Penny my slutwife 2.

Penny and I spent the next couple days talking about everything that led up to this point. I explained how I had fantasized about her being with another guy. My past experiences with watching other people have sex and how it turned me on.

I explained when Tim moved in and was having sex with different women frequently how it only fueled my desire for her to be one of those women.

Penny admitted that his late night romps had an affect on her as well. I didn’t mention that I knew that already. Somethings were better left unsaid.

She made it clear to me that she realized the feelings she had for Tim weren’t love. She had a hard time describing what it exactly was. I asked her if it was the better sex. She looked down and was biting her lower lip.

I told her it was ok that I knew the sex was better for a few different reasons. He was older and more experienced. We both laughed when I said and he had a bigger cock. She blushed and looked at me for a long moment.

She said, “You really are ok with me having sex with Tim.” I nodded yes then kissed her. We made passionate love. I waited until she was on the brink of cumming then said, “I love listening and watching you take Tim’s big cock.”

She looked up into my eyes with her own glazed over eyes. I watched them roll up into her head as she came with a shudder and loud moan. She locked her legs around me hooking her feet. I came and she held me tight with her arms and legs as I emptied into her.

Later I received a text from Tim asking if we wanted to go out with him on Friday night. I asked Penny and of course she said she was cool with it if I was. She could barely contain her excitement though.

He said the place was about blue jeans and country music. Penny and I hadn’t really listened to much country but were willing to try something new.

Tim offered to drive us all in his big ass pickup truck. When he stopped by to pick us up he was taken back by Penny’s appearance.

She had got her hair cut into a shorter sassy look with some lighter highlights. Her nails were done up and she wore some bright red lipstick. She had on a top that was black and sheer showing off a black lacy bra underneath. Her jeans fit her perfectly showing of her firm round ass. She finished off her ensemble with some thigh high boots.

Tim had her spin around then let out a long whistle. She blushed and asked, “Do you think it is to much?”.

Tim shook his head no, He said, “Darlin, you look great. You will break a lot of necks tonight.”. She went up on her toes and gave him a kiss on the lips. My dick twitched at what might happen later on tonight.

I helped her with her short leather jacket as it was cool outside. The three of us rode up front laughing and talking on the drive over. I was happy we seemed to all be relaxed with each other.

The place was a big country music dance hall. It had a larger open area with tables and a ver large space for dancing. People were up and twirling when we got there. There was alive band playing a catchy tune up on a stage.

Tim led us through some old style saloon doors into what looked like a large old time western saloon. The place was crowded and the music was being pumped in from next door.

Tim seemed to be looking for someone when his name was called out. We spun around and were greeted by an even older guy than Tim.

We were led through the crowd to a table where a woman weighted for us. Tim introduced us to the couple. Carl was his work foreman and his wife Lydia.

Carl was in his early fifties about my height. He was stocky in build with sun and wind weathered skin on his face and hands. Definitely a working man. He and Tim worked on high voltage cables and spend a lot of time out in the elements.

Carl had mostly grey hair and a receding hairline. He had a big mustache he was very proud and let us know it right off. He looked as strong as a bull even with a prominent beer belly. Something else he was proud of as well.

His wife Lydia was quite a bit younger than he was. She was maybe forty years old and Hispanic. She was very pretty with long black hair and big beautiful brown eyes. She had very white pale perfect skin.

She was about Penny’s height but with much bigger breast and wider hips and ass. She had a tiny waist that almost gave her that Dolly Parton look.

Lydia stood and greeted Tim with a long hug. She pressed her big breast into him with a definite familiarity. She greeted us warmly and asked us to sit down.

We all hit it off and had some fun conversation and a few drinks. The girls wanted to dance so we moved out to the main dance area.

Luckily we found another table free. Carl said he would stay and order another round. Lydia grabbed my hand and dragged me out on the floor. Tim and Penny followed hand in hand.

Within minutes they had us doing the two-step boogie. We stayed out for a couple more dances than went back to our table. Carl had our drinks lined up and we needed a break. We were all winded and sweating a little.

After a short time Carl snatched Penny up for more dancing. Tim went out on the floor with Lydia. I sipped my drink and people watched. Catching them very so often on the dance floor.

Carl was twirling and spinning Penny this way and that like a pro. She was laughing and living it up. After another short break a slow song came on and Lydia dragged me back up on the floor. Again we were followed up by Tim and Penny. I watched as Penny melted into Tim as she let the music take her.

