Sex adventures – Me and Sis

During the next week, I visited my friend Nicole on Tuesday while Debbie was
at her council meeting. She and I had a delightful time, and she was as
energetic as usual.
I did not feel like I had did anything wrong, I mean like I had cheated on
Debbie. She knew about our arrangement.
It was on Friday of that week. We were having breakfast, before we left for
school. Mom came down and said “You two get along well together, and Marie
and I were thinking of going away for the weekend. She has family, and I
would like to visit them also. I know you have a game on Saturday, Luke, and
Debbie, you can have your choice, come with us and visit your grandparents
or stay here.”
Debbie quickly said “Oh, Mom, I would like to come, but I already made
Mom just said “It’s O.K., It’s kind of short notice. Your Grandmother is
sick, no nothing serious, and Marie wants to see her.”
Mom and Aunt Marie soon left for work.
I said to Debbie “So, what are your big plans?”
She smiled very sweetly and said “I was quick there, wasn’t I? I didn’t
really have any plans, but I do now.”
I looked at her.
She smiled and said “What do you think of us playing house all weekend. I
want to fuck you so bad.”
She looked at me, and I smiled and said “I think I can handle that. There is
a couple of things I still want to do.”
She smiled and asked “What?”
I just laughed softly and said “I think I will make you wait to find out.”
She laughed out loud and said to me “Give me lots to think about today. But
I bet one is to see how many times you can make me cum.”
I just nodded.
She laughed, and said “Now that sounds like fun. Think about it today, and
let’s try and guess. You pick a number, and I will. We will have to have a
little prize for the winner.”
I winked at her.
She said “This is perfect, I want to talk to you anyway. Judy and I got it
on, and I want to tell you about it.”
I gave her a friendly push and said “Now, cut that out. You will have me
hard all day long.”
She looked at the clock on the wall and said “If I had known, now there is
not time to blow you before school.”
I looked at the clock and said “Yes there is.”
She looked at me over the top of her glasses and said “You are just dreaming

So off to school we went. I did think about the weekend some, but was busy,
and it did not bother me too much. I ran into Debbie in the hall at noon
time. She was with Judy and another
girl. As I put some stuff in my locker she came over. There was no one
around, and she leaned close to me and said “I wish you could put your hand
in my panties. I have been wet all morning.”
I just said “Get out of here.”
She walked back to her friends, laughing as she went.

