Private School Girlfriends

High on the hill, the stately old buildings stood like ancient
monuments to tradition. The clouds moved quickly across the midwestern
sky shielding the Roman stone faces only momentarily from the late
summer sun. There was no hint of the coming autumn except for the
laughter of girls who greeted each other after their summer vacation.
Even though it was still sweltering of August heat, the girls knew that
summer was over and there would be precious few moments remaining of the
freedom they had enjoyed since mid May. It was Sunday before the first
day of private school. Today was arrival day and parents brought their
teenage girls, loaded down with bags and boxes. Some brought in their
computers and all brought stories of what they had done with their
summers. For the returning students, it was a time to get reaquainted.
For new students, it was the beginning of a new life and for the
uninitiated, the beginning of a tough academic regimen. And other rites
as well.

Thirteen year old Karen would be able to handle the academics. She was
prepared for that in any case. The rites of this girls’ school…well
she was unprepared and unexpecting. But she would do fine. Karen did
not arrive with her parents…for her father was not able to be there to
settle the girl into her new surroundings. Instead, Karen arrived in a
taxi after a long ride from the airport to the nearby city. Thirteen is
a little young to handle the first day of school alone, but she could
handle a lot of things. The red haired, freckled face was younger than
most high schoolers but she knew how to handle herself. She strode into
the school’s office, presented herself, found where she was to put her
things and she took them to the dorm herself.

There, she met Diane…her roommate for this year. After the
formalities, and after Karen had taken the remaining bed, desk, and
closet left by Diane, the girls explored the campus. Right away, they
learned they had two things in common. Neither arrived with a parent
and both had never gone to a religious boarding school before.

St Ignatius is a small Catholic high school located in a rural town of a
midwestern state. Of the 160 students, most commute to school but there
are about 35 residential girls who live in the school’s last remaining
dormatory. Economic times are tight and enrollment in the residential
program is less than half what it once was. Only Roberts Hall, the one
modern building on the half-century old campus, remains open. The other
two dorms, cold and drafty are closed and have been converted to other
uses. Of the 35 residents, nearly half are foreign students and the
rest are upper class girls whose parents didn’t want them to interfere
with their lives or middle class girls whose parents live and work
overseas. In all cases, the high school dormers live an institutional
life and their real families are not their blood families, but rather
other girls similarly situated.

The brochures that St Ignatius sends to parents portray the campus as
one of rich tradition, discipline, and heritage. The stately buildings
play prominently among the color photos which parents see and those who
send their children here expect the school to ingrain those values in
the students. But despite the traditional promotion, St Ignatius is no
longer a bastion of values now past. For no matter what the structure,
the students form the makeup of any school in the nineties.

Times have become more liberal. The students of St Ignatius tend to
party hard, to sneak out, attend local keg parties and some are heavily
involved in drugs–at least the older ones. Only scholarship, under the
guidance of mostly middle aged clerics, remains as it has always been.


By the third week of school, the students were deeply immersed into
their studies and they had learned their place in the social strata of
the student body. The two new girls were becoming fast friends–not
that they have all that much in common but because becoming friends with
each other was better than having no friends. Karen and Diane were
nineth graders–freshmen–in a segregated world where underclass
students had no class at all. This being their first year at St
Ignatius, they were put together in a room at the end of the hallway.
Only two other freshmen were dormers, both middle eastern students whose
parents supplied them well with oil money. The upperclass dormers
tended, at first, to shun freshmen or else to harass them. Clearly, the
American newcomers were not welcomed into the group and they were pretty
much on their own since the overseas students on study visas tended to
stick together in their own clique. That made Karen and Diane fast
friends as well as roommates even though their backgrounds were quite

Karen’s father was a career naval submariner, an officer who then raised
his daughter alone since the girl’s mother had died last winter. St
Ignatius solved the executive officer’s problem. Diane, on the other
hand, was the only child of an old moneyed couple from Baltimore who
spent most of their time spending their inheritance abroad. The
Catholic school’s boarding program likewise solved a problem for them as
well. Neither of the girls were prepared for institutional life but
they had no choice in the matter.

Adolescence is a time of a great deal of change in a girl’s life. Not
only does she cope with the loss of family but also the loss of
childhood innocence. Innocence is replaced with growing up, growing
into maturity and when girls do it alone, they find their way as best
they can.

At St Ignatius, there was little talk about homosexuality other than
adolescent lesbian jokes. The Americans laughed at them and took great
care to put forth the most conservative image at the school. Social ways
of the overseas students, being what they were, probably tended to
ostracize the foreigners. For Asian girls felt quite comfortable
hanging on each other, even hugging much like American schoolgirls do.
Whether the overseas students were sexually involved with each other, no
one else knew. Or much cared.

For the local students who lived at home with families, social outlets
were easier. Their lives and friends were well established long before
they entered the girls’ high school. But for the American boarding
students, there were no such roots and that’s the way it often is at
private schools, especially religious ones which tend to isolate them
from normal hetero- sexual relationships. The segregation does not
necessarily mean girls will turn to each other for many girls will
experiment with each other anyway. But the isolation tends to encourage
it. And Diane and Karen were no exception.

Freshman year was the first time Karen and Diane had ever lived with
other girls for they had lived at home before…Karen with her mother
and Diane who had lived in an upperclass mansion until her parents
decided they wanted to travel. The girls were literally thrown together
in that room at the end of Roberts Hall and pretty much ignored by the
rest of the students.

The bravado of the others bothered Diane who had learned more than a
year before in Baltimore that sex with girls was far better than no sex
at all. She’d learned from a close friend back east all about mutual
masturbation. But she was very careful at St Ignatius and for more
than a month, she even waited quietly for Karen to go to sleep before
she silently stroked her own pussy in her bed. Diane was an average
looking girl of 15. Her shoulders were slight, and her breasts were
developing well for her age. About the only tradition from childhood
that she retained was her music. She held onto her piano because she
was successful, even quite accomplished, having had an excellent
Baltimore teacher. Here, she practiced on a piano donated by her father
and it was of much better quality than the ever-untuned school upright.
She wouldn’t make much progress this year because already, she was
better than anyone in the town, including the school’s music teacher
whose qualifications, St Ignatius had misled Diane’s parents about. No
longer into the classics, Diane spent time now learning contemporary
music. Now away from her parents, she was growing her brown hair as
long as the school would allow.

Karen, raised in Norfolk’s dependent family quarters, was much more
disciplined than most of the students. She was young, still not yet
14, and bright for her father had driven her to excel in studies. She
was not very good at sports, even though her Navy father had driven
her to succeed in that as well but Karen was not large enough or
physical enough. She took more after her mother–mental, sensitive,
more slender in size. And her breasts had only barely begun to grow.
She was sensitive about her breasts, self-conscious even, especially
around Diane. She really admired Diane’s body, especially her breasts
and now for the first time, she began to wonder about the strange
sensations she had begun to feel in those secret areas of her blooming

Karen was glad in many ways to be far away from Norfolk though she
missed her mother a great deal and was only now getting over her
failing health and resulting death. She was an attractive girl but
still had a childlike appearance for she was only beginning to enter
puberty…a classic late bloomer and had not yet even touched her
pussy, sexually, for the first time. Her face and breasts were even
more girlish than her age would tell. Her green, sparkling eyes,
freckled upturned nose and quiet demeanor wrote innocence all over
her. Karen was younger by more than a year than most freshmen because
she was so bright. She had skipped two grades– one in grade school
and one in junior high. While Karen could easily compete
academically, socially she was left behind.

During the third week of school, Diane, as was her ritual, patiently
waited until her new roommate had settled to sleep. As Diane waited,
she fantasized about having sex with her friend in Baltimore during
the summer. Diane recounted every detail about her sex play with her
best friend as they’d done so many times on sleep overs and she could
wait no longer. She raised her knees upwards under her covers, lifted
her hips up from the mattress and slipped her cotton underpants over
her ass and slid them up towards her knees. This night, her finger
slipped and the elastic slapped against Diane’s thighs. It was the
familiar sound that Karen knew. Karen was not asleep and recognizing
what she had heard, her girlish curiosity made her stone quiet–but
well awake.

The room was such that Karen was closest to the window. Diane glanced
over to see if her roommate was asleep but she couldn’t really see
Karen’s face at all. The window light was behind Karen, leaving the
younger girl’s face in total darkness. The 15 year old Diane could only
see the outside light play across the top of Karen’s blanket. She
assumed Karen was dug in, under them and probably turned away. But in
fact, the 13 year old was facing Diane and could see her quite well.
Diane was reasonably well lit by the distant glow of an outside

Again, Diane looked towards the other bed after making the elastic
noise. Not seeing the younger girl move, Diane slipped one leg out of
her panties and began fingering herself. Karen was but four feet away
in a bed next to Diane’s and she watched and listened as Diane worked
to control her breathing and stroke her 15 year old pussy with one
hand while rubbing her breasts with the other. Karen could not see
the other girl’s tits for the covers kept them away from view. But in
the dim light of the room, the younger girl knew Diane was playing
with herself and she must have really liked it because her eyes were
closed and she was breathing irregularly. Karen knew that rubbing
one’s nipples and little-girl slit gave pleasure but she had been
corrected about that many years before by her mother who had told her
not to play with herself in the bathtub. Still, her curiosity was
definitely aroused. Yet, at this point, there was nothing else. After
Diane stroked her teen pussy for several minutes, she slowed her pace
and Karen could hear a wet crackling sound which she could not
identify. Diane’s pussy was now slippery with her arousal and she
loudly fingered it. She ignored the sounds for, by now, the older
girl’s pleasure made her oblivious to her surroundings including the
possibility that her self-inflicted passion might wake up her new
roommate. And too, she wasn’t sure she even cared. For Diane, sex
was part of life.

Now deep in pleasure and approaching orgasm, Diane paid no attention
even to the covers which had concealed her finger play. The sheet and
blanket slipped over her knees and now Karen could see Diane naked all
the way to her ankles. Karen was getting her first look at female
masturbation. The dim light revealed Diane’s tit-rubbing and
finger-fucking and Karen could easily make out the size of Diane’s
tits. And to her, they were beautiful! The younger girl even leaned up
for a better, more level-eyed look and her eyes were well accustomed to
the low light level. She even blinked, struggling to get a more
contrasting view of what was happening in the next bed.

As Diane continued giving herself pleasure, she thought about Karen in
the next bed. Karen, physically, wasn’t real great looking but Diane
had seen her naked in the shower and she fantasized back and forth,
visualizing being naked with her nearly flat-chested friend from back
east and having Karen in bed with her, kissing her. Diane wondered if
Karen was really asleep. It crossed her mind, almost wishfully that
Karen was watching and in fact would crawl out of her bed into Diane’s.
And if she was watching, Diane thought, well so what?

Finally, Diane entered the final throes of orgasm and her hips flexed
with each spasm. And she relaxed, warm and spent. Karen tried to be as
quiet as she could as she laid her head back to her own pillow but she
continued watching her new friend as her breath slowed to a more normal
rate. And she watched carefully as Diane lowered her legs, reached for a
T-shirt and placed it between her steaming legs, then closed her legs
with her hands in her crotch. Diane had finally realized that in her
passion she had uncovered herself. She pulled the covers quickly over
her body and glanced once again at Karen.

