Cheryl Learns Her Lesson


David and Cheryl Parker had been married for six years.
He had met Cheryl Davis during their junior year in
college at Berkley and had been almost inseparable
since their first date. At the end of that year they
got married and had been very happy, at least until
about four months ago. They had not yet started a
family, but at age 26, they were starting to talk about

Starting just a few months ago, David seemed to be much
less attentive to her. He said he had been assigned a
special project that was a real killer. He was a
software developer for a local firm in the Bay area. He
left the house at 6 each morning, and was never home
before 9 pm. Sometimes it was midnight by the time he
showed up. He would shower, fall into bed and totally
ignore her. Two months ago he had even started going to
work on weekends.

Cheryl was getting suspicious that work was not the
only thing keeping David away. She would call his
office and he was always “in a meeting,” even after
normal working hours. She talked to her best friend,
Jane, about her worries. “Jane, I am beginning to be
afraid he is seeing someone. He is never home, and when
I all, he is never in his office either. He always has
some excuse, he’s either meeting with the project team,
or meeting with the client, or meeting with his V.P.,
or meeting with the project team and on and on.”

“Do you have any proof of anything?”

“No, never any strange hair, never lipstick on his
shirt, nothing like that. But he has always paid so
much attention to me and now, nothing.”

Why don’t you call him and meet him downtown for
dinner? There are three or four nice restaurants within
a block or two of his office. If he makes excuses that
he can’t meet you for even an hour, then you might have
a problem.”

It sounded like a good idea to Cheryl. She called David
the next evening at 5:30. “Since you are so tied up at
work, how about I drive down and meet you at Lindie’s
for dinner?”

“Sorry hon, I’m just too buried right now. I’ll be home
by 10,” said David.

Early the next week Cheryl tried again and got the same
response. Now she was really getting suspicious.
Finally on Friday evening so went ahead and got
dressed, a simple black mini dress with black, formal
sandals with 3 inch stiletto heels, and a simple
necklace of white faux white pearls. She looked
stunning, her legs and figure were made for a short,
tight dress.

She then called his office, determined to not take no
for an answer. She got his answering machine. “Hi, this
is David. I’m away from my desk. Please leave your name
and number,” spoke David’s voice through the machine.

“Hi, it’s Cheryl. I really want to meet for dinner.”
She hung up and called his cell. She normally didn’t
try his cell number, but she was getting really upset.
He answered on the second ring, “Hello, this is David.”

“Hi, honey I thought I would try to get you to go out
for dinner. Are you still at work?”

“Yes, I’m still in the office, but I should be through
early tonight. I’ll be home in about 30 to 45 minutes.”
He didn’t tell her that the project wound up today, and
all the late hours were now over. He also didn’t tell
her that, based on preliminary feedback from the
client, he was looking at a bonus of between $150,000
and $200,000 on top of a major promotion and a raise to
high six figures.

Cheryl was devastated. David had lied to her. She knew
he was not in his office. As soon as she hung up the
phone, she stormed out the door to the car and drove
away. She drove for about 15 minutes, getting madder
each minute, until she decided, “Fuck him, if he wants
to fool around and lie to me, two can play that game.”

She drove to a local hot spot that some of her single
friends had told her about. It was called the Lion’s
Den, and was always supposed to be well stocked with
hot, young studs looking for action. When she parked
the car, she took off her wedding ring and placed it in
the glove compartment. She almost had second thoughts.
This was the first time her ring had been off her
finger since her wedding. Fuck it she thought, her
anger again surfacing. He probably only wore his ring
when he was home.

David Got back to his desk a couple of minutes after
Cheryl’s call and saw his message light blinking. He
dialed voice mail and heard, “You have one new message.
Message one, from area code 925-555-5634 was received
today at 5:46 pm.”

Next he heard Cheryl’s voice leaving her message.

He chuckled and dialed back home. After the fifth ring,
the answering machine picked up. “Hi, honey, he said,
“you must be checking up on me. I just got back to my
office from the men’s room. I will be leaving here in
about 10 to 15 minutes. Love you.”

David walked in his front door just a few minutes after
7:00. “Hi Cheryl, I’m home.” Of course he got no
answer. She must have run to the market he thought. If
she had been planning to eat out, then she was likely
getting carry out.

