Linda Takes a Lover – Her Son

When Sean arrived home that afternoon he glanced out
into the garden and unexpectedly saw his mother lying
on the sun-lounger. Sean was surprised to see his
mother there at that time of day since she normally
worked in the afternoons, but it wasn’t the fact that
his mum was at home that disturbed Sean, it was the
sight of her bikini clad body.

A vivid memory flashed into Sean’s brain at the
unexpected sight, a memory that rendered Sean immobile
and he stood at the window lost in the reverie of an
event now two years old.

Two summers previously Sean had been enjoying the long
vacation away from university and had been making the
most of his freedom. He worked part time for some
disposable cash and was just having a good time; going
out to parties and generally enjoying life.

Despite the fact that Sean had always been dimly aware
that his mother was blessed with a trim figure and was
considered to be vivacious and attractive, he had never
associated her with sex. His friends had made oblique
comments in he past, nothing explicit, but the
inference was obvious. As far as Sean was concerned,
Linda was his mother. He could appreciate that others
found her attractive, but she was his mum, and that was

Then, one Saturday evening something happened that
changed Sean’s outlook forever. He witnessed an event
that precipitated an episode that was to have a
profound effect on the way in which Sean thought about,
and looked upon his mother. Sean’s father had died
several years earlier, and while the circumstances of
his death are unimportant, his passing left Linda
widowed in her early thirties with a son who had
reached the cusp of puberty.

It had been a difficult time for both Linda and her
son. Not that Sean had been affected by his father’s
death in any way that caused him to act like a
delinquent, on the contrary, he’d coped remarkably
well, but he had perhaps taken his perceived role as
his mother’s protector a little too seriously. This had
the effect of causing Linda to feel claustrophobic, and
in an effort to ease her son’s concerns; Linda decided
to forgo male company for the foreseeable future.

It wasn’t as though she was looking for another
partner, or a father for Sean, but she was still a
young, healthy woman, with all the desires and needs
that a woman has, and she found it frustrating to be
doted upon by her only son. She loved him of course,
but Linda found herself alone in her bed some nights,
just wishing that someone would hold her, would cuddle
up to her and make her feel secure in his strong arms,
and yes, there was no denying that she missed the
physical side of a relationship too.

On that Saturday evening, Sean was meant to be at a
party, and his mother was on a rare night out with some
girlfriends. The afternoon and early evening had passed
normally, Linda got ready to go out, and Sean had
showered and dressed in preparation for his party.

‘See you later, babe,’ his mother had called as she
came down the stairs and lifted her handbag from the
table. ‘Have fun!’ A waggle of her fingers and she was

Sean had gone to the party, but had found that he
wasn’t actually in the mood, so he made his excuses and
left. He arrived home just as the light was fading,
which in early July placed the time at around ten
o’clock. Sean was surprised to see the curtains drawn
against the front windows, and was puzzled by light
shining dimly in the living room beyond. The light
hadn’t been on when he left, Sean was certain, and
curious at this evidence which indicated that Linda
had, returned early, Sean pressed is face against the
window and peered inquisitively inside.

Why he actually took the trouble to peep through the
window like he did, Sean couldn’t explain, but what he
did see through the window took a moment to register.
The jolt of shock hit him like a slap to the face; he
was stunned, and at first could only stare in mute
disbelief at what he saw. His mother, who Sean had
assumed was going on a girls’ night out, was at that
moment sat on the sofa in the living room, her denim
skirt discarded, her blouse unbuttoned and gaping open
while a man sat next to her with his stiff cock in
Sean’s mother’s fist. The man was twisted slightly on
the seat and he was using his hands to massage Linda’s
tight breasts through her bra.

The tumult of confused and conflicting emotions whirled
in Sean’s brain, and his stomach suddenly felt greasy.
Sean was suddenly jealous that his mother could allow
anyone to do that to her or that she was capable of
doing anything to a man. In Sean’s mind she was above
the sordid acts of sex. She was too clean to let any
man come near her with his obscene appendage, angry,
stiff and wanting like this man’s was now. Sean also
felt anger that this man dared to actually use his
mother like that.

How dare he, it wasn’t right, she belonged to Sean, he
was the man of the house. His greasy stomach slipped
sideways with the feeling of betrayal. His mother! How
could she? The most disturbing thing of all however was
the fact that Sean was suddenly and overwhelmingly
sexually aroused by what he saw. The speed and urgency
of his erection almost took Sean’s breath away and the
thrill of lust clutched at him deep in his belly,
quickly dousing the sick feeling, and replacing it with
a far more powerful emotion.

