Wife and I love all sex


I had been married for almost five years now and the wife and I are very happy with our marriage. I own my business, we own a nice large home with a lot of land. Debbie use to work, but she stopped two years ago just so she could take care of the house. We don’t have kidz because we enjoy life and our lifestyle. With kidz you are tied down to much.

Debbie and I are quite sexual with each other. We try and help each other live out any fantasy that either one of us might have. Like the time she wanted to watch me jack off in front of a bunch of school girls. She said it had happened to her when she was younger and she got really turned on by it. We went and found a high school for girls and found out what time girls would be walking by the place I had planed to jack off.

On afternoon I sat on the grass and leaned against a tree and pulled my pants down around my knees. I closed my eyes, thinking about Debbie and began to stroke myself. I was getting into it when I heard a few girls talking a laughing. I kept stroking my cock as I looked at the girls and more came over. I had a pretty good crowed going when on of the teachers came running out. I got up and pulled my pants up and began running for the car. It wasn’t very far away because Debbie had to have a good view of what was going on. I jumped into the drivers seat, started the car and got the hell out of there. Looking over I saw my wife with her skirt up around her waist and a dildo going in and out of her cunt. I’m going to cum Jimmy, that looked so nasty to me. She was moving the dildo in and out of her pussy much faster now. She let out moans and screams as her girl cum started to shoot out of her cunt. I must admit that it kept my cock nice and hard watching her.

She knew that there was incest in my family, (dad and my older sister) Plus my sister letting me fuck her for a few years. She loved to listen to the many stories that I had about our incest family. I love reading stories about incest as it would turn me on. I had asked her if anything of that nature had happened in her family. She told me no but she thought that her father would like to of had some kind of relationship with her. She told me that he would often try and peek in at her when she would take a bath or try and watch her when she would get dressed or undressed in her room.

Being honest with her I told her I would love to see her and her father getting it on sometime. The first time I told her that she saw that I had a huge hard on and said, wow honey, you really would like to see dad fucking me, wouldn’t you? Hell yes, I answered back to her. Telling me she loved me and that she would think about it. As she walked away she turned to me and said, you know honey, there were times that I wish daddy would have done something with me. She turned back and walked into the kitchen.

I followed her into the kitchen and asked her, isn’t your father coming over here today for something? Yes, he is going to help me paint the kitchen that you were going to do last week. I came up behind her and started to play with her tits. So daddy is going to help you paint, is he! She turned her head and looked into my face. Just what is that look you have on your face, you pervert, Debbie asked? One of my hands slid down across her stomach to her pussy and I began to rub my finger along her slit. You know you should look good for your daddy, I told her. She moaned a bit then said, what did you have in mind?

Thinking a second I said, how about that cute little half top you have and the pair of sweats that you cut the legs off of. But the leg holes are to big and you can look rite up them. I know, that’s why you should put them on and without panties.

God Jimmy that feels so good. I was rubbing her pussy through her shorts kind of hard while she talked. I bet your daddy would love to see his little girl dressed up and ready to work. Jimmy you are so nasty. Your really want my father to be able to see what my pussy looks like? Yes, I said and also your tits. But that is my father, she said. I know, but you said you wished that he would have done something to you when you were younger and that you thought he was trying to look at your body. Now is a good time to let him see what his little girl really looks like. But what if he likes looking and tries to do something? Let him, you’ll love it. Just where will you be all of this time? Somewhere that he won’t be able to see me. Don’t forget I have all those security cameras all over the house. I can watch from my office with no problem.

I turn her back to face me and put my hand inside her shorts. Are you sure that this is what you want me to do honey? Hell yes I only wish that your dad would bring a friend of his with him. For being such a smart ass, if dad did bring a friend I would let the both of them fuck me all afternoon. Oh you sexy bitch, I told her.

I went around the house and adjusted the cameras so I could get the bet view from each one of them. Debbie was in changing into her sweats and half top when I heard her fathers car pull into the driveway. I told her he was here and she came out of the bedroom pulling up her sweats.

Damn, she looked cute. Her half top was short enough that you could see the roundness of the bottom part of her tits and the sweats with the legs cut out were baggie enough that her father was going to see more of his daughter than he ever had before.

Her dad came in with a pair of overalls and a t-shirt on. He was a nice looking guy and you could see that he kept in shape. When he looked at his daughter, that was all he could do. He kept looking at her like he had never seen a body like that before. Shall we get started daddy, she asked. I sure am ready, he answered her back.

I guess we should mask everything first, don’t you think, she said. Good idea honey. I will move the table and chairs into the den while you begin masking. Debbie got up on the counter and started to mask the window. Her dad had mover a couple of chairs to the den and when he came back to the kitchen he stopped at the doorway and just watched his little girl move around masking the window. When she reached up the half top would ride up with her arms. From underneath he had a nice view of her tits and even a bit of her nipples were showing. He finished taking the table and chairs out and walked to the counter that Debbie was on.

You should be more careful with your masking honey, he told her. He pointed to the corner of the window where she had missed a spot. Debbie reached up to fix it and her dad moved rite under her looking rite up her half top. She kept masking and her father did the same and also did some sanding.

With everything finished and ready to paint. The last thing was the light in the center of the room. It needed to be taken down. Now, her father should have been the one to take it down but I think he knew if he had his daughter take it down, he would be able to see more of her body. She grabbed the small ladder and a few tools and climbed up to take the light down. Dad, she said to him, would you hand me that screwdriver on the counter. Sure honey, no problem. He picked it up and brought it over to her.

