The Taste of honey

Long distance relationships suck! He couldn’t get her out of his mind. She lives in Florida where he had grown up. He now lives in Oregon but had met her while visiting friends and family. He was drawn to her the minute their eyes met and was hypnotized by her sweet southern voice. His cousin introduced them and the first words out of her mouth were “very nice to meet ya sugapie”. He hadn’t heard anything like that in years and he just stood there taking her in as they made small talk. Her body had beautiful curves that were showcased by her lowriding jeans and spaghetti string black top. Her exposed skin was a beautiful bronze with sun-kissed freckles strategically placed all about. He watched her in what seemed to be slow motion as her hands went up to move strands of her long, highlighted brown hair out of her face. As her hands went up, her top went with them, exposing a pink bellybutton ring surrounded by beauty. He took a mental snapshot at that moment as he imagined his lips exploring that whole region. She had a sexy aura about her that he knew was dangerous, hell it was oozing from her pores. She had his full attention.
After talking for a few, some more friends showed up and it was time to go dancing. The night was pretty low-key, but was highlighted by them dancing to “Bad Girl” by Usher. They started off dancing close, eyes locked, watching her sway back and forth, loving the sexy confidence that she carried. He was a gentleman and didn’t want to grope all over her. He wanted her to be in the spotlight, letting others see her beauty. She turned around just as Usher was singing” Work me baby, shakin’ it the way I like, I’m ready to be bad, I need a bad girl” and pressed her ass up against him. She moved with the music as he grabbed her hips pulling her into him. It seemed as they were the only ones in the room. His hands moved up over her hips and found the exposed skin above her waistline. It was porcelain and it sent electricity through his body. His hands continued moving up the sides of her body, to her exposed shoulders and on up her arms until he was holding her hands above her head, their midsections still grinding. The song ended, he thanked her for the dance, and they embraced under the lights for a few seconds. Her body felt so good in his arms, and he let out a “mmmmhhhmm..Thank you maam”. She looked up and smiled as she said “you’re welcome darlin”. She was going to be the death of him, but what a way to go he thought as they walked off the dancefloor.
They finally made it back to his cousin’s house, and all three gathered around the dining room table for a little smoke session. He watched her as she rolled the joint and he was able to look at her under the direct light of the chandelier. She was a work of art that the creator must have been mighty proud of. Every part of her just had him wanting to touch, rub, caress, kiss, and feel. He wanted to feel her lips as she moistened them up, licked the paper slowly, and twisted the tip of the joint in her mouth. He had never experienced a woman like this, but he wanted to. He wanted to experience ALL of her. The joint burned slow and the conversation was mellow. He listened to her voice and thought about what her song must sound like, the song that only she can sing. The song that is sung when her body tenses and she releases in ecstasy. He knew that if he ever did hear it, it would ring in his ears forever.
As the smoke ended, his cousin told him that she was headed over to her boyfriend’s for the night and to make himself feel at home. He felt a rush of nervousness mixed with anticipation come over his body when he realized that they were about to be alone. The door closed and they were left sitting at the table. She was thumbing through an issue of Cosmo and looked up to ask him “how you doin shugapie?” “I am doing puuuurrrrfeckt” he said. Now was his chance “Do you realize how beautiful you are?” She smiled and looked into his eyes before saying “Well thank you”. He continued “I have not been able to take my eyes off of you all night. You have a glow that just radiates off of you and I was drawn to since the second we were introduced. EVERY and I mean Every part of you that I have seen just shines with beauty.” He had her attention and desperately wanted to keep it. “ I felt an energy working between our bodies on the dancefloor and when my fingers touched your skin, it was overwhelming.” He leaned in closer and looked deep into her eyes. “ I want to touch you like you never have been before. I want to listen to your body tell me what it needs. There is no rush at all Darlin. I want to just take it as it comes and I will cherish every second.”
He reached over and put his hand over hers and left it still for a few seconds, before moving up over her wrist and forearm, around her elbow and up to her shoulder. His fingers glided across her skin like a paintbrush across a fresh canvas. They stood in unison as their willing bodies met. They embraced and his hands wrapped around her. She let out a soft “mmmhhmmm” as his hands moved slowly across every curve, down her back, across her ass cheeks and back up her back. He softly kissed up the side of her neck and said softly into her ear “you feel so good in my arms”. She let out a soft sound of approval as he backed away far enough to rest his lips on hers. The flavor of her lips was unknown, but it was familiar, as if it was especially made for him. He softly kissed on her lips until they parted and he softly probed inside. There was no rhythm to this kiss because he didn’t need to think about it. Whatever her body was saying he was doing. The passion built with each breath.
