Bikini-Trunks In Europe


A short time ago, I saw a question on the internet from
someone asking about how to wear a skimpy bikini trunks
in public and also a reply that such was not a problem
in Europe. This exchange reminded me of several things
that happened to me, all of which were my own fault.

I have always been partial to wearing bikinis. I guess
this comes from my experience as a swimmer. A brief
suit causes less water resistance and water resistance
is important to overcome, important to the point where
almost all competitive swimmers also shave before a big

I also am pretty well hung. When my cock is flaccid
it’s a good 6-1/2″ and when I’m in a boner state, I
expand to a healthy 9″ and a good 6″ around. Yes I’ve
messured, you tell me what guy hasn’t.


Well, some years passed and I still resisted wearing
those cumbersome boxer shorts that are the customary
male attire on the beach. I managed by wearing a small
boxer shorts over my bikini, then walking around the
pool a few times.

After that, I’d lie down, make a bit of a production
out of putting on lotion and removing the boxers and
then lie in the sun. I’d look to see who was noticing
or not and their reaction. If it seemed ok, then I’d go
in the water, perhaps even walk around the pool once

In a few cases, I’d even managed to wear a thong bikini
under the regular bikinis and strip down to that, but
I’d never done “the walk” in them. I did notice that
after a few times, some of the other guys had taken to
wearing briefs — proof to me that men were as much
slaves to fashion as were women. I especially enjoyed
the looks of the girls and nearly came in my bikini
trunks when a woman of about thirty or so gave me a
wolf-whistle and spent that particular afternoon
sunning my back!

Still, it was an elaborate procedure so imagine my
reaction when I did go to Europe for a summer. I
immediately noticed, looking out the hotel window, that
the women freely went topless and all the men, almost
all, wore briefs. There was a row of lovely young
women, all topless, several propped up on their elbows.
One in particular was breathtaking.

I had never know what was really meant by the
expression that “people go topless and no one even
notices” until that moment. There was not a hint of
exposure in her eyes. Her long black hair hung behind
her and those ripe breasts soaked in the sun. She
looked so lovely and so innocent at the same time
baring her breasts for all to see. It was quite a
revelation to me.

I noticed that the tide went out over night and the
next morning the many buoys were lying on the sand. As
I walked along the beach, I noticed they were attached
to chains which in turn were very securely fastened,
perhaps anchored, deep underneath the sand. As the tide
came in, they floated and served as guides as to where
to swim and where not to and where the horses could be
ridden as they did ride horses there in the mornings.

I went back to the hotel and put on my bikini trunks,
the most revealing one I could find, but one with a
drawstring. I walked way out to swim for awhile and
then simply walked along the beach as the tide came in,
somewhat taken aback by the fact that no one noticed
me. “Well, you wanted it this way, didn’t you?” I asked
myself and realized that the danger was a critical
element. I needed to work that in, somehow.

The solution came in the form of those buoys. I swam
out as the beach was now very crowded and moved next to
one of them. Under the water, I removed the bikinis and
tied them to one of the chains, underwater now, of the
buoys and then swam away from it.

I could stand waist deep in the water and look to the
beach and see the women looking out to the horizon. I
imagined that the water was not there and it was an
overwhelming turn on. That girl was there, too, and
make eye contact as I then began to swim, hoping that
she would see I was naked as I moved along. I think she

When I looked back to where my bikini was, I was
frightened. A crowd of bathers was congregated around
that buoy. Nothing to do with the bikini, but they
effectively made it impossible for me to retrieve them.
I was stuck in the water. I felt very vulnerable at
this point and looked to the beach. A couple of the
girl’s friends were looking with interest and one
seemed to know and enjoy my plight.

However, soon the crowd around my bikini dissipated and
I retrieved it and walked out of the water, making a
point to walk past the row of girls, not making eye
contact, acting as if I didn’t notice them, but
checking their reactions out of the corner of my eye.
They were watching, that’s for sure.

I picked out a spot nearby and moved my towel there,
stretching out in the sun. I could hear them, but not
understand much of what they said as I did not know the
language. Their conversation, however, did have the
work “bikini” and “American” repeated often and
occasional giggles. I closed my eyes and simply let my
mind dwell on them, sometimes requiring me to turn
over, but eventually I relaxed on my back and fell
asleep, pleasantly.

As I woke up, I decided to repeat the experience. This
time, however, as I swam away, the girls ran to the
water, cut off my return to my bikini, and swam up to
me. They were so lovely I’d lost all consciousness of
being naked. The one I’d first noticed approached me,
smiling seductively, and spoke, eventually in English
when she found I couldn’t speak her language. She moved
to me, brushing her breast against my side and giving
me a light kiss on the cheek. God, I was in heaven!

She spoke in her language to the others as we moved,
eventually coming up against another buoy. It was all
so quick. As I think back, I still can’t figure out how
they did it, but I was soon handcuffed to the chain,
arms behind my back. they ran their hands over me, one
moved down and submerged her head, playing with my now
erect cock. Another was moving her hands along my legs.
Two were playing with each other. Soon I came in the
water, nearly collapsing, grateful that the salt water
helped my keep my feet. Then they left, leaving me

I tried to call them back, but one just looked back
over her shoulder as she skipped away, her breasts
bouncing, and blew me a kiss, “Later,” she said. Now I
was trying to work my way out of the cuffs, but to no
avail. The water soon got colder and colder to me and I
was shivering. Naked, handcuffed, in a foreign country.
I began to panic and thrash around but stopped when I
noticed I was attracting attention. I decided to wait
until they came back, hoping I’d be let go.

What I hadn’t thought of, and didn’t realize until a
couple hours later, was the tide receding. Soon the
water was down to my waist and receding rapidly. The
girls did come back, dressed as before, but they simply
sat on the beach and waited and watched.

They wanted to see how I’d behave as the water kept
receding. I got down to my knees as the water lowered.
Soon I had to lie on my stomach, my bare ass exposed,
but then I was also worried that the handcuffs would
attract attention. No matter what I did, I was trapped,
eventually exposed and helpless on a public beach.

Then and only then did they approach, smiling. So
lovely and yet so cruel, so enticing and yet so
sadistic. In spite of myself, I grew erect again as one
of them tied my cock and balls. They took their turns
on me, lowering their pussies onto my cock and bringing
themselves to orgasm. All this as onlookers kept a
small distance.

I was completely out of my mind at this point, lust
overtaking embarrassment long ago. I struggled to come,
but that binding prevented me until one untied me and
stroked me with her hand. I made a huge mess and then I