Chance Around

The story I am about to relate to you is one of missed opportunities coming good and one which would not have taken place if Rob, a father of two boys John and Jim not been divorced. The story is one, in which you need to know a little about the history before the good stuff starts.

The tale involves Rob’s eldest Son, John and his son’s ex-girlfriend Carol. Carol was, believe it or not, nearer Rob’s age than John’s; there was 12 years difference between Carol and John but only 7 years difference between Carol and Rob. You see Rob had met John’s mother at the age of seventeen and married at eighteen, with John arriving when Rob was Eighteen and a half. Which in later years meant that John and Rob were more like buddies than father and son.

Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted 4 years and both parties put this down to marrying too young, but apart from a few access visits; Rob did not see his son for 21 years. John’s girlfriend at that time, as a parting gift so to speak, managed to trace Rob and phoned him saying, that his son John wanted to get to know him better. Incidentally, at this stage rob had been married for 19 years and had a sixteen-year-old son, Jim. I should point out that Rob’s ex-wife had also remarried and had a son of her own.

As it turned out, when John and his girlfriend, Chrissy, split up, John decided to move in with his dad and stepmother and half-brother. There he remained until he got engaged and moved to a home of his own. However, the facts of the story occurred whilst he was living with Rob and before he met his Fiancé. Before he met Carol, his Dad and stepmother ended up divorcing and his 18-year-old half-brother went to live with his own mother. So now you can see the house dynamics had changed with only Rob and John living in the home. Rob and Carol got along very well having a laugh and a joke whenever they met.

So now let’s get to the nugget of the story. John was going out with a woman called Carol, having met her through his job. Occasionally Carol would stay over and there was no problem with this, until one day when both John and Carol had had too much to drink; during the night Carol got up to use the bathroom and after coming out the bathroom she turned left instead of right. She entered the bedroom where Rob had been awakened but the door opening and she stood there totally naked, in full view before beating a hasty retreat when he told her she was in the wrong room.

Everything was fine next morning and both John and Carol treat the incident as a joke, but Rob was not so sure. You see, she entered the bedroom with the hall landing light on and stood side on to the light streaming through the open door. This allowed Rob the opportunity to see her fine 36DD breasts and the fact she had bare minimum of pussy hair. Also, she seemed to take too long to realise she was in the wrong bedroom because she did not start to leave until he had finished telling her she was in the wrong room, surely, she would recognise their different voices. However, he decided to let it pass as a simple mistake.

Then three months later, once more both John and Carol were the worse for drink, when in the early hours; she again entered Rob’s bedroom again, naked but this time she climbed on the bed as if to pass over him and get in the other side. Once more she did not retreat until he had told her she was once more in the wrong room. Next morning, she was gone before Rob came down to breakfast, he joked with his son, John that next time his naked bird got into Rob’s bedroom, he would make her stay and He would take full care of her needs. John laughed but not in a way you would normally expect a laugh, no it was more like the idea appealed to him.

One month later, John and Carol stopped seeing each other although John did say they were going to be friends, I suspected it would be friends with benefits! However, Carol’s visits became fewer and fewer and John, found a new girlfriend, Anna. This meant that Carol’s visits stopped completely, I must honestly say I did miss the laugh and a joke I had with Carol.

Now things remained like this for just over a year, when one day Rob visited a brand-new Shopping mall and happened to go into a “football café”. He suddenly recognised a voice that said, “Welcome Sir, a waitress will be with you shortly!” He looked up and there was Carol, it turned out, she was the manager of that Sports Café. He thought it was then she recognised him and we shared a joke about her visits to my bedroom, when he said “I hardly recognised you with your clothes on!” it was said in barely a whisper and she went a little red in the face as she coyly replied, “quiet, I have enough trouble getting this lot to carry out my requests, without you giving them something to hold against me!” she added, “Anyway I am sure I don’t know to what you refer?” but, her beaming smile told me she recalled the events precisely.

Rob ordered some food and a cup of tea and to be honest sat thinking about the two events. Carol herself brought him his food and a pot of tea, placing down the tray she had carried, she once more smiled and then winked at me. After she left the table, he thought no more about it until he picked up my teacup off the tray. There was a small piece of paper neatly folded in half. He slid his hand over it, and he looked around the café, before picking it up.