Lydia caught me off guard as she did the same with me. Feeling her large soft breast against had me. I tried thinking about everything but how food she smelled and felt. I failed and was sure she felt my arousal during the dance.

She sensed my nervousness and smiled up at me. She asked me if liked having Tim as a neighbor. I told her he was great and we had become close. She smiled with a look in her eyes that said she already knew my answer.
As the song ended she went up on her toes and whispered, “I have been over to Tim’s place quite a few times. He is great in bed.”

She laughed at the stunned look on my face. Before I could say anything she led me back to our table by my hand. Penny looked at me funny when I about chugged a whole beer.

She laughed sayin, “Slow down cowboy the night is still young.”

Lydia was sipping her drink looking at me out of the corner of her eye. Penny squealed as Carl snatched her up for more dancing. I thought about telling Penny but decided not to. It might of made her feel uncomfortable and she was having so much fun.

We shut the place down. Carl suggested we go over to his house for some coffee and snacks. My spider senses went crazy. I was about to pull Penny aside and let her know I thought they meant more than coffee and snacks.

Before I could she gladly accepted his offer. Off we went a two pickup convoy traveling outside the city limits. They had a large home on a good two or three acres. It was a one story with a three car garage.

Inside looked just like I imagined it would. Old west style decorations and furniture. With a huge stone fire place. He led us into a room with a big billiards table and a full bar.

Penny and Lydia went into the kitchen for coffee and snacks. Tim set up and handed me a stick. Carl poured us each a shot while harassing Tim about still owing him money from their last time playing pool.

When the ladies joined us Penny looked flush. I thought it might have been from the cold air outside. But it was quite warm inside. Lydia poured some coffee while Penny laid out a tray of snacks.

Carl handed the ladies each a shot. I was surprised how fast Penny downed hers. I am actually pretty good at billiards and beat Tim. Carl immediately challenged me. As we played Tim and Lydia sat off to the side talking with Penny. It seemed more like they were explaining something to her.

Carl beat me and asked Tim if he wanted to go double or nothing. Before I could sit with Penny. Carl asked Lydia to show me his pride and joy. With that Lydia rushed me out of the room to the other side of the house towards the garages.

In the garage were parked her seven series BMW and his 1969 black Impala fully restored. I do love cars. She let me sit in both of them. I was like a kid in a candy store. She sat in the Impala with me as I checked everything out.

Then out of nowhere she kissed me. I stiffened at first but then my resolved faltered. She straddled my lap and held my face as we continued to kiss.

The next thing I know I was sucking on her large brown nipples and kneading her big soft tits. Lydia moaned and whispered to me in Spanish. By the way she ground herself in my lap. I knew she was getting really turned on.

I was able to pause long enough to ask her if we wouldn’t be missed. She laughed saying, “When my husband asked me to show you his pride and joy it wasn’t his car. It was these.”.

She held both of her tits in my face and shook side to side rubbing them on my face. She climbed off of me telling me to follow her. I watched her big ass sway side to side as she walked in front of me. She tossed her blouse to the side as she walked back towards the pool room.

I could see her heavy tits swinging and bouncing even from the back. My cock was iron hard. When we got to the billiards room it was empty. I realized it was a divide and conquer thing at this point. But I didn’t care either. Lydia grabbed the bottle and two glasses from the bar and led me back out into the hallway.

We passed two empty bedrooms then came to a large master bedroom. Penney was squatting between Tim and Carl alternating sucking their cocks.

Lydia walked over to Tim. He gave her a hot kiss as Penny moaned around his long thick cock. Her other hand pumped Carl’s cock furiously as he ran a beefy hand through her hair.

His cock was about the same length as mine but very thick, her hand came nowhere near closing around the shaft. It also had a big mushroom shaped head.

Penny looked at me before putting Carl’s cock in her mouth. She was constantly humming as she sucked and licked them.

Lydia poured two shots giving Tim and Carl each a glass which they toasted and downed. She poured a little on Tims cock with some dripping onto the hardwood floor. Penny immediately started to lick and suck the tequila from his cock.

Lydia walked over to me took a swig out of the bottle and handed it to me. I followed suit gasping at the burn and the taste. She poured some on her tits and pulled my face to them. I greedily lick and sucked the liquor up.

