Two white women are lost in Mexico

Wendy and her friend Lacy was on their first vacation
together. It was a great chance to get away from the
kids and husband and see Mexico for the first time. The
only trouble they were lost on an old back road with no
one or nothing in site; but desert. When the tire blew
out and they checked the spare, they knew they were in

It was such a relief after 2 hours in the hot sun to
see an old truck coming down the road. As it passed,
they saw a young Mexican woman and man inside. It
stopped by their car.

“Can I help you senorita,” the man asked.

“Our tire is flat, can you patch it?” Wendy asked.

The man, she noticed was very rough looking in his mid
20s and the woman about the same looked as if she
despised the two older white women. She waited as the
man got out of the truck and came around beside her.

“Show it to me,” he said.

They walked over to where Lacy was standing by the
vehicle when Wendy felt the man hand cup her right ass
cheek. She tried to ignore it and show him the
situation. His hand; however, grabbed her ass cheek
harder making it very uncomfortable.

She reacted without thinking, slapping him across the

“Looks like we have some old farts who don’t know there
place, Maria.” The man called over to his wife still
sitting in the truck. Guess we’ll going to have to show
them what happens to gringo wives when they venture
down here. He rubbed his face growling down at Wendy.

“You try that again and I’ll have you thrown in jail,
mister.” Wendy stated calmly.

“I don’t think so bitch.” He laughed.

Wendy looked passed the man to see Maria standing there
with a pistol in her hand.

“I think we are going to have some fun with these
bitches,” Maria said. “I’m dying to see if their asses
are as white as I heard.”

Seeing their situation, Lacy immediately started
running leaving Wendy alone with the couple.

“Go get the bitch, Juan.” Maria laughed. “She won’t get
far. I’ll have some fun with this one.”

Juan started running after Lacy leaving Maria pointing
the gun at Wendy standing their frozen.

“I’d just as soon shoot you as having to chase you,”
Maria said. “Strip bitch.”

Wendy and Lacy was both in their mid 40s but had
maintained their figures throughout the days of raising
their families. When she didn’t move fast enough, Maria
kicked her between her legs causing her to yell in pain
and double over grabbing her crotch.

“Next time it will be the face,” Maria stated. “I said

Wendy regained her composure and started unbuttoning
her blouse and left it on the ground and then lowered
her skirt and pushed it off. She hesitated for a second
to see Maria glanced and immediately undid her bra. Her
hands were trembling as she lowered her panties to the
desert ground and stepped out of them. She cupped her
breast and cunt with her hands for protection from the
girl stare. She avoided looking at the girl who was
roaming her eyes up and down her body.

“Get on all fours bitch like the dog you are,” Maria

“Please, we didn’t do…” She yelled in pain as she
felt a kick to her right thigh area forming a red blot.

“Get down dog now,” the words commanded.

Wendy got down on her hands and knees on the hot ground
below. She watched as Maria walked around and then
behind her. She tried to look back to see what was
going to come next as felt Maria jump on her back and
straddle her. She almost fell to the ground from the

“Get moving bitch. Crawl.” Maria yelled and slapped her
ass with her palm hard.

Wendy yelled in pain from the slap but froze till the
next one hit the same place.

“Ow!” she yelled and started crawling forward. “Please,
owwlllllll..” The bitch was riding her and slapping her
ass like she was a mule.

Wendy’s hands and knees were burning from the heat of
the ground and the weight of the Mexican girl on her
back. Her pleas were falling on deaf ears as the blow
rained down on her sore ass. Her only thought at the
present was to survive this horrible ordeal.

“Oink for me piggy,” the woman commanded still slapping
her ass.

“Oink, Oink,” Wendy started oinking as loud as she
could. She couldn’t take much more of this and her
pride was already gone. Oink, she yelled as the slaps
continued on her ass and thighs. Finally when she
thought she couldn’t take anymore, the woman stepped
off her back as she fell forward on her stomach on the

“Oww!” she screamed as her tits touched the hot ground
below and immediately leaned back on her knees.

“Oww!” she yelled again as the woman pushed her forward
with the heel of her shoe back on the ground and
pressed her foot on her back. Her tits were burning as
she squirmed on the ground in pain.

“Crawl with me,” the woman commanded.

Wendy got back on her hands and knees and followed the
woman towards the truck. As she arrived the woman
opened the door and leaned over the front seat with her
butt sticking out the side. Slowly she reached back and
started lowered her jeans and panties down to her

“Clean my ass bitch or I’ll leave you like this in the
desert to die,” she commanded.

Wendy looked up at her smelly ass and knew she would
have no choice. Crying she crawled forward and started
running her tongue over her sweaty ass globes.

“Between the cheeks sweetie,” the woman commanded to
her horror.

Wendy started running her tongue around her puckered
asshole till her head was forced by the woman farther
up her ass. Slowly she started working it in her
asshole tasting the salty smell of the day.

“Argggh…” She cried as she kept rimming the woman

“I see you caught the other one,” the woman yelled out
pushing Wendy’s head back.

