Pieces of the past

Well I’ll never forget Miss Burns, that’s for sure. Not for as long as I live! You have to remember that this took place back in the mid 1960’s. As a sixteen year old schoolboy I and my mates had the usual sexual urges, which were very much frustrated for us. We had no internet, no mobile phones, no hardcore porn readily available. My small group of friends were not the types who were popular with girls, we were what you call “nerdy” these days. We were keen consumers of the kind of soft-core stuff that was available – magazines such as Fiesta, Carnival and Girl Illustrated. We would pluck up courage to buy these from a non-local newsagent (someone who didn’t know our parents!) and would share them around between us, hiding copies away in places we hoped our parents wouldn’t find them. I benefited from this as I had a good hidey-hole in the hull of a large model yacht I had in my bedroom, so I often had other friends stashes to hide on their behalf too.

So that’s the general context for the amazing events that took place on the last day of the summer term shortly after my 16th birthday. Miss Burns was a very attractive young teacher at my all-boys grammar school. She must have been late twenties I guess. She was our form teacher, rather than taking any subjects that we were studying – I think she normally took History, though our form was actually based in one of the school laboratories – we had benches instead of desks. It was a sad day for our class as we all liked her and this was both our last day in that form, and Miss Burns’ last day at the school as she and her husband were moving to Southampton.

My friends Mark and Bob and I had stayed fairly late that afternoon; everyone else in our form had gone home just after lunch – well it was the last school-day of the year.* We had been helping the geography teacher filing maps after the juniors had messed them up, so we returned to a quiet and empty form room surprised to see Miss Burns still there, sitting behind the tutor’s desk and staring wistfully into the middle distance.

“Oh, hi boys,” she said. “I hoped I’d catch you. I just wanted to say how much I’ll miss you all, but you three especially – you’ve been very supportive and helpful to me while I’ve been here.”

We all responded gratefully to these words and wished her well in her new job. Then, to our amazement she walked over to the classroom door and pulled down the blind – this being a lab it was equipped to reduce light for relevant experiments. Then she locked the door. “I have a treat in store for you all. I know a bit about 16 year old boys, and I’ve heard you talking about girls and discussing those magazines of yours!* Yes, it’s alright. No-one else on the staff knows; but sometimes you need to be more careful about who can overhear you! I was thinking about how I could really thank you and I know I’ve come up with something you won’t forget…”

We looked at each other, wondering what was in store. She came and stood in front of us. She was wearing a light pink summer suit – jacket and knee-length skirt. Under this she had a plain white blouse. She had pink shoes of a similar shade to the suit and white stockings (we could be pretty sure that most of the female teachers didn’t wear tights, they were a rather new fashion at the time). With her mid brunette hair cut in a bob, she looked fabulous as usual.

“Come closer boys,” she commanded, and we complied. She took off her jacket and laid it over the nearest bench. “You’re all pretty obsessed with women’s breasts aren’t you? That’s about all you see of naked women in your magazines isn’t it? (This was true; even the most explicit magazines we could get hold of never showed anything “down there”; some had pictures of girls apparently nude and with legs apart but they had been airbrushed so they looked like shop mannequins). We just stood mute.

She stood straight backed, pushed her chest forward and folded her arms across herself, making her breasts push forward enticingly. “Bob,” she said, “come and undo my blouse will you?” Bob gulped and said “What Miss, really?” and she gave an exaggerated nod. Bob approached her tentatively, looking nervous, as if someone was going to jump out and say April Fool! But they didn’t. With shaking and fumbling fingers, Bob, watched closely by Mark and myself, began to undo the top button on Miss Burns blouse. The way she was sticking her chest out meant that the buttons were tightly drawn between her peaks, Bob’s hands were clearly coming into contact with them. At last he had one button undone. “Go on Bob, we’ll be here all night at this rate” she said. Bob continued, more confident now, and as he did so her blouse began to open and we glimpsed tantalising snatches of a white lacy bra. At last he was finished and he stood back to join us as Miss Burns opened the blouse completely and removed it. Still sticking her chest out she stood proudly displaying herself naked from the waist up save for a very fetching and supportive brassiere. Her breasts seemed to be struggling for freedom, the tops of them were spilling slightly over the lacy top. She had a magnificent cleavage, and I had to adjust myself in my trousers as my erection grew.

