A little perverted sex never hurt anyone, or has it?

Whore: 19 years old, long, straight, dark brown hair,
hypnotic brown eyes, playful dominatrix. Lost it when
she was 17, got fucked, then she fucked all her
boyfriends brains out, usually on top.

Playa: Confused 18 year old, just looking for a good
fuck. Brown hair, brown eyes. Lost his virginity to
Whore. He hates Chastity, because she’s always trying
to break up him and Whore. He’s always wondered what
it’d be like to fuck her.

Chastity: 18 year old, straight strawberry blonde hair
down past her shoulders, curled in, beautiful blue
eyes, virgin, totally pure, except for quite a few
unwanted fondlings of her breasts in school, and a
forced French-kiss and one forced crotch grab. She
hates Playa, because Whore, who is her best friend,
hasn’t spent much time with her since she got hooked up
with Playa.

Whore led her boyfriend, Playa, into her roommate,
Chastity’s bedroom. Chastity was asleep on her bed with
her usual sheets and pillows with flowers on them
hugging her $600 Tickle Me Elmo doll that her daddy
bought her for Christmas.

Whore pulls out Chastity’s blanket and whispers, “C’mon
Playa, get in.”

Playa gets in bed next to Chastity and starts kissing
her. Her feels her breasts and puts his hands in her
crotch. Chastity, while asleep, feels something
strange, wakes up, screams and yells, “Who are you? Get
away from me!”

Whore says “Shut up! Calm down! Be quiet!”

“Wh-what do you guys want?” Chastity asks.

“Look, we know you’re a virgin and we just want to help
you out that’s all. It’s about time you become a
woman,” Whore says.

“Wh-what are you talking about? I-I don’t… I don’t

Playa kisses her. “Shhhh, it’s ok,” Playa says. He puts
his tongue in her and fondles her breasts.

“I don’t want to do this,” Chastity says.

“Relax, you need to get laid, we’re doing this for your
own good,” Whore says.

Playa puts his hands under her shirt and touches her
bare breast. Nobody had ever touched Chastity’s bare
breasts before.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” Whore asks.

“Mmmmmm,” Chastity moans.

Playa pulls her “Daddy’s Girl” shirt over her head,
then takes a nipple in his mouth.

“OHHH,” Christy moans.

Whore gets in bed with her and starts licking her left
breast while Playa takes the right. Playa goes down and
removes Chastity’s chastity belt, then her panties. He
licks her soft white pussy and puts a finger inside. He
licks her clit and Chastity goes wild!

“Ooooh… oh god… so good… that feels so good,”
moans as her body squirms under Playa’s tongue.

Then Whore is tonguing Chastity while Playa moves up
and puts his penis at the entrance of her sweet, soft,
wet, hot, untouched, unviolated, uncontaminated,
virgin, pure, basically unfucked vagina.

Whore and Playa look into each others eyes and grin,
“Do it!” she whispers.

Playa places tip of his cock at her opening and slides
into her sopping hole until he reaches her hymen.

“Do it. Give it to her. Fuck her.” Whore whispers, her
voice full of lust.

“No! Wait! Please. Use a condom, I don’t want to get
pregnant,” Chastity pleads.

“Don’t worry hon, he’s sterile,” Whore says.

“Am I?” Playa asks and smiles.

“Yeah, you are, REMEMBER?” Whore winks at him.

“Oh, oh yeah, you’re right, I’m sterile. I keep
forgetting cause you’re on the pill.” Playa winks.

“I-if he’s sterile, why’re you on the pill?” Chastity

“Well, ummm, because I fuck other guys and I let them
all cum in me, that’s why,” Whore says, satisfied with
her answer.

“Oh. Ok then, I guess you don’t need a condom Playa…
I mean, you are sterile, right? You wouldn’t lie about
that, would you?”

“Na, of course I am. I had an injury playing
football… it’s a long story,” Playa says as he holds
himself in her just north of her hymen, thinking all
the while, “Oh fuck! I get to do her without a condom
AND get to cum in her! Whore always makes me use a

Playa pulls back, then thrusts hard into Chastity,
tearing, violating, raping her pure sweet virgin pussy,
ripping her hymen asunder, her purity, her chastity, in
one single thrust!

“AAAHH! OOWWWE!” Chastity screams into Whore’s mouth.
She is still crying in pain while Playa drives his cock
into her throbbing pussy.

“Fuck, she’s tight! Fuck, this is the best pussy I’ve
ever had! YEAH! Damn this is so fucking good! This
pussy is so fucking good!” Playa says as he
continuously pumps his cock in and out of Chastity’s
tight — no longer virgin – cunt.

As Playa thrusts vigorously he pulls Chastity’s legs up
and puts them over his shoulders and leans into her,
making her butt rise up while he supports himself on
his knees and pounds his cock straight down into her
lava hot, clamping tight cunt. Her cunt is so tight, he
feels every part of it while he gives her the fucking
of her life.

Chastity fears that the neighbors can hear her bed
springs as Playa pounds her hard. Her first and most
painful fuck ever. She’s still crying.

