Nonstop pleasure

Early this morning when I got back from my latest
adventure, he was waiting for me in the bedroom to
perform my confession ritual which was always the same;
we undressed, got into bed and he pushed his face onto
my come filled pussy. He didn’t ever want me to take a
shower first. He says the smell and taste of another
mans come in my pussy turned him on. Andre doesn’t talk
when I tell him my story. He just lays there licking
me. When my story is over, he then fucks me with a

As his tongue reached into my pussy, I began the

I went to a new singles bar tonight Andre. It’s called
The Red Pirate. Marvin, who I met there, is in his
early twenties. He is a very good looking man and has a
terrific build. He is the perfect type that I like to
fuck. I went to his apartment and he poured us some
wine. He sat next to me on his couch where we continued
our small talk from the bar. Soon he started kissing me
and I kissed him back. He then pushed me to a laying
position and we kept on kissing.

I didn’t have any panties on tonight, Andre, and the
first thing he did was put his hand up my dress and
found that I was bare naked underneath. When I kept
kissing him, he put his finger inside of me. He told me
he wanted to fuck me. I told him I wanted that too. I
then put my hand on his hard-on bulging in his pants
and began massaging it. He then stood up, took off his
pants, lay back down and adjusted my body so I was on
my back.

I spread my legs for him, Andre, and when he brought
his dick close to me, I took it in my hand and guided
it to slide into me. You just don’t know how a woman
feels when a man first puts his dick in her. I was so
wet and it went in so easy. The feeling of pleasure was
so great and I wanted him so bad that I made a deep
guttural moan when it was finally all the way in.

I really like getting fucked by a new person Andre, it
magnifies the pleasure. When he began moving his hips
in and out, I felt orgasms explode inside of me. When I
fucked him back with my own hip motion, it made him

He apologized for such a quick release but promised
that he wasn’t done yet. I said I wanted him to fuck me
all night long. We then got naked and went to his
bedroom. He spread my legs apart and told me how
beautiful my pussy looked to him. I then told him that
I wanted to be on top and when he laid on his back for
me, I held his dick with one hand, his testicles with
the other hand and began bobbing my head up and down
with my mouth completely surrounding his dick. Oh,
Andre, when his dick was finally hard again, I couldn’t
wait to sit on it and to feel it slide up into me

As soon as I sat on him and got his dick in me again, I
began to fuck him. I took both of his hands and put
them on my breasts, which he squeezed. I dropped my
head and began to deeply kiss him. He kissed me back
like we had been lovers for a hundred years.

When the orgasms started up again, I went into another
universe Andre. I told him I wanted him to fill me with
his come again but he didn’t do that right away. He
just lie on his back and let me fuck him as I continued
kissing him.

I like to kiss a man when I am fucking him, Andre. It
puts a specter of love and caring in the air and makes
me feel special. I wanted to please him. I got to
feeling like I never wanted to leave him.

When Marvin asked me to sit on his mouth, I turned my
body around to do what he asked. When his tongue got to
be where yours is now, I could feel him lick deeply
inside of me. His dick was then in front of me and I
began sucking it again. But I soon grew tired of that
and told him I wanted to feel his dick inside of me

I then got on my back again, he pushed my knees up to
my shoulders, and when he plunged his dick back inside
of me, I started coming again.

Oh Andre, if you could only feel what a woman feels
when a man fucks her into a state of orgasm. If you
could feel it, you would finally know what heaven is.
Marvin was making me come with wave after wave of
orgasms, Andre. It was nonstop pleasure.

As he fucked me, and told me he was coming, I sensed
when he was filling me with his seed. I screamed for
him to come in me as more waves of orgasms danced
through my body. Then we lay there quietly and I felt
his semen turn cold when it ran down my legs.

Afterwards, I laid there exhausted and he was too.

I fell asleep for awhile but he woke me up later by
nibbling on my nipples. When I opened my eyes and saw
him looking at me, I smiled at his handsome face and
pulled his head to begin deeply kissing him again. When
I felt his dick get hard again I moved him so he would
get back on top of me.

I spread my legs so he could fuck me again Andre. I
told him to put his dick in me again and he did. We
then fucked like savages. I was feeling so fantastic
that I told him to never stop.

When he finally did come again, I sensed that it was
over for the night.

I came back to you Andre. I always come back to you.
Are you ready to fuck me now?

Like clockwork, Andre had his hard dick in me and I got
fucked one more time before going to sleep.

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