“Do you like it?” she asked. “Oh, yes Miss,” said Mark, “thank you so much, Miss!”

“Well I think you ought to explore them a little,” she smiled, “Come over here and see what they feel like. Mark first.” Good grief! Mark went up to her and put his hand out to grab a bra cup, but before his hand made contact, Miss Burns caught it in hers. “Slowly young man!” she admonished and then, holding his hand firmly, she placed it on her left brassiere cup. “Yes, that’ll do. Now go gently.” Mark was red-faced and breathing hard as he ran his hand over her breasts. He put one hand behind her back and used the other to range all over her bra cups and over her flesh and cleavage. I saw his fingers start to try to slip down inside the garment but Miss Burns just said “Keep to the outside for now Mark, lets build up the excitement and memories for you all shall we? Now come around behind me – cup me from behind, you’ll like that!” Mark did as bid and stood behind Miss Burns with his hands supporting each bra cup, fondling and rubbing slowly. “Oh Mark I can tell you’re enjoying this!” she said, “something’s certainly come up hasn’t it?” Mark went even redder as it was evident his erection was pushing against Miss Burns behind. Then she turned around and Mark had to reluctantly let go. “Let’s dance a little, shall we Mark?” and she put her arms around him and began to move a sway a little. Mark followed suit, holding her tightly against his chest. They slowly moved around a little as if on the last slow dance of an evening.

“Alan,” she called to me, “do you think you could undo me please?” and she nodded over her shoulder. She wanted me to unclip her bra! Wowee! I found my hands shaking and I fumbled with the clasp things at the back. I hadn’t done this before – though I’d dreamed it! Miss Burns sighed a little at my incompetence but I eventually managed to undo the two clasps and the back of the brassiere flew open, though it was still held in place between their bodies. “Now, carefully pull it off for me – not too fast or it’ll hurt. Mark, don’t press yourself against me so hard. Ok Alan, off you go!” I was behind her, as Mark had been minutes ago. I put my arms around her and felt the bra cups and her warm skin alongside it. She leant back slightly and I was able to lift the bra upwards and off sideways. As it came away she pressed herself against Mark’s chest again, so her full breasts were still not on view, and the crowning glory we were all anticipating – the nipples! – were still hidden from us. The tension increased. I stood back and Bob and I watched the two of them, still in their embrace. Then Miss Burns brought her hands up between their bodies and held them over herself, stepping away from Mark and once again standing straight-backed before us. “Now this is what you want to see isn’t it?” she asked and we, dumbstruck, nodded eagerly.

“Here you go then!” and with that she let her hands fall away, exposing the first adult female boobs we had encountered (barring breast-feeding!) outside of our soft-core magazines. These were for real. These were here and now! She put her hands behind her back and offered her chest forward. She was magnificent – there was no other word. She had a slim waist and her breasts glistened with a slight sheen of sweat. They stood proud and erect, they had hardly sagged at all since her bra support was removed. They were beautiful. I can still see them now in my memory! And the icing on the cake – her firm brown nipples, sitting there on the peaks of her tits. Little buds sticking forward. Easily a centimetre long each of them. Easily. I remember thinking that she had to have a good bra on otherwise they would be poking through her clothing – not sustainable in a boys school! The three of us stood in wonder and silence.

“Come and feel them then, but don’t fight over it!” We advanced and began cupping and fondling her. We were extremely civilized about it – we didn’t fight or elbow each other, we were taking turns, watching what each of us did, enjoying the experience. We would never have this feeling again! We would remember this all our lives. I knew this as it was happening!

Then Miss Burns moved to one of the lab benches and climbed up on it, laying on her back. Her breasts changed shape subtly, but were still firm, though they seemed to flatten a little and widen on her chest. We continued our explorations, like a scientific experiment. Well not quite! Her nipples seemed to grow and darken as I ran a finger over them. She was developing a red blush on her chest and throat, and her breathing was getting faster. I realised that she was getting pleasure from this too. At the time this seemed like a revelation!

