Surprise Honey, Mistress Is Here


Imagine your surprise to come home and find your wife
on her knees with her big bumpy ass sticking back and
her face buried in a younger black lady’s cunt. Lapping
it and wiggling her striped ass in pleasure.

We have talked about having a black mistress for years
and had corresponded with several but I never believed
she would go along with it. The woman was beautiful in
her mid 20s with large thighs and medium breasts. Lot
better conditioning than my wife’s small tits and large
hairy and bumpy ass. We are in our mid 40s and a bit
closer to 50.

“What are you doing there, boy? Drop those pants and
let see if you have a cock down there.” The black lady
yelled seeing me for the first time.

I immediately dropped my pants letting them drop to the
floor. My cock sprang straight out as I reached up and
undid my shirt.

“Turn around and remove your shoes and socks,” she
said. “Show me that white ass of yours.”

I turn around and bent over untying my shoes and then
lifting a leg at a time pulled off my socks and then
removing my pants from my ankles. I thought I would
cream the floor knowing the view she had of my ass from

“Come here boy. Put your face in your wife’s big butt
and lick. Show her you’re glad to be home,” she

I dropped to my knees and hands and crawled forward to
my wife’s big ass. I could see it was red all over from
a spanking she must have gotten earlier. Her brown hole
was just in front of my face as I buried my nose
between her cheeks and started tonguing her asshole.

“Don’t look at me white boy unless I give you

As I tongued my wife’s ass, I could feel liquid
drooling down my chin and knew she was close to
cumming. I could hear her lapping mistress cunt from
above and her ass was rocking back and forth on my

Mistress demanded we stop.

She made me get on my back on the floor and lift my
legs high in the air. I watched her get up and straddle
my head presenting me a splendid view of her beautiful
ass slowly lowering down on it. Finally, it was in
reach as I stuck out my tongue and started rimming her
butt hole.

“Crawl here slut and lick boy’s ass. I want his cock to
stay hard.” I heard her tell the wife from underneath.

I continued my licking as I felt my wife’s breath on my
ass cheek and then her tongue at the entrance to my
ass. She started working it in and out my asshole.
Something she never would have done in the past. My
cock was dripping down my waist as I worked feverously
to please my new mistress ass. Finally, she got off.

“Get your dildo and bring it to me slut,” she demanded.

I watched the wife crawl out the room while mistress
toyed with my cock with her foot. When she returned,
she made the wife get on her back and put the end of
the dildo in her mouth. She straddled her face like she
had did mine earlier and slowly lowered her cunt on the
fake cock working it all the way in her beautiful and
wet cunt. Her ass was firmly seated on my wife’s face
with her nose buried in her asshole. I was commanded to
crawl over and finger fuck my wife’s ass while mistress
rode her face. Finally, she came on her chin as she
slowly got up.

“Boy come here and sit on your wife’s face. She is
going to face fuck your ass.” She called out.

I got up and straddle the wife’s face and lowered my
ass down on it. I wasn’t firmly seated when I felt the
dildo at my asshole entrance and knew she was trying to
push it in. Slowly I worked down slowly on it till it
was firmly buried in my asshole and felt her working it
in and out slowly.

Mistress had returned with a strap-on dildo much bigger
than my cock.

“Lift her legs boy. It’s time she had a real fucking,”
she told me.

She lifted her legs till I reached them and pulled them
up to my shoulders. I watched mistress insert the dildo
in her cunt shoving it in with little difficulty. She
pulled my head so I could lick her tits while she
fucked her cunt. My wife was moaning from below and
shoving the cock in and out my asshole faster. I knew
she was close to cumming before her body started
vibrating all over the floor. I shot my load all over
her tits without even thinking I was close to cumming.

“Get off boy,” mistress commanded slowly removing the
cock from the wife’s cunt.

She reached down and removed the dildo from the wife’s
mouth and brought it over to where I was standing.

She pointed the dirty dildo at my mouth.

“Open up and hold this boy,” she said.

I opened my mouth as she pushed the dirty cock deep

“Now turn around and bend over,” she commanded.

I turned around and bent over presenting her an
excellent target in my ass as I felt her fake cock at
the entrance to my asshole and then being shoved in. My
ass muscles clenched in desperation, as the object was
so big butt it was totally wet from the wife’s cunt and
worked in despite my efforts to stop it.

