chest, l could see her nipples outlined through the thin material. My cock started throbbing, l had to change my position to give my cock more room.

“Go on David, say yes,” she said, “l could do with a break and a chance to top up my tan.”

What could l say, l would be giving up the chance to spend all afternoon with Jeff, although he would be busy in the shop, but we might have been able to steal some time to play with each other. I felt trapped, Mum was looking at me, she licked her lips, was that telling me something, was she hoping to have my cock in her mouth, god l was going crazy.

I had no choice but to give in and say l would like a day at the beach.

“Oh thank you,” she said, she leaned across to kiss me. I expected a kiss on my cheek but instead she kissed me full on my lips. She had put her hand on my thigh as she leaned across, l thought l was going to cum in my pants. She never kissed me on my lips, what did that mean? Was that another sign or was it just my imagination.

I managed to negotiate the rest of the meal and then wait until both their backs were turned before l got up and went to my room. My cock was still hard when l got there, l wasted no time in giving it a good hard wank, l could still taste my mothers’ lips, it was easy to imagine them wrapped around my cock.

That night was purgatory. I tossed and turned all night, when l closed my eyes l kept seeing the photo of the girl that looked like Mum with that dog fucking her, but it was Mum l saw, her big tits swinging, smiling at me as that dog forced his knot into her. I wanked off twice but still l couldn’t relax. I was going to spend a whole day without seeing Jeff, l was wondering if l would survive.

I must have finally drifted off, it was Mum who shook me awake at eight o’clock. She shook me then walked out of the bedroom. I looked down and saw that the quilt was not covering me, that my pyjamas were still pushed down from my last wank. She must have had a full view of my cock. I went downstairs, terrified of how l would be able to look her in the face.

Mum behaved as if nothing had happened, she was bubbling with excitement, looking forward to the day. It was a two hour drive to the coast, by the time we got there the sun was warming up nicely. We gathered our gear and made our way along the beach until we found a small secluded area shielded from most of the rest of the beach by a rocky outcrop.

Dad parked himself in his chair, taking a bottle of beer from the cool box. Mum laid her beach towel on the sand then took off her dress. She looked amazing in just bra and panties, l couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“You’ve got an admirer,” Dad laughed, looking straight at me.

“Don’t be silly,” Mum said, “David has seen me in bra and pants before haven’t you sweetie.” She bent down to kiss my forehead and for a moment l thought her tits were going to fall out. She turned away from me, bending over to get her bikini out of her bag, as she did, the thin material of her panties had slipped into the cleft of her bottom and l was sure l could see the outline of her pussy lips.

“Why don’t you go and find some friends to play with,” she said as she wrapped herself in a towel.

I daren’t move, if l had my erection would have been obvious. I sat there, trying not to stare but watching from the corner of my eye as Mum fumbled under the towel, l saw her bra fall to the sand, followed by her panties. She bent over to pick up her bikini, Dad reached out and tugged the corner of her towel. Mum shrieked as she grabbed for the towel but not before it had fallen away from her tits.

“Peter!” she squealed, “ behave yourself,” she said, replacing the towel.

“Oh don’t be a prude,” Dad laughed, “ you should go topless anyway there are a few on the beach that are.”

“Yes you’d loved other men ogling my boobs wouldn’t you,” she said, “what about David?”

“He’s got to see a proper pair of tits someday,” Dad replied, “they might as well be yours.”

Mum was trying to act offended but there was something in the way she acted and the twinkle in her eye that told me she wasn’t serious. If l could have slipped away then l would had to find somewhere quiet for a wank.

Eventually Mum managed to get her bikini in place and removed the towel. Dad let out a whistle of approval and l almost followed suit. The top of her bikini seemed to be fighting a losing battle to contain her tits, the material so thin than not only her nipples but the dark patch surrounding them were easily discernible. The tiny triangle that formed the bottom part of her bikini stuck to her body like glue, moulding to the contours and cleft of her cunt. If anything she looked more sexy than if she had been naked.