It had taken him an extra 30 minutes to get home,
because he stopped and picked up a bottle chilled
champagne and a dozen roses. He was going to make this
weekend the most romantic of their lives so far. The
pressure of having the job finished made him almost

An hour later, after David had put the roses in water,
showered and had a martini, Cheryl was still not home.
He tried her cell. The phone must be turned off because
the call immediately went to voice mail. “Hi honey, I
am home. Where are you? See you soon.”

After the drink, David must have dozed off in the
recliner. After the last four months of high pressure
non-stop work dozing off was easy to do. He looked at
this watch – 12:45 am. David looked up stairs and
Cheryl was still not home. He tried her cell again but
it was still turned off. Now he was getting worried.

He called Jane. “Hi Jane, this is David. I’m sorry to
bother you so late, but Cheryl isn’t home. Did she say
anything to you about this evening?”

“No, I haven’t talked to her since Wednesday.”

“OK, her cell is off, so if you hear from her tell her
I’m home.”

By 3:00 am Saturday morning David was pacing like a
caged panther, and trying to decide whether or not to
call the police. He had just decided to make the call
when he heard a car in the drive way. The door bell
rang. When David answered, it was Cheryl, being
supported by two young guys, one white and one black.
“Who are you,” asked the white guy?

“I’m her husband. Who the fuck are you two?”

The black man said, “Shit man, she never told us she
was married. She was way to drunk to drive, so we
brought her home. Jay drove her car and parked it in
the driveway.” They beat a hurried retreat. David
didn’t look at that tough to them, but you never knew
if a jealous husband might be packing.

Cheryl looked like hell. He dress was wrinkled, and her
hair and lipstick looked like she had just crawled out
of bed. The way her boobs swayed, it was obvious she
was not wearing a bra. She was definitely too drunk to
drive. She swayed a little just trying to walk to the
couch. When she flopped down on the sofa, her legs
splayed open and David could clearly see she had no
panties under the short dress. There was a very
suspicious shiny wetness to her exposed pussy lips.

“What the hell is going on Cheryl, where have you

“Oh, so now you want to pay attention to me after doing
what ever it is you’ve been doing to the last four
months.” Her words were a little slurred, but
completely understandable.

“What are you taking about? You I have been working on
a huge, short deadline project.”

“You lying prick, I called you office wand you weren’t
there.” She was not too drunk to rant at him at the top
of her lungs, only too drunk to drive. “When I called
your cell you said you were in your office, not a whole
minute after I tried your office number.”

David began to see red. Being called a liar after the
stress of the just completed project did not sit well.
“Before this conversation goes any further, I think you
had better check your messages on our home phone.”

“What? Messages? What do you mean. Why should I?”

“Just do to,” David replied.

Cheryl weaved to the kitchen extension. She was tipsy
enough that it took her two tries to hit the right
buttons to call up the messages. “You have one new
message and one saved message. Message one, from phone
number 510-444-2121, was received Friday at 5:48 pm.”
Next Cheryl heard David’s baritone voice joking about
her checking on him, telling her he was had jus walked
back to his office from the men’s room, and was almost
ready to leave for home. It was definitely from David’s
office number, and it had been recorded barely a minute
after she had stormed out of the house.

“Oh my God, no! Oh David, I’m – I mean I thought you, I
mean I thought-.” Cheryl collapsed onto the floor still
holding the handset. For the first time she noticed the
vase full of roses on the table. She began to sob
almost hysterically.

David lifted her up and almost carries her back to the
couch. “Now I think its time for you to explain what
the hell is going on.”

Between sobs, Cheryl managed to ramble about how she
was certain David was cheating on her. She could not
believe he had really been working at least 16 hours,
and sometimes 18 or 19 hour per day, and when she had
thought he lied to her tonight about being in the
office, she went crazy. She was so certain he was
cheating she decided to get even. She told him about
the club, and about the two had taken turns dancing,
fondling, and finally fucking her until just before
they left to drop her off this morning.

David was furious. After almost killing himself on the
job to support her, this is how he got paid back. The
old saying was right, nice guys really do finish last.
He went up stairs, grabbed his tooth brush, went to the
spare room and locked the door. He could worry about
packing and moving out after a good night’s sleep.

Cheryl meanwhile never made it upstairs. She collapsed
on the couch and fell into an alcohol induce sleep.