Playa moves down a bit, then starts fucking her even
harder and faster, pistoning his dick in and out of her
poor abused pussy. In, out, in, out, in, out, in, out,
in, out, faster and faster he fucks her like a madman.

Chastity’s head thrashes back and forth as she cries
out, knowing that she was no loner a virgin and
wondering vaguely how this had come to pass She
realized at some level that her body was now being used
for devious sexual pleasures by someone she doesn’t
even like.

Even worse, someone she had always hated for taking her
roommate, her best friend, away from her, making her
spend all her time with him instead of her, was now
having sex with her, enjoy her pussy, using her pussy
for his pleasure, and eventually he’d cum inside her
for sexual release.

The thought of him making a baby inside her disgusted
her, but she wanted him to cum in her so badly now,
because she wanted this to end. She wanted the constant
thrusting of his cock into her ravaged pussy to end.

Whore began to pinch and lick her nipples, then she
pinched her clit. Chastity yelled out and clamped down
hard, squeezing Playa’s cock with her cunt driving him
to the edge, making him yell and thrust up and spurt,
shooting sticky streams of cum deep into her pussy.

Chastity was relieved when she felt his hot cum coating
her pussy walls, it helped to reduce the pain from his
harsh fucking motions. It felt so good to have his cum
inside her. The thought of a man cumming in her,
coating her insides with hot male cum made her body
jerk as she orgasmed. Chastity’s pussy contracted and
so tightly that Playa couldn’t pull himself out of her.
This lasted for almost a minute and made Playa hard
again and he started fucking her again.

Whore wasn’t having any more of that and pushed him
onto his back and said, “Hey shithead! It’s my turn
now!” And she jumped on him and his cock slid it right
into her hot pussy. “Oh fuck yeah! That hurt!” she
yelled. And she fucked herself on his dick for a good
10 minutes, while Chastity lay beside them and watched.

Then suddenly Whore got up and sat on Chastity’s face,
making the girl’s arms flailing and her body squirm in
distress. “Suck my pussy you little slut!” Whore
groaned in pleasure as she rubbed her hot slick pussy
against her friend’s mouth and chin.

Taking advantage of this new situation, Playa
repositioned himself between Chastity’s legs and fucked
her freshly fucked, newly deflowered pussy. He was
surprised to feel that most of the cum was already
soaked in and gone… his ‘kids’ must’ve all gone up to
find a fertile egg, he thought to himself.

He began to fuck her faster then slower, trying to
enjoy the great feeling of her wonderfully tight pussy.
He was so happy that he’d got to be the first guy to
fuck her hot virgin pussy and even happier about the
fact that he was the first guy to cum in her and maybe
even make a baby in her.

Thinking about Chastity’s swollen belly with his kid in
it pushed Playa over the edge, and he shot more streams
of hot cum deep into this horny young college coed’s
pussy. “Wow, that’s so fucking hot!” he moaned as his
thrusts slowed, finally puling out and getting off her
to take a shower.

Playa’s departure was Whore’s signal to get into a 69
with Chastity and start to eat out all the cum Playa
had just shot into her. Whore continued to rub her
pussy against Chastity’s mouth, who was now actively
trying to please her friend, by licking her hot,
dripping, wet cunt.

Playa comes out of the bathroom and sees both girls
orgasm at the same time. Their bodies sheened with
sweat and their hips jerking in uncontrollable ecstasy
thrusting their pussies against each other’s mouths.
Whore finally groans and passes out from the intense
cumming while Chastity gets up to go into the shower.

Playa looks down at his cock to see it erect AGAIN!
Playa, recognizing the opportunity, puts his wet body
on Whore’s back, and slides his cock inside her saliva
filled cunt. “Oh yeah, you like this don’t you, you
fucking whore! Take it you fucking whore! You fucking
cunt! You stupid dyke! Take my dick in your cunt! I’m
gonna cum in you, you stupid bitch! Stupid bitch
doesn’t want to take the pill just because she thinks
it causes her to gain weight. What a stupid whore you
are to trust me. I’m gonna fuck you anyway I want,
whenever I want, wherever I want, and I’ll shoot my cum
in your cunt, ass, mouth, on your tits, however I
like!” Then Playa’s body tensed and his ass clinched as
he filled Whore’s pussy with a load of his potent cum.

As the last load of cum forced out of Playa and into
Whore’s body she wakes up, and shoved Playa away then
punches him hard in his face.

“Oww!! Why’d you do that for?”

“Listen, you don’t EVER fuck me without a condom, you
got that? The only time you’ll EVER get any is when *I*
want some, got it!”

“Yeah, ok, ok, I’m sorry,” Playa apologizes.

“Now get your ass into the shower and FUCK HER AGAIN!
We want to make sure she gets pregnant.” Whore

“OK, ok, geez, you don’t have to yell,” Playa obeys and
quickly exits the room into the shower with Chastity.

“What are you dong?” Chastity gasps as Playa steps into
the shower.

Playa kisses her right nipple and says, “I want you
baby,” he kisses her left nipple and says, “And you
too,” then goes down on his knees and kisses her wet
pussy, “And especially you.” Then Playa stands and
grabs Chastity and pushes her up against the shower
stall and slides his cock into her cunt and starts
bouncing her against the wall.

