Sister drunkenly teases her brother with whipped topping


Trisha was nineteen years old, very drunk and very horny. She was supposed to have been studying with her girlfriend, not getting wasted at a party. Her boyfriend had been trying all night to convince her to give up her virginity. She was so horny that she almost gave in, but compromised by giving him a hand job. It was the first time she touched a penis. It had really turned her on to do it.

She felt really kinky when he gave her instructions on how to do it right. She might have even had sex with him if he hadn’t ejaculated in her hand so fast.

Now the question was, how to get into the house without her dad seeing her. Her bedroom window was certainly too high to reach. Surveying the house, she could see that her father’s room was darkened, meaning, hopefully, that he was asleep.

Luckily, she could see that her brother’s window was open. The shade was drawn and she could not see light, so she surmised that he must have been sleeping too. Perfect, she thought, her plan was simple–she would enter through her sleeping brother’s window. Unfortunately, the window was too high to reach from the ground but when they were kids they used to climb the tree and climb through the window easily. It was perhaps the cloudy confidence of inebriation that led her to decide it would be a cinch to do now what she used to do as a child.

As planned, climbing the tree in a drunken haze was not difficult, but when it came to entering the window she found herself stalled. A moment of clarity brought the realization that she could not safely cling to the branch with her legs in order to reach the window with her hands as she had done in times past. After all, she was bigger now but the branch was no stronger, besides which, she was wearing a miniskirt without a stitch of underwear, only thigh high stockings which did little to protect the tender, shaved and moisturized skin of her thighs from the rough bark.

Too far along to retreat, and too befuddled to think of an alternative, she swung her feet into the open window while embracing the branch. Turned upside down and going in backward, she could not see where her legs were going once they were through the window, but then she had the vague recollection that her brother’s bed was recently moved. It dawned on Trisha that her brother’s bed was right under the window that she was shimmying her legs into. Unfortunately, in this position, it was too late to turn back.

She could fit through the window but not easily, for the window was open just wide enough to permit her body through and was jammed in tightly in its wooden frame, nevertheless, she had to get through the window in a very quick move to avoid falling headlong to the ground, so she pushed her body through as fast as she could with a vision of the stony ground striking her face motivating her to quicken her movement.

She managed to get her lower body through very quickly in this way but stopped when her little breasts squeezed painfully against the sill. In the process of shoving herself forcefully through the narrow gap, her little skirt was pushed up to her waist exposing the naked lower half of her body in the warm air of her little brother’s room. She simultaneously heard a gasp of surprise emit from inside the room even as her legs and bare crotch came to rest on what felt to be warm naked skin.

After a moment’s shock, she assessed the situation, and began to laugh drunkenly. She faced the ground below with her head and shoulders jutting out the window. Her top was pushed up over her braless breasts that were shoved painfully against the wooden sill. Her mini was up around her waist with no underwear below. Her stockinged feet were spread apart and caught between the bed and the wall.

Under her naked right thigh she felt the skin of her brother’s legs. Under her left thigh was his bare abdomen and what felt like the corner of a glossy magazine page–Hustler no doubt. She felt his left arm caught in the corner of her left knee. Trapped under her absolutely naked ass, she felt her little brother’s right hand.

What was probably his thumb was touching her anus. She instantly tightened upon this realization. She figured that he could feel her sisterly anus squeeze against his thumb but she just couldn’t help it. On her pussy, she felt fingertips, and it felt very wet and slushy, which was not at all surprising considering just how horny she had been all evening–her vagina was so wet it must have been dripping! However, the hand trapped under her ass also felt wet with what could have been mayonnaise but she surmised that it was probably DessertWhip, which would explain the frequent and mysterious overnight disappearances of the household DessertWhip.

To top it all off, she felt a wet warm fleshy column pressing against the inside of her naked left thigh. The moist head of her little brother’s apparently very hard cock pushed firmly against her naked lower abdomen just above her own shaved mound.

From inside, there was silence after the initial gasp. She only laughed harder when she felt a meek attempt to remove the hand she was sitting on–the movement only resulted in his fingertips jostling against her sisterly vulva. Her lips were very wet, from her natural juices and with the recent addition of DessertWhip, to the point of being frictionless. She felt herself open from the movement and now there were fingertips between her parted pussy lips.

How perfectly ridiculous, she thought, as she felt a finger, pressed under the weight of her body, against the mouth of her vagina. Another finger rubbed and quivered inadvertently against the opening of her urethra, and of course, with precision as perfect as it was coincidental, his pinky tip was tickling her clitoris that was coming to life with the stimulation and having already been on a hair trigger due to the evening’s sexual excitement.

