Trip to Glastonbury 1.


It was 9 a.m. in Seattle at my office when my newly
hired married secretary Gina got to work that Monday
morning. We had been suffering for a good
administrative person for the past two months now,
someone who had the common sense, skill and
intelligence to do more than just answer a phone and
buzz my desk to get an answer to some customer that
sometimes exhibited “rocks in his or her head”.

I am the Sales and Marketing Director of a large Asian-
based steamship line. We have operations in both Long
Beach and Los Angeles in southern California, San
Francisco and Oakland in central California, Seattle
and Tacoma with Seattle being our U.S. headquarters in
Washington, and Vancouver BC in Canada. We also have
offices in New Orleans, Galveston, Miami, Charleston,
New York, and overseas in Hong Kong where our world
headquarters are at, and Taipei, Manila, Kaohshiung,
Busan, Shanghai, Osaka, Kobe, Yokohama, and Incheon.

I had advertised for a decent secretary that I could
rely on. I could not advertise all the qualifications I
needed because of discrimination laws, but what it
boiled down to was a younger appearing Asian woman,
open-minded, that dressed attractively, that did not
have the normal baggage at home that would restrict her
work when I needed her to be at the office, whether it
be at night or on weekends. A plus for her
qualifications might include her willingness and
freedom to travel on those out-of-town trips that I
often took to the East Coast or Japan, Korea, Taiwan,
the Philippines.

The first 3-4 days of my advertisement did not bring
any responses, probably because I listed some pretty
stringent qualifications… 75 wpm Typing, willingness
to travel on business, willingness for long hours,
strict dress codes with no tattoos, skin blemishes, a
neat appearance, etc. I knew just how to word an ad in
the newspaper that had these requirements without
getting the Fair Labor Act personnel involved.

Just when I was about to give up, I got a call from the
boss’ secretary Alicia, wanting to know if I was free?
She advised that a young woman had just entered the
steamship line’s office in response to my ad and wanted
to know if I could see her. Alicia quietly told me over
the phone that she believed that this gal was exactly
what I was looking for, so I told her to have this gal
fill out an Employment Application and when she
finished, to send her back to my office.

About 30 minutes later I heard a knocking on my door. I
got up and opened the door and there was the most
desirous, svelte, attractively dressed specimen of
womanhood I had seen for a long, long time. She
introduced herself as Gina Yi and her eyes definitely
told me she was the woman I had been looking for. She
radiated pure unadulterated sex, in her button-down
white blouse and short pleated skirt. If she wore
pantyhose or nylons they were extremely transparent,
and she seemed to be pretty common-sensed with footwear
that was a pair of slip-on sandals that covered her

I shook hands with her and invited her into my office,
closing the door, and invited her to sit down, while I
strode around my desk to sit and face her. We made
short conversation about various things and I could
tell that she was going to be just the right person for
what I was seeking.

She obviously was rather open-minded in that she did
not try to hide the fact that she may have not been
wearing underwear. I asked her several questions about
travel, and asked if she had a passport, to which she
replied to the affirmative. She advised that her father
was Korean and her mother was mixed Filipina and

She had been born in the U.S.A. shortly after her
parents emigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan, where they
had served as missionaries. At first I was a bit
fearful at the word “missionary” but she reassured me
that while her parents were very religious, that she
had sorta broken away from all that in college and
studied Theology, getting her Master’s degree in that
from the University of Washington.

She advised that what the church had been teaching was
not necessarily the truth… an experience that I had
also learned in my studies from Chapman University in
Orange, California; and Ambassador College in Pasadena.
Obviously we were on the same “wave length” when it
came to religion, which was a definite plus.

Gina Yi was about 5 foot, 8 inches in height, 23 years
old. If she weighed 150 lbs it would be an
exaggeration–not an ounce of fat, but not skinny,
either. Although she wore a wedding ring set, she
obviously had not had any children… her breasts under
that white blouse looked quite firm and I could see the
nipples of them poking out underneath the cloth as if
she was not wearing a bra.

Her blouse was unbuttoned down the front to a point
that she was still decent, but there was plenty of
cleavage to see her ample mounds rising up to her
areolas This young lady simply oozed sex. She had her
hair fixed so that it was loose and flowing, down over
her shoulders and I noted that it reached well down
into her back. She wore pixie-style bangs across her
forehead. I wondered if her pubic hair had ribbons in
it… if she had any at all, or if it had maybe been
cut off and she now shaved.

In the course of our conversation I found that while
she was married, her marriage was not doing all that
well. She had met a young Air Force Lieutenant at
McChord AFB near Tacoma, who was a C-17 pilot. Theirs
was a whirlwind courtship and she had married him not
fully understanding what it was like to be an Air Force
wife, being subjected to Officer’s Club Wives
henpecking that often was carried out “under” the
disguise of these women’s husband’s ranks.

She also mentioned that she did not realize at the time
of her marriage how she might be home by herself more
of the time than her husband being with her. She did
not like that at all, but partly because of her Korean
father’s domination of Korean culture there was little
she could do about it matrimonially, because in the
Korean culture once married-always married. While this
certainly was the norm in Korea, these members of
immigrant families and the families themselves lived by
this unwritten rule, yet custom of their “native”
country. If they broke away from it, they were often
ostracized within their own community for doing so.

