A Liz and Brad story – The beginning

Me and my girlfriend spent a night in Montreal because our flight back home got cancelled. We stayed in a hotel near the airport. The day was still quite young and so my adventurous girlfriends suggested: “Let’s go to a strip club.”

Maybe I should tell a little bit about us first. The woman on my side is always smiling, happy, funny, gorgeous, extroverted, very sexual. Her name is Liesel, but people call her Liz. (I changed our names.) She is a natural blonde, stands 5.9′ and has an hourglass figure with a nice, firm, round bubble butt. My name is Brad (short for Bradlay). I am 6.1′, way more introverted but not less adventurous than Liz (she picked me up on our first night together…different story), athletic build with darker blonde hair.

I really liked the idea of going to a strip club and we both got pretty excited. So I put on a pair of jeans and Shirt and Liz picked a colourful summer dress that she just bought. She looked stunning and I had problems to keep my hands off her. We looked online for the nearest strip club, got a taxi, told the driver where to go (he knew exactly where and what this adress was) and there we were…without knowing it yet…of to a new lifestyle.

When we arrived at the club the bouncer placed us right in front of the stage in the middle of the club. I could feel and see all the men are watching us while we walked to the table. I must admit they didn’t watch us. They watched Liz. She was the only female visitor in the club. Even though there was a sexy dancer on stage all eyes were glued on her in this moment.

After we said down and ordered some beer we started to enjoy the show right in front of us. We talked about the dancers and Liz pointed out who she liked and why. She said: “I am way more into voluptuous woman. A lot of these dancers are way to skinny for me.” After a few beer and a few strippers on stage Liz exclaimed: “I want to get a lap dance.” I couldn’t believe how lucky I am. Having a sexy, amazing girlfriend and now she wants a lap dance with me watching her. She pointed out 2 girls who interested her. I was already so aroused I would have said yes to anything. I don’t know if it was coincidental or if Liz made eye contact but one of the girls came to our table, squatted down next to Liz and started to chat with her. I couldn’t follow the conversation over the loud music but obviously they got to an agreement. Liz got up took my hand and we followed the dancer to the private booths in the back of the club. In the booth were 2 chairs and the dancer placed Liz on the one and me on the other, so that we were sitting across from each other. Now the stripper stepped right in between us. She was maybe in her 20ies with a fit, athletic body. Her skin was mocca brown and she was wearing a black negligee with black straps and stockings and string pantys. She bend over to me and said: “I will give her a lapdance and you just watch.” With that said she turned around and started to dance for Liz. She was letting her hips roll and put her hands through her black long hair. She got closer and closer to Liz until they nearly touched faces. Then she turned around and shoved her firm ass close to my girlfriends face. After another spin she lowered herself on Liz lap so the two faced each other. She was grinding her crotch on Liz’ thighs so that her summer dress got moved up. Liz opened her legs a bit so that I could get a glimpse of her pussy. (Liz never wears pantys) I was so aroused, so hard, that my cock was bulging my jeans. I was just staring at the unbelievable show right in front of me. Liz was also very turned on. I could see her hands wandering over the back and ass of our private dancer. Now the girl got up and took her negligee off, turned around and started to grind her ass on Liz’ crotch. Liz’ grabbed around and took her boobs in her hands, squeezed them, played with them and let her hands run up and down her tummy and returned to her boobs. The stripper got up turned around and sat down on Liz lap again. She pulled down the summer dress and the bra and exposed Liz’ boobs. Now they were rubbing and playing with each others tits. I was so horny the lightest touch on my cock and I would have cum right there and then.

Liz’ told me afterwards that she could see in my eyes how horny I was.

After we paid the stripper for her exquisit service (money well spent) I took Liz hand and dragged her out of the club into the next taxi to get as quick as possible back into our hotel room. The moment we closed the door behind us I took off all my clothes and nearly ripped down Liz dress, threw her onto the bed and spred her legs. I was so horny and I could see that Liz was too. She was already dripping wet and I couldn’t resist…I had to lick and taste all of her juices: “You taste so good.” I licked all along her luscious lips and tried to get my tongue as deep as possible into her dripping hole. Then I moved up and started to flick my tongue over her clit. I could hear her moan with plessure and I could see that she was intensivly playing with tits. I licked her wildly and thrusted two fingers in her pussy. “I am cumming…I…Am…cumming….Yes…Yeah…” I licked and drank the stream of juices that poured out of her during her loud and intense orgasm. “And now fuck me!” I didn’t need a second invite. I kneeled between her legs, lined up my super hard cock with her beautiful pussy and rammed it in. I was so horny…I really fucked her…I fucked her hard. The room was filled with moaning and slapping noises while I thrusted my hard cock into her. I could feel the orgasm comming. My balls tightened and after a few more strokes I came deep inside of her. I could feel my sperm flooding her. I think I never came that hard before.

That’s how everthing began.

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