“Jesus Mo, look what you’re doing to me,” Dad said, making no effort to hide the tent in his beach shorts.

“Peter!” Mum replied, “please remember David is here.”

“Come off it Mo,” he said, “why do you think he’s sat over there,” he laughed, “he can’t take his eyes off you.”

Mum turned to lie down on her beach towel. The thong at the back had disappeared between the cheeks of her bottom. It was all l could do to stop taking my cock out there and then. In desperation, l just had to get away, l got up a ran off over the sand hoping that my mother hadn’t seen my erection sticking out.

I wandered round for a couple of hours, looking in rock pools, trying to make my way near to some of the women who were unashamedly going topless. I had never seen so many gorgeous tits for real. I’d seen some of the girls in my class but only a couple of them had any tits at all. After a while l began to get hungry, l knew Mum had packed sandwiches so l made my way back to where they were.

I walked round the rocky area to where they were and saw them lying facing each other. It looked like Mum had her hand inside Dad’s shorts, Dad had pushed her bikini top up and her left tit was fully exposed. I watched as he bent forward, kissing her nipple then sucking it into his mouth. Mum put her free hand behind his head, holding him tight onto her tit, l could see her hand moving inside his shorts, she was wanking him.

Suddenly Mum saw me standing just a few feet away, she pushed Dad away violently, grabbing her bikini top and pulling it down to cover her tit.

“You shouldn’t creep up on people like that,” she said.

“I didn’t creep up,” l protested, “what were you doing.” I was feigning innocence, at the same time hoping my growing erection wouldn’t give me away. I saw Mum’s eyes switch to the front of my shorts, l almost went to cover my hardening cock with my hand but decided to carry on my false innocence and behave as if nothing was happening. I felt my cock straining against my shorts, l was glad Dad was looking the other way, trying to disguise his own hard on but Mum’s eyes lingered on the front of my shorts until she snapped herself out of it, blushed bright red then looked away as if everything was normal.

I told her l was hungry and we all sat down to sandwiches and cold drinks. There was a sudden cold breeze, Dad looked up.

“That doesn’t look good,” he said.

We all followed his gaze to see a huge black cloud just about to blot out the sun. At that same moment the heavens opened, there was a flash of lightning and a loud clap of thunder. We quickly gathered everything together and decided to make a run for the car. The beach was rapidly emptying, Dad and l carried most of the things, as we ran over the sand, Mum tried desperately to stop her tits bouncing free of her bikini. She was carrying two bags and despite her efforts both tits bounced free, bouncing wildly as she ran. I was behind her, watching the cheeks of her bottom quivering as she ran. I did notice a few other men looking on appreciatively as she ran past them having given up trying to cover her tits.

By the time we reached the car we were drenched. Mum was sat in the front passenger seat, l was behind Dad. She opened one of the bags she had been carrying.

“At least my dress is still dry,” she said, “l’m going to get out of this wet bikini and put it on. Look away David.”

I turned my head away but then had a sneaky look just as she was completely naked, l couldn’t see her cunt and only a side view of her right tit, but as l was tucked behind Dad’s seat l managed to get my hand inside my shorts without being seen. I pulled my foreskin back and stroked my cock as l watched Mum slip on her dress.

Dad decided the rest of the day was going to be a wash out so we agreed to head for home, secretly l was hoping to get home and go and see Jeff, there was so much l wanted to tell him and l really wanted to feel his cock inside me, l didn’t care if he chose my mouth or bottom as long as he filled me with cum.

It was five o’clock when we got home, traffic had been bad and we were held up for ages. The weather was better at home so l asked Mum if l could go out to find my mates once l changed into clean clothes. She agreed and l saw her and Dad smile at each other, they were obviously looking forward to having the house to themselves. I was tempted to sneak back and try and catch them fucking but l wanted to get round to the shop before Jeff closed at six.