She had married and had hoped to have many children.
She said that her husband was not home hardly enough to
even provide for her impregnation even once…that when
he did come home because of his lower rank amongst the
transport pilots that he had to stay on base most of
the time in Alert status. She did not think that fair
but there was little she felt she could do about it.

She had been an only child and she definitely did not
want her offspring to be “an only child” status. About
the only thing she seemed to be happy about with her
Lieutenant husband was the fact that he was not
commanding some kind of airplane that was being used to
be a “baby killer”, such as a Fighter/Bomber jet, or
large cluster bombing plane.

I could identify with her concerns on that issue… I
had retired from being an Administrative Supervisor in
the Air Force, myself, and was thankful that I had
never actively supported a combat fighting or bombing
mission in my 20 years of active military duty.

So since she had gotten her education she said that she
had learned Secretarial work as well in having to type,
file and otherwise keep her own research records for
her Master’s thesis, and in the process had learned
several other avenues in the computer field. She
thought that since her husband was gone most of the
time and since she had a lot of international living
behind her, that something along the line of
international commerce might prove interesting.

Normally I would subject a new employee to a few tests.
But one look at this little gorgeous vixen and I knew
right away that she could type no words per minute and
I would still be happy with her. But instead, she
radiated a certain confidence in herself. I could not
take my eyes away from her almond colored legs as she
crossed and uncrossed them in front of me.

It was as if she was teasing me…several times she
caught me looking at them and each time she changed her
position somehow so that I almost could see to her
crotch but not quite, and her looks definitely gave me
the “come fuck me look”. I did not know what to do, as
I was being very careful to not allow myself to get
into a sexual harassment suit.

Nowadays management had to be extra careful in that
regard. This Gina Yi clearly summed up my interview
with her and I rose up from behind my desk and
congratulated her for being selected for this position.
My cock had stiffened itself to monstrous proportions
and I hoped to quell this by offering to take her to
Dinner afterwards and hopefully to some bed after that.
But she turned me down for the date, but she readily
accepted the job offer.

That was last Thursday and now it was the following
Monday. She had inquired of “dress codes” in the office
and I answered her by telling her to wear either what
she had on, or any other combination of clothing that
seemed reasonable. She asked about blue jeans and I
gave her the okay, as long as we were not being visited
by appointed time customers or higher ups in the

Last week after I had hired her to start today, and
after I had been rebuffed by trying to take her to
dinner, all through the following day, Friday, Friday
night and the weekend I could not get this little vixen
off my mind. I definitely needed to somehow get her to
one side and fuck her silly. If the Air Force wanted
her husband to fly its airplanes, fine, but I would
definitely “fly” his wife. Perhaps if I worked it out
just right while he was doing “touch and goes” on some
jungle patch in South America or Africa, my cock would
be doing “touch and goes” on his wife’s pussy in
Officer’s on-base housing? It was a thought…

Now this little hottie was in my office, getting the
computer I had ordered for her set up. She had worn
tight blue jeans and a halter-style blouse that did
little to hide the fact that perhaps she was against
bras in general. Twice now, she had come to my presence
without apparent bra support, and twice her breasts
gave the impression that they could quite adequately
support themselves. In fact today with that tight
halter-top her areolas also seemed to be trying to push
through the cloth covering of them in that halter top.

I realized that in my interview with her the other day
that I had failed to let her know that when I went to
Lunch that she might also go to Lunch, as we were on a
Secretarial rotation system where eventually it might
be her turn maybe once of twice a month to share with
the other secretaries of the company to work through
the Lunch hour while everyone else went to Lunch.

I cautioned her that she would know about this well
ahead of time so she could schedule herself
accordingly, and that when it came time for her turn
that she might dress attractively in skirt and blouse,
or dress, just for that one time. With that I invited
her to Lunch with me, and advised her that unless she
had something else planned that she could figure on me
taking her to Lunch each day. She was quite
enthusiastic when later on that morning we knocked off
for Lunch and went down to the garage where I parked
the company car, and got in the car and headed
out…down Wilshire Blvd. toward Century City.

She asked about where we were headed and I would not
tell her. When I got to the cross-over point to get to
Olympic Blvd, she was doubly confused and soon we were
pulling in to the Century City Plaza and parking. I got
out of the car and walked around and opened the door
for her in a gentlemanly fashion, and escorted her over
to the elevator.

We got in and I pressed the appropriate button and when
the door opened, we were at the Playboy Club. She could
not believe her eyes! Just from her reaction, I could
tell that this little gorgeous creature was definitely
impressed to the point that if I wanted to fuck her
that it would be a “cakewalk”.