“I’m getting a bit hot,” she said, “I think I need to take this skirt off!” With that the got off the bench and turned her back to us. “Unzip me please, Bob!” He took a deep breath and put a hand on the waistband of her skirt, then grasped the zip and slowly pulled it down. Mark and I looked at each other in anticipation as Bob stood back and the skirt fell to the floor. Slightly disappointed we saw that under the skirt miss Burns was wearing… well, an underskirt! It wasn’t as long as the skirt, I suppose it was a waist-slip, but we didn’t know what such things were called in those days. With her upper half completely bare she still looked amazing though as she turned towards us again and our attention was once again focused on her nipples and boobs. “This has to come off too – your turn Alan.”

Oh yes! I stood before her, nice and close and she smiled teasingly at me. I let my chest touch her tits as I put a hand at each side of the underskirt. Then I slowly pulled it down, revealing white nylon knickers over a white suspender belt, and eventually her white stockings. As I pulled I bent myself down so that first my face became level with her boobs. Daringly (for me) I quickly stole a little kiss on her left nipple, more a lick actually, for which I got a quick “naughty!” from Miss Burns. Then my face was level with the front of her knickers and I inhaled deeply to receive a sweet musky and warm aroma from her crotch area. The slip was on the floor alongside the skirt and she stepped out of it. What a sight! Where was this going to end?

“Oh, I’ve thought of something else,” she said, and quickly got back onto the bench, but this time on all fours. “Have a feel of my boobs, now boys, feel the weight!” This was a continuation of the experiment. In this position her lovely breasts hung vertically downwards under her body. I was closest and happily grabbed a boob in my hand to feel its weight and its warmth. I manipulated the nipple to make it stand even more proud. Then I had to let the others have a go. Miss Burns was looking excited. I moved to the end of the bench while they were pre-occupied with her mammaries; I wanted to look at those panties. There were more interesting items on the agenda now. At least I hoped so!

“Ah, what’s naughty Alan doing now,” said Miss Burns over her shoulder, “go on then. Have a feel.” No worries! I put my hand on her panty-covered bottom. The nylon was smooth and enticing. I had a huge erection in my trousers. Her legs were tightly together so I concentrated on rubbing over the whole of her bum. “I know what you want to do Alan, but hold your horses. Only on the outside please, but I’ll increase the treat for you!” And with that she moved her knees apart a little and her panty-crotch came into view, between her legs. Before she could change her mind I let my hand slide onto her gusset. The view was superb; her legs apart, her knickers taught over her bum cheeks, the panty crotch stretched over her secret parts. I rubbed gently over what felt to be a fleshy mound. I wondered at the delights that were obscured from me. The fabric was quite thick, a couple of layers. But hot. And it felt slightly damp. Seconds later she said:” Enough for now, Alan” with a sigh.

She turned onto her back, kept her knees apart, but pulled them up, keeping her feet and shoes on the bench. Her gusset was still visible. “Bob, you have a turn.” Bob took over crotch rubbing duties from me. “Oh miss, it feels sticky down there. It feels a bit wet!” She gave him a condescending look, but let her knees fall a little further apart, showing further glimpses of inner thigh and some flesh, not much, at each side of her gusset. The musky smell from her crotch seemed to intensify. Bob ran a finger down the edge of her panty-gusset. He seemed to be trying to get a finger under the crotch-piece. Miss Burns took his hand in hers and moved it away. Then she beckoned Mark over.

“Boys, this is going to be the climax for you I think. Or at least I would expect so. Have you ever seen what a mature woman is like between her legs? Have you seen a woman’s vagina?” There was a collective swallowing. “No, miss,” began Mark, “my Dad had some old postcards with naked ladies on them, and one had a picture of a lady with a hairy triangle ‘down there’ but it wasn’t clear and it was very small. And it was only a picture.” “I’ve seen some pictures of ladies bottoms in magazines,” said Bob. “I’ve seen drawings of ladies’ reproductive organs in biology, and some drawings in an old text-book I found under my uncles bed,” I continued. “Some dirty magazines have nude ladies but they have nothing showing there at all, they’ve been rubbed out of the pictures!”

