Taboo adventures 2.


In the morning she was sore. When the sun came up she kept her face buried in the pillow. When her mother got up and started making breakfast, she pulled the blanket up over her ears. Her mother brought her breakfast, bacon and eggs and a glass of orange juice. Her eyes lit up when she saw the food. It was great to have money so they could eat so much food. Mikey ate the meal with enthusiasm and didn’t even care that her mother wasn’t a very good cook.

In the afternoon she watched tv while her mother went out to find work. On the talk show there was a girl on who was thirteen and had a baby. Later, she played with her friend across the street, but Mikey couldn’t help feeling that she was different from her friend now that she had seen what a man has in his pants and that she had taken that thing inside her. She desperately wanted to share this information with her friend, but thought it would probably be better if she didn’t know what Mikey had done. She might tell a grown up and they might never let her have another chance to try it again.

When it was time for her friend to have dinner, Mikey went home to watch tv. She snacked on some of the things in the fridge and forgot all about her mother’s work until the door to the apartment opened and she brought a man in with her. She stared at him, holding a piece of bread with jelly on it in her mouth. He looked back at her with his dark eyes and a grin on his lips. Her mother took him to the bed, and he kept looking at her.

“Go to him now. He wants you to suck him, then maybe he’ll pay more to fuck you. He has a lot of money and he wants to give it to me,” her mother.

“What do I do?” Mikey said. He was just standing there, and he still had his pants on. He was a tall man, with broad shoulders and a massive chest. He had short, blonde hair and a square, strong face with a strong jaw. He wore a plaid shirt tucked into a pair of jeans and cowboy boots on his feet.

“Take his pants down. If he wants to do it standing up, that’s fine. If he wants to sit, he can do that. Just go.”

Mikey crossed the small apartment to him. He just stared down at her with that same expression and his hands on his hips. She smiled at him briefly, and had to look way up to his face. He glanced at her mother.

“You’re the one?” he said. He had a deep, loud voice. “You’re gonna suck my dick?” She nodded and reached for the buckle of his belt. He shook his head. “I hope you’re gonna be worth all the money I paid for you.”

Her hands trembled. This man was scaring her. She tried to remember what her mother had told her about sucking on one. None of it came to her, and her shaking hands had his buckle undone and his zipper down.

The man pushed his jeans and underwear down himself and sat down on the bed, leaning back on his elbows with his knees spread. She stared at his penis. It was long and thick, much thicker than the one the man had yesterday, and stood straight up.

“Well, there it is. Get to it, girl.”

She glanced at her mother, who urged her on. She considered what she had to do. She had to put that big thing in her mouth and suck on it. Suddenly her mouth was very dry. She stared at it. It was huge, but it looked beautiful, and she wanted to suck it.

She knelt down between his knees, resting her arms on his thighs. The balls beneath the pole looked just as huge. She touched it. It was hot on her fingertips and the skin was soft, but under the skin it was hard, like a rock.

“You ever done this before?” the man asked. Mikey shook her head. “Aw, Jesus. You mean I paid a hundred dollars for a fuckin virgin?”

He started to get up. Mikey grabbed his cock and put her other hand on his belly to push him back.

“I’m not a virgin,” she said.

The man stopped. She had his cock in her small, trembling hand and was staring into his eyes. Her hand started moving up and down on the shaft. Without taking her eyes from his, she bent forward and kissed the head. Her lips parted, she stuck out her tongue, and licked it.

The man settled back on his elbows. “All right. Show me what you’ve got.”

Mikey smiled. For a minute she was afraid he was going to walk out on her before she had a chance to feel this thing inside her.

She cradled it in both hands and kissed the shaft all the way down to his balls. Her heart pounded like she was going to die. Her breathing was heavy and rapid. She kissed each of his balls, holding his shaft up in her hands. Then she worked her way back up, tilting her head from one side to the other to lick all the way around his cock.

When she reached the head she closed her lips around it and sucked in her cheeks, moving her head slowly up and down. She wasn’t sure if this was the way she was supposed to do it, but she had seen her mother do all of those same things to many of the men she brought to this bed. None of them ever made her stop, so they must have liked it. Mikey did the same thing. She opened her eyes and looked into the face of the man on the bed. He had no expression, but appeared to be enjoying it.

Then she didn’t know what to do. She had his cock in her mouth and was sucking in her cheeks. Her hands moved up and down around it, but she had run out of ideas and couldn’t remember what Mom used to do. Besides, her jaw was getting sore. Maybe she should stop and ask, but she didn’t dare. The man was staring back into her eyes and she was afraid if she did he would find out she was faking it and really walk out. So she just sucked faster.

She noticed he was breathing deeper. He reached up and brushed the hair away from her face.

“You do that pretty good. You like it if I cum in your mouth?” he said.

Mikey puzzled, wondering what he meant. Then his cock throbbed and squirted a thick glob of cum against the roof of her mouth. She gagged on it, and there was more, a ton of the stuff, and it flooded in her mouth. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and more of it shot on her face.

The man laughed. There was cum all over his cock and her face and hands. A mouthful of it floated on her tongue. She looked around for somewhere to spit it out and decided to just spit it on the floor.