Honey I am going to hold the ladder, just incase, he said. Thanks dad, it is a bit shaky. What a dog he is. Standing rite under his own daughter look up not only her top, but up the leg holes of her sweats. She handed him the screws as she undid them, looking at him looking at her. She made a move like she was loosing her balance. Her dad reached up and put his hands on her legs, just below her crotch. Be careful honey, but don’t worry I have you, he said. She looked down and gave him a big smile.

You know honey you sure do look good when you work, he told her. Oh rite dad, like the bell of the ball, she said back to him. Really honey, if I had know you looked this good I would have had you help me whenever I painted something. It is nice being able to look at you honey. As he said that I saw his hand go up her leg and come to rest on the cheek of her ass.

You really like the way I look daddy? I always have honey, but now you look better than I have ever seen you look. She was going to play with him now. You always tried to look at me when I was growing up, didn’t you daddy? Every chance I got honey. But never as good as what I am looking at now. You like the view you have now daddy. It is the best honey, he said. I put these cloths on special hoping you would want to see what your daughter looks like.

He told her he was glad she had put on what she had as he took a step up the ladder. With his hands he pulled open her right leg hole and put his tongue against her clit and began to lick it. Oh daddy yes, she whispered. Lick me daddy, oh please lick your little girl. Her dad was going to town on her cunt, licking from her ass hole to her clit. She was having a hard time holding her balance and damn near fell a few times. Her dad pulled back and said, you better get down honey.

As she climbed down her father put his hands under her top and played with her tits. God baby I had no idea that these were so firm. I can’t wait to get my mouth around those hard nipples of yours. Daddy, your being so nasty, she said. I can’t help it honey, looking at you makes me want to be nasty with my little girl. Pulling up her top his mouth found her right tit. He began sucking on it like he was a new born baby. Ummmm daddy that feels so nice. Her hand comes down and starts to play with her other tit, pinching her nipple kind of hard.

Play with your pussy honey, daddy wants to watch you play with yourself. Oh yes daddy, anything you want, Debbie said back to him. Her dad took a few steps backwards and watched as she slid her hand down the front of her sweats. Pull them down honey so I can see what you are doing, he told her. She pulled down the sweats and stepped out of them. Is this what you want to look at daddy as she opened her pussy lips and fingered her clit? Yes honey play with yourself for me.

Debbie kind of sat on the ladder with her legs apart, playing with her cunt. That looks so good baby. Are you thinking about being fucked honey? Yes dad, it feels like I have a big cock touching me. You would like to have a nice big cock ready to fuck you rite now, don’t you, he asked her? Oh yes daddy, give it to me. I want to feel my daddies big cock. Her dad walks over to her and pulls down his coveralls. He doesn’t have any underwear on at all. He takes a hold of his cock and rubs the head along her slit. Oh daddy, you are turning me on so much. Do you want me to fuck you honey, he asks? You know I do daddy, don’t tease me, she said back to him. Will you do something for me if I give you my cock honey? Anything daddy, just fuck me, please.

This was getting good. I was seeing my wife getting hotter and hotter as her father is really teasing her. She really wanted to feel her dad’s cock inside of her. Baby, I want to show you off to some of my friends, he said to her. What do you mean daddy, she asked him? I want you to let them see how nice my little girls body has grown. But daddy, she said. Her dad began to rub his cock along her clit real hard now. Oh daddy, came out of her mouth. You like to be looked at don’t you baby, He said. It makes you feel sexy when other men can see that body of yours? The way I have seen you dress I bet you just love it when men try and look at you. Am I rite baby? How did you know daddy, it makes me all wet when I know someone is looking at me.

He slipped the head of his cock inside his daughters cunt as he asked her, you will show off for me, won’t you honey? Yes daddy, just fuck me please, push your fat cock all the way inside of me. Her dad does as she asks and continues going in and out of her cunt. I would love to see my friends looking at you honey. Oh yes daddy, I want them to look. I will show them my tits, my pussy, any part you want me too, she said. Oh daddy, I will even let them fuck me if that is what you want. That’s my good little girl, daddy wants to see you taking on all those cocks. Letting them do anything they want to you. Fuck me daddy, I am going to cum, oh God here it comes daddy.

Take it honey, take all that cock inside you. More daddy, keep fucking me, I want it all. My friends will fuck you good baby, one after the other, filling your cunt up with cocks and jizz. Just as he said that I saw him tighten up his butt cheeks. He was ready to shoot his cum into his own daughter.

I can feel you daddy, give it to me. I can feel you squirting your cum inside of me. Fuck me daddy make me your whore. Get your friends to fuck me good daddy. Just tell me when and where and I will be there. Finished cuming they hug each other. Debbie lifts her head off his shoulder and talks into his ear. Oh daddy, you turned me on so much. I meant it when I said I would fuck your friends. I will be a good little whore for you. When do you want me, she asked him? In a couple of days honey, I want to set it up so things will be just rite. What about Jimmy, he asked? He is going out of town tomorrow night for a few days. That is perfect baby, maybe daddy will come over after he has gone so I can fuck you again. Oh daddy, your so nasty, but I will be ready for you and your nice cock.

Her dad stayed until the painting was finished. He fucked his daughter another two times before he left. As soon as he was gone I went into the kitchen. She grabbed me and damn near threw me to the ground. She got over my face and said, eat me, lick daddy’s cum out of me. Then fuck me like never before, give you little whore wife a good fucking. I did, telling her what a fucking whore she is and that she will be doing a lot of whoring for her husband

God I love you Jimmy. I am going to be the best fucking whore ever. Show me anybody’s cock you want me to take and it will be mine, she said.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow to come.