My family trains high class prostitutes


Most of the material I come across here on the Kristen
Archives is very childish. To much of it is written be
some pimple faced fifteen year old with a lot of
wishful thinking. Some get so caught up in their own
fantasy that the story takes stupid turns. He stuffed
her panties into her mouth to keep her quiet. Two
paragraphs of descriptions later you read this. As he
stuffed his 16″ cock into her cunt she screamed. That
is hard to do with underwear in your mouth!

Then this writer tells you this account is a god honest
true happening.

You can’t imagine my surprise when I read the story,
“Confessions” by Wiley06. This is a departure from the
usual stuff he writes; which is mostly garbage. From
what I’ve read I think Mr. Wiley has had access to
inside information about training prostitutes. Train
prostitutes? Yes! Not street walkers but professional
prostitutes. This was before computers and when the
Mafia was in full swing. Naturally I am not using my
real name or place of abode nor names of “friends”.
What Mr. Wiley describes is not legal!


Back in the late 1800’s my family started this business
of supplying “pleasure girls”. They were called this
until after prohibition. Then the girls started to be
called “B” girls denoting their training by the Better
family as opposed to whores These were the ladies that
were paid $1000 a night in the 1950’s when the average
family only made $3000/4000 a year. Bread was $0.10 a
loaf. I closed down the business about 1965. Up to that
point here is what we did.

On our estate outside of Allentown, Pa. we had a fairly
large three story home where we “trained” young ladies.
They came to us from the gentlemen who wanted them
trained or from our supplier .If the ladies were
brought to us we charged $10,000. If we had to supply
the merchandise you paid $30,000 for a three month
training. The lady was taught to eat, speak, dress,
walk and fuck properly. So Sal has returned from
Richmond, Va. with a 19 year old for training. Her new
life starts with.

Sara wakes up lying in a bed under a heavy comforter,
.Because of the lighting in the room it is either Dawn
or Dusk She is puzzled as the last thing she remembers
is being on Broad Street in Richmond and telling this
fat man in a Caddie how to get to Forest Hills. This
bed is so soft she snuggles and stretches out her legs
and then her. She starts screaming! She can’t move her
arms apart; handcuffs! She now realizes she is also
naked. The screaming continues. Within a short period
the door open and a man walks in.

The man is rather ordinary looking. He is about 5’4″ on
the thin side, unruly brown hair and wearing glasses.
He doesn’t look very threatening so Sara stops
screaming and stares at him. After a few moments of
silence she asks, “Who are you? Why am I here? What do
you want with me?

I just smile and tell her all her questions will be
answered in due time. For now there are a lot of
questions she needs to answer as I don’t even know her

“WHERE AM I? Who are you? I won’t do anything until you
answer me!”

Before she is even finished speaking I grab a hand full
of hair and yank her sideways from the bed to the floor
while twisting her so she lands on her face. The move
was so fast she didn’t have time to move her hands out
of the way so the handcuffs were trapped under her
stomach, bruising it and her wrists. Still holding her
hair I yank her to her knees and deliver a hard slap to
the side of her face. The result of the slap and the
cuffs knocks the wind from her, she had nothing to say.
Before she could recover I started laying down the

“You will NEVER raise your voice to me again. You will,
at no time, tell me you won’t do anything. You will do
what I tell you, when I tell you and how I tell you to
do it. IS THAT CLEAR?”

She just stares at me dumbfounded. I smack the other
side of her face and ask the question again. Sara nods
her head, yes. I let go of her hair and really hit her
face as hard as I can with my open hand. My aim is off
and I split her lip drawing blood. I then say,” your
head isn’t full of rocks so shaking it does nothing for
me. You answer me verbally when I ask you something.”

Sara tells me yes and starts to get up from the floor.
I raise my hand as if to hit her again and she quickly
sits. I tell her the next time she does anything
without being told she will be punished very severely.
This time I do want her back on the bed as we have
paper work to go over, so do it. So sitting on the bed
naked she and I fill out the paper work I require for
each pupil.

Except for a tour of the training area, a bath and a
meal this basically is Sara’s first day as a sex slave.
The slow pacing of the day helps her to relax and lose
some of her fear You notice I committed an error and
split her lip. Contrary to what you read in sex stories
a beat up slut does not make money. My pupils with very
few exceptions never were marked or battered. Their
scars were internal! They were bent not battered to my

Sara’s 2nd day started at 4AM. She woke up with me
sitting on her chest with my cock pressed against her
lips. She is reminded of yesterday and the instructions
about doing what and when. The choice is hers; start
with training or punishment. The blowjob isn’t very
good. Sara doesn’t do much more than move my cock in
and out of her mouth but does swallow my cum.

