The big wife swap

Annie and I were having dinner one hot summer night with a business
associate of mine and his wife. We were on the outdoor patio of some
fancy restaurant and drinking finer wine than I’m normally accustomed
to. The wine was strong and making my head light.

Jack was treating us on account of his opening a new office somewhere
or something. Jack’s wife Susan was sitting across from me. We were
all chatting amiably. It was a hot night, and Susan was wearing a
tight white top and an open white blouse. She had really big breasts,
maybe even double d’s, and looking at them made me feel about eight
years younger.

Jack and Sue were kind of new friends of ours, but we’ve been doing a
lot with them lately, like going out to our beach house some weekends.
I like Jack, he’s a smart guy with a kind of honest smile. Even
better, he’s very rich and enjoys sharing things.

There was a brief pause in the conversation, and then Susan came right
out and asked “So, are you two monogamous?”

That popped my attention away from her boobs and back to the chatter.
Annie gave a coy smile. “You know,” she replied, “we used to swing a
lot when we were younger. But we’ve kind of settled down with each
other now, and haven’t done that for years now.”

Susan nodded. “Jack used to throw some of the *best* parties,” she
mock-asided to Annie. “I can’t believe some of the wild things we’ve

Jack laughed. “Getting younger tends to slow one down a little, eh

I smiled and took a sip of wine. “That’s what I’ve heard.”

Susan fixed her eyes on me. “Swinging’s kind of a young man’s sport. I
wouldn’t even know how to get so many naked people packed into our
house nowadays. Back then it just seemed so carefree.”

“Hmph,” said Jack, “I seem to remember all we did to get people to
show up was serve drinks and promise there’d be naked women there.” He
looked over at Annie. “How did you guys get new people into your circle
of, uh, ‘close friends?'”

Annie was grinning. I knew we were all a little tipsy. “Well,” she
said, “George is quite the amateur photographer, so we have whole
photo albums full of naked strangers. A lot of the times we
suspected someone might be interested, we’d just leave those open on
the coffee table and see what they said.”

“Really?” asked Jack. “We don’t really have any momentos from those
days, except maybe some handcuffs and sex toys people would leave with

The food arrived, and we cut out our deviant talk for a moment or two.
As the waiter was leaving, Annie spoke up. “Maybe you two would like to
take a look at our albums sometime?”

“Sure, we’d love that.”

I dug into my pasta, hungry in more ways than one. After that we
started talking about theatre, and didn’t get back to sex chat. Still,
I knew that definitely wasn’t going to be the end of it.

* * *

A couple nights later I sat in the living room and pulled out one of
those albums of sex pictures. I opened it up and my dick got hard
almost immediately looking at all those naked, fucking people.

The first section was a large orgy, as far as I could tell it was
seven guys and three girls, including Annie. Along with the usual two
on one shots of the girls getting fucked at both ends, there was a
long series of pictures of a very tan blonde girl giving head to four
guys crowding around her. I stroked my cock hard as I watched the
guys shoot off all over her face and tits.

This was the first time in a while I’d gotten out our photo albums, I’d
almost forgotten how great they were. Everyone looked so young and
beautiful. I turned the page, and there I was, fucking away between the
legs of some pretty gal.

I cupped my balls and squeezed my cock hard, rubbing it all over like
it was a brass lamp that needed polishing. Turning to a random page, I
found Annie and another girl sixtynining on the floor. I closed my eyes
as sweet pleasure radiated out from my engorged penis.

Annie is so lovely. We’ve been exclusive for years and years, and I
still can’t get enough of here. I’ve found vast lakes of delight hiding
in the curve of her neck, the underside of her thighs.

Evidentally, the pictures were of a foursome, I saw a younger me join
Annie and her femme friend, while our fourth manned the camera,
snapping away. The girl held Annie’s arms behind her back as I thrust
into her. Beautiful. A few minutes later, a close up of Annie and the
other girls faces, as Annie deep throated my cock as best she could.

I smiled. She’s gotten even better at that as the years have gone on.
My cock was bursting with pleasure in sympathy with the pictures. I
worked it harder and faster. Finally, it was too much. Grunting, I
exploded, jets of my hot cum streaking onto the floor.

As my body slowly came down, I became aware of Annie standing off in
the doorway. She had slipped off her jeans and had her hand in her

“Nice show, lover.” Her grin was infectious. She came over and slipped
her arms around me. I kissed her long and deep. When we broke
wistfully, she pulled the photo album into our lap, and we sat on the
floor thumbing through it. I had my fingers in her cunt, wiggling
around in her moist hole.

“Man, what a time we had,” she mused. “That cock of yours better get
good and hard pretty soon.”

I didn’t answer her, just rubbed on her clit, and she leaned back and
moaned in pleasure. We ended up lying on the floor with my face in her
pussy. She came and came.

* * *

An hour later, I was lying on my back in bed, naked. Annie was
straddling me, her sweet twat dripping its juices onto my stomach. We
were hot and sweaty and exhausted. My cock was half-hard, but it was
raw to stroke it. Annie idly ran her fingers over my chest.

“You still got it, Georgie-porgy.”

