It was a very memorable weekend.

It all started with a ski trip to the Copper Mountain Ski Area in
Colorado about three years ago. Actually, I guess it really
started earlier… and reached the high point in the mountains of
Colorado. Tim and I had been married just over 8 years then.

I met Tim while we were both in college at Colorado State College
in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was from Omaha, Nebraska, and Tim
grew up on his family’s ranch in northern Wyoming. We had both
had our share of sexual exploits before meeting, but nothing
particularly unusual for those early 80’s years in college.

When we started dating, I fell madly in love with Tim… and he
with me. After several months of dating, we moved in together,
even though our parents were less than supportive of the idea.
Shortly after we graduated, we got married, and moved into a small
house on Tim’s parent’s ranch where Tim went to work for his dad.
Tim had always planned to be a rancher, and one day he hoped to
take over his father’s cattle ranch.

We have always had a great life together… particularly in bed.
In our first three years we had two kids, a boy and a girl. That
pretty well kept me at home, but I managed to develop a home
business designing specialized software programs for some of the
local merchants.

At night, Tim and I would make love into the wee hours at least
three nights a week… often more. On cold winter Wyoming nights
we would build a fire in the fireplace, throw blankets on the
floor in front of the fireplace, and cuddle in each other’s arms.
Tim loved to nibble on my ample breasts… and work his lips down
to my pussy where he would grasp my clit between his lips and suck
as his tongue darted in and out of my pussy. This would usually
bring me to a series of orgasms before he would put his beautiful
cock into me to join me for a final orgasm before we drifted off
to sleep.

While we were back in college I had discovered how much I enjoyed
sucking his cock deep into the back of my mouth as I played with
his scrotum and tickled the area behind his nuts until he got rock
hard. Then I would bob up and down on his cock until he would
shoot his load. In the early days I would pull my mouth off his
cock and let him shoot into the air or onto my hand. Other times
as I felt he was almost ready to shoot, I would straddle his cock
and let him shoot inside my pussy.

After we had been married for about three years, I discovered by
accident that I enjoyed the taste of his come, and began
encouraging him to shoot directly down my throat as I gently
squeezed the last of his seed from his nut sack.

Over the years we experimented with virtually every conceivable
position and variation two people could try. Sometimes he could
come in from the fields mid-day, grab me away from the kids, lift
my skirt, spread my panties and enter me from behind as we stood
in the kitchen or the bathroom. We have both always enjoyed wild,
spontaneous sex.

Whenever we traveled into the bigger cities, we would pick up
magazines like Forum or Variations or Penthouse… and at night we
often read each other stories as the other lavished oral sex on
the reader. Sometimes we brought home some of the more outrageous
X-rated videos to play in the privacy of our bedroom as we made

The stories and the videos often depicted a woman being serviced
by more than one guy. That really turned me on… but at first I
didn’t tell Tim how these stories got my juices flowing. Finally,
I think he began to notice how I would get extra receptive to his
advances after hearing about or seeing such situations.

One night as we lay in bed on our sides… with Tim behind me and
his cock buried deep in my pussy… he reached around and cupped
my breasts.. and softly whispered in my ear… “How would you like
to be having some other guy nibbling on your clit while I am
buried inside you like this?” The verbal picture sounded very
good, but I didn’t say “yes” or “no.” I just released a satisfied
moan and let my pussy muscles squeeze Tim’s cock as he tried to
pull it back on an out-stroke.

He continued to gently stroke in and out of me while a glow
settled over me. Then he said, “Imagine that this cock inside of
you is attached to another guy, and I am laying on the other side
of you… necking with you and playing with your breasts.” With
that, I went over the top in a highly satisfying climax as he
buried himself deeply within me and held his cock there until my
climax sucked a climax out of him. We rolled over and both
quickly fell asleep.

