Penny my slutwife 1.


My wife Penny and I married young. We met attending a vocational school. After graduation she got a job at a beauty salon as a hair stylist. I landed a great job working for a heating and cooling company.

After about three years of renting an apartment we bought our first place. It was a small two bedroom condo bottom floor.

Life was great we were happy. Our sex life was good but could have been better. Penny is gorgeous but was raised very conservatively. She is about 5’6” with reddish auburn colored hair. She is very pretty with amazing green eyes and a slight dusting of freckles that give her that girl next door look.

She has a great body that she keeps very toned with regular workouts. She has medium sized firm breast with flat abs and an ass to die for. I was always in a state of arousal being around her. Unfortunately, sexual spontaneity wasn’t her strong suit.

Sex for us was a nighttime activity with the lights off. We had sex a couple times a week almost in a scripted fashion. I loved giving oral sex, Penny not so much. She would do it a little but nothing more than a few kisses and licks.

I tried to get Penny to drink a little wine to maybe loosen her up a little. But she didn’t want to drink any alcohol.

To make matters worse for the longest time I had always been a voyeur. I can remember spying on my parents having sex. My older sister and a few different boyfriends. I even was able to spy on my neighbors sometime growing. Each instance turned me on and led to some great self pleasuring.

So it wasn’t a stretch for my over active sexual imagination to fantasize about other men fucking my Penny.

I would often point out guys checking her out and she would blow it off. My hopes of getting turned on by it died.

Things began to change after the older lady that lived above us moved away. A short time later a moving truck pulled up.

The new owner was a guy named Tim. He was in his late forties and single. I gave him a hand carrying some of his things up to his place. We shared a couple beers afterwards and I learned he had divorced a few years back.

Penny got home while we were sitting on the stairs. I introduced her to Tim. He stood and shook her hand holding it a little longer than she felt comfortable with.

She quickly welcomed him and went inside to our place. The flush of her cheeks was something new for her when meeting someone else.

After she was inside Tim complimented me on having such a pretty wife. I thanked him and my mind started to wander a little down that familiar path of sexual fantasy.

Tim is taller than I am by at least a half foot. He is about 6’4” with a lean muscular build. He has dark hair wit a touch of grey. I guess you would say he had rugged good looks. Complete with tattoos on his arms and calves.

That night we Penny and I made love and she seemed more turned on than usual. She came a lot sooner than she normally does. I wondered if our new neighbor had anything to do with her heightened state of arousal.

It wasn’t long after Tim moved in he started to entertain lady friends. We would often hear him fucking the hell out of his guests.

When I mentioned to Penny one day that Tim was a regular Cassanova. She snapped that he was just using those women.

I didn’t want to get into an argument but my thought was that those women sure liked being used by the sounds of it.

Our sex life got a little more strained because now Penny would only have sex if Tim was out at night. So we were down to one night a week.

While Tim was fucking two three different woman every week. It was driving me crazy. It was also affecting Penny. Sometimes late at night when Tim was banging out a round two.

Penny would whisper my name to see if I was awake. Of course I was but I wouldn’t answer her because she would call me a pervert for listening to the sex above us.

Then I would hear her letting out soft moans and gasp as she pleasures herself while listened to the woman cumming upstairs. Often cumming at the same time muffling her orgasm by putting a pillow over her face.

I had to do something so one day before she got home from work I simply told Tim everything. He didn’t call me weird or crazy. He completely understood where I was coming from.

He told me about his divorce and how he cheated all the time. But when his wife cheated on him he lost it. She ended up marrying his best friend after the divorce. He said in hindsight maybe had he asked his wife about having an open marriage they might still be married.

Tim seeing my consternation point blank asked me,”You want me to seduce your wife?”

As much as I have fantasized that same thing. I suddenly had doubts when he asked me that question. I mean I love her and she was my wife.

After a long pause between us I looked him in the eye saying,”Yes, I would like that.”

We talked a little while longer and started to develop a plan. Which according to Tim just meant finding ways for him to be around Penny more.

A couple times a month Penny and I would have a few friends over for food and fun. So when Tim showed up as my guest the next time Penny welcomes him but seemed flustered at his presence.

As the night went on though I would catch glimpses of Tim talking to Penny off to the side. She would be laughing at something he said.

She seemed more relaxed and that gave me some hope. We repeated this a couple more times as well as Tim helped me with some home maintenance stuff allowing him to spend more time at our house.

He would often give Penny some compliments that she accepted graciously with a smile and blushing cheeks.

This was slowly having an affect on her sexually. She would get a little more active in our love making than before. During those nights Tim was banging some lady above us Penny would work magic on her pussy with her fingers.

When the Super Bowl rolled around I had a party and of course invited Tim. This was going to be “the night” I hoped. The plan was that I would have to much to drink and pass out. Tim would make his move and if it worked well, Penny and I would be at a crossroad in our relationship. The risk scared me but it also excited me even more.

We had a lot of food and drink and our friends had a great time. For the first time ever Penny actually had a few wine coolers. She wasn’t drunk but she did have a light buzz going on.