“I have to pee!” Chastity wails.

“Go ahead baby, it don’t matter, we’re in the shower.
Pee on my cock. I have to pee too. I’m gonna pee in

“No!” Chastity yells.

Playa sucks her nipple and starts to pee inside her.
Chastity feels the steamy hot liquid streaming from his
cock into her. It feels good to have him pee in her
like that, and she starts to pee on his cock at the
same time.

Chastity clasps Playa’s wet body to her as she feels
the hot streams of pee running down her legs and the
acrid smell of urine. This is crazy totally insane, she
wonders again for the hundredth time how all this cam

After he is done peeing, Playa, still semi-hard
continues to bounce Chastity on his dick, while she is
still peeing. The feeling of his piss and cock in her
while she pees makes her so hot that she cums, making
her pussy grab hard onto Playa’s cock, and that makes
him so horny that he erupts a third time inside her,
mixing his cum with their pee in her pussy.

After their bodies stop shivering and the aftermath of
their acts released their minds from the intense
pleasure they just experienced, they washed and dried
themselves and they kiss.

Whore tells Playa to sleep with Chastity and do
whatever he wants for the night. She goes into her
other roommate’s room and sleeps with her leaving the
couple alone.

Without a word Playa grabs Chastity and flings her onto
the bed, then jumps on top of her, removing her towel
and starts kissing and her and then slips his stiff
cock into her again and starts fucking her.

For the first time Chastity is humping back at him. “Oh
god, you feel so good,” Chastity moaned as she thought
about their shower experience and her body responded to

“Anytime baby, you’re so hot,” Plays says.

As he thrust into the girl she whispered in his ear,
“How about Friday night?”

Not breaking stride, Play says, “You mean, a date?”

Chastity hugs his body to hers and says, “I know you’re
going out with Whore but… oh, never mind, I’m being
stupid,” the shy girl says.

“No, no, it’s ok. I want to… I want to go out with
you, and have sex again too,” he says.

“Will you go out with me if we don’t have sex?”
Chastity asks.

“No way, Whore lets me have sex with her. I want to be
with you because you’re pussy feels better than hers…
hers is loose, yours is tight… I love that so much. I
love your tight hot pussy,” Playa moans into Chastity’s
ear as he continues to fuck her slowly.

Chastity smiles and kisses him, “Ok then, I’ll let you
have sex with me anytime you want, but you have to take
me out first, ok?”

“Can I cum in you too?” he asks.

“Yes, of course,” she says.

Playa can’t believe what she just said and cums hard in
her for the 4th time that night. “Deal!” he moans as
his orgasm passes.


Playa broke up with Whore and went out with Chastity
for 4 years while they were both in college. He fucked
her at least once a day, sometimes twice, 10 times on
the weekends. Her pussy was still incredibly tight
after all that fucking, mostly because his dick was
only 3 inches, and skinny as a pencil but it gave her
all the pleasure she needed. After all, he had been her
only lover.

Chastity gave him 3 kids, and he made her have a c-
section each time, so that her cunt would remain as
tight as possible. He told her that he’d leave her if
her pussy didn’t feel good anymore.

Then one day Chastity got gang raped by 4 black guys on
the chess team. Those lonely nerds had gone without sex
for 21 years, like she’d gone without it for 18 year,
so it was only a matter of time until they lost it, and
Chastity was unlucky enough to be there and looking
good at the wrong moment in time.

It turned out that they all had 8″ to 9″ cocks, tearing
her tight little pussy apart, making her looser that
before. Playa visited her in the hospital where she
told him what had happened to her, hoping that he would
sympathize with her. But Playa got mad, tried to fuck
her to see how loose they’d made her, and when he could
barely feel a thing, he slapped her face and told her
it was over.


Whore ended up fucking all of her teachers for a 4.0
GPA. One of them got caught sleeping with another
student. She didn’t want to risk anything so she
transferred to UCLA and fucked all her professors
there, giving her the same 4.0 GPA and TONS of credit.
She went on to marry several old rich guys, fucking
them to death and taking all their money.

Playa started to become what his name was… a playa.
He went out with tons of girls, all of them virgins, at
least at the beginning… or so he thought. One of the
girls lied about her past… she said she was a virgin
and even tightened her pussy when he first fucked her,
then releasing it, making him think he’d broken her
cherry, but she wasn’t a virgin at all. In fact, she’d
been around so much that she had 3 STDs, including HIV.
He never regretted being a playa, since he got laid a
lot, and made tons of babies, even after he was

Both Playa and Whore have died since then.

As for Chastity, well, she met a nice sweet guy that
was nice to her, but really boring in bed, even though
he had a large 8″ cock, big enough to get more than
enough pleasure from her gang raped cunt.

Chastity didn’t care that he was boring in bed, she was
happy. She married him, and never had sex with anyone
else. They have 2 sons and Playa’s 3 daughters, a white
and green house with a picket fence and everything that
goes with it. Including the wisdom that goes with a

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