Karen shut her eyes in an instant. She was glad she witnessed the
sexual event but, on the other hand, she felt somewhat guilty for she
knew she had violated her roommate’s privacy. Karen thought about how
much she hated being watched while sitting in the girls’ bathroom
stalls. And how she never could understand why all schools take the
doors off to prevent privacy at such a personal moment. But her
thoughts returned to what she had seen and she wondered how it must have
felt to make Diane so oblivious to the fact that she wasn’t alone when
she did it. Karen decided she would remain motionless so as not to let
on that she had been awake. But she couldn’t help herself. Her left
hand found its way to her own panties and she put her fingers against
her own mound –only on the outside–and gently stroked herself. The
pleasant feeling that she gave herself was only a hint of what she would
learn later. But now, Karen’s programmed self-discipline told her she
shouldn’t be doing this and she stopped. Her mind turned then to her
mother, and in the loss of missing her and of her homesickness for the
way things used to be. She drifted off to sleep.


In the next moment, the room was bathed with morning light and both
girls’ sleep was jarred with the 6:45 buzzer. It was wakeup time. The
sounds of Roberts Hall remained subdued only for a few minutes until the
dormies could steal no more relaxed procrastination. Karen heard feet
paddle to the bathroom, and then a radio turned on to rock music across
the hall. And then busier sounds as the girls got up to ready
themselves for breakfast and school. Karen could wait no longer; her
discipline forced her out of bed and she jumped up and reached for her
towel and soap. She made her bed and laid her toiletries neatly at its
foot, adding her toothpaste and brush to the tidy stack.

Karen glanced at Diane, only beginning to stir.

“Lets go, Diane,” the younger girl cajoled. “We’ll be late for
breakfast!” Karen went through this daily morning ritual with Diane who
always indulged herself with every last moment of bedtime. Finally Diane
kicked off her covers and rolled over and out of bed. Karen’s eyes
shifted to gaze on Diane’s breasts in a way different than she had done
before. The older girl had put her panties back on and while Diane’s
back was turned, Karen stared at her smooth round asscheeks. When Diane
had fished a fresh pair of panties and her own shower items, she turned
around and Karen glanced away from the study of her roommate’s alluring

The girls left the room and walked together to the shower where each
morning they bathed together. Other girls came and went and the ninth
graders stripped and strolled into the tiled room. Karen felt more self
conscious this morning and she couldn’t quite figure the changed feeling
she had for Diane, her only friend at school. The girls always soaped
and showered together, laughing and talking about all sorts of things.

But this morning, Karen stole more than a few looks at Diane’s body as
she thought about what she’d seen the night before. Karen noticed how
beautifully shaped Diane’s breasts were but she was careful not to stare
except when her roommate held her face under the shower stream and
couldn’t see her do it. Karen otherwise looked elsewhere, or directly
into Diane’s face… making sure her eyes weren’t seen looking
downward. But Karen noticed something else. She noticed that Diane
felt no embarrassment about her own naked body…nor did she feel that
way about looking at Karen’s. In fact, Karen noticed for the first time
that Diane looked at Karen’s chest and between her legs more than a few
times too.

The girls finished their showers, headed for the dressing room and got
dressed. Karen was preoccupied with the new thinking she had about
Diane and when Diane talked about something or cracked a joke, Karen
responded appropriately but she was thinking on two wave lengths–partly
about what they were talking about and partly with viewing Diane as a
sexual being. As the girls sat down to eat breakfast, Karen even stared
at Diane’s fingers as she ate…thinking that those fingers had played
with her wet pussy the night before.

Diane wondered if Karen was so quiet this morning because she had seen
her play with herself the night before. But Karen gave few signs of her
mental preoccupation. In fact, Diane’s inane breakfast table chatter
and informality finally distracted Karen from what she was thinking. As
the morning progressed, the ninth graders labored through first hour
algebra, second hour language arts, and then biology. The class
lectures and expected discipline kept Karen occupied for she was used to
paying attention and pouring herself into the studies.

Biology was different, though. For the girls did not sit in rows of
desks but rather on stools in a large freshman- sophomore biology
labroom. They were at black topped lab tables and the setting was more

Rachael was the dormies’ prefect. At 23, Rachael was fresh out of
school herself. She had just graduated from college and lived in the
dormatory with the boarding students. He was like a resident counselor,
in charge of keeping order, supervising studies and being an advisor to
the girls. By day, Rachael was expected to act as a classroom aide
where needed. Among her regular duties was to act as lab assistant in
biology. Today she was leading biology study and the subject this first
part of the semester was about as boring as it could be. The study of
cells. Specifically today, cellular reproduction. Karen was trying to
take readable and complete notes, like she always did.

Diane, on the other hand, continually whispering jokes when the prefect
wasn’t looking in the girls’ direction. Blobs, he called the blackboard
drawings. As Rachael stood at the front of the class reading her notes
aloud (Rachael hadn’t taught enough to be able to ad lib a lecture very
well,) Diane distracted her with another soft wisecrack.

The prefect finally had enough from the back of the room. “Diane…
what’s so funny?” Rachael loudly asked.

“Nuthin’s funny…it just seems like cells must have a pretty boring
life…they reproduce but they don’t have sex.” Diane was loud and
confident, expecting a laugh from his classmates. And she got it.

Rachael one upped her. “Asexual.” Rachael declared. “It’s like they
have sex with themselves.” More laughter.

“I’m sure some of you know about THAT!” Rachael smiled, “DON’T you,
Diane?” That one brought the class to an uproar. All eyes turned to the
15 year old who was not about to be made the butt of the joke. Diane
took both her hands and mimed that she was fucking herself with a large
dildo. Only in a girls’ school could a girl get away with that and only
with a prefect like Rachael. The class went nearly out of control with
laughter and Diane enjoyed the credit for it. Karen laughed as well but
she was not really laughing inside. In fact, for a few seconds, Karen
sort of wished she were sitting at another table…for she had indeed
seen Diane using her fingers on herself. And she wasn’t sure that it
was a joking matter. But she laughed at the absurdity.

After the class settled down and turned its attention back to the class,
Diane elbowed her young roommate. Karen smiled back at her friend, but
somewhat self-consciously. Diane was enjoying this.

“Yeah, well YOU know how I really do it.” she whispered very softly and
close to Karen’s ear. Karen was a little confused by Diane’s comment
and her freckled face flushed. Karen was POSITIVE that Diane had not
realized she was being spied upon.

Not knowing what to say, Karen went back to note taking as Rachael went
off explaining the less humorous points of nuclear division. Karen was
making sketches from the black- board.

Diane scribbled a note, folded it and in a secretive manner, slipped it
to Karen. Karen thought that was curious since there was no need to be
secretive…no one was around them to see it. Karen took the note and
in a similar secretive manner slowly opened it, as if she was looking at
a face down card in a poker game.

“I know you watched me last night.” the note read.

Karen was floored. She stared at the piece of notebook paper for
several seconds as she wondered what to say. Finally she just looked
up. She was surprised to see Diane smiling at her, and it was a pretty
arrogant smile at that. The younger girl wasn’t quite sure WHAT to
say. She did respond with a contagious but self-conscious grin. And
Karen was worried that Diane was probably offended she’d been spied upon.

“I-I’m sorr” the girl looked downward and whispered. But Diane knew
exactly what she was doing and she touched Karen’s arm gently and

“Don’t be, Kay.” Diane had never called Karen by her nickname before.
“I did it on PURPOSE…well, sort of. I was kinda wondering if you were
awake. And if you were, I didn’t mind.”

Karen said nothing. She didn’t know what to say next. And at that
moment, she didn’t HAVE to for the class-period buzzer sounded and third
hour was over.

The girls were off to lunch. The silence between them was almost
painful even though the hallway was filled with laughter and talking and
noisy metallic lockers. As the girls stood in the short lunchline, they
said little other than things anticipating what the menu would be like

The girls sat down with their trays and they spent a silent moment
putting ketchup on their corndogs and picking out fresh fruit.

“I guess I shouldn’t have given you that note, Kay.” Diane finally
broke the ice.

Karen paused. “Well, I don’t know,” she started, wondering what to say
exactly. “I was kinda feeling bad about watching you but I’ve only
heard of it…I’ve never actually DONE it.”

Diane wanted to make her friend more at ease. Really what she wanted to
do was get Karen to fool around with her like her friend in Baltimore
used to do. So Diane too was trying to carefully choose her words…
even though she was usually more comfortable talking about it–and
certainly making jokes about it.

“It’s fun…hell…everybody does it. It’s incredible.” Diane
continued eating lunch. As Diane looked across the table, she saw Karen
pressing her lips around a particularly juicy peach, and it was dripping
down her chin. And she blurted out a comment that caused Karen to
forever look at eating a peach differently.

“Have you ever thought how sucking a peach sounds so much like something
else?” Diane laughed and very purposely took a bite out of her peach.

Both girls started snickering…and then laughing. And laughing
harder. Karen blushed, partly from the laughter and partly because she
visualized the picture Diane had quite explicitly wanted her to.

Diane kept it up. “I suppose you won’t be able to finish that!” They
laughed again. Diane was clearly in control though and she took another
bite except she tongued the soft meat inside her peach before she
did…this dumbfounded the younger girl who started laughing again.
Diane was making Karen more at ease with the subject.

“I cant believe you did that.” Karen whispered between giggles.

“You probably can’t believe I let you watch last night, either.” Diane
was a little more serious now but Karen had loosened up some. “Look,
Kay…we’re tight. I think it’d be fun to do it together.”

Karen rolled her eyes. “Whew”, she said, “I dunno. I’ve never even
done it MYSELF.”

Diane pressed her. “That would make it even more fun.” She looked
carefully at Karen’s face and seeing that there was still friendship and
not disgust, she went on. “Let’s not talk about it anymore…just think
about it. If you want to…great. I’ll teach you. If you don’t, well
just don’t look next time.”

Karen nodded and searched for another subject but she couldn’t think of
one. “Rachael was sure funny in biology…that crack about cells.”

“I know,” Diane said. “She’s cool..she knows what’s going on. I bet she
does it everynight cuz she’s got a private room.”

The girls finished eating. Juicy fruit gone, the symbolism was gone and
so there was no more laughter. They finished and headed for their
afternoon block of classes. There was no more sex talk for the
afternoon. Diane decided she had gone far enough–if not too far.

Karen tried to concentrate on her studies but at moments throughout the
day, she thought about her roommate’s proposition. She kicked around
what she’d heard about lesbians, about what her mother had told her
about playing with herself, about the excitement that Diane had
obviously given herself the night before and that it was apparent that
masturbation was, at least among her peers, socially acceptable. Mostly
what she was, was curious. And she remembered being in the shower with
Diane this morning, both of them bare, sneaking looks at each other’s
bodies, and feeling a very pleasant tingling in that private part of her

The girls, who spend their entire class days together, parted after
school. Diane went to the Little Theater to practice her piano. Karen
always made an early start on her homework or she went to the student
lounge for video games or listening to the CD-jukebox.

