Photographing my wife

Anna and I are now in Italy
celebrating our 5th anniversary, having the time of
our lives. It had taken everything we had, to save the
money as well as the time to go on this trip but it was
worth it. This particular day we were far out in the
country, getting away from the tourists and relaxing.

On a small dirt road in front of an old abandoned
cottage I found the perfect spot to take a picture of
my petite little wife. I took a few of her leaning
against a fence. Admiring her beauty behind the camera
stirred a little tingle in my loins. This felt dam

Just my luck. Our privacy was interrupted by a man
passing by. He could speak English said he was good
with cameras and insisted on taking a picture for us.
He did. It kind of broke my sexy romantic mood. But
all in all it was still a great day.

Later that evening I had the pictures developed, (I
always do 1 hour with pics – can’t wait). Looking at
them I couldn’t believe it. There were the pictures
I had shot. There was the picture stranger had taken,
(Anna looked great, she was wearing white shorts
exsentuating her long smooth legs). But the stranger
had also snapped off a quick one I hadn’t seen. It
made me blush. He was quit the photographer and caught
the essance of Anna’s sexuality.

She was leaning down with her face turned to the side.
Her legs made wonderful flowing lines that moved your
eye right to her loose blouse. Her breasts were nearly
exposed. Deep shadows highlighted their fullness and
her sassy lace bra barley covered her nipples. I was
red in the face knowing a strange man had seen my wife
this way.

Sensing my embarrassment Anna poked her nose around to
see what I was getting red about. Her mouth dropped and
she turned an even deeper shade of red. “O my gosh, I
can not believe he took that!” That was all she was
able to utter for a minute or two.

All the while she just kind of stared at herself in
the picture. I Broke the silence telling her how
beautiful she was. “But doesn’t it bother you that a
stranger saw me this way?”

I told her she should be proud of her beauty and I
didn’t mind that a strange man saw her like this.
I even added I would love some sexy pictures of her.
She blushed again and said she couldn’t pose like
that in front of a camera.

Thinking about sexy pictures of my wife sent me over
the edge and we made love like little bunnies that
night. Anna gave me an incredible long slow sucking
letting me finish between her lips – guess I was not
the only one who was turned on by the photo incident.

The next day sent us back on the road. The Italian
countryside was great but all my thoughts were on
taking a few more sexy shots of my wife. (gets hard
to drive with a hard on). Stopping in a small village
for lunch I had to bring the subject up. I asked her –
actually begged her to take a couple revealing

She told me she was to embarrassed but said with her
clothes on she would try a couple sexy ones. That
alone was probably enough to make me ooze in my pants.

Back on the road my mind raced with all the shots I
would take. Anna leaning against a tree, arms stretched
upward with her back arched. Or maybe on all fours –
exposing her cleavage, smiling at the camera. We found
a quite spot just off the road and my adventure as
playboy photographer had begun.

Anna was wearing a light cotton sun dress that came
about thigh length. Sexiest part was it buttoned all
the way down the front. She really loosened up and was
doing all I asked. Even with her clothes on these were
hot pictures. All the bending twisting I had her do
highlighted a different part of her body.

My favorite was her bent over leaning against a fence.
The cotton fabric slid against her ass making a perfect
heart shape. And her long naked legs made it more
sexual than she knew. I was so worked up and ready to
jump her when from out of no wear came the same
gentleman who had taken Anna’ picture the other day.
Small county I guess.

We made a little small talk – he turned to be very
friendly, easy going and a load of laughs. He also
gave us a business card stating he was a professional
photographer. Indeed he was, the picture he took
yesterday was incredible. Anna even recognized his
name from a gallery we were at earlier in the week.
His name was Alberto something. He very elegantly
complemented Anna on her beauty and how well she
would photograph. He said he had to take some more
pictures of her, he would do it at no charge – just
for the fun of it.

Anna blushed and said she was flattered but couldn’t.
Thank goodness a little persuading made her give in.

Alberto told us of a more secluded and beautiful spot
just a little further off the road. Secluded sounded
great to Anna so off we went. The first shots were of
her face. He took care, fussing with her hair and
relaxing her. Little by little I could feel her warming
up to Alberto. A couple rolls of film later he had her
posing like a model.

This led to a couple more sexual poses. Though she was
doing great I could sense her getting a little anxious.
Me on the other hand. I was in heaven. This was such a
turn on and I was ready to shoot in my pants.

