Piggy Gets Pounded

I stand naked in the middle of the floor, blindfolded with my hands handcuffed behind my back. I know that daddy is watching me. Even though I can’t see him I can feel his eyes on my naked body. He is teasing me. He knows that in my mind I am screaming for him to touch me, to fuck me. But he waits. After a couple of minutes I can hear him stirring. He is walking around me, slowly, taking in every inch, and every crevice of my naked body. And that’s when I hear the camera taking a photo. The sound of the shutter click makes my body tense. I am completely vulnerable to daddy. I can hide no part of my body away from the camera glare. I can hear daddy taking photos from every angle and I begin to nervously twitch.

“Piggy open those legs wider” His voice makes me jump. He is standing right in front of me. I open my legs wider and I can hear him step back and the camera taking more photos. After a couple of more snaps I can hear him putting down the camera on the nightstand. He stands behind me and places my collar around my neck. He leans into my right ear and whispers “Oh daddy is going to really have fun with piggy tonight. What’s the point of having a piggy whore if daddy can’t get to destroy her every once in a while?”

Daddy grabs both my breasts hard and begins to massage them roughly, pulling my back towards his chest. He begins to flick and twist my nipples vigorously. He leans closer into my ear and whispers, “Daddy just has to add the final touches to his piggy whore. “ He squeezes my nipples sharply and lets go and walks to the dresser. My nipples are already beginning to ache and the session has only begun, but deep down I love the stinging sensation that is left in them. He comes up in front of me and I can feel him writing something across my chest and belly. After he has written on me, I can feel something being put over my face and something on my head. Seconds later the blindfold comes off and I am looking straight into a mirror.

WORTHLESS PIGGY WHORE is written across my body and there is a pig’s snout over my nose and some piggy ears on top of my head. Now I understand why daddy instructed me to have my hair in high pigtails and wear heavy makeup. I look totally vulgar. Daddy has turned me into an actual piggy slut. I can see daddy smiling in the mirror. He bends towards my face. “Now listen closely you filthy piggy. You will do whatever I tell you to do, no matter how degrading or disgusting it is. You are my fucktoy and I plan on using every one of your holes today. You are lucky I am willing to even go near a repulsive fat piggy like you so you better enjoy the attention. Open your mouth!” Daddy grabs my pigtails and pulls my face near his, my mouth wide open. Daddy spits directly into it. “Swallow that up like a good piggy”, he smiles. I quickly do as I’m told. “Good piggy, now I want you that eager for the rest of the session. Understand?” I nod my head and reply “Yes daddy”.

“You are almost a perfect looking piggy, but one thing is missing.” Daddy reaches into his bag of toys and takes out a pink pigtail butt plug. I gasp. I’ve never taken a butt plug so big before. I know just by looking at it, it is going to stretch and fill my ass. Daddy opens up my handcuffs and tells me to get on all fours on the bed, making sure my legs are spread well apart. Standing in front of me he shoves the pigtail butt plug into my mouth. “Here you can use this as a gag while I open up that tight ass of yours and your spit can help lube it up. You’re going to need it when I’m shoving that deep in your ass, stretching it beyond anything you’ve experienced before.” I’m scared but I know daddy will be careful. I can feel his fingers circling my asshole. He is spreading my ass cheeks to begin play when suddenly I can feel daddy’s tongue on my ass.

It’s so unexpected that I jump, but he just takes a firmer grip of my ass cheeks and swirls his tongue over my opening. It feels amazing having his warm tongue tease my ass. I can feel his spit begin to dribble into my asshole. That feels so wonderful that I moan into the gag. “Piggy likes that eh? Well I’m just getting piggy ready for this”, suddenly daddy’s tongue is replaced by one and then quickly two fingers. I squeal. The suddenness has left me in shock, and I can feel daddy’s fingers opening me wider every time he digs them deeper into my ass. The spit helps them glide in and out and with every plunge deeper my ass feels fuller. Daddy does this for a little while longer until I can hear him reach into his toy bag and suddenly a cold solid object is being pressed up against my asshole. I can hear the squelch of lube and then abruptly the object is inside me, it’s coldness replacing the heat of daddy’s fingers. It’s wider and heavier than daddy’s fingers and it takes me a few moments to adjust to it.

I hear daddy begin to open his belt and take down his trousers. He steps out of them and I notice him removing his belt from the trousers. I begin to tense once again. Daddy has slapped me before but never used his belt on me. I don’t think I can take that. My mind begins to go in overdrive but then I feel daddy wrapping the belt around my waist. I can’t see what is happening but I can feel him putting something between the belt and me. He tightens the belt shut. He has put a long hard object between my legs, the end of it just reaching my clit, the belt keeping it in that position. He reaches between my legs and I’m sure he is going to rub my pussy but then, VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. A loud noise emits from the object and I can feel it vibrating against my clit. Daddy has a wand working my clit. It’s so strong it is almost too painful for my clit but after a minute it begins to feel good.

Daddy is once again behind me and I can feel him pressing the plug in ass deeper. He begins to toy with it. Between the contraction of my ass around the plug and the vibrator on my clit, I can feel the vaguest sense of an orgasm slowly occurring. Just then I am aware of daddy’s cock replacing the plug and I can feel him pressing down onto me. He is bigger than the plug so he enters slowly. I can hear him moan as my ass envelopes his cock. My ass struggles to open wider but the vibrator is causing me to grind so I can get a better angle on it for my clit. The more I grind, the deeper daddy goes. Daddy begins to quicken his pace and he is beginning to thrust with far more depth and speed. I am sucking hard on the pigtail plug as my ass adjusts to being so brutally used. Normally I would be crying in pain if someone had stretched my ass like this, but my clit is taking up all my thought. I wanna cum so badly. The wand is pressed up hard against my clit with the belt giving it zero let up. My orgasm is so close. Daddy is fucking my ass relentlessly and my clit is grinding against the vibrations of the wand.

“Come on piggy start grunting like the fat worthless pig that you are” daddy breathlessly orders. The sound of daddy’s body slapping against my fat ass is intertwined with me grunting like a portly sow. It’s entirely humiliating but it’s what pushes me over the edge and I begin to cum hard. I can feel daddy cumming in my ass at the same time, the warmth filling my insides as he reduces his pace. I can barely breath, my body still convulsing from my own orgasm. I can feel daddy pull his cock out, cum slowly oozing from my ass. He turns off the wand and walks around to my face and pulls the pigtail from my mouth. “This will slip in nicely now”, he smiles as he returns to my ass and begins to push the tail plug in. I can feel daddy’s cum being forced back deep into my ass. The plug fills me once again. It fits my stretched ass perfectly. Once again he walks over to my face and grabs my collar. “You disgusting fucking animal, you have an ass full of cum. And that seems to make you happy? You sick bitch” Daddy spits on my cheek and I can feel it trickle down. “I have a lot worse planned for you. This is just the beginning”.

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