Sex Deprived

It was 3:00 am, When Brittney Taylor’s eyes began to open. The bright red readout of the bedside clock, Stared her in the face. Disoriented, She glanced around the dark room. Light from a nearby neon sign, Creeped through the slits of the closed blinds. Slowly she began to sit up in bed. The thin white sheets Slid down her body, Exposing her naked breasts. Brittney’s body may have been fully awake, But her mind fell sluggishly behind. The bed started to creek, Giving her a scare. She shot her head quickly to the left. There laying next to her was a rather large, Naked man. Reality set in, As the events of the night flooded into her mind. Her stomach cringed, At the thought of what she had done. She had cheated on her husband of six years. Worse yet, She had done it with a man that he couldn’t stand. There sharing the bed with her, Was her husband’s boss Nelson Mcgreevey. She stared at his nude body, In complete shock. She couldn’t figure out how she had let it come to this. From the first time they met, Brittney had found herself strangely drawn to him. She couldn’t explain this unwanted attraction. There wasn’t anything about him that could justify the way she felt. He was heavy set, Grungy, Obnoxious, About ten years older then her, And he wasn’t even that good looking. Even though her mind would reminder her of all these things, Her body still urned for him.

Now laying naked in this run down motel, Brittney could no longer deny what she felt for him. Her desires had overcome her rationality. She began to think back to the events that led up to this night. She thought back to their first encounter, Her husbands annual company picnic. She remember her husband warning her about him. Telling her repeatedly that he was a flirt and had hit on every girl in the company, Including employee’s wives. Brittney assured her worried husband, That she could take care of herself. Nelson was standing in the parking lot, When they arrived. As soon as they got out of the car, He made a bee line straight for her and introduced himself. He then told her husband to go over and get them some drinks. This was when the attraction first presented itself to her. The way he had taken charge, Commanding him to leave. Watching her husband jump at the order, And scurry off. His boss was definitely, A man’s man. Seeing this, Brittney couldn’t help but get turned on. They hadn’t been alone together for more then a minute, And he had already began hitting on her. Most women would be offended by the things he said, But not Brittney. She found him sweet, She was actually flattered by his comments. Seeing that his compliments were starting to work, Nelson began to get more brazen. He began to comment on how nice her tits looked, In the dress she was wearing. Instead of slapping him, She just smiled and crossed her arms pushing her tits together. She couldn’t help but notice, The way he licked his lips as he admired her supple breasts, Sending shock waves through her body. After seeing how brazen he was, It didn’t surprise her at all, When he asked her if he could get a quick look at what was under her dress. What did surprise her though, Was that for a split second, She actually thought about giving him a quick peek. Fortunately, her better judgement kicked in, Reminding her that she was a married women. She decided it best to just walk away, Before she had done something she would regret. As the day progressed on though, She caught herself looking over at him and getting extremely aroused. Every chance he got, He would brush up against her, Copping a quick feel. All of the groping had gotten Brittney very wet and excited.

The tension had built up so much throughout the day, That she decided she had to get some relief. They had arrived late, So their car was at the back of the lot. Feeling confident that know one would see her, She headed for the parking lot. She Made it to their car, Climbing into the back seat she slide her panties off. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do. How was it possible that this man could make her feel this way, She barely knew him? Yet here she was in the back seat of her car, About to finger fuck herself into an orgasm, And all she could think about was him. She decided to stop stressing over it, And just enjoy the moment. Propping one leg over the front seat and the other up on the back seat, She began probing her aching lips. They were already slick with her desire, She wasted no time and plunged two fingers deep into her awaiting cunt. Her body went stiff, As she rammed her fingers into her warm love hole, Again and again! She tried to contain her Ecstasy, But soon gave up and began moaning passionately. She fantasized about him taking her into his arms, and stuffing his throbbing cock deep into her tight pussy. She pictured her legs wrapped around him, As he fucked her into oblivion. She was on the brink of orgasm, When she finally envisioned him pulling out of her abused pussy, And shooting his steaming hot spunk all over her pretty face. This sent Brittney into a mind blowing orgasm, That shook her entire body! Her toes curled as she moaned his name out loud. Her pussy walls vibrated and clamped around her cum covered fingers. Her orgasm slowly subsided and she slipped her soaking wet fingers from her now throbbing slit. Without hesitation, She brought them to her mouth and sucked off the evidence of her forbidden fantasy. After that day she decided to keep her run ins with nelson to a minimum.

