Cold Beer

It had been a hot day out here in the desert, and as
night fell, the heat was just getting bearable. Even
now, late evening, Sara was still sweating, as she
pulled up outside the small to the neon lit bar.

Entering she found it almost deserted. The bartender
was clearing the tables, and a man sat at the bar
with the last beer of the evening.

She hesitated, and the two men looked her over, but
what the heck? She knew she was a good-looking woman
in her tight jeans and a t-shirt, showing off her
bulging breasts. Confidently, she walked over to the
bar and sat down next to the only customer.

He turned to face her – a stout, muscular man with a
dark, intense gaze. There was an air of brutality
about him that kind of turned her on. The tall,
skinny bartender, on the other hand, she couldn’t
quite figure out. He seemed somewhat detached, even
as he asked her: “What’ll it be? We’re closing.”

Sara smiled at him. He didn’t react.

“Beer,” she said.

The bartender quickly pulled an ice-cold beer from
the tap.

“Anything else, we could help you with?” he asked.

The customer’s gaze stayed fixed on her. Sara laughed

“Well, what do you think?” she asked.

The two men looked at each other quickly, and the
bartender smiled vaguely: “We sure are glad to hear
that, eh Billy?”

“Yeah yeah,” Billy murmured. “I don’t think she knows
what she’s getting herself into.”

Sara drank from her beer, then sniffed sarcastically.
“I don’t think the two of you can think of anything I
haven’t tried yet.”

The men fell silent for a few seconds. The Billy
whispered to the bartender: “Lock the door.”

The bartender quickly walked over to the door,
locking it. The sound sent chills down Sara’s spine,
but she sat upright on the barstool, looking Billy
straight in the eye. Without a word he raised his
glass and stood in front of Sara. Then, slowly, he
tipped the glass, pouring cold beer onto her chest.

She gasped from the cold. Soaked, her t-shirt clung
to her breasts. Billy lowered the glass, smiling
wickedly. The beer felt cold as ice against Sara’s
skin, hardening her nipples. Involuntarily, she
grabbed her breasts, squeezing them gently. The
bartender leaned across the counter, watching her.

“More,” she whispered, eyes half closed.

Billy lifted the glass over her head.

“Come on,” she moaned, “give it to me.”

And Billy let the beer wash over her hair, her face,
her shoulders. She shivered from the cold, squirming
on the barstool. Without a word the bartender was
pulling more beer from the tap. Meanwhile, Billy
grabbed Sara’s glass, slowly pouring that over her,

“Ohhh,” she moaned. Her long, black hair dripping
wet, making it stick to her cheeks. Even the rough
fabric of her jeans was soaked by the cold beer. Sara
felt her t-shirts and panties clinging to her body,
it felt exquisite.

The bartender handed Billy a pitcher of beer, which
he eagerly poured over the soaked woman. Panting, she
let the cold liquid wash over her, still massaging
her breasts.

Billy put the empty pitcher aside. Then he sat down,
just looking at her. Neither of the men said a word.
The beer dripped from Sara’s body onto the floor.

“You want me to undress?” She whispered.

There was no answer.

Brushing her dripping wet hair from her face, she
unbuttoned her jeans. They were so wet, she could
hardly pull them down. And when she finally did, she
had pulled off her panties as well.

The bartender leaned over to look at her closely. She
spread her legs as wide as she could. Billy could see
all the way up into her pink pussy, since her pubic
hair was trimmed closely. But he didn’t move.

“We wanna watch you masturbate for us,” he said

Sara smiled and started playing with her pussy. She
was so hot now. Her legs still spread wide, she
exposed her clit to the two men. Then she let her
fingers rub it. Up and down, very slowly, very

“Oooh yeah,” she whispered huskily.

Billy poured himself another beer, calmly drinking it
as Sara continued to masturbate in front of him.

“Is it good?” he asked her.

Sara was rubbing harder now. She gasped loudly with
excitement, massaging her pussy in an ever-increasing

“Ohhh,” she shouted straight into Billy’s face. He
just smiled, taking another sip of beer.

“Well, is she gonna come?” the bartender asked. Then,
suddenly, Billy stood in front of the woman. Without
warning, he brutally forced two fingers up into her
pussy. She screamed loudly. Billy grabbed her firmly
with his other arm and started finger-fucking her

Rhythmically, his two fingers slid in and out of her
slippery cunt. He bent them and straightened them,
turning them around in her pussy. And all the time
thrusting them in and out.

Sara was sobbing in excitement. The bartender watched
them. Suddenly, Billy started kissing her. He pressed
his mouth against hers, forcing his salivating tongue
into her mouth. Sara twisted around on the barstool.
Billy’s fingers explored every inch of her pussy, his
tongue greedily moving inside of her mouth. She was
so hot, he could hardly take it, he wanted her.