Chapter 2

The Seattle Playboy Club was clearly a best kept
secret. It was not related in any way to Hugh Hefner’s
world renowned Playboy Enterprises, although the
merchandise was often offered there at a somewhat
marked up rate. Rumor had it that Seattle had tried to
get a Playboy Club for the Seattle World’s Fair that
gave it its Space Needle, but that the city fathers had
refused to accommodate Playboy’s request for a building

Those of us that had a regular Playboy Club key, if we
spent a certain amount of funds from month to month
there, did not have a membership charge here. This
Playboy Club had become a regular dining room for me on
a daily basis.

We were seated and she said she had to go to the powder
room. I rose up from my chair and assisted her up, and
then signalled one of the Bunnies to come and take her
there. Lola, the Bunny, knew me well… I was a regular
in here at Lunch and oftentimes as well as in the
evenings on 2-for-1 nights. When Lola returned, I
advised her that Gina was my new Secretary and that she
would often be accompanying me so that she, Gina, would
always be treated well here. I had established myself
good here with being an excellent tipper and these
Bunnies knew this.

Gina came back refreshed, advising that if she had
known she was coming here for Lunch that she would have
worn a little different combination of dress, like
maybe a blue denim skirt as opposed to blue jeans. I
assured her that it did not make any difference, that
she would soon find out that when she came here with me
that she would be treated akin to royalty, regardless
of what she was wearing, which seemed to impress her
even more.

She was fascinated with the counter displays by the
door, as she had passed on the way to and from the
powder room. She did not know that Playboy actually
sold those cute little Bunny tails to wear on a girl’s
ass, or the floppy ears identifying the Bunny logo. I
could definitely see where I was making inroads with my
new Secretary.

We ordered drinks, a Mexican Coffee me and just a Coke
for her. She had never drank a Mexican Coffee before
and wanted to know what was in it. I let her sip at
mine and she loved it! Needless to say, she took mine
and I had to order yet another. Mexican Coffees are a
“trip” to drink. The Coffee, mixed with Rum and Kahlua,
and topped with Whipped Cream and a single cherry,
numbs the brain to the point that one does not realize
they have had too many of these exquisite drinks until
BANG, it has hit you. Once that happens you might as
well just give up and recline in a corner as you are
not going to make it home, even if you are walking.

She ordered a Playboy hamburger and fries. Playboy
makes a hamburger to end all hamburgers and charges $15
for them. This includes French Fries and a non-
alcoholic drink, with the price of the non-alcoholic
drink being deducted from the alcoholic drink if that
is chosen instead. It is not a bad deal… the
hamburger covers an entire meal plate, and yet another
plate full of French Fries accompanies, so in reality
you get two plates of a meal, together with your

Needless to say, the salt in those hamburgers and fries
manipulates your thirst so badly that it is rare that
you leave the Playboy Club without drinking a quart or
so of drinks. If you are drinking alcoholic drinks, you
are well on your way to complete relaxation.

I knew enough about this that I limited myself to just
that one drink, when I switched to plain 7-Up. But Gina
was not driving and so I told her that even if she got
overly thirsty, to feel free to consume as many drinks
as she desired. By the time we were ready to leave
after she had finished most of her hamburger and fries;
I rose up and helped her up, to escort her out of the

I placed my arm around her waist to steady her as it
was obvious that she may have fallen in her “slightly
intoxicated” state if I had not been there to hold onto
her. As we were leaving the Club she noticed a pair of
Playboy open-crotched panties that she “just had to

I kiddingly told her that she would have to model them
for me if we bought them, and she responded with “When
we get back to the office”. I could hardly wait,
although I had not seen a panty line under her tight
blue jeans this morning, so if she modelled them for me
she might end up with more on than she presently was

We got down to the car and I opened the car door for
her, and she sat on the seat. I closed the door and
quickly crossed around to the driver’s side and slid in
behind the steering wheel. As soon as I was seated,
Gina thanked me for such a good Lunch and scooted over
to next to me and flung her left arm across my

I was tempted to kiss her right there on the spot, but
did not, when I did the sex thing with her I wanted the
space to do it right and the front seat of a car
reminded me too much of my horny high school days. And
I felt that if I kissed her we might not make it back
to the office that afternoon and I was expecting some
important business calls from Copenhagen.

We got back to the office about 2 p.m. By that time
some of the alcohol had dissipated in her system and
she was more cognizant of her surroundings. She excused
herself to go into my private bathroom to freshen
herself and when she came back she found the Playboy
panties neatly wrapped on her desk. It was almost like
she had nearly forgotten about them so I reminded her
that when we bought them that one of the agreements was
that she would model them for me. She then asked me to
turn my back to her.

I could hear a rustling of clothing and a zipper being
undone and then she was telling me to turn back around
and there she was… those red Playboy panties on with
her white blouse hanging down to cover their waistline.
My fantasy was somewhat correct, I did not see, nor
could if find, any wispy public hair beneath them.

I reached out to her to pull them down and she stepped
back… assuring me that she had agreed to model them
but that that did not mean I could do anything else
with her. With that she pulled her blue jeans back on,
over her panties and now she was definitely dressed in
more than she had come to work in this morning.

