Play time in the adult bookstore

My name is Mary and I can’t believe what has happened
to me over the past few weeks. Until recently, my
husband Phil and I were the perfect couple pursuing the
American Dream. We have two teenage kids, a boy and a
girl. We’re juggling two careers, me as an operating
room R.N. at the local hospital and Phil as an engineer
at a large manufacturing plant. We owned the big house
in the suburbs with a pool, the two cars you get the

We’re both in our late 30’s and we work at keeping
ourselves fit and our lives fun. I’m about 5’5″, 120
pounds and I have dark blonde shoulder length hair.
I’ve got 36C breasts, with dark pronounced nipples
courtesy of childbirth. My husband has a dark
complexion and black hair that has that distinguished
peppering throughout. We both had several long
relationships before we met and eventually got married.
Nothing wild the usual college romances.

Our marriage is strong, and we work at keeping our sex
hot, or at least warm. At least once a week we schedule
a ‘play time’ and go to bed early and lock our bedroom
door. About once a month we try to arrange to have both
kids out of the house, spending the night with friends
or relatives. We both try to remain open to new things
and regularly watch videos, and use toys on each other.
Phil likes to lube up an 8″ realistic latex dildo and
pound my pussy with it for about a half-hour, taking me
through a couple of orgasms.

When he thinks I’ve had enough, he slides his cock into
my loose, well-lubricated pussy. He talks to me as he
slides in and out, fantasizing that he is fucking me
after two other guys have fucked me hard and come in
me. I usually have another orgasm and I’m imagining
actually doing that and what it would feel like.

I love to suck Phil’s cock for as long as he’ll let me
until he just has to roll me on my back and slide it
in. I love running my tongue around the thick, dark rim
of the head of his penis. I can tell when I’m getting
to him because he literally starts getting hotter in my
mouth. His pre-cum starts leaking into my mouth
steadily and his breath quickens. About once a month
he’ll let me finish him in my mouth. After bathing the
head of his cock with his load of cum as he softens, I
roll the tangy mixture across my tongue and swallow,
sitting up just a bit so he can watch me.

Phil is also very anally oriented. We have a smaller
dildo, more of a butt plug actually, that we like to
play with. He particularly enjoys having me lube it up
and insert it while I’m sucking his cock. He says the
effect of the pressure in his ass adds to his pleasure
when he comes. I’ve tried it too, but I don’t get it.

After months of pleading, I let him work on my ass
during one of our ‘play sessions.’ He started my
rimming my asshole with his tongue and warming me up.
Then he lubed the plug and slowly inserted it, but I
didn’t enjoy it. After I had loosened up he lubed his
cock and ever so slowly worked it in. After about 5
minutes of slowly working it in and out, gaining a
small amount of depth with each stroke and adding a lot
of lube, Phil was finally in. He started to move a
little more quickly, pumping his entire length in and
out of my asshole. After seven or eight complete
strokes, I had to tell him to stop and pull out; it
felt like my guts were being ripped out. I know some
gals love anal sex, but I’m just not one of them.

We also tried taking pictures of each other and both of
us together in a variety of sexual activities and
positions. We moved on to video quickly. During one
‘play time’ session when we had both been drinking, I
agreed to let Phil get us both on video with full shots
of our faces. We were also very explicit; I took Phil’s
cock deep into my mouth and put on quite a show for the

He pushed me back and told me to move up on the bed and
spread my legs. Laughing, I did and began slowly began
masturbating my clit while looking straight into the
camera lens. As I approached my first orgasm, I pulled
out my favorite dildo and jammed it into my pussy in
one smooth stroke. I started getting vocal as I fucked
myself, saying, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard, you bastard,
come in me!” I finally came with a loud moan, working
my clit feverishly while hammering the dildo in and out
of my cunt.

As I recovered, Phil quickly attached the camera to a
tripod positioned at the end of the bed. After focusing
in on the swollen pussy lips between my still spread
legs, he climbed on and slid his cock into me one
stroke. He pounded me for about five-minutes before
approaching his own orgasm. I stopped him and slid up
the bed, causing him to slip out of me. Without out a
word, I got up and detached the camera from the tripod.

