Double for Nothing, Tricks for Free

My father left us when I was teen. He was a nasty fuck,
so while it was tough financially (which I didnt’ understand
then), it was for the best. My Mom worked long hard hours,
and I brought in an extra twenty or thirty bucks a week
doing odd jobs with my friend Sal.
Anyway, when I was 17 my Mom met this guy Chris,
who was pretty cool. He had a son named Jason. Jason was
two years younger than me and was a real pain in the ass. A
year later they were married and Jason moved in.
I used to kick the shit out of him. All the time. I
was mean, aren’t all big sisters?? When they weren’t home
I’d make strip him and make him do things around the house.
I actually got excited sometimes watching his scrawny pre-
teen nakedness wander around cleaning (I loved to dump water
on the kitchen floor and watch him on him scrub it naked on
his hands and knees).
Why didn’t he tell on me? Because he was always in
real deep shit, and what I did to him was nothing compared
to how his father handled his actions. So Jason was always
willing to do as I wished. By the time I was sixteen, he
had learned to eat me, and he kept his entire body shaved.
It was the summer of my seventeenth birthday that
things turned around. Jason met a girl and suddenly started
to behave himself a little more. I only got to use him
maybe once or twice every couple months. Anyway, I
eventually turned eighteen and moved away from home to
My Mom called often and told me that Jason was back to
his old antics and they had thrown him out. He even called
me and we got into a blowout of a fight which led to the
bet. I told him he was a uselss peice of shit and that he
was never going to amount to anything.
This really pissed him off. He bet me he could get a
job, any job, and keep it for six months. I laughed at him,
saying “Yeah, I fuckin’ bet.”
He called me on it. “I’ll bet you that I can get a
job, and a place, and keep the job.”
“Ha! For how long?”
“I dunno… tell me.”
“Six months. I’ll believe that you turned your act
around if you can get a job and keep it for at least six
months. But if you lose, it just proves your the useless
piece of shit that you are.”
He grunted, “Yeah, and what do I get if I win?”
There was silence for a few minutes. A heavy silence.
“What do you want?” I asked.
His voice changed, “I want you for one day. You will
have to do whatever I want.”
“Okay,” laughing, “if you do it, I’ll be your slave for
a day. Fair?” It sure sounded that way to me, this guy
never kept a job over three days!!
“Deal,” and I hung up the phone. I hadn’t heard from
him again until the last week of the following April. I got
a package in the mail. I opened it. There was a letter
with a bundle of paper banded together. I lifted the note
and looked at the bundle. It was xerox copies of tons of
paychecks. With Jason’s name on them.
I flipped back to the letter.


Here’s the proof. Six months of
paychecks and a copy of my lease. I’ll
see you at my place on the 14th. 8 a.m.
Wear only pants, sneakers and a jacket.