They rejoined at dinner and conversation was lighter, and with several
other students who joined them at the table. After dinner, the girls
paired up again and wandered around the campus before watching some TV
and then returning to their room for studies. St. Ignatius’s academic
program kept all the students busy; Diane and Karen often worked on
their classwork together and, generally, Diane got the best end of the
arrangement because the younger girl was a better student.

It was nearly ten and the open books on their study tables were
biology. And asexual reproduction. As the girls answered their
questions on their worksheets, the jokes and side comments from earlier
in the day returned. It was slightly strained in that Karen didn’t
labor on the matter for she had remained undecided about whether to take
Diane’s offer. She realized that bedtime was very quickly approaching
and she knew that, after last night, things would be different. Once the
worksheets for tomorrow were completed, Diane slammed the book, put it
in her bookbag and threw it on the floor.

“Enough of this shit…I’m crashing,” she said.

Karen exhaled, not knowing what was going to happen next and she sort of
wished that it would be nothing. Even so, there was a slight bit of
anticipation for she wanted to know more about sex. Diane took off her
shoes, blouse, and skirt, and then after standing for a moment in her
bra and panties, she unsnapped her bra and slipped it off over her
shoulders. Then with a quick smile to Karen, she bent over and slid her
panties down her legs and off her feet. Then with her nubile breasts
bouncing firmly and pointing upward she gathered her towel and soap and
announced that she was going to take a shower.

“Tonight?” Karen asked. “You NEVER shower at night.”

“Well, I am tonight.” Diane knew the next few minutes would be crucial
to her plans. “You can too, if you want.” With that Diane walked out
of the room and down the hall towards the shower room.

Karen remained alone…for a moment or two she realized that if she
didn’t go, Diane would take that to mean her answer was no. If she DID
go take a shower, Diane would take it as “yes.” And Karen still wasn’t
sure. She really did want to be talked into it and she also wanted the
chance to be able to say “no.” Karen exhaled, grabbed her towel and
headed down the hall.

Diane had wasted no time…she’d shed her towel, gotten wet, and her
jiggling tits and lightly haired mound were already covered in a rich
film of soap foam when Karen walked in. Diane secretly smiled when she
saw Karen, realizing the significance of Karen’s presence here.

“Sometimes I do this late at night just to clear my mind and get a fresh
perspective on something” Diane uttered, with her face upturned in the
shower spray. Karen was awestruck by Diane’s almost statuesque beauty,
and she stood nearly mesmerized as Diane continued washing her body with
her hands. Diane’s hands roamed across her breasts, sliding her erect
nipples through her fingers. Then as she began to rinse off the soap,
she seemed to let her fingers linger longer than necessary in her pussy
area. But she didn’t remain; instead she finished rinsing off, dried
herself and headed back for the room. Karen too made short work of her
shower although she was distracted by a couple of the foreign students
who likewise bathed in the evening. The 13 year old found herself
stealing looks at their girlish bodies too. Their pussies had much less
hair than her’s–or Diane’s. Their’s were almost bare! And she did not
see the firm bouncy breasts capped by pink nipples on the Asian girls
that she had seen on her roommate. For these girls’ breasts were barely
noticeable as breasts at all. But Karen suddenly realized that she was
getting turned on by looking at their budding bosoms just the same. She
noticed her own nipples getting erect as the two little Asian girls
would steal glances in Karen’s direction and turn and giggle to
themselves. Karen had never really noticed other girls in this way. But
her curiosity was up.

In short order, Karen too was finished and had headed back for the last
door in the hallway. It was already lights-out time. Diane was in bed
and Karen quickly put away her things and got into bed also. Both girls
were in their clean T-shirts and panties and fresh from showers.
Turning on her night light, Karen started to read while Diane just laid
there quietly. The girls could hear Rachael stopping by each room,
saying good night, visiting with some of the girls during the nightly
bedcheck. It was part of her job. Halfway through the ritual, Rachael
knocked twice on their door, opened it, counted bodies, said good night,
and shut it. She was on to the last row of rooms and the girls knew
that now, they were alone for the night.

The silence between the girls was, well, anticipatory. Diane considered
how she would approach the subject and Karen wondered how she might do
it and what she might say.

“So…Kay.” Diane began. “You helped me with biology tonight…if you
want, its time we do some labwork.”

Both girls started snickering.

“Well, I was wondering how you were gonna bring it up,” Karen laughed.
“But I didn’t figure you’d say THAT!”

“Hey…we’re studying asexual reproduction…You help me with the
worksheets, and I’ll help you with the lab.”

Diane sat up in bed. “C’mon, girl,” she pressed. “It’s time you
learned what your missing. Shit, I’ve been doing this since I was
twelve and you’re almost fourteen.”

“Well…” Karen was getting ready to chicken out for she hadn’t been
well convinced.

Diane got up out of bed and went over to Karen’s. “We’ll just call it,
um….GIRLology.” Karen smiled but she didn’t move. Diane took her
roommate’s book out of her hand and put it on the night stand. Then she
reached up and turned out the nightlight. “There,” Diane went on.
“That’s better.” In the darkness, Diane reached up and pulled the covers
off of her roommate. Karen sat up and slid back for Diane was getting
into Karen’s bed. They sat facing each other but neither could see the
other for their eyes were not yet used to the dim windowlight.

“This is weird,” Karen whispered.

“No..,” Diane replied. “Nuthin’s weird if it feels good and playing
with your pussy feels good–and better with a good friend.”

Karen found some satisfaction that Diane had called her a good friend,
though she still wasn’t sure even good friends should be so friendly.
But she did feel secure enough for, after all, this wasn’t her idea.

Their eyes were getting accustomed to the light now and Karen watched as
Diane took the lead by sitting up in the bed and pulling off her
T-shirt. Then leaning up on her knees, she slid her panties down and
slipped them off. Karen felt slightly invaded, having her roommate
sitting naked on her bed but she was rolling with it, at least for now.
Karen could see the dark form of Diane’s perky breasts…and she could
see the nipples were already stiff, like the night before.

“Your turn, Kay.” Diane whispered. “C’mon lets have some fun”


Karen had, after all, showered with Diane before and they were
roommates but this was pretty private. Even so, she leaned up, slipped
the elastic over her butt-cheeks and stretched her legs out and also
kicked off her under panties. Karen’s pussy was also getting very
moist. Without even touching it, Karen felt the pleasant sensation in
her loins.

The girls, now totally naked, in near darkness faced each other as they
sat, cross legged on Karen’s bed. Diane reached up to her right breast
and started stroking the nipple.

“It’s already hard as a button…check it out.” Karen hesitant at
first, reached over to Diane and lightly stroked her nipple lovingly
and slowly. Karen loved the touch of Diane’s nearly full-sized breasts
and quickly pulled back her hand.

“C’mon, do what I do.”

Karen looked up at Diane and saw the sly and nervous smile and started
rubbing the nipples on her own too small breasts. The thirteen year old’s
body was awakening to all sorts of things. Sure, she’d touched herself
before but this time it was to make herself feel GOOD!.

Diane, naked and rubbing all over her upper body, gave Karen a kind of
permission to enjoy the feelings she’d always taught herself to ignore
and even stop. Such was the depth of the discipline of the Navy brat’s
upbringing. But it melted away as she discovered the pleasure of her
own body which was becoming increasingly excited. Karen continued
caressing her tits and nipples, experimenting with different touches.
She tried rubbing her fingers over the tip, and then holding the soft
mound of new tit-flesh firmly in her hand.

“How ya doin?” Diane asked.

“Wow! It does feel good, Diane!” Karen had nearly forgotten about
Diane even though she was sitting directly in front of her but Karen
was totally focused on this new feeling of breast play.

The 15 year old Diane didn’t really know if she should start stroking
her pussy yet. She didn’t want to scare Karen off too soon, before she
got firmly into the mood. But her own feelings were starting to get the
better of her and soon her hand drifted down to her pussy and started

Karen was amazed. She had of course heard of girls playing with
themselves, but her mother had always told her that only “bad” girls
did that, and it was evil. But Karen didn’t think Diane was bad, and
what she was doing certainly didn’t look evil. And Karen was felling
very, very, good herself. Karen kept stroking her tits and rubbing down
to her belly, and wondered if she should do what Diane was doing.

Diane looked at Karen and knew that it wouldn’t be long before she got
caught up in their sex play. Diane remembered her own first time and
knew what Karen was in for. And then, as if it were the most natural
thing to do, Karen’s hand dropped down to her crotch and gently started
stroking the few hairs above her pubis. She stroked in a circle around
her clit and then slid a finger down to her pussy slit. She was
surprised to find her pussy already wet and was embarrassed at the sound
it made when her finger began sliding up and down. Diane smiled to
herself when she saw the look of shock mixed with pleasure on Karen’s face as
she began to discover the thrill of playing with herself for the first

But Diane also had other plans for Karen. She wanted to be an intimate
part of this young girl’s first sexual episode. Karen obviously didn’t
fully understand what was happening to her, and Diane decided that the
time was right. She couldn’t wait any longer and desperately wanted to
stroke Karen’s pussy and that very thought made Diane’s pussy wetter with
excitement. Finally she just made her move.

“Okay, Karen,” Diane uncrossed her legs and stretched out on her side
next to Karen. “Let’s try something else.” The older girl leaned on
her left elbow, her firm nubile tits still pointing nearly straight out
in front of her. With her right arm free, she reached for Karen’s
ankle and pulled it downward, getting her to uncross her legs. Karen

“I want this first time for you,” Diane said softly, “to be very
special…to be really good.” The 13 year old stopped playing with
herself and curiously looked at Diane. She knew, sort of, what her
roommate had in mind since Diane had positioned herself very close. The
fifteen year old looked into Karen’s face and then at her moist pussy. She
simply took control by not waiting for a discussion to start.

Diane reached over and gently placed her hand on Karen’s thigh above
her knee and began rubbing back and forth, each time coming closer to
her warm pussy. Karen tensed up at first and looked nervously at her
would-be instructor. Diane, aware of the tension, just continued
slowing stroking her leg, each time coming closer and closer, but slow
enough so that Karen would have time to stop her if she wanted to.

“Now relax and know that I would never do anything against your will or
to hurt you.” Hearing the words she wanted to hear, Karen leaned back
against her pillow and, literally, put her body in Diane’s hands.

Diane’s little finger was now brushing across Karen’s vaginal lips on each
stroke, and Karen knew that this was going to be a very special night.
“Just lay back, Kay…I wanna do this for you.”

“I-I I dunno, maybe you shouldn’t.” Karen did not protest too strongly
because the feeling of Diane’s hand felt even better than her own.
“Karen…we’re best friends, aren’t we?…I know what I’m doing and I
just want you to have the best come of your life…with me.” Diane
sounded almost like a big sister with her friend. “Just close your
eyes, I’m going to make you cum, make you feel better than you ever
have before.” With that, Diane squeezed her roommate’s thigh just
below her pussy and then moved her hand into the young girl’s excited
mound and softly caressed her there. She stroked her leg on one side
of her pussy and then slid it across, through that hot honey-pot to the
other side and then back into her virgin pussy. Karen forgot about any
thoughts she had about what was right and wrong and concentrated
totally on the incredible crescendo that was building in her body. When
the 15 year old’s fingers moved up and down between Karen’s legs, she
opened them wider. Her heart started beating faster and her breathing
became more labored. She loved every sensation. She wanted more.