With her now dressed and somewhat presentable, I
thought to myself… She is really being a bit of
prick-tease. Now I’m not against prick-teasing as long
as it is a game of sorts and there is an end to it. I
did not know whether or not to pursue this similarly,
or to try another avenue. It was rather obvious from
her marriage standpoint that she had had quite enough
of cunt teasing from her husband who was always out
there flying in his C-17 and never home. I decided that
I might try a little cunt teasing directed at her by
being a little aloof toward her.

Now I told her that I had failed to show her around the
company that morning. I glanced at my watch, it was 3
p.m. and figured…if Copenhagen had not called yet,
that they would not call today, as it was about 11 p.m.
over there and I did not think they would be calling
from there in the middle of the night. I then took her
hand and began escorting her around to the different

Our office was on the 12th floor from the main office
so we had to take the elevator up to the 18th floor to
get to the rest of the offices. The elevator was rather
packed as most of the building was on their break
period and as the elevator stopped at each floor to
take on or discharge passengers, Gina was crowded
against me.

This happened 6 different times and each time I could
feel her tight little ass against my hardening cock. By
the time we got to the 16th floor she was well aware
that I was hard as a rock, as she turned against me and
reaching up with her mouth next to my ear, said “Horny,
ain’t we?” This nearly made me cream my pants. We spent
about an hour of my introducing her to the other
secretaries and staff. Each secretary seemed to fully
accept her.

I had always maintained an excellent relationship with
all the secretaries, often taking them to Lunch, or
Dinner on their birthdays, at my favorite “club”. It
had been my experience with most of them that most
managers wouldn’t even give them the time of the day
for anything, and here I was, often celebrating
something with them. It had gotten so thick with one of
them that when she had her baby we did not know for
sure if it was my kid or her husband’s.

She had often wanted to have me take a DNA test, but I
talked her out of it because I felt and told her that
if the baby was proven to be mine that it would
probably, in the long run, ruin her marriage, because
she would always feel a resentment toward her husband
for not making her pregnant in the first place.

To help alleviate any possible problems in the future,
I had established a college trust fund for little Danny
that I contributed to every month, so that if anything
ever happened to Maryanne, his mother, or Daniel, his
mother’s husband, his future would be much better
secured, with a college education paid for.

We returned to our office about 4 p.m., where I began
explaining to her the intricacies of the company and
how it operated. We carried containerized ocean cargo
from points in the Far East to the U.S. West Coast. If
cargo had to be carried further it would be trucked or
carried by rail to those points in a Mini-Landbridge
(MLB) or Overseas Container Point (OCP) fashion that
involved trucking companies and railroad companies. One
of our largest customers, Honda USA Inc. shipped Honda
car parts to their factories in Tennessee and Ohio,
with full container loads of these parts passing
through the port of Seattle, trans-loaded onto rail
cars and carried on to the Honda factory in those

Honda was just one of many companies doing business in
the U.S.A. that shipped the parts for manufacturing
into the U.S.A. so that technically there product would
be built in America.

Those empty containers often took raw products and
salvaged materials back to the Far East to be re-
entered back into the supply line as material for a
newly manufactured part. Old cars, often compacted into
solid chunks of steel by compression that measured 2
feet by one foot maybe 10 inches high, lessened the
dependency for raw iron ore and newly smelted steel,
alleviating the waste of our natural resources. Leather
hides from our meat packing plants often ended up in
Japan in some shoe factory. Onions, Tomatoes, Oranges,
Lemons, Apples, fresh meat, fish and fish products were
shipped westbound to be stocked in some Wal-Mart
Supercenter in Tokyo, Seoul.

Very few people realized that the international trade
community did not get involved in anything from the
cow’s bawling to the motorcyclist’s roar, and points in
between. I had all the working levels of the company
displayed on wall charts on my walls of the office,
similar to wall charts that I had kept on operations
that I was responsible for in the Air Force.

I took Gina’s hand and helped her to her feet and
placed her in front of me while I explained the various
operations. Her young tight ass rubbed against the
front of my slacks as I began explaining these to her
and my old familiar hard one returned. She obviously
felt it once more, asking, “Are you STILL horny?”

This time we were in private with no one else around
and she reached back and cupped my hardness through my
slacks, as I reached around her and began massaging her
tits through her loose blouse. I opened the buttons and
then finally, those little milk factories were exposed.
I turned her around and began kissing her as our lust
for each other formed. I slipped my hands down to
unfasten the snap on her waist of her blue jeans and
then began slipping blue jeans and panties to the
floor, following them down with my hands as I pulled
their tightness from her thighs.

As soon as I got them down to her feet, she stepped out
of them and then straightened, shirking off her blouse,
to stand nakedly before me. She then started on me and
she was definitely ‘hot’, popping the buttons off my
dress shirt in her haste to get me naked. I helped her
and soon my pants and boxer shorts were laying on the
floor on top of her clothes, as we came back together
in heated lust for each other. I just knew at that time
that Gina’s anxiety over being lonely was going to

We jointly slumped into a naked heap of flesh on the
floor. My cock did not have to be guided as she lay out
on her back, opening her legs to welcome its entry into
her hot wet nest. As I reached up her body to kiss her
on the mouth and nuzzle the nape of her neck I could
feel her straining against me to engulf my hardness
deep into her belly. Then I felt it… my wet pre-cum
was rubbing against her wet vulva lips and it was like
she was suctioning me into her heated depths. I
bottomed out against the wall to her womb and I could
scarcely contain myself.

