Attitudes Remain


My wife and I separated a while back. It’s another story, but we’d
been married for over 20 years and it took a bit of getting used to. I
guess that the constant moving that I have with the job is the major
reason. Ever since I went to Vietnam I’ve never lived in any one
place for more than a couple of years. I did my 20 in the Marines,
worked some construction after I got out, then started in doing
instrumentation installation. There’s good money in it, but its a lot
of travel and a lot of grungy third world nations if you really want
to make the big bucks. Divorce is the next step, but for various
reasons neither of us is pushing for the issue. I can’t say that I’m
sorry for the split, but I can say that I really miss the
companionship and, to a lessor extent, the sex.

No, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like sex, just that it’s easier to
come by than I would have though possible a couple of years ago. The
Internet is a big help there, since it saves a lot of time in meeting
women. I guess at this point I should say that this is a story about
one of several women that I have met through the Internet.

I was goofing off, reading the personal ads on
a couple of months ago when I came across an ad that sounded good to
me. I was playing it completely straight as I really thought that this
woman sounded great. ‘Course, I knew that she’d be telling the good
and forgetting the bad, but, hey, in the real world it’s called
merchandising and people get paid big bucks to sell things. By those
standards she was a real amateur.

Damned if I didn’t get a reply back, and it sounded as if we might be
really a match. The only real problem that we had was that of
distance. She didn’t live too far away, but it’d take a couple of
hours to get over to see her should things get that far.

We wrote back and forth for a couple of weeks, then traded phone
numbers. I called her up, talked for a while, thought that she had a
lovely voice and told her so. I think it surprised her. Anyway, the
calls went on for another couple of weeks, then I had a chance to stop
by and visit her if I made a detour on the way to somewhere else. (It
was a pretty good detour, but she really sounded good and I was
getting quite interested…and some of the conversations had indicated
that she was pretty interested in more than my ‘pretty brown eyes.’)

I called Allie, told her that I was coming through town, and wanted to
see her in person. She was a bit surprised, but eager to give me
directions. Allie’s not dumb, the town she lives in is way off the
beaten track to anywhere, so my visiting her told her quite a bit
about my interest level. The fact that I suggested we meet at a
restaurant didn’t hurt. Even though she felt that she knew something
about me, she felt good about the fact that I was suggesting a way for
her to feel a bit better about meeting me for the first time.

Just to surprise her I stopped off on the way and bought a some
flowers and a cheap vase at one of the big supermarkets. Hell, for
ten bucks I got a collection of flowers that would have cost me five
times as much at a florist shop. Besides, it didn’t take much time to
run in and out of the store. If I’d stopped at a florist shop I’d
have wasted at least half an hour.

I got into town a bit early, found the restaurant, and brought the
flowers in with me. I asked the waitress to bring them to the table
after Allie had arrived and we had ordered. By the time the waitress
had gotten through talking about how sweet I was I got the impression
that if things didn’t work out with Allie that I might stand a chance
with her. As soon as that was settled I headed for the pay phone in
the corner and called Allie to let her know that I was waiting for

About two cups of coffee later Allie showed up at the restaurant. I
was right about one thing…she’d known something about marketing.
She was a bit heftier than advertised, something that didn’t disturb
me in the least since I’m about six foot five and run about three
sixtyfive in ‘fighting’ trim. I’d put her at about five foot four
inches, maybe a hundred and eightyfive pounds. Allie had told me that
she was 46, but she looked a couple of years younger. She had hair the
color of an Irish Setter, that lovely shade of red that just makes me
want to reach out and touch. Along with the red hair, she had the
pale skin that comes from generations growing up in the Irish
mists…and the freckles to go along with both.

We enjoyed our late breakfast, then decided that it’d be a good idea
to take her car back to the house. We still hadn’t figured out what
we were going to do after that. Sure, I had hopes, but no real
expectations. After all, I still figured that the only place where
you meet someone and get them in bed less than an hour afterwards is
in some of the ASS stories.

When we arrived I helped her move some of the things that she had in
the car into the house. SHE moved the vase with the flowers.

I dumped my armload on the table in the kitchen. Once that was done I
went into the living room to sit down. There were two places to sit,
a recliner and a love seat. I thought for all of two seconds, then
plopped my rear end on the loveseat. I figured that if Allie sat in
the recliner she was safe…and I’d be on the road. If she sat on the
love seat…well, I’d figured things so that I could spend some extra
time there if there was good and sufficient reason.

Allie came in with the flowers, put them up where she wanted them,
then sat down on the love seat. ‘Bout thirty seconds later I was
certain of two things; she was interested and she knew how to kiss.
Thirty seconds after that I was certain that, while she was wearing a
bra, it was not a padded one. Those 42D’s of hers (yes, dammit, I
checked the bra size later) were all real.