“I want to see you come for the camera,” I told him,
the tape catching the conversation.

“What?” he asked.

“I want to see you come for the camera,” I paused, ” In
your mouth. I want to see you come into your mouth and
swallow your own come!” Phil didn’t say anything,
indicating he didn’t object. We figured out how to get
him into the best position to get the shot. Phil never
uttered a protest he was so focused and turned on by my
request. He ended up dropping his head and shoulders
off of the edge of the bed and coming to rest on the
floor, leaving his body at a steep angle with his waist
and cock still up on top of the bed. He started jacking
his cock. While he was working it himself I put the
camera back on the tripod and repositioned it. I then
went to work on him.

Looking up into the camera, I took his cock head into
my mouth while he continued to jack himself. Seeing the
opportunity, I hiked my leg over his head and lowered
my pussy onto his face on the floor. This went on for
about five-minutes, the camera capturing the entire
scene. As I sensed Phil getting ready to come, I got
off of his face and pulled my mouth off of his cock. I
pulled his legs over his head, which positioned his
cock right over his mouth.

Phil looked right into the camera as he started to
come, the first spurt hitting him on his right cheek.
The next four spurts went right into his widely opened
mouth and landed on his tongue. As he slowed, I brushed
a long string of come out of the way and bent over to
his face and kissed him deeply on the mouth. We savored
the taste of his come and then I let the come slide
back down into his mouth and he swallowed.

The next week at the start of our play session we
watched the tape. It was great, with only a couple of
blurry sections. As we were watching, Phil suggested
that we go out and ‘leave’ the tape somewhere, so that
it would be found and watched by someone unknown. I
immediately soaked my pussy as I thought about this,
and found myself nodding. Phil quickly made a copy for
us to keep we couldn’t miss out on watching that
session again! We threw some loose clothes on and left
the house in my car.

I did the driving as Phil had been drinking. As we
drove, the reality of what we were thinking of doing
sunk in. We agreed that this could get us both in real
trouble because we were both so easily identifiable on
the tape. That didn’t discourage us, however. We agreed
that we should go to a nearby town and find a place to
leave the tape there. As we we were talking Phil
reached into my top, cupped my braless breasts and
started playing with my nipples as I drove. He then
slid one hand into my panties and fingered my still
sensitive clit. I had to slow the car to 20-miles per
hour so that I wouldn’t run us off the road as I came.

Once in the other town we cruised for a little while
looking for locations that would work. we finally
settled on a 24-hour Laundromat that didn’t have anyone
in it. Phil walked in and left our tape in the middle
of a large work table and quickly got back to the car.
It would be noticed immediately; someone would have to
move it to fold dried clothes. We pulled to the far end
of the parking lot to watch through the Laundromat
windows and see if anyone found the tape.

We didn’t have to wait long. A small car drove into the
parking lot, parked in front of the Laundromat and a
single woman got out and walked in carrying a bag of
laundry and a box of detergent. She was medium height
and a blonde, but we couldn’t tell much more than that
from the distance. She wasn’t in the store for 2-
minutes when she walked over to the table and picked up
the tape. After looking at it for a second, she put it
into her coat pocket and turned to begin loading a
machine. Not saying a work to each other, I started the
car and drove out of the lot. Once we were back on the
highway, we both exhaled and started laughing about our
little exploit.

At Phil’s insistence, I pulled into a rest stop on the
road home and parked. We dropped our seats down and I
stripped off my sweatpants and panties and spread my
legs. Phil was in me in a second, pumping his cock
deeply in and out of me. A car drove through the rest
stop, pausing near our car for a moment. We froze, Phil
in mid-stroke inside me, and we were both just sure
that someone was going to approach the car and see us
fucking. Some nights he just feels bigger, and tonight
he was huge. The car finally moved on and he leaned in
to my ear and whispered, “She is going to take that
tape home and watch. She’ll probably masturbate
watching you work your pussy and us fucking. What do
you think she’ll think when she watches me come??”