His hands were moving all over her and he knew that she was enjoying this as much as him. Both hands went over her shoulders, up the sides of her neck, over her ears, and rested against each side of her head as hair was running between each finger. He stopped the kiss only long enough to look her in the eyes and tell her how amazing she felt. She let out another soft sound and he guided her willing lips back to his for a more passionate kiss than before. His hands caressed her face before the left hand went back around her back and his right was following the curves of her firm breasts. His fingers stopped to rub her nipples. Through her bra he could still feel the hardness of them and applied a little more pressure which caused her to moan softly. His hand was moving from one to the other, cupping underneath, over the top, and finally squeezed her left breast firmly which caused her to arch her back slightly with pleasure. The kiss was broken by him, as his lips kissed her forehead and moved down underneath her chin, nibbling softly where her chin connected to her neck. Her head bent back in pleasure as he continued kissing down her neck and all over her bare upper chest. His face went down in between her breasts as he let out a breath down her shirt and kissed what part of her breasts that were exposed.
He slowly went down to his knees as he wanted to kiss around her bellybutton. That thought hadn’t left his mind all night. That mental snapshot that he had taken earlier was about to really happen. He lifted up her shirt far enough to look more closely. She had creases that ran up each side of her pooch that he immediately applied kisses to. This was one of his favorite features on a woman’s body and he leaned back far enough to take another snapshot. His kisses crossed her bellybutton and trailed to her other hip, around the top of the bone before going up the other crease. Her hands were gently moving through his hair as her breathing increased. He looked up at her as he pulled her shirt up over the top of her breasts. She pulled it the rest of the way off and let it drop to the floor beside him. His hands moved around her waist, up her back and met at her bra clasp. The clasped opened up and the strapless, black satin bra fell to the floor in front of him. On his knees, he led her over to the ottoman, and motioned for her to sit down. He watched her body as it responded and they were face to face again. He was in no hurry and wanted to experience each moment to the fullest. Their hungry lips met again and he kissed her with more passion than he had ever felt. There was no script, only what he heard her willing body say. He kissed back down her neck as his hands moved over her thighs, up her sides, under her breasts, until each of them were cradled in his hands. His lips moved down her chest and over the curve of her left breast. He felt the fullness of it under his lips and opened his mouth to take as much of the top of her breast into his mouth. Her body liked the feel of that and he repeated it a couple more times as his hands caressed the bottom of each breast. His lips moved to her erect nipple until it parted his lips and popped up into his mouth. It felt so hard as he slowly twirled his tongue around it inside his mouth. He opened his mouth and pressed it down with the bottom of his tongue. Her body reacted with pleasure as he applied pressure and rolled it around slowly under his tongue. He moved from side to side covering every inch of her breasts before moving down her body. He leaned her back on the chair. Her feet were on the floor, her ass was on the ottoman and her back was resting on the pillow of the chair.
She didn’t look as comfortable as he wanted her to be on the chair, so he got a pillow off the couch and placed it behind her head. “Well thank you shuggapie”, she said with a yearning southern drawl. “How are you doing Darlin” he said to make sure she was enjoying this experience as much as he was. “I’m purrrrrfeckt” she said with the same emphasis I had used earlier. He looked deep into her eyes and said softly “Well you let me know if you ever feel otherwise. I want you to know that you feel amazing under my fingertips. Your scent is making me want to devour you. You are a treasure, and I feel like I want to explore every inch of your amazing body. From the tips of your toes to the tips of your hair as it runs through my fingers and falls to the chair.” She looked in disbelief as the words left his lips. She replied softly “It is hard to believe that you were raised around here with all these rednecks. No one has ever said the things that you have said or touched me the way you touch me. It makes me feel good and even though I don’t know you, I feel really comfortable right now. Most guys around here are out for themselves.” That was music to his ears. He looked at her and said “That is exactly how I want you to feel. I am in heaven right now and this night will be all about you. Now, are you comfortable, do you want me to get you a blanket or anything?” “Nope I’m sure you will warm me up again” she replied.