Quality isn’t the issue now. Obedience is the goal.
Once out of bed Sara is given a special pair of
panties. Two steel dildos with short leads are built
into the panties. The dildos go in her ass and cunt.
They are made with a reinforced crotch and draw string
top so when the dildos are inserted and the strings
tied the dildos won’t fall out. These are the only
clothes she will wear while training.

From the bed we go to breakfast. Sara is told the chair
next to the wall with the electric train transformer
under the seat is her chair always. This day she is
seated and I serve her meal after hooking up the
transformer. From this day on she will do all the
serving. When I finally sit I show her the button near
me and press it. The reaction is immediate. Sara
screams and jumps up as 10 volts pass between the two

I explain to her this is what happens every time she
breaks a rule while studying. The chair transformer
worked best. I had tried a portable battery but in the
1960’s. they were to cumbersome. She will learn to be a
proper lady as well as a slut. So every time she
doesn’t act as a lady should I will remind her with a

Until graduation this will be the training device for
eating, sitting and conversation in a proper manner.
The dildos in each orifice during waking hours helps
her to adjust to the feel and idea of objects in her
ass and cunt. Having no clothing reduced embarrassment
of undressing for others. So for the rest of the week
Sara gets up every morning to give a blow job and
studies until noon. The blow jobs get more professional
and by the end of the week she is very good at it.

The afternoons vary in training. This is where I break
down her will to resist any sexual idea. One time I
will shove a vibrator in her cunt after she gets it wet
in her mouth. After she orgasms a few times make her
take it out clean it orally and shove it in her ass and
put a thick 6″ dildo in her cunt. Then in an hour or so
make her reverse them and again clean each orally.

Afternoons when she sucks cock I will at times piss
down her throat. She also licks the bottom of my feet
or the crack in my ass and various other demeaning
acts. Now let’s face it, only in sex stories do the
guys ejaculate every time. On the days I don’t by the
time the evening meal is over Sara usually gets one
hell of a fucking. As a matter of form she has to suck
me clean each time.

Most of the evenings are kept open for punishment. In 3
months of training there might be 9 or 10 days she
isn’t punished. From reading this you would think this
training won’t break anyone. The constant change in
tasks and the stress will destroy the will to resist
not beatings.

Sara starts each day with forced sex – a blow job.

Immediately goes into a formal teaching setting with
sexual punishments – the dildos.

Now she goes into depraved sex and making mistakes.

Physical and mentally exhausting punishment most every

This goes on for 3 months and for her with no end in


Sara accidentally touched my cock with her teeth while
sucking me off at 4 A.M.. She knows at the end of the
day she is to be punished. Here is the stress for she
is told about each mistake as it happens. It could be
anything from not sitting properly to farting What will
happen? The Horse, the Jumping jack, or maybe the
Rack?. These tortures go back to my great- great-
grandfather and are one of the reason we remained
undetected all those years.