“She’ll probably wish she was there for a taste. Now
shut up and just fuck me!” A half-dozen strokes later,
he tensed and came in me. We got ourselves together and
drove home, both of us with smiles on our faces as we
thought about the woman watching our tape. Making the
movie and giving it away to a stranger opened a new
twist in our relationship.

One night on the way home from a dinner out at a nice
restaurant we passed an adult bookstore. It was, after
all, a ‘play night,’ but we had been more focused on
having a nice evening together than sex. After talking
about it for a few minutes as we continued driving,
Phil turned the car around and headed back. We parked
at the far end of the parking lot and walked into the

I don’t know if the few customers that were skulking
around weren’t used to ‘new’ people, or maybe it was
the way we were dressed or the fact that I was a woman.
Phil was dress in a jacket and slacks, and I was in a
light summer dress, not wearing any nylons in the hot
weather. We sure got a lot of looks. We walked through
the store looking at the videos and at the toys behind
the counter.

All eyes seemed to be on us. I felt myself getting wet
just being in the store. A glance at Phil’s crotch
revealed that his cock was stiffening. Phil nudged me
and we headed to the back of the store to the video
booths. After stopping at a coin machine and getting
$20 in quarters, we stepped into one of the booths,
closed the door and sat down on the bench while our
eyes adjusted to the dark. Phil put in some quarters
and the feature came on.

The surprisingly clear video showed a woman with two
men on a bed, one between her legs eating her pussy and
the other kneeling by her head feeding her his thick,
long cock. There was something hypnotizing about
watching the action on the screen in the darkness of
the booth. Phil reached over and pulled up my dress
exposing my legs. I scooted up and slid off my panties
and spread my legs. Phil immediately began lightly
stroking my clit and, after about a minute, I had my
first orgasm. It must have been the excitement of being
semi-naked in a public place and the images on the

We could hear people in the hallway and the doors of
other booths opening and closing around us. During one
of the darkened scenes on our video, I noticed light
coming through the wall from the booth next to us. I
leaned over and discovered a hole about 5-inches in
diameter, lined with duct tape. A glory hole! I leaned
over and looked into the next booth. A young man was
watching the screen while working his hand slowly up
and down his medium-sized cock. After watching him jack
his cock for a few minutes, I made a noise to get his
attention and then sat up and leaned over to Phil.

“There’s a guy over in the next booth and I just got
his attention,” I whispered. “Let’s let him watch us
fuck!” Phil moaned and stood up to slide his pants off.
We both looked down at the hole and saw the man looking
through the glory hole at us.

I couldn’t wait to display myself to this stranger,
pushed Phil back down on the bench and climbed on his
cock, sliding it into me in one smooth move. We paused
for a moment and moved on the bench to give the man a
clear view of our connection. Phil added to our
stranger’s view by reaching back and pulling my cheeks
apart to give him an even better view of his cock
sliding in and out of my pussy.

With a moan, I started working myself up and down
Phil’s length. The heat and smell of our sex in the
booth was becoming stronger. I kissed Phil on the mouth
deeply, then leaned into his ear and whispered,
“There’s some guy watching you fuck me. He’s watching
your cock slide in and out as I’m fucking you. God!”

“You are such a whore! I can’t wait for him to watch me
come in you!” Phil said back. With a sudden glint in
his eye, Phil whispered, “Let’s scoot toward the hole
so he can touch us!”

“Touch us?”

“Yeah! So he can reach through the hole and feel my
balls and my cock in your pussy!” Without another word,
Phil began to slide his butt down the bench toward the
hole taking me with him. Our stranger caught on quick
and as soon as we stopped moving down the bench I felt
another hand on my right cheek that stopped and then
worked its way down between my legs. I hadn’t started
moving again on Phil’s cock and we both were motionless
as the stranger’s fingers explored us. I moved again to
kiss Phil on the mouth and then to his ear to whisper.

“I can’t believe this! He is running his fingers up and
down my pussy lips, around your cock, feeling it going
into me! Oh, God!!” The fingers wrapped around Phil’s
shaft right outside my opening and squeezed him,
causing Phil to moan. The stranger then slipped a
finger into my opening, right next to Phil’s cock.