Trisha was tangentially aware that if she wasn’t nearly as sloshed as she was, she would be totally appalled and humiliated beyond anything imaginable, but at this moment she felt nothing but hilarity. In her drunken amusement, the sexual stimulation seemed very funny coming from her brother’s hand, not at all like the serious and awkward moments she experienced with her boyfriend which were always controlled by careful negotiation.

In fact, this wasn’t sexual at all she thought to herself, though she was very aroused, it was more like a joke. As sexual as the situation was, it seemed just like another playful tickling fest like they used to have as kids, except that now it was her pussy he was tickling which made it all the funnier.

“What the . . .” she heard from inside.

“Some help here please,” she finally managed to slur. “My tits are stuck in your window. It hurts”

Trisha waited vainly for a coherent response from her eighteen year old brother, Trevor. Instead she heard, “Oh God! Oh God! What are you doing? Get off me! Is that you Trish?”

“I can’t get off you,” she said into the window. “I’m stuck, you have to help me.”

“Are you drunk? You’re sitting on my hands.”

“Yeah I know. I can feel your hands all over my ass.” She laughed wickedly. “I can feel your dick too; it’s poking me in the stomach. I don’t even want to ask why it’s all wet and sticky down there.” Between giggles, she slurs, half to herself, “My pussy is sticky.” Somehow she found this to be funny in the drunken moment and started repeating, “My pussy is sticky. My pussy is sticky . . .”

“You are drunk. Why are you naked?”

“I’m not naked,” she insisted, but was too drunk to explain to her brother that she had left her panties at her boyfriend’s.

Trisha squealed loudly when her brother started to squirm out from under her. “You’re poking me with your dick!” she exclaimed loudly. Then her squeals transformed into uncontrollable laughter as his hand moved under her naked crotch, his fingers were pressed hard against her private parts under her weight. When he tried to move them, she felt her pussy and anus being groped and poked. “That tickles!” she slurred between intense peals of laughter. “If you don’t stop squirming, you’re going to make me cum!”

“Okay, I’m not moving. Just shut up or you’re going to wake up dad.”

“Don’t tell me to shut up,” she told her little brother.

With her head still sticking out the window, she ignored her brother for a moment and tried to fight the urge to just lay her head on the sill and go to sleep in this position. But even in her drunken haze, Trisha realized that her brother would start complaining again if she didn’t get her naked crotch off of him.

Eventually working up the nerve, Trisha very carefully pulled herself the rest of the way through the window, her flimsy top being pushed up to her armpits in the process. She immediately rubbed her fingers on her naked nipples that were scraped painfully by the sill.

Trisha then realized, because of another type of tickle, that her movement had caused her little brother’s finger to slide on a slippery sheen of DessertWhip and vagina juice into her virginal opening. The tickle felt surprisingly good, and though she could now, she didn’t immediately get up off her naked brother. Instead, she sat there a moment, swaying as waves of dizzy drunkenness interchanged with waves of quivering pleasure. She felt inadvertent tremors run the length of her vagina on her brother’s finger. For some reason, this new stimulus made her start giggling again.

Trisha felt she had the right to be bad when she was drunk. She looked at her little brother and grinned at him mischievously. She intentionally refused to let his hand free, now with her full weight upon it. In the glow of the nightlight she could see his mouth agape. He was staring at her hands still rubbing her sore but hard nipples. Sure enough, there was an open container of DessertWhip on the bed and an open porn magazine next to it.

Forcing herself to act serious for a moment, she managed, in an accusing tone, “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” before reverting to giggling again.

At that, he tried to free his hand again but vainly, and the movement of his finger caused her ticklish sexual organ to squeeze spontaneously like a Chinese finger trap.

Her vaginal spasm shot Trisha through with a heightened wave of pleasure, and at that, she squeezed her thighs together tightly, determined not to let go, and closed her eyes momentarily as she felt every nuance and movement of the finger inside her tight vagina.

Trisha relaxed her vagina when he stopped moving, but not her thighs that now held his hard penis between them. Looking down at it she was impressed by the size of her little brother’s cock, covered in DessertWhip as it was. The DessertWhip now smeared on her naked thighs, seemed to implicate her in her brother’s no-longer-secret act of guilty pleasure.

Giggling at the thought, she finally managed, “We’ve got a situation of mutual blackmail here, don’t we, little brother.” But he didn’t respond, merely looking idiotic and shocked as he does so well.

