All Your Basement Are Belong to Us


I giggled a little as my boyfriend, Trevor, nibbled on
my neck.

“Stop that!” I hissed as I tried to focus on the TV.

“Why Megan?” he whispered into my ear.

“Because! Kanaeda and Annika will see!”

“So? Maybe they’ll get the idea.” He kissed my neck
some more.

Trevor and I were both eighteen and currently in his
basement. Annika was a friend of mine. She was twelve,
and Kanaeda was a thirteen-year-old boy who was a
friend of Trevor’s. We were currently hanging around
watching TV together. Trevor’s parents were away for
the weekend and he was supposed to be babysitting his
siblings, the eleven-year-old twins Simon and Simone.
Mostly he’d been giving them money to go see movies so
he and I could fuck in his bedroom.

Next to us on the couch, Annika took a sip from her
beer. Kanaeda had talked his older brother into scoring
him a case of beer and we’d all been drinking a little.
Not much, but a little. I knew Kanaeda hoped it would
get Annika drunk enough to let him fuck her. I also
knew that she wouldn’t need any alcohol for that to
happen. She’d lost her virginity a few weeks ago to an
older boy at a party not unlike this one, and since
then had been looking to get laid some more. Kanaeda
was still a virgin himself as far as I knew, but he was
really cute. If I hadn’t been dating Trevor, I would
have already took him to bed.

“Is there anything else on?” I asked, sitting up
suddenly and readjusting my bra.

“I don’t know,” said Trevor. “Let me check. Toss me the
remote, Kanaeda.”

The other boy tossed the remote control to Trevor who
started flicking through the channels. Annika finished
off her beer and cracked open another, nursing it
slowly. It was only her second, where as Trevor and I
had each already finished two and Kanaeda was still on
his first.

Trevor finished paging through the channels. “Nothing
good on.” Suddenly he perked up a little. “Hey! I got
an idea. Be right back!” He hopped up and dashed

“So is he as good in bed as he looks?” Annika asked me
with a little grin.

“Better!” I said. We both giggled.

“You guys really have sex with each other?” Kanaeda
asked in tones of slight doubt.

I nodded. “Yeah, for the last couple months anyhow.”

“Cool.” He still didn’t look really convinced, though.

Trevor came back downstairs with a DVD in a black case.
“I found this nosing around in my parents bedroom last
week. Wait until you see it!” He popped it into the DVD
player and sat back next to me on the couch, putting
his arm around my shoulder and letting one hand
“accidentally” rest on one of my breasts.

Up on the screen there appeared a man and a woman, both
buck naked and fully engaged in foreplay, the two of
them masturbating each other.

I cocked an eyebrow at Trevor. “Your parents own this?”
They were notoriously conservative and religious.

He nodded. “I was surprised, too.”

I looked over at Kanaeda. His eyes were wide. I was
pretty sure he’d probably seen porn before. What kid
these days hadn’t? Probably his first time seeing it in
mixed company, though.

“This gives me a few ideas,” Trevor whispered, blowing
into my ear and gently squeezing one of my breasts.

Laughing a little I rubbed at one of his thighs. “Gee,
I wonder what kind of ideas those might be.”

“No clue,” Trevor said, kissing me.

Annika had apparently tired of waiting for Kanaeda to
make a move. She said to him, “Wanna snuggle a little?”

“Uh… sure!”

I watched as Annika put her arms around Kanaeda and
began nuzzling against him a little, kissing him on the

The four of us were really starting to get into things
here. Trevor and I were making out hardcore and he had
my blouse open, my bra pulled up and one of his hands
massaging my breasts. Annika had one of Kanaeda’s hands
rubbing her breasts through her shirt while she
massaged his crotch. A night of pleasurable sex was in
the cards for all of us.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” came a boy’s voice
from the stairs.

All four of us sat up, my doing my best to close up my
blouse. Simon and Simone, Trevor’s younger twin
siblings, were standing there looking at us all.

Trevor quickly sat up. “You guys are supposed to be at
a movie.”

“We went. It was boring,” said Simone.