She and I got naked. She kneeled in front of me taking my cock in her mouth almost to the hilt. It was fucking amazing. Her lips are fuller than Penny’s and felt like soft silk pillows around my cock. She was driving me crazy and knew it.

They moved Penny to the very large four post bed. Tim laid on his back offering up his cock again to her mouth. Penny sucked and stroked him as he used his hand to hold her hair back giving me a perfect view of his cock head bulging her cheek out. I about came when she sucked his balls and slowly licked the entire length of his cock before resuming sucking.

She let out a long moan and looked back as Carl licked her ass from the back. He had her firm ass chick spread and was tonguing her ass and pussy like he was starving man.

Lydia laid down on a large ottoman and lifted her legs up showing me her clean shaven pussy. The first I had ever seen that way. She rubbed her pussy and spread the lips with her fingers while massaging her breast with the other hand.

I knelt down in front of her and started to lick her pussy. I put one then two finger inside of her as I tongued her engorged clit. Her hand went to my hair as she pulled my face tighter to her body.

Again she was moaning and whispered in Spanish. Her hips were gyrating as I ate and licked her sweet tasting pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet. That turned me on even more.

Penny let out a loud gasp follow by her saying, “Ohhhhh! Gawwwwwd! Yes it feels so good. Make my pussy hurt.!”.

Lydia clenched my head between her thighs as she came hunching you into my face. She went limp for a second giving me a chance to look up.

Juices were literally dripping off my face onto my chest. Penny had Tim’s cock in one fist and her head on his thigh. Carl was kneeling behind her letting her adjust to the girth of his cock.

His big belly didn’t seem to bother Penny as he started to fuck her. She was throwing her ass back at him then started to suck Tim again.

Lydia knew I was enjoying the scene on the bed. She got on all fours on the same ottoman looked back at me saying, “Give me your cock.”

I stood behind her slowly fucking her. Her big ass bounce with every stroke. I played with her big swinging tits. She was moaning again as I felt her pussy grow even wetter if that were even possible.

Penny came and stopped sucking Tim again. Carl was really pounding on her and soon let out a bear like growl. He pulled out and came on her ass.

He got off the bed saying, “Goddamn that is some tight pussy.” He poured another shot and sat in a chair. He raised it in a toast towards me. I started to really give it to Lydia and she responded by lowering her head to the ottoman. She was really vocal now all in Spanish. She came and I felt a warm gush from her pussy. I realized Lydia was a “squirter”. It felt so good I lost it and came inside of her.

She fell flat on the ottoman and was moaning and rocking side to side still coming down from her orgasm. I stood there with my cock covered in slime. That’s the only way to describe it. It was soaked and slick.

Penney cried out and I look up to see Tim long dicking her missionary. Penny’s feet were high in the air and flailing as he fucked her to another screaming orgasm. She actually tapped out saying she needed a break.

Tim laid on his back and Lydia was there mounting him. We watched her ride him hard and fast. I closed my eyes now remembering hearing him fuck a woman that spoke in spanish in his bedroom above us.

When I opened my eyes Carl had pulled Penny’s ass to the edge of the bed and was eating her again. Her head was flailing side to side.

My head was swirling now. I realized I was pretty loaded. I got up to use the bathroom then went for some water to drink. I got half way back down the hallway and both girls were really getting loud. I stopped at the doorway Tim was now fucking Lydia from behind. Her heavy tits looked amazing as they swung. Her big erect nipples grazed the sheets as Tim fucked her pretty hard.

Carl was standing by the side of the bed fucking Penny to another orgasm. He had her knees up on her chest as his fat prick pinstoned her pussy. I could see her pussy lips get dragged out by his thick cock. She arched up with her hands braced against his big belly as she came.

I looked at the clock and it was early morning. I went to a bedroom next door and flopped on the bed. I woke up once to go piss and heard Penny getting fucked again.
I couldn’t tell by who but it didn’t matter. I just loved the fact she was getting another mans cock.

Soft kisses woke me up and it was barely light. Lydia put a finger to her lips telling me to keep quiet. We went into the guest bathroom and I fucked in the shower. I could have played with her big soapy tits all day. We fucked then she sucked me off letting me cum in her mouth. My first time and it was great.

