The Camping Trip Fun

This story begins on a Friday. I had plans to go camping for the weekend and the wife stating that she is feeling burnt out and needed some quite time made day care plans for the kids. Friday morning I said my good byes for the weekend, stating I would be back some time late Sunday evening. With hugs I was off.
I got to the camp site just in time for the sky to open up and down poor. Nevertheless I set up camp and rough it out hoping tomorrow would be a better day. Upon waking up Saturday morning it was still raining, not as hard as the night before but hard enough to be miserable. So I pack up to go home.

I pull into the drive late that night with to my surprise several unfamiliar cars parked in the driveway. “I wonder whose hear” I think to myself. With out much more thought I turn off the pick-up and make my way to the front door. I open the door to hear an odd noise….Nothing. At this point curiosity is setting in. Maybe she went out with some friends and forgot to turn the lights off and lock up. Wow was I ever wrong. I made my way to the bedroom to drop my thing and then I heard what was going on.

She had some friends over alright. As I approached the room I could hear her moan say “FUCK ME…. OHHH YEAHHH FUCK THAT WET PUSSY!” I quietly moved closer to the door that was standing wide open. I was expecting to see my wife with another man but to my dismay there were 9 men buck naked standing around her. She was on her back with a cock in each had one intermently in her mouth and a huge cock up her cunt. The other men where circled around her stroking them selves waiting for a turn to get in there and loosen up a hole. I stood and watched for about 30 minutes as the men shifted around taking turns on my wife’s lovely cunt and mouth, she was loving it. Now my cock was growing to the point it hurt, I too wanted to fuck her cunt and mouth. Then she said “ okay boys my ass hole is feel neglected. Why don’t you guys make me air tight.” Oh man did they ever she eased her cunt down on a cock leaned forward and a man come up behind her and work his cock into her tight ass. Another man moved toward her head as she greedily took his cock into her mouth. I watched for about another hour as the fucked the shit out of her.
I bet she cummed 30 to 40 time as the gaped her holes. What a site it was, her getting fucked by that much cock, her moaning for more, those big massive tits bouncing .

Then they started. The man in her cunt asked “Where do you want my cum. Where do you want my load you fucking slut? “ She moaned “ In my cunt. Please fill my cunt!” Then he released his hot massive load into her pussy. The other men then started to releasing too. She was like a porn star, a regular cum dumpster. One man after another pumping her cum filled ass, pussy and mouth full of more cum. Oh and she was loving it, being a very dirty bitch about it. Between men she would reach down and see if some cum had come out of her gaping holes. If it had she would gather as much with her hand then lap it up to taste every man that just soaked her. A couple of men shot there jizz over her tits at her request then she greedily sucked the hot thick load off of them as she continued to be fucked.

By now the men that had finished were leaving. As they made way past me to the dinning area for refreshment they gave a blank stair. She was on all fours sucking the last man off and I couldn’t help myself any more. “You better suck that cock to the last drop” I said “ suck it like the dirty fuck bitch you are!”
She looked at me in terror realizing she’s been caught. “Turn back around and fucking suck that cock.”
Without a word she did as I demanded. As her head bobbed up and down I admired her cum soaked bottom.
Against my concise I knew what I had to do. I tried to restrain myself but couldn’t. Looking at her freshly gaping ass, well before I knew it my tongue was probing at it, licking and suckling. To my delight the more I tongued at her ass the more thick cream I retrieved. By know I was in a frenzy licking and sucking her cunt and ass getting more and more cum out as I brought her to yet another orgasm. “Spray that pussy with you cum” I instructed the last man. “Shoot that load all over the sluts cunt and ass” He did as instructed then left. “Role over bitch, I’m going to finish eating that cunt as you suck my cock” She did as told and went to work on my cock as I finished cleaning her freshly soaked cunt.

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