Hannah my hot Niece

I decided to trade in my 2008 Ford truck in and get a new 2015 as the body style had changed. My step niece, Hannah, went with me to look at the new trucks. On the way back from the dealership she told me she wanted the wheels and tires off my old truck before I traded it in. I had bought some nice custom wheels and tires about a year back.
She is 18 and damn cute. I had already made up my mind to trade tires with her. I mean hell why not they won’t give me anymore if I leave them on and she has a 04 that they will fit on, but they won’t work on the new tuck I was going to buy. I decided to fuck with her before I told her I was going to give her the wheels and tires.

I said, “you know if I put those on eBay I bet I can get $1,200 for them as they are only a month old.”
She laughed and said, “no you have had them for at least a year.”
I replied, “yeah but the person that buys them doesn’t have to know they are a year old.”
She had an angry look on her face and said, “maybe I’ll just tell them when they show up to pick them up.”
I had her good and worked up now. If looks could kill I would have been dead already. Then she told me that she would give me 1k and her old tires and wheels. I said, “sold,” and held my hand out like I expected her to pay me right then.

She gave me one of those pouty looks like she was really pissed off and said, I don’t have it right now. I will have to pay you out in time.”
I chuckled and said, “ok $1000 down and your old tires and wheels.”
Hannah was ready to kill me.
She said, “I can give you $100 a month. Please Uncle Glenn I really need and want these wheels.”
I knew what she really wanted was my whole truck, but her truck was worth about 6k and mine was worth about 12k because I only had 90k miles on it and it was in great shape. Hers was in ok condition, but had 180k miles on it and needed some work. Even though she was getting upset I had already decided to trade her truck for truck and use hers as my trade in. Hell I had bought it for her anyways.
Then she said, “how about this deal Uncle Glenn I will fuck you if you let me pay those wheels and tires off $100 at a time.”
I didn’t know what to say or think. When I didn’t say anything she made me another offer, “I will give you $1200 for them and fuck you at least once a month until I get them paid off.”
I said, “bullshit your my niece Hannah.”
She spouted off, “step niece.”
I said, “ok were not related by blood, but I have known you since you were two years old so it is the same thing.”
Now we are really close I had taught her how to drive and she has been my little helper since she could walk. I said, “sorry hon, but I can’t do that it is not going to happen.”

She clammed up and wouldn’t talk to me the rest of the way home. We got back to my house and when we walked into the house she turned around and gave me a big kiss. I was in shock so I didn’t say or do a thing. She stepped back and took her shirt and bra off. She was built there wasn’t any doubt about that. I just stood there and watched in shock as she pulled her pants and panties off.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been beating off to that cute little pornstar Dakota Skye the last year or so and I realized I had been doing this because Hannah looked just like her. I walked up to her picked her naked ass up and carried her two my bedroom and I tossed her on my bed. I parted her legs and stuck my head between them. 18 year old pussy there isn’t a better smell in the world. She was shaved bare too. I licked her clit, her pussy and then her asshole. She moaned and squealed in delight telling me how she had wanted this for so long. I fucking couldn’t get enough I made her cum three or four times over the course of the next hour and my head didn’t leave her crotch. I would have licked that girl’s asshole for hours on end and for nothing in return.
Finally she said, “oh god I have never had my pussy and ass eaten so good, but you need to cum too.”

I removed my head from between her legs and had her sit up in bed doggy style. I pushed my cock into her there was no sense in putting a glove on as her mom had told me she had put her on birth control a long time ago. We fucked on and off for the next 2 hours and we were about to go at it again when her mom called and asked if she was coming home or staying with me. She told her mom she was going to be spending the night at my place which wasn’t unusual in and of itself. We fucked well into the night. She gave me a couple of blowjobs and she swallowed.

The next morning after we both got up and were sitting at the kitchen table. I told her to clean out her truck speakers, amps and all the rest of the stuff from her tuck as we were trading trucks even and I was going to trade her tuck in instead. She got up from the table dropped her panties and pulled her ass cheeks apart.
She said, “fuck my ass Uncle Glenn.”

I got some vegetable oil out of the kitchen, pulled her into the living room and lubed her ass up. I bent her over the couch and shoved my cock up her ass.
She squealed, “oh fuck Uncle Glenn fuck my tight little ass.”
I did, but I didn’t last more than five minutes and I came up her tight little ass. Can you blame me my cock was wedged up a hot little eighteen year old girl’s ass?
After we finished up and cleaned up we went out and started pulling her stuff out of her truck and moving it over to my truck. I went inside to take a call and Hannah stayed outside and kept working on moving her stuff over to my truck. While she was doing this her mom pulled up in the driveway and asked Hannah what she was doing. Hannah told her that we traded and that I was trading hers in. I told myself hell I give that girl stuff all the time so what’s the difference I just got some pussy and some ass in return this time.

Her mom walked in and asked, “what did she have to do to get you to give her that tuck fuck you?”
I choked on my coke and spit it out. I said, “yep, but I made her give up her ass too.
Her mom laughed and said, “that kid is rotten because of you.”
As she walked out I heard her tell Hannah not to forget to change insurance over before she drives it too far and she got back into her car and drove just up the lane to her house.

Hannah never ended up paying me any money for the truck, but she still fucks me 5-6 times a week and sometimes 2-3 times a day. July will make a year and she told me she had no plans to quit fucking me, but when it comes time to trade my new truck in she expects another upgrade.

Yeahh and by the way if you wanna check a pic of Hannah, you can see from here. Damn man she is hot!!

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