Opening the paper, he read the message neatly written inside, “Here is my phone number, call me soon, please?” he tucked the paper into his inside pocket and continued with my food and drink. Having finished, he requested his bill and Carol came over and told me there would be no charge. He tried to argue that she was running a business and even more so as it was not her own business, also he was sure that the owners (Two famous professional footballers) would not be happy about a customer not being charged for his fare in their restaurant. Carol was adamant saying, “I rarely have any guests, here to eat at my request, so your food and drink hardly makes a dent into my entertaining allowance of £200.00 per year!”

He had to admit, she had him there, he could argue no further, so he thanked her and as he rose from his seat she leaned forward and kissed him on his cheek. He asked, “What was that for?” she replied “You just wait and see!” as he stood talking to her at the door she asked about John, he told her that he was still with his new love Anna and he had confessed to him that he thought she was the one he wanted settle down with. Rob suddenly thought that this may not have been the answer the Carol had been hoping for. If that was true, she hid it superbly; she told me to come back anytime and to act upon her little love note soon. Rob looked her square in the face and saw a twinkle in her eyes that I had never noticed before, at this point of the evening.

Rob phoned the following evening and was delighted to discover the evening after that was her day off. So, arrangements were made to meet up at a local coffee shop to where Carol lived. Rob arrived a little early and so, this allowed him find, a good vantage point, something he had begun to do in his security days and now it was just an everyday thing. It also allowed him to be settled when Carol finally arrived. Carol arrived some 15 minutes late, Rob commented, “I think I should punish you for being late!” Carol seemed to feign a mock look of pity which had Rob laughing.

After a coffee each of them filled the other in on what had happened since their last meeting, before the café that is. Rob was pleased to discover that after John, Carol had not got herself a steady boyfriend, but she did confess that she found herself believing that if John called her, she would drop anyone and everything to go to his side. As the chatted about this and that, suddenly Carol took a sip of her coffee and gasped. “ooh, its cold!” Rob looked down at his watch as smiled as he said, “No wonder we have been chatting for nearly an hour and a half!”

Carol feigned a look of horror and then suggested they get another cup of coffee, when Rob agreed she said, “Come on then, I know a place that dishes out the finest coffee!” This time it was Rob feigned shock, but he followed her lead and finally zipped up his light weight over coat. Outside Carol slipped her arm inside Rob’s and smiled up at him, their difference in height could almost be comical. As they left the main street of shops, Rob finally asked, “Just where are we going!”

With a cheeky grin, Carol looked up towards Rob’s face and almost whispered, “Why, at my place, where else?” Rob thought no more as he allowed Carol to guide him to her home. Once inside they removed their topcoats and then Carol invited Rob to make himself comfortable, having done so, she continued, “What would you like to drink, I only have instant coffee, I’m afraid.” Rob replied, “I would love a strong cup of breakfast tea!” Without thinking Carol relied, “how would you like it?” Quickly Rob responded, “Well if you are asking, I would like it medium strength with a small amount of milk, no sugar and …” he paused for a short while before finishing, “And served topless!” he stressed on the topless.

Carol laughed and said, “I should have known, but why as you already know what I look like naked!” With that she turned and left the room without waiting for an answer. She knew Rob would come after her to explain and sure enough two minutes later they stood in the kitchen. Carol with her back to him as she stood at the sink washing a couple of mugs, Rob advance quietly towards her as if she did not know he was there, Carol clearly know he was present but played along.

As she turned to go to the cabinet to her left, she caught Rob of guard and bumped into his chest, it was as far as her head would reach. Rob took hold of her arms just below the shoulder and leaned his head down and kissed Carol full on the lips, Carol was in no hurry to break the kiss, in fact she opened her mouth seductively allowing Rob’s tongue to flick her open lips. Needing air and I suspect to gage her reaction, Rob pulled back. Carol, merely groaned a long, “ooooh”

Now Rob watched her as she made the tea and even teased her about being topless, but she put him in his place saying that she was saving that for later. Never normally being one to miss a hint like that, it sailed right over his head. Carol led him back into the living room where they sat side by side and chatted. Carol asked Rob about his sex life and laughingly he told her he could right his sex life on the back of a postage stamp and still have enough space for a full address including postcode.