Diane, too, was filled with excitement for she was with someone that
she liked very much and also someone she found very attractive. In the
dim light of their darkened room, Diane leaned over and placed her lips
on Karen’s bare chest and lightly grazed her nipple. Diane was
enraptured by the taste and feel of Karen’s budding titties, and she
knew that Karen was really getting turned on. For her part Karen was
the passive partner in this forbidden affair. Knowing that she was in
good hands she simply gave up to her overwhelming feelings and let
Diane take the lead. The older girl kissed her way to Karen’s belly.
She tickled the navel with her tongue and Karen moaned in ecstasy. The
older girl’s face was but inches from Karen’s young virginity. Diane
could see the reddish tint of her sparse small mound of pubic hair,
only beginning to show itself.

Diane raised her own leg and put it over Karen’s thigh and positioned
herself so her pussy rested against Karen’s leg. Karen shuddered at
this most intimate touch. Then Diane lowered herself further and
pressed her sopping wet pussy onto Karen’s foot. Diane raised her hand,
squeezed Karen’s pussy lips together and kissed those pursed lips. It
was a soft kiss with wet lips. The 13 year old Karen shivered
immediately and took a quick, deep breath. And Diane took the tip of
her roommate’s girlhood into her mouth and began gently sucking her
spasming clit. She kissed and sucked more of the girl-clit into her
mouth until Karen thought she would pass out.

Then when Karen thought it could get no better, Diane poked her finger
into the entrance to Karen’s womanhood. It was incredibly tight and
Diane could only slide her finger up to the first knuckle. Karen winced
in pain at first, but knew that she didn’t want Diane to stop.
Gradually Karen relaxed her pussy muscles and allowed Diane’s finger to
stroke her in and out, until the finger was finally almost half way in.
Diane was surprised that she hadn’t encountered her cherry yet. But
Karen’s pussy was so tight that Diane was sure that no boy’s dick had
ever penetrated its sweetness.

Karen was flying. The first quake of the virgin’s climax was welling
up and ready to explode. The wet warmth of Diane’s mouth brought
tingles and tremors and finally, she felt a tightening inside her…she
new her body was wanting to explode and the rush she had never before
felt took over in a series of involuntary spasms, one after another.
Indeed, all Karen could do was roll with it for Karen was no longer in
control. Her rebirth was eminent and it came forth in torrent of
powerful spasms. Diane knew she was sucking the essence of her virgin
friend. She wanted it to be an incredible experience for her young
roommate and she sucked and probed until Karen was completely spent and
breathless. Karen had come very close to losing consciousness for
she’d never experienced pleasure so deeply in her body. She lay
motionless except for the pounding beneath her new-formed breasts which
moved up and down as she gasped for enough air.

Diane waited. She remembered her own first time with her friend back
east…remembering that she too came for the first time on her best
friend’s mouth and fingers. Finally, as Karen began to settle, Diane
slid upwards, keeping half of her naked body against her young lover.
Diane whispered in Karen’s ear as she stroked her red hair in the
darkness. “That, Karen, is your first sex.” Diane said. “It WAS
awesome, wasn’t it?”

Karen was still breathing heavily. “Yeah…I still don’t know what
just happened.”

“I want to do this with you again and again.” Diane said. “Did you
LIKE it?”

“Yeah.” Karen barely whispered, still recovering. “In-CRED-ible.” She
took a breath. “My whole body.”

Diane was pretty satisfied and actually she felt very warm feelings for
having brought her roommate to her first bone-jarring sexual release.
She had warm intimate feelings just then and she hoped tonight would be
just the beginning of a close and intimate relationship and she felt
pretty good about spending the whole school year with Karen…and in this

Diane moved back beside her red-headed young roommate and laid back,
sharing her pillow. And she slid her left arm across Karen’s chest
and rested her hand on Karen’s breast. Karen, still pretty mellow in
the afterglow of her first orgasm, moaned softly at the softness of
Diane’s hand on her young breast, no longer ashamed at its size. After
all, if Diane liked her breasts, they must be alright, even though
they were so much smaller than hers. It did seem strange being naked
and cuddled next to another girl, even if she did like Diane a great
deal. But the touch made her feel warm all over. The closeness and
comfort she felt as her roommate rested her cheek on Karen’s skin, was
fostering a powerful feeling of love in young Karen. She didn’t call it
that, could not call it that at this point, but she was beginning to
feel it strongly.

Diane, as yet unsatisfied, began caressing her own pussy once again.
She remained very aroused as she had pleasured her friend and being
close to her kept her excited. Diane rubbed her pussy very slowly and
deliberately and Karen watched as she rested her face on Diane’s
chest. Finally Karen drew her own hand over to Diane and replaced her
hand with her own. Karen had never touched her own pussy sexually
before and certainly not someone else’s. She stroked it gently,
feeling naughty with the wetness. She turned her finger downward into
Diane’s treasure hole and rubbed it gently so as to return the pleasure
that Diane had given her just a few minutes before. Diane very lightly
put her fingers on Karen’s hand, touching Karen as she stroked–feeling
the other hand as it worked into Diane’s pussy.

Karen was getting used to the feeling of her friend and also the idea
that someone else’s pussy isn’t so bad. She learned at the very
beginning that sex is an expression of giving and taking and she was
giving back what she had enjoyed so fully. Karen decided she wanted to
explore her roommate more fully but she felt somewhat self conscious
for the girls were laying naked in each other’s arms on top of the
covers in a room with an unlockable door. She didn’t want to be
interrupted by strangers for what she was thinking about doing. So she

“Lets get under the covers, Diane.”

Diane agreed by silently getting up off the bed. Her nervous
excitement was obvious as the aroma of heated sex wafted across Karen’s
nose. Karen also climbed out of bed and bent over to pull the thick
comforter down and as she did, Diane grazed a hand over Karen’s back,
down over her hips and across her small, bare buns. Karen moved the
covers down but paused before getting back into the bed. Karen enjoyed
the feelings of her roommate’s fingertips on skin no one ever touched.

“That feels nice,” the red haired girl whispered. Diane opened her
palm and caressed Karen’s fanny, enjoying the baby soft skin as it
folded to the center. And she leaned down and kissed one of Karen’s
cheeks, something even Diane had never done before to another girl.
Diane thought for a moment that there was nothing about Karen she
didn’t like and that the two of them might well learn to experiment a
great deal with each other as time went on this year at school. The
girls crawled into bed and Diane resumed her position on her back.

Karen lowered herself and instead of lying beside her young first-time
lover, she pushed her upwards so there was more room at the foot of the
single bed under the blanket. Diane complied by sliding upwards,
leaning her shoulders against the headboard. She could not see Karen
who had sprawled across the bottom and put her head and chest between
the legs Diane spread as she realized what Karen was up to.

Diane was a little surprised for she figured that Karen was getting
pretty deep for this first time. But Karen was hungry for the touch of
her roommate and she had basically curled up between Diane’s thighs and
rested her head on one of them and resumed her position at Diane’s
pussy. It had taken Diane weeks with her first lover to do anything
besides finger-play and here Karen was taking initiatives that were
very surprising. But the fact is, for all the discipline ingrained into
her by her military father, Karen craved touch–the closeness she had
missed since her mother died. She had always held her when she was
young and she realized with Diane tonight that that is what she had
desperately missed. If sex with her trusted friend would give it to
her, Karen was willing to do whatever to restore her well-being. In
only moments, Karen had nuzzled her face into Diane’s pussy. It
was as if she was putting as much of her body against Diane as she
could. Karen wrapped her legs around one of Diane’s, keeping skin up
against her own pussy.

And her cheek was against Diane’s pelvis and her arms too were touching
as much of the older girl’s skin as their positions would allow. As
Karen’s fingers spread Diane’s pussy she inhaled the strong and pungent
aroma. Diane was very turned on. She rubbed her face all over Diane’s
pussy and then stuck her tongue into its depths as far as it would

Diane focused on the warmth that Karen’s mouth and tongue were giving
to her pussy. She knew that it wouldn’t be long before she came and
she wondered what this young girl was thinking. She now seemed quite at
ease with their lesbian behavior, as if she had been doing it for
years. But Karen was hungry for this and she decided to just let
whatever happens, happen. Karen found Diane’s pussy salty and strong
tasting, but this too seemed to excite her more. She knew that this was
all part of her “deflowering” tonight, even if it was with another
girl. Diane tried to remain calm until the end, but it was hopeless.
The flood was coming. She would be denied.

Karen too was focused. She had been under the covers in total
darkness. Her arms were spread over Diane’s smooth thighs and was
content to suck and finger-fuck Diane’s adolescent pussy forever. She
had given herself completely to it–kissing and licking and
worshipping. Her girl tongue was all over it and when Diane’s pussy
started giving up more of her lesbian juices, Karen was thrilled and
the taste made her mouth water even more. When Diane lost control and
exploded into ecstasy, the younger girl felt the throbbing spasms not
knowing really what was happening for Karen had only just experienced
her own first orgasm moments ago. Diane was nearly crushing Karen’s
head with the grip of her thighs, but Karen didn’t mind. And still, she
kept her mouth on Diane’s pussy until the spasms slowed. But Karen did
not want this closeness to end. She raised her head from Diane’s
pelvis and rubbed her hands all over her thighs, drawing as much as she
could from the touching. Diane had not looked at sex in such an
intimate way before. It had always been focused more on getting off.
She had wanted to give pleasure to Karen, but mostly so that it would
give her a feeling of power over Karen, in getting her to have sex with
another girl. This was a little different feeling. Diane reached down
and simply held her hands on Karen’s hair, stroking it, feeling the
sensation of Karen’s head against her girlhood. They were in no hurry.

Diane pulled Karen up from between her legs and now the girls were in
each others arms, naked and cuddling under the blanket. There was no
way Diane would consider going back to her own bed tonight. And Karen
certainly didn’t want her to. The girls said nothing. They focused on
the warmth of sharing and warmth of each other’s bodies at this
moment. The ninth graders had shared a new experience together at
this school…and they had begun to form a bond deeper than adolescent
sex. For there was a great deal that drew these lonely girls
together. And both of them drifted off to sleep, feeling less alone
than they had since they came to school.


Morning came very soon for the girls had spent until well past midnight
making first love with each other. When the wake up buzzer went off,
the pair were startled. Karen was the first to move. The girls were
sprawled and disorganized as they awoke under the covers. And a little
crowded and stiff from not moving much. Karen was in no hurry to get
out of bed. Diane was on her back, slightly twisted, with her right knee
against her left thigh, and Karen’s arm was across her waist. She
remembered the touching the girls had shared in darkness the night
before and for a few moments, Karen just rubbed her fingers in the
valley of Diane’s smooth breast, down the round and firm belly, and
into the moist hollow of her thighs. Diane became aware as she rose to
consciousness that her new lover was caressing her pubes. She too,
was in no hurry to move for Karen’s fingers were making Diane excited
all over again. And she knew they had no time for more sex play.