“Ohhhhhh. God! He’s in me!” The stranger worked his
finger in and out of my pussy next to Phil’s cock,
getting it slick with my flowing moisture. He pulled
the finger out of me and moved it up toward my asshole,
lingering. Sensing what was coming, I tried to relax.
After a moment, our stranger began working his slick
finger into my asshole.

“He is putting his finger in my ass, Phil! God, fuck
me. Fuck me!” I began moving slowly up and down on
Phil’s cock again, clenching around our stranger’s
finger. The whole thing tipped Phil over the edge, and
he started to spasm and came in my pussy with a groan.

“God, Mary, I’m coming! He’s up your ass!!!” As he came
in my, I had a small orgasm focusing on his cock
pulsing in and our stranger’s finger clenched deep in
my asshole. As Phil’s orgasm subsided and he began to
soften, I slid off of his cock, our stranger’s finger
still in my ass. I kneeled in the bench with my ass
facing the hole and looked back at the arm coming
through the hole. “Fuck my ass with your finger!” Our
stranger heard me and began moving it in and out of my
ass at a steady pace. The pain finally got to be too
much and I pulled away from the hole, sliding the
finger out of my ass as I moved out of his reach.

I sat down on the bench and our stranger pulled his arm
back through the hole. Phil and I looked at each other
for a minute in the flickering light of the video and
we seemed to have the same sense of disbelief on our
faces. The woman on the video screen was now getting
fucked on her back by a black man, while another man
filmed the scene. Apparently, it was a ‘making a video’
scene. Phil dug some more quarters out of his pants on
the booth floor. His cock was started to get hard again
and I wrapped my fingers around it and started to
slowly pump him.

“Look,” he said, pointing to the hole. I turned and saw
about six-inches of circumcised cock protruding from
the hole. Our stranger wanted some relief. “Touch it,”
Phil said.

“No way!” I wasn’t ready to cross that bridge yet.

“Shit, Mary, he’s felt your pussy, felt my cock in your
pussy and stuck his finger up your ass. Now you’re
getting shy?”

I chuckled, “OK, you’re right, but, well . . . ” I
reached over and wrapped my other hand around our
stranger’s cock. It was very hard and very warm. It
twitched as I gripped it more tightly. Almost naturally
I started to stroke his cock. Our stranger leaned into
the wall with pleasure, giving me another -inch or so
in length in my hand.

“Is that all you want to do?” Phil asked. “What do you
mean?” I replied. “Don’t you want to taste him?” Phil
asked, quietly, licking my left ear.

“No. I’m not ready for that. Why don’t you do it, Phil?
Take him. Suck him. I’d love to see that!” The word
spilled out of my mouth. I felt myself getting wet
again. Phil looked at me as though I was daring him.
“Do it. I know you want to. Make him come in your

With that, Phil move me out of the way on the bench and
move his face down to the cock, examining it. He turned
to look at me one last time, and then kissed the head
of the cock. Phil took a breath and slid his mouth down
the length of our stranger’s cock. I could hear a
muffled groan through the wall.

I knelt on the floor and took Phil’s now rock hard cock
into my mouth and started to jerk the shaft slowly with
my hand. I looked up and Phil was doing the same to our
stranger’s cock. I watched Phil work his pursed lips up
and down the shaft of his unknown lover. He was using
the same technique on our stranger that I had used on
him for years; tight lips, suction, motion up and down
on the penis. Phil was also doing my ‘tongue thing’ to
our stranger; I could see Phil’s cheeks swell as he
took the cock into his mouth and he slathered the head
of the cock with his tongue while it was deep in his
mouth, almost down his throat.

Phil abruptly stopped and sat up on the bench, pulling
his cock out of my mouth. “I’ve got to do something,”
he said. He tapped in our stranger’s stomach and got
him to pull his cock back through the hole. Phil leaned
flat against the wall, inserting his own cock through
the hole. “I want him to suck me for awhile.” He let
out a deep moan immediately, indicating that our
stranger was obliging him. I kneeled on the bench
behind Phil, sort of spooning him while he was blown
anonymously. I then wanted to feel the exchange. I
motioned for Phil to lean slightly back away from the
hole so I could put part of my small hand through.

