The groom shares his bride, my stepdaughter, with a select group of friends

My stepdaughter had left home long before I met, and
married, her mother. She is really a stranger to me, I
think I have met her at a couple of Thanksgivings
that’s all. Her mother, my wife, calls her a slut,
which is a laugh when you think what she gets up to
these days with my friends. Her daughter lives over the
other side of the country.

It was a surprise to my wife and myself when we got an
invitation to her wedding. At first my wife didn’t want
to go; she didn’t want to travel all that way to see
her daughter, whom she didn’t particularly like,
getting married to some poor sucker she had probably
conned. She suspected that Chrissy was probably
pregnant and that was why she was getting hitched and
expecting us to pay for the wedding.

It turned out, however, that it was going to be held in
a swanky hotel and the groom’s parents were going to
pay for the wedding, he comes from a moneyed family!
Not only that but they were going to pay for us to fly
there and spend a couple of nights in the hotel. I
finally persuaded my wife that we should go. She
agreed, reluctantly, but when we got there, and she saw
the hotel, her mood changed and she began to look
forward to the event.

We met Bob, the bridegroom, and he seemed a reasonable
sort of chap, and Chrissy genuinely appeared to like
him. I must say that not having seen Chrissy for a few
years I was stunned to see that she was now quite a

The wedding? Well what can you say about a wedding? It
went without a hitch, very well organized. I managed to
keep control of my wife, as far as her drinking went,
although I could see her eyeing up some of the guests.
I had decided to keep her for myself, sexually, for
this couple of days; I didn’t know any of the other
guests so I wasn’t going to arrange any parties!

At the reception Bob came up to me, when I was alone,
and said to me “I hope you will come to the
consummation”. He must have seen the look on my face,
he laughed, ” No”, he said, “I’m not claiming she’s a
virgin. There is going to be a little party for some
selected male guests later. 9pm in our suite, 4008.
You’re invited, just you, you understand, not your
wife” and he drifted off into the throng.

I went back to my wife and, over the next few hours,
relaxed my control of her a bit and let her drink and
flirt fairly freely. By about 8.30pm she was in a
suitable glazed state for me to take her to our room,
fuck her, and put her to bed without any arguments.

Just after 9pm I walked to the elevator and took it to
the 40th floor.

I knocked on the door of 4008 and it was opened
cautiously. I was obviously expected because when the
best man saw who it was I was ushered in and the door
locked behind me. There were six or seven guys in the
living room, over the far side, near the bedroom door,
but no sign of Bob or Chrissy.

I followed the best man over to join the group by the
door. It was pretty obvious that someone was being
fucked on the other side of the door. We listened to
the girl moaning louder and louder and then screaming
out as she came. The door opened and a guy came out
holding a video camera. “Not long now” he said, closing
the door behind him, and the others laughed.

A few moments later the door opened again and Bob was
standing there, naked. His penis hung down between his
legs still fairly engorged. “She’s ready,” he said.
“Let the consummation begin!”

The others pushed past him into the bedroom and I
suddenly realized that I was the only one fully
dressed, the others had stripped when the photographer
came out of the room. Chrissy was lying on the bed just
wearing her bridal headdress and her stockings.

With very little preliminaries someone stuck their dick
in her mouth whilst the others caressed her boobs,
thighs and cunt. Her cunt was still dilated from Bob’s
work out and in moments someone had taken possession of
it and was fucking her hard. He didn’t last long, he
shot his load, pulled out and finished off onto her.
Someone turned her over, face down, and thrust his
erect dick into her. When he came the next guy took
advantage of her position to stick his dick in her
anus. This gangbanging of my stepdaughter was far more
ferocious than anything my wife had undergone back

She was very noisy during the anal fucking, this one
and the one that followed immediately after. I noticed
that no one was daring to put his dick into her mouth
now in case it inadvertently got bitten off, it was
that ferocious! Her hands were fully occupied all the
same jerking guys off and getting them hard enough to
enjoy her.

After they had fucked her anally a few times she was
flipped over onto her back again and her cunt was used
again and again.

I’ve probably missed a fuck or two but when it was all
over the amount of cum oozing out of both her cunt and
her ass hole was incredible.

I guess my wife was right, she is a slut. Did I fuck

Well… she was only my stepdaughter and not really a
blood relative…

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