“They’ve been airbrushed,” said Miss Burns, “it would be illegal to allow pictures like that. Well I thought as much. So this IS going to blow your minds isn’t it? I can tell you’re all pretty excited now, I don’t want you getting too carried away when I take off my knickers,” I felt myself getting hotter, and breathing heavily as she said this; my erection seemed huge in my pants. I was worried I would ejaculate. “But I do want it to be memorable for you, so take care, breathe steadily and lets have some fun.”

The three of us were stationed at the end of the lab bench, at Miss Burns feet, looking up at her panties and what they covered. I took off my tie and undid my shirt a few buttons; I could hardly breathe. The others followed suit. Miss Burns began to lightly touch herself – she began with her nipples and then slid her hands down onto her tummy, lower and lower, eventually just letting her fingers trace along the waist of her panties, then letting a finger slip inside. She was teasing us. She looked me straight in the eye and I could hardly begin to tear my look away from her face, so beguiling, as she began to ease her knickers down. I had to look. I had to see this. I can still see it now, so many years later. She had a hand each side of her panties, slowly sliding them down over the suspender belt, more of which was coming into view. Then she could pull them no further as her bottom trapped them on the lab top. She pulled her legs together tightly, raised her bottom up and quickly slid the panties down over her bum before settling back down on the bench. She let go of the panties momentarily and pulled herself up to a sitting position, knees still bent, panties at the top of her thighs. Looking directly at us all she then slipped the knickers down her legs and deftly over her feet, throwing them aside.

“OK boys, showtime!” Her feet were on the bench, her knees bent up, her legs tightly together. She lay back down. Then the moment we were waiting for. She was going to expose herself to us; the holy of holies. We were about to see what was the most sought-after sight of boys of our generation. We knew academically what we were about to see, but had only ever fantasised about what it would be like. I desperately wanted to touch my penis, but I knew that if I did I would ejaculate immediately. My face was burning up as Miss Burns slowly began to part her knees. You could hear a pin drop as her sacred and secret parts came into view. First the folds of skin, framed by a light dusting of little hairs. Then, as her legs parted a little more, the folds came into better view, glistening with moisture, shining in the classroom lights. Her pubic mound, again lightly covered in soft dark hair. Then the folds revealing themselves as lips, quite puffy and full. The slit down the centre. Then the slit opening slightly, un-sticking, and a pink wet line of brighter skin coming into view. Deeper breaths now as the inner lips of her vagina were displayed. Miss Burns was panting. She placed her fingers at each side of the puffy lips and pulled them slightly open. I almost ejaculated at that point. I could see right up inside her. The lips joined like a hood at the top of her slit, under the pubic mound. She was wet and sticky down there, and getting wetter. As I watched I could see juices coming from her vagina. We studied her sex organs. “Can you see that little button – here”, she touched herself, just below the hood of her lips,” that’s my clitoris. Never forget where that is – treat that well and any woman will be happy!” She began to rub it slowly, then opened her legs even further and raised them up. Her anus came into view – her whole secret area was up for attention, and by god we were giving it attention!

“Oh Crikey, Miss” I said, “this is wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank you so very very much!” Bob and Mark looked at me, red-faced, and nodded their agreement.

“Lick me, Alan. You need to taste a woman’s sex!” Bloody hell! Was this what adults do? This was new to me, but it sounded great. My mouth was ridiculously dry but I managed to get some saliva going by swallowing and put out my tongue onto that little bud she’d shown us. I inhaled the musky aroma from her, and let my tongue probe all around her flaps of skin and inside her vaginal hole. “Shit!” she said, “you’ll have to stop, or I’m going to cum. That means have an orgasm! Its the same as you ejaculating!” This was news to me; our biology lessons hadn’t mentioned any of this.

“You’ve got to have me – I need it. Come on Mark, you first.” Mark looked horror-struck and elated at the same time. Miss Burns inched herself to the very edge of the bench, her bottom right on the edge and lifted her legs out and back. “You two – hold my legs open for me.” Bob and I got hold of a leg each and held them open and apart, gripping her inner thighs and stocking-tops. I put one hand up to her vagina and pulled her lips apart a little – it was wet and warm – ready for Mark to go in. Meanwhile Mark undid his belt, opened his flies and dropped his trousers and pants. His penis was pointing skywards. He advanced on Miss Burns crotch and it just slipped up inside her. Just like that. Then: “Oh no. I’ve shot off inside you. Oh no” he said.