Even though it was past 4:00 am when David hit the bed
he was awake again at 7. The stress and lack of sleep
during the project had conditioned him to operate on
less rest than normal. He went to their bedroom and was
relieved to see she was not there. He was in no mood to
talk right now. He packed a few days’ worth of clothes,
put his razor and other items in the bag, put two clean
suits in a garment back, and then headed down stairs.

Cheryl was still asleep on the couch. He left quietly
so as not to wake her. He drove to the office and sent
out a few emails letting everyone know he would not be
available by phone until Monday, played solitaire on
the computer, and just generally wasted time until
noon. Then he drove a few blocks to the nearest motel
to check in. Once in the room, he remembered to turn
off his cell.

His next stop was a liquor store where he bought a
large bottle of gin, some vermouth and a jar of olives.
Once he was back in the room, his plan was to drink
until the pain he felt was gone, or at least numb
enough to bear.

Sunday evening he woke up, having slept long enough to
miss the hangover. He went out and ate, then went back
to crash a little longer until time for work tomorrow.
It was pretty much a lost weekend just like that old

Monday when he got to the office his message light was
blinking. He checked and he his mail box was completely
full, all messages from Cheryl. He punched in the
command to delete all. When he turned his cell back on,
the same thing happened. He punched in the number codes
to block any calls from his home number or from her

About 9:00 am, he got an email from Cheryl. He deleted
without reading, and added her email address to the
blocked sender list. The only was she could reach him
now was either a telegram or in person. A number of
people came by to offer congratulations for the massive
project he had driven home, and he was at least focused
enough to be appreciative.

At 5:00 pm he went back to the motel and changed into
casual slacks and shirt. Then he drove home. No since
putting off the inevitable, he would have to face her
sooner or later. When he arrived, Jane’s car was in the
drive, but he didn’t see Cheryl’s car. He walked in,
and Jane and Cheryl were in the living room. David
assumed she must have recovered enough to at least park
her car. Cheryl had confessed the whole thing to Jane
and she knew they needed to be alone She was sure David
could never do anything to really hurt Cheryl, so she
made record time getting out of their house, leaving
the two alone.

Cheryl started to say something and David snapped at
her, “Shut up before you even start. There is nothing I
want to hear out of your slut mouth.” She immediately
started sobbing again. It was obvious from looking at
the eyes, that was about all she had done all week end.

“From our very first date I have never touched another
woman. I have not even flirted with another woman. I
have worked my ass off to make you the kind of home I
felt you deserved. And now that I have reached a point
of being really successful, this is how you reward me
for my faithfulness and my devotion to you.”

“David, I am so sorry. I was completely wrong. I will
make it up to you.”

“You let two total strangers inside you body and let
them dump their cock slime into your cunt. How do you
plan to make it up, go fuck the whole 49’s football
team next?”

“No, please, I didn’t let them come in me. I was at
least sober enough to be sure they used condoms. Please
David, I will do anything to make it up to you. I will
do anything to prove how much I love you and how sorry
I am.

“I can’t deal with you or your faithless lying face
right now. I am going back to the motel. Don’t try to
call or email me. I may or may not come back next
weekend to talk.”

David gathered up some additional clothes and left.
Cheryl was again sobbing hysterically by the time he
was out the door. The rest of the week was a blur. He
went through the motions of working. It was fortunate
the project was behind him or he would have screwed it
up totally.

By Saturday morning he had made a plan. When he arrived
at the house, Cheryl must have heard his car because
she was waiting right inside the door. She tried to
throw her arms around him, but he pushed her away. He
said, “You told me you would do anything to get me to
move back home. Well, let’s go over my list of action

He did look around and notice the house was absolutely
spotless. Cheryl was not a bad housekeeper, but she was
not normally this much in tune with the details of
cleaning. Not a speck of dust could be seen anywhere.

David said, “You must agree that you will never
question, argue, or even slightly delay anything I ask
you to do. You will agree to call me Sir at all times.
If you fail to follow the tiniest detail, I will leave
you for good. Do you understand?”

“Yes Dav – I mean yes Sir, I will do anything and
everything you tell me without question.”

“First, you will go to your doctor and be tested for
every social disease known. You will get him to mail
you the report, but you will not open it. When you get
the letter, you will give it to me unopened. If you
test positive for anything we are through. I don’t care
if it is curable or not. If your lover boys did use
condoms you should be OK, bit I am not willing to take
the risk.”