There were a few people in the shop when l got there, they were queueing up to buy lottery tickets. Jeff spied me waiting at the back of the queue, he gestured with his head toward the door to the living room so l slipped around the back of some shelves and went through the door.

I wasted no time once l was in there, stripping off my clothes, l picked up one of the magazines from the table and sat on the sofa. The magazine was full of cartoon style pictures, there were women with abnormally large tits and gaping cunts being tortured and fucked by grotesque monsters with massive cocks dripping with cum. Although the pictures were ridiculous l couldn’t resist looking from page to page. There were women being fucked in every hole, sometimes taking huge cocks in their cunts and arseholes at the same time. I was wanking my cock, taking myself to the edge. I kept glancing at the clock, willing the hands to move around to six o’clock. Even then it was another five minutes before Jeff came in.

“Fuck, l thought l would never get rid of that lot,” he said, “l’ve been waiting for you all day David, where were you?”

I said l was sorry then told him about my day as he got undressed. He came and sat beside me and we held each other’s cocks as l told him every thing about the way Mum was behaving.

“I told you she was hot,” he said, “l bet it’s that time of the month for her, women can get really horny at certain times of the month. Now is the time for you to take her David, she will be gagging for it, you do want to fuck her don’t you?”

“Of course l do,” l said.

“Well get on and do it,” he said, “the sooner you start fucking her, the sooner we can start doing all the other stuff with her, you do want to see her being fucked by a dog don’t you?”

“Oh god yes,” l said, “do you honestly think we can get her to do it.”

“Believe me David, once we get that slut inside her to come out there’s nothing we won’t be able to do to her, but you have to start it and you have to be strong with her, she might try to fight you off at first but you have to overpower her.”

“Do you mean rape her?” I said.

“If necessary yes,” he replied, “believe me David, she won’t fight for long, once she feels your cock inside her that slut inside her will take over.”

“You make it sound so exciting, l want to do it, l really do. Dad is playing golf tomorrow morning, l might be able to do it then.”

“That sounds good,” he said, “l want to fuck her too so as soon as you’ve had her you can bring her round and let me have a turn.”

“We could fuck her together,” l said, “oh Jeff, l would love that.”

“What do you want to do now?” He said, “l have most of an hour, l have some special customers coming to buy from next door.” He nodded towards the door to the adult area.

“I don’t mind,” l said, “we can suck each other or you can fuck me if you like.”

“I’d like to fuck you,” he said, “l’ve been thinking of you tight little arsehole all day.”

“It’s not as tight as it was,” l giggled, kneeling up on the sofa and leaning over the back, “but l’ll try to squeeze you cock while you’re fucking me. Can you fuck me hard this time, l don’t mind if you hurt me a bit but l’d like to be fucked hard like those dogs did with those girls. I used some of the ointment as soon as l got here so you don’t have to wait, just ram your cock up me.”

“God you are a dirty bitch,” he laughed, “you’re one in a million David, l can arrange for a few friends to come round and fuck you if you like, they will want to fuck your mother as well but they won’t turn down the chance of a tight arsehole.”

“I want to try everything,” l said, “when can l try a dog?”

“Soon David,” he said, “you bring me your mother ready for fucking and l’ll set up for you to get fucked by a nice big dog.”

I must have got him really worked up because no sooner was he behind me than he drove his cock deep into my bottom. It did hurt but there was a searing heat as well and before l could stop myself l came, shooting my spunk onto the sofa.

“I’m sorry,” l cried, “l couldn’t help it.”

“A good job it’s leather,” he said, you can lick it off later.

He began fucking me with deep powerful thrusts, l could feel his pelvis banging into me so l knew l was taking all of him, l felt so proud knowing he was able to fuck me properly. My own cock was still shooting spunk each time he forced his way deep inside me. It was only half a dozen thrusts before the final savage surge and l felt my bottom being filled with his hot cum.

“Oh god that’s good Jeff,” l said, trying to squeeze my anal muscles around him as he pulsated inside me.

“You’re a slut David,” he said.