Once school was out, we headed right home. Debbie told me Judy wanted her to
come over, but Debbie told her she had to go away for the weekend.
“You know what that bitch wanted?” She said.
I laughed and said “Some of your honey pot, just like me.”
Debbie laughed and said “It’s all your’s, all weekend. You just mention it,
and you can have it.”
I looked at her and said “You mean that don’t you.”
She smiled sweetly and said “Listen, I’ll be your sex slave for the weekend.
You want a slut, I’ll be your slut all weekend. I just will not screw anyone
else, and you can’t do my little ass. Other than that, your wish is my
We got home, and she quickly showered. She yelled down “I’m done, hurry up.”
I had a quick shower, then walked into her room. She was sprawled naked on
her bed. She had pushed all the covers down. She opened her legs, and said
“So, what’s your guess?”
I smiled and said “You managed three, that other time, so I think you can
double that. I think you can cum six times.”
She said “How long between?”
I said “I can’t lose contact, so will just nibble, in between, but five
minutes, then we have to start again.”
She nodded and said “This is tough, I want to do ten, but I know I can’t. I
wanted six for myself. So, five or seven. I am going out on a limb and will
say seven. I last one though, has to be with your cock in me.”
I nodded, and said “You ready to start.”
Debbie laughed and said “I was ready early this morning.”
I shrugged and said “Get ready then, Here comes your cunt slave.”
She laughed at that and opened up wide.
I slid down and licked at her cunt lips. She was not lying, she was soaked
and I had barely touched her. I slowly tongued her cunt hole. Lapping up her
juice. She was wiggling her ass already. I stopped and looked up at her, and
said “You are as hot as a firecracker.”
She grabbed my head and pushed me back to her cunt, and said “I’m going to
go off like one also.”
I gave her a long lick, running from her ass to her clit. Once I got to her
clit, she held me there, and said “Right there, do it hard, right there.”
I quickly sucked her button into my mouth, and keeping my mouth open, began
to tongue her clit.
She just bucked and moaned “Here cums number one. I’m cumming.”
She came quickly on my mouth, and as she did it, I moved down to her cunt
hole and slowly kissed and nuzzled around her hole, as she came down from
her sex high.
I waited a bit, then started all over again. Her lips were wet with her
cream, and I licked that up first, then shoved my tongue into her cunt hole.
I licked as deep as I could. She was beginning to move some, so I licked her
hole, then moved back up to her clit. This time I slowly licked all around
it. Up one side, the slowly across the top, then down the other side, and
slowly across the bottom. She was gently rocking her hips, and holding my
“Fuck, you do that good. Judy can’t eat cunt like you do.”
She barely got that out, when she bucked against my mouth, and I felt her
She just moaned and whispered. “Two!”
Again, I left her clit, and went back to her cunt lips. I just concentrated
on the one side, I slowly sucked her cunt lip into my mouth, then using my
suction, pulled on it, her lip stretched right out. I could feel the heat
from her cunt hole. Her juice was sort of puddled there at her opening. I
let go of her lip, and licked up her juice. I figured the five minutes were
up, so gradually wiggled my tongue slowly up her slit. I went slowly and as
I moved close to her clit, I suddenly went fast. I quickly sucked her marble
into my mouth, and tongued her clit hard.
She moaned deep and gripped my head, pushing me to her crotch. I licked her
button fast with the flat of my tongue. It took a couple of minutes of
this, but she soon gasped “Cumming, cumming.”
This time I went back down and sucked her other lip into my mouth. I again
stretched it out, as I pulled on it with my mouth.
Debbie was still a little out of breath, but she asked “What are you doing.
I like it.”
I did not answer, just licked up her juice. She was constantly leaking her
milky coloured cream from her cunt hole. It seemed to get sweeter, each time
she came.
This time when I moved to her clit, I took a finger and gently eased it into
her cunt hole. She felt so hot and wet inside. I gently fingered her hole,
and started to lick her button, I licked very softly this time. She was
gently rocking to my licking.
“Oh, fuck that is nice.” She said “I think I could let you do that all
night. Oh, that feels so good.”
I just kept licking her softly, and gently fucked her with my finger. This
way took a bit longer, but she suddenly held my head away from her, and her
hips jerked. She just held my head and let her climax finish.
Once she was done, she gently pushed me back to her crotch.
“That was a real nice one.” She said, then she asked “You getting tired
I just shook my head against her cunt, then slowly licked up her secretions.
I removed my finger and gently licked her hole.
I slowly moved back to her clit. I touched it with my tongue, and she
quickly pushed me away.
“Tender.” She said.
I nuzzled, then after a bit, Gave her clit a gentle lick.
She gave a start, and whispered. “Sorry, it’s too tender. Please fuck me
As she said this, she tugged on my head, so I slowly lifted up, and crawled
up on her.
“Don’t wait, just get in.” She said.
I started to reach down, but she beat me to it. She took my cock and moved
it to her hole. Once there, she sort of rubbed it around in her hot juice,
then put it at her entrance.
“There.” She said “Get it in me.”
I was not fast or slow, just shoved my cock into her in one thrust. Her cunt
gripped me with her hot, wet cunt walls.
She pulled me down and kissed me, then rolled her head to the side and
breathed into my ear.
“Fuck me hard. I know I will cum again, if you do me hard.”
I started a steady, deep thrusting in and out of her clinging cunt.
She whispered to me “You did a great job with that cunt sucking mouth of
yours. Let me kiss it.”
She gave me a wet open mouthed kiss.
I was so turned on, I knew I would not last long.
“I’m going to be quick.” I told her.
“Just cum in me. I want to feel you cum in me.” She whisperd.
As she said this, I did. My cock suddenly erupted deep in her cunt. It just
poured out of me.
She gasped as she felt it, then moaned “I’m cumming with you.
Cumming again.”
She spasmed on my cock and her cunt muscles milked the last drop out of me.
I thrust in deep and held it there. She just rocked her hips back and forth
and moaned.
She hugged me tightly all through her cum.
Finaly she settled back, and I felt her muscles relax. I lifted up some, and
before I pulled out, I gently thrust my cock back and forth a few times.
“That’s good. So good, but I am fucked out.” She whispered.
I slowly pulled out, then rolled off her. I pulled her to me as I did this.
She threw her arm around me and hugged me tight.
We lay there for a bit. She slowly raised her head and looked at me.
“Just five, but I loved it.” She whispered softly.
I smiled and whispered back “You were beautiful.”
She laid her head back down on my chest and said “I want a nap.”
She fell asleep on me. I held her, and even dozed myself for a bit. Debbie
on the other hand, was sound asleep.
A bit later, I slipped out, and covered her, and went down and started
About five thirty, I head the shower upstairs, and she soon appeared. She
looked fresh, and had dressed up some.
I smiled and said “You look real nice.”
She smiled back, and went and set the table for supper.

Mom and Aunt Marie arrived and had supper with us. They cleaned up
afterward. Once that was done, they loaded up Aunt Marie’s car, and were
ready to leave.
I hugged Mom and said “Have a good time Mom.”
Then I turned and hugged Aunt Marie. I said “Have a good trip Dad.”
I felt her give a start, then she looked at me. She had a funny little blush
on her cheeks. But she just said “Thanks.”
Mom was looking at me and she was blushing a bit also.
I just winked at her.
Then they were on their way.