“You’re making me hot again, Kay,” Diane whispered. The 15 year old
rolled over and faced her red-haired roommate. Karen looked at Diane’s
warm grin under her tousled long brown hair and Karen thought she could
stay in her bed with this girl all day but she knew they had to get
moving. Diane pulled the covers down…she wanted to look at Karen’s
body. Up until last night, she could only steal looks in the shower or
when they were dressing but now when Diane looked at Karen’s
pussy–with slightly more hair than she was accustomed to seeing–she
reached down and touched her with her fingers…and caressed her. As
Karen responded by lifting her leg, Diane’s fingers found their way to
Karen’s young slit. Gently, she rubbed it. At still 13, Karen had
only a tinge of red pubic hair above her pussy. She had little hair
at all on her body, except for another small tuft under her arms and
light reddish blonde hairs on her arms. Diane thought Karen was
physically immature, since she hardly had breasts at all. But she did
have that very strong orgasm on Diane’s mouth and fingers the night
before. As Diane caressed Karen’s semi-hot pussy, she smiled,
realizing she had tasted Karen’s very first come.

“We’re gonna be late, Diane,” Karen whispered, disappointed that they
couldn’t lay together all day repeating their lovemaking.

“I know,” Diane answered, and as she did, she leaned over and kissed
Karen’s pussy. “We’ll just get back to that later.” With that, Diane
climbed over Karen and stood over her for a moment, showing her her
spread pussy. This was the first time Karen had seen her roommate’s hot
pussy in the light of day. It looked so much prettier than Karen’s own
and she could barely make out the tiny hood covering that sweet clit.
She studied the mound of hair above her pussy, contrasting to a
hairless belly and developing, nubile young breasts. Karen thought
Diane had a beautiful body and she wanted to touch it more, but it was
getting late.

The girls could hear the sounds of the dormies outside in the
hallway…the usual morning noises of radios and chatter and the
distant sound of the showers. At least it was Friday and the girls had
free time on Saturday.

“Tomorrow, we can sleep in, Diane,” Karen grinned.

“It’s a good thing…if I get too much of THAT,” Diane mused as she
looked at Karen, still naked on the bed, “we’ll both flunk out of

The girls hurried, skipping the shower this morning for they were
running late. They dressed, made the morning trip to the bathroom, and
headed for breakfast. Both girls were tired for lack of sleep but as
they walked into the cafeteria, got their trays and sat down, both
thought about the night before. And their secret.

As Diane started wolfing down her breakfast, Karen just toyed with her.
“God, I wonder if it shows?” Karen wondered out loud.

“What?” Diane said, her mouth full of food.

“You know.”

Diane grinned. “I don’t think so. If half the girls in the dorm aren’t
doing it, they don’t know what they’re missing.”

Karen was a little embarrassed because Diane was louder than she thought
was prudent. “Shhh!” Karen grinned. The girls ate up and headed for

Diane was usually distracted with sexual thoughts throughout the
day…and mostly she thought that she was happy she’d found someone to
have sex with…and she was glad it was her roommate so they wouldn’t
have to sneak around and make arrangements. And also someone she found
fairly attractive.

Karen had more discipline and she worked at concentrating on the
classwork and taking notes. When the lecture got boring, her mind
wandered some…not always preoccupied like Diane’s …but there were
moments when she daydreamed back to the night before. And as she
glanced over at Diane, who usually sat very close by in classes, she
thought about how beautiful Diane was. Sometimes she stole a look
towards Diane’s skirt to reinforce the memories. “I sucked the pussy
under there” Karen thought.

Diane, on the other hand, looked at lots of girls that way only she was
more careful about it. She would imagine what it would be like to
touch them–and even be naked with some of them. The dormies, she’d
seen before in the shower. The rest, she only could think about.
Sometimes, she’d think about what it would be like to have this girl’s
or that girl’s mouth on her pussy.

This day dragged slowly because it was Friday. Karen was glad there was
no Mass today…for while she loved what she experienced last night,
she had some guilt feelings when she thought about going to church.
She thought about her mouth, after having sucked on Diane, to be taking
Communion. She wasn’t sure how to handle that so she put it out of her
mind. With Diane around, she was more easily distracted with the
prospect of another night of naked touching and her pussy was hoter
thoughout the day than it had ever been before. For Karen was sexually
awakening and she had left her childhood forever behind.

Friday night in the dorm was different than other nights. Some of the
girls were gone but others moved from room to room, noisily having
fun. Karen and Diane knew they would not have quite enough privacy to
be alone so they, too, left St Ignatius for the town’s small but
adequate shopping center. They did a movie and walked around until the
mall closed and they headed back for the dorm. It was a long walk but
the evening was warm enough. And it gave them a chance to talk. For
half the trip, they talked about the movie, their
classmates–everything but what was on their minds the most since last

Diane broke the ice. “Ya wanna stay up again tonight?”

“If you want to.”

“Yes, I do.” Diane was trying to be nonchalant about it. But she
really wanted to be honest. “Kay…I’ve wanted to do it ever since the
year started.”

“You do it to yourself every night?” Karen asked.

“Just about,” Diane said. “I used to do what we did with another girl
back home in Baltimore. “You really never touched yourself before?”

Karen laughed. “Nope. Not really. My mom always told me not to play
with myself.”

Diane knew Karen was very sensitive about her mom who had only died
last year. She left that one alone.

“Well it’s funny.” Diane went on, as they walked. “Her name was
Dena. I did you your first time last night…you came the first time.
And it was incredible for you, too, wasn’t it?”

The girls giggled. Diane went on. “Dena did the same thing to me. I
had a feeling you hadn’t because you never talk about it…and I always
stay awake longer than you do.”

“Guess that explains why I have to get you up every morning.”

“Well, I used to think about Dena when I played with myself but lately
I’ve been thinking about you. I can’t believe we finally did it.”

“Well I can’t either…cuz I always thought it…well, are we lesbians?”

“Well, I used to think of it that way. Dena likes boys too, but
well…boys don’t do much.” Diane went on, “I figure I’ll date boys.
I like em and I think about em but, well, girls like sex more. Anyway
Dena sure did.”

Karen was taking it all in. “So what did you girls do?”

“Well, I didn’t suck her pussy for a long time…she would touch my
tits, and suck and lick my pussy…like, she licked mine ALL the time.
We probably did it once a week or every couple weeks, anyway.”

“Why didn’t you kiss her…down there?”

“I dunno. I thought it was nasty, I guess. I always finger-fucked her
after she sucked me. Finally, I did it to her and we did it all the time
after that. She wanted to stick things in my pussy too but I was too
afraid and besides, I figured it’d hurt.”

“You mean fuck your pussy?”

“Yeah.” Diane continued. “She always brought over these dildos when
she came over. She said that’d make it go in real easy but I still
didn’t want her to.”

Both girls’ panties were moistening in the darkness as they walked.
When Diane mentioned dildo-fucking, Karen’s pussy contracted only
slightly as her body considered the idea of somethin other than fingers
and tongues going in her orifices. Karen was learning…she said
nothing and so Diane just went on.

“I tell ya, tho, she had one dildo, that was battery-powered, that felt
so good I almost thought about going after a real dick. But then when I
thought about what comes with the real dick, I decided to stick with
the dildo.” Diane broke out into a harsh laugh, but Karen only smiled.
Diane must have had some real bad experiences with guys, Karen thought
to herself.

“Anyway, that dildo really felt good. It feels good when you’re by
yourself too, because it feels like it might have a life of its own.
And Dena always knew how to use it just right on me and herself. Once
in the beginning, she put it on my pussy and kinda slid it back and
forth. I told her I wouldn’t let her stick it inside but it did feel
good on the outside. We oughta try that…well if you want.”

“Maybe.” Karen’s interest was more than “maybe” piqued. She loved it
when Diane had just her fingers in her pussy last night.

The topic turned to other things as the girls walked up the hill to the
campus and then into Roberts Hall. It was close to curfew and the
place was pretty noisy. The girls wandered the halls, sat in on a few
conversations with the upper classmen who were always talking about
boys or marriage or money and making fun of the teachers. There was a
little beer party going on in one room, some girls watching a VCR movie
in another, and some general wrestling around which was eventually
stopped by Rachael, the dorm’s prefect. After the girls returned to
their room, they puttered around. Rachael’s bedchecks on the weekends
were more casual. She didn’t check to see they were actually in bed
but instead just to see that they were IN. She came in and sat on
Karen’s bed and talked with them for a few minutes. They told her
about the movie they’d seen and the three joked around before Rachael
went on down the hall on her rounds.

Diane kinda liked Rachael. She even glanced at the prefect’s chest
hidden under her blouse and the thought crossed her mind that it would
be interesting to get naked with an older girl some time. She didn’t
notice Rachael doing the same but Rachael had a thing for young girls,
and Rachael had had more than a couple in her room this term but the
ninth graders didn’t know that. For now, they were into experimenting
with each other.

It was after eleven by now and the dorm was settling down and most of
the girls had retired to their rooms. Diane and Karen were a little
bit tired for they’d stayed up so late the night before.

“Lets go shower, okay?” Diane was in a hurry to get things underway and
Karen was anxious as well, remembering the nice time they’d had. The
girls stripped to their panties, Diane grabbed her towel and headed for
the bathroom. Karen dallied for a moment, thinking she didn’t want to
go down there just now for she didn’t want to call attention. Finally,
she too headed down the hall but Diane was still in the shower,
enjoying the warm water. As Karen walked nude into the shower room,
she saw Diane and there was another girl who was also getting undressed
so Karen chose a shower head not too close to Diane’s. Hers was a quick
one for Karen quickly soaped herself, rinsed and left.

When the girls were back in their rooms, they shut the door and put
away their towels. Diane paraded around some and Karen noticed that
Diane’s nipples were already hard with some anticipation. Her bed was
closest to the light and she turned it off and climbed into bed.

“C’mon over here tonight, ya want to?” Diane asked quietly.

Karen slipped into Diane’s bed as the older girl held up the covers.
They laid beside each other and while Diane laid on her back, Karen
slid next to her, waiting for Diane to start the first move.

“You can rub my back, if you want,” Diane ventured. And she turned
over on her belly, resting her arms under her chin. Karen told her to
slide over for Karen was right handed, and she climbed over Diane,
grazing her body with her small, but pointed tits until she got to the
other side. And with that, Karen pressed up against Diane’s side and
started caressing Diane’s smooth shoulders from her back to the
outside edges of her tits that were mashed beneath her. Karen inched
downward and rubbed across Diane’s asscheeks, still covered by her
cotton panties. Diane spread her legs somewhat and Karen took the cue
and grazed her fingers down between the 15 year old’s legs. She
fondled Diane’s thighs and slipped her fingers inside the elastic of
one leg hole, grazing the skin near her pussy.

“Lets get naked,” Karen said. She wanted more. Diane felt like being

“You do it.” Diane whispered. Karen started to pull on Diane’s
panties and the older girl arched up so Karen could slip them down to
Diane’s knees. Diane kicked them off and turned onto her back. The
red-haired girl then slipped her own off and pressed her steamy pussy
against Diane’s leg while she resumed fondling Diane’s crevice. Karen
loved to just touch the girl. She slid lower under the covers so her
head was even with Diane’s hips. Then she could more easily stroke
Diane, playing with her pussy lips and running her hand down Diane’s
thighs. The older girl’s legs were marvels of feminine beauty, and
Karen was fascinated with their softness, contrasting to Karen’s own
small and almost boyish limbs. Karen finally climbed over and rested
her cheek on the soft belly of her lover. She felt very comforted and
Diane’s softness served as an erotic pillow. Karen continued stroking
Diane’s thighs and pubis just below her chin. And once, she turned
her head and caressed Diane’s soft pussy lips with her tongue.