“Oh l hope so,” l giggled, sluts have all the fun. “I’ll make Mum a slut too, oh god Jeff, can we do things to her like in the magazines, things that make her cum with pain.”

“Oh we will David,” he said, “l know people who will pay good money to do those things to her.”

“Then she‘ll be a whore as well as a slut,” l laughed, “oh that will be fun.”

He finally pulled out of my bottom and sat on the sofa. I immediately slipped to the floor, moving between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. He groaned in appreciation as l sucked and licked his cock clean, licking his cum from his balls, then moving over and licking my cum from the seat of the sofa. Finally l slouched back against the sofa.

“Oh l needed that Jeff,” l said, “ l do like being fucked, do you think l’m gay?”

Jeff laughed. “Certainly not David,” he said, “neither am l. I was brought up to be able to enjoy sex in any form and that is what l hope l’ve taught you. I can assure you, having sex with your mother will feel just as good as doing it with me. I don’t believe in putting labels on people, gay, straight or bi, just enjoy yourself and don’t have any hang ups, be ready to experience anything, if you don’t like it, don’t do it again, but l assure you there won’t be much you don’t like.

Just then a bell rang.

“That’s my customers,” Jeff said, standing up and pulling on his trousers and top. I managed to grab his cock just before he zipped up, a bead of cum was oozing from the eye. I licked it away then kissed his cock.

“Don’t be long,” l said, “l’m so horny.”

“Slut,” he said, turning towards the door.

When he returned he quickly undressed again. He turned on his laptop.

“Got a treat for you,” he said, “l have cameras in the room, the customers like to think they have privacy but l like to keep an eye on them. You never know when a secret recording can come in handy.”

Four squares came up on the screen, each one showing a different view of the room. There were a man and woman on one screen, Jeff tapped on that one and it went full screen.

“Hang on,” l said, looking at the couple, “l know them, that’s Mr and Mrs Smith, Alices’ parents.”

“They are regular customers,” he said.

“But he’s a bank manager and she is a church warden,” l said.

“Oh they are real kinks,” Jeff said, sitting beside me and reaching for my cock.”

“She’s a real busy body,” l said, “Mum says she’s a terrible gossip, always spreading rumours about people.”

“Just watch,” Jeff said, slowly wanking my cock, l took hold of his and did the same.

The Smiths are in their forties, he is always very smart, she is a bit overweight and has huge tits, not that l’d ever seen them but it was obvious they were big. I always thought it was strange that Alice had such small tits, she was almost flat chested, which l always told her made it so stupid that she was reluctant to let me play with them.

They began to walk from rack to rack of the magazines, they ***********ed one after another, looking through them, stopping now and then to kiss. Her hand was constantly against the front of his trousers and he was squeezing her tits but outside her blouse. There was no sound but l could see she was giggling as they looked at the magazines. They disappeared from the screen and Jeff tapped it, bringing back the four screens. They had moved to the back of the room, Mr Smith was holding a magazine, l could tell it was one of the ones with animals.

Mrs Smith stood next to him, looking at the pictures, they kissed again and he started undoing her blouse. When he pulled it oped her huge tits were held in a massive bra. He hooked his fingers under the bra, pulling it up, her tits fell out. I’d never seen tits that big, they were bigger than melons, they flopped down to rest on her tummy. Mr Smith started mauling them as they kissed again.

Jeff put his head on my lap, he could still watch as he took my cock into his mouth.

We watched as Mrs Smith undid her husbands’ trousers and took his cock out. He was hard but nowhere near as big as me, she was using her thumb and finger to wank him. Then she dropped down onto her knees and took him into her mouth. Mr Smith picked up another magazine and was obviously telling her what was in the pictures as she sucked his cock. It didn’t take long before Mr Smith dropped the magazine, grabbed hold of her head and started fucking her mouth hard. She was pulling him in with each thrust. After about half a dozen, he pulled her in hard and l could tell that he was cumming in her mouth. At the same time l shot my spunk into Jeffs’ mouth and felt him swallowing.