Trying to think clearly through her drunkenness, she gazed again at her brother’s cock held captive between her thighs. Realizing that his aroused member was actually much bigger than her boyfriend’s, she decided to compare by feel, and so she wrapped a hand around the DessertWhip coated head and began to squeeze and rub and stroke, being fully aware of the effect it would have on her brother. It was just a joke, she thought–he tickled her and now she’s tickling right back.

Again he squirmed, and again she was shocked by the waves of pleasure emanating from her vagina with each and every twitch and quiver of her little brother’s finger. This went on for a time as he struggled, while for her part, Trisha was overcome many times over with giggling fits of drunken naughty glee alternating with gasping body quivers of ecstasy as his finger inadvertently rubbed up and down in her tight virginal vagina stroking her over and over. Never the while did she let go of his penis, but continued to tickle and stroke its most sensitive spots (as her boyfriend had taught her to do just a short time before), causing her brother to squirm and quiver all the more beneath her.

Finally, Trisha was completely overwhelmed by sexual pleasure and excitement. She could take it no longer and began to jerk her whole body in a rhythmic stroke to the cadence of her sexual pleasure–her thighs, held tightly on her little brother’s big cock, stroked up and down from its base to its tip, and with each forceful stroke of her body, her vagina was rubbed firmly against her brother’s swallowed finger making audible sloshing sounds due to the abundant DessertWhip and sexual excretion which now completely saturated her vagina and the brotherly finger that impaled her. Her clitoris rubbed firmly against her brother’s hand that was trapped underneath her.

Trisha orgasmed wildly, her vagina spasming over and over on her little brother’s middle finger. She sat hunched over her brother’s cock as her orgasm trailed off into little quivers and was struck on her chin by the first glob of warm cum to shoot out of her brother. This was followed by spurt after spurt of brotherly semen on her naked breasts and abdomen. The thick white liquid ran and dripped onto her naked thighs and shaved pube.

Giggling now with her brother’s cum on her face, she made a mock erotic pose and forcibly suppressing her laughter, she licked and sucked the DessertWhip-cum from her fingers with a completely exaggerated expression of sensuality until she reverted back to giggling drunkenly beyond her ability to control.

The sweet and salty flavor in her mouth was oddly pleasurable to her inebriated palate so she licked some cum off her cheek, followed by more giggling. Then, with her fingers, she wiped globs of the white mixture from her lap and off her brother’s penis licking and sucking each scoop from her fingers, enjoying the strange taste, particularly because she had always loved DessertWhip but had never before allowed herself to eat it unless it was on top of a dessert.

After a satisfied sigh, she turned to her brother and repeated, “So, we have a mutual blackmail situation, right? Do we have a deal little brother?”

This time he responded with a definite nod.

Trisha attempted to dismount but landed facedown on the floor, her naked ass pointing up at her little brother. This just brought more laughter from her, however.

She stayed there awhile, with her face laying on the floor and her naked ass up in the air is if in invitation to her little brother. Again, she was tempted to just go to sleep as and where she was.

“You’re bad,” she slurred slowly with her cheek against the rug. “You poked me where you’re not supposed to. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to poke your sister?”

She looked back at her brother. He was still naked on his bed and staring at her displayed crotch.

“Did you like poking me there?” she continued to ramble drunkenly. “You like to poke me don’t you? I kinda liked it. You want to poke me again? You can poke me if you want. You want to poke my pussy hole again? You can poke my other hole too. I think I might go to sleep, but I don’t mind if you poke me. You can poke me while I’m sleeping. Poke me with your tongue this time. Or, your thingy, I don’t care. . . . You want to be a bad brother? Only bad brothers poke their sister’s holes. I’m going to tell dad you poked me in my hole . . . but I’m going to sleep now.”

Her slurred rambling continued but in a sing-song lullaby voice, “poke a hole, poke a hole, pick a hole and poke it, use a finger, use a tongue . . .”

Suddenly, her drunken sing-song stopped when she felt her brother’s hands on her wet ass cheeks. He gently cupped her ass and spread her open. She felt his tongue slide along her DessertWhip-coated pussy lips, up and down. Finally, his tongue found the tight opening to her pleasure. She felt her brother’s tongue swirl and dip into her sensitive pussy hole.

“That’s nice,” she said softly, “that feels really nice. You’re a nice brother. You can lick me while I sleep . . .”

“You taste sweet, like DessertWhip,” she heard her brother say between licks as she began to drift off.

She giggled softly, and drifted in and out of sleep for a while without changing her position. Even in her half-sleep she was peripherally aware of her brother’s tongue lapping wetly around the contours of her vulva and sometimes slipping softly in a circle around her anus like a humming bird hovering around a strange flower its not quite sure of and not quite brave enough to feed from. Occasionally, she thought, maybe, there was a finger slipping deep into her love canal and exploring its moist recesses.

