Home Alone with the Indonesian Girl

I visited my new Indonesian girlfriend one Friday
afternoon when I had the day off work. She had just had
a shower. We had not progressed beyond kissing and
touching but today was going to be different. She told
me that her brother, whom she lived with, was out at
university and won’t be back for another hour. I took
the opportunity to do something nice for her.

I began by kissing her sweet mouth, touching her,
putting my hand down her top and cupping her warm
little breasts. Her nipples became hard and slid easily
between my fingers for squeezing. My other hand moved
down to her crotch where it was very warm. I rubbed the
spot between her legs. I know she wanted it.

After sliding the jeans down her smooth legs, I rubbed
around her inner thighs, brushing her panties a few
times. I kissed her again, giving her my tongue while
sliding my hand into her underwear and slipping my
finger in between her pussy lips. Her breathing
suddenly changed and she gripped onto me as I started
rubbing the tip of my finger around.

I knelt onto the floor and pulled down her panties to
her ankles, revealing her cute little pussy. She wasn’t
shy about it as I kissed her tummy, down to her thighs
and finally began licking her sweet little hole. I used
my tongue to taste her and found that she was the
cleanest girl I had ever done this to. It made me eat
her out harder, wiggling my tongue against her clitoris
and slurping at her juicy hole.

My new girlfriend loved it. She moaned and moaned as I
licked, sucked and kissed every part of her lovely
pussy. Then the phone rang. I didn’t stop as she
answered it. She tried to sound calm as she wiggled
under the movement of my tongue. She spoke in her
native Indonesian language, which excited me, and I
continued to tongue-fuck her as she lifted her legs up
together in the air over my head to give me better
access, since she still had her pants around her ankles
in case someone came home. Something told me she was
excited to be on the phone and doing this.

When she finished the phone call, she pulled me up and
kissed me, not shy about her juice on my lips, unlike
my previous girlfriend. I was starting to really like
Asian girls already. She told me that her brother has
to stay in the city for a couple of hours. Yes! I
thought. With that news, she led me by hand to her
bedroom and we lay down on her floor bed.

I found her incredibly sexy and when she quickly pulled
off her top and removed her bra, it seemed like heaven.
She had these gorgeous little boobs with dark areolas
and it made me think of chocolate flavoured nipples. I
just had to grab her and suck them instantly. They were
amazing, so perky and small. A big change from my last

After a while she told me to like back and proceeded to
pull off my pants and reveal my big, aching cock. I was
so excited. She was so sexy and I was about to get
blown by her. She told me that I was so big and
proceeded to lick the head and place her lips around
it. It was beautiful. She slipped it in with no
problem, able to go the usual halfway and drawing her
mouth back up to take another mouthful. I just stared
in awe. She was so beautiful and I couldn’t believe how
good it felt.

I took hold of her head and played with her hair as I
watched her suck me off, getting faster and faster. She
took a break from the shaft and licked my balls for a
while. I was so glad she did that without having to be
asked to. It was such an enjoyable experience. She went
back to sucking my cock and I just laid back and let
her do it as much as she wanted.

It felt like she was in control and I quite liked it. I
had expected an Asian girl to be submissive and look up
to a “western” guy for guidance during sex. She stood
up, removed her jeans and panties and stood before me.
I took a condom from my wallet (yes, I actually carry
one!) and slipped it over myself She was very
beautiful. She had light skin and a lovely, curvy but
slim body.

She got in position to squat over me and straddle my
penis slowly. It took a gentle, slow motion to slide it
inside her. She was very tight and the condom helped
numb the intense sensation of her incredibly nice pussy
around me. Then she started displaying her energetic
nature and took us for a ride.

I enjoyed lying back and watching her ride me, her
little titties bouncing a little bit with each thrust.
Then she rotated and I found myself watching her
beautiful ass fucking my big cock. I could actually see
her lips stretching around my penis like never before.
She loved it and so did I. She leaned back over me, her
hair falling into my face as she thrust her pelvis into
my hips.

I got up and held her in that direction, helping her to
complete the move to doggy style. I slid back in and
started furiously banging her from behind. I looked
down and saw this beautiful Asian girl enjoying it and
rocking her ass back into me. From this position, she
looked amazing, athletic and strong. I resisted the
temptation to play with her asshole as it only our
first time.

My orgasm approached, telling her, and I was prepared
to pull out. I took it all the way to the moment, then
pulled out as extra caution. To my surprise, she spun
around, ripped off the condom and quickly slid my cock
into her mouth and stroked it hard to make me explode
in her mouth! It was my first time doing that and it
was incredible! She slowed down as my orgasm subsided
and I finally lay down next to her. She had swallowed
it all and I kissed her a thank you.

My first experience with her was amazing, and it was
very nice to have a sucked-clean dick after sex for a
change. She told me that she had never ridden a guy on
top before, and thanked me for a first experience as

It felt special for both of us and was only the
beginning of many adventures.

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