At this point Anna was siting on an old tree stump,
legs spread, leaning forward with hands on her knees.
She smiled apprehensively at the camera. Alberto snap-
ped a few shots paused, and asked her to undo the top
buttons of her dress. A quick “I couldn’t” came from

Alberto was very charming and told her to relax and
enjoy her beauty. Anna was persistent. Not wanting
this to end I had to intervene. I knelt in front of
her and caressed her cheek. Kissing her warmly I
told her I loved her and how exciting this was. I also
added we were on a different continent and would not
get a chance like this often.

I could tell she giving in so I slowly unbuttoned the
top two buttons just exposing a little cleavage. Step-
ping away from her, the camera clicked. The tension
was high. Anna was frozen.

Ever charming Alberto worked his magic and got her to
warm up again. He had her lean back causing her breasts
to protrude out. He had her lean forward and got up
close pointing the lens down her open dress. Alberto
paused again, then asked her to continue unbuttoning
her dress. I am not sure who’s heart was beating
louder, mine or Anna’s. She closed her eyes, took a
deep breath and looked up at me. She looked scared.
She was overwhelmed and apprehensive.

With trembling fingers she started unbuttoning. I saw
why she was so resistant. She had on a very sheer bra.
Her nipples were plainly visible. For the first time
in her life she was allowing another man to look at
her breasts.

Pictures were being taken and little by little Anna’s
flesh was being exposed. Into the summer air emerged
her shoulders, her willowy arms and tummy. Then with
a little wiggle her dress cascaded down and she stood
in bra and panties.

Alberto got a little intense now. He had Anna stretch
her arms above her head. She was looking right at him
and seemed to be getting much more comfortable. Click,
Click. Then as though I were invisible he asked her to
take her bra off and show him her breasts – woman to

Anna’s look became dreamy. She was relaxed maybe even
a bit lustful. With grace and confidence she removed
her bra. Then he asked her to caress her breasts,
imagining it were his hands exploring her body. He
asked her to make love to him through the lens.

Anna was at total ease. Her panties came off and very
pictures became erotic. Revealed to the camera were
her bodies most intimate parts. Revealed to me was a
wild sexuality I had not known.

As the pictures were taken I drifted into a sexual

Alberto set his camera down – pulled her to him and
kissed her. He thanked her for giving her body to his
camera. Then he said they were done.

That evening the three of us shared a long dinner and
a couple bottles of wine. All a little stoned we
retreated to his studio where he developed the
pictures. With all the pictures spilled out on a table
Alberto stated how badly he wanted Anna for a project
he was doing. He said it involved a couple other models
and some nudity. He also said it would be very tasteful
and he would pay her $1000. Anna was a little tipsy and
snuggled into me. She gave me a warm kiss and said she
would love to do it. Who was I to stand in the way.

At the Studio

We arrived bright and early at Alberto’s studio. Anna
disappeared into a dressing room and I got comfortable
in the studio. His studio was elaborately set up and
looked like it was stolen off the streets of ancient
Rome. I chatted with Alberto a bit until Anna came out.

WOW – he had her in a kind of loose toga. It was sheer
and open. Underneath different parts of Anna’s silky
body were exposed with each movement she made. I got
an instant erection. She came over and gave me a kiss
and told me how exciting she was.

Just then the door opened to another dressing room. My
jaw dropped. In togas just like Anna emerged two men –
black men. They were big, muscular and sculpted. Their
skin was so black it shined. Where in the world did two
Italian black men come from? And what was Anna thinking
now? Looking at her I saw a smile and look of excite-
ment. I guess she was comfortable.

The shoot started with the lights going out except for
a couple soft spot lights. The mood was incredible. The
shots were very artistic. Anna and the other two models
bodies were posed in long elegant positions. The lines
there bodies made and the shadows cast against the
Roman back drop were Stunning. The strength and dark-
ness of the male bodies contrasting with Anna’s white
skin and demure frame added an unusual twist to the
whole shoot.

As the posing evolved the guys contact with Anna’s body
heightened. A casual brush turned into a firm squeeze.
At one point she was held up above theirs head with 4
black hands all over her naked ass and back. The touch-
ing was not just left to the guys eigther.

Anna’s hands had plenty of contact sliding over the
guys chest and rippling abbs. Anna was now posed
between the two of them; standing with her tits pressed
into one guys chest. The other was behind her with his
cock, separated only by thin cloth, pressed into her
lower back. I was watching, struggling with jealousy
and being intensely turned on.

Thank god they broke for a break – I think I was ready
to cum.

