Taboo advetures 1.

The light from the tv was the only light in the room. The flickering light reflected off the framed pictures and the cracked mirror like the light from a motion picture in a grand cinema palace, except that the room was tiny, cramped, dark, dirty and hot on a steamy July evening. Mikey was glued to the small, fuzzy image on the black and white set as if she might fade into the picture if she concentrated hard enough.

The apartment door opened. She failed to notice, even ignoring the uncomfortable sweat that practically soaked her t-shirt. If her concentration was distracted she would have to return to the life she was born into.

Her mother had brought a man with her. Mikey forced herself to shut it out and focus on the image only inches from her face. In the back of her mind, however, she knew that this meant they would have money to buy food for the rest of the week, unless her mother wasted it on a high.

They were speaking with each other. Mikey could hear them off in the distance. Curiosity made it difficult to shut them out completely. She was doing it, letting herself be absorbed into the existence of the television world, until her mother spoke her name and it snapped her out of the trance.

“She’s my daughter,” her mother said in an offhand way.

Mikey was in their world now, listening to them with the same intensity she had been concentrating on the tv, but she refused to look at them or even give the appearance that she might want to be social with this new man her mother had.

“Come on now. Take your pants off,” her mother told him. “I’ll suck you good then you can fuck me any way you like.”

The man didn’t answer. Mikey heard his pants being undone and she was sure it was by her mother’s hands.

“Is she a virgin?” he asked.

“Of course she’s virgin.”

“I want to fuck her,” the man’s deep voice said, distinctly in Mikey’s direction.

She lifted her head from her knees, but didn’t turn her head in his direction. She tried to see him out of the corner of her eyes. The room was dark but she could see them faintly. He looked like any other man her mother had ever brought home. He was tall and strong looking with short, sandy hair. He wore jeans and a pullover shirt.

“What do you want her for? I got tits. She ain’t got no tits.” Her mother looked no different than she ever did, either. She was still skinny and plain looking. She was wearing her only pair of jeans and a black halter top, which she lifted to expose her chest.

She put his hand on her tit and pushed out her chest as if to make it bigger than it was. The man squeezed it.

“It’s a nice tit, too. But I still want her.” He pointed at Mikey. She looked up at him with a mixture of confusion and fear.

“She’s not for sale. You can fuck me,” her mother demanded.

The man produced a handful of cash. “I’ll give you a hundred dollars for her.”

Her mother hesitated, her eyes widening at the sight of so much money. “You got a deal.” She took the money out of his hand and stuffed it down her pants.

“Get on the bed,” she shouted and started toward Mikey. She tried to run past her mother but she grabbed her.

“No … no,” Mikey begged. She struggled, but she was not strong enough to get away.

“Quiet down,” her mother scolded as she dragged Mikey to the bed, which was in the corner of the small, darkened apartment. There were no blankets on the twin size bed, only a pillow and a yellowing sheet.

Mikey had watched her mother go to this bed many times with many different men. She was never really sure what they were doing, but she was sure she didn’t want it to happen to her.

Her mother tossed her on the bed and held her down. Across the room, the strange man was undressing, watching the two of them with a grim look on his face. Mikey gave up struggling as she looked back at him and laid still as if paralyzed. The muscles of his bare chest rippled beneath his glistening, sweaty skin.

“Get undressed,” her mother demanded. Mikey didn’t move and she repeated it forcefully. Mikey started to remove her t-shirt, but slowly. When she had to pull it over her head she did it quickly so the man wouldn’t be out of her sight.

She began to tremble with nervous excitement, although she curiously didn’t feel any fear. Her breath was quick and shallow. She had kind of known in the back of her mind this was going to happen to one day and somehow, despite her distrust of this stranger, she wanted it to happen.

“Do it just like me. You do it good, too,” her mother said as she helped Mikey remove her jeans and her white cotton panties. Finally she was completely naked in the center of the bed, trembling like a frightened puppy, staring up at the man who came closer. He, too, was completely naked and his body, like Mikey’s, was covered with sweat.

Her eyes were drawn to the object between his legs. This was the first time she had ever seen one up close. She stared at it with wide eyed fascination. It looked huge. How was he going to put it inside her like she had seen those men put their’s inside her mother? Mikey had put her finger in there and there wasn’t much room. This was going to kill her. She began to breathe harder.

Her mother watched silently as the man put his strong hands around Mikey’s skinny thighs and pried them apart. Mikey did not resist. He touched her pussy and pushed a finger in. Mikey flinched, but did not try to get away. She was very dry.

“You got any Vaseline?” he said.

“Yes, yes.” She went to the dresser, opened the top drawer, and came back with a jar of Vaseline. Most of it had been used.

“Put some on her,” he said, nodding to Mikey. “I’ll never get in without it.

Her mother scooped out some Vaseline with two fingers and smeared it on Mikey’s pussy, pushing it between her lips.