“Dena liked to do that,” Diane said. What Diane didn’t say was that
Dena liked to lick her ass, too. More than once, the older girl
remembered her 17 year old friend and how she liked to spread her
cheeks and lick even her asshole. For Dena had a thing for Diane’s ass
and had tried her best to get Diane to do that to her. Karen had not
thought much about such things; she was satisfied with the intimate
touching. Tonight, Diane wanted to get the show on the road so she
turned over and Karen found herself with Diane’s very hot pussy staring
in her face. And she began to touch it with her fingers, very gently
stroking it and reaching downward past her pussy hole nearly to her
nether bud. Karen liked being under the covers, seeing nothing–just
feeling the warmth of her roommate’s private regions.

“Lick it, Karen.” Diane’s request was almost an order and Karen
obeyed. Her tongue reached out and licked all along this hot girl’s
pussy. Diane began breathing heavily in anticipation and when Karen’s
tongue found its way between the lips of Diane’s pussy, she tasted the
slippery juice and then stuck her tongue in as far as it would go. She
nursed all along the edge of the opening to Diane’s womanhood and began
sucking. When she paused for a moment, Diane slid upwards in the bed
and raised her leg around Karen so once again the younger girl was
between Diane’s legs. She drew her thighs up and Karen got into a
crouched position so she could feel Diane’s hips and thighs. Karen
continued sucking and then kissing and even snuggling her nose and
mouth in Diane’s wetness. She loved the soft slippery warmth of the
girl’s private places against her lips. When Karen had fully explored
Diane, she went back to sucking the older girl in earnest and Diane
concentrated on the wet warmth of Karen’s mouth. In only a few
seconds, Diane began a deep orgasm that reached from her breasts to her
toes and caused her to utter the most gutteral of sounds. Tonight, her
girl essence trembled a half dozen times, sending her girl juices deep
into Karen’s mouth. Diane’s pussy pulsed rhythmically on Karen’s open
lips and Karen’s mouth was filled with her sweet juice.

Diane strained with her volcanic climax for she had been thinking about
this all day and it was as if her body was releasing as much sex energy
as it could to the younger girl at this moment. Diane felt the spasms
tingle all over her; it was a great climax. When Karen had sucked and
licked all that there was, she got up and laid beside Diane. For
Karen too wanted to reach a climax like the first one of her life last

“That was good, Kay.” Diane whispered, still breathless.

Karen wondered if Diane was going to even move so she decided she’d
better say something.

“Do me too, Diane.” Diane waited a moment to catch her breath and
enjoy the relaxed feeling of after-glow from such a good cum. But she
did like giving as much as receiving so she moved to where Karen had
been, at the bottom of the bed. Diane crouched down between Karen’s
legs which Karen had also raised, her knees high. Diane cast off the
covers and she could see Karen’s hot pussy in the glow from the
window. But Diane tried something a little different. She lifted
Karen’s legs and put them on her shoulders. Karen slid her legs down
Diane’s back, the calves of her legs feeling Diane’s skin. Diane
practically dived to the center of Karen’s awakening sex and she licked
the outside of Karen’s smaller, but hot pussy. And Diane lifted the
lighter girl’s hips off the bed and licked the skin below her pussy,
just an inch from the girl’s asshole. The sensation tickled but the
wet tongue felt strange and erotic. Diane didn’t linger there, but
long enough that Karen wished she’d continued down for her ass was
spread open and exposed and she realized for the first time that she
really wanted some attention paid to it.

But Diane began sucking Karen’s pussy again and the younger girl who
was new at this, wasted no time building to a climax. It only took
seconds and Karen’s pussy exploded for the second time in her life.
Karen knew enough about it, this time, so that instead of wondering
what her body was doing, she had a chance to feel the climax and
concentrate on it. Karen felt more than the localized sensation…she
noticed the tingle that moved up her body. And with her legs up and
her pussy exposed, she felt her young pussy flex as she spurted her
girljuice into Diane’s mouth. She noticed that the climax was not just
localized to her pussy, though that too gave her sensations. She
decided that cumming just made her whole pelvis explode with a rushing

Karen had never been so preoccupied with anything like she was with her
love for this new discovery of how good her body could feel and how
warm it felt to be touching another, even a girl. Well, almost
especially with a girl. For Karen felt comforted by Diane’s mature
power; she was so much wiser, and more developed. The girls fondled
each other for a time and Karen felt very secure, running her fingers
over Diane’s arms, shoulders and then her breasts and down into her
pussy again.

The girls had said very little for they had been totally preoccupied
with their sensations. For Diane, it was more of a sexual experience but
in another way, Diane felt protective of Karen because she sensed that
Karen was becoming dependent. Diane kind of liked that. It occurred
to her, as she held Karen in her arms so close, that Karen sort of
belonged to her.

Karen was feeling many things. She had experienced so many new
feelings. She’d submitted to Diane. She worshipped Diane. She loved
Diane. These were complex emotions for one so young. Karen decided she
just belonged to Diane.


The girls slept naked in each other’s arms in Diane’s bed. It was after
nine on Saturday morning when Karen awoke to the sounds of noisy dormies
in the hallway. Diane was turned towards her and their thighs were
intertwined and it was warm under the covers against each other. Karen
didn’t want to get up because the outside air was chilly and Diane’s
warmth kept her cozy. Karen thought that they would be caught and
embarrassed at the school if someone came into their unlocked room but
she knew that except for Rachael, no one ever did, and Rachael had made
the bedcheck before the girls went to bed together. Karen chose comfort
over caution and she put her hand on Diane’s hip. Her lover’s nakedness
gave Karen an even closer feeling of oneness with Diane and she couldn’t
help but run her hand gently over Diane’s skin. The intimacy of the
moment enveloped the 13 year old and she remembered the sense of
belonging she felt for her 15 year old lover.

Karen thought that her father would be shipping out on his nuclear
submarine soon and since her mother died, she was alone in the
world…except for Diane who was now her lover. Karen didn’t understand
the loneliness she’d felt since coming to St Ignatius. She only knew
that despite her scholastic success, she was missing something very
important. She always figured it was just her mother or her home in
Norfolk. But her dad had broken up the house, put everything in storage,
and sent Karen to boarding school. Karen really no longer had a place to
belong. The other girls had homes–at least somewhere. Even though
Karen’s dad called every few days, that wasn’t enough. For her dad
considered home whatever Navy billet he was staying in and shortly HIS
home would be underwater on the boat for three months. Karen thought
that her own home was –at least for now–this room. And with this girl.

The intimacy the teenagers had shared now for two nights bonded Karen to
Diane. It was a relationship not fully defined. If Diane was like her
sister, well, Karen had never had a sister. But she didn’t think a
sister would feel quite like this. Maybe so. Karen ran her fingers over
Diane’s heaving breasts which somehow seemed alert while Diane was deep
in sleep. She lowered her touch to the center of the girl’s warmth and
fingered Diane’s soft pussy which was velvety and still slightly moist
from their lovemaking. Even now, Karen could feel a tenderness in her
pussy which reminded her of what she and Diane had done last night.
Karen’s own pussy grew damp as she thought about it. She looked up to
Diane’s face. Her long brown hair was mussed. Diane had stirred a
little as Karen fingered her pussy but her eyes were still closed and
Karen studied her face. The younger girl was wide awake with her
thoughts of her lover. Seeing Diane sleeping and feeling her naked under
the covers of her bed made Karen smile. She gazed at Diane’s eyelids and
nose and mouth. Diane had kissed and sucked Karen’s girlish tits and her
immature pussy as Karen had done to Diane. With all of that intimacy,
Karen felt she wanted to be more intimate with the rest of her. She’d
never even really looked at Diane’s face all that closely. She wanted to
memorize it in every detail almost as if it would help her know Diane
better. Karen studied it–the shape of her nose, even the tiny pimples
Karen noticed in the morning daylight. Karen studied how Diane’s mouth
turned up at the corners and how full and soft her lips looked. Karen
had the urge to kiss those lips but Diane was asleep and to move her
would awaken her. Karen thought that she would do whatever Diane wanted
and let Diane have her any way she liked so long as it meant the girls
would be close. With that thought, Karen continued exploring Diane’s
body, touching her thigh which was crossed over the top of Karen’s. The
red-haired girl felt Diane’s ass, the softness of her asscheeks, bare to
Karen’s fingers. Karen explored further, feeling Diane’s ribs and the
developing flesh of her breasts. Karen even fingered her nipples and
and smiled as she watched them erect in her sleep.

Diane slowly came to consciousness during this fondling and she took a
deep breath and began to feel Karen’s fingers touching her all over. She
too felt the warmth of Karen’s body under the covers. As Karen fondled
her tits, Diane felt her nipples begin to swell, for the touch of her
young roommate was awakening her teenage lust. Diane rolled onto her
back, giving Karen access to her growing breasts and Karen reached for
them, squeezing the nipples and molding their shape to her tender hands.
Diane stretched, reaching her arms over her head and around Karen’s
back. She smiled and opened her eyes and watched Karen studying her and
touching her. Their eyes met and they both smiled at each other, and
hugged, quickly but intimately.

Diane settled back under the covers and the girls looked at each other
very close and face to face. “That was really somethin, last night, Kay.”

Karen smiled again, somewhat self consciously, and said nothing.

“Shall we do it again…right now?” Diane teased.

Karen smiled more broadly and made a slight affirmative nod but she knew
Diane was only teasing.

“Did’ja like it?” Diane whispered.

The red-headed younger girl nodded, never taking her eyes off of Diane.
“Yeah,” she whispered. “It was kinda scary for a little while but after
that, it!”

“We gotta get up.” Diane said.

“I know it.” Karen answered.

They smiled at each other again. Diane’s turn.

“Bummer if we get caught.”

“I know it.” Karen answered.

Another shared smile.

“My pussy’s hot.”

“I know it…mine too.”

“I know it…I know it.” Diane laughed. Neither had moved a muscle.

Karen, always more disciplined, got out of bed. Warm feet hit cold
tile. Hot pussy, ready for sex, was the center of Karen’s nearly
hairless, freckled body. Diane studied it for a moment. She thought
about leaning down and fingering it but Karen quickly turned around and
reached for her panties on the floor. As Karen stretched one leg to the
floor and leaned over to pick them up, Diane then looked at Karen’s
exposed pink slit and thought a moment about having licked and kissed it
just a few hours ago. Her pussy flexed instinctively and Diane stroked
herself under the covers.

“I can’t believe I’m horny again.” Diane said, feeling herself.

“Well,” Karen answered as she lifted her legs and pulled her panties on
while glancing at her alarm. “It’s nine-thirty-two and you’ll just have
to put up with it.”

“Til later?” Diane mocked.

“Yeah.” Karen grinned as she fished around her top drawer for a blouse.
“You can have me…but not all day and all night.”