Days turned into weeks, And her sexual feelings toward her husbands boss stopped. She chalked the whole incident up to a lack of sex in her life. Brittney became determined to change all of that. She all but stopped wearing clothes, when she was at home. Each day, she would greet her husband with a blow job. This would always end in him either complaining he was too tired, Or finishing in her mouth after two minutes. She was always left unsatisfied, with more and more pent up sexual frustration. Finally she got the call she had been waiting on. At 11:30 one day, the phone rang, It was Brittney’s husband. He wanted her to meet him for lunch, At their favorite restaurant. In the past, When he has asked her to meet him for lunch, He meant a quickie in the parking lot. She picked out her best “easy access” clothes, Which consisted of a strapless dress that stopped about five inches below her freshly shaved cunt. She didn’t bother putting on panties, There was no need. After slipping on a pair of “Fuck me” heals she headed out the door. The entire drive to the restaurant, She rubbed and teased her clit. As she pulled into the parking lot, She spotted her husband waiting out side. Putting the car in park she waited for him to come over to her. He didn’t walk to the car, Instead he waved her over. Realizing that there wasn’t going to be any quickie in the parking lot, Brittney felt like crying. She wanted it, She needed that sweet release. Frustrated she went to him, And they walked into the restaurant.

Grabbing a corner booth, Brittney tried to squeeze in close to her husband. This only irritated him, He told her to give him some space. Pissed off, Brittney Scooted to the other side of the booth. The waiter arrived at their table and started to take their order, But was told they were waiting on someone. Puzzled, Brittney questioned who they were waiting on. Her husband replied with a simple “Nelson” Upon hearing this, Her heart skipped a beat. She was nervous and excited all at the same time. Over the past few weeks she had all but stopped thinking about him. She vowed that the little “thing” they had going on was through. But with her current state of arousal, She began to question her decision. As they sat waiting, Minutes passed that seemed like hours to Brittney. Finally the waiting was over as nelson scooted into the booth, Next to her. After the “hello how ya doings” were over, The flirting started. Every time Brittney’s husband would look away, She and nelson woulds make eye contact. He would smile and wink, she would in return bite her bottom lip and shoot him a “come get me” look. All of the flirting and sexual tension was really getting her off. She was definitely having a good time. Things couldn’t go past innocent looks, She knew that. She also knew that he wouldn’t try anything with her husband sitting right their. Things were going great until her husband got up, And excused himself to the bathroom. He had no more then turned his back to the table, When Nelson slide his had right between Brittney’s legs. She shot her hand down to try to stop him. It was too late, He began rubbing her clit. As soon as she felt his touch, Her legs slid apart. He wasted no time in pushing his finger into her sopping wet slit. Nelson was reliving every wet dream he had ever had. He flirted with every girl he came across, With no luck. Now after all of these years it had finally paid off. Here he was with his finger buried in this 26 year old, Big titted, Pail skinned, Red headed bombshell! He leaned in and began nibbling and sucking on her ear lobe. As luck would have it, This turned out to be Brittney’s pleasure spot. Within seconds, she was frantically grabbing for his throbbing cock. Things began to get incredibly hot between the two of them. Brittney began to unbutton his slacks, When suddenly he pushed her away. Looking up she saw her husband coming around the corner. Quickly straightening up her dress, She scooted back over just in time. The rest of the meal was eaten in silence. Brittney was still in the “I wanna fuck you” Mode and stared lustfully at nelson. Every chance she got, She would Rub her breasts or lick her lips. Nelson responded with a little “Eye fucking” of his own.