I couldn’t believe it. Shit! I went through every
check, and even checked out the lease. It was him. All of
it. Wow! Somehow, the thought of being at his mercy was
strangly exciting. And the 16th, that was this Saturday!
That Friday, I finished my classes and practically ran
back to my dorm room. I packed (lightly of course) and
headed home. Mom and Chris were happy to see me and of
course wanted to know what I was doing home for the weekend.
I told them I missed being there, that seemed to work.
We had dinner together that night and they told me how
much Jason had turned around. He was responsible, and
working hard. ‘All this for me?’ I wondered? It was almost
flattery! Would it last past Saturday? For how long?
I could barely sleep that night. Mom tried to call
Jason, but he wasn’t home (just not answering the phone I
The next morning, I got up and out of the house before
anyone was stirring. Dressed as he wanted. It was pouring
out. I pulled into the driveway of the place he was
staying. It was a huge victroian house with many apartments
in it. I parked and took a deep breath. I got out and
walked around to the back door (the one with his apartment
number on it).
There was a note that told me to go to another
apartment. I walked back around to the front of the house
and knocked on the door. I was just getting ready to leave
when the door opened. I was greated by some sixteen year
old kid in his underwear, his cock hardening as he looked me
up and down. His hair was standing up on end and he looked
as if he had had one pretty wild night.
“I’m here to see Jason. Is he home?”
He shrugged, “I dunno… think he’s sleepin’ upstairs
in his room.”
He just stood there and looked at me. “Well, I’m his
sister. Can you let me in?”
He shrugged again, “I don’t give a fuck,” I started to
walk in and he stopped me. “Take off your shoes, girl.
Don’t get the floor all wet.” I wasn’t sure what to do, but
I took them off. I put them next to the matt with about ten
other pairs of shoes and sneakers. He stepped out of the
way and I went in.
He pointed down the dark hall, “Up the stairs.”
I walked down the grungy hall. From the feel of what
was under my feet, this place hadn’t been swept in about ten
years. I walked down the hall and up the stairs. I found
his door and knocked on it. There was some banging inside
and the door finally opened. He smiled when he saw me
“Hi,” he said sleepily.
“Hi Jason. Here I am.”
He stood in the doorway and looked me over, “Where’s
your shoes?”
“I had to leave them at the door.”
“Okay. Get undressed.”
I looked nervously up and down the hall and did as he
said. I unzipped my coat and took it off, my nipples
hardening from excitement as I dropped it to the floor.
Then I reached down and unbuttoned my pants, unzipped them
and pushed them to my ankles, slowly stepping out of them.
My pussy was aching and pulsing as I stood naked in front of
him in the hallway.
He stepped back and motioned me in. I started to pick
up my stuff but he stopped me, “No, leave it there. You
won’t need your clothes in here.”
I went in and he closed the door. “Go stand in the
middle of the room, hands behind your head.” I did as he
said. He walked up behind me and kicked my feet apart. He
stood in front of me and I watched as he took off his shirt,
sneakers and socks, stripping down to his cutoffs. He still
had a great build. Five-four and rock solid. I was amuse
to find that his body was still shaved (or at least what I
could see of it).
He knelt on the floor behind me, “You know,” he said as
he placed his hands around my ankles, “I’ve waited for this
for a long time.” His hands slowly moved up and down my
legs as he talked, moving closer to my aching vagina. “The
day when I’d own you.” His hands moved to my inner thighs,
occasionally palming my mons and gently squeezing. I was
panting, the excitement of what he was going to do getting
the best of me.
He was driving me nuts! I was so hot that I thought I
was going to cum just from having my thighs and pussy
rubbed!!! He must have sensed how close I was because he
stopped and got up. He walked over to a closet and took
something out. My jaw dropped when I saw what he came back
with. It was a paddle that I used to beat his bare ass in
front of a friend of mine.
Smiling he said, “Bend over and hold your ankles.” I
did as he said and he started on me. I yelped and he told
me to shut up. The pain was searing, but he would hit me
two or three times and then rub my ass, legs and pussy, my
excitement numbing me. He would get me to where I was just
ready to cum and then whack me again.
He only hit me about twenty times and then told me to
kneel. I did as he said and was my ass hot!! I put my
hands behind my head agian, just like I used to make him do.
He walked over to the couch and sat down.
“Come here.” I got onto hands and knees and walked
over to him, kneeling at the spot he pointed to between his
legs. He took his barefoot and started to slowly run it
down my chest, stomach, and then to my pussy, his toes
slipping between my lips. I trembled and bit my bottom lip,
closing my eyes as he wiggled his toes.
He stopped, “You a little horny?”
I nodded.
“Hmmm… I bet you are.” He took his foot off me and I
groaned. Jason stretched out and smiled at me, “Satisfy
me,” was all he said, his hand pointing at the swollen
crotch of his shorts. I leaned forward and undid his pants.
His huge cock sprung out and bounced in front of my mouth.
I was so fucking horny I couldn’t stand it.
I took his cock in my hand and opened my mouth to take
him in. I felt his hand on the back of my head as I gently
closed my lips around him and started to suck, his strong
hand urging me to take him deeper. He entwined his fingers
in my long hair and worked my head up and down his cock as I
stroked with my hand.
I didn’t think it possible, but his cock was still
getting harder, not really longer, but harder and harder.

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