“So what the hell are you guys doing?” Simon asked

“Just hanging out,” I muttered, buttoning up.

“You weren’t just hanging out!” Simone said in tones of
triumph. “You guys were MAKING out! And watching a
dirty movie! AND drinking!”

“You are SO DEAD when we tell Mom and Dad,” put in

“You two even THINK of telling them, and I’ll-” Trevor

Annika broke in. “You guys don’t quite understand, do
you?” she said to the twins.

“Understand what?” asked Simone, sounding suspicious.

All the rest of us looked over at Annika as she said,
“Well… you’re probably too young to understand
everything here. I mean, I could explain it to you,
but…” She shrugged.

“You’re not that much older than us!” Simon protested.

“Well… I don’t know… do you think I can tell them
anything, Megan?” Annika asked me, giving me a subtle
shake of her head.

I pretended to be thoughtful, wondering where Annika
was going with all this. “I don’t know. They ARE pretty

Both kids were looking confused, suspicious and a
little annoyed at this point. Simon said, “Look, what
is it that you were going to explain or whatever?”

“You mean you don’t already KNOW?” Annika asked,
sounding amazed.

Simone shook her head angrily. “Stop playing around.”

“Ok, ok. Look. I’ll tell you what. If you think you’re
adult enough, grown up enough and not too young, then
here, each of you drink one of these,” she said,
handing a can of beer to each of the kids.

Trevor raised an eyebrow at Annika but didn’t say
anything. Kanaeda also remained silent, though he did
polish off the can he had been drinking.

Simone looked doubtful. “I don’t think we should…”

“You’re probably right,” Trevor put in. “You’re too

“We are NOT,” Simon said. “Watch!” He popped open his
can, sniffed it doubtfully and took a short sip. He
shuddered a little. “See?”

“One sip? That’s the best you can do? You gotta drink
the whole can, Simon,” Annika said.

“I do?”

“Yes. In fact…” Annika passed out fresh cans of beer
to everyone. “We’ll all drink a can at the same time.
How does that sound? Fair?”

“I guess?” Simon said, sounding very confused at this

I was a little puzzled myself, but I started to get an
idea of what Annika was thinking. I said, “Sounds good
to me. What about you, Simone? Too young, probably,” I
said in a slightly mocking tone.

“Fuck that,” the little girl said, actually blushing at
her language. She went on, “I’m just as grown up as you
guys are.”

“Ok, then. Everyone open up your beers and on three, we
all drink,” Annika said. “You have to have the whole
beer down in less than a minute.”

“Ha. No problem there,” Trevor said.

Ignoring him, Annika waited until everyone, even the
kids, had their beers open. “Ready? One… two…

All of us, even Simon and Simone, downed our beers. The
kids actually finished theirs before Kanaeda did, which
was kind of funny.

“There, see? That didn’t taste too bad, did it?” Annika
asked Simon and Simone.

“I guess not,” said Simon.

“Feel more adult now?” Annika asked.

“A little.”

“Here,” she said, handing each of the twins a fresh
can. “You don’t have to drink so fast this time. Now
you can sit back and watch the movie with us.”

Trevor looked a little startled at that and opened his
mouth to say something. I whispered to him, “Quiet! If
Simon and Simone drink and watch a porno with us, how
can they tattle?”

Trevor shut his mouth. “You’re pretty smart for a
girl,” he said, sticking his tongue out a little.

I kissed him on the tip of said tongue. “You’re pretty
stupid for a boy.”

Trevor started the movie going again as the kids sat
down on the floor in front of the large couch. Up on
the screen the man was busy fingering the hell out of
the woman.

“What are they doing?” Simon asked, his eyes wide.

“They’re having sex, stupid,” Simone said to her twin

“Not yet they aren’t,” Trevor said. “He’s just
fingering her right now.”

“Yes, he is,” Annika said. She turned to Kanaeda. “Now
where were we? Oh, yes.” She took one of his hands and
put it onto one of her breasts and the other between
her legs up inside her skirt. Kanaeda’s eyes went wide.
I laughed a little, knowing Annika wasn’t wearing

Neither was I for that matter. I started kissing Trevor
again as he unbuttoned my blouse, lifted my bra and
began kissing my nipples.