Diane crawled out of bed. She looked around for her undies but she
couldn’t find them. Karen had pulled a T-shirt over her head and now it
was her turn to watch her roommate. Karen’s body was reddish and
freckled, and her young breasts were firm. Diane’s skin was more tan and
Karen studied the white ass that had been covered by summer swimsuits.
The 15 year old found her panties under the covers at the foot of the bed
and as she turned to put them on, Karen briefly saw that Diane’s pussy
looked wet. But they had to get up. Both girls put on their jeans,
dragged brushes through their hair, and started their Saturday.


Neither knew what Rachael knew. After two in the morning, Rachael had
made a second bedcheck. She always did it on weekends when the dormies
were tempted to sneak out. When Rachael had gotten to Diane and Karen’s
room, she had spotted Karen’s empty bed. And she had seen the much
larger mound of two girls in Diane’s. Rachael smiled to herself. This
was not the first time she’d seen this, even at St Ignatius. And she’d
done similar things when SHE went to girls’ school several years before.

The prefect crept over to the sleeping ninth graders and very quietly
lifted the blanket. It was dark but the window light revealed Karen’s
girlish fanny naked and Karen was lying on top of Diane. Rachael saw
Karen’s hand on Diane’s matted pussy between her legs. She gazed at the
sight for a short while, wondering what sexual experiences the girls had
enjoyed with each other. But Rachael did not disturb them; instead, she
lowered the covers and quietly left, closing the door as gently as she
could. She knew of two other sets of roommates who sometimes slept
together, one of the foreign couples and two girls whom she knew from
last year. In fact, she had entertained the two American girls on several
occasions this year after discovering their secret almost a year before.
Rachael loved girls and in the case of Mary and Roseanne, she’d taught
them the finer points of girl lovemaking–just as she had been taught
more than ten years before in a school not all that much different than
St Ignatius.

Rachael had been first seduced at age eleven by an upperclassman. It was
not a one time affair by any means for girlsex at her old school was
widespread. She had had lovers. And she’d sucked even more pussies than
a few. And when she was an upperclassman, she did the same thing. But
her taste was for the younger girls, even those who had not yet reached
maturity. That Rachael would become a dormatory counselor is not
surprising for she never wanted her girls’ school experience to end. By
taking this job at St Ignatius, it didn’t. Last year, she had found
Marie and Roseanne engaged in pussy play on a Sunday morning when they
had skipped Mass. The frightened girls had little choice but to let her
join them and she did that very morning by playing with them both under
the covers. Later, she’d invited each of them and then also both of them
to her room where she taught them the joys of girl-fucking. While they
would be sucking each other, she would finger both of their pussy slits,
around the other’s tongue and then soon one of them would raise up and
suck her at the same time. This year, she made sure the returning
students roomed together for she made the assignments even before they
arrived. And this year, she had threesomed with them once or twice and
had Roseanne in on even more occasions.

The ninth graders, Karen and Diane, continued their school days pretty
much as they had except on most nights, they would hop into the same bed
and begin their nightly sex play, each sucking and getting sucked or
finger-fucking each other until they were exhausted with sexual release.
Karen had even managed to get herself off a couple times but she liked it
much better when her lover was there to share. It had occurred to Karen
that she was more familiar with Diane’s pussy than her own but she didn’t
mind that.

Rachael didn’t let on that she had found another set of girls who had
discovered each other’s bodies. But she tended to watch Diane and Karen
more carefully than she had before. Now, she noticed when the two ninth
graders joked and whispered to each other; she could see that the two
girls were very close. She noticed especially when Karen would not
hesitate to touch Diane more than most girls (except the Asian girls, who
seemed to always be touching each other) feel comfortable touching. She
noticed when they would shower at night, first one and then the other
shortly afterward. And she tended to stop at their room and chat at
bedcheck time a little longer. Once, she stayed for ten minutes just to
watch and see if they were getting anxious for her to leave but they
didn’t. For by midweek, they were getting more used to their sexual
routine. But she did get much more acquainted with them and she found
herself stealing more and more looks at them. On Thursday night, she
found Diane lying on her bed reading a textbook in her bra and panties.

Diane had wondered about Rachael. Diane had lusted after Rachael at
least on a few occasions for she wondered what it would be like to be
with someone older. Diane thought the best way to find out was to show
her some skin and see if Rachael would look at her. The teenager had set
an exhibitionist’s trap.

When Rachael entered the room and had seen Diane’s bare legs, and
partially clad breasts, she knew she would be staying for awhile. Rachael
sat down on Diane’s bed. Karen was still at the desk working on a
written report. Rachael engaged Diane in conversation and she sat close
enough so that when she leaned back, her hips were against Diane’s leg.
They talked while Karen tried concentrating on her work. Rachael glanced
down several times at Diane’s panties and once when Rachael laughed, she
purposely put her hand on Diane’s inner thigh, if only momentarily.

Diane realized that Rachael’s suggestive squeeze was neither accidental
nor unintentional. She glanced down at herself and realized that her
nipples were beginning to poke out her flimsy bra. Diane watched the
prefect very closely for signs of interest. That the young woman had
touched Diane, made her feel more conscious about being nearly naked. She
felt her pussy start to grow damp at the excitement of seeing Rachael
look at her, and was afraid that her panties would soon be showing a
tell-tale wet spot. She wasn’t sure what to do; she’d already put her
book down and it would seem pretty obvious if she picked it up and put it
over her pussy to cover up her wetness. And Rachael sitting on the bed
blocked Diane from getting up or even turning over. Diane’s panties
began to get wet, and it was showing.

Rachael continued to talk to her about insignificant things. She saw
Diane’s chest rise and fall under her thin bra, with more intense
breathing and she was getting excited about it as she looked at Diane’s
nipples poking through and thought about tasting them. And her eyes cast
downward. Diane’s panties were showing a growing wetness, and Rachel
began to fantasize about touching that spot, and making it wetter. There
was no doubt that Diane was extremely excited and Rachael realized that
the more she looked at the teenager, the more turned on Diane would

“VERY interesting. Is it warm in here?” Rachael said as she looked at
Diane’s crotch and then into Diane’s eyes. Diane bit her lip and
smiled. Rachael glanced back down to Diane’s panties.

“Yes, but I think it’s you that’s making it hot..I mean warm, Rachael.”

“Well that’s only because I think I see something that is causing the

“Do you want to do something about it?”

“Very much.”

“You CAN.”

Karen turned around and looked at them. She saw Rachael very close to
her roommate and she didn’t really know what to think about it except she
had the thought that she knew Diane was going to fool around with Rachael
and Karen didn’t want to share. Karen turned back around to her books.

Diane opened the invitation further. She reached down and rubbed her
pussy under her panties and Rachael’s eyes followed her hand.

“Go ahead.” Diane whispered.

Rachael knew from the night she’d seen the girls sleeping together that
there would be no one shocked here. The prefect put her left hand on
Diane’s cotton panties. She squeezed the girl’s mound with her hand,
and Diane’s pussy tensed with excitement for Rachael had squeezed too
hard. Rachael started breathing harder with excitement too and she
glanced up at Karen.

“She wont mind.” Diane said, and a little louder, “Kay!”

Karen turned around and saw Rachael’s hand in what had belonged to
her lately.

“Kay…I think Rachael wants to play for awhile…ya wanna come over?”


“C’mon…we may BOTH learn something. Karen!”

Rachael hoped to make it easier. “I know you girls are lovers… you’re
not the ONLY dormies.”

Karen got up from her desk and stood over by the bed. She watched as
Rachael slipped her hand under Diane’s bra and took Diane’s tits into her

“You have nice breasts, Diane.” Rachael looked at Karen. “You’re
lucky to be rooming with these.” The young counselor looked at Diane’s
nipples which were indeed long and erect. She continued to finger the
nipples and eventually ran her fingers to the waistband of Diane’s
panties. Rachael’s index finger slipped into the dampness of Diane’s
pussy and she felt the juices of girl-cum forming in the void. She
spread the wetness up and down the crack of Diane’s pussy and then
flicked her clit hard. It caused Diane’s pussy to flex and a red flush
spread through her loins.

Karen was a little embarrassed for she looked on Rachael as an adult.
But Diane looked on Rachael as just another girl because Diane had had
some experience with an older girl, even if she was only 17.

“I would really like us both to get naked, Rachael…you would like
that, wouldn’t you?” Diane decided to commit the prefect before anybody
said any more.

Rachael, confident she had the situation under control, leaned back and
slowly peeled off her sweatshirt. Then she stood up, pulling out the
elastic waistband of her shorts and slid them down her long and
beautiful legs.

Rachael leaned down and began kissing Diane’s belly, above her panties,
and stroking her breasts with her free hands. Diane was surprised by
the gentleness of the older girl, and just leaned back in the bed and
let Rachael take charge. Rachael trailed her kisses further down into
the steamy crotch of Diane’s panties, finally kissing her pussy through
the cotton. She then pulled the 15 year old’s left pantyleg aside and
licked pointedly in her crevice. As she lapped up, down, and into her
pussy she caused Diane’s legs to involuntarily flex open and shut
around her ears, and Rachael continued for, perhaps, ten seconds. She
loved girl-pussy and as she sucked this teen’s woman-sized girlhood,
she realized she was leaving a younger girl out of it. And she knew
that wouldn’t be a very good idea. “What about you, Karen?”

Diane watched as her roommate hesitated. “Yeah, Kay…lets do this
together. C’mon take your jeans off.”

Rachael remembered having seen the younger girl’s nude charms nights
before and she thought about the innocence of a young girl pussy.
Rachael was really more interested in Karen than in Diane but she knew
Diane would be easier. Karen still had an innocence and immaturity
about her that excited the young woman who had once lost her own
innocence in just such a school.

Karen decided it would be better to participate than leave Rachael with
Diane so she nodded good naturedly and forced a grin. And then she
unbuckled her belt, undid her jeans and slipped them off. Rachael took
stock of the younger girl as she pulled her pants down and slipped out
of them. The girl’s cotton briefs did not show much….they were tight
against her crotch and didn’t even show the bulge of pubic hair.
Rachael wondered if the 13 year old was even past puberty but she
thought Karen MUST be for she and Diane had been asleep and naked just
a few days before. But she liked what she saw. Hairless legs. Boyish
look, fair skin.

Only Rachael now was fully dressed; Karen was in her T-shirt and
panties and Diane was only in her panties which Rachael had pulled down
to expose the girl’s woman sized pussy. Karen didn’t want Rachael
undressed because she didn’t really want Diane getting too interested.
But Diane had other ideas.

“That leaves you, counselor.” Diane smiled. Rachael was just a bit
more cautious. She got up, took the chair in front of Karen’s desk and
lodged against the doorknob so no one might walk in on them. With
that, the girls had learned a new trick about room security. Rachael
walked back over between the beds, undid her pants and took them off.
All three were now in their underpanties pretty much looking at each
other and waiting for Rachael to call the shots.