When Mr Smith had finished cumming, she stood up, reached up and kissed him hard. I guessed that she still had his spunk in her mouth and that they were sharing it. I pushed Jeff down hard on my cock feeling it forcing it’s way into his throat, he took it hungrily.

Mr Smith was mauling her tits, pulling and twisting her huge nipples as they kissed. When they finally pulled apart, she pulled her bra down, stuffing her tits back inside like filling a pillow case, he put his cock away, zipping up.

I watched as they went to the DVD rack. He ***********ed one, she giggled and kissed him and they returned to the main shop. Jeff had to put his trousers back on as the bell in the shop rang, he didn’t bother with his top. I had to stop him as there was a bit of spunk on his chin, he scooped it off and swallowed it.

“Jesus,” l said when he returned, “l would never have suspected them of doing that.”

“They do it every time,” he said, “when you told me that you were having trouble with Alice Smith l thought it would be good to see what her parents are like.”

“What DVD did they buy?” I asked.

“Family life on the farm,” he replied, “it’s a new one, one of the strongest, all sorts of animals involved with the whole family, l have another copy if you want to see it.”

“Next time,” l said, “l can’t stay much longer, l promised Mum l wouldn’t be late.”

“Are you up for one more fuck?” He asked.

“I’d like that,” l replied, “but my bottom is still full of your spunk from the last one.”

“Always room for more,” he laughed, “l’ll lick you out when l’ve finished.”

“Do it this way then,” l said, lying back and lifting my legs, opening them wide.”

He grabbed my ankles and pinned them beside my head, his cock found my entrance.

“You’re still gaping a bit,” he said, “l can see my spunk in you.” With that he plunged his cock into me, coming down hard on top of me.

“Oh fuck yes,” l cried, “no mercy Jeff, l love being your slut.”

“That Mrs Smith is a fat slut,” he said, “l bet she takes it up her arse, l bet you’d like to do it to Alice.”

“I would,’ l replied, “she’s always been a stuck up bitch, always thinks she better than everyone because of her parents, l wonder if she knows what perverts they are.”

“Perhaps we can think of a way to teach her,” he said, pulling back then driving back into me. “But first you have to deal with your mother David, you have to be rough with her, don’t give her a chance to stop you, once she has you inside her she will give in but you have to be strong, she might shout and scream and beg you but once you start you have to see it through, just keep thinking of all the things you want to do to her, don’t be soft, she’s so hot she must like it rough.”

My own orgasm was building as he fucked me and l listened to him talking about my mother, l knew he was right, l would have to take her by force, l couldn’t give her the chance to brush me away. I knew l was strong for my age, l knew she loved me and even if she did try to stop me she wouldn’t hurt me, that was my advantage.

“It might start as rape to begin with David,” he said, “but once you start fucking her she will switch on, you’ll see.”

I started to cum, spunk shooting down onto my face. Jeff rammed deep inside me and l felt him cum.

“You dirty fucking slut,” he laughed as his cock pumped inside me.

He held me there after he’d finished shooting his spunk into me, he pulled out then pressed his mouth against my arsehole. I felt his tongue searching up inside me. He was sucking and licking, cleaning out as much spunk as he could reach. When he finally released me, he stood, looking down at me, l must have looked a sight, l knew l had my own spunk on my face..

He bent down and began licking the spunk from my face, it felt really weird but it was nice. Once he had finished he pulled away a bit, staring at me intently, then he lowered and kissed me full on my mouth. He had never kissed me before, his tongue entered my mouth and l felt myself respond. I could taste spunk and the taste of my bum hole. His fingers went to my nipples, pinching and twisting and l responded harder. Our bodies were pressed together, cock pressed against cock. The kiss seemed to last forever, l sucked on his tongue as he did with me. I felt a wet stickinesss between our tummies and guessed we had both had a little cum.

Eventually he stood up. “Now go home you little slut,” he laughed, “and don’t come back until you have raped your mother, of you don’t do it l will never fuck you again.”