He explained that after his affair with a woman called Sandy, he found he had throat cancer and what with treatments and his immune system being shot to pieces, he had decided to retire and have women as friends instead of lovers. Carol nudged him and said, “So which category do I belong?”

Rob laughed, before saying, “Well you,” he paused, “You have been the basis of my dreams for so long, but as you were my sons girlfriend I felt you were forbidden fruit, now I can hopefully go gardening, as you and he are history!” he added.

Carol drained her coffee mug and then took hold of Rob’s hand, as she tried to pull him to his feet, he too swallowed the last of his tea. Carol led him firstly into the kitchen to put the mug’s in the sink and then took his arm and led him to the bottom of the stairs. Arm in arm the climbed the stairs slowly, neither of them saying anything in case it broke the spell.

She led him into her bedroom and gently pushed him backwards onto the foot of the bed and then, she leaned in close and kissed him on his lips but becoming more passionate and forceful as she did so. Rob slid his arms around her and somehow managed to turn her on to her back in the space beside him, without breaking their kiss. Now His hand reached down towards the mid-thigh area where her skirt stopped and smoothly, he slid his hand up the bare leg and up onto her hip.

Suddenly Carol broke the kiss and almost gasped, “for someone giving up on girls you sure know how to find your way around a woman’s body” Rob responded, “if you think that is god just wait I will show you why my nickname with the ladies I have known was lizard tongue!” Carol giggled and then said, “Look let’s not waste any more time, let’s get out of these clothes!” the couple parted and quickly shed their clothes although Rob took the time to neatly fold all of his clothes and when challenged argued, “Well look, it’s simple, you being at home can go to the wardrobe and take out any number of neatly pressed clothes, but I have to get home to be able to do that and I don’t fancy walking the streets in clothes that look like they have just come back from a war zone!”

“Good point!” Carol replied. Now Carol once more laid on the bed with her legs hanging over the bottom edge, before she teased, “Well come on then Lizard tongue!” Rob moved to the bottom of the bed and parted Carol’s thighs and the lifting her right leg he trailed his tongue upwards from her ankle and paid particular attention to just behind Carol’s knee.

Carol giggled and begged Rob to stop. “you want me to stop licking you or just stop behind your knee?” Rob questioned. “Behind the knee!” bellowed Carol. So, Rob continued to trace a saliva laden path up her right thigh and ever closer to her cunt lips. Suddenly Rob Stopped and took hold of her left leg and began again down at her left ankle. Once more he paused to lick gently the back of her left knee until she begged him to stop and just like before he recommenced his path towards her cunt lips. Just like before he stopped just short of reaching them and now switched his saliva assault on her navel. Now this time he worked his way down from her belly button and whilst doing so his fingers teased open her cunt lips until like the morning Cactus Rose it opened out revealing it precious inner lips. Now as his tongue reached her cunt lips, he dipped his tongue into the inner cunt lips and dragged it lightly but firmly up over her clitoris. Carol twitched like her body had just been skewered by a red-hot poker.

More and more he returned to those inner cunt lips and more and more they opened to him like Alibaba’s cave, every time he caressed her clitoris with his tongue the jolts increased in intensity until Carol was already coming and she had not even sampled Rob’s cock yet. Carol gasped for Rob to quit, he raised his head up and playfully declared “but I am only just warming up, I could carry on for hours yet!”

He raised himself up on to both feet and then lay down beside Carol, she immediately sat up and moved down to where she could suck on Rob’s seven-inch cock. Just before she did so, she said “One good turn deserves another and now it’s my turn to pleasure you!” Rob replied, “What makes you think my licking you to your first orgasm was not a pleasure on my part?”

Carol looked at his face and smiled before tapping his leg with a playful slap, Rob quickly grabbed her upper torso and flipped across his lap before applying a playful slap of his own as he responded “Oh, so you want to play do you?” Laughing he released Carol whom now quickly took his semi hard cock in her mouth. Rob had to admit she was good in fact very good as her mouth walls seemed to shrink wrap his cock and her tongue danced over the plum coloured head, it seemed not one millimetre of his cock head was missed. From the sensitive edge and the underside of the object in her possession but also the pee eyelet was probed with her tongue as much as it would allow. All the time her cheeks seemed to draw the prick deeper and deeper into her throat.