We went into the kitchen where she cooked a big breakfast. The others finally joined us. Penny looked so tired but well fucked. Carl made us some Bloody Mary’s.

We ate and all agreed it was a great experience. Carl said with a smile we were welcome back anytime with or without Tim. Again Penny surprised me saying, “We would love to.” Lydia looked side eyed at me with a smile. We had settled into a routine where Penny would spend one night a week in Tim’s bed. I never tired of hearing him fuck her brains out.

She and I would also have sex on other nights when he was entertaining another woman usually a couple different nights a week.

We both loved when Lydia would be over. Listening to her have sex and the associated Spanish vocalization of her pleasure. Was always a turn on for both of us.

Then there was our once or twice a month rendezvous at the dance hall with Carl and Lydia. Which culminated in our little fivesome over at their home.

Carl gave me a call one day and asked if Penny and I would like to go to Las Vegas with him and Lydia. All expenses paid for except any gambling we wanted to do.

Penny readily agreed as neither of us had ever been. I was sure she had hoped Tim would be going with us as well. Unfortunately, he was in charge at work while Carl was out of town.

Penny still adored Carl for his sense of humor as well as the sex. As she had told me it wasn’t as good as it was with Tim. Understandable Tim was that guy we all wanted to be.

But sex with Carl was always fun and she loved pleasing him. It gave her a different sense of satisfaction as she tried to explain it to me. Plus she likes how thick his cock was.

Her relationship with Lydia was nothing short of having a mom/sister/lover all rolled into one. Lydia mentored her on everything from marriage to becoming more comfortable with her emerging sexuality.

I had only either heard them having girl-on-go l sex or seen them doing some light kissing or fondling of each other. But nothing hard core in person.

The first shocker was we all flew first class. Another first for us both. Carl was his usual jovial self flirting with the flight attendants and making everyone laugh in our section.

We arrived in Vegas during the daytime and were driven to our hotel in a limo. Having champagne on the way over. Penny and I were typical first-timers for sure.

Both giddy over seeing all the famous landmark hotels and all the billboards with famous people that were putting on shows.

I had assumed we would all be staying in the same room. Because it would obviously save Carl money and well because I knew we would all be having sex at some point.

With all the flirting and sexual innuendos that were going on since we met at the airport. I was sure that would be the arrangement. Hell Penny sat on Carl’s lap during the Limo ride. While Lydia’s hand barely left my thigh.

To say Penny and I were stunned after entering the Venetian Hotel would be the understatement of all time. Just the area where you checked in was stunning. We could only imagine what the rest of the hotel looked like.

Carl checked us in while Lydia teasingly got some young men to assist with our luggage.

I was surprised when Carl handed me a separate room key. He just winked at me then herded us to the elevators.

Our rooms were right next door to each other. Lydia told us to rest up it was going to be a long night.

The room was huge and decorated as nice as the rest of the hotel. Penny threw herself onto the king sized bed laughing and ranting about how amazing everything was.

Our naivety about the world outside of or humble city was apparent. But like our minds were expanding about sexuality and sex. We were also very eager about learning more about the world.

We unpacked and relaxed lying on the bed. Penny dozed off as we watched some television. I watched her as she slept, her short red hair a stark contrast against the white pillow. Her turned up nose with freckles. Gave her that sweet innocent small town girl look. For the most part she was that girl.

But as I let my eyes drift down her body to her firm breast as they moved with each breath. To her bare flat stomach which now had a shiny belly ring as an adornment. Then moving onto her curvy hips and firm thick ass cheeks.

I started to get horny as I reflected on the past months. From that first time she had sex with Tim. To her first threesome with Tim and Carl. To now we were here in Vegas with who knew what was in store for us.

I thought about waking her up for a quickie, but decided to let her sleep. We were to meet up with Carl and Lydia in a couple hours for dinner and whatever. I must have drifted off to sleep. I was shaken awake by Penny. She was already showered and smelled amazing. She was in a hot looking matching bra and panty set.

She told me to shower and get ready we had to leave soon. She buzzed around room trying to decide what to wear and what earrings matched. She was very excited as was I to be in the City that Never Sleeps.

We met Carl and Lydia outside our room. Lydia looked great in a short summer dress that showed off her curvaceous body. Especially her large breast with her impressive cleavage.

Her long black hair was pinned up on her head. Drawing your attention to her soft white skin of her neck and shoulders. She wore low heeled shoes as she advised Penny to do. But none the less her muscular calves still popped.