The kids on the floor were dividing their attention
between what was happening on the couch and what was
happening on the screen. From where Simon was sitting
he had a perfect view of his older brother’s hand
working between my legs.

“Are you guys going to… you know… do it?” he asked

“Finish your beer, Simon,” Trevor suggested as he
kissed me some more.

I watched as Simon, eyes wide, finished off his beer.
Next to him Simone polished off her second one as well.

Hearing the sound of a zipper, I looked over to Kanaeda
and Annika. She’d unbuttoned his jeans and had a hand
inside his pants, rubbing his penis through his boxers.
Lucky girl.

“Why are you guys doing all that?” Simone asked after a

“Cause it’s fun,” Annika said.

“It is?”

“Yes,” I answered, though the question wasn’t sent to

“Can I touch her, too?” Simon asked Trevor as he looked
down between my legs.

“Get yer own girl,” Trevor replied.


Kanaeda surprised me, and I think everyone else, when
he said, “Why don’t you and Simone try fooling around?”

The twins looked at one another.

“Sure,” Trevor said. “You two can do stuff with each
other while we do stuff with each other.”

“Yeah, there’s a good idea,” Annika said as she pulled
her blouse and bra off, exposing her bare breasts. She
took Kanaeda’s hand in hers and started him massaging
one of them. “Simone, take off your shirt and have
Simon touch you like this. It feels great!”

“It does?” I could see her brain trying to function
through the faint fog of her first two beers.

“Oh, god, yes,” Annika whispered.

Simon and Simone traded looks. Finally she said, “Well,
I guess we can try it. If you want to, Simon.”


“Ok.” Simone pulled her t-shirt off. She didn’t really
have any breasts yet, though her nipples were puffing
out a little.

“So how should I touch her?” Simon asked Trevor.

“Like this, man,” Trevor said, circling his fingertip
around one of my nipples.

“Ok.” Simon turned to Simone and began circling her
nipple as Trevor was doing with mine.

“Feels good, huh?” Annika asked the younger girl.

Simone nodded. “Yeah.”

“Try doing this, bro,” Trevor said, leaning forward and
first licking then kissing each of my nipples.

“Ok,” Simon said, turning to his sister. He tried
mimicking his older brother and managed to elicit a
faint whimper from Simone.

“Nicely done,” I said. “You must be doing it right.”

“That sound was good?”

“Yes,” said Annika. Looking at Kanaeda she said, “Do
the same thing to me.”

“Ok,” Kanaeda said, copying the movements of the
younger boy.

Trevor wasn’t wasting any time when it came to me. He
was already tugging at my skirt, trying to get it off
me. I was afraid he was going to break the buttons that
held it on, so I stood up and shrugged out of my
clothes, making me the first person in the room to be
completely naked.

Simon blinked and stared at my body as I sat down and
started making out with Trevor again, feeling two of
the boy’s fingers work themselves into my vagina.

“That looks like a fun idea,” Annika said. She quickly
got out of her clothes and laid back on the couch next
to Kanaeda. Pointing at Trevor she said, “Do what he’s

“Uh… ok.” I could tell Kanaeda had no clue exactly
what to do, but he was game to learn as he started
rubbing his fingers all around between Annika’s legs
while the girl began moaning somewhat more loudly than

“This is pretty hot,” I whispered to Trevor.

“Yeah, looks like Simon and Simone are having a hell of
a time,” he whispered back, looking over at his brother
and sister. Speaking louder and to the younger boy he
said, “Why not try fingering her, Simon?”

“Uh… how do I do that?”

“Take off your clothes, Simone,” Annika said. “Be naked
like us.”

“Why don’t we all get naked?” I suggested, reaching
over to unzip Trevor’s pants.