He let me go and take a quick shower, l expected him to kiss me again as l was leaving but he seemed to be very cold to me all of a sudden.

“Don’t forget,’ he said, “don’t come back until you have fucked her.”

I was in torment all the way home. I knew the moment had come, l had to do what he wanted, l had to do what l wanted. I wanted to fuck my mother and l knew l had to be strong enough to force her.

Mum and Dad were cuddled up on the sofa when l looked in, l guessed they had been fucking, there was an air of spunk in the room. Mum asked if l wanted anything to eat but l said l wasn’t hungry, that l was tired and going to bed.

I hardly slept, l desperately wanted to wank but forced myself to leave my cock alone, l needed to be wound up in the morning. Somehow l wasn’t worried if l would get into trouble, l knew Mum loved me and even if it all went wrong she would forgive me. I worried that she would be strong enough to stop me. I watched the time ticking round, l must have finally dozed off when l was woken at eight o’clock by noises downstairs. I heard the front door close. I looked out of the window and saw Dad putting his golf clubs into the car and drive off.

About ten minutes later l heard Mum go to the bathroom, then heard her creep past my bedroom door on her way downstairs. I waited five minutes, my clock was rock hard, l resisted the urge to wank. I went to the bathroom and emptied my bladder, cleaned my teeth then washed my cock and balls. I knew l was delaying that final decision but in the end started to go downstairs.


And that was how we ended up where we were, her dress torn open, her tits exposed, her pleading with me as my hand reached the gusset of her panties.

“You’re wet,” l said, “you want this don’t you?”

“No David please,” she begged.

I tried to get my fingers inside her panties, in the end l grabbed them, the thin material gave way easily as l tore them away.

“Oh god, please David!” She cried.

I grabbed her tattered dress, tearing it all the way down, opening it to expose her completely with her bra now hanging round her neck.

“I like shaved cunts,” l said, putting my hand back between her thighs. I slipped two fingers inside her, she was so wet that they slipped in so easily. She suddenly relaxed when my fingers entered her, l was tempted to ease back but then l remembered Jeff warning me that she might try to fool me into easing off so that she could escape. She must have seen the steely look in my eyes and realised her ruse had not worked . I saw rears in her eyes, she pleaded again but her body betrayed her as a flood of juices flowed over my fingers.

“You like this don’t you?” I said, staring into her eyes. “You’re body is begging me to fuck you.”

“Oh David please stop,” she begged, “it’s not too late, we can pretend it never happened, it’s just you turning into a man and your hormones are making you do this, please David.”

“I am going to fuck you Mum,” l said, “you can either accept it or take it the hard way but either way l’m going going to fuck you, and after that you’re going to be my slut.”

“Don’t talk to me like that,” she said angrily, trying once more to break free.

I had to take my fingers out of her cunt and use both hands to wrestle her until l was able to force her face down on the table. I used one hand on the back of her neck to force her down while l struggled to part her thighs. She wriggled and clamped her thighs together so l gave her bottom a sharp smack. Initially l was afraid l had hit her too hard when l saw the red imprint of my hand on her soft flesh. She yelled out but then l saw her tremble from head to foot and l saw a trickle of liquid oozing from between her thighs. I knew she had cum and l knew then that l had her.

She was shaking, l tried to part her thighs again, she tried to resist but one more slap on her bottom and she gave way. I spread her legs and stood between them, l could see her cunt glistening with her juices and despite the fact that she was sobbing l was now confident that l could do whatever l wanted with her.

I went to put three fingers into her cunt but she was so wet that four slipped in easily. I had seen girls being fisted in the magazines, she felt so wet and available that l tried putting my whole hand inside her. It slid in so easily, she let out a deep groan as l balled my fist inside her.

“Oh god! Oh dear god!” She sobbed as l started slowly pumping my fist in her cunt. Her juices were flowing and l could hear them squelching inside her. Her legs were spread wide and l didn’t have to use any effort to keep them there. She sighed with every thrust of my fist, juices sprayed from her cunt as my fist went higher.