“While you are awaiting the test results, you will sit
down at the computer and write a detailed, minute by
minute report to me of everything that happened Friday
night. After the doctor’s report is back, you will be
given other requirements that are, shall we say,
severe. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Until further notice you will sleep in the guest
room. For now I do not want you anywhere near me. I
specially do not want you anywhere near the marriage
bed we once shared. If and when I change my mind, I
will let you know. Do you have any questions?”

“No Sir.”

“You are excused, when I want to see you any reason, I
will call your cell. Otherwise I don’t want to see any
trace of you.”

“Yes Sir.” The last was spoken with a quavering voice,
almost in tears. She left the room, went to get her
laptop and enough clothes to make it until Monday.
After David went to work Monday she could finish moving
to the guest room.

Cheryl sat down in the guest room arm chair and started
to type. She had arrived at the Lion’s Den at about
6:15 pm. Since it was Friday the place was already
starting to get lively. There must have been a couple
of dozen hot young guys already on the prowl.

She sad down at an open table and ordered a margarita.
That was the last drink she bought all night. While she
was taking the first sip a blonde guy about 21 asked
her to dance.

“Sure, that’s why I’m here, that and the tequila.”

He laughed and led her to the dance floor. The music
here was always slow and rhythmic. This was a pick up
bar, and you can’t get acquainted if you are dancing
five feet away from each other. The guy nuzzled her
neck as they moved to the music, but she didn’t respond
just yet. The evening was too early to target in on one
guy even if he was cute.

She had danced with several guys when she saw two men
walk in together. Both were over 6 feet tall and very
athletic looking. One was white and the other was
black. Between them they fit into every single teenage
fantasy she had ever had.

After a few minutes they noticed her. The walked over
and introduced themselves. Jay was the white guy and
the black man was Tony. They asked if they could join
her and maybe buy her a drink. She readily agreed, even
though she had already had three and was feeling pretty

For the next hour Tony and Jay took turns moving her
around the dance floor, and she made it clear by the
way she moved against them that she was definitely
available. All thoughts of David were gone. She was not
mad anymore, but she was certainly not thinking of her
marriage vows either.

By the time she had finished her fifth drink, she was
making it very clear that sleeping alone was not in her
plans. Both guys were taking every chance they could to
feel her ass or to cup her 36B breast in their palm.

They all sat down and ordered another round. During the
past hour Jay and Tony had only consumed two each, so
they were not impaired at all, but Cheryl was in a
state of total euphoria. When the drinks arrived Jay
asked her if she was interested in a more private
party. That was exactly what she had been waiting and
wanting to hear. “Sure, I’m ready right now.”

“Which one of us do you find the most likely to
succeed?” Asked Jay.

“Do I have to pick only?” She responded.

Jay and Tony both laughed. They had been best buddies
since junior high football, and this was not going to
be their first three way. They all loaded up into
Tony’s car and drove to his apartment, about 5 miles
from the club. It was late enough that trip only took
15 minutes even with red lights.

During the ride Cheryl and Jay rode in the back seat.
She was all over him like a kid in a candy store. She
rubbed his chest like she had been doing on the dance
floor for the last hour, and marveled at his rock hard
pecs. Her hand slid down to his waist, and she had her
first feel of his manhood. He had rubbed against her a
few times while dancing, but until she actually felt it
she didn’t realize how big it was. She moaned in
anticipation of what was coming.

They pulled into the parking lot of Tony’s complex and
almost jogged to his apartment. As soon as she was in
the door, she started peeling off her clothes. The
heels went first, since her feet were hurting anyway.
Next the dress and necklace came off, leaving her in a
sexy black push up bra and matching panties.

Both men were very pleased with what they saw. Since
she had never been pregnant, she still had the body of
an 18 year old. She grabbed Jay, pulled his head down
and kissed him, her mouth wide open. She again felt his
cock through his pants.

Tony walked up behind her and began to massage her ass.
She turned around and gave him the same treatment Jay
had just received, an open mouth kiss with a hand on
his dick. She was amazed. She knew it was larger than
David’s, but actually rubbing it, it felt like it was
at least 10 inches long.

The guys led her to the bedroom and they began to
undress, giving her a slow male striptease. She loved
every minute of it. Once they were naked, Cheryl gasped
at the sight. Both had the rock hard bodies of guys who
spend a lot of time working out.