“I’m not surprised” panted Miss Burns “its OK I’m on the pill. Get up me quick Bob.” Mark hobbled across and took over leg support duty as Bob get his penis out. Once again it slipped right into Miss Burns without any problem. “Its all wet and sticky inside, Miss,” said Bob, “it feels lovely. Its all wet with Mark’s semen. Oh gosh its lovely.” He pumped away at her, his buttocks thrusting back and forward. I wondered if I could hold on for my turn. I was beginning to panic. I was desperate to get up her. Minutes ago I had been content to have seen her lady bits. Before that I was in seventh-heaven just to see her tits and nipples, now I was about to shag my teacher. Bob groaned and gave a final great thrust as he came inside her. Then he took over from me, holding her leg. Now it was my turn to stop being a virgin!

I looked down at Miss Burns as she lay there. She looked imploringly at me – she needed this almost as much as I did it seemed. I looked at her crotch; it was inflamed and red, shining. Her vagina was wide open and semen from my friends was running out of it, but also visible inside. They must have put pints of it up her (well maybe not pints…). She was gaping open and the semen and juices ran out and over her bum-hole and onto the bench. I dropped my trousers and pants. My penis seemed too erect to go directly into her so I held it a little lower, pushing it down a little as I sought her entrance. I looked at her face as I pushed forward. She gave me a quizzical look as I found a tight wet hole, but with a little resistance. I was surprised since I thought it would be so easy to go in – it gaping so much and all. I pushed forward and Miss Burns eyes widened in shock. I was in. It was tight and warm and gripped my penis strongly. “Oh my god – you’re up my arse!” she shouted. “Oh no. I’ve never had that. Oh god! Oh fuck!” (I was a bit shocked at her language to tell the truth. And I’d obviously gone in the wrong hole too. But it felt wonderful.) “Don’t stop, Alan. Don’t stop. Rub my clitoris! Rub my clit! Quick!”

I did as she instructed, sliding my erect penis in and out of her bum-hole, I reached down with one hand and touched that little button. Seconds later she began to rock and thrust her buttocks up against me, as if she wanted me even further inside her. I couldn’t go any further. She sat up and held me to her, rubbing her vagina against me. I was dimply aware she was having one of these orgasms, and as I did so I felt myself coming up her bum, flooding her rectum with semen that had been generating for some time… The release was overwhelming. It was so wonderful and the feeling so intense that I almost cried. I held her and she held me for quite some time, our breathing gradually getting back to normal.

Mark and Bob were awestruck, just standing and watching us. “Blimey Miss, are you OK?” asked Bob, “Alan has put his knob in your bottom! How disgusting! And you sounded as if you were in pain. Is he hurting you? Alan, you’re still in her bumhole! What’s going on?”

“That, boys,” breathed Miss Burns, “was anal sex. I’ve never had it before, but I know about it. My husband has never asked for it, but I’ve read about it in books. I never knew it was so fabulous! Oh, Alan, keep your prick in there if you can!”

It was difficult, as having spunked off I was beginning to lose my erection, but her dirty talk seemed to breathe new life into my penis and I felt it swelling inside her colon.

“He’s getting all hard in you again, Miss” said Mark. “Crikey he’s off again!” And sure enough I had started thrusting up Miss Burns anus again, I couldn’t help it.

“Your pussy is getting wasted, Miss!” said Mark, “can’t I have another go? I shot off so quickly the first time. Please?”

“Ok Mark” she replied, “but I have an idea, lets see if I can have two of you up me at the same time. Alan, slow down a bit, come out of me for a mo’. Mark, lie on your back on the floor! Bob, you can have another go in a little while”

Mark did as he was told, his dick rigid through his flies. Miss Burns sat astride him and guided him up her vagina, then leant forward onto his chest. Her lovely bottom was open and Bob and I looked longingly at it, focusing on Marks knob going into her. Her anus was open and wet. “All right Alan”, she said, “come back in my bottom. Can you manage it?”