Anna put on a robe and slinked over to me. As she
approached I could see a tear in her eye. Anna spoke,
“I’m so sorry – I was just a little overwhelmed with
the experience.”

“Don’t be silly. Your feelings are natural, no woman
could help but be turned on. In fact your beauty and
sexuality turned me on too.”

“Seeing me with those men turned you on?”

“I have no idea why – but yes it did. Relax enjoy your
feeling and have a little fun. You know you have my
unconditional love.”

With that, break was over and Anna returned to the
camera and the two men. What was I thinking telling
her to have fun with these guys? My hormones must have
taken control. Oh well what could happen. They all had
clothes on – how ever flimsy.

After the break things heated right back up. Anna was
posed standing against a Roman arch. Her arms were
stretched upward with her butt pushed back against a
column. The black guys mirrored each other at Anna’s
sides each with a hand on her hip. Anna’s garment was
taught, exposing the sides of her tits to just past
her nipples.

As the pictures were snapped the guys glided their
hands up her body, slowed cupping her breasts. Anna’s
eyes fluttered and her mouth opened taking in a quick
breath. As her lungs filled her tits melted into their
hands. Relaxing from their touch Anna leaned back as
four black hands groped her body.

A few more pictures were snapped. Anna was turned to
face one of them and was sandwiched with the other at
her ass. Anna pushed back into and massaged the dick
behind her. In front of her, her other sudo lover
undid her garment and let it drop to the floor.

My god she was now naked. My sweet wife – naked with
4 sets of eyes glue to her. As best she could, between
quick breaths, Anna disrobed the man facing her.

For the first time I got a clear look at his dick. It
was thick, uncut and bent to the side. I have never
seen any thing that black – to me it was utterly

Albertos camera worked overtime. However any pretense
of an artistic photo shoot was gone. I was confused and
my stommic was in knots. Anna seem caught in a
surealistic cloud. Everytihng slowed.

Guided to him by the light touch of his fingers against
the sides of her breasts – they embraced. Her elegant
white body bonded to this powerful black stranger. Then
in a moment forever etched in my mind, they kissed.
Their lips meet with passion. Passion not shared by
models- this was a kiss shared by lovers.

Oddly as their kiss burned on, the knot in my stommic
eased. I detached as a husband becoming a voyeur.

Reaching out with the wonder of a child she touched
his cock. First a tender elxporation taking in the
course veiny texture. Then as he grew in the warmth
of her hand she stroked him with lust. Fixated on her
new black toy the modle behind disrobed and was now
rubbing his cock accross her ass. His hands squeezed
her hips consuming her little white butt.

Anna’s pussy is lavishly adorned with thick folds and
I watched as he spread her open. With the purple tip
of his dick he teased her pussy. He ran it over and
through her folds but did not penetrate. I saw him
open her cunt – exposing her clit to the cool outside
air. This sensation caused her to breath short and

Then with a couple spurts of hot precum running into
her cunt and coating her clit Anna convulsed into
orgasm. She wiggle and undulated with the two black
studs like a total slut.

I had to see Anna’s beautiful face. What would her
expression be? Moving to find out, Anna looked up.
Our eyes met. We looked at each other as husband and
wife. Even though she was about to give her pussy to
a stranger I was ounce again absorbed with her love.

I had to touch her. Moving to her side I held her hand.
I felt her breathing deepen. Deepen in preparation to
be penetrated. Gazing into her eyes I saw them close
as he pushed his dick into her. Through her hand I felt
the energy of her hips shifting to meet his cock. Anna
began to moan as they developed a methodical humping

Feeling ounce again the voyeur, I gave up her hand and
watched. I watched as her black lover chinched down on
her hips. I watched as he flexed his ass, pumping deep
into her stretched cunt. I heard the sound of his black
nuts slapping against her ass.

Over taken with pleasure she fucked him. Now a wanton
slut Anna leaned forward and guided the other cock into
her mouth. Anna’s lips wrapped around her lovers black
shaft. She swirled her tongue licking and kissing his
dick. Bobbing up and down her sloppy wet mouth devoured
his cock.

I was lost in a lustful haze. My own orgasm built as
I continue to watch my wife being fucked. Then in one
big flex he shoot deep into her womb. The heat from his
cum sent Anna screaming in orgasm. As she trembled a
load was shot into her mouth. Gulping and gasping for
air she removed her mouth allowing the last couple
squirts to land on her face and tits.

I have never seen anything like that in my life and
don’t ever expect to again.

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