As he crawled around, spread her legs, and came up between them, he told her “Buckle up, relax, and enjoy the ride”. She chuckled as his lips went down and tugged on her belly button ring softly. His lips continued to move down over the button of her jeans and started applying pressure as they reached the bottom of her zipper. His chin buried into her mound as her back arched, applying more pressure against it. She let out a soft moan as he buried his face between her legs. He could feel the warmth of her full lips. He let out a long slow breath that he hoped would penetrate through her jeans and panties and travel across her unexposed skin. His hands were busy rubbing from the top of her knees across her thighs and up to her hips. His thumbs were running across the insides of her thighs. He lifted his head as his thumbs ran up her lips applying enough pressure for her back to arch again. His hands ran up to unfasten her jeans as her willing eyes consented. Her ass lifted off the chair as he pulled her jeans off slowly. He wasn’t ready for what his eyes were taking in. He had never seen anything more beautiful. The curve of her hips, the shape of her thighs, the see-through white lace panties magnified the bronze colored skin. He was glad that her panties were still on for the moment or it may have been too much for him to take in at once. He leaned down and applied soft kisses to the full lips that were under her panties. He let out another long, hot breath that made her squirm just a little. He wanted to taste her so bad he couldn’t stand it, but he wanted to go back up and get some more of those sweet kisses. He moved out from between her legs and crawled up to her as he draped himself over her breasts and leaned in to kiss her. “mmmhhhm …sorry I just missed those lips” he said. His left hand caressed the side of her face as his right hand rand down her belly, and under her the panty line. It continued moving downward until his index finger and middle finger separated traveling down each side of her lips until they were fully in between them. He pressed down while squeezing her lips together between his fingers. While squeezing them together he moved his fingers back and forth causing them to rub together. She let out a moan of approval as he released the pressure and let his hand continue to move down. Her kisses and breathing began to intensify. His hand moved back up running his middle finger in between her lips. The lips parted and the juices flowed onto his finger as it slowly entered her. Her back quickly arched wanting it all the way in. Her legs fell farther apart as he buried his finger inside of her as far as it would go. The tip of his finger moved in a circular motion when it couldn’t go any farther. She was already so wet but he wanted it to drip. He pulled his finger out, as he kissed her neck, he began to tap on the opening. His finger barely penetrating with every tap, more of her juices flowed with every tap, until her wetness could be heard. He buried his finger back inside as she moaned. It felt so good on his finger, moving so easily in and out, increasing speed with every stroke. He curled his middle finger and rubbed inside the top of her opening until she let out a louder moan. He continued to rub that spot until she was squirming all over. He pulled his hand away and ran it up her body. He kissed her again and as he pushed himself up he said “ I want to taste you so bad”. He moved around and as he got on his knees he pulled her panties down slowly over her long legs, until they rested on the floor. “Oh my God” he thought to himself. His eyes locked on her full mound. It was a sight that will be burned in his memory forever. She was completely shaved and her lips were tan, full, and closed shut. He noticed that her juices were leaving the bottom of her lips, running down her crack and ending up on the ottoman cover. It was a beautiful sight. He started to kiss the inside of her left thigh, moving over her moist lips, and to the inside of her right thigh. He moved back to her juicy lips, opened his mouth and took as much of them into his mouth as possible. He sucked on her lips as she softly moaned. He ran his tongue up and down her slit as he continued sucking. His right hand moved around her leg and spread her lips apart. He inserted his tongue inside of her as far as it would go. Her hands found the back of his head and pulled him into her, as her thighs squeezed against his ears. She tasted so good that he didn’t ever want to stop. It was my very own Honey pot. He started slowly going in and out with his tongue until she was moving her hips in rhythm. Her lips still spread apart he moved up to her clit, which was not hard to find. He slowly rubbed it back and forth with the bottom of his tongue. Her music started to play in his ears. Soft, beautiful, moans of pleasure. It was a song that would never get old. He took her clit between his lips and began to suck. He tickled it softly with the tip of his tongue as he sucked. Her sounds started to get louder and her breathing heavier. “Yes, right there, just like that” she said “Oh God Yes!” she said even louder. He continued , and moved his left middle finger inside of her. She was on the edge. He started sliding slowly in and out as he sucked on her clit. He curled his finger up to the spot he had rubbed before and gently massaged it. Her body started to tense as her sounds became louder. “Her voice had a small squeal as she announced” OOOOHHHHH….I ‘m going to cum”. Her grip tightened around the back of his head as her body lifted off of the chair. Her sounds were the most beautiful he had ever heard. They were soft, southern, closed mouth, moans that were in perfect rhythm until she held her breath, pulled on the back of his head, her body tense but still, until she let it all out at once. Her legs were trembling against his ears, her muscles release and he watches her collapse back on the chair. He softly kisses her lips tasting her pleasure. He rests his head on her stomach as he slowly rubs her body. They lay there in silence for a few minutes replaying what just happened.
It is time for her to leave and she doesn’t want to. He wraps his arms around her and tells her he hopes to see her tomorrow night because he has to fly out in 2 days. She looks him in the eye and says “ you can count on it” They kissed softly before she started heading out the door.
If you made it to the end of this story, congratulations! Sorry about the length, but I wanted to write more about this relationship in the future, so I wanted the intro to be longer.

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