During the next few days I had a hard time focusing my mind on my
computer work. I took care of the kids, fixed the meals… and my
mind would repeatedly drift to the verbal pictures Tim had painted
in my mind. These pictures would mix with the scenes from the
videos or the stories we had read in the various magazines. I had
to admit, the notion of having two guys being attentive to my
body… at once… was beginning to sound VERY interesting.

Keep in mind that since meeting Tim, I have never been with
another man. And, I haven’t even entertained the idea of an
affair. That has just never interested me. BUT, if there was
another guy joining Tim and me in our lovemaking… and I was the
center of that doubled attention… WOW, that had possibilities.

The next night we made love like wild jackrabbits… but nothing
was said about Tim’s earlier comments or my thoughts.

The following week Tim had to travel to Denver to make
arrangements to sell some cattle. The night he returned we got
the kids to bed and he opened a package he had brought back. He
had toured a few adult bookstores and had picked out magazines,
books and videos that each contained stories about women who were
experiencing simultaneous sexual pleasure at the hands of two
guys. Some were coarse, one video was a sensitive treatment of
the experience, showing the woman giving most of her attention to
her husband (with kisses, caresses, oral attention, etc.) as the
second guy lay between her legs nibbling on her bud and diving his
tongue deeply into her. When she came, she was looking straight
into her husband’s eyes, and he gently kissed her forehead as she
closed her eyes and gasped in pleasure.

In another scene, she was on the bed, on all fours, taking her
husband’s cock into her mouth as he lay beneath her, kissing her
pubic mound and caressing her ass cheeks. He motioned for the
other guy to move over to the end of the bed and insert his cock
into his wife’s pussy as he watched from below. He lay his head
back on the bed and watched the action above him as his wife
rocked back to meet every thrust of their bedroom guest… and as
she continued to lovingly suck her husband until he exploded in
her face. With that, she simply lay over on his body and seemed
to enjoy the strange cock as it explored the inner recesses of her
pussy. She appeared to have had several orgasms before their
guest increased his pace and exploded inside her.

That night Tim lay on his back as I sucked him to a raging hard-
on. Then I straddled his hips and let my pussy slide down and
engulfed his cock with my very moist pussy. I pumped up and down
a few times as we lovingly looked into each other’s eyes.
Suddenly Tim stopped me, looked me right in the eye, and asked if
I had enjoyed the video. I had to say yes… because, I had. But
I quickly went on to say that I doubted that such situations could
be put together without jealously getting in the way.

He started moving his hips so his cock moved within me again.
Then he asked if the notion of having two respectful guys at once
might have some appeal to me… that is, he and some other guy…
if I could be assured that jealousy would not be part of the
situation. About that time my climax hit hard, and I screamed out
“Yes, YES, Y E S !”… although not intentionally responding to
his question.

I collapsed into his arms and Tim kissed me as his cock resumed
its movement within me. Again, he asked if I might enjoy having
the attention of two guys at once. I pulled my head back and
smiled into his eyes as I asked, “Are you serious?” “Yes,” he
said… “and there is no reason that jealousy need be the result.
I would love to see my lovely wife experience such increased
pleasure… while I am being a part of it.”

I grinned at him and said, “Sure, what woman would turn down such
an opportunity?” We talked on into the night about all the
possibilities… and how Tim might be able to put such a situation
together. Finally he said, “Just leave it in my hands. Some
weekend soon we will travel to Denver… or to the mountains…
and have a weekend of fun.”

Later I learned that he had also brought a local swinger’s
publication back from Denver. Among other things, it contained
lots of ads from single guys who enjoyed meeting couples for
threesomes. After our conversation, he also obtained a local post
office box… and he began anonymously corresponding with some of
these guys.

During the next month we enjoyed more videos which featured two
guys and one gal… and we continued to read related stories from
various Forum and Variations magazines Tim had brought back from
Denver. This gave us occasion to talk more about how things might
go if Tim had a second guy to join him in giving me pleasure. I
found myself giggling and laughing a lot as Tim painted erotic
verbal pictures… and I let myself see myself as the woman
getting such sensual attention.