Jay’s cock was about 8 inches long and almost 2 inches
thick. Tony was almost 11 inches by 2 ½ inches thick.
Cheryl again felt a little hesitation just thinking
about those things inside her. She and David had
neither been virgins when they met, but David was the
largest guy she had ever been with. His dick was about
7 inches long, and slightly less than 1 ½ inches in
diameter. Both these men outsized him by a fairly large

Once naked, they approached the bed. She reached out
and took one of them in each hand, stroking slowly up
and down their length. Her hand would not completely
close around Tony’s monster. Jay reached behind her and
unhooked her bra while Tony slid her panties down her
beautiful legs. Since Tony was already in the lower
regions, he leaned in to kiss her mound while Jay
pushed his cock against her lips.

She opened readily, taking about half his cock into her
mouth. She sucked slowly while Tony worked his oral
magic to build a raging fire in her pussy. She had been
without sex for four months. Her first climax hit her
with an unbelievable force. She continued to suck Jay’s
cock while clamping her legs around Tony’s head. She
shook all over as her orgasm wracked her body.

When her climax passed, Tony and jay traded places. In
minutes Jay had licked her to another climax while her
poor lips were stretched to the limit around Jay’s hard
cock. She had barely quit shaking when Jay lay down and
pulled her on top of him. She was so wet she was
dripping, and his cock slid into her easily. Tony’s
hands roamed over her whole body while she rode his
buddy with long slow strokes. Before it was too late a
little light clicked on in her brain.

“Wait, we can’t do it this way. Do you have any

“Sure,” said Tony. He went into the bathroom and
brought back a full box of condoms. He handed one to
her and she lifted off Jay’s dick, opened the package
and rolled it down. As soon as it was in place she
again straddled him and lowered herself onto his dick.
Thank god she hadn’t been any drunker; she could have
ended up pregnant.

As her passion again built, she rode Jay harder and
faster, rising almost all the way off his cock only to
drop back to the bottom in one quick, sudden plunge.
“Oh shit, fuck me. It feels so great, fuck me deeper.”
In less than 5 minutes she was just beginning another
climax when Jay also hit his peak and unloaded into the
rubber. Once their orgasms had spent, she lifted up off
his dick and turned on to her back.

Tony had already put on a condom. As soon as her back
hit the bed, he lifted her legs high, placing one foot
on each of his shoulders. He drove into her in one
thrust. She felt filled like never before.

“Tony, god, give it to me. Fuck me. Shit it’s so deep
in me.” When she started to come again, it was almost a
continuous orgasm for the 10 minutes it took Tony to
dump his load into the rubber sleeve on his dick. He
neared his orgasm, Tony cried out, “Fuck me white gal.
God I love to fuck a hot, white pussy. Take it, take my
cock.” Then he began to spill his cream into the

Tony left his cock in her until it began to shrink down
and become flaccid, then pulled out and removed the
rubber. Jay went into the kitchen a poured everyone a
glass of wine. Cheryl was still wobbly from the tequila
and the wine went straight to her head. “Who’s ready
for another round?” she asked, pushing her hips back
and forth in a fucking motion.

Tony said, “If you want more fucking, then you will
have to do some get us ready sucking.”

Cheryl immediately slugged down the wine and dropped to
her knees in front of Jay. She sucked him as deep in
her throat as she could, moaning as if she was eating
the richest dessert in the world. Jay’s cock began to
swell as it returned to life. “Oh fuck Tony, her mouth
is as hot as an oven. Suck it you slut cunt.” Being
called a slut cunt made Cheryl suck even harder, taking
a little more down her throat. Once Jay was fully
erect, she started on Tony. “Yea white cunt, get that
thing down your throat. Suck my chocolate cock bitch.”

Again the dirty names just made her hotter. She gagged
as she tried to swallow Tony’s entire length. It just
wouldn’t go down her throat. All at once Jay put his
hand on the back of her head and shoved her down onto
his buddy’s dick. She again gagged, but the full length
disappeared into her waiting mouth. “Damn you are one
hot cock sucker baby. Swallow it deep,” said Tony. He
too was now fully hard.

Tony slowly pulled back out of Cheryl’s throat and lay
on his back. He put on another rubber and pulled her
down onto his cock with her facing his feet. Jay stood
in front her and fed his dick into her mouth. Now that
Tony had opened her throat, she was able to swallow
Jay’s full length. “That’s it cunt, swallow my cock
while you get your cunt bored. Fuck her Tony, make her
take it all.”

