Some revenge on the ex-wife and her family

Paula was a bitch. She had married her ex-husband to
basically get out of her parent’s house, milked a
college education out of him, and had him move her to a
large city against his wishes. Jack loved her though
and tried to do anything to make her happy, but after
landing an extremely well paying job, she told him it
was over and that she had never loved him at all.

Now all Jack could think about was revenge. He had
built his whole life around that bitch and he’d be
damned if she was just going to walk away without any
retribution. Luckily Jack knew a few guys who would be
more than willing to help extract revenge on his 5’2″
98 lb. Ex-wife.

Jack had been close to her parents, Linda and Ken, and
also got along with her 18 year old brother, Kevin. He
also knew that they would be coming to visit her home
out in the sticks that weekend. All the participates he
would need to make his revenge that much sweeter.

Late that Friday, Jack and his associates, John and
Steve, two large and intimidating men that Jack knew
from his military days, started toward Paula’s house.
She had taken his door key but had forgotten about the
garage. They slipped into the house and made their way
upstairs where everyone was sound asleep except for
Paula. They all wore ski masks and black clothes. Paula
was at her computer as usual but what was unusual was
that she was surfing the net for porn and had her free
hand jammed into her panties frigging herself.

John came up behind her, grabbed her hard and stuffed a
gag into her mouth.

“Well what do we have here?” John asked, as he quickly
tied her hands behind her back.

Paula was what most people would consider freakishly
skinny. Her longs were very nice and her ass so small
you could fit it in one hand. Her tits were only a b-
cup but on her small frame they looked very sexy even
under her tight white t-shirt.

While John was getting acquainted with Paula, Jack and
Steve burst into the spare bedroom and woke up her mom,
dad, and brother and led them into the living room at
gun point. Her mom, Linda, screamed, “What do you want?
Take what you want and get out, just don’t hurt us.”

Just then John came into the living room carrying Paula
bound and gagged. “Oh we’ll take what we want,” he
said. “But how much it hurts will be up to you.”

“First things first,” John said “everyone get naked.”
Ken and Linda could not believe their ears, surely
these men didn’t expect them to strip in front of their
full grown kids. “Don’t make me tell you again!” barked
John. “Or this skinny bitch will lose a tit.”

He held his knife up to Paula’s breast to show that he
was serious and with that the other three began to
remove their clothes. Linda tried to cover herself but
Steve grabbed her hands so everyone could get a good
look at her large C-cup breasts. Kevin, her son, tried
not to stare at her tit’s but couldn’t help himself and
soon had a large boner.

“Looks like your boy likes your tits, Mom,” Steve
remarked. “Let’s see how the skinny one looks naked.
You might be surprised to know that we interrupted her
while she was trying to get herself off. Maybe one of
you would like to help her out?”

Jack took his time cutting her t-shirt off, taking in
the sight of her beautiful body that he had admired for
so many years. When he slid her panties down he noticed
that she still trimmed her pussy and that it was very
wet. Jack remembered that she orgasmed very easily and
at certain times she would cum so hard that her juices
would explode out of her soaking everything.

Steve grabbed Linda and laid her on the floor spreading
her legs, while Jack pushed Paula onto her knees in
front of her. “Now, bitch let’s see if you can use that
tongue for anything useful. Eat her pussy and make her
cum, or your Dad and brother are gonna get a beating
they won’t forget.”

Paula knew that this wasn’t an idle threat so she
leaned forward on her knees and stuck her face between
her mother’s legs. Her hands were still tied behind her
back so it was difficult to keep her balance and before
long she fell forward with her mouth on Linda’s cunt.

Linda tried to reason with the men but John said “Shut
up bitch and enjoy her pretty little tongue on you
clit.” Paula had never been with another woman but she
knew what she liked so she gently licked her mothers
folds, parting them with her tongue, while slobbering
spit into Linda’s dry pussy. She found her mothers clit
and began to lick it slowly circling it with her

Linda could not believe this was happening to her. She
was being eaten out for the first time in probably a
decade, and by another woman. Not only another woman
but by her own daughter. She tried to resist the
feelings that were building up in her, but she could
not escape the fact that Paula was bringing her to her
first orgasm in years.

“Yeah you skinny bitch, eat your mother’s pussy. Make
her cum all over your face.” Paula was disgusted by the
taste of her mom’s pussy but she knew that she had no
choice. Maybe if she made her cum the men would leave
and this would all be over with, so she licked Linda’s
clit faster, sucking on it hard while using her tongue
to get her mother off.

Linda was breathing hard now, raising her ass off the
floor trying to get even more of Paula’s tongue inside
her pussy. She closed her eyes and for a moment forgot
where she was. “Oh my god. Yes, eat my pussy baby. Make
me cum,” Linda screamed.

None of her family could believe their ears. Linda was
enjoying this! Ken tried to look away but the sight of
his daughter’s face between his wife’s legs was
intoxicating. Paula’s brother Kevin was staring at the
scene before him and his cock was rock hard. Linda
could finally take no more and screamed, “Oh yes I’m
cumming,” as her body shook and she came all over
Paula’s face.