About a month after our first conversations about having another
guy join us, Tim came home with an announcement that the following
Friday we were going skiing at Copper Mountain in Colorado for a
long weekend… and that I should bring my sexiest undies and
dress with me… because in addition to skiing… we were going to

I grinned, knowing that he must have put something together. At
the time, I didn’t ask any questions… I just started to play
over in my mind some of the video scenes we had seen, and Tim and
I had great sex together every night that week.

On Thursday, we sent the kids over to Tim’s folks for our long
weekend, and about noon we headed toward Denver. Along the way
Tim showed me a couple of the letters he had received as a result
of placing an ad in Denver’s Rocky Mountain Oyster newspaper… a
tabloid that specializes in adult stories and explicit personals
ads. He told me he had actually received over two dozen
letters… but had settled on these two guys. He had even spoken
with both by phone. “John will join us tonight,” he said,
“tomorrow we will head to Copper Mountain to ski… and if all
goes well tonight, we can consider getting together with Mel on

“Wow,” I thought… “Tim is moving ahead full steam!” I leaned
over and gave Tim a big wet kiss and put one hand on his lap. He
really had a hard-on! Then I proceeded to open the envelopes. The
one from John had two photos inside. One was a full frontal nude
shot of the guy… and the second was a close-up of a rather large
cock entering some woman’s pussy.

“Is this really him,” I asked. “That’s John,’ replied Tim. John
appeared to have a good crop of hair on his chest… running all
the way down to his crotch, and on down his legs. He appeared to
be in his late-20s… about our age. He was clearly in good
physical shape.

“He says the photos were taken during a swing party at a Denver
area motel,” noted Tim. The accompanying letter gave John’s
personal description, and stressed that he enjoys getting together
with couples for a “doubled focus on the lady.” He also stressed
that he is not “Bi” or “Gay.”

The second letter had one photo… a side shot of a guy standing
at the end of a bed, a lady on the bed who had her backside upward
as she crouched over a second guy who was laying face up (she
appeared to be giving him a blow job). The first guy had his cock
buried in the lady’s pussy. A felt tip pen had been used to
circle the first guy… with a note saying “That’s me… Mel.” He
had kind of a shit-eating grin on his face, and his hands were on
the lady’s hips, seemingly pulling himself deeply into her.

Mel’s letter said, “I live here in Summit County… love skiing…
and after a day of skiing I thoroughly enjoy giving a full-body
massage to a lady, eating her to orgasm, and then alternating with
her husband in filling her cunt with hard cock meat until she
comes again and again.” Mel appeared to be a few years older than
John. His letter confirmed this. He said he is “a 35-year-old,
professionally-employed, college grad, currently separated from
his wife.” The letter went on to highlight some of the
experiences he has enjoyed with couples… particularly “couples
who are new to MFM threesomes.”

My mind raced with a variety of thoughts about what we were about
to do… with some anxiety… and some eager anticipation. With a
smile on my face… and my hand back in Tim’s lap, I looked at him
and asked, “are you sure you want to do this?” “Absolutely,” he
said… as he reached over to pull me closer to him. He reached
around my shoulders and cupped my right breast. “I really expect
this to be a special weekend with highly enjoyable experiences for
both of us,” Tim went on. “I can’t wait for the opportunity to
hold you in my arms while one of these guys cuddles against you
from the other side… and then watch your eyes as he slides his
cock into your wonderful pussy. At some point I want to have my
face down by your hips so I can watch as the cock of another guy
drives into your pussy… and so I can feel your body respond.”

With that, I just gave him a hug… and decided to enjoy whatever
the weekend brought.