Her bright double dimpled smile greeted us as well as her customary hug. She commented on Penny’s appearance telling her she looked beautiful. Bringing a flush to her cheeks and an extra sparkle to her bright green eyes.

Carl’s whistle earned him a hug from Penny. She also hooked her arm in his and let him lead her to the elevator.

We took the gondola ride and walked around taking in the sights. The place was like a city inside one single building.

We had dinner and drinks and a lot of laughs. Then headed out for some gambling fun. The ladies went off to play slots while Carl gave me my gambling education on all of the table games.

The whole atmosphere was chaotic fun. People of all ages and types all around us. The lights and sounds just kept you in a constant state of excitement.

We lost some money on a few of the games before settling into some three card poker. I was down a few hundred dollars when a miracle happened. I won five grand on a single hand. Taking my winnings and quitting as Carl instructed me to do.

Carl and I found the girls still at the slots. Penny squealed with excitement at my news yelling, “Wifey’s buying a new pair of shoes!”

After we calmed down Lydia announce we had to go as we had somewhere to be. We took a cab to the MGM Grand. The surprise was they bought tickets to show.

Afterwards we ended up at a cool blues bar for drinks. It was well after midnight before we headed back to our rooms.

On the ride up elevator I was thinking about sinking my cock into Lydia’s sweet pussy. When we got to their room. Lydia said, “The first night is always about my honey. You two have fun. Because the next couple nights are going to be crazy and all about the ladies.”

I have to admit that wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I soon was over my disappointment though. Penny and I tore each other’s clothes off one another.

We were both very turned on and didn’t bother with any foreplay. She jumped on the massive bed telling me she needed my cock inside of her…now!

We fucked frantically for about fifteen minutes. Before we both came with shuddering orgasms. We laid their our legs tangled together. The sounds of Carl fucking Lydia drifted through the wall. Going from soft moans to her getting louder and louder until she came.

Penny and I talked about the night and how amazing it had been. She fell asleep and I sat looking out at the stunning lights of the city that never sleeps.

The next day we spent doing more sightseeing of the other hotels. Carl and I found liquid refreshments as the ladies shopped.

We returned back to the hotel for afternoon naps before the nights fun began. Lydia had given Penny instructions on what to wear but not what the plan was.

Penny really dolled it up as instructed. She had on a short tight black dress with some high heels. She had paid extra attention with her makeup. Not too much but enough to make her look great.

I hadn’t brought any dress up clothes so I wasn’t sure what to wear. I didn’t have to worry as Lydia came over looking every bit as hot as Penny. Only her dress was red as was her lipstick and which only made her full lips look even more voluptuous.

I was told Carl would be over to get me soon. It was girls and guys night out only separately.

The ladies left as we did soon afterwards. He and I went to eat then ended up at a burlesque show that was great. From there we went casino hopping having some beers and gambling.

I would get random text with pics from Penny. The first of the evening was her and Lydia posing in front of an upscale dance club.

A couple hours later they we outside a strip club. Then a few posing with male strippers on some photo set. They both looked to be having a good time. They dudes were definitely studs. All pecs and biceps with perfect teeth.

Carl and I were having a great time but I kept wishing I was a fly on the wall watching Penny. She would be both nervous and excited and that always made me both excited and happy.

Carl got a text from Lydia and he told me we needed to head back to the Venetian. I was thinking about all the possibilities after we got back. The ladies would be horny after dancing with strange men all night then watching sexy men dance for their entertainment.

We didn’t head up to our rooms as I thought. Carl led the way to one of the smaller bars. It was dark inside but I heard Lydia call to Carl. The place was crowded but we spotted her at a corner booth.

Well to my surprise they weren’t by themselves but were sitting with to men that were clearly not just tourist. They were both black and very fit. They were also the same to guys they posed with earlier at the strip club. But now they had shirts on.

Lydia introduced us as their respective husbands. Neither man batted an eye showing clearly they were comfortable knowing the girls were married to us.

The stockier and lighter skinned of the two was Lance. The other gentleman went simply “O”. Lydia filled in the rest. Apparently her first cousin was a manager at this particular strip club. This wasn’t the first time she had met Lance or O. She said they new each other intimately.