She was crying out to me, “Fuck me, fuck me, love me,
Baby. Give me your cum, shoot it deep in me,” as this
relatively new Air Force wife was trying to quench her
thirst in her lower belly for my lewd honey juice. Then
I could feel the familiar feeling deep in my balls as
it began its journey up into the base of my cock and
out through that magical muscle to give a burning
sensation at the end of my dick as I shot loads of my
love juice into her excited depths.

We lay depleted, both of us, in hot wantonness on that
office floor. She made a comment that my cock in its
depleted state was bigger than her husband’s cock in
its arousal, which made me feel good. She did not know
how her husband was ever going to satisfy her again
with his cock or tongue, after experiencing my hard
thickness that just seemed designed for her complete

Gina Yi advised me that while we had only known each
other for a short time, that what we had just
experienced today and the day I had hired her, it was
like we had been friends for years. She wanted to know
what kind of apartment I was living in, or house for
that matter, because she was seeking a roommate so she
would not be so lonely at night. I asked her about her
husband and she said that he was never home enough to
care. I thought to myself… what!!?? He did not
deserve to be married to this tender young beauty.

I told her that I had come to Seattle and had leased a
2-bedroomed place upon arrival. My lease was about to
expire and I was actively seeking another
accommodation. She smiled and teasingly advised, that
while she lived in Base Housing at McChord AFB, and the
drive was a little long, if we lived together we could
commute together, and with that came a Diamond Lane on
the I-5 that 2 or more carpoolers had to be in
existence on to use.

She said she had often been in that stop-and-go traffic
and watched the cars zipping by her in that Diamond
Lane and thought to herself “how nice”… I tenderly
held this naked beauty against my nakedness one more
time and jokingly teased her that “but… if we are
rooming together, how are we going to drag ourselves
out of bed each morning and get to work?” She smirked a
bit and advised that there were such things as cold
Ketsup bottles under the covers, and besides, if we
were so horny after a night of fucking, we could always
bring our blanket to work and fuck right her on the
office floor. I could not argue that point.

I asked her if she wanted me to stay with her that
night. This certainly touched off a button in her young
naked body and she reached up to cup my face in her
hands and kiss me full on the lips as she wrapped her
naked thighs around me, backing off momentarily to
teasingly tell me that “I thought you’d never ask.”
With that we stood and went into my adjoining wash room
and made ourselves presentable, and got dressed.

We were soon headed down Aurora south to catch a cross
street to take us over to I-5. We got there and almost
immediately I found an opening in traffic and we were
driving down past the stop-and-go traffic 55 mph. We
stopped at a Kentucky Fried Chicken joint and got a
bucket of the Colonel’s Original, and then went across
the street and got a six-pack of Kosher wine, to get us
through the night of fucking we had planned for

It seemed like in no time at all we were pulling up in
front of her house in her car as we had used that
because she had a windshield sticker on it for McChord
AFB. We had left my Lexus in the garage back at work
for the night.

As soon as we got in the front door we were busily
tearing the clothes from each other in heat. My cock
had hardened extensively even after all that fucking
that afternoon and I was getting ready to once more
flood her innards with my love juice. We had gotten
careless that afternoon… we had left hickeys all over
each other as we lustfully tried to eat each other’s
bodies. Her neck was covered with them but so far I had
not eaten her out.

Now I opened her legs and reached down with my mouth
and teeth and definitely “branded her” with hickeys on
both of her inner thighs. She wanted to know what was
that for and I told her… you are mine from now on and
any guy that sees these is going to have to fight me to
get to you. I have proven to the world that you have
allowed me into your privacy and that these marks prove
it. She squirmed around and thanked me for caring so
much for her.

She had never experienced this kind of physical love or
mental love from anyone before, including her absent
pencil pricked wetbacked husband. The only thing we ate
for awhile that night was me eating her pussy. Her
pussy seepage was simply exquisite in taste. She just
had to suck on my cock… she said that that wimpy
little Air Force warrior she was married to did not
think it ladylike for her to be a whore and suck a
guy’s cock. We fucked for 5 hours straight and then
shared a full bottle of wine and began eating our KFC

By the time we had gone through half the chicken my
cock was beginning to stir once more and I put my arms
around her nakedness, gently laying her back on her
back, and we began fucking once more. But by that time
we were so full of food and had drunk so much wine that
we fell asleep, my cock buried up against her womb deep
in her tummy. I don’t think that if I had tried that I
could have shot another load into her at that stage.

The next morning about 5 a.m. she woke me up, having to
“go potty”. I kissed her back and slapped her little
naked ass a couple of times and told her to go potty as
I had a load to give to her. After I did that by giving
her my morning piss hard on, we did not need a Ketsup
bottle; we were ready to get dressed and go to work. As
soon as we got to work that next morning Gina phoned
the authorities at McChord AFB and lying, advised that
she had gotten company over the past weekend and that
this company needed an on-base pass sticker for their
car. She had to report to the Base Security Police at
the Main Gate to McChord AFB.