The need for release that was centred on his cock was
almost irresistible when Sean felt the instinctive
desire flash hot inside him. Unthinking, he unzipped
his jeans and pulled out his thick, hard cock. He
pulled himself urgently; his fist closed tightly around
the shaft, and then suddenly realized he was visible to
anyone passing by. He moved stealthily around to the
back of the house and let himself in through the back

He stood just inside the kitchen unsure of what to do
next. He was fearful of discovery but couldn’t stop
himself moving slowly closer and closer to the hallway.
His cock stuck out in front of him as he crept along
the carpet like a cat burglar. His mouth was dry and
his legs felt weak. His body was trembling with the
shock, and although he knew he was in a very dangerous
situation, Sean couldn’t resist the siren’s call of
what was happening behind the door just in front of

As he stood outside the door, Sean could hear muffled
sounds from beyond. He could hear the low tones of a
man’s voice, muffled and indistinct, and he heard the
higher pitched replies that could only come from his
mother. Sean turned at the sound of his mother’s voice,
and then he hesitated. It was at that moment of
hesitation that Sean was lost. He could have walked
from the scene and gone out into the warm night air to

It was only natural that his mother should want some
male company. It had been years since his her husband’s
death, and so far, as far as Sean knew, Linda had been
faithful to the memory of her late husband, but time
goes on, and a woman has needs, Sean knew as much, and
even as difficult an experience as it would be for him,
Sean had to let her live her life.

Ah, but the temptation to take another look at what his
mother was doing was too much for Sean. It was like a
compulsion to him, he was drawn, and as much as he knew
that the sight would disturb him, Sean was powerless to
resist. He pushed open the door, just a sliver at
first, and then when he was undiscovered at the first
push he was emboldened enough to push it further still.

When the door was just wide enough to allow Sean to
peep into the room, he pushed his face close to the
wood and surveyed the interior. The scene was no less
shocking for this second revelation, and Sean felt the
same mixed feelings rush through him again. The effect
upon his penis was to give it a new breath of life, and
Sean felt the tug in his belly once more as his cock
stiffened quickly, and the lust burned hot.

In the time it had taken Sean to push open the door,
the man had managed to remove Linda’s bra. As Sean
watched, the man was squeezing and mauling at Linda’s
breasts. He was moaning with appreciation and kissing
each of Linda’s thick teats in turn.

‘Jesus Linda,’ he groaned. Your tits are fantastic. So
firm, so fucking sexy, God, I want you… I’ve been
dying to get you alone… Fuck’

Sean may as well have been deaf for all the effect the
man’s words had on him. His mother’s breasts mesmerized
Sean. He’d never seen them before, at least not that he
could remember and he thought they were exquisite. Sean
was amazed at how the mere sight of his mother’s
breasts made him feel.

He was captivated by their shape, the ripe fullness of
them, by the curved roundness of the undersides and the
tilted uplift which was crowned by the darkly pink
areolas, which were in turn tipped by Linda’s thick,
aroused nipples. Sean felt as though he could just walk
right into the room, bold as brass and he was sure he’d
be welcomed into the company of the couple entwined on
the sofa. God, how he ached for release, the sliver of
lust was buried deep in his guts, and Sean thought he
would soon go mad with the wanting.

As his mother and the man kissed on the sofa, Sean
watched her fist moving rapidly in his lap. Sean
unconsciously took his own length in hand and mimicked
his mother’s actions. God, it felt good… so good.
Sean pulled and yanked at himself now, uncaring and
abandoned in his lust, his eyes fixed, glazed and
unseeing when he felt the rush of his semen as it burst
from the eye of his cock. Sean groaned as the waters of
desire burst through the dam of his climax, and he
stood and jerked spasmodically as thick spurts of his
cum splashed against the living room door.

Inside, alerted by the unmistakable sounds, his mother
sat upright. Her hands pulled at the gaping flaps of
her unbuttoned blouse as she instinctively covered
herself. ‘What was that?’ she whispered in a mild

‘What was what?’ the man replied. He didn’t care what
the noise was. The place could be getting burgled for
all he cared. He was in the grip of animal lust
himself, he’d waited months to get the chance at Linda
and here he was, he had her tits out and she had been
wanking his cock. She was fired up and ready to go.
He’d done it, he’d gotten the unattainable Mrs. James
half naked, he was a spit away from fulfilling his
dreams of fucking her, and now he could feel her
slipping out of his grasp. She was going to get away.

‘That noise, I heard a noise.’ Linda was insistent.

‘I didn’t hear anything,’ the man pawed at Linda’s
blouse. ‘Come on,’ he wheedled, ‘come on, you know I
want you.’

‘No,’ Linda was suddenly vehement. ‘I heard a noise. My
son could be home.’

Linda stood, leaving the man looking aghast on the
sofa. ‘No!’ he called in protest, but Linda was already
on her way to the door.

Linda pulled the door open a few inches and her mouth
fell open in shock. Sean was stood with his penis in
his hand. Semen oozed from the eye of his cock and the
door was spattered with thick goo, unmistakably semen,
and it was oozing down the woodwork and dripping onto
the carpeted floor.