After a drink Lydia suggested we move the party upstairs. Penny looked at me longingly. I took her hand under the table. She squeezed my hand once. That was her signal for yes. I did the same letting her know I wanted to as well.

Carl paid the tab and we made or way up the many floors to our room. I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen but I was all in.

Carl opened his door and Lydia led Lance in by the hand. She looked back over her shoulder saying, “Ya’ll have fun! I know I will.”

Lance laughed with her as Carl stepped inside and let the door close. Penny and O stood looking at me. I came out of it and nervously opened the door to our room.

Penny went into the bathroom to freshen up. O started up a conversation and seemed a lot more relaxed than I was.

When Penny came out she was only in her bra and panties. O told her she looked amazing. He looked at me saying, “Have a seat. Get comfortable this is going to take a while.”

Penny wasn’t the only one beet red in the face right then. I felt the heat in my cheeks and groin. He stepped to her and lightly kissed her lips. Her skin was covered in goose bumps but it wasn’t cold in the room.

Her nipples were already rock hard and showing through the silk fabric of her bra. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt. When it was off her hands immediately went to his perfectly symmetrical pectorals. Then slid downs over his ripped abs. She kissed both his nipples then kissed her way down his stomach until she was kneeling in front of him.

He undid his belt the let his hands rest at his sides. Penny looked up at him as she undid his pants and slid them down. The bulge in his briefs was huge.

He kicked his pants away then hooked the waist of his briefs with his thumbs. He brought them down but only partially. Penny reaches inside and worked his cock out.

My jaw dropped it was only semi hard and almost as long as Tim’s already and just as thick as Carl’s. She gripped it in both hands and stroked it. It seemed spongy in her hands at first then grew firmer as she stroked it to full hardness. It was long thick and had a downward curve at the top. Mostly it was dark k brown and dripping pre-cum.

He placed a long fingered hand on her head. She understood what he wanted and started to lick and suck his cock without any reservation. She looked at me for the first time and saw how turned on I was.

Her eyes were full of lust. She looked up at him as if seeking his approval. He whispered, “That’s it baby girl. Just like that.”

He had her stand I hadn’t noticed she still had her high heel on until then. They kissed passionately. His thick full lips engulfing hers. She still had one hand in his thick shaft slowly stroking him as she moaned softly into his mouth.

He deftly removed her bra as they continued to kiss. Her nipples looked as hard as I had ever seen them. He moved her to the bed where she laid down with her ass close to the edge.

O slipped her panties off to my surprise she was clean shaven for the first time. O knelt down and pushed her legs up and back. I watched as his long tongue snaked out and flicked her clit sending a shock through her body.

I was momentarily distracted by her feet with her heels still on waving up in the air as he ate her pussy. A loud moan from my right reminded me Lydia was on the other side of the wall probably having her pussy eaten at the same time by Lance as Carl sat close by watching.

Penny gasped, I turned and looked and O was working his huge cock into her dripping pussy. It took some time but he finally was in as far as he was going to get without splitting her in half.

Penny’s hands were gripping his triceps as he slowly gyrated his hips. I watched as her pussy seem to stretch more and more to accommodate even more of his cock.

She was moaning and gasping if not holding her breath at times. She squealed as he lifted her off the bed. They were literally right in front of my face. His big hands cupping her firm full ass cheeks with her impaled on his cock.

Her legs locked around him and her hands went to his neck. He was lifting her up and down on his cock and she was loving it. He turned so I could watch them with his cock impossibly deep inside of her. His cock was covered with white frothy juices from her pussy.

He moved and laid on the bed with cock never coming out of her. He was on his back and she began to move on his cock. He was to big for her to sit straight up. She had one hand on his chest and the other on the headboard.

She was pushing back and forth as he spread her ass cheeks apart again giving me a perfect view of their joining. The stark contrast of her white skin against his very brown skin was so hot.

But watching her pussy lips being pulled in and out by his thick cock was what had me rock hard. I released my dick from my pants and slowly began to stroke myself.

Lydia was really getting fucked well next door by the sound of it. Penny came and collapsed on O’s chest. His cock was mostly coated with a Ben more milky white froth. I have never seen her so wet before.

He rolled on top of her she immediately grabbed for his cock and placed it at the entrance of her gaping pussy. He pushed in much to her delight. He began to fuck her with long deep strokes as she used her hands on her calves to spread as wide as she could for him.