All too soon, Rob felt forced to pull his cock from her feverish mouth’s grip. He was just about to slide his cock into her when she stopped him, he thought ‘shit she wants me to wear a condom!’ but she whispered that she wanted to feel his cock in her anal Shute. She quickly turned over on to her stomach before he had chance to agree or disagree.

Carol now helped Rob guide his prick to the puckered entrance to her anal region. Rob began to slowly press forward, but, as soon as the tip of his cock touched the sphincter muscle opening, Carol twisted her head to the side and growled, “Give it me hard and fast!” Rob thought for a split second about hurting her but her second growl, left him in no doubt, she growled “Fuck me hard and fast5 I can take it!” So, he did just that, slamming his hips forward as he plunged forcefully his cock into the retreating anal muscle.

Rob almost gave up as his cock felt like her arse was stripping the skin off his cock, her hot anal chute clung like a second skin and almost as fast as the pain hit him, it was gone and a unusual feeling of power flooded his senses. He began pulling out only to slam back home and Carol buried her head into a pillow as she screamed her way to an orgasm. Her screams went from ones of pain to longer slower ones of erotic sensations. The more Rob pounded her arse the more she screeched her delight. In fact, the more he teased about going to pull out fully the more she screeched for him to slam it back in.

All too soon, Rob felt that tingle that seems to start in the depths of your balls and builds like a steam train, Whoosh, his cock exploded its deadly semen coating Carol’s inner walls with what seemed like white hot sticky fluids. He need not have worried though for almost as soon as he stopped spurting, Carol launch into an almost devilish twisting contorting demon, so much so that Rob had some trouble trying to hold her down. Then as if totally exhausted, Carol flopped forward like a rag doll, with glassy eyes she turned her head to his side and gasped, keep fucking my arse and I will be the biggest slut for your entertainment. Rob leaned back and thrust his still rock-hard cock back into her stretched sphincter muscle and instantly Carol’s horny state returned as again she began snarling like a real canine bitch. Only this time Rob’s urgent need to spunk her was gone, so he played with her.

He would pull back only a short way before slamming back into her red hot body, then he would pull out till only his cockhead was still inside her arse then, before slamming it all the way home, he now slapped her butt, Carol immediate reaction was to turn her head to swear at him; Rob waited for the very first sound of a word to leave her lips and he slammed home as hard and fast as he could. Of course, this drove Carol forward into the mattress and ratcheted up her horny feelings.

Rob varied this sexual assault so, as to keep Carol guessing as to when the big thrust was going to come. Carol tried unsuccessfully to push back when she thought he was going to give a big thrust; this added to her frustration and incidentally drove her passion higher and higher. Carol gasped, “Please, stop, I can’t take much more!” Rob challenged her, “I will stop but only if I can fuck your throat straight after pulling out of our arse!” at first, she refused so, Rob kept up his barrage of thrust and spanks until Carol finally agreed. Quickly Rob pulled out of her arse and managed to turn her over before climbing to a position where he was sitting on her 36DD breasts. He then located her hard nipples and as he thrust his cock towards her mouth, he pinched and twisted them sharply.

Whether it was the pain or her horniness, he could not say but he loved the way she tried as hard as she could to catch his bouncing cock between her lips. When, finally she had his cock in her mouth he teased herby saying, “Does slut Carol like the taste of her own shit on her master’s cock?” clearly Carol could not answer or she would have lost the grip on keeping his cock in her mouth. It was 4.00 am before the couple ceased their marathon fuck session, now laid in Rob’s arms, Carol looked him in the eyes and said, “I would not want to be the One to tell John but, Experience has it hands down!”

Rob met Carol regularly after that first explosive night and in case you are wondering, Carol was true to her word and she did become the biggest slut for her beloved Robert. Maybe I will tell you a few of their other nights of passion, but then again, what sexual favours can you offer in exchange.

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