All the guests left except Tim. I was timing on my drunk act pretty well. Tim suggested we smoke a little weed. Penny initially refused but he pleaded with her just to try a little.

Well we smoked more than a little and Penny was pretty high and liking it. I drank a couple more beers down quickly and slowly pretended to pass out on the couch.

Penny called my name a few times and I was unresponsive. Tim offered to help her get me to my bed. After they dropped me unceremoniously on my bed, they went back out to the living room.

I snuck to where I could see them sitting on the couch. They were talking quietly and I couldn’t make out their words.

But Tim suddenly leaned forward and kissed her. Penny stiffened up at first but then melted into the kiss.

When the kiss ended Penny stood up and was saying something to Tim. She looked confused. She started to walk towards our bedroom and I got back on the bed.

She stepped inside our room and whispered my name a couple times. I didn’t respond so she nudged me next. Again I was dead to the world as far as she knew. She paced back and forth for a minute then let out a sigh. She left our bedroom closing the door behind her.

I opened it slightly to see her standing by the sofa. She was in Tim’s arms and they were kissing again. My heart was pounding so hard it echoed in my ears.

Tim took her hand and led her out our front door. I had half expected him to fuck her on the couch or our floor. I hadn’t even thought he would take her upstairs.

I went back to my bedroom and paced back and forth. Stopping every time I thought I heard something.

Finally the silence was broken by her soft moans. I thought,”Oh my God. It was happening!”.

The soft moans were getting louder and the bed began to creak more rhythmically. Penny was moaning and gasping. The next surprise was her vocally saying,”Yesss! Fuck me deep!”.

My cock was out and in my hand. The slow rythmic creaks sped up to match her moans and the obvious hard fucking he was giving her. Penny came calling out his name.

There was a short pause then her moans started up again along with the creaking bed. She was telling him how good his cock felt. He was telling her how much he loved her tight pussy.

She came again this time trying to muffle her pleasure. Tim was moaning then asked her where she wanted him to cum. There was no delay in her response,”Ahhhhhhh! My pussy!”.

She never used that word, ever. I shot cum all over the floor. I listened to them talk for a short time then some water running.

I cleaned up and hurried back to bed as I heard his door close upstairs. Penny climbed into bed quietly and was asleep a short time later. My mind raced on through the night. Tossing around what would happen now.

The next day we were both off of work and Penny has a hard time making eye contact with me. But she went out of her way to pamper me.

She made a great breakfast and just doted over me. She jumped when she heard Tim’s front door close and him coming down the stairs. She looked at our front door as if she expected him to burst through any second.

She relaxed when she heard his truck start and he drove off. A short while later she begged me to make love to her.

It was early afternoon. But I wasn’t going to complain. The sex was great she uncharacteristically doted in me in bed as well.

She actually sucked my cock for quite a while. We fucked until we both came in a tangle of arms and legs. I knew what was going on. She was guilty now.

I asked her anyway what had gotten into her. The was a long pause before she said,”I just want you to know how much I love you and I wanted you.”.

Over the next week Penny purposely avoided Tim. If he stopped by she would go back into our bedroom saying she needed to fold clothes or something. If he stayed a while she would leave to go shopping.

I told Tim I was worried she was guilted out. Tim smiled saying,”I’m sure she is. But it will be ok.”

On one occasion where we were watching a basketball game. Penny left to go shopping. He asked me for both of our phone numbers, in case he ever got locked out or vice versa. The smiles on his face told me he had a different reason.

Then he asked me up to his place to show me something, I couldn’t help looking into his bedroom.

It was surreal seeing the place where my wife had fucked him only a few nights earlier. Tim showed me his stash of homemade sex videos.

He got us beers then popped one in. I about spit my beer out. On the screen he and Penny were helping each other off with their clothes.

Soon they were kissing in his bed her hand stroking a dick easily 10 inches and thick. I watched as he went down on her. Seeing her open up to him and arch up her ass as he ate her pussy had me instantly hard.

I watched him enter her slowly missionary. She was gasping and digging her nails into his back. Her eyes rolled up into her head as he slowly fucked her to a first orgasm.

As they continued to fuck I could literally see her juices foaming up around his cock. Her legs were locked around his waist. His heavy balls battered her ass. I couldn’t believe she could take him that deep.

They moved around so he could fuck her from behind. Her face was flushed and her eyes were glazed over. Tim pushed in and let her adjust to his size again.

He fucked her like this for a while making her cum a couple more times. She finally dropped her head to the bed leaving her firm ass up in the air.

She told him to cum in her pussy and he did. When he pulled out a lot dropped on his sheets. Penny stayed in that position softly moaning and breathing fast.

She got up and went to the bathroom off camera. I heard the water running while Tim stayed on the bed talking to her. His still semi hard cock stuck to his leg with their combined cum.

He turned off the movie and asked me if I was ok. I told him I was. He gave me the opportunity to end everything and call it a one time experience.

I thought for a long while and told him I wanted it to happen again. Adding I wasn’t sure that Penny did though. Tim just smiled saying,”We’ll see.”