Suddenly, she was awake again, with eyes wide. His tongue was at her anus again, but this time, wet with saliva, he was plunging lovingly into her tight sensitive nether hole. She didn’t move, and stayed frozen in place even when the tongue was replaced with a wet finger plunging in and out of her anus. It was a new feeling for her. She just let it happen. Soon she was feeling more and more aroused by what her brother was doing to her. His loving exploration of her two holes with his tongue and fingers was awaking her pleasure and making her hungry for more.

Trisha reached down between her legs and spread open her labia at their forward conjoining where her clitoris begged for attention. “Lick me here, lick me here, Trevor,” she pleaded sweetly to her little brother.

With his finger still stuck in her tight little anus, her brother complied to please her with his mouth. He wrapped his lips around the area of her now-exposed-clitoris and started to tease the growing bump with the tip of his tongue.

“Harder, Trev, lick it harder,” she whispered to her brother as she began to push and twist, grinding her love button against her little brother’s tongue and face.

His finger still jostling in her butt, she felt his tongue lick her fast and hard. Trisha moaned and squirmed with pleasure under her little brother’s lapping attentions. “Don’t stop, keep licking,” she instructed with a shaky voice as she felt the buildup of pleasure-tension. She had never before felt such pleasure and arousal as she did now from her brother’s kind and attentive poking and licking of her. His finger in her ass excited her beyond belief. She tensed her thighs and ass, holding her clit motionless against the fast and tireless licking. She felt the orgasm building. Finally, she felt waves and spasms of pleasure resound through her, emanating from where her genitals were in contact with her brother’s loving tongue.

“That was nice,” she whispered to her little brother. “Thank you.” She relaxed again without moving, her brother’s tongue still meandering around her crotch.

“Trish, are you awake?” Trevor asked softly, pausing in his oral attentions.

“Yeah, barely.”

“I’m really really hard now.”

“You have a nice dick, Trev, did I tell you that?”

“I mean, I really want to finish. I can’t just go to sleep all hard like this.”

“Really?” Trisha was drifting off again and found it difficult to maintain interest in the conversation.

“Can I . . . I mean, is it okay with you if I . . . you know?”

“Hmm?” Trisha closed her eyes now. She didn’t really feel like talking. She felt pleasant and content, slipping into the merciful embrace of drunken slumber.

“Can I stick it in? My penis, I mean.”

“Oh sure, I guess. I already came, but if you really want to . . .”

“Oh thank you! You are the best sister Trish. I think I love you!” he exclaimed as he got up on his knees behind her raised ass.

“As a brother, you mean?” She asked, now in a delirious half-sleep state as she felt her brother’s penis poke and prod around her vulva but not finding its way in.

“What?” he sounded anxious about his task and confused by her question.

“You said you love me. You mean you love me as a brother right? God, Trev, you don’t want to be my boyfriend or anything like that, do you?”

“Uh yeah, I mean, no, I love you as a brother, I guess.” He sounded frustrated. Trisha felt her brother start to poke her pussy with his finger. Finding the opening, she could feel that he was opening her vagina with his fingers. She felt the head of his hard cock find her hole and start to slide in.

Abruptly, Trisha twisted her butt to the side, yanking her brother’s boner out of her pussy. Looking back at him, she gave him what she thought was a hard glare. “Wait a minute there, little brother. Should you really cum in me like that?”

“Oh, I thought you were on the pill,” he said unconvincingly.

“That’s not what I’m saying. I mean, I’m your sister. Doesn’t the Bible say something like ‘thou shall not fuck your own sister in her pussy?'”

“I don’t think is says that exactly . . . you’re still drunk aren’t you?”

“My drunkenness or lack of drunkenness has nothing to do with it. The fact is, if you stick that cute dick of yours in my cunt and cum in me, then we . . . what’s it called . . . incest, isn’t it?”

“I guess you can look at it that way, but we already . . .”

“I don’t want to be an incest committer.” She was still slurring slightly. “Besides, I’m still a virgin. I’m saving myself.”

“You’re saving yourself for when? Marriage?”

“No . . . I don’t know. Why don’t you just fuck me in my butt instead? I kind of liked it when you stuck your finger in. That was a good idea you had. You can stick it in my ass if you want to. Is that alright, Trev?” Trisha looked back at her brother with half-closed eyes.

Trevor seemed to deliberate for a moment, his eyes wide with surprise. “Uh, yeah, that would be totally fine,” he finally agreed.

Trish straightened her butt again and waited with her face down on the carpet.