But Diane, again, pressed it. She slipped off her panties and moved
back on her bed, leaving room. “C’mon girls, let’s show it all.”
Diane had made it easier; both others slipped off their panties and
stepped towards the bed. All three of them stole glances at each
other, comparing their differences. Rachael’s bush had a lot more hair
than Diane’s, and, of course, Karen had little hair at all on her
juvenile pussy. Karen was also very self-conscious of her own budding
breasts, since Karen’s and Rachael’s more mature chests made Karen’s
small chest look almost boyish. Karen, being only 13, had a ways to go
yet. But not much more in the excitement department. Being in the
company of two other hot and sexy girl-women, even Karen with her
reservations was getting with the program.

Rachael slipped off her blouse, leaving herself completely naked like
Diane was…she had not worn a bra tonight. Rachael was more than a
head taller than the thirteen year old. She stepped behind Karen,
glanced at the ruddy bare lobes of girl cheeks sticking behind the
girl’s T-shirt. And the girl pulled Karen’s shirt up and over her
head. Now Karen was naked as well but Rachael opted not to touch the
youngster. Instead she stepped to the side and displayed herself. The
two girls studied her breasts which were full and the nipples erect.
Her pussy had considerable hair and Karen thought she looked so much
older than she and Diane. Her pussy hair was darker than the other two
girls’. Diane’s loins were light brown and Karen’s sparse curls were
reddish. Rachael sat down on the edge of the bed. With her left hand,
she reached for Diane’s right thigh and squeezed it. With her right,
she began stroking Diane’s breasts. Then she reached over and touched
Karen’s tit-meat with just two fingers, tenderly, and watched as Karen
closed her eyes. And she squeezed both girls’ tits at the same time.

“Well, they’re not quite the same size, but they’re both turning me
on!” Rachael grinned at both of them and Karen and Diane looked at
each other and smiled as well. Karen didn’t think she could quite get
into this for she was totally satisfied with Diane being her lover but
she knew that Diane wanted this. But she had to admit that she was
beginning to liked Rachael’s style.

“So…you girls would like to play around some, I bet?” Rachael looked
at them to see their reactions as she slid over on the bed and crossed
her legs like Diane had.

Diane, ever quick when it came to sex, said “Sure…this pussy is
always ready to be played with.” And she extended her legs out, spread
slightly and closed her eyes.

Rachael had her invitation. “You can join in, if you want,
Karen…lets show Diane a good time since she wants it so badly.”
Rachael stretched out on the bed over Diane and nuzzled her face in her
pussy and started sucking her. The prefect was a little rougher than
Karen was but Diane didn’t mind. As she licked at the 15 year old,
Rachael reached between her legs and fondled the skin between her pussy
and her asshole and slipped her finger even lower and toyed with
Diane’s asshole. Diane was enjoying it and she drew her legs up which
exposed even more of her bottom.

Rachael enjoyed the taste of this new girl. She removed her mouth from
Diane’s pussy, kissed her way down to Diane’s wrinkled little pucker
and began to lick her asshole. Diane was wondering if all older girls
must like that for her old friend from back east liked that too. Diane
had learned that relaxing made it feel even better and she offered the
young woman’s probing tongue her other private place. Rachael was
devoting considerable attention to Diane’s bum and moved around behind
her to get a better angle on her asshole. Karen had only been watching
but she decided she wanted Diane’s pussy since Rachael had lost
interest in it. Karen laid down on the bed beside Diane, facing down
to her pussy and wrapped her arms around Diane’s bare hips and
began to suck her lover’s pussy. She was aware of Rachael in front of
her, sucking her friend’s ass, and Karen wondered what Diane must be
feeling right now.

Diane hadn’t want to leave Karen out of this threesome and was glad
Karen finally joined in. Diane then turned her attention to Karen by
pulling her hips towards her and when Karen moved near enough, Diane
leaned up and began sucking the 13 year old’s leaking girlpussy.

Diane was clearly getting all the stimulation she could handle. Rachael
at her ass, Karen’s mouth at her pussy and her mouth on Karen’s pussy.
It didn’t take long for Diane to reach an orgasm with all this and it
was Karen who felt Diane’s spasms on her tongue and then the 15 year
old’s series of sexual mini-explosions. Karen sucked the juices from
Diane who was getting some equally intense feelings at her asshole.
Rachael had stuck her tongue into Diane’s bottom and was tickling it as
best she could, feeling Diane’s orgasm as she flexed her groin muscles.

Rachael set Diane’s legs back on the bed and turned to Karen. “I think
we did her in!”

Both the prefect and Karen looked at Diane who was grinning, breathing
hard, and pretending. “Oh…I’m dead,” she smiled. For the first time,
Karen smiled like she meant it because the idea of both of them working
Diane over was pretty funny.

“Well,” Karen joked, “it WAS Diane who asked for it!”

All three of them laughed.

“Well, what now?” Rachael raised the question. “Let’s see what we can
do for you next,” she said as she looked towards the younger girl.
Karen looked at both of them while Rachael thought about it for a
minute. The girls were beside each other lying on the bed, one’s head
not far from the other’s pussy.

Rachael knew that the feelings Karen felt for Diane were much different
than that of a fast fuck. For that reason, the prefect decided to go
easy on the younger girl. She knew that Diane was easy…and more than
willing. But Rachael knew what Karen had. She had love. She had love
for Diane.

“Great idea…” Rachael began. “Diane, slide down the other way on the
bed…put your head here,” pointing to the foot of the bed. “And let
Karen get on her hands and knees on top of you…put your head up Here.”

Neither girl knew exactly what Rachael had in mind so she positioned
Diane on her back with her head at the foot of the bed, or nearly so.
Karen started to climb over her on her hands and knees but Rachael
turned her around too and positioned her in a sixty nine position over
her young lover.

“Oh…sixty-nine!” Diane said, after she finally realized what the
young counselor had in mind for the teenagers.

“C’mon girls…make each other feel good.” Rachael said. She was
adjusting Karen’s legs so that the younger girl’s pussy was directly
above Diane’s face. And she pushed Karen’s shoulders down so that her
face was above Diane’s girlhood.

The girls knew now what she had in mind and they began kissing and
licking all over each other’s pussies. Rachael was sort of supervising
this little event. With the 13 year old above and the 15 year old
below, Rachael watched the girls. And she ran her fingers over the
smaller girl…from her neck, over her shoulders and underneath to her
tiny tits, and then to Rachael’s fetish…Karen’s open fanny.

Rachael simply had an ass-fetish that was second to none. Already she
had rimmed Diane and now she leaned over the end of the bed and while
the girls were sixty-nining each other, the prefect began to fondle and
kiss Karen’s bottom. Just a few days before, the 13 year old had
learned how erotic her ass was when Diane had finger-fucked and sucked
her there. Now, Rachael had fondled the 13 year old’s childlike pussy
and had kissed and spread her butt-cheeks. Her tongue had found
Karen’s pink flower and the young woman began to wet it and lick it
even as Diane was licking her pussy from below. Karen was getting the
same action that Diane did earlier…attention from the front and the
back and in very short order Karen too reached her climax and pumped
her girl-juices into Diane’s mouth. Rachael stood up and caressed
Karen’s hips and around to her breasts. As she did, Diane reached for
the prefect’s pussy and began to slide her middle finger in and out.

“Diane hasn’t gotten off again yet, Karen,” Rachael said. “Slide more
towards her pussy…I wanna lick your ass some more.”

Karen blushed deeply, but moved slightly forward and was fully on her
knees now with her young bottom squarely up in the air. Diane’s head
was now between the calves of Karen’s legs. Rachael knelt towards
Karen’s baby red bottom and began tonguing it but she had also
positioned her pussy where Diane could go after it if she wanted. And
Diane did. She spread Rachael’s womanpussy with her fingers and
started sucking while Rachael was tonguing Karen. Rachael was so hot
she welled up and began spasming almost immediately, and in the process
nearly suffocated the fifteen year old with her heaving thighs. For
Rachael was nearly delirious with her tongue licking the ass of such a
young, immature girl as Karen. Karen, who was sucking on Diane for the
second time didn’t even notice that Rachael had cum…she was
preoccupied with both the giving of pleasure with her mouth and getting
of pleasure at her ass.

And Diane was just doing fine too, getting sucked again by Karen,
sucking Rachael and occasionally noticing that Rachael was licking on
Karen’s bottom. Diane too finally reached her second orgasm and pumped
her remaining girl juices into Karen’s mouth. Karen had waited
anxiously to bring Diane off a second time tonight…she had worked
hard on her lover and when she was done, she had to back off to catch
her breath. In fact, Karen collapsed on Diane just to rest.

All three of them were satisfied and Rachael was pleased to have been
part of the ninth graders’ affair. She stood up, glanced at the girls
in their exhausted sixty- nine position and got dressed.

“I hope we can do this again, sometime, girls.” Rachael said, trying
not to sound too authoritative although she knew she had. “You two
have the sweetest pussies…and asses in this dorm!”

The two younger girls separated and put on their panties. When all were
more respectable, Rachael bade them goodnight, moved the chair away
from the door, smiled, and left, closing it behind her.

“Well, Kay…whad’ya think?” Diane grinned.

“I dunno…it was fun, I guess.” Karen said, her mind drifting because
she really wanted to tell Diane that she didn’t want to share with
Rachael or anybody else.

“Well, now you’ve had your butt licked…that was fun, wasn’t it?”
Diane said as she sat on the edge of her bed. “I know I like my ass
licked and Rachael knew what the fuck she was doing, that’s for sure!”

“Well, I’ll do that to you…if you want.” Karen answered.

Diane realized Karen was pleading just a little “C’mhere, Kay,” Diane
said, patting the bed next to her. Karen came over to the bed and sat
down next to Diane.

Diane put her hands gently on Karen’s bare shoulders, turned her, and
slid her fingers to the younger girl’s neck, drawing their lips
together. For all the girls had been doing, making love to each
other’s bodies, this was their first kiss.

Neither was very experienced but it was as tender as two novice girls
could be…girls who had learned to suck before they learned to kiss.
Actually, their mouth’s were more tender than their kiss was,
considering the sucking they’d been doing.

“I know you just want it to be ‘you and me’, Kay.” Diane said very
quietly. “We’re very tight.” Karen nodded.

Diane went on, “I’m your first. And I’ve done stuff with you that I
haven’t ever done before. But I might want to fool around with
somebody else once in awhile…I dunno. I just don’t want you to feel
badly about it. If you don’t want to with Rachael or somebody else,
that’s cool. Maybe I won’t, either. But I might. Okay?”

Karen nodded and said okay. She knew she didn’t have a lot of choice
in it.

“Besides, you might want to, with somebody else.” Diane wanted to head
off what she was starting to realize would be a broken heart over this
and she was starting to understand that Karen was feeling some love

Diane’s feelings were confirmed when the younger girl shed a single
tear that streamed down her cheek. “Oh Jeez, Kay.” Diane was learning
there was more to life than sex and the immediate feelings afterwards.
Diane leaned over and kissed Karen’s cheek…tasting the salty tear and
she licked the younger girl’s cheek, drying her face with her lips.

And she then pulled Karen’s cheek up against her chest and began
caressing Karen’s red hair. The girls held each other and Diane was
beginning to feel more close to Karen at this moment than she even had
when the girls were locked in sexual lovemaking.

Karen snuggled against Diane’s bare breasts, thinking of nursing, and
feeling very cared for…very dependent…and wishing that Diane would
love her as much as she did Diane. Maybe that will come.

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