Once they were gone, Debbie and I sat and watched some TV. After about an
hour of that, she turned down the sound some. She had the remote. She moved
beside me and snuggled close. She looked up at me and said “I would sooner
I nodded.
She said “So how was your day.”
I just looked at her.
“I’m trying to play the wife part.” She said.
I laughed at her and said “You know all the best parts already.”
She looked at me and said “I better get to something else then. How about
Judy and me?”
I nodded at that.
She giggled and said “Men, they always want to hear the sex stories.”
I just nodded again.
“So, here goes.” She said and then went on “I went over to Judy’s after
school. You were working. We just sat and talked for a bit, then we decided
to fool around. We took our skirts off, and then our panties. We were just
naked from the waist down, and were really just rubbing each other. It felt
nice, and then I sort of wondered if she could lick a cunt better than you.
I knew she was interested in going farther, so I thought about it. I knew if
she was going to lick me, then I would have to lick her also.”
She paused, looked at me, then continued. “I decided, I definitely wanted
her to lick me, so that pretty much decided, that I was going to have to do
her. So I got a little bolder, and took off her top and bra. Judy was naked.
I took off my own top and bra, then kind of pushed her back on the bed. We
were kissing a bit, and rubbing each other’s pussies with our fingers.”
She took a breath and went on “I had done that much, so I waited for her. I
was pretty close to cumming, when Judy said she wanted to lick me down
there. I nodded yes, and she then asked if I would do her. I nodded again,
and then I slid around, and got in the sixty nine position. I figured I
would need the encouragement. I waited for her to start. Once she put her
tongue on my cunt, then I did the same.”
She smiled and said “So I licked her. It was not bad. I mean I kind of liked
doing it. It did not taste bad, but I have tasted myself on you, so knew
what to expect. I did like it, and we soon had a good cum.”
She leaned closer, and then said “It was nice, but there was something
missing. I liked doing it, but I only did it so she would do me.”
I looked at her.
She said “It is like this, I only licked Judy, so she would lick me. It was
not bad, but, like, I would not just do it for fun. I mean like I would suck
you off, because I like to do it, and want to do it for you. But doing her,
was not for her, it was just for me. It is like the love was missing. I mean
I would do her again, but only to get her to do me. You, I would suck you
off every day, and you would never have to do me, if you did not want to.”
She looked at me.
I looked back.
“So, do you understand, what I am saying?” She asked.
I said “Yes, perfectly. I would lick you every day too. And in turn you
would never have to do anything for me. I do it to make you happy. I mean I
get off too, but I do it for you.”
She hugged me and said “Good, you do understand.”
Then she suddenly asked “You still fucking Nicole?”
I slowly nodded.
She just smiled and said “I’m glad.”
I was a little surprised by her, and it must have showed on my face.
She said “What? You and Nicole are good friends. I never want to be
So I asked her “So, you plan on fucking other guys?”
She looked at me and said “I have not really thought of it. But. yes
probably, if the right guy comes along. Why, do you mind?”
I shook my head, and said “No, like you, I want you to be happy. If you want
me to lick you and fuck you, I love to, but like you I am not possessive.”
She got quiet after that, and we just sat there for quite a while lost in
our thoughts.

About eleven, we wandered up to bed. She turned at the top of the stairs,
and said to me “Your bed or mine?”
“Mine’s a bit bigger.” I said.
She nodded and went to her room.
I got in bed, and she soon showed up. She had a short night dress on. She
stopped before she got in, and started to lift her night dress.
“On or off?” She asked.
I smiled and said “Off.”
She smiled and pulled it over her head, and crawled in beside me, pressing
her naked body to mine.
“Oh, your naked too.” She giggled.
I lowered my head, and softly and gently sucked and nibbled on her nice
puffy nipples. She was soon rubbing my head and urging me on with little
She whispered and said “We are going to have to do more with my tits. That
feels real good. When you suck my tits, I can feel it down in my cunt.”
I sucked at them some more, switching back and forth.
After a bit, she sort of lifted her legs and put them over my waist. Then
she kind of pushed me away. I caught on, and moved so I was basically across
her. My cock was aiming right at her cunt. Her legs were up over me, and I
was on my side. I slowly eased my cock into her.
She just sort of sighed and whispered “I love you in me.”
I rocked my hips gently, and she matched me with a gentle rocking of her
We fucked like that for quite a bit. She said “Let me know when you start to
get close.”
I nodded, and began going a little harder. She then whispered. “When you
cum, just sort of roll up on me, and get in deep,”
I kept moving my hips back and forth. It was a nice slow fuck. I gradually
felt the pressure beginning to build.
“I’m starting to get there.” I told her.
Debbie moved her hand down and tentatively touched her clit.
She quickly rubbed it a bit, and whispered “O.K. I am ready, just tell me
She was just tapping her clit, and giving it little rubs. I felt my cum
starting, so said “Going to be quick now.”
Debbie just rubbed her clit a little faster. I started to fuck her a little
“Remember to roll on me.” She said.
I started to cum, and did as she asked. I rolled up onto her raised thighs,
as I was laying across her. That shoved my cock deep into her, and as I felt
my cum emptying into her, she gasped and said “I’m there too.”
Her cunt squeezed my cock, and I felt every spasm as she came very nicely on
my cock.
We soon settled down, and hugged each other close.
“Goodnight.” I said.
“She kissed me lightly, and said “Goodnight.”

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