“She’s ready now. You fuck her good,” her mother said.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” the man replied. He climbed on the bed, looming like a giant over Mikey’s tiny form. Drops of sweat fell from his chin and landed on her naked belly.

Mikey began to tremble even more. He said nothing to her but stared deep into her eyes as he spread her legs on either side of his. She was panting by then. Her arms were at her side because she didn’t know what to do with them. She glanced up at her mother, but she said nothing as she watched from a few feet away from the bed.

“Give me your hand,” the man said, holding out his own. Nervously, Mikey raised her hand and put it in his. He put it around his cock. “Yeah,” the man said, smiling at her. Mikey sucked in her breath. Her hand trembled as it closed lightly around his member.

“Squeeze it,” the man ordered.

Mikey squeezed. It was as hard as a rock under the hot, soft skin. The end part was puffy like a sponge. Instinctively, she moved her hand back and forth and was amazed the way the skin moved over the hard bone within. He must have liked what she was doing because of the way he moved his hips back and forth. She kind of liked it, too. Her chest was moving up and down with her hard breathing.

She stared at the tiny hole at the tip. It was like a hose pointed right at her belly. She was curious to see what would come out of it if she kept stroking like this, but he wouldn’t let her. He took it out of her hands.

This was it. It was happening. She tore here eyes away from his and looked down at the thing he held in his hands like a sword pointed at the small area between her legs. It was more than she could stand. As soon as the tip of it touched her she screamed and started thrashing wildly, slapping at the man’s arms.

“Hold her,” was all he said.

Mikey’s mother grabbed her arms and pinned her down on the mattress. She stopped screaming for a second when she felt the man’s thing pressing inside her. Her body seemed to resist it. Her mouth was wide open. Suddenly it split her open and slid inside her and she was blinded with intense pain.

“No!” she screamed, desperately pulling against the grip of her mother’s hands. The pain shot through her entire body like an electric jolt. All of her senses gave out in that instant and she felt nothing but the pain. She screamed again, even though she couldn’t hear her own voice, and the pain only increased.

It felt like forever. When it eventually did begin to fade she realized she was crying. Her breathing was shallow and ragged and there were tears down her cheeks. As the intense pain gradually faded to a dull, stinging in her groin, her senses slowly returned and there were several new sensations she had not been prepared for. One was the feel of the man’s weight on top of her. He was much bigger and his body pressed her into the mattress. Another was the feel of how wide apart her legs were spread. She was practically doing the splits to let him get between them. But the most interesting sensation was the one that had caused her so much pain in the first place.

His thing was sliding in and out of her and it was probably the coolest thing she had ever felt. It was long and thick and she could feel it pushing at her insides when he moved it inside her. She opened her eyes. Looking up at him through the blur of her tears, she felt a strange kind of desire for him. She had seen guys who were cute before, but this was different. There was something that made her want him to do this to her.

He was grunting hard. Sweat dripped from his face and chest and landed on her own sweaty skin. Her nipples were stiff points at the tips of the small mounds on her chest. The only sound in the room was the peeling sound of their sweaty skin as the man rocked back and forth on top of her.

Her mother released her arms and stepped away from the side of the bed. Mikey didn’t notice and didn’t move her arms from over her head. She was too focused on the man looming over her and the sensations between her legs. Every time he pushed his thing into her she felt a strange twinge deep inside her belly.

“Uhn … uhn … uhn,” she moaned each time she felt it. The better it felt the louder she moaned. Just as it was starting to feel really good and she was arching her back when he rocked himself forward he suddenly shouted something that startled her. Then she felt his thing throbbing inside her and there was something warm filling up her belly and she knew immediately what it was. She gasped. It was his stuff.

She had seen men squirt their stuff on her mother’s face many times and now this man was squirting his inside her. She froze with her back arched up, concentrating on the feel of it spreading through her body. Her mouth was wide open but her eyes were blinking. The image of his strained face began to blur, then go dark.

Gradually, her senses returned. There was a something cool on her forehead that felt very good. Something was missing, however, and after a moment she realized the pressing weight of the strange man was gone. She was overcome with a mixture of relief, then regret that it was over. Voices pulled her back to consciousness and she opened her eyes.

“She’s fine,” the man said.

Mikey blinked a few times to clear here eyes before she saw him standing at the foot of the bed, fastening his pants. Her mother was beside her, holding a wet washcloth to her forehead. She was still on her back with her arms over her head and her legs spread. The man was looking down between her legs, grinning.

“She’s a good virgin,” he said. “Can she suck?”

Her mother brushed her hair out of her face. “She’s just eighteen. She never sucked dick before,” she said.

The man shrugged. “You teach her how to suck and I’ll come back for some more of that. This girl’s gonna make you a lot of money.”

Her mother didn’t say anything as he left, but Mikey watched him, feeling regret that he was leaving her. She put her arms back at her sides. Her legs were still sore and she left them spread.

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