I was rewarded instantly as I made contact with our
stranger’s forehead. I moved my hand down him face a
beard! and moved my fingers around his mouth. I
savored the sensation of touching the connection of his
lips wrapped around my husband’s cock. I could feel the
suction in our stranger’s cheeks.

I pulled my hand back through the hole and straitened
back up behind Phil. He leaned back and kissed me
deeply, obviously close to coming. As I ran my tongue
deeply into his mouth I felt him tense and start to
shudder. He lost himself in a shaking orgasm, send
several pulses of semen into our stranger’s mouth. I
broke our kiss.

“Did he swallow?” I asked with a whisper. “Every drop.
God, that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. No
offense,” he said, sensing I might me offended that he
had reached a level of pleasure with a stranger he
hadn’t achieved with me. “None taken. It’s the moment,”
I told him and meant it.

“Mary, he hasn’t gotten off yet. I . . . ” he trailed
off, not sure what he wanted to say. “What? Phil, come
on, at this point, there isn’t much that could shock

“I… I want to take him up my ass,” He blurted. I
didn’t say anything. He had shocked me. Our stranger’s
cock was sticking back through the hole, looking harder
and even longer than before. A dollop of pre-cum fluid
was dripping from the hole on the head. I felt my mouth
water involuntarily I loved licking that drip from
Phil’s cock. After a moment I said, “Ok. So, you want
him to fuck you in the ass. Ok. Do it. I’m cool. In
fact, I’m getting wet again thinking about it.”

And I was.

“I might need some help. I need some lube.” Phil
reached between my legs and worked two of his fingers
into my pussy, dishing out some of his come that was
flowing from me with my juices. I watched as Phil
spread the handful of goo over our stranger’s cock.
Phil turned and backed his ass up to the hole and
reached between his legs, grabbing the cock and guiding
it to his asshole. He exhaled abruptly as the cock made
contact with his asshole. Our stranger backed through
the hole and Phil backed up against the wall completely
and reached back to spread his ass cheeks. He then put
his arms on the bench in front of him and braced
himself for the entry. He didn’t wait for long.

“Oh, fuck. God, Mary, that feels good. Kind of hurts.
Oh, God!” It seemed as though our stranger had gotten
the head of his cock inside Phil, and then slid his
entire length in, all at once. “Jesus, that feels good!
I’ve wanted to do this for years, Mary. I guess you
knew that?”

I nodded. Phil then lost contact with reality as our
stranger began to pump his cock in and out of Phil,
slow and steady. Phil began muttering obscenities, most
of which I couldn’t understand. I held his hands as he
took our stranger’s cock. The video screen suddenly
went blank and the booth became dark. I scrambled to
dig into Phil’s pocket to find some more quarters.

In the darkness I noticed light shooting into the booth
from the side opposite of the hole that Phil was being
fucked through. Another glory hole! The light was
subdued through this hole, though, and as I put the
quarters in and got our video going I could see why:
someone’s face was up against the hole with their eye
looking into our booth watch Phil get fucked. They had
probably seen our whole session!

I got up close to the other glory hole to see who was
watching us, and the face shifted. This was a slightly
larger hole, maybe eight-inches in diameter. Suddenly
the lower half of a man’s face protruded through the
hole and he stuck his tongue out and made several
suggestive licking motions. I didn’t even think about
what I was doing as I faced the wall and lowered my
pussy onto our new stranger’s face. After a few licks
on my clit he moved down the folds of my sex and began
licking deeply into my pussy to get the remaining
traces of my husband’s orgasm.

As I was reveling in my new pleasure, Phil moaned, ‘God
he is fucking the shit out of me! I think he’s about to
cum. Mary, hon, he’s going to come in my ass! Oh, here
he goes! God, he is just pumping me full!! It feels
incredible!” I pulled myself off of my new lover and
turned away from the wall to face Phil and kiss him. I
backed my pussy back against our second stranger’s face
and he resumed licking. My new position gave him more
access, and he began running his tongue from my pussy
and then on to my asshole. I moaned into Phil’s mouth
as we kissed and felt myself building to another quick

Phil pulled himself away from the wall, broke our kiss
and bent to the hole to say something to our first
stranger. As I watched, getting closer to an orgasm, I
saw the two of the talking closely through the hole and
the they leaned into each other and shared a long deep

“Phil!” I cried involuntarily. He broke off the kiss
with the stranger and then he was passed something
through hole. It was a piece of paper with a phone
number; our stranger had apparently enjoyed his time
with us!