With his cock all the way down her throat, Jay was
ready to shoot another load in a very short while. She
felt his cock swell and his nut sack tighten up. She
didn’t even think about backing off, but took his cum
into her throat without spilling a drop. When she had
earlier told David she had made sure they wore a
condom, she failed to mention the bareback blow job.

Within seconds after swallowing Jay’s some, she began
to climax again. Her wild passion triggered Troy’s
climax and he filled another condom with his cream.
Cheryl collapsed on the bed, falling off Tony’s rapidly
deflating cock.

“Guys, this was fantastic, but I think I am fucked out.
Can you give me a ride back to my car?”

They got dressed, but Cheryl couldn’t find her panties
or bra. “Fuck it,” she said, “there isn’t any cum to
leak out.”

The guys realized she was too drunk to drive, so when
they got back to the Lion’s Den, Tony drove her home
while Jay followed in her car. All the way to her
house, she kept Tony’s fly open and licked his cock. He
didn’t get hard again, but he certainly didn’t mind.

Cheryl finished the brief history, printed it, and with
a foolish trace of hope and wrote at the bottom, “I am
so sorry. Please try to forgive me, Cheryl.” David had
given her strict instructions not to be seen, so she
put the sheets in an envelope. She wrote his name on
the outside, and planned to leave it on his bed after
he went to work the next day. Her whole body was again
wracked with sobs as she thought, “his bed,” knowing it
was just yesterday “their bed.”

She was just enough of a romantic to think that maybe
someday things would be the same between them. In that
respect Cheryl had no clue about how men’s brains
worked. David might forgive her, but their relationship
could never be the same.

David got home from work the next afternoon and found
the envelope. He opened it and read the contents. He
had heard that some husbands get off on their wives
fucking other men. David most certainly did not. He was
not a wimp, sissy cuckold, and her reward for betraying
him would be an emotional journey she would never
forget. He certainly had no plans to ever forget her
unfaithfulness. After reading the letter, he had not
need to ever see it again, but since it was signed, he
put it away in case he needed evidence in a divorce

For the next ten days their lives went on as if they
lived on separate planets. Cheryl was careful to stay
out of his sight as ordered. Then the letter from the
doctor arrived, Addressed to Ms. Cheryl Parker. She was
dying to open it, but knew David had forbidden that.
Instead, she laid it on the kitchen table. She heard
his car pull into the drive way. She immediately ran up
stairs to the guest room so as to again be out of his

David found the letter when he went to the kitchen to
pour himself a glass of wine. He took a sip, then
opened the letter. The doctor’s report was negative, no
STDs of any sort. He dialed Cheryl’s cell number and
faintly heard the ringing from upstairs. She answered
in one ring, obviously she was on edge. Good, he

“Yes sir,” she answered.

“Come down to the living room.” When she arrived he had
already taken a seat in the recliner. “Strip.”

Cheryl looked confused, then realized he meant for her
to be naked. Oh god, she thought, is he going to fuck
me, beat me, or something else she wondered.

Get on your knees with your hands clasped behind your
head. She dropped to her knees with her buttocks
resting on her calves.

“Not like that,” he said calmly. “Keep your hips
straight as if you were standing up. She lifted her ass
off her legs until her hips were straight, her hands
still behind her head. “Any time I allow you into my
presence, you will assume that posture. You will be
kneeling as a slave, but with your naked body fully
exposed.” The position of her hands caused her breasts
to stand up prominently.

“The STD report was negative.” She slumped down in
relief, and said. “Thank god.”

“Shut up cunt, I did not give you permissions to speak.
Get back into the proper posture,” he shouted at her.
She immediately straightened her hips again.

“Now we will learn if you really meant it when you said
you would obey in everything I commanded. Your next few
months will be difficult to say the least.” Cheryl had
no idea what he meant, but the tone of his voice
terrified her.

“Right now I do not think I will ever hold you, kiss
you, caress you, or fuck you again as long as we live,
but you must prepare yourself just in case I change my
mind.” Tears began to form as Cheryl realized how harsh
his tone was. She had fucked up totally, but she still
had some hope he would forgive her.

“The first thing you will endure is several rounds of
surgery. I will take you to a private clinic in Mexico
where money means more than medical ethics. We will be
there several weeks. In case you wonder how we can
afford this, I will remind you of why I spent so much
time away from you before you decided to abandon our
marriage vows and become a slut tramp. The project I
worked on so hard made me quite well off. I meant that
work, and the resulting wealth, to be for us.” Cheryl
could actually fell the cold venomous hatred in those
last two words, “for us”. Tears flowed freely down her
cheeks now, but she didn’t dare make even a whimper.