“Sounds good to me,” my boyfriend said, helping me
undress him. Once he was naked, he started kissing me
again. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Annika
getting Kanaeda naked. I looked Kanaeda over. He was
really cute! I felt very envious of Annika. Well, maybe
I’d just have to cheat on Trevor later. Wouldn’t be the
first time.

This left just Simon and Simone in their clothes. They
traded looks with each other and then began slowly
getting naked. Once they were undressed, I cast a
critical eye over their naked young forms. They both
had basically the same body, except for the small puffy
psuedo-breasts sported by Simone and the different sets
of hairless genitals.

“Hey, I got an idea,” Trevor said. “How about Megan and
I start doing stuff and everything we do you guys all

“Sounds fine to me,” Annika said as Kanaeda nodded. She
looked down at the twins. “What about you two? Unless
you think you’re not adult enough.”

“I’m adult enough!” Simone protested, obviously feeling
the beer a little.

“Yeah, me, too,” her twin brother replied.

“Ok, then. Let’s see you do this,” Trevor retorted. He
worked his fingers back into my vagina and started
moving them around again. “You should probably use just
one finger with Simone, though,” he added.

Kanaeda quickly started fingering Annika once more as
Simon just looked at his sister’s vagina. He stuck out
a finger and poked around a little. Finally Simone
said, “Right there.”


“Push very gently and slow, Simon,” Annika said.

“Alright.” The boy applied a gentle pressure and very
slowly worked his finger up into his twin sister’s
tight virgin vagina. “Wow…” he said once it was in.

“Cool, huh?” Trevor asked with a grin.


“Move it in and out,” Trevor suggested. Simon started
doing so.

I looked at Simone. Her eyes were half-shut. She was
obviously happy.

“How far are we going to take this?” I whispered to

“Well, *I* plan to fuck you. As for what they do…” He

“Might be kind of cool to watch them screw,” I said as
I looked at the kids on the floor, my mind fogged a
little by the beer.

“Yeah. At least they’re too young for pregnancy.”

“Yeah. Lucky little bastards.” I stuck my tongue out at
Trevor who had gotten me pregnant three weeks ago. We
hadn’t decided yet what we were going to do about the

Trevor took my hand and put it on his penis. As I
started stroking he said to the kids and to Annika and
Kanaeda, “See what she’s doing? Do that.”

“Don’t gotta tell ME twice,” Annika said, reaching out
to take Kanaeda’s penis in her hand and going to town
on it. The boy stifled a little moan and continued to
finger her.

Simone looked a little less than thrilled at the idea
of touching her brother’s penis, but she finally put
her hand around it and began stroking, doing her best
to copy the movements I was making on Trevor’s

“You guys having fun?” Trevor asked his younger twin
siblings after a couple minutes of us all mutually
masturbating each other.

“Yeah!” both of them said at once and giggled a little.

“Everyone have another beer!” called out Annika. She
passed beers to everyone and we all drank them done.

By the time the beers were finished Annika and Kanaeda
were really going at it pretty hardcore, kissing and
fondling each other. I figured the boy had maybe ten
minutes left as a virgin.

Meantime, Trevor wasn’t ready for sex yet. He started
kissing my breasts and working his way downward. When
he reached my vagina he said to his brother, “Hey,
Simon. Try doing this.” Then he began licking me all
over between my legs.

My back arched and I let out a little whimper of
pleasure. I LOVED having a boy go down on me. Trevor
was better than most, too. He was really, really good
at what he did!

“Oh, yeah! Get your face down there, boyo,” Annika
said, pointing to her vagina.

Kanaeda looked less than thrilled by the idea, but he
put his face between her legs and started in, Annika
occasionally giving him little bits of advice.

As for Simon and Simone, they just stared at all this
and then at each other. Simon said something to his
sister, but I didn’t hear what it was. She just nodded
and laid back, spreading her legs as he got his face
between them and started to lick.

Simone’s reaction was immediate. She let fly with a
stifled moan and started wiggling about as her brother
went down on her. I was surprised at the intensity of
her reaction.

“Damn, he must be good,” I said softly to Trevor.