“I’m going to rim this white ass of yours good. You’ll
won’t be able to sit for a week,” she said from behind
as I clenched my teeth hard on the dildo in front in
pain. She showed little mercy pushing it in and out
till I thought my asshole was going to be split in
half. I was totally relieved when she slowly withdrew
it from my sore and abused asshole.

“On your hands and knees boy,” she commanded. “Slut
crawl here and get his cock hard again.”

She went to my pants on the floor and got my belt from
them. My wife had crawled over and had engulfed my limp
cock in her mouth trying to get it hard. I watched
mistress bring the belt down hard on her big ass cheeks
commanding she hurry up. Then she stepped behind me and
did the same. By the time my cock was pointed straight
out again, our asses were striped from the brutal
belting she had delivered to each.

“That’s much better,” mistress exclaimed to both of our
relief. “There’s nothing I enjoy seeing better than a
white ass well beatened. Now lick my toes you worthless
worms,” she commanded removing the cock from my mouth.
I want to feel those tongues between my toes. On your
bellies worms.

“That’s it worms lick your mistress toes.”

Both my wife and I laid flat on our bellies tonguing
her beautiful toes. We made sure to clean in between
the toes and around her heels.

“Come worms. Mistress has to pee. Boy get behind slut
and keep your face in her ass while she crawls,” she
demanded us.

I got behind the wife and crawl trying to maintain my
face in her ass as she hurried crawling after mistress
to the bathroom.

“Slut clean my toilet top with your mouth so I can take
a piss,” she told the wife.

My wife immediately crawled to the toilet and started
tonguing the lid while I maintained my postion behind
her. She made sure she licked the whole seat before
telling her to move away while she sat down on the
seat. I heard her pissing in the john and hoped she
would let me clean her clit afterwards.

“Boy, come here and clean my pussy,” I heard her say.

I crawled out from behind the wife and immediately put
my head between her large thighs licking her royal
clit. I clean it as best I could till she pushed me

“Worthless worm. Can’t clean a woman pussy properly. I
have to punish your worthless butt. She flushed the
toilet.” She yelled at me.

“Put your head in the bowl boy.”

I crawl forward and put my head in the toilet bowl as
she lowered the lid on top my head to keep it still.

“Hold the lid slut. Be sure he doesn’t move,” she
commanded my wife.

I lay for a few minutes till I felt a sharp pain on my
right ass cheek. I moaned in the toilet as the next and
then another felt on my poor ass. Soon the pain was
more than I could bear as I screamed and begged my
mistress for mercy as the blows kept descending.
Finally she quit.

“Next time lick my cunt slow when I tell you to clean
it unless you want more on your worthless ass. Now
prepare me a bath while I use slut in the bedroom for a
moment. Don’t disturb me. You better be on your knees
prepared to wash me when I return,” she warned.

I prepared my mistress bath using my wife’s favorite
bubble bath and gels. I lit candles to make the room
smell better and prepared her towel and soap. I waited
for almost an hour keeping the bath at the right
temperature before she entered and got in the tub. She
laid back and closed her eyes as I started rubbing her
beautiful body with soap making sure to clean her
properly. My wife crawled in as I was drying her with a
look of fear on her face.

“Your butt is mine,” Mistress told her. “Rinse in the
tub worm and report in the living room for your

I didn’t know what had happened but knew mistress was
disappointed in her. I continued to dry her off as she
told me to crawl in the living room pasting my wife’s
concerned face as I went. I knew her butt was in for it
as I passed.

In the living area, Mistress made me get on my knees
and sat while she got her dildo and waited for the
wife’s arrival. My wife slowly crawled in.

“Stand up worm. You going to pay dearly for calling me
bitch.” She yelled at her.

My wife slowly got to her feet. Mistress gave her the
dildo and grabbed a small ruler.

“Bend over and keep your legs far apart worm. You are
going to shove that cock up your ass while I slap your
worthless tits with this ruler. Each time that cock
goes up your worthless ass I want to hear you tell me
you’re nothing but a worthless asshole and fuck you
again. Do you understand?” She yelled again.

My wife nodded her head as I saw her face in panic for
the first time.

“Shove it up your ass bitch.”

My wife immediately put the dildo in her butt as the
ruler struck her right tit.

“Ow! I a worthless asshole. Please fuck me again,” she
yelled in pain.

The dildo went back in and she yelled from another hit
on her left tit.