The horse is a simple tool. It is a copy of a
carpenter’s tool, the saw horse. Instead of putting 4
legs on the width of a 2 x 4 you place the 2 x 4 edge
wise; The 2″ side up. (looking from the top >—-< ) Sara sits on the edge of the board with her cunt lips mashed or going over each side. To force all her weight on her cunt lips she is handcuffed and a rope tied between the cuffs. Now her arms are pulled toward the ceiling by the rope until she is forced to lean forward. Her feet which don't touch the floor are tied together or each is tied to a leg. An hour of this and Sara is a mental wreck. It can drive a person nearly insane The Pony is a variation using a 1" x 4" plank in place of the 2" x 4". Because of the way it is constructed and narrowness it was seldom used on "B" girls. The damage caused by the plank interfered with training if used to often. It caused loss of feeling and extensive bruising to the vagina and outer lips. When I briefly worked with street whores I used it extensively. With them fear is the motivation. The Jumping Jack is simple and insanely cruel. It consists of two thin lines (ropes) and two eye bolts. The ropes are run through the eye bolts. One end of each rope is tied to the nipple of the left and right tit - L and R. With the rope tied to R you tie the right foot ( by the big toe) so the foot is off the floor about 1". Now you do the same with L to the left foot. When Sara has either foot on the floor it stretches the nipple on that side. The height of the foot from the floor can be adjusted to stretch the nipple as far as you want. If it is done properly she can't put both feet on the floor at the same time since she has to lean in the direction of the foot on the floor or risk tearing her nipple. To relieve the pain in the one tit or cramping in the leg she has to jump to the other foot, hence the jumping jack. Of course her hands are tied behind her back to make balance harder. The variation when she gets to smart is to use 3 ropes. The third rope ties directly to each foot forcing one or the other off the floor and making jumping a little more difficult as she tires. The Rack I only used in extreme situations. No! It is not the old English torture machine. I have seen a picture of this Rack only once on the net so there isn't any common knowledge of this torture. First you make Sara stand and tie her hands together then her feet. You leave about 4' at the end of each rope loose. Now Sara stands bound between 2 poles facing one and her back toward the other. Tie her feet to the pole she is facing. Tie her tits at the base of each so they are tight and look like balloons. You do this using one rope and tie it off so a large length extends from the center. With the feet tied you take the tit rope in the same direction and tie it off in the ceiling pulling the tits tight. The last rope which is tied to the hands you pull straight back until the other two ropes in the front are tight. She should now have only her heels touching the floor. This rope is now tied off. If done properly within minutes her tits will turn purple and shortly after she will start to scream, loudly! As you may suspect this punishment is very hard on a lady's milk carrying parts. Done to often they distort and look like they are cow's udders, baggy! Sara doesn't eat shit or have her tits nailed to a 2 x 4. She will not be fucking horses but might have to do a dog or two. Again that is in extreme cases. On occasion I will use paddles, cattle prods, hot water douches and enemas, ice cubes up the ass and cunt but not anything to disfigure the merchandise. You don't get a $1000 a day for scum bags. They pay for ladies that happen to enjoy sex. My money was made by making the ladies perform as if they enjoyed sex even if they didn't while still appearing to be very refined ladies. One of my ladies married very well and became rather well known on her own in politics. "Most of this is crap", I am sure you are saying about now and you are right! If you followed ONLY what is written here you would have a mindless zombie or a young lady you should never turn my back to. Remember I said BEND the will not break it? To this point I destroyed Sara's will to resist. Most of the above is the first month. Everything is intense and almost all punishment. For the next two months I have to rebuild Sara.; bend her will It is vital that she wants to please her owner be it me or the man across the street. She will enter a world of high rollers and big money. Why would she give up the chance to live a life of splendor and ease to work for you? She could tell you to kiss her ass and go out on her own. Why doesn't she? Loyalty! You have to be the most important person in her life. THIS is what I taught our "B" girls. The TV program, "The West Wing", had a character who was going to school to be a lawyer. She was paying her way by being a prostitute at night for high rollers. That character's actions and values are a very good picture of my "B" girls. Her loyalty was to a law school. Everything she did was to stay in that school. Substitute the Better family or an owner for law school and you have the whole picture. You will not find any of the last two months of training in this article. The business is finished. Even though the girls went to other "owners" there was a catch. They were only rented as their final loyalty was to the Betters. If the owner didn't meet and keep a certain standard the girls came "home". This was the reason for all the paper work on her first day. The owner had a list of off limits things that if done forfeited his rent agreement. The girls were given a phone number to call if they were not treated like the high class females they had become. BULLSHIT! You want us to believe you controlled Mafia gangsters? They would listen to you? No! More than likely I'd have died many, many years ago if that were the case. I'll explain it this way. You run a business with three partners. Each partner has a store in another part of the state. All of you get your Gizwidget from one supplier. Nobody else can make it as well or as cheaply. The supplier has one stipulation; sell it only for $4. You and partners 3 and 4 do just that and make huge profits. Partner #2 decides he wants a little more money and an edge so sells his for $3.50. It works. He pulls in people that didn't buy before. The supplier finds out what 2 has done and tells your company that your Gizwidget supply is no longer available because 2 cheapened the product and hurt the reputation and business of the supplier. What will you and the other partners do? If you are the Mafia my girl comes home or 2 is a dead man and she still comes home. If you're so good and never get caught why quit? If you recall I said at the start I quit about '65. That is about the time the "Monica Lewinskys" of my era became numerous. The free love whore! Will you pay $1000 a night for a fuck when the high school slut will do it for free? The Mafia was having internal and external problems about this time and since most of my clients were connected to that group? Why not start again? The world including the U.S. is nowhere near like the U.S. of the '60's. With honesty being in short supply in the average person what the hell makes you think gangsters would keep their word or do right by you? Any punk with a gun selling drugs is a big shot. He will have standards? Yeah! Right! It was the real thing. WAS being the key word. Believe what you've read or not! I will leave you with this last thought. If you combine what is written here with Mr. Wiley's "Confessions" you will have a fairly accurate picture of life as a trainer of "ladies of the night". To answer questions before you ask, No I am not from Allentown, PA. My name is nothing like "Lee Betters"; and I have no e-mail address. I am retired and will NOT give pointers. The only accurate thing about me in this little ditty, is I did live near Richmond and New York City (Mafia connection).