Perfect place for voyeour

This lake is small, about 20 acres, and is located in the countryside.
The water is relatively clean and you can safely swim in it. Because
of its small size, there are no power boats. The lake is surrounded
with trees and grass. I don’t think anyone cuts it but it does look
very nice. Usually you’ll find up to 200 people there, but not many
more. The banks of the lake are divided into four distinct areas.
There are no signs. It’s just that people know where to go for their
particular desires.

From the gravel parking lot, you walk past the Kiosk (fast food
place) and move quickly to an open grassy area. There you’ll find
families enjoying the sun and water. Kids to about the age of 12
don’t usually wear anything. About 80 percent of the women are
topless and everyone has on bottoms. Since this is a place for
families, you won’t find anyone fooling around here.

Across the grass, is a path through the trees to another grassy area
where nude sunbathers are able to enjoy the sun and water while not
having to worry about clothes. There isn’t too much going on here
but occasionally you do find something happening.

On one of my first trips to this lake, I was spending some time in
this area when a bronze god walked from the water. I’m not gay or
even bi, but he was very good looking. Wide chest, small waist, a
tight ass, and a great tan. Even though he had just come from the
cool water, he had about six inches of meat dangling between his legs.
He moved from the water to his towel and things on the side of this
area. Standing facing the majority of the people there with his legs
slightly spread, he slowly dried his chest. While he was drying off,
another guy came from the water, apparently following the bronze man.
This guy was nothing special, just average. He wasn’t chasing the
other guy, just enjoying the show. He did surprise me when he walked
over to the man drying off and took his towel from him. The hunk just
stood there with his hands on his hips and the other guy dried him
off. First he did his back then moved to his front working his way to
his feet. By the time th! e ! hunk was completely dried, his six
inches had hardened to about eight or nine. The other guy stepped up,
dropped to his knees, and impaled his face on the hunk’s cock. He
stayed there for about 5 minutes sucking, licking, and fondling his
balls. Finally the hunk pulled the man to his feet, they talked for a
while, then moved off together. I didn’t follow because I’m not
into anal or guys. It was just interesting watching these two in the
open where everyone could watch.

Another time, another guy was laying on the grass near the path slowly
rubbing his 7 inches. He wasn’t beating off, just touching himself
enough to stay hard. After a while, a woman stopped by and began
talking to him. She was still wearing white bottoms to her suit but
was topless. What a top to leave uncovered; nice, large, firm tits
with no sag. She sat beside him, facing him and while they talked, he
reached up and rubbed her nipples. She returned the favor by rubbing
his cock. After about 10 minutes, she stood up, slipped her bottoms
off, then squatted on his cock. Right there by the path where
everyone was walking and she was fucking him. They weren’t
outrageous, just fucking. She was sliding up and down on him and he
was playing with her tits. After a few minutes, she stopped. They
rolled over so he was on top where he continued to slid in and out of
her. Another few minutes of this and they rolled back over so she
could be on top again. I was amazed at ! th! is sight of them
fucking in public. Several other people were interested too as there
was a small crowd gathering to watch. She was making eye contact with
many of the guys and some were beginning to stroke their cocks.
Finally, he started to do some thrusting of his own and everyone could
tell, he was ready to cum. Just before he came, she hopped off, took
his cock in her hand, and beat him off. It was a geizer. Several
shots up in the air landing mostly on him. She avoided any of the cum
except what landed on her hand and arm. After she had milked him dry,
she wiped her hand on his leg, stood up, and wandered away. Talk
about casual sex!

OK, is this place a constant fuck fest? No. This is about all I saw
here in the month I was there. However, if you walk past this
section, you’ll find a lot more going on. Before we leave this area
though, if you swim out to the small island, a 20 second swim, it is
always completely nude. I never saw anything happening on the island.
It was nudes there to enjoy nature and not to watch or be watched.
Still there were some cute girls there and you could get away with
beating off if you were descrete.

Back to the trail. After the second area, you came to a small area
surrounded by trees and bushes. In there, I watched several people
get it on. It was open enough so everyone could watch everyone and
they didn’t mind you standing on the side beating off.

One time, I was watching a couple fucking and they were really
enjoying themselves. About 5 feet from me were two girls laying on
their stomach nude and watching the couple. One of the girls kept
moving her hand over to the other to fondle her ass. I tried to keep
my eye on them too since they were good looking and didn’t mind the
attention. Once the couple was finished, the girl with the wandering
hand looked directly at me, sat up and rolled the other girl over onto
her back. Now she slid down and began licking her pussy. She was
licking and sucking and all the time looking at me. She liked to be
watched too. She played and fondled and sucked the girls pussy then
moved up to her tits. After sucking on her tits, she moved back to
her pussy and finally got the girl on the ground to cum. Now that she
had cum, the girl on top crawled up and shoved her pussy in her face.
The girl on the ground knew what she was doing and was licking and
sucking for about 10 minutes. ! A! ll the while, she was fondling
the girl on top’s tits. At the 10 minute point, the girl on top came
and her juices flowed all over the other girl’s face. She really had
a lot of juices. When she came back to earth, she moved back and
began licking her juices from the girl on the ground. It was quite a

Beyond these trees, you come to a couple acres of cattails. There are
trails through here and people have flattened areas to play in. Now,
this area and the last one in the trees has an almost continuous fuck
fest going on. There is always someone fucking, sucking, licking, or
whatever. One day, I spent several hours wandering from area to area
watching. It was easy to find someone just getting started. Usually,
I’d just stand in the pathway and watch from there. One time I did
move into the clearing and sit on the ground watching.

In the clearings, I saw not only male/female groups, but up to four
guys fucking and sucking each other and a couple of women eating each
other. You pretty much had your choice of what to watch and I usually
watched all I could.

One time on the path, there was a woman standing near me watching the
couple in the clearing, and each other, while we both played with
ourselves. We were watching as group came up the path and moved to a
clearing. They were dressed but quickly shed all their clothes.
There was one women and three guys. We were curious and moved to
watch. They started with her sucking off the guys. One of the guys
backed away, then he laid on the ground and slid under her so he had
her pussy in her face. She enjoyed him eating her while she sucked
off the guys. She had at least one orgasm while he was eating her.
When one guy decided it was time to shoot his load, he dropped to his
knees and shot it all over her pussy. The guy on the ground didn’t
miss a beat and licked her pussy clean. As he got her clean, the next
guy decided to shoot on her chest. Three big loads covered her and
she began running her fingers through it. After a minute of spreading
it around, the two guys bega! n ! licking her chest clean. It
didn’t look like they missed anything.

She moved to the ground and they guy who had been eating her straddled
her and began fucking her. He was moving slowly and it took about 10
minutes for him to shoot his load. Meanwhile, the other two had
gotten hard again and were ready to fuck her. They each climbed on
and took their turns. She had several orgasms and you could hear her
quite a way off. As each guy was ready to cum, they crawled up her
body and shoved their cocks in her mouth. What didn’t fit, was
sprayed on her face. After the first guy, she didn’t clean up. By
the time the second guy was ready to cum in her mouth, she had quite a
coating on her. The last guy had been standing on the side stroking
his cock. He stepped over and shot his load too. What a mess. When
they were done, she began cleaning up with her fingers then licking
them clean. All the while, she was walking around the clearing
looking at the people who had been fucking her or watching her. She
had loved fucking and sucking in f! ro! nt of these people and they
had enjoyed watching her.

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