After the meal was over, Brittney tried her best to get nelson alone. finally out in the parking lot, She got her chance. Her husband had parked on the other side of the building, Nelson’s truck was a few spots down from Brittney’s car though. Brittney waited impatiently as her husband hugged and kissed her goodbye. He then turned and walked out of sight around the corner. As soon as he was gone, She threw caution to the wind and ran to nelsons truck. She had just reached his door, When it swung open. There sitting in the seat, Was Nelson with his pants pulled down. Brittney stood in shock, Staring at the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life. It looked to be 3″ wide and an easy 11″ long. Fear began to set in, As she thought about him trying to squeeze that thing into her tight pussy. Nelson began to get impatient, and told her to get in. She just shook her head no! He angrily began calling her a cock tease! Fed up with waiting, He slammed the door and screeched out of the parking lot. she stood there trying to make sense of what had just happened. She cringed at the thought of her cunt being stretched to it’s limits, By that massive shaft. As she arrived back home, She was almost in tears. She wanted so badly to be fucked, She was prepared to cheat on her husband for it. She sat down on the couch, And slid her dress up. Massaging her clit, Brittney was determined to get off. Her mind kept creeping back to nelson. She started feeling bad about not letting him fuck her. Unable to climax, She grabbed her cell phone and called his office. After a few minutes of elevator music, He finally picked up. Upon hearing her voice, He started to hang up on her. Brittney begged him to hear her out. She began apologizing, Promising she would make it up to him. This peeked his interest, So he asked what she had in mind. She offered to give him a blow job, She even promised to swallow. In return all she asked was that he get her off without using that enormous cock of his. He denied her request, Saying that all he had to do was nibble on her ear, And she would suck his cock whenever he wanted. She began to plead with him, But he cut her off. He told her he would be at the Sleep EZ motel that night, If she wanted to get fucked. He then added, if you don’t show up, then it’s over between us. He then hung up the phone.

She slammed the phone down on the table. She wanted to scream, She couldn’t believe him. If anything she was doing him a favor. She had risked her marriage, letting him finger her at the restaurant. She even offered to suck his dick AND swallow, And it still wasn’t good enough! she wanted to prove that she didn’t need him. Laying back on the couch, Her fingers quickly found her clit. She forced herself to think about her husband, while sliding her finger up and down her juicy slit. Her mind began to relax, As she attempted to orgasm. Twenty minutes later, She was still pounding away at herself with no luck. She was just about to give up, When her mind drifted back to nelson. Suddenly her clit became sensitive. Thoughts of the restaurant filled her mind. She pictured herself riding his cock to completion, Right there in the parking lot. The feeling of his hot cum, Penetrating deep into her awaiting cunt. Before she realized what was happening, Her pussy was spasming with fierce intensity. She began moaning his name over and over again! When she had finished, she laid their with her head spinning. Finally coming to the realization, The only way she was going to have a good sex life, Is if nelson was in it. She shot a quick glance at the clock, Then rushed up to her room. Riffling through her wardrobe, She decided on a tight red miniskirt and a low cut top. Throwing them on, She rushed back down stairs. Grabbing a pen and paper, She jotted down a quick “don’t wait up” note. And headed out the door.

During the ride out to the motel, she decided that she would need an airtight alibi. With all of her pent up sexual needs, She most likely wouldn’t be home until the following morning. She flipped open her cell and called a couple friends. After confirming that they would cover for her, She finally felt satisfied. She arrived at the motel before he did. She parked her car around back, Then waited for him to show up. She began thinking about her husband, Suddenly she felt guilty about what she was doing. He had warned her about nelson, Even told her that he would try to get with her. Brittney began thinking about how she told her husband not to worry. Yet her she was, Waiting for him at a motel, About to let him fuck her. The longer she waited, The worse she felt. She thought back to her wedding day, The vows she had taken. Tears began to form in her eyes, As she started debating on whether she was going to go through with it or not. She started her car up, deciding to leave. Just then, She spotted nelson’s truck drive by. Just seeing his truck, Made her think about how close she came to finally getting fucked. She thought back to all the times her husband had denied her the sex she so badly wanted. finally she made up her mind, She had waited too long to turn back now. She made her way around the building. She spotted his truck, And went over to the room it was parked in front of. Taking a deep breath, She knocked on the door.