Mistress made her do it for twenty times till she was
crying like a baby and shaking uncontrollable while
trying to maintain her position. Mistress finally put
the ruler to the side.

“Are you ever going to disobey me or call me another
name?” Mistress asked her lifting her crying face by
the chin.

“No mistress, please no more. I’m a worthless asshole
good for nothing but licking your ass,” my wife

“Good slut. Get on your knees and clean my ass,” she
commanded her.

My wife dropped the cock and got down on her knees
crawling behind her. I could hear her slurping sounds
and knew she was going to please mistress from now on.
She wasn’t going to get no trouble from me after what I
had just witnessed. My cock was rock hard waiting the
wife’s total humiliation.

“Boy, turn the TV on to channel 13. My favorite show is
on. Prepare me a soda.” She glanced at me.

I ran to obey. Turning on the channel, I ran to the
kitchen to prepare her a drink and returned. She was
already seated on the chair using my wife’s ass as her
footstool. She made me crawl to the side of the chair
and use my back to hold her cold drink as she watched
her favorite show. Neither of us dared moved as my back
area was ice cold from the drink sitting on top. It was
such a relief when she picked it up to have a drink and
returned it to a different spot to relief my problem.

When it was over, I heard her command my wife to spread
her ass and tell her who she was. I heard my wife
replied back that she was nothing but an asshole. I
heard her moan and knew from no noise that mistress
must have pushed her toe up her butt.

“Thank me worm for toe fucking your worthless ass,”
mistress commanded.

“Thank you mistress for toe fucking my worthless ass,”
I heard my wife from the side.

I heard a thump on the floor nearby and knew mistress
had pushed my wife on her belly. Worthless cunt I heard
her say.

Mistress got up and walked to our bedroom and returned
with two collars, which she made us stand and put
around our necks. She then cuffed our hands between our
backs. We stood still as she went back to the room and
returned in a black leather outfit with ring hooks
around the waist. She attached a small leash of about 6
inches to our collars and hooked them to her waist.

Time to take a walk worms, she said dragging up by the
collars nude to the door. When we realized she was
serious, we both pleaded with her knowing we had a
single neighbor lady who lived only a block away on our
almost deserted road.

“Good,” she said. “Maybe she’ll be more impressed with
you worms than I am. Did you think I was going to only
dominate you in your nice little house so you can play
with yourselves in private? Get your asses moving or
I’ll stop and get a switch and paddle your butts right
in front of her house.”

We couldn’t do nothing except followed to her sides
with our heads waist high and butt sticking out in
back. We must have made a splendid site as she carried
us down the road towards the neighbor house. As we
passed, she paused several times and then proceeded on
to our relief. A short relief; however, as we headed
back, she not only paused but made us turn around with
our tails sticking out towards her house for several
minutes with both of us pleading desperately before
returning. We was totally embarrassed and hoped the
lady wasn’t home that day.

When we finally got back, mistress unhooked our leashes
and demanded we prepare her a meal. While she ate, we
had to sit on ours. Seasoning it properly for a slave
she said. When the dishes were cleaned, we returned to
the living room where she was seated watching TV. We
were almost there when a knock sounded on the door.

“Get the door slut,” Mistress demanded to my wife and
pointed to her feet at me. I immediately got down
worshipping her toes as the wife answer the door. I
could hear the door only opened partially; sure the
wife didn’t want anyone to see much of her.

“Mrs. Jenkins. What are you doing here,” I heard the
wife from below.

“I can over to see my neighbors,” I heard Mrs. Jenkins’
voice reply. “It’s been a long time. She was in her
early 40s, single, and fairly attractive, I thought.”

“I’m sorry. We’re very busy. Can you come back later,”
my wife replied.

“Slut let the lady in. It’s time she met her real
neighbors.” I heard mistress yell out from above.

My cock sprung out full length at my Mistress voice and
heard the door opening. Mrs. Jenkins were laughing as
she walked in. I didn’t know if it was me or the wife
she was laughing at.

“Come in and have a seat,” Mistress told her. “I was
just thinking it was time to play with my new toys. Do
you like them?”

Mrs. Jenkins was still laughing.

“I would love to,” she replied. “I always knew there
was something strange about these two. Looks to me like
his cock is dripping on the floor.”

I pushed my thighs together trying to hide my swollen
cock underneath still tonguing mistress’ feet. My ass
cheeks were clenching tight in back. How could this get
any better?