Sandy brings me to my first orgasm

I am 25 years old, have been married since I was 22 for
three years and I am a very sensual woman, but lately
my husband has not touched me. He is a golf addict and
lately has been spending all of his time on the golf
course, with his buddy next door, who works for the
same company he does. The reason we bought this house
to begin with, was that it was next door to his buddy
and luckily for me, his wife and I hit it off famously.

She is a tall redhead, about 5 ft. 10 in., with a
model’s figure and it is a very warm, loving person.
She has made my pussy get wet on more than one
occasion, the first time was on my birthday when she
gave me a birthday kiss and stuck her tongue in my
mouth. The second time was when we were trying on
bathing suits, I was standing there naked and she
grabbed my tits, telling me how beautiful they were,
and kissed them.

She gives me a birthday kiss every year, every year
sticks her tongue in my mouth and makes my pussy flood,
making me wonder if she knows what she does me. Like I
said, I am a very sensual woman and usually a kiss with
tongue, is enough to make me spread my legs, so you
know why my neighbor, Sandy, makes me hot. It was
Saturday morning, my husband is already on the golf
course, the phone rings and it Sandy, asking me what I
am going to do that day.

I told Sandy that I was going to take a shower and then
thought that maybe we go shopping. Sandy told me that
she thought that was a plan and she would be over, so
don’t get dressed and she laughed. I was in the
bathroom adjusting the shower, when I heard Sandy call
me and I yelled to her and where I was. I was standing
with my back to her, when she came in the bathroom and
was a little surprised when I felt her hands on my tits
and her cunt hair rubbing against my ass.

She massaged my tits and said to me, “God, you are so
beautiful, you make me fucking crazy and I have to have
you baby, I have to have you.” Her tits felt so good
rubbing on my back, her pussy hair felt even better
rubbing on my ass and what her hands were doing to my
tits, had my pussy flooded.

Sandy turned me around, wrapped her arms around me and
gave me the most passionate kiss of my life. I couldn’t
believe what this lady was doing to me, my mind and
body were both in flames and when she took her tongue
out of my mouth, I was panting. She put her hand on my
pussy, I spread my legs as wide as possible and when
she told me that she had wanted me ever since we first
met and she had to fuck me now, I almost had a heart
attack. Cum was dripping down my legs, I couldn’t
speak, just pant and moan, praying she was going to
make love to me.

I could feel her fingers inside my blazing cunt, her
hot body pressed against mine and all I could say was,
“kiss, kiss” and it was enough as Sandy put her lips
back on mine. She was finger fucking my so needy pussy,
that I stiffened up and came all over her hand in only
a minute or so. That feeling welled up inside me, hit
my smoking hot cunt and when I came, my knees buckled,
taking us both to the floor.

The next thing I was aware of, was Sandy kissing and
licking my pussy and when she sunk her incredible
tongue into my cunt furnace, I shot cum out of my cunt
for the first time ever in my life. What a fucking
feeling that was, it reduced me to a quivering little
cunt when I squirted my cum all over Sandy. I lay there
shaking so much, Sandy took me in her arms and was
kissing my face all over, while telling me I was okay
and I wrapped my arms around her, buried my face in her
neck and could only moan.

I had never felt anything like the feeling she gave me
in my entire life, I shook for a few minutes before I
was able to calm down and talk. Once I was able to
talk, I told Sandy what she did to me with her mouth,
she smiled and said, “I am so glad I made you feel that
way, baby, lets go to bed and see if I can do it

She took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom, I
would have followed her anywhere, she laid me on the
bed, got between my legs and slowly started licking my
dripping cunt again. This time, she kept teasing my
pussy, licking it, kissing it and tongue fucking it for
only a few seconds at a time, until I begged her for
more. Once I begged her, she stuck a couple of fingers
in my pussy, one in my ass and sucked my clit into her

I screamed this time, my ass came right off the bed,
the feeling in my pussy was so fucking intense, I
thought it was going to explode, literally and when I
came, it was like shot from a gun. I was shaking like a
leaf again, but this time, Sandy just bored into my
pussy with her tongue, while finger fucking my ass and
I think I blacked out for a bit when, cum shot out of
my cunt again, like a cannon shot.

Sandy’s face, neck and tits were covered in my cum, she
had a mouthful of my cum and rose up to my face to kiss
me and let me taste my own cum. That was so fucking
sexy to me, I begged her to do it again, so she went
back to my pussy and started finger fucking both holes
while sucking my clit again. It still only took a
minute before the dam that was my cunt, burst again,
filling Sandy’s mouth with my hot cum. She rose up
again, only this time, she released it a little bit at
a time into my waiting mouth, making me beg again.

After she filled me up with my own cum, she got between
my legs in a sitting position, put my legs over my
shoulders and began playing with my pussy and asshole.
She was finger fucking both holes at the same time,
while telling me how sexy I am, how beautiful my tits
are, how beautiful my cunt is and that she used to play
with herself, thinking about fucking me.

She made me so hot talking to me while finger fucking
me, I started to shake again and hadn’t even cum yet.
She said to me, “Baby, I can’t believe what a hot
little cunt you are, I am going to enjoy fucking you so
much baby, but now, I want my hot little cunt to cum
for me again.”

That’s all my hot little cunt needed to hear to erupt
again, my ass was bouncing off the bed as I shot cum
out three times in a row and Sandy had to take me in
her arms again, to calm me down.

We lay there, kissing, hugging and talking, while I
recharged the battery, I asked Sandy why she hadn’t
fucked me before this and she told me that she really
didn’t think I was interested, because when she did
stuff to me before, I didn’t react. I told her she was
right, I was a little scared about the idea but at the
time when she did stuff to me, I would have fucked her
in a heart beat, especially in the changing room when
she held my tits and kissed them.

I told her I went home and played with myself after and
she told me she did the same thing. She had her tongue
in my mouth, my pussy got wet and I started to rub her
hot, wet cunt, prompting her to take her tongue out of
my mouth and ask if I was sure. I told her I was sure,
really sure and asked if we could do a sixty-nine, my
first time.

She got on top of me, put her head between my legs,
kissed my flaming pussy and I instinctively grabbed her
ass and pulled her cunt into my mouth, tasting a hot ,
wet, sweet cunt for my very first time. Her pussy
tasted so fucking good to me, my pussy shot cum out,
covering Sandy’s face and I held on to her ass so she
couldn’t move and lost myself in that sweet cunt.

She was moaning and making funny noises, then she
tensed up and filled my mouth with the most delicious
juice, pussy juice I realized and that just made me eat
her cunt with more gusto. I made her fill my mouth up
with her hot cum, six times before she made me stop and
I was not a happy camper that I had to stop. She told
me she had to rest because I made her cum so many
times, she was worn out and that there was always

We spent the rest of the day in bed and I kissed every
inch of her hot body and even had my tongue in her
asshole, I was so fucking hot for her. I told her that
from now on, I will stay naked in bed with my legs
spread, waiting for her to take what was now hers.

We now spend every afternoon in bed and Sandy can make
me do anything she wants and I didn’t think it was
possible to fall in love with another woman, but I love
her and love what she does to me and makes me do.

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