Daddy Makes On Me

My daddy pees on me and I like it. Sometimes I even beg him
to whip out his big dick and take a leak right on my face.
How did I get this perverted, some people may wonder?
Well, it all started last year when my father and I went on
vacation to the Jersey shore. We shared a room because we
didnąt have enough money for separate quarters. My being a
well-developed 18 year-old blonde shouldn’t have been a
problem. After all, he was my father and we had rented a
suite with a bedroom. He would use that while I slept on a
roll-away bed in the living room.

We checked in and found to our surprise that the suite
assigned to us had a heart-shaped bathtub right in the
middle of the living room. Iąd heard about these things
from friends who went to the Poconos, but Iąd never seen
one. Little did I know how much trouble I would get into
while luxuriating in it.

The day after we arrived my father went for a walk down the
boardwalk to the next town to check out a bar heąd heard
about from a friend. I did some swimming and, to be honest,
some trolling for cute lifeguards. One big hunk really made
me pussy juice up. It was too bad that he already had a
girlfriend. Frustrated and covered with salt water, I came
back to the suite and decided to take a bath. I ran the
water and stripped out of my bikini. In the mirror over the
dresser I could see my foxy little body. My tits are real
bouncy and many a man has drooled his saliva over my
pencil-eraser nipples.

So there I was, lying in the water and feeling real horny.
I started massaging my clit, hoping for a big cum. That
lifeguardąs little bathing suit had burned itself in my
brain and I kept thinking about taking it off without using
my hands.

I was all worked up and ready to cum when suddenly my father
walks out of the bedroom.

Heąd been there the whole time! There I am with my tongue
hanging out and my hand splashing away at my cunt and my
own father sees me. I could have died on the spot.

łSally!,˛ he shouted, łwhat the hell is going on here? What
are you doing?˛ He sounded furious, which, considering I was
only jerking off, seemed too severe a reaction.

łIąm sorry. Itąs just that . . .˛ How could I explain this?

łItąs just that youąre a little slut,˛ he answered for me.
łA whore. A fingerfucking cunt just like your mother.˛

He was livid as he dragged up memories of my mother, a cold
bitch who abandoned us when I was five. I also realized that
he was drunk and Daddy does not hold his liquor well on the
rare occasions when he has a few. He kept screaming
obscenities and insults at me. Could they hear us in the
next room? This was so embarrassing.

łI oughta take you over my lap. I oughta beat you black
and blue. You little pig. Rubbing your cunt like that right
in our room.˛ He stumbled toward me as he raved and ranted.
I just stayed in the tub hoping that the soapy water covered
my tits and pussy because I knew if he saw them he’d get
even madder.

When he got up close to the tub Daddy did the most insane
thing I’ve ever seen. He opened his fly and whipped out his
cock and started peeing on me.

łStop, stop,˛ I screamed. łWhat are you doing?˛

His stream was going all over my face and hair, dripping
down into the bath water.

łA little jerk-off whore like you deserves to be peed on.
Take this and like it.˛ He grabbed my head and pissed right
onto my closed mouth. I couldn’t breath, so I had to open
my lips for some air. A thick stream of urine blasted right
in and I had to swallow it. To my amazement it was delicious,
a saltytreat for my palate. I was instantly hooked. łMore,
more, piss on me some more,˛ I begged. He ran his endless
stream over my face. I began masturbating furiously. Now all
he yelled was encouragement.

łFrig that clit. Comąn you little piss whore. Let me see
you come. You wanna come, donąt you?˛

łYes, yes, Daddy. Help me come.˛ I stood up in the tub. He
was smart enough to aim his piss right at my cunt as I
diddled my clit shamelessly for him. The warm urine went all
over my hands and into my pussy, getting me off almost
instantly. My hips bucked from the force of my orgasm and I
had to sit back in the pissy water to avoid falling
down. All his piss was out by now and I knew what he needed
to cap this off.

łCome here,˛ I ordered. He looked horrified at what he had
done in his drunken rage, but he moved in close anyway. I
took his prick in my hand and it got hard almost instantly.
I pulled him close and began tounging his pissy penis. It
was flavored by his delicious urine. Gobbling him down my
well-practiced throat, I made him come in a minute. He
must have been incredibly horny. I swallowed his love
juice into my stomach where it mixed with his tangy piss.

łOh, baby, Iąm so sorry,˛ he said, hugging me. I told him
not to worry about it, that this was just the beginning
of our piss life together. And it was.

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