“What?” Phil asked. “I kiss a guy and you think that’s
weird? Some guy you don’t know is eating your pussy!”
he said with a laugh.

“I know. I guess I’m just not ready for… Oh GOD!” I
screamed as my orgasm hit me without warning and hard.
I came in waves as my new stranger focused on my clit.
As my orgasm hit the peak he slid a finger up my ass in
one stroke. “Oh, God!!”

As I cooled down he stopped licking and pulled his face
from the hole and his finger slowly out of my ass. I
stood up, shakily, and turned toward the hole. I knew
that I had to return the favor, and I found myself
wondering what I would be confronted with. Suddenly, a
large, dark uncircumcised cock pushed through the hole.
It was about seven-inches long, slightly longer than
Phil, but larger in girth. I touched it tentatively and
then wrapped my hand around it. The head of my new
stranger’s cock was hidden under the translucent

I started to started to move my hand up and down on the
shaft when Phil nudged me, recovering from being
sodomized. “My asshole is stretched wide open. I’ve got
his come dripping out of me, just like you have, Mary.
That was incredible. Ok, you need to work on this one.
He gave you a run,” referring to my orgasm on my new
lover’s face, “so you need to satisfy him.”

“I know. I’ll get there.” I started to grip the cock
harder and jerk him off more firmly. I heard a muffled
grunt of approval through the hole. Phil nudged my
shoulder and made a motion with his finger to be quiet.
He leaned over and took the cock into his mouth and
began sucking as I jerked it. After a minute Phil
grunted and pulled his mouth off of the cock.

The head of the new stranger’s cock had ‘popped’ out of
his foreskin and was glistening with Phil’s saliva in
the flickering light of the video. I moved Phil’s head
out of the way and took the cock deeply into my mouth
while I continued jerking the shaft. As Phil watched, I
developed the same steady rhythm on the cock as I used
on Phil and I could feel the man begin to respond. I
tasted some pre-cum on my tongue as he started to

We were interrupted by a knock on the door of our
booth. I was surprised when Phil began to open the door
and I pulled my mouth from my new stranger’s cock.

“Phil! What are you doing? We’re naked in here!”

“Mary, in care you haven’t noticed, we’ve had sex with
a couple of people already, and we’ve been watched by a
couple of more. I’m not sure I see a problem in letting
someone in here.” Before I could respond, Phil popped
the lock.

The door opened and the light from the hallway flooded
in. A slim young black man walked entered and walked up
to Phil, his long slender cock already out of his
pants. “I was watchin’ you two from the other booth. I
wanted to get closer.”

I was stunned by this new level we had just reached and
watched as Phil took the young man’s cock into his
mouth. A second man entered the booth and sat down next
to me on the bench. As he undid his pants, he reached
for my husband’s waist and turned him around. As he
pulled his thick, veiny cock free he pulled Phil ass
toward his lap, impaling him. Phil squealed around the
black man’s cock in his mouth, and than I could see him
relax as he took the sitting man’s cock into his

A couple of other young men stood in the hall outside
the booth and just watched the four of us. The light
was behind them, casting them in a silhouette so I
couldn’t really see what they looked like. I sat there,
naked from the waist down with my legs spread, my pussy
open for all of them to see.

The unknown man I had been blowing sat there patiently
with his cock sticking through the hole in the wall
waiting for me to resume. I had this vague thought
about how strange things can become normal and make a
kind of sense under certain circumstances. I stood up
and removed my dress and bra; I thought I might as well
let them see everything. I dropped to my knees on the
floor and turned back to service the man who had given
me that great orgasm.