She gasped and squawked when she felt a sudden shock of pain as her brother’s cock jammed against her anus. Her tight hole did not want to relent to the intruder. She instinctively tightened on him, closing him off, as he jammed at her over and over, trying to get in.

“Stop it,” she interjected finally. “Not like that. Use the DessertWhip.”

“Oh,” he said simply and she watched as he proceeded to slather the thick cold dessert topping on the head of his dick and then on her displayed anus. She felt his finger enter her little hole slathering a thick coating of DessertWhip inside and out.

She put her head down again and closed her eyes. As she waited for her brother to try again, she tried to focus her mind as best she could on relaxing her muscles. She remembered the pleasure of his finger in her and meditated on how much she wanted to welcome and enjoy her brother’s amorous prick inside her ass. As she focused her mind, she could feel her anus relax and open.

When it came, she was ready for it. He came in slowly and considerately this time. She could feel her little brother’s phallus make steady progress into her, sliding nicely on DessertWhip. His cock felt gigantic inside her tight asshole. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time. Finally it seemed to fill her up completely and she felt his pelvis bump up against her ass.

Then he slowly withdrew. She squeezed on him as he did. She decided it was pleasant and pleasurable. Then he was on his way back in and it was pain again.

“Slowly, go slow,” Trisha softly moaned to her brother.

She began to moan in time with the pleasure-pain as her little brother lovingly and sensuously slid his raging hard-on in and out of her asshole. This really is love she thought while she lay prone, welcoming her brother’s cock up her ass. Love is both pleasure and pain, she realized. Her brother’s strong member shoved relentlessly yet tenderly in and out of her. As she squeezed her butt muscles lovingly around her brother’s slowly pumping dick, Trisha decided that she really did love her brother after all.

Love is exactly what she felt for her little brother as she accommodated the quickening pace of his now charging pole in her back door. Her moans became louder with the increasing pleasure and pain. Too drunk to lift her head, she felt her cheek rub roughly on the carpet with every thrust of her brother into her. She felt a kind of generous fondness for her brother as she waited for him to cum in her ass. It was her choice to give him her ass to fuck and she liked that he was enjoying it. She, too, was enjoying the pleasure and pain of it. It felt good to have his cock inside of her.

Finally, he rammed hard into her. She felt her ass swallow his cock again and again as he rammed it all the way. Her moans became loud open-mouthed sounds of pleasurable torment. Then he rammed in one last time and held it, his pelvis pushed hard against her butt. She pushed hard back and squeezed her ass lovingly on her little brother’s hard love-pole. She could feel the twitching of his orgasm inside of her. She heard him groan as he squirted his cum into her ass again and again.

When he was done, he slowly withdrew with a deep sigh. Trisha squeezed lovingly on her brother one last time as he exited her.

Trisha felt exhausted, in bliss, and in shock all the same time. She had no words, but continued to lay there silently with her feelings. Trevor was also silent now. She heard him climb onto his bed and adjust the covers.

Now with her brother out of her, she squeezed again and felt the fluid of semen and DessertWhip ooze out of her and slowly dribble down her vulva and then her thigh.

Trisha was conscious of the fact that she was still lying on her brother’s floor with her naked dripping ass up in the air, still pointed at him in his bed. She knew she was going to have to get up and make her way to her own bedroom. But, it felt better not to move yet. She wasn’t sure if she could stand up. She was still dizzy with alcohol and now her butt felt funny.

When she finally decided that she was steady enough to get up, she turned around to face her brother. Her breasts bobbled, naked, before her brother’s gaze. Her naked crotch dripped with residue of DessertWhip and brotherly semen. She kissed him on the cheek–a sisterly kiss, but lingering. A smear of cum was left to mark the spot.

“Goodnight Trevor,” she said softly before turning to go, “I hope you have sweet dreams of your big sister.”

The next morning, Trisha was no longer giggling. She was completely shocked and embarrassed by what she had done. It took her ever so long to cover up the rug burn on her face with her makeup.

When she faced Trevor over a bowl of cereal, she had no idea how they were going to relate to each other in the aftermath of the night before. At least, she tried to reassure herself, the secret would be safe between them.

She hazarded a look at Trevor, not knowing what to expect. He actually smiled at her, the warm knowing smile of a shared and happy secret. What a shock, she thought; he had never seemed happy with her as a sister before this–who would have thought that such a nasty, sordid sort of thing would make him seemingly more appreciative of her? She smiled knowingly back at her little brother, but neither said a word.

Trisha relaxed and finished her cereal, thinking of other things now. It was the most enjoyable bowl of cereal she’d had in a long time, even with the hangover.