Her pussy was making obscenely sexy wet gushing sounds. Her head was flailing side to side. Both her hands went to his abs to control the depth of his penetration.

Her feet were now locked over his calves as she began to thrust up back at him. His muscular back had a sheen of sweat build up.

He raised up and pulled out telling her to get on all fours. He began fucking her again. His big hands working her tits over at the same time.

Again a thick frothy coating formed in his cock. Penny was going crazy with lust. Her head went down onto the bed with her ass still up in the air.

I pointed at my phone then mimed for me to take a picture. He went up on one knee as he continued to fuck her. I snapped couple close up shots before he really started to fuck her.

Penny was out of control her hands gripped the bed and she was getting really loud. She screamed and shot off his cock like a rocket. She was cumming nonstop laying face down on the bed. Babbling incoherently as she rocked side to side.

O asked me to get him a towel. I tossed it to him. He told me to undressed and join them.
He wiped his sloppy cock off then lied down on his back. He was stroking his cock when he said, “C’mon baby girl you aren’t finished yet.”

Penny moved between his legs and started to suck his dick and balls. Her ass was waving up in the air. I moved in behind her. Her pussy was still open and puffy red as I slid right in.

Admittedly her pussy felt looser and very wet. But none the less it felt amazing. I gripped her hips and fucked her as she worshipped his cock with her hands and mouth.

I was doing great not wanting to cum to fast.She was starting to moan as she was about ready to cum. O was stroking her hair an encouraging her about her good cock sucking skills.

I almost immediately came when I saw the first spurt of his cum shoot from the head of his cock. I fought it back but lost it when Penny’s head came up and she wrapped her month over the head and let him finish off in her mouth. Her mouth stayed locked on his cock even when she came with me.

The three of us laid around and talked like old friends for a while. O dressed and left telling us he hoped we would come back again soon. I was pretty sure we would be back. Looking at Penny’s we’ll fucked state I was very sure we would be back.

Penny was to sore and tired for more sex but she did give me a great blow job letting me cum in her mouth. She really got worked up as I described what I saw.

Sorry for letting this go so long but thinking about this time just gets me so worked up. It is probably my best memory of all time.

Our final night we had dinner saw another show then spent the night in Carl and Lydia’s room. Lydia gave us more of a history about her cousin and her times with different male strippers over the years. I am sure the two had compared notes from the night before as well.

It wasn’t long before the four us paired off on the same bed. I loved fucking Lydia from behind watching Penny ride Carl. She looked tiny on top of him as she ground her pussy back and forth on him.

I ended up cumming on Lydia’s big soft tits. She and I watched as Carl came inside of Penny from behind as they fucked in front of the window with the curtains wide open.

It was so surreal watching her cum with her hands against the glass. Carl pounding her from behind his big hands cupping her tits.

They didn’t care if anyone saw them or Lydia and I longing on the bed. Afterwards we talked about the trip and how much we appreciated everything they did for us.

They told us they hoped we would come back with them in a few months. I agreed but only if we paid our own way.

Carl l dozed off after a while and was snoring loudly. Lydia asked if she could sleep with us because he would be like that all night.

We moved to our room. We all showered and we had more wine. I fell asleep first. I was woken up some time later by the bed slowly moving and women moaning softly.

They were in a sixtynine with Penny on top. I pretended to stay asleep. Until Penny went to her back while Lydia remained between her legs licking her pussy. I moved behind Lydia. I fucked her until Penny came.

Then fucked her missionary while Penny played with her tits and my ass. We both came and soon were all sleeping with me in the middle.

Going back to Vegas with Carl and Lydia became a regular thing for us over the next few years. My most favorite thing during those visits was the girls fucking male strippers while we watched.

That was Penny’s first BBC but certainly not her last…After we returned from our Vegas adventure with Carl and Lydia. Things returned to the way they were. Penny would spend one night a week up at TimÂ’s place. I loved listening to them fuck and getting sloppy seconds when she came home.

We continued to meet up with Carl and Lydia after some hunky tonk dancing. Sometimes with Tim other times just us four.

Penny self confidence was through the roof. She wasnÂ’t stuck up at all being so good looking. She just had such an awareness about herself compared to when we married a few years earlier.

She had never seduced anyone since we started our sexual journey. Every sexual encounter she had so far was arranged to one extent or another.