The Security Police sent her to her husband’s commander
who in turn called her husband in Korea. He put her on
the phone and once again she lied and said that “Cousin
Barbara” had come to visit from Chicago, and that she
would be staying for awhile, so she would probably need
a permanent base pass for her cousin’s car. Her husband
approved and soon we were headed back up to Seattle to
get my Lexus and bring it back down to McChord AFB to
register it on base.

Since we both were travelling separately, we were
forced to get in that stop-and-go traffic and it took
two hours for us to get from Seattle to McChord AFB
with our separate cars. When we got everything done, we
parked her car in her carport and started to bring my
car back to Seattle. But it was now nearly noon and we
could not see why we should return to the office when
we could be so much more doing more interesting things
by enjoying the stickiness that our crotches offered
toward one another.

So we returned to her house and as soon as we got
inside and got the door closed, we were naked and
fucking to our hearts’ content. I don’t think we let up
that night until well into the hours of Wednesday
morning. We had fucked at least 20 times in those 3
days. She said that her pussy felt raw, but she also
said she welcomed that rawness–that it was a welcomed
relief over what she had to live with before.

Anal sex was not a thing for me that I wanted to try.
Some people like it because the rectum is often tighter
than the pussy, with its fatty folds that allow a baby
to come through it in birth. So instead of continuing
to fuck Gina, and I did not want to fuck her in her
asshole, I decided to wander over to the Officer’s Club
for a beer. Gina thought that a good idea and that if
we encountered anyone that knew her, her husband, she
could explain that I was a visiting cousin.

That little cute vixen was definitely sore in her legs.
She even walked like she was trying to pull her pussy
up, into her lower belly. It came to my mind that
perhaps I needed to lay off a bit so I did not fuck up
her reproduction “equipment”.

Over her objections I made her go to bed, I was not
going to let her go to Officer’s Club with me. After
much arguing I said “to Hell” with the Officer’s Club,
and remained home with her. She lay beneath the cool
sheets and I began attending to her soreness by rubbing
cold cream and baby oil on her pussy lips, taking extra
care to not allow any to get inside her honey pot.

As I progressed I felt her begin to doze off. I was
getting tired, too…all fucking had taken its toll on
me. I raised myself up off the kneeling position I had
on the floor and slipped under the sheets with her. We
were both nude, but we did not feel an urgency to lust.
All we wanted to do was to sleep. I cuddled her into my
arms and legs and we slept the entire night away and
woke up the next morning feeling much better.

Gina was still sore in her pussy so I got up and fixed
Breakfast, and served it to her in bed. She was very
thankful of this, saying that no one, even her mother
and father had served her Breakfast in bed before. I
even upped that one a bit by laying down the Breakfast
tray on her tummy over the covers, and hand fed her her
hard-fried eggs, toast with honey, and tater tots. Her
looks definitely portrayed her deep developing love for
me. I decided to make her stay at home that day and
rest up.

We had nearly killed ourselves in our wanton fucking
the previous day and I definitely wanted Gina to stay
on with me as my secretary. It was over her very vocal
objections that I left her house and drove to Seattle,
once again immersed in that damned traffic in rush
hour. I got to the office at 10, and called her right
away. She had calmed down a bit and was glad to hear my
voice. I told her about the rush hour traffic and she
advised that it had served me right by not taking her
with me.

I had a few minor things to do. Now that I had Gina
aboard, I could devote a little more time into my
affiliation with the Glastonbury project. I called over
to Bath, England and talked to the Archbishop there. We
had been trying to develop an accompanied tour to that
great area of mystery, where some said that Jesus had
built the first above ground Christian church by
building a home for the Mother Mary there, which would
later become the wattlewood church that Joseph of
Arimathea christened in about A.D. 65. There is deep
tradition there, as much as there is in Palestine,
where the ancient Catholics under the leadership of the
late Roman Emperors forced the belief of several pagan
gods onto the general public under the threat of
beheading, and called it a new religion…

With the modern discovery and use of the Internet and
World Wide Web, we could do research now
instantaneously that formerly took 100-200 years to do.
I had visited Glastonbury before, and had met with the
Church of England officials and I seemed to have
impressed them with my skillful explanations of my
beliefs as I understood them to be. Now the Archbishop
had just recently contacted me and advised that he as
working with British Airways to assemble a modern day
pilgrimage to Glastonbury.

I thought how ironic… Glastonbury became quite
popular in the early 10th century with pilgrims coming
from all over the ancient world of France, Spain,
Italy, Scotland, Iceland, Portugal to worship our Jesus
at the first above ground Christian church in the
world, and now, 1100 years later we were putting
together yet another pilgrimage along the same lines as
the original one, but this time people from the
Americas, Asia, and Near East were assembling via
airlines to London’s Heathrow Airport where large 60-
passenger tour buses would load them for the 3-4 hour
trip to Glastonbury.