“Yep. Yeah, she’s coming,” the bartender said

And at the same moment she lost control. Billy’s
mouth let go of hers as Sara’s screams of orgasmic
lust filled the bar, her pussy muscles spasming
around his pumping fingers.

“Oh yes! Oh YES!” she screamed.

Billy pulled his dripping fingers from her pussy,
forcing them into her mouth.

“Lick em,” he whispered.

With loud smacking noises she sucked her own pussy
juice from his fingers. It still a had faint taste of
beer. Her entire body was shivering.

“Are you ready?” Billy asked.

Without the word, the bartender came out to join
them. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulling out a
remarkably long cock. It was completely erect.

“Lick it,” Billy commanded.

Shaking, she knelt down in front of the bartender,
cautiously sucking the bulging head of his cock.

“Aaah,” he groaned, forcing his cock into her mouth

Sara swallowed, as the tip of his cock hit the back
of her throat. Then he pulled his dripping cock out
of her mouth, then started to pump it slowly back and

“I think she’s thirsty,” Billy said mockingly.

And the bartender paused his fucking motions, as
Billy poured some cold beer over his long cock. As he
started pumping again, Sara could taste the beer on
his long, stiff tool.

Then the bartender grunted, grabbing her soaking wet
hair. He pulled his cock all the way out of her mouth
with each stroke, only to poke it in between her wet
lips with a powerful thrust. Again and again, Sara’s
mouth and throat was filled with his swelling cock.

“More,” he gasped. Pulling out completely, he stood
with his erect cock in front of her face.

“You do it,” Billy commanded, passing the glass to
Sara. With shivering fingers, she lifted it up,
pouring cold beer over the bartender’s cock. It
jerked wildly, as he shook with desire.

“Yeah!” he yelled, brutally forcing his cock in
between her lips again. She sucked the beer from it,
as it pumped her mouth savagely. Then, again, he let
it slip out, making a smacking sound.

“Again,” he gasped.

Obediently, Sara poured more beer over the wildly
throbbing cock. But this time she didn’t take it into
her mouth. Instead, she let her long, wet tongue lick
up the beer. Slowly her tongue played around the
tender skin of the bartender’s hard shaft. Its veins
swelled and throbbed.

She lifted the glass. Another gush of ice-cold beer,
which Sara licked from the bartender’s cock with wet,
slurping sounds, Moaning, Billy unbuttoned his jeans.
He pulled out his fat cock and started masturbating.
Sara looked at him teasingly.

“Do you like this?” she asked.

“Yes,” the two men gasped in unison.

Sara laughed, pouring the rest of the beer over
herself. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles.

“Fuck her,” Billy groaned.

The bartender grabbed the wet woman, placing her
belly down over the barstool. Slowly, he shoved his
cock into Sara’s dripping wet pussy.

“Ohh yeah,” she moaned.

The bartender’s long cock slid in and out of her wet
pussy. With every inch of her cunt she felt it

Billy was standing up now. He went over to them,
watching attentively, as the bartender fucked Sara
thoroughly from behind. Meanwhile, he was
masturbating with a nasty smile.

“Oh,” the bartender whispered. “Give me a beer.”

Letting go of his cock, Billy pulled a beer for the
bartender. The bartender didn’t stop. His cock was
still pumping in and out of Sara’s pussy, as he drank
a hearty gulp of beer.

“Ahhh,” he said.

Then Sara felt him pouring beer over her ass. It ran
cold over her ass cheeks, into her pussy and down her
thighs. The bartender’s cock, too, was drenched by
the cold beer, mixing with her hot juices. Now his
rhythm became more intense. Wet and slippery, he
thrust his cock deep into her pussy again and again.

Billy loved masturbating in front of Sara. Now he
bent down to her. And with his thick, wet tongue he
licked the beer from her cheeks. He grabbed his
glass, poured more beer into her hair, then licked
that up, too.

“Is it good?” he whispered in between laps. “Is it

“Yes. Yes,” Sara whimpered, as the bartender thrust
his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Ohhh,” the bartender suddenly yelled. Grabbing his
cock he pulled out of her.

“Take her!” he shouted to Billy.

Helplessly, Sara was thrown onto her back on the bar.
Billy climbed up and began to pump his hard, fat cock
into her with a powerful thrust. Then he slid the
glistening wet cock all the way out of her pussy,
paused – and thrust it just as savagely back in. He
did this over and over again.