I worked his cock in earnest, taking pleasure in the
perverse show I was putting on for the men in the hall.
What a couple me sucking a guy I couldn’t see, and my
husband taking his second cock of the night up his ass
while blowing another guy.

I heard some movement behind me and felt some hands
touch my ass at the same time I felt the warmth of a
cock make contact with my cheeks. I left my new guy
reposition me slightly so he could work his cock
between my legs. With my mouth suctioning my second
stranger and my left hand jacking his cock intensely, I
reached between my legs to guide my new guy into my

I thrust me ass slightly up and out to meet him and he
slid in easily. I had a weird thought as my pussy
adjusted to the cock that had just entered me: I
wouldn’t look at him. I would make a point of not
looking so I wouldn’t know who it was. The man fucking
me from behind would remain as anonymous as the man on
the other side of the wall.

After a minute of not moving at all, the man behind me
began slamming into me in earnest. I moved my mouth
down on the cock I was sucking and it made contact with
the back of my throat. I paused, waiting for the gag
response to finish, and then pushed him in a little
deeper. This stranger was getting my special treatment,
getting to feel the heat from my throat on the head of
his cock. I continued to jack his cock, staying in time
with the guy behind me pistoning in and out of my

“God, you feel good in me,” I heard Phil say, probably
to the man fucking him. I slightly turned my head and
say that Phil had stopped sucking the young black man
standing in front of him but was still jacking his cock
furiously as me slightly moved up and down on the lap
of the man under him. My husband was a cock whore! As I
watched I heard a moan and the back man erupted, send a
load of cum from the tip of his glistening cock through
the air, hitting Phil on the cheek. Phil turned his
head, opened his mouth and caught the next three spurts
easily. I could see the muscles in his throat swallow
as his swallowed the mouthful of cum.

I felt both the men in me begin to get tense, signaling
the start of their orgasms. My glory hole man came
first, strongly sending four heavy jolts of come
directly down my throat. Some of his come backed up on
my tongue and I was able to taste his salty flavor.
Immediately after he was done spurting into my mouth, I
felt the man pumping my pussy from behind stop moving,
tense, and then begin to pound me furiously as he

He groaned loudly and latched on to me with both hands
and rammed into me as far as he could. I clenched my
pussy muscles around his shaft and felt it pulsing as
he shot load after load of come deep into me. He held
on and leaned into me as his orgasm subsided and
reached around my chest, cupping my breasts. He stayed
in me, soaking his cock in our fluids. “Thank you. That
was incredible. I’ve never had an experience like
this,” he whispered.

Slowly he pulled out of me and stood up. I heard the
rustle of his clothing as he pulled up his pants and
tucked his shirt in. I maintained my position, kneeling
over the bench; I wanted the thrill of the anonymous
sex to be complete. He finally left the room and I
never did see what he looked like or figure our how old
he was.

I finally looked over at my husband who was still
moving slowly up and down on the man sitting under him.
He was working hard to take the man’s cock as deep into
his ass as he could. He was moving move slowly than
before. As turned on as he was by the experience, the
pain was starting to get to him and was visible on his
face. It didn’t last much longer.

I saw the man start to grimace as he started his
orgasm. “Uh, huh, uh, man, I’m coming. I’m coming in
you… oh!” He thrust his ass off of the bench to meet
my husbands down stroke to plant himself as deeply as
he could as he came.

The move caught Phil off guard and made him yelp
slightly. I watched as the man was wracked with several
spasms as he came. He finally pushed my husband off and
stood up. He kissed my husband on the forehead and told
him, “Thanks, man. I loved using your ass. Let me give
you my card. We should get together sometime. With you
and your wife. You guys are wild!” He handed Phil a
card and, getting his clothes together stepped from the

I sat there looking at Phil and he finally turned his
glazed eyes over to me. “Man, I got fucked. I can’t
believe this,” he said, quietly.

“Yeah. Me, too. I can’t believe I actually had sex with
a stranger. A couple of them. God!”

Right then a guy walked by the open door of our booth
and paused to look in. “Are you guys into doing

“No!” we both replied in unison. Then we laughed. Phil
closed the door to the booth and we both started
looking for our clothes. This was a ‘play night’ to

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