Some of us were even planning to camp out on the old
Abbey grounds where we would be fed from meals prepared
in the old Abbey Kitchen! Bishop Crandall answered the
phone and he was very happy to hear my voice. He
advised that the buses had been set up to meet everyone
at Gatwick or Heathrow, and that large 50-person tents
with cots, bedding and even kerosene heaters were being
readied for this pilgrimage.

The pilgrimage was still 3 months away as it was in
July and now was only early April, but of course it
took time to arrange all this. Pilgrims coming to the
pilgrimage were being charged $1000 apiece, regardless
of where they were coming from, and that included all
their expenses of accommodation, meals, bus
transportation and airline tickets, which we felt was a
very reasonable price, yet still offered a small profit
for the Church to realize for all the work that had
been put into it.

I no more got off the phone and it rang. This phone
call was the one from Copenhagen that I had been
expecting. It seemed as though the Danish were trying
to imitate a Toyota car and had already built one and
its duplicates and were trying to get us to haul them
in to the USA for them. The Danish government was
willing to underwrite an entire expense for a vessel
designed to haul their cars from Copenhagen to New York
as a preliminary study to see if it would be feasible
to attack Toyota on its best economic bed.

I think I may have pissed off some Dane when I told him
that I felt that if Toyota found out about him that he
would be buried in his pile of duplicated Toyotas, and
that I did not want to take a chance on pissing off one
of our largest customers by accommodating his desires.
I then hung up the phone. I did not hear from him,

Although she had only been with me for less than a
week, I was beginning to miss my little Gina doll. My
cock was hard and that added to the misery. About that
time Maryanne, the blond who had had the baby and we
did not know for sure who the daddy was, poked her head
in the door and asked where Gina was. I told her the
truth, at which she stepped inside, shut the door and
locked it, and said that she was a bit horny.

It seems that her ovulating period had started that
morning and she was extra horny and wet. I did not have
a rubber handy and told her so. She said that that
didn’t matter, she already had had one baby of mine and
she was willing to try for a second one, dropping her
panties from beneath her short denim skirt and pulling
the hemline high, exposing her freshly shaved cunt.

I quickly stripped off my pants and underwear and
slipped my cock into her babymaker. I had barely
touched the inside of her sheath at the wall of her
womb and I exploded, shooting torrents of my sperm deep
into her belly.

There was no doubt this time; she had gotten pregnant
by me. Thankfully she was still married to the guy that
was being an excellent father to my other baby. I had
forgotten just how turned on Maryanne could get after
being fucked so hard and uninhibited. As she pulled her
panties up to slip her blue jeans back up around her
waist, I could see my leaking cum soaking those

Her face was clearly flushed as if she had been doing a
6 minute mile in a sprint. I almost pulled her back
into the office for a second fucking but thought
better… Gina needed my cock tonight to love and hold
her in our naked lust. I made a mental note to myself
that I had to start an increase to my contribution to
that college fund for little Danny, as there was a good
possibility that little Danielle might need it, too, in
18 years, 9 months.

Chapter 3

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of import
customers who were expecting their freight due in on
the next arrival of the Kashu Maru. As an added bonus
to my customers I had taken the liberty of using my
truck driver CDL license during my off-duty time to go
out and rent a truck tractor and go to the wharf and
pull my customers’ containers off the dock on weekends,
putting them in holding yards for other truckers to be
able to come by and deliver them to my import

Sometimes this allowed them to get their merchandise up
to 3 days earlier, especially of the vessel arrived on
a Friday night and that weekend happened to have a
holiday Monday following. This was met by much
furiousness by competing carrier salespeople that did
not have a CDL to be able to drive a truck-
tractor/trailer combo unit. The Longshoremen and
Teamsters Union people hated my guts because I “stole”
a lot of their business, technically I was the ship’s
owner and the cargo belonged to the ship, so even
though it was setting in port and the cargo had been
discharged from the ship physically, it had not been
cleared of dockside control, so therefore it was still
in the control of the ship.

I as management of the ship could do with that cargo
whatever I wanted to as long as it was under my
control. I had a few friends in the U.S. Customs
Service that did not mind helping me on this and when
it came time to “customs clear” the cargo did not mind
coming over to an off-dock warehouse and having a few
beers served by half-naked port whores and prostitutes,
to process some Customs paperwork on cargo that had
been moved “off-dock”.

What those Customs inspectors did was their business…
it seemed like hardly a week did not go by but what
some Customs person had “the drip” or was being treated
for some oddball “rash”. It was a matter of urgency for
these importers to be able to get their freight as soon
as possible because most of this merchandise was
financed through the international Letter of Credit

Ten million dollars of merchandise setting on a dock
that cannot be delivered to an import customers when
there is a 3-day weekend involved, at 5-6% Interest,
rapidly develops into a lot of money in needless
overhead expenses. This little added benefit that I
offered to my customers kept our ships running to
capacity on these Eastbound voyages, and once the word
got out, those Importers were some of my best
salespeople for soliciting and securing Westbound
freight shipments as well because common sense dictated
to them that as long as my company was making money
that those import shipments would continue to benefit
from my concentrated efforts to them.