“What’s the matter, girl, you don’t like that stuff? It’s good for you. Drink it up.”

Mikey stood up. It was dripping from her fingers.

“You want more?” her mother said.

The man stopped laughing, watching Mikey carefully. He had lust in his eyes.

“Yeah, I like more. Come up here and fuck me,” he said.

Mikey’s mother held out her hand. “I want another hundred dollars.”

He glared at her. “Yeah, okay.”

He reached for his wallet. Mikey’s mother told her to get undressed and she took off her clothes. She was warm and wet between her legs and anxious to feel him inside her. The taste of his stuff was still in her mouth. She watched his penis while they took care of the money. It was still hard and had some of his stuff dripping down the side and over his balls. She wanted to lick it up but wasn’t sure if it would be all right.

He gave her a bunch of money and her mother went back to the kitchen. He looked at Mikey.

“Come on, do it,” he said, holding out his hands for her. “I bet you’ve got a super tight cunt.”

She got on the bed beside him. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do, but she had to figure out a way to get that big thing inside her. He grabbed her around her waist and pulled her on top of him. He was warm and hard. She spread her legs over his waist and was thrilled to feel his body on the insides of her thighs. She could feel his penis poking her in her butt.

“Come on, now, stick it in,” the man said.

Mikey was flustered and nervous. How was she supposed to do it? Instinctively, she reached between her legs and felt for his penis. It was right there and it thrilled her again when she squeezed it. She was breathing hard and sweating. She rubbed the head of it against her wet pussy and realized this was how she was going to get it in. She had to feel for where her cunt was without looking. She got the head in her opening and pressed herself down on it.

“Ow,” she whispered. The man chuckled.

“Don’t you fucking stop now. You gotta take the whole thing. I don’t care how much it hurts.”

She pressed herself down harder, wincing to fight back the pain of her cunt stretching open. The head of his cock penetrated her tight hole and the rest of his shaft slowly slid up inside her. She gasped. It was incredibly thick and long and felt like it was splitting her open.

“Uhn … uhn,” she moaned.

The man squeezed her hips and pulled her down tight.

“Goddamn, you are one tight bitch,” he said, shaking his head.

His hips thrust upward, forcing his cock deeper, and Mikey felt like she was going to faint. She put her hands on his hard chest to hold herself up and rode him, just trying to stay on.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned, forcing his hips up even harder.

Mikey moaned. His cock felt great. She squeezed her legs on his thighs and moved her own hips up and down. He held her tiny waist in his big hands and moved her up and down on his cock. Her entire body was covered with sweat. It dripped from her face and down her back and her front. His body was sweaty as well, and his hot skin was slick between her thighs and in her hands.

Her cunt finally stretched enough to let his penis slide in and out an inch or so. He lifted her that tiny bit and lowered her back on it. She loved feeling the thick shaft rub the inside of her pussy and leaned forward on top of him, pressing her cheek to his sweaty shoulder. His strong hands moved around her hips and squeezed her ass. She held him tight like he was a bucking horse.

He rolled on top of her and nailed her into the mattress with his hips like hammer blows, grunting and dripping sweat on her body. Mikey screamed and moaned. She was pinned under him. Her head thrashed side to side. The end of his cock drove deep into her body.

Something incredible was happening inside her. She didn’t know what, but it felt incredibly good. It was a sensation that built from the center of her groin and spread through her body, making her limp all over. It hit her again and again and she wanted it to keep going. Through it all she felt the man’s penis throbbing and she knew he was leaving more of that thick, white stuff inside her.

His weight lifted off her and she opened her eyes. His dick slipped out of her slippery, wet hole, leaving her with that empty feeling again. His white stuff dribbled out of her hole. She squeezed her legs together and rolled on her side. She still felt that thing between her legs like an ache that wouldn’t go away, except that it felt good and the more she squeezed her legs together, the better it felt.

The man got off the bed and put his pants on. Mikey watched his hands stuff his penis in and zip up the zipper. Already she missed it. If she wasn’t so afraid of her mother getting angry, she would have done anything to get him to put it right back where it was. She would even put it in her mouth again.

He finished getting dressed. She gazed at his butt as he walked away from the bed.

“Not bad,” he said to her mother. He looked back at Mikey. “She’s a good fuck.”

He opened the door and left. Mikey sighed.

Her mother came over to the bed and put her hands on her knees, pushing them apart. She was silent while her mother examined her pussy. She could feel the white stuff running down her crotch.

“You did good today. You made a lot of money for me,” her mother said.

Mikey closed her legs together again. The sensation was quickly fading.

Was there a tone of jealousy in her voice? Was her mother mad that she made more money than her? They certainly had more to eat this week than Mikey could ever remember. It wouldn’t last, though. Her mother would waste all the money on drugs, then they would be right back where they were.

Her mother lit a cigarette and sat in front of the tv. Mikey wanted to ask her if she would make something to eat. She didn’t seem to be in a very good mood, though, so she decided not to take the chance.

She got up and started across the apartment to the bathroom.

“Change the sheets,” her mother said. Mikey stopped in her tracks for a moment, then continued to the bathroom and washed up.