That next weekend Tim has another woman over and literally fucked her brains out. Penny didn’t pleasure herself but seemed a little flustered almost jealous it appeared.

She finally went to sleep after the fucking end up above. The next Friday she was going out with the girls from her job.

I went up to Tim’s and let him know she was going out. We had a few beers and watched a game. He picked up his phone and texted Penny. He simply asked her how she was doing and if she was mad at him.

There was a long delay then she responded telling him hello and that she wasn’t mad at him. She asked him how he got her number.

He told her I had given her both our numbers in case of an emergency.

Again a long delay before she responded with that she wasn’t mad at him but thought what had happened was wrong and shouldn’t happen again.

Tim teased her about not enjoying the sex. She responded that she did very much. It was the best sex she ever had. But that she loved me and didn’t want to lose me.

I had to admit I felt a little jealous and relieved at her last comments. Tim told her he understood and didn’t want to come between her and I. But he had no regrets about wanting her again.

She responded that she understood but couldn’t do it again. He simply told her he hoped she would change her mind.

She didn’t respond. I thought well that was it then. I mentioned to Tim that it appears she had made up her mind. Again he just smiled at me saying,”We’ll see.”

The game ended and I went home. I had just got to bed when Penny texted she was having fun and don’t wait up for her.

I drifted off to sleep only to startle awake a a loud thumping sound. I was about to go back to sleep when I heard a woman cry out,”Yesss! I need this so bad.”

I shook the fog of sleep out of my head recognizing Penny’s voice. The bed was really squeaking and she was telling him to fuck her in a slightly slurred voice.

He fucked her to a couple orgasms before he bellowed out he was cumming. I laid there with cum on my stomach and my own cock twitching.

A short time later Penny was slinking back into our bed. Soon she was fast asleep and I replayed everything over in my mind.

The first opportunity I got to go up to Tim’s and watch his newest home video I did. Penny was clearly tipsy as Tim lifted her dress over her head.

She dropped to her knees and sucked his cock like a pro. They moved to the bed and she mounted him. She rode him like a wild woman both grinding on him or bouncing her ass up and down on his cock.

She came riding him then again with him on top. They finished with him cumming on her tits which was another first. She used to think that was nasty.

After Tim shut it off I turned to him saying, “What’s next?”

He just smiled. Penny fucked Tim a couple more times after a girls night out. Tim approached me telling me she asked him not to bring other women over to his place anymore.

The was a red flag for me. In my zeal to fulfill my fantasy I hadn’t fully realized the risk Penny might actually fall for Tim. Needless to say I was worried and turned to Tim for suggestions.

We came up with a plan that would hopefully make things straight. I planned another party and of course invited Tim. I watched Penny and observed how she had a hard time not being distracted by Tim’s presence. It seemed surreal being in the same room as my wife and her lover.

She seemed a little agitated when Tim talked alone with her girl friends. A few had mentioned how hot Tim was.

As planned I passed out on the couch after all the guest left. This time they didn’t bother putting me to bed. I heard our front door open and close and they were gone.

I went into my bedroom and listened for tell tale signs of people having sex. I heard the thump of shoes hitting the floor. Then the squeak as people got on the bed. Penny’s soft moans soon drift from above.

I slipped upstairs into Tim’s place. I was met immediately with, “Oh gawwwd! I love your big dick.”
I moved to his bedroom door. I peaked in and my eyes popped out of my sockets.

Penny was on her back with her legs wide holding onto each calf with her hands. Tim was slow fucking her. Her pussy was gushing, making wet sounds.

Within a few minutes she locked her legs around his back and whispered she was going to cum. Her body shuddered as she bit his shoulder and neck.

Tim lifted up and started to long dick her. Penny was moaning and gasping as he was pounding her through his mattress. She was on the verge of cumming. He pulled out causing her to moan that she wanted him back inside of her.

I stripped off my clothes and was stroking my cock as he entered her from behind. He had his hands on her shoulders and was fucking her good. The look of ecstasy on her face was a huge turn on.

I stepped into the room and her eyes went wide. She tried to move but Tim held her tightly as he continued to fuck her. I moved just inches from her still stroking myself.

The confused look faded as a glazed look came over her face. She took my cock in her mouth. It felt great as she moaned around it while getting fucked.

Tim came inside of her and she moved onto her back. I followed sliding my cock into her very soaked pussy. We fucked frantically for a short time before I added my spunk to Tim’s.

I flopped on my back trying to catch my breath. Tim was sipping a beer in a chair and Penny subconsciously pulled a sheet over her nakedness.

She looked at Tim then me saying, “I don’t understand?”

Tim and I took turns telling her everything. She didn’t like being tricked but also apologized for cheating on me. She also admitted she had feeling for Tim, but realized those feelings were one way.

We talked for a while and agreed on a way forward. We had a few drink and smoked more weed. I did fall asleep for real this time.

I’m not sure if it was a dream or real but I heard Penny moaning and felt the bed rhythmically moving during the night…