The door swung open, Revelling a completely nude Nelson. He grinned at her, And stated that he knew she would come. She entered the small shabby looking room. Closing the door behind her, He spun her around and pressed his lips against hers. She returned the kiss, Opening her mouth and letting her tongue explore his. He wrapped her in his arms and carried her to the bed. She felt so safe while in his embrace. He laid her down gently, and began passionately kissing her. Tracing his hand lower and lower down her body, Brittney let out a soft moan into his mouth. grabbing the bottom of her shirt, He slowly slid it up exposing her bra less c cup tits. Pulling it up above her head, He threw it to the floor. Brittney wanted to feel their naked bodies pressed together. Reaching down, she Unzipped her skirt. Twisting her body around in his arms, She slid the skirt down her long slender legs. Now completely naked, She wrapped her legs around his waist. Their slow pace began to speed up, As Brittney’s lust began to overwelm her. In six years of marriage, She had never felt a sexual connection like this. Nelson Rolled over onto his back, Pulling Brittney on top of him. She began kissing her way down to that meaty shaft, That she feared so much. She wrapped her delicate hand around the base of his cock. Her hand barely fit around it, Causing her to remember why she didn’t want to fuck him in the first place. She put her fear aside, As she slowly tried to wrap her full luscious lips around it. She barley got the tip in her mouth, Stretching her lips as far as they would go. She began to trace her tongue around the tip, While pumping the his shaft with her fist. Pulling her face from his member, She lowered herself down to his balls. Slurping and sucking, She finally got a reaction from him. With a deep bellowing tone, Nelson let out a loud groan. Brittney continued pumping his thick shaft, While sucking and liking his testicles. Pulling away for only a second, She slid her tongue all around his veiny rod. Nelson slid his hand through her gorgeous long red hair. He began sliding his massive cock, All over her face.

Brittney absolutely loved sucking cock. She moaned at the feeling of his meaty shaft, Being pushed against her innocent face. Reaching down, She started feverishly fingering her sweet neglected pussy. Again she wrapped her mouth around his balls, Taking in as much as she could. Her juicy cunt began to react to the sensation, Causing her to groan loudly into his sack. The vibration sent Nelson over the edge. He started thrusting himself into her face. Pleased with herself for making her man happy, Brittney cranked up her pace. Her tongue slid all over his balls, Which were beginning to tighten up. Not wanting to blow his load too soon, Nelson grabbed Brittney by her waist and slid her back up to him. Reaching back, Brittney slid her finger over the tip of his cock. She then placed it in her mouth, And proclaimed that he tasted great! She then looked down at him with an evil grin, And asked if he wanted to taste her. Before she knew it, Brittney was on her back with her legs spread. Nelson buried his face, In the pussy that he so longed for. Sucking and slurping her beautiful clit, He crammed two fingers into her tight hole. He licked and fingered her, To an earth shattering orgasm. Sweat poured from Brittney’s heaving body, As she twisted in pleasure. She decided at that point, That she wanted him inside of her. She didn’t care how much it hurt, It was worth it to her. Grabbing his face, She stared into his eye’s. In her sweetest school girl voice, she begged him to fuck her. This is what he was waiting to hear, he sat up with a grin. Sliding up her body, He began to passionately kiss her again. Reaching down, He grabbed a handful of Brittney’s perky tits. With his free hand, He Grabbed hold of his shaft. Guiding it to the entrance of Brittney’s wet slit, He applied a little pressure. Brittney gasped, As she felt the greatness of her lovers cock. This was the first time it had touched her pussy, She suddenly felt very slutty. Felling like a slut, Only got her hotter.

With a little more pressure, The head popped in. Pain exploded through Brittney’s body, As she screamed out loud! Her screams only fueled Nelson more, As he began forcing his gigantic rode into her. Inch by inch, Brittney’s wet cunt swallowed Nelsons cock. After what seemed like hours for her, She finally felt his warm balls resting against her ass. Though she was in excruciating pain, Brittney felt proud of herself. Digging her nails into his back, She demanded that Nelson start pumping her. He obliged, And began slamming his massive cock in and out of her throbbing pussy. The pain began to lessen, Soon Brittney was fucking him back. She moaned in pleasure, Never before had she ever felt so filled up. She started thinking about her husband sitting at home, And smiled. If he only knew his pretty little wife was getting pounded right now, He’d probably flip! She closed her eye’s and pictured her husband sitting in the room with them. Having to watch his hot wife, Getting ravaged by his boss. Hearing her moaning like a slut and begging for more, While his sweaty boss pumps her full of his 11″ monster cock. These thoughts sent Britney into sexual overdrive. She wrapped her legs around Nelson and dug her nails into his back. Seconds later, She reached the most powerful orgasm of her entire life. Brittney’s tiny pussy began squeezing his cock. She demanded that he shoot his hot cum inside of her. His balls tightened, Unleashing what seemed like gallons of cum into her hungry cunt. This was a first for brittney, nobody had ever came in her before. She squeeled, As his warm cum shot deep into her belly.

Nelson left his cock inside of her, As they laid in each others arms. He rolled over pulling her ontop of him, Staring into her eyes. Brittney Thanked him, Then laid her head on his chest and drifted off to sleep.

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