“You have proven yourself to be unfit as a wife, so you
must therefore also be unfit as a mother. The first
surgery you will endure is to have your uterus removed.
Cheryl gasped out loud at this. “No, please don’t-”

“Shut up cunt. Did I say you could talk? You have two
choices – Shut up and do everything I command, or get
up and walk out now. If you walk out, you will never be
allowed back, but either way you will not utter a sound
until I authorize it.”

“After your filthy whore womb is removed, then you will
have your clitoris excised. Following that, the surgeon
will resize your polluted slut pussy. He will nip and
tuck your filthy fuck hole and your slut cunt lips to
the point that inserting anything larger than you
little finger will cause you excruciating, mind numbing
pain. That way if I ever do decide to fuck you, only
one of us will experience any pleasure at all.”

“After you heal, we will return to MY home, where I
will dedicate myself to your total humiliation. Do you
have any questions?”


“No!” No what, you filthy tramp?”

“No sir. I’m sorry sir.”

“Are you ready to comply or are you going to walk out?”

“I will obey you sir.” Cheryl was beginning to
understand just how angry David was. She meant it when
she said she would do anything, but the thought of
loosing the ability to ever bear children was like a
burning coal in her insides.

David was still angry, but not as blindly furious as
the night she had come home drunk and recently fucked.
His anger was enough to keep him from smiling at what
Cheryl was going to endure.

The doctor in southern Mexico was totally skillful. He
and David had discussed in great detail exactly what he
wanted and why he wanted it done. David personally
inspected each step of the process in extreme close up.
He was pleased with the Doctor’s complete cooperation.

After three weeks recovery, they were ready to return
to the Bay area. Strangely, Cheryl couldn’t really feel
anything different. She thought there would be some
drastic change in the way her organs felt, but that was
not the case.

Once she had unpacked their luggage and put everything
away, David called her back to the living room. She
walked down the stairs and stood in front of him. He
slapped her and pushed her to the floor. The slap had
not been hard, but the shock she felt had the desired
effect. “What are you authorized to wear and what is
your proper position, whore?” he yelled at her.

She had forgotten. She immediately stripped off all her
clothing and dropped to her knees, fingers interlaced
behind her neck. Tears flowed down her cheeks. David
had never even raised his voice, much less struck her
before she fucked up so badly.

“Now cunt, you will begin your training. He went to the
hall closet and removed a box. When he opened it, he
removed a small butt plug and a chastity belt. Anytime
I am not in this house you will have the plug inserted
and the belt locked on your filthy cunt. I have the
only key, so you can close it but you can never open
it. When I am home I may or may not allow you out of
the belt. Under no circumstances are you to ever step
out side this housed without the plug and belt in
place. If I ever get even the tiniest hint of an idea
you have tried to tamper with the lock, I will solder
it permanently shut. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“OK, let’s try them on.” He told her to keep her hands
licked behind her back, but to lean forward until her
forehead touched the floor. He stepped behind her and
shoved the plug into her rectum with only one little
glob of spit as lubricant. The plug was the smallest
made, but she had never allowed any anal penetration of
any type before.

She cried out in pain at the sudden intrusion into her
most forbidden place. He removed his belt and began to
spank her ass, sometimes striking the cheeks, and
sometimes landing a blow directly on the butt plug. She
cried out aloud with each stroke. “You cock sucking
whore, I will beat you until you learn to keep silent.”

She bit her lip to keep from crying aloud again. He let
her lay there for a couple of minutes, then poured a
glass of ice water over her sore ass. “Are you ready to
keep silent?”

“Yes sir,” she whimpered.

He locked the belt onto her and told her he would be
back when he felt like it. He left the house and just
drove. He had no intention of going anywhere or doing
anything, but part of her torture would be wondering if
she had driven him to another woman. He returned a
couple of hours later and she was still in the living
room. He removed the chastity belt, slowly pulled the
plug from her ass, and said, “Well, my little quick
break was certainly refreshing. I wonder who else I
might see later this week.” The thought that he had
seen anyone else for quick, dirty sex cut her like a
knife. “Did you find our little break restful, my
darling wife?”

“No sir.”