I returned to Gina’s house about 6 p.m. that night. She
must have seen me coming. She had the whole house
darkened with thick shades over the windows, and had
set up everything for a truly romantic evening, with
white linens on the table, one complete place setting,
a bottle of wine in an ice bucket. She had prepared
both raw and fried Pacific Oysters that was exquisitely
laid out on a large serving platter in the middle of
the table, with lots of Lemon to season it with.

She had baked whole potatoes with a dish each of sour
cream and warm melted butter, and a bowl of freshly
chopped green salad. But what got my attention the most
was what awaited me just inside that door as I entered
her home… a very naked beauty complete with her long
hair combed out and draped seductively over her
shoulders and extending down to nearly cover her ass on
one side of her and split across her naked shoulders to
partially cover her pointed firm breasts as it lay to
extend down to about where her tummy button was. My
cock was almost at an immediate hardness at the sight
if this “Goddess of Eden”.

She was playing “hard to get” again. She let me look,
but not touch, saying that we had to eat before we
could expend any energy. She did allow me to have her
on my lap where we took turns hand feeding each other,
and in light of what we were about to do, she helped me
to undress fully so my business suit would not get
soiled. Needless to say that that meal ran over from a
regular meal to one of erotic behavior with the buttery
and wetness from the Lemon and Sour Cream taking their
toll on us remaining very neat.

She had butter and oysters and lemon and sour cream all
over her chest and tummy. When we had had our fill of
food, there remained the need to clean it all off and
between the two of us, we spent the next two hours
“eating” and licking spilled food from our naked
bodies. In the process we had both gotten very horny
and when we had gotten each other reasonably cleaned
off we were bathing each other with our bodily lust.
Warm melted butter, sour cream and sweet pussy juice…
commercial bakers are missing out on a very good
tasting icing for their cakes.

Gina probably got more cum from me that night than she
had gotten before as I seemed like I was constantly
shooting it on and in her. Since I had nearly fucked
her silly previously, tonight’s lovemaking was more of
a gentle, loving kind where I kissed and licked her to
her several climaxes without my cock actually
penetrating her heated depths. She returned the passion
by sucking on me, making me shoot off in her mouth and
drinking my cum. Toward the end we just collapsed in
exhaustion, and it was 6 a.m. the next morning when I
pulled myself from our intertwined arms and legs to get
up and go pee.

As I finished, shaking the dribble from my cock into
the toilet, she joined me, squatting on the toilet to
pee, herself. We agreed at that time that we would no
longer fuck in the morning because we had so much to do
during the daytime in the office and we needed all the
strength we could muster for that, so we could fuck
each other at night and drift off to sleep in our own
Eden. When we got to the office I showed her what all I
had been doing with the Glastonbury Pilgrimage team.

She was somewhat surprised that I even knew anything
about Glastonbury…she too had been studying it, on
the Internet. She advised that it made a lot more sense
than traditional Christianity showed, with a lot of
things that had been laid down on us through the years
by questionable resources seemingly missing.

We discussed the Jesus Well, the Cup of the Last Supper
and the Chalice Well, Pennzance and the tidal currents
and flows and tide levels around St. Michael’s Mount,
the wattlewood villages of early Cornwall, the flooding
of the Somerset plain, Little Walsingham, Ley Lines,
Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Fairies of Fertility
rituals, the tin ore industry of Cornwall and how it
affected the brass industry of the Far East (we will go
into each of these in later chapters to this story).

Gina could not understand how the Mother Mary, Mary
Magdelene and Martha were all three at that tomb on
that first Easter morning when Jewish law required that
only the next of kin could attend to a deceased person,
and Mary Magdelene and Martha were not blood relatives
of Jesus. I suggested that they may have been Jesus’
wives, and she thought that that made a lot more sense.

She knew about the Da Vinci Code, and the major role
that Joseph of Arimathea had had in the young Jesus’
life after the death of His earthly father, Joseph; as
her father was a clergy, and she had read about it in
some of the things he had studied but had not preached.

Pretty much the rest of the day was spent on soliciting
ocean freight on the Westbound voyages. Maryanne
dropped by about 11:30 and invited both of us to Lunch.
I took the two of them to the Playboy Club and they
chatted away in girl talk on the way over there.

I wished that I could have moved both of them in with
me, but with Maryanne already married and her husband
accepting my son as his own natural one (in his
density, he did not ever figure out that Danny was not
his), it would be rather hard to do. It would be a
welcome relief… I did not want to over-fuck Gina and
make her pussy sore all the time. If I had Maryanne to
fuck as well, I could maybe alternate the fucking
sessions between the two of them.

After we had finished Lunch, both girls were appearing
to be feeling rather frisky. Maryanne casually held
onto the front of my slacks as we made our way back
down the elevator and to my car. Gina was murmuring
something about that she did not want to get sore pussy
lips like the last time we had gone to the Playboy Club
for Lunch. Both girls got in the back seat, leaving me
to sit in the front by myself.