I laughed, squeezing her butt. “Anytime for a sexy lady like you,

She slid down into a heated embrace, lying on top of me, flesh
pressed hard against flesh. We lay there for a while, kissing or just
rubbing up against each other.

Finally she slid down so that we lay facing each other, smiling. “You
know,” she said to me, “Susan really wants you to take her to bed.”

I nodded. I ran my a hand through her hair. “But I love *you*,

“I know.” She planted a little kiss on my chest. “Maybe if we get, you
know, closer to Jack and Sue.”

“It definitely could be fun.” Could be, but I was enjoying having Annie
on top of me too much to seriously consider it. We drifted off to sleep
at our leisure.

* * *

The next morning, though, while sitting alone eating my breakfast of
cold cereal, the idea had a little more appeal. Susan had a
wonderfully plump and supple body that would be a joy to play with.
And those big tits of hers would definitely take some feeling out.

Slight problem, though. If I was slapping around Susan’s tits, that
meant that Jack had Annie tied up in some other room. I didn’t feel
great about that, but I think I could handle it fine. Like Annie said,
it wouldn’t be the freewheeling attachments of a swingers party, just
two definite couples getting very close to each other.

I signed myself up as a definite maybe, and sure enough, the train of
thought continued that evening when I got home from work.

“Jack invited us over to their place for dinner this Saturday,” Annie
mentioned casually.

“Ah.” I hung up my coat and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Oh, don’t be so sour.” She grinned. “I told him you would be up for
some same-room fun… you know, good old fashioned fucking and watching
other people fuck.”

I readily assented. Things were going to get interesting here again,
and I couldn’t help but feel an echo of the hot flush of excitement of

* * *

When we were leaving on Saturday, Annie turned to look at me. “You
know,” she stated, “last chance to make a decision.”


“Jack told me to wear something sexy if we wanted to play, and to leave
my wedding ring at home if we wanted to swap.”

I looked her up and down. With a tight fitting dress cut short in both
places, she was giving no ambiguity on the first matter. She held up
her left hand and played with her ring thoughtfully.

“Some other night, Kitten, I promise.” I wrapped my arm around her and
we went to the car.

I expected a fun and fully sexually charged evening regardless, and I
got it in spades. When we got to Jack’s house, we were greeted at the
door by Susan, who was naked from the waist down, wearing only a bra
and plain t-shirt. Evidentally she and Jack had some sort of
arrangement, and there was a wonderful mixture of lust and
embarrassment on her face. She must be loving it.

We went in and had a drink with Jack, Sue obediently serving us. Jack
would pinch her naked ass every time she walked by. She walked with
her face pointed to the ground, and stood beside Jack as we drank and
chatted. Jack and I talked sports, and Annie jumped in to ask Jack
about business.

When it was time for dinner, Annie and I sat down while Jack went with
Sue into the kitchen. Annie grinned from ear to ear as she heard the
loud sound of Sue getting a bare handed spanking. I was hard as can be,
my dick making a little tent under the table.

Finally Jack came back and sat down, and dinner commenced. Sue brought
us all the food, and we dug in hungrily. As Sue stood beside me filling
a glass with water, I rubbed her reddened ass. It was warm to the touch
and I could almost smell her moist sex.

Sue watched us eat, and there was a definite tension in the air. We ate
slowly and deliberately, as if there was someone watching us all for
sudden moves. There was just a small amount of talk about the work

After we had filled our bellies, I was as ready as I’ve ever been for
some sex. We went into the living room and sat down on couches, Sue
stood still in the middle of the room. Jack came out of the kitchen
with four bowls of ice cream. Annie and I took our bowls and started
eating, it was cool and sweet and hit the spot. For Sue, Jack set one
of the bowls down on the ground, and she got down on her hands and
knees and licked at it. Her shirt slid up onto her back, and we could
all admire her ass and pussy.

Before we could finish eating our ice cream, Jack decided that he was
much too hard to keep up his cool demeanor. He stripped off his pants
and showed off his hardened cock, big and thick. Then, as Sue still
licked away at her bowl of ice cream, he came up behind her and
started fucking vigorously.

This was just way too much for me. I was about ready to cream in my
pants. Luckily, Annie knew what I needed. She had her panties off in
the blink of an eye, and her legs spread wide for me. I urgently
mounted her, slipping between her legs and giving her forceful thrusts.

The room filled with the sounds of moaning. Sue had been pushed forward
and had melted vanilla ice cream all over her lips and face. She was
getting it good and hard from behind, as Jack rode her sopping wet

We all came quickly, driven over the top by the heat in the room.
Annie came loudly, clenching my cock in a vicelike grip. I shot my
load deep inside her, and Jack and Sue both collapsed on the floor
after their forceful heated coupling.

After that, with the men weakened from coming, the atmosphere was
lighter. We congratulated Sue on her excellent servitude, and allowed
her to take a seat on the couch as an equal. She did sit a bit fidgety
on that red bottom of hers though.