“Well mommy certainly enjoyed that and by the looks of
it so did daddy and brother,” John said as everyone
turned and noticed Ken and Kevin’s hard-ons. “Tell ya
what we’re let Paula here choose which one of you is
going to get to fuck her.”

Paula’s eyes lit up with fear as Jack grabbed her and
set her back up on her knees. “Please no,” she begged.
“I’ll give you whatever money you want just don’t make
me do this.”

“Better make up you mind honey or I’m gonna stick this
baseball bat up your ass until you beg me to let one of
them fuck you.” Paula could not believe she was being
told she had to choose to have either her father or
brother fuck her. She considered quickly and decided
Kevin’s dick in her would at least be less gross than
her father’s. “Ok, Kevin I guess.”

“A great choice,” said John. “Get over there and stick
your cock up her pussy.” Kevin had always admired his
sister’s body and sometimes fantasized about her in
this position but now he was really going to get to
fuck her. Jack untied her hands so that Paula was now
on her hands and knees so Kevin could fuck her doggy
style. Kevin got behind her and guided his cock into
her wet pussy and both of them groaned. Kevin grabbed
her tiny ass with both hands and pulled her into him
until his balls were tight against her pussy.

“Now since we don’t want Dad to feel left out, I think
you should put your cock in her mouth.” Ken was sick of
the thought of his daughter giving him head but like
the others did what he was told. He stood in front of
Paula as she opened her mouth and took his cock into
it. Jack could not have asked for a better revenge than
seeing his sexy ex-wife getting fucked in both ends
from her dad and brother, but it was going to get even

“Alright now boys here’s the deal. We want you to
really fuck this bitch so to make it interesting we’re
going to have a little race. Dad you need to cum in
your little girl’s mouth before her brother makes her
cum or this baseball bat is going up your ass. Same for
you little brother, you make big sister cum on your
cock before daddy unloads in her mouth or you get it up
the ass.”

Ken and Kevin were terrified at the thought of anything
going up their ass so both of them really got into it
quickly. Kevin began pounding Paula’s wet pussy while
reaching around and playing with her clit. Ken looked
down at his little girl and said, “I’m sorry baby,”
before grabbing her hair and stuffing his cock down her
throat causing her to gag.

Ken felt horrible about treating his daughter this way
but he knew he didn’t have a choice so he pushed his
cock even deeper into her throat and began to face fuck
her trying to make himself cum in her mouth. Paula was
choking on her father’s cock but Kevin’s dick in her
pussy was sending her closer and closer to orgasm.
After only a few minutes Ken pushed his cock as deep as
he could into Paula’s throat and came loudly choking
her before he pulled out and sprayed the rest of his
cum over her face.

Just then Paula screamed out “I’m gonna cum!!” and
shook with a orgasm herself.

“Well I think that was to close to call. Mom why don’t
you get up there and lick that cum off your daughter’s
face and pussy for us.”

Linda moved over to Paula and cleaned her husband’s cum
from her daughter’s face before kneeling behind her and
licking her pussy clean. “Since you both did a good job
we’ll let you slide on the bat thing, and to show you
we’re good sports you can both have a go at mom.”

Linda looked up expectantly at Ken and Kevin. Watching
them both fuck Paula had her so horny she was ready to
beg any of the men for some cock. She knelt doggy style
like she had seen Paula do and Ken got behind her as
Kevin fed his cock into her mouth.

“Now slut since you don’t mind being fucked by your own
brother you sure won’t mind letting us have a piece of
that fine ass.”

Jack had always loved fucking her in the ass and at
least he was gonna get one more go at it. They laid her
on her back on the couch and Jack grabbed her legs and
held them together while pushing them back toward her
chest. Paula loved getting fucked like this so she
grabbed her legs behind her knees and waited for this
man to fuck her pussy.

Of course Jack had other plans so when she felt his
large cock pushing at her tiny ass hole she screamed,
“Please, not in my ass!” Jack felt his dick push
through her ring and sink into her hot buttery ass. He
stuffed his entire prick into her ass before stopping
to let her get used to it again.

See Jack not only wanted to fuck her ass but to make
her cum with his cock buried up her butt, for her to
beg for it. So he took his time slowly working her
tight ass with his cock, playing with her clit and
sucking on her nipples. Before long Paula’s breathe was
coming faster and he could feel her hips move up to
meet his strokes. “Oh my god, Oh my god. Don’t stop.
I’m almost there.”

“Almost where?” Jack asked.

“I’m gonna cum. Please don’t stop. Fuck me. Fuck my
ass.” Jack bore down slamming his cock into her ass. He
wanted Paula to cum so hard she would remember it for
the rest of her life.

“Yes, right there. Fuck my asshole. Make me cum. OH!

Jack could see her pussy erupt and her cum exploded out
of her. He pulled his cock from her ass and pointed it
at her face. “Yes baby cum on my face!”

Jack came, spewing his cum in thick ropes all over her
face before stuffing it in her mouth for her to clean

Paula was spent and the other guys knew it so they just
fucked her quickly. But before they left they made sure
to get some pictures of the family molesting each other
in case they ever tried anything.

Revenge is sweet.

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