“Must run in the family,” he said, lifting his face and
kissing his way back up my body. By the time he reached
my face, he was positioned between my legs with his
penis brushing against my vagina. “You think we should
have them fuck?” he whispered.

Grinning I said, “Hell, yeah.” I was actually kind of
interested in seeing a brother and sister have sex. I
had a little brother who was twelve and I’d thought
about sex with him a couple times.

“Lay back,” Trevor whispered to me. Louder he said to
his siblings, “Ok, you two. Now watch this. This is
going to be the best thing you’ll ever do.”

Simon pulled his face up from between his sister’s legs
as he and Simone turned their attentions to us.

“Ooo! Must be time for the big show!” Annika said,
looking over.

I laid on my back and spread my legs as Trevor rather
awkwardly got on top of me. He reached down, lined up
his penis and pushed, easily sliding into my vagina. He
pushed all the way in, pulled out a little and slid
back inside.

“Aaaah… now that’s the best!” he announced.

“Are you guys actually Doing It?!” Simon asked in
amazed tones.

“Yep.” Trevor held up his body enough for his brother
and sister to see where his penis disappeared into my

Annika rolled onto her back and spread her legs.
Looking up at Kanaeda she said, “Well? You think you
know what to do?”

“I think so,” the boy said, looking at Annika’s vagina.

“Then do it!”

Kanaeda poked around. “Here?”


I watched as the boy’s gloriously beautiful naked body
moved forward and down, his hard thirteen-year-old
virgin penis sliding into my best friend’s tight
twelve-year-old vagina. Kanaeda let out a little moan
of delight as his virginity was lost forever. For her
part, Annika let out a whimper of pure pleasure and
pulled the boy close to her as he fucked for the first
time. I envied her greatly.

The room was, for a few moments, filled with the messy
sounds of teenage sex as we all screwed, having a great
old time with it. I figured Kanaeda would cum pretty
quickly and, indeed, it wasn’t long before I heard the
boy let out a great moan as he came inside Annika’s

Trevor, on the other hand, was fucking me with a slow,
steady motion that he always used when he didn’t want
to cum too fast. It was very, very nice feeling his
penis moving inside my vagina. I would have stayed with
this boy just for the sex if nothing else!

While we fucked, Trevor looked over at his younger
siblings. They were just sitting there, one of Simon’s
fingers still inside his twin sister’s vagina.

“Are you guys… gonna fuck… or what?” Trevor asked.

“Do you really think it’s ok if we do?” Simone asked
after a bit.

“Hell, yeah… in fact…” Trevor slid back, his penis
sliding out of me. He got down on the floor next to his
little sister. “Here, lay back and I’ll pop your cherry
and then Simon can fuck you.”

Oh, really? I thought to myself.

“So lay down, Simone,” Trevor said.

“Well… ok.” She laid on her back.

Trevor took his sister’s legs in his hands and spread
them wide. Then he spit on one of his hands, rubbed it
all over his penis and positioned himself on top of

“This might hurt for just a second,” he warned Simone.
“But then it’s gonna feel really good.”

“Ok,” she said, sounding very nervous.

“Don’t worry, Simone, you’ll like it!” said Annika. By
now Kanaeda had pulled out of Annika and all three of
us were sitting together on the couch, ready to watch
the show.

Trevor lined himself up with Simone’s slit. He ran the
tip of his erection up and down against her for several
seconds and then started to push in. It took some real
effort from him, I could tell and it probably hurt the
younger girl, but slowly Trevor managed to get all of
his eighteen-year-old penis completely inside his
little sister’s eleven-year-old virgin vagina. I was
mildly amazed and really turned on by this act of
incest in front of me. It made me determined to fuck my

“Mmmm… wow,” Trevor said as he pumped a little into
his younger sister. “Damn, you didn’t even have a
cherry to pop… how’s it feel?”

“It hurts a little…” Simone confessed after a moment.
“But it feels good, too…”

“Good… fuck, you’re so tight,” he said, fucking a
little harder. “Wow, I’m gonna have to fuck you again

“Ok, Trevor,” I said, not wanting my boyfriend to have
too much fun fucking his sister. “Maybe it’s time for
Simon to have a turn?”