We talked, laughter brought out by the joy of orgasm and the flushed
faces all around. Susan and Jack reminisced about their swinger days,
and we shared stories of unusual positions or toys or relationships.
Eventually we talked about the plans for the four of us. Annie came
out and said that she loved me and that Jack and Sue were great people
and that she’d fuck any of the three of us any time. Sue intimated that
she probably wouldn’t take Annie’s offer up alone, but that she loves
to obey, and would take orders from either me or Jack.

Jack sat back and beamed. “I just love to fuck,” he stated. “I hope to
keep enjoying life for as long as I can. Sue’s been good to me, but if
you don’t mind George, I’d love to get a piece of Annie whenever I

I nodded. “I like playing in groups and keeping it fun. Now that we’re,
uh, accustomed to each other, I can think of all sorts of games that
might be great to play.”

“You’d better watch out, George,” Annie giggled at me, “Jack looks like
he wants to play the Cheryl gambit with you.”

I laughed at that one. Sue and Jack looked at us with questioning
glances. Annie explained.

“We knew this monogamous couple named Dan and Ellen. They were open
about sex, but they never joined with our group for any fun. However,
a friend of ours named Rick really wanted to do Ellen. I mean, he
was just captivated by her and wanted her in his bed. He knew that she
would go along with sex, but Dan was keeping her all to himself.”

Annie paused and found her bowl of ice cream, and took a slurpy
spoonful. “So Rick made a plan involving his sexy girlfriend Cheryl.
Cheryl was a cute submissive that would do whatever men told her to.
One day while Dan was out of the house, Rick called up Ellen and told
her to come on over. Ellen wanted to open herself up to other guys,
so she was happy to go along, but Dan might have had some objections.

“When Dan got home, he called to Ellen, but she wasn’t there. He went
up to their bedroom, and there he found Cheryl, naked and on her knees.
Cheryl was just so sexy and willing that Dan forgot for the moment
about Ellen, and went at it right there. Cheryl’s charms were such that
she managed to keep him occupied for hours, bringing him to hardness
again and again, inviting him to use her bound body for anything he

“Finally she couldn’t coax any more out of Dan. By the time he thought
of Ellen again, she had been thoroughly and repeatedly fucked by Rick.
Dan didn’t say anything about the matter at all, just showed up at a
party one night ready to share and be shared.”

Annie grinned at licked at her bowl. “I think we all gained something
from that experience.”

Sue and Jack laughed. They were now seated entwined on the couch,
hand roaming all over each other’s naked flesh. We talked a little
more, but soon went back to fucking. Jack brought out some rope, and
Annie got my hands bound behind by back so she could ride me at her
leisure. Meanwhile, Jack had Sue tightly bound in intricate patterns
and was teasing her, pinching, slapping, and rubbing her supple flesh,
bringing her almost to orgasm with his ministrations.

It was a sight, lying on my back with my dick buried in Annie, to
watch Sue get used like that. I came. Jack fucked Sue from behind,
and as he did he looked at Annie and licked his fingers.

* * *

That night was followed by many others, some sexual, some not at all.
We explored all our favorite positions, and taught each other some new
ones. I stared at Susan’s pretty tits and watched Jack dominate her in
so many different ways. I fucked Annie furiously and athletically while
Jack looked on and admired.

We shared good times, lying on the beach, sitting in Jack’s living
room, going camping by the lake. The sex was as hot as I’ve ever had
it. Once or twice I fucked Susan while Annie was taken by Jack, but it
was always the four of us in the same room. It is one damn fine sight
to see Susan all bound up from her crossed ankles to her big boobs,
kneeling on the floor eating out Annie’s sweet pussy.

I wondered what it would be like to have Susan all to myself. She would
do *anything* I wanted to do, I was pretty sure of that. I was not
hugely dominant, but certainly no one is all that bothered by being in
that situation.

Annie and I were still close and going strong, and I knew that would be
true regardless of what happened with Jack and Sue. Still, for some
reason, I wanted that boundary of her never being alone with another

We experimented. Annie ressurrected her whipped cream fetish, and she
sprayed Jack and Susan as they squirmed in coital embrace on a plastic
mat. Jack showed us all the ways a human body can be aroused by
spanking and rubbing. I got my camera out of the closet and took a
bunch of pictures of Susan dressed up in a sexy french maid costume,
and then we tied her up and I snapped even more. Susan took everything
we could give her and more, and when we traded places, she taught us
a thing or two about submission.

All in all, the summer months stretched on with grace and utmost

* * *

One fine September evening, I returned home looking for some more
steamy sex. A shower with Annie, then a run about the house naked
until I caught her and ate that juicy twat of hers sounded just about
right. Unfortunately, that was not on the menu.

I found a note on the kitchen table. “Went out, left you something
upstairs. (heart) Annie”

Curious, I walked up to our bedroom, and pushed on the door. It swung
open slowly. There, in the middle of the floor, sat Susan. She
was completely naked, and she knelt with her hands cuffed behind her
back. On a slip of paper taped to her belly read the words “Use me.”

I walked over to her and unzipped my pants. Briefly, ever so briefly,
I thought of where Annie was. It excited me, brought my cock to full
hardness. Then my thoughts were all of Susan. I looked down at her
with a glint in my eye. I ran my fingers along her lips. She trembled.


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