“Oh, that is too bad. Well, we will have a lot more
breaks. Maybe you will be more relaxed in the future.
Now get you filthy cunt back out of my sight.”

By the time she reached the guest room she was sobbing,
certain that her world had ended forever and David
would never again touch her. Why had she agreed to all
this? If she had just left she might have someday found
some else, and she would have still had her womb. Now
it was too late for that.

For the next two and one-half months a routine formed.
David would verbally abuse her, telling her how useless
she was, calling her everything from tramp to whore. He
would taunt her with questions about who else she had
fucked over the course of their marriage. Of course, he
did not believe any of that himself, he was sure her
one night with Jay and Tony had been the entire
universe of her times with other men.

The taunts that cut Cheryl the worst were when he
accused her of being a true whore. He would ask how
many customers she normally service each night, and
what did she charge for different things. “How much is
a blowjob, cunt?” or “How much did you charge to fuck
you in the ass? Did you let them go bareback in your
shit hole?”

At first she denied his horrible accusations, but she
soon realized that he did not listen to the denials.
She wanted to make him believe that she had only been
unfaithful one night in her entire life, bit he either
would not believe her, or did not care. She finally
gave up the denials and just endured his verbal abuse,
tears rolling down her cheeks every time he accused her
of something terrible.

At the end of the third month since retuning from
Mexico, David called Cheryl into the master bedroom.
She walked in naked and immediately dropped to her
knees as required. “Well, are you ready to try out your
tiny, new pussy now?”

Cheryl sobbed once more and said, “Yes sir, if you
desire it.” Tears began to fold down her cheeks.

“Why the tears, my love? Don’t you want to feel your
darling husband inside you? You used to like that.”

“Please sir, I am ready, but I am terrified. You said
the pain would be horrible if I was ever penetrated

“Get up and come over here.” She walked to the chair
where he was seated. “Sit down,” he told her. She
started to sit on the floor, but he said, “No, sit on
my lap.”

“Are you so terrified that you no longer love me?”

“Oh, no sir. I do love you, and I am afraid of the
pain, not of you.” She was still devastated over the
things that had been done to her, both physically and
emotionally, but she did still love David. That is why
she endured it all.

“You no longer need to call me sir. If you truly still
love me, are you willing to bear my child?”

Cheryl thought she had heard wrong. “I don’t
understand. The doctor in Mexico removed my uterus, so
I can’t have a child.”

He kissed her gently on the lips for the first time
since that horrible night Jay and Tony dropped her off.
“Sweetheart, your punishment is done.”

“David, I don’t know what you mean. What is going on?”

“After I cooled off, I made a plan to punish you for
what you did, but I never planned to leave you. The
doctor in Mexico did not alter your vagina, he did not
remove your clitoris, and he certainly didn’t remove
your womb. Telling you all those things was part of the

“But I have a scar on my mound. I have not had any
periods, how can my uterus still be there?”

“Cheryl, the only thing the doctor did was to examine
you thoroughly to make sure you had not been injured
during your little escapade. He then kept you sedated
for a couple of weeks. During the first three days,
when you were asleep he would slightly irritate the
lining of your vagina so you would think it had been
operated on. The thing he had the most problem with was
inserting the fake stitches to look like you had
undergone a hysterectomy. He had real ethical problems
with actually making any unnecessary penetrations of
your skin. He put in ten stitches, and they cost me
$1,000.00 per stitch to get him to do it.”

“But if he didn’t remove my uterus why am I not having

“The one legitimate medical treatment he gave you was a
shot of Depo-Provera. It is the most powerful birth
control drug available. It doesn’t just stop your from
ovulating, it actually stops the menstrual cycle. A
shot lasts for three to four months, so you will start
having periods again within a few days or weeks. He
also gave me some powerful topical anesthetic so I
could keep your clitoris numb. That way you had no idea
your sensitive little bud was still there.”

“I want you to know I am deeply ashamed of the night I
lost my temper and hit you with my belt. I wanted to
punish you, but it was supposed to be totally emotional
and psychological, never physical punishment. If you
feel you can’t forgive me for that abuse, I will
understand, and I will not try to keep you if you no
longer want me.”

Cheryl leaned against him and said, “How could I not
want you, my beloved master?” As he pressed his lips
hard against her mouth, she felt a tingling begin to
grow between her legs. David might never forget what
she had done, but she knew she would die before she
would ever hurt him again, and she couldn’t wait to
feel his baby growing inside her.