“Oh please David,” she said, “please stop, l thought you loved me.”

“I do love you Mum,” l replied, “that’s why l’m going to fuck you.”

She could only groan in response as she seemed to have finally accepted her fate.

When l looked at my fist slowly sliding in and out of her cunt l saw her anus pulsating. There was a tub of butter spread on the table ready for breakfast.

“Is your arsehole virgin Mum?” I asked.

“Oh god David no, not that, please not that,” she begged, making an attempt to wriggle free. I held her firm.

“ Virgin or not Mum,” l demanded.

“Please David don’t do that to me, use my pussy if you have to but not there.”

I slapped her bottom again feeling a fresh flood of juices pouring around my fist.

“Virgin or not Mum,” l repeated.

“Not,” she finally admitted, “your father has done it to me a few times.”

“And l bet you enjoyed it Mum, didn’t you?”

“But he’s my husband David,” she said, “you’re my son, this is so wrong David , please, l beg you, l’ll do anything for you but not in there David please, oh my god, the shame of it.”

“By the time l’ve finished Mum you’ll be doing anything for me anyway,” l laughed, “there are many more things l will get you to do not just taking my cock up your bum hole.”

I dipped my free hand into the butter, scooping out a good a good measure of butter. I then slapped it straight onto her anus.

The shock of the cold, greasy substance hitting her bum hole was the final indication to her that there was to be no turning back. She did make one final attempt to get me to change my mind.

“Please David,” she sobbed, “stop now, l’ll forgive everything, you know l love you, please don’t shame me like this.”

“You have nothing to be ashamed of Mum,” l said slowly withdrawing my fist from her cunt, it was followed by a stream of juices. “You’re going to love it Mum, Jeff tells me you will, he told me from the start that you were hot, you can try to deny it but your body betrays you.”

I placed one hand on her hip, with the other l positioned my cock resting against her anus. I moved it back and fore in the valley between her bum cheeks, coating my cock with the pool of melting butter. When l was happy that l was well greased l rested the head of my cock against her anus. I was so hard l thought l would burst. I increased the pressure, hearing her sobbing loudly as she new she could not stop me.

With one thrust l was in her, sliding easily until half of my cock had disappeared into her arsehole.

She cried out but once again her body betrayed her as her whole body went into spasm and juices shot from her cunt.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, l had to fuck her as hard and fast as l could. I drove in deep until my pelvis slammed against her, pulled back and rammed in again. Each time l forced myself as deep as l could in her arsehole she cried out, l was concentrating so much on how good it felt, how hot she was, it felt like my cock was in a furnace. It took me a few moments to realise what she was saying when she cried out.

The begging and pleading had stopped, l rammed into her again and then l heard those words, those words that Jeff had always insisted she would say once she felt my cock inside her. Each thrust brought a hissing “Yes,” from her. “Yes……yes….yes….oh my god yes!” Came with each thrust.

My balls felt as if they would burst, my knees were trembling. I collapsed down on top of her, my cock buried deep inside her as it exploded, pulsating wildly as l pumped my cum into her.

“Oh my god!….oh my god!…..oh Jesus Christ yes…..yes ….yes!” She cried out as l humped into her, pumping and pumping, unloading more spunk than l could ever have imagined possible.

She shook from head to toe, letting out a deep groan as she came again.

“Oh David yes….yes…yes…yes, you beautiful boy, oh god,” she mumbled more words, l couldn’t make it all out, all l cared about was ramming my cock as deep into her as l could.

Suddenly l heard a noise. I looked up and saw the back door opening and my father coming into the kitchen. He stopped dead in his tracks.

You may remember how l said that grown ups say the stupidest things, well this was another example.

“Fuck David!” He shouted, “what do you think you’re doing?”

Now l ask you, what did l think l was doing.

“I’m fucking Mum up her arsehole,” l replied, “and she’s loving it.”

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