I could manage it all right. I crouched down behind her, with my knees either side of Mark’s legs and between Miss Burns open thighs, and with a bit of adjustment, got my dick back up her bumhole. I pushed it in as far as I could and felt Mark’s dick pressing against mine through the skin between Miss Burns two openings. She groaned as I began to thrust, and Mark began to move his dick in unison.

“I cant believe I’m seeing this,” exclaimed Bob, “its so dirty. And so wonderful. He reached out tentatively with his hand and began to feel Miss Burns breasts as they dangled down above Mark, gently pinching her nipples as they responded by reddening and growing in size. “Oh that’s lovely Bob”, she said, “see if you can get at my clit as well.”

Then I felt Bob’s fingers down at Miss Burns cunt, he couldn’t help touching Mark’s and my dicks, but I didn’t mind that, I was fucking Miss Burns in the arse! I think he’d found the spot as Miss Burns began to get extremely wet and she began breathing really hard and fast. Our dicks made slopping and squelching noises as they slid in and out of her. Juices were running down the inside of her thighs, and Bob was mopping them up with his fingers and transferring them back to her vagina and her anus, putting a finger inside her alongside our dicks. Then, not able to take it any more, I withdrew, and my penis spouted sperm all over her bottom cheeks, over her bum hole and over Mark’s dick. Immediately Bob scooped up some of my jizz and put two fingers deeply inside Miss Burns small hole, right to the knuckle, then her worked them in and out of her with gusto. I was spent, but transfixed at the sight. After reaming her open with his fingers, Bob took my place up her arse and went in to the hilt. He went at her like a train and she began groaning and writhing as she had another orgasm. She collapsed onto Mark and lay there with them both still going at her. Then both my friends began fast pumping into her as they had their second cums in unison.
For the time being I think we were all pretty well spent, but no-one seemed ready to call it a day and go home! Not even Miss Burns! We spent a few minutes just feeling her all over, putting our fingers up her vagina and her arse-hole, feeling her breasts and nipples, kissing all over her body, licking her labia, her navel, her armpits – you name it. Then she amazed us all again. “I need to pee,” she said, “I hope you don’t mind” and with that she got onto one of the lab benches which had a sink, squatted over it with her knees wide apart and her vagina wide open, and we saw a slow dribble of piss emerge from a little hole just under her clitoris. This soon developed into a full gush as she emptied her bladder into the basin. Fucking hell! We came close and studied her privates as the fluid dripped out of her. Once she had finished I couldn’t resist putting my fingers up her wet hole and feeling her anew, now wet with pee and her own juices. I felt the stirrings in my penis as it began to swell again. “Oh I see you’re up for more Alan! Let me see what I can do for you!”

She rotated herself on the bench and got on all fours, presenting her backside to me. “Ok, in you come!” she commanded, and I sprang up on the bench and buried my cock in her vagina, finally, from behind. I went right in full length and pumped away for a while while the others were feeling her breasts and her clitoris. Then she told me to pull out and kneel back on the bench as she turned around and, to my shock and delight, she took my erection right into her mouth – just like that, amazing, and began to suck me as I thrust into her mouth and throat. My friends stood like statues, their eyes and mouths wide as they watched this wanton display by our favourite teacher. She was teaching us all right!

Seconds later I came for the third time that afternoon – pumping what was left of my cum into her gob, and she swallowed it down with a grin on her face. Bob and Mark had both risen to the occasion and Miss Burns just took each of them in her mouth and sucked them off, one after the other. It didn’t take long…

There was no more sex with Miss Burns that afternoon, nor ever again. After cleaning ourselves up, Miss Burns let us all have a good final feel of her holes and her tits, and she took each of us into her mouth for a final suck. She bade us farewell and walked out of our lives to start a new one for herself and her husband. But she had introduced us into a new world of possibilities. We were never the nerds again; our session that afternoon stood us in good stead in the future, giving us a new-found confidence in our dealings with girls. We’ll never forget her, and if she’s reading this, well what can I say? Thank you Miss Burns. Thank you!

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