“Huh?” He looked over at me, then blushed. “Oh, yeah,
right.” Moving back, he slowly slid his teenage penis
out of Simone’s preteen vagina and turned to Simon.
“You saw what I did, right?”


“So go for it,” he said, gesturing to Simone.

Simon got between Simone’s legs, looking down at his
twin sister’s vagina. He took his penis in his hand and
said, “Where do I put it?”

“Right here,” Trevor said, reaching down and inserting
his finger partly into Simone’s vagina before
withdrawing it.

“Here?” Simon said, touching his penis to the spot.


Simon smiled little drunkenly at us and pushed forward
and the rest of us watched as his totally hairless
eleven-year-old virgin penis slid easily into his twin
sister’s recently devirginized eleven-year-old vagina.

“Feels sweet, eh?” Trevor asked as he watched the last
virgin in the room end his innocence.

“Yeah…” Simon said with a ragged grin.

“Now try fucking her,” Annika suggested.

Simon began moving a little, trying his best to fuck
his twin sister. He didn’t get more than a couple
thrusts before he slipped out. He was able to get
himself back in, though, and started fucking some more,
but unfortunately he slipped out once more.

“Damn,” he cursed.

“Here, try doing it with Simone on top,” I said. “Just
lay down on your back.”

“Alright.” Simon pulled out of his sister and laid on
his back.

“Now, I’ll show you how to do this, Simone. All you do
is get on top of him like this.” I got on top of Simon,
straddling his waist. I took his erection in my hand
and said, “Then you just slide down him.” True to my
word, I lowered my vagina down around Simon’s young
penis, sticking my tongue out at my boyfriend as his
little brother fucked me. Trevor simply made a face
back at me, but there was no real malice between us.

Simon’s penis actually felt pretty nice inside me, even
though it wasn’t very big. He wasn’t going to make me
cum, but it still felt good. I slid up and down on the
boy a few times and then looked over at Simone. “You
think you can do that?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Ok.” I got off Simon and gestured towards him. “Go for

Simone rather awkwardly got on top of her brother. She
held up his little penis and lined it up with her
hairless vagina, then slid down until he was inside
her. She moved up and down on him a little and then
started moving with more confidence as Simon tried to
rise up to meet her thrusts. It was really, really cool
watching these kids screw.

“Hey, Annika, you wanna let me pop you for a bit?”
Trevor asked, looking at Annika while he stroked his

“I don’t mind. You care, Megan?”

“Not if you’ll let Kanaeda fuck me.”


“Cool. Come get some, Kanaeda,” I said, laying on my
back and smiling at the boy. He came over towards me,
hard penis pointing the way. “You need me to help you
get it in?”

“No, I think I got it.” Kanaeda poked around a bit and
found the entrance pretty quickly. I felt his recently
devirginized penis slide smoothly into my warm vagina.
I let out a little sigh of happiness at the fact that
I’d now had every boy in the room inside me.

Looking over I could see that Trevor was fucking Annika
doggie-style. On the floor, Simone was still riding her
twin brother. Everyone was getting laid. What a
wonderful, joyful way to spend a night, I thought to
myself as I held Kanaeda close.

Kanaeda eventually climaxed, as boys do, his sperm
shooting up into me. Shortly after that, Trevor shot
into Annika. Simon actually came last, but eventually
reached his orgasm, his penis twitching around inside
Simone’s vagina.

The rest of the night we all spent fucking our brains
out. Kanaeda ended up fucking Simone at one point while
Simon fucked Annika. I spent most of my time being done
by Trevor, but he also found time to fuck his sister
and cum inside her. By the time the night was over, we
were all pretty well fucked out.

The next night, while my parents were out, I waited
naked in the bedroom of my little brother, laying on
his bed, looking forward to his arrival. Soon he’d be
fucking me. Hopefully it would be as wonderful for me
and him as it had been for Trevor, Simon and Simone.
Time would tell.