Physical Fitness

A few years back I had the pleasure of working in the thriving metropolis of
Toronto where housing costs a fortune and jobs that paid more than minimum
were scarce unless you had a masters degree.

I worked in a cozy little store with about eight others. One of the eight was
this very cute looking Italian young woman named Angela. She had straight,
shoulder length hair, big brown eyes, pouting lips and the most lovely face.
>From what I could tell she didn’t fit the C cup range, she was quite small in
that department – but clothes do have a way of hiding these things.

Angela had a good sense of humor, though we disagreed on many things –
actually on almost everything. The one thing we did agree on was fitness,
both of us liked to work out. At the time my place was basically, kitchen,
bathroom and a 12 x 8 foot bedroom – probably smaller than most
prison cells. I kept everything vertical, a bookshelf and wall shelves; I had
to be organized.

One day we were talking about working out, which I usually did in the kitchen
which had more space than any of the other rooms, when Angela invited me to
come over to work out. I was a little skeptical and declined at first.
Angela still lived with her parents and I had to admit to myself that if I saw
her in a tight spandex outfit I might say or do something that would
jeopardize our work relationship. (I still needed the job) With her parents
being Italian I wasn’t sure just how they would accept me. (Caucasian) I did
want the opportunity to see her in spandex and Angela was persistent the next
few days we worked together so I finally agreed.

I knew Angela had no lover at the time. Not to say that I was Mr. Experience,
but at the time it seemed like I had more experience with sex than she had.
It had been brought up and discussed at work before; a few of us got into a
conversations about the most interesting sexual positions – from what I
remember it was to tease another fun-loving employee who was just starting to
date again.

I was interested sexually in Angela, but I also wanted to keep the friendship
or turn it into a companionship. It just seemed that the odds were against
us, work, parents, and the fact that it was just to work out. (Which I was
genuinely interested in too)

The evening I went over we both had just finished work and took the subway
home together. I think we were both a little nervous but she had this big
smile on her face that crept up every few minutes. Somehow we got talking
about sex and dating but it was light conversation without explicit details.
The she asked the showstopper question, “do you find me attractive?” It would
have been silly to say no, any guy who could see would say she was attractive.
“You’re beautiful Angela, why?” She blushed slightly and to be honest I
don’t remember what she said after but it was something about her lips.

When we got to her place the house was empty, her folks had left for a movie.
When we got in she offered me a coke and said she was going to get changed. I
took the coke and started to tell her that I’d have to go home to get my
shorts and t-shirt (I just lived a few blocks away) when she laughed this
really cute laugh and said, “just wear your underwear!” The first thing that
went through my mind was “what if your parents come home?” I didn’t voice it
to her. There was another reason I wanted the shorts. If I got an erection
watching or thinking about her in spandex it was going to be more obvious in
my boxers than in shorts. “Don’t leave on me,” I heard her say from one of
the rooms down the hall, which I assumed to be her bedroom.

I sat on the couch and waited. When she came out I think I could have popped
a boner right there. Angela was wearing this tight white top that hugged her
small breasts snugly. The shorts she was wearing were just that – short.
When she turned you could see her curvy ass. I can’t remember what I said
then but it was certainly a compliment with which she seemed impressed. “Come
on, strip down,” she teased me. “I can’t,” I replied. Then she got this
great big grin on her face – the devil knew exactly what she was doing to me.

During our conversations at work she’d told me that she had all this workout
equipment in her bedroom. It was a lie. The workout equipment was her.

When she led me to the bedroom, I was still clothed, there was no workout
equipment in sight. I dumbly asked her, “so where’s the workout equipment?”
She laughed and called me silly before telling me of her ruse. I was getting
hornier by the second. I told her that I should whip her ass for lying to me
and she laughed and replied that it would be more fun if I had a piece of her
ass. “Take your clothes off, we can still work each other out.” I debated
for a whole 15 nanoseconds before unzipping my pants and removing them.

Angela stood and unbuttoned my shirt while moving in for a kiss. It was an
odd and extremely exciting feeling tasting her lips for the first time. How
different this would make things at work. I figured we’d just talk about it
after in bed. I pulled off her tight top, which incidently took some
careful maneuvering. She had the nicest perky little breasts I’ve seen on a
woman her size. For 20 she was maybe underdeveloped compared to some women,
but it looked really good on her frame and made me more horny than bigger
breasts would have. The kiss was long and drawn out – she kissed very
intimately. The kiss lingered in me and I whispered, “I want to make love to
you so bad.” She peeled off her shorts and I removed the rest of my clothes
and we climbed into bed and snuggled under the sheets.

For about forty minutes we explored each other’s bodies, kissing, lightly
touching each other, until we were adequately horny that neither of us could
hold off jumping the other. I wanted her on top since she was smaller and
more flexible. Angela agreed and she rolled on top of me grasping my
cock in her hand and placing it just at the entrance to her vagina. I could
tell she was wet from just pressing slightly against her. However wet she was
it was slow going inside of her. The feeling was extraordinary and it lasted
long. I wanted just to keep slowly inching in and out with the same
tight, wet feeling around me. She was in control though. I could have
thrusted up but would have taken the chance of hurting her or myself – we
barely fit together.

We started kissing passionately again and very slowly she started sliding up
and down my cock. Right from the start she started to moan. I was into it
just as well, between breaths telling her how wonderful she felt and asking
why we hadn’t got together sooner. She came first, shuddering and
clawing at my chest. I could feel the extra lubrication. She apologized and
I told her she was crazy. We shifted positions so I was on top, we kissed and
I was hard as a rock again. This time I fucked her with a couple of short
strokes and then a few long, deep strokes until I could no longer keep the
pattern and started fucking her pussy as quickly as I could. I built up to an
orgasm and exploded inside her. I can’t remember a time I was more content.
I looked down at her and she was smiling. I kissed her and we rolled on to
our sides.

We must have covered half the sexual positions there were because when her
parents came home we were still in bed together. They didn’t bother us. I
left early the next morning. Angela and I had a few more sexual encounters
before I got properly introduced to her parents – who were both very nice.
I’m sure they knew about us, they just seemed very cool with the whole thing.
I’d like to tell you that Angela and I stayed together, we had an amazing
relationship, but we were both young and had our whole lives ahead of us.
Last I heard of Angela she was in teachers college. No doubt she’ll make an
excellent teacher, especially if she ever teaches physical fitness.

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