Soon we were pulling in to a motel on the north side of Denver.
Tim checked us in… and we took our bags to the room. He barely
had the door locked when I climbed all over him. I removed his
pants and shorts, and had him lay back on the king-size bed as I
used my hands to stroke his nuts, and I gave him a really good
blow job. It did not take him long before he shot his pent-up
load down my throat.

I laid on the bed next to him, and as he recovered, he informed me
that we were going to meet John in an hour at a nearby restaurant.
We were to have dinner together before returning to the room…
“to play!” I decided to use the time to take a shower, re-do my
make-up, and get changed into the sexy black dress that I had

Tim took a mini-nap while I got started, then he showered and got
dressed. Forty-five minutes later we were ready to walk out the
door. “Wow,” said Tim, “you look like a million bucks in that
outfit.” I’ll have to admit, I didn’t look bad. The neckline was
low… but discrete, and the hemline was high… but tasteful.
That dress is made of chiffon with some silk insets in just the
right places. I also wore my highest hi-heals, and black nylons
attached to a lacy garter belt.

The restaurant was dimly lighted, and John was already at our
table. As we approached, he stood up (taller than I had
expected), and produced a small bouquet of three roses (hmmm…
appropriate I thought). As he handed the roses to me, he bent
over to give me a discrete kiss on the cheek… and then stuck his
hand out to shake hands with Tim.

Our table was in a back corner, and surrounded on three sides with
a circular booth. I slid in to the middle, and Tim and John slid
in on either side of me. The waiter took our drink order as the
two guys exchanged small talk. When the waiter left, John asked,
“May I kiss your beautiful wife, Tim?” Tim nodded his approval,
and John leaned over to give me a passionate tongue-on-tongue
kiss. During the kiss, Tim reached under the table and put his
hand on my nearest leg. He had barely done so when I felt John’s
hand on my other leg. Apparently their hands touched.

As John broke the kiss, he smiled at Tim and said, “I guess we
both had the same idea.” I blushed… but didn’t take any action
to move their hands. The table had a table cloth that went down
far enough to hide the two hands that were now playing their way
up and down my upper legs. I smiled at Tim, and opened my legs
slightly… just as our drinks arrived.

As the waiter left again, the guys picked up their drinks with
their free hand, and lifted them into the air as Tim said, “a
toast to my beautiful wife.” John added, “… beautiful and SEXY
wife!” As they both took a drink, I reached up for my drink,
raised it, and decided to offer my own toast. “Well… please…
let me drink to the pleasure of being accompanied by two great
looking… and obviously ‘hot’… guys.” With that I took a drink
and simultaneously moved my legs a bit further apart.

John took the cue and moved his hand under my skirt and up toward
my pussy. He must have felt how wet I already was, because he
smiled and said, “I’m glad to see you left your panties at home.
I just blushed. “Did you really,” asked Tim… “that’s the

We hadn’t ordered yet, and I was already very hot from this
unusual setting and all the attention I was getting. “I don’t
know if I can wait through dinner… to get you two guys back to
the room,” I blurted out. “Besides, I am so nervous, I don’t know
if I can eat.” Having heard that, John and Tim looked at each
other, and Tim said, “What do you think John, shall we postpone
dinner a few hours?” “Sounds good to me,” replied John. With
that, we each finished our drinks and got up from the table. John
told the waiter we had decided against dinner at this time… and
he paid the bill. Tim suggested that John just join us in our car
to go back to the motel. “We can get your car later,” he
suggested, “or we may even come back to eat later.”

When we got out to the car, Tim suggested that John and I ride in
the back seat. I was surprised, but I accepted Tim’s suggestion
and hopped into the back seat with John right behind me. Before
Tim had the car out on the street, John had pulled me into a close
embrace, and gave me a gentle kiss… as one of his hands began to
cup one of my breasts. Gawd I was HOT!

John and I necked all the way to the motel as Tim watched us in
his rear-view mirror. “Having fun back there?” Tim asked. I
broke the kiss just long enough to say yes. “Your wife is
absolutely delectable,” said John.

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