Sara whimpered impatiently and moaned deeply with
each stroke. The bartender was masturbating, and she
watched the clear liquid oozing from the tip of his
long cock.

“Oh, fuck her,” he groaned hoarsely.

Billy spread her legs wide as he drove his cock into
her. Then he started pumping in a hard, relentless
rhythm. Sara felt the fat cock massaging the insides
of her pussy, and she sighed lustfully. His cock
jutting out from his jeans, the bartender pulled
another beer.

“Are you thirsty?” he asked her gently.

Sara nodded weakly. Her mouth was dry from desire.
And with Billy still pumping his cock in and out of
her pussy, the bartender grabbed the back of her
head, slowly pouring cold beer into her open mouth.

God, that was good. Greedily she swallowed mouthful
after mouthful of the ice-cold beer while Billy
fucked her savagely. Sara looked gratefully at the
bartender. But now he lifted the glass, pouring the
rest of the cold beer over her hot body.

She shivered. The beer hit her belly and her breasts.
Billy fucked her like a madman, staring at her big,
soaking wet breasts, bouncing in time to his strokes.
Then the bartender bent down over her and started
licking up the beer.

“Oh yes,” she sighed, “oh yes.”

The bartender sucked beer from Sara’s tiny navel. He
licked beer from her breasts, his teeth nipping at
her erect nipples, making her squirm with lust.

“Her pussy, too,” Billy whispered.

And masturbating with one hand, the bartender poured
beer over Sara’s pussy with the other. She and Billy
both gasped, as the cold beer washed over their
genitals. Beer and love juice flowed from Sara’s hot
slit. The shock of the cold made Billy’s cock even
harder, and he thrust hard into her, making her
whimper. And at she same time, she climaxed again.

“Aaah!” Sara moaned loudly as she orgasmed. Both
Billy and the bartender held her down on the counter,
as Billy pressed his swelling cock all the way into
her, holding it still. He felt her sex muscle
vibrating around his explosive member.

“Oh,” Sara whispered eagerly. “Come on!”

Billy pulled out of her, and the two men stood in
front of her, masturbating.

“Yeah,” she whispered, as the bartender pulled
another glass of beer and passed it to her. “Let me
see you come. Let me see your thick sperm.”

She poured cold beer over the bartender’s cock. He
gasped, the head of his cock bulging madly, as he
stroked his wet cock with both hands.

“Come,” she whispered.

Then she poured some over Billy’s fat cock.

“Ahhh,” he shouted, his wet cock jerking as he
masturbated like mad.

The beer ran coldly over his balls and down his
thighs. “More!”

The bartender panted, as Sara slowly poured the rest
of the cold beer over Billy’s throbbing cock and his
fist, jerking it off.

“Come on,” Sara begged. “I want to see you shoot your

And the men closed in around her face. She looked up
at them. And they came.


The first jet shot out of the bartender’s cock,
flying over both her breasts. His sperm felt boiling
hot against her skin, and he moaned loudly, as spurt
after spurt shot out of his cock.

Then Billy let out a wild yell. The head of his cock
bulged wildly, and jerked as it spat a thick spray of
come out over her face. She looked into his eyes,
licking it up.

The two men’s cock kept on pumping. Long, hot jets of
thick sperm hit Sara’s face and breasts. Finally,
their ejaculations ceased.

Billy and the bartender held on to their cocks,
catching their breath. Then they pulled themselves
each a glass of cold beer. They drank most of it,
pouring the rest over Sara’s naked body, washing off
the sperm. And then over their own aching cocks, to
cool them off.

There was a knock on the door. More than a knock. A

“Police! Open up!”

Sara and the two men tried to get dressed.

“Open up, or we’ll bust the door in!”

“Shit!” the bartender hissed. And wearing only his
jeans, he stumbled to the door and opened it. Two
heavily armed policemen stood outside. They stared
into the bar in amazement. Billy was still just
buttoning his jeans, and Sara still sat naked and wet
on the floor, trying to separate her panties from her

Then the policemen started laughing.

“What the hell have you been up to?” one of them

“The usual?” the other one asked

“Yeah,” Billy admitted.

“So I guess we can settle it in the usual way,” the
bartender suggested.

The policemen looked at each other, then at Sara,
with dirty grins.

“Yeah,” the first one said. “What the hell.”

Billy and the bartender grabbed Sarah, lifting her up
and placing her on her back on the pool table.

Grinning, one of the policemen locked the door behind
them. Then they both stood around the pool table and
started undressing.

Billy and the bartender calmly sat down by the bar,
pulling themselves a cold beer each. Sara saw the
policemen closing in on her, their cocks stiffening.
She sighed.

It was going to be a long night.

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