I scheduled the installation of our home security system. So when I came home from work and the service van was parked out front. I really didnÂ’t think anything about it. Like normal I always take my tools out back to my patio.

My attention was grabbed when I heard Penny moaning before she yelled out , “Yes give me your big cock!”

I thought maybe Tim was off early and was getting some sweet pussy. But I hadnÂ’t noticed his truck parked out front. That beast was hard to miss.

I silently slipped through the sliding glass door. Musing that the alarm wasnÂ’t set. The sounds were loud and coming from our bedroom.

I moved down the hallway stopping just outside our bedroom door. My jaw dropped at the sight on my bed. Penny was on all fours with an older moderately heavy black man fucking her from behind.

A loud slap to her firm as made her scream for more. A second slap made her whimper. The wet sounds coming from their fucking clearly let me know this was consensual.

When her cupped bother her firm tits and started to really fuck her I could see in the mirror his cock was big. What really caught my eye were how big his balls were.

They were huge and were definitely loosing the battle with gravity. Penny was infatuated with them as well. When his hands moved to her hips. Her head went down to the mattress and one hand went back to cup and play with his swinging nut sack.

The big guy was moaning and telling her how good her kissy felt. Penny was panting now on the verge of a pretty intense orgasm. She came with her face buried in a pillow.

The guy pulled out and shot cum on her back and ass. Penny was lying face down. Her body rocking aside to side. He climbed off the bed and went to the bathroom. After washing up he returned with a towel and wiped his cum off her.

Penny rolled onto her back her nipples were still very erect. She cooed, “That was so fucking good. Thank you.”

He offered to come by anytime. She smiled but told him it wasnÂ’t a good idea as her husband was really jealous and a police officer. The guys demeanor changed dramatically. He dressed quickly causing me to slip into the guest bedroom to hide.

Penny called my name after the guy hurriedly left. I stood in the doorway looking at her naked body. Her red hair was out reddish auburn hair was splayed out on her pillow. She was biting on a finger nail as she said, “I was a naughty girl.”

I smiled replying, “You think?”

I sat on the edge of the bed as she told me what happened. She said she was going her daily yoga routine when he arrived.

She was wearing some tight fitting yoga clothes. He was very polite but she could tell he liked what he saw.

She showed him around our home and he went to work on the installation. She asked him if he minded if she continued with her workout. Of course he didnÂ’t.

She caught him giving her short glances as she moved from one position to the next. It started to turn her on being watched by this complete stranger.

After sometime he had finished and she offered him something to drink. They were standing in the kitchen as he gave her some tutoring on how the system worked.

His steady glances at her breast had her mind on everything but learning how to set an alarm. She interrupted him telling him she really needed a shower.

He apologized for rambling on. He blamed her because she was so pretty. That was it she made up her mind then that she was going to fuck him.

His jaw hit the floor as she stripped off her workout clothes right in front of him. She asked him if he would wash her back for her.

She said she looked back over her shoulder as she walked to the bathroom. He was still standing there but was looking at her ass as she walked away.

She half expected him to bolt out of the house. She started the shower, stepped inside and began lathering you her body.

Some time passed and she was sure he had left. Until he stepped inside the bathroom naked and sporting a thick semi hard cock.

She opened the glass door for him. He was nervous but clearly aroused telling her she was beautiful. Handing him her scrungie he proceeded to wash her back.

He went slow and seemed a little unsure of how far he could go. Penny said his now fully has d cock casually bumped her ass from behind.

She said her she felt so aroused with this whole seduction. She spun to face him kissing him on his full lips before lowing to take his fat cock in her mouth.

At that point he realized there were no limits. They moved from the bathroom after toweling off. He ate her pussy with her ass at the edge of the bed. Then folded her in half as he fucked her.

The feeling of his unique ball sack literally beating her ass up sent her over the edge. They both moved into the bed where she sucked him some more.

He moved her into all fours and thatÂ’s when I showed up. Penny knew my routine and had left our bedroom window open. She was aware I was about to come home and wanted me to be able to watch her.

I had to admit I was really turned on by the whole event. We had sex with me asking her if she liked seducing him. Did she like his black cock? I asked her to seduce someone again and let me watch.

Afterwards I chided her about scaring the pot guy telling him she was married to a crazed policeman.

I will give a couple more of my favorite times and here she s sucks other men soon.

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