Wendy looked to the side to see Lacy and the Mexican
man walking towards them. Lacy was bent over at the
waist as the man had a hold of her ear. She was
quipping her ass cheeks in back as they approached and
her tits and stomach was red from having been on the

“Had to beat her ass red for making me run,” the man
laughed. “Once I showed her my huge cock in her ass;
however, she found her purpose in life. Isn’t that
right pussy?

“Yes master,” Lacy screamed.

“You want my cock in your ass again pussy?” He

“Yes master,” Lacy repeated crying.

“See,” the man said. “These old white whores are good
for nothing but fucking.”

“Not bad at ass licking either,” the woman replied. “I
guess we can take them back home with us and have some
fun or we could tie them up on the ground and let the
ants have them.”

“Noooo,” both ladies yelled. “Please take us home.
We’ll be good.”

“You’ll better or we’ll bring you back and you know
what happen. Crawl to the back of the truck you sluts.”
The woman commanded.

Wendy immediately started crawling as the man kicked
Lacy’s ass with his boot as she yelled and got down on
all fours crawling after Wendy. They were put in the
back with their hands tied to the rear platform and
heads out the back of the truck. They were commanded to
remain that way with their butts sticking up in back so
the couple could look at their pitiful asses through
the rear view mirror.

“Hit a few bumps in the road.” The woman told the man.
“I want to see those fat hindies bounce around back

Wendy and Lacy was in total pain as the old pickup
truck drove down the dirt road. Not only was dust
blowing in their face but they were being banged up by
the constant bouncing in back. A knee here, an elbow
here, or a slight head bang. It was total misery as
both women starting yelling pleas to their captors to
drive slower. Their butts were bouncing high in the air
bringing their full weight back on their knees and
elbows. By the time the truck slowed down, both women
was in total despair.

Wendy glanced to the side to see an old wooden shack
out in the middle of nowhere. There were chickens and
several hogs but not much else. No trees either. Her
heart sunk with the sight.

Whack, whack. Both women felt their asses slapped in

“Let get the whores off the truck and have some fun
with them before we put them to work,” the woman said.

They felt their ropes being released slightly as they
were released from the back of the truck only to have
their hands tied in back again. Wendy started promising
to give the man a lot of money if he would take her and
Lacy back only to have her ass swatted hard as she yelp
in pain.

“What I need with money out here,” the man said,
smacking her ass again. “It’s more fun to have two
white women serve my every need.”

Wendy started to plea again only to have her butt slap
again. She couldn’t take another hit as she just stood
there smarting in back.

Lacy meanwhile must have done something wrong as she
glanced over to see her bent over by the hair by the
Mexican lady who was slapping her ass raw in back. Her
butt and thighs were jumping around feverously to avoid
the slaps. Finally, she stopped hitting her and pulled
her head up till it was even with her face. Her hand
reached down grabbing Lacy’s pussy hairs pulling her
closer to her.

“French kiss me whore and do it better this time,” the
woman commanded.

Lacy had her back to her but Wendy could tell by her
butt and thighs moving that she was doing a good job of
tonguing the woman. She must have been pulling her cunt
hairs out by the root by the way she was moving. She
felt the man cock touch her right ass cheek in back as
she watched.

“Masturbate my cock bitch,” the man announced behind
her and slipped his cock in the crack of her ass. Slap.
“Move that butt slut.”

Wendy started rubbing her butt crack up and down on his
massive cock in back.

She felt his goo running down her ass crack but kept
rotating her ass on it. She couldn’t help but get
excited from his cock and watching Lacy and the woman
performing again. Lacy was sucking away on the woman
massive tits and was now having her tits mauled by the

She felt the man hand on the back of her head pushing
her head down to almost her ankles and then his cock at
her asshole. She had never been fucked in the ass but
at the moment, she needed to be fucked anywhere as she
loosen her ass muscles as his cock started pushing in
her tight hole. The pain was horrible at first as she
adjusted to it and started pushing her ass back in

“Damn it felt good,” she thought, as her cunt was
dripping in response to the pounding. “Fuck my ass,”
she yelled back. “Fuck me.”

The man continued to pound his cock in and out till she
felt her ass being filled with his juice. She was so
close to coming herself as she continued to push
backwards on his cock trying to get off. The man was
laughing at her feeble effort as his cock started to
get limp inside her butt and finally slipped out to her

“If you want another fucking, you better get on your
knees and get it hard again;” he laughed slapping her
sore and bruise ass cheek.

Wendy in her past would have rather been shot to have
to do this, but she was beyond her normal senses in
desperation to come and immediately dropped down on the
hard ground swallowing his cock in one quick gulp and
starting blobbing her head up and own on the limp dick
trying to get it hard. The man was still laughing at
her as she started working her tongue on the tip trying
to get some kind of a reaction.

“Guess you won’t get another fuck for a while,” he
laughed. He grabbed the top of her hair and started
pulling her by it on her knees towards the house.
Maybe, Anita will fuck your big butt later when she
gets tired of your friend. She can fuck for hours.

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