We swapped spit for about five minutes, then I spent another five
minutes or so getting to the beauties under that bra. Four and a half
of those minutes were spent in trying to remember how to open a tight
bra one handed. Left handed at that. Between fondling her breasts,
extended kissing, and much teasing of every erogenous zone within
reach we were both getting into the mood.

Trouble was, Allie didn’t want to go to bed unless I was willing to
spend the night. I wasn’t admitting to the fact that I did have the
time available as I’d started feeling just a bit uncomfortable with
the situation. There’d been a couple of idle comments that I’d heard,
things that didn’t mean much separately, but that hinted to me maybe
things, on a non-sexual basis, weren’t as good a match as I had hoped

We spent another few minutes wrestling on the love seat when Allie
suddenly stood up and told me to get up. I wondered what was going
on, but got up. Allie stepped up right close to me, reached up, put
her arms around my neck and kissed me. While we were kissing she
brought her hands down my body to my belt and started undoing it.

You think I was about to argue? Hell, no! I started to move as if I
was headed for the bedroom, but she was having none of it. She
finished undoing my belt, then my jeans. While she was doing that I
was busily involved with letting my hands get really familiar with
those parts that I hadn’t been able to reach while we were sitting
down. Allie’s butt was just as magnificant as her tits and I was
thoroughly enjoying exploring every bit of it I could reach. She, on
the other hand, was eagerly trying to get my pants off and her hands
on my cock and balls.

As soon as she had me stripped to the knees–she didn’t wait until I
could take my clothes completely off–she swung me around and sat me
down in the recliner. Allie, with one hand on my balls, the other
playing with my shaft, told me that she just wanted me to lie back in
the ‘lovin’ chair’ and enjoy. With that, she bent down, took my cock
in her mouth and started to give me the best blow job that I have had
in many, many years.

Relaxing and enjoying a blow job is a sure ’nuff good way to pass the
time, especially about ten in the morning, but Allie was still waving
that beautiful butt at me. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
I reached out, slid my hand back under her skirt, and finished
removing her panties. Once they were gone, I figured I’d gotten this
far, she was really doing her damndest to please me, so I reached up
and touched a warm, very moist, and delightfully responsive vagina.
Just a bit more effort and I was making rapid little motions on her
clitorus, just about the same tempo her tongue was working on my cock.
It must have been the right thing to do because she stopped playing
games with my cock, wrapped her tongue around it, applied some serious
suctions and started really working me over.

Things were getting really interesting, really quickly. I started to
feel my balls tense up, inserted a couple of fingers as far up Allie’s
cunt as I could manage while still managing to manipulate her clit
when…she stopped.

She stood up, looked at me, and said, “I’ve got to have you in me.
Let’s go in the bedroom.”

We didn’t waste any time in getting there. There was a line of
clothes between the living room and the bedroom that were dropped on
the way and, by the time we got into the bedroom the only thing that
had to be removed was the coverlet. She threw that back, got into
bed, and I decided that I’d repay some of the pleasure that she’d
given me. Allie was ready enough that I didn’t need to take things
slowly, so I made a dive for her pussy, spread it open, then sucked on
her clit for a bit. Once she’d gotten past the first orgasm or three,
I moved down a bit, tongue fucked her, and simultaneously inserted a
finger in her ass and sucked on her clit again. Right about then I
knew for sure that she was a screamer…and that if she wanted to keep
the noise down she was going to have to get a bigger pillow than the
one that she was busy chewing on.

Just a couple more quick licks, then I helped her raise her legs, got
between them, and sent my cock into her cunt like Fast Eddie sinking
the 8 ball. I won’t swear to it, but I think that she had four or
five more orgasms between the time my cock touched her and the time
that I bottomed it out. That’s not because I’m anything special in
the size department, just that she was that turned on.

I’ve got to admit, I was just as turned on. Every time I’d pull out a
bit Allie’d pull me back in. Every time I bottomed out, she’d let
loose with another scream. Every time she screamed her cunt wrapped
around my dick like a pre-schooler working on a Tootsie-Pop. I’ll
tell you, it didn’t take much of this action and I was squirting
everything that I had and she was calling for more.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m pushing 50 from the wrong side, so I
expected that it was going to be a bit before I recovered enough for a
return engagement. Guess Allie did, too, as she and I just lay there
and talked for about 15 minutes. For some reason she figured that was
enough recovery time. I was amazed, but with her talented tongue
work, she was right.

This time it took a lot longer. It felt just as good, and I think
that both of us came just as hard.

I think that both of us agreed that on the surface we got along and
that both of us figured that it was choice fucking.

We were lying there in bed when Allie asked me a bit more about my
life. I’d told her some, but not a lot, and she was curious. I gave
her the brief version, got to where I went to Vietnam when she broke
in and said, ‘I protested that war!’

We talked a bit more, but I’d gotten kind of cold inside. Wasn’t long
after that that I grabbed a quick shower and left.

Never said anything else to Allie, never went back.

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