Linda’s body and the bulk of the door shielded Sean
from the man’s view. ‘Is anyone there? Are you coming
back now Linda?’ he called.

Linda ignored her would be lover and stared at her son
in disbelief. Sean returned her look for long seconds,
and then he turned and ran up the stairs, his brain not
fully realizing the importance of what had just

He sat in his room in the growing dark. He heard the
commotion from downstairs as Linda forced the reluctant
man to leave, then he heard the dreaded sound of his
mother’s footsteps on the landing outside his room.

‘Sean?’ His mother’s questioning voice was accompanied
by her tentative knocking on the bedroom door. ‘Sean,
honey, can I talk to you? …Please?’

Sean continued to sit on his bed in the darkened room
and willed his mother away. Despite Sean’s silence and
his unwillingness to acknowledge her Linda pushed the
door open and stepped inside. ‘Come on Sean, we really
do have to talk about this.’

Sean felt the mattress sink slightly as his mother sat
next to him. ‘No,’ Sean whispered, ‘we don’t have to
talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it. You’re a
slut.’ Sean turned away from his mother and felt the
hot tears of his confused shame and anger well
suddenly. ‘You had that man’s cock in your hand,’ Sean
continued as his voice cracked with emotion. ‘How could
you? His cock in your hand and your tits hanging out…
You fucking slut!’

Sean spat the phrase out with a vehemence that shocked
Linda. She’d never heard her son swear before and his
use of the profanity caused her to recoil in surprise.
She quickly recovered and reached a hand out to Sean.
‘Please…’ Linda sobbed, ‘please Sean, let me… let
me explain.’ Linda’s hand touched her son’s shoulder in
the darkness and he whirled around to face her at the

‘Explain!’ he shouted. ‘Explain what? I saw you,
there’s nothing to explain.’

Sean’s voice was spiteful in tone as though he was a
spoilt, petulant child instead of nearly nineteen.
Linda pressed on however, reluctant to leave her son in
such an emotional state. ‘I saw you too, Sean,’ Linda
whispered. ‘I saw how… excited you were.’ Sean’s
intake of breath hissed loudly at this revelation, and
his face burned hot. ‘Were you watching, Sean, were you
watching me?’ Linda was insistent when she sensed the
advantage. ‘I know you were watching us Sean, I saw
you. I saw how aroused you were.’

The tears spilled down Sean’s cheeks in his shame at
the memory of how his semen had splashed uncontrollably
from the eye of his cock. ‘Oh God, Mum,’ he sniffed,
‘I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to. I came home early
and… and I saw through the window… I’m sorry.’

The words fell from Sean in a torrent and Linda’s heart
went out to her son. ‘That’s Ok, baby,’ she murmured
and pressed her body against Sean’s as she lay down
behind him on the bed. Sean stiffened as he felt his
mother pressing against his back, and he squirmed
around to face her. Linda pulled her son’s head close
to her bosom in an instinctive mothering gesture. This
innocent gesture however, caused a sudden and
overwhelming reaction in Sean. The scent of his mother
and the heat of her close proximity sent a frisson of
returning lust through the young man. His cock
stiffened abruptly and the red mist of desire clouded
Sean’s brain.

Sean pressed his groin against Linda’s hip and then
rolled his mother over onto her back. Before Linda
realized what was happening, Sean wedged himself
between her thighs and pushed the solid length of his
erection against the mound of his mother’s mons. He
ground his cock against Linda’s body and pulled at her
skirt hem urgently.

‘Let me do it to you,’ Sean whispered hoarsely. ‘Let me
do it to you like you were going to let that bloke.’

Sean pushed his mouth down against his mother’s lips as
the madness overwhelmed him. He was driven by lust and
desire and had no real concept of the magnitude of what
he was doing. It was just as Sean had pushed his tongue
into her mouth that Linda finally reacted. ‘Sean, no!’
she cried and tried to push her son from on top of her.
‘Stop it,’ she grunted as she continued to wriggle and
struggle to get away from him. ‘I’m your Mother, for
God’s sake Sean, you can’t do this to your mother.’
With a supreme effort, fuelled by panic Linda managed
to wriggle free of Sean’s groping hands and insistent

Suddenly the realization that he was trying to force
his sexual attention on his mother, Sean stopped his
attack. He rolled off Linda’s body and sat upright on
the edge of the bed and held his head in his hands.
‘Mum,’ he said quietly in a hushed voice. ‘How could I?
Mum, please… I’m… Oh God, I’m so sorry.’

Still breathing heavily Linda sat moved across the bed
and sat alongside her son. ‘My God, Sean,’ she murmured
as her limbs trembled with the shock of what had
happened. ‘What were you thinking of? I’m your mother,
for God’s sake!’ Linda’s voice rose in volume as her
fear turned to anger. Then when she saw the devastation
on Sean’s face as he turned his head to look at her,
Linda’s heart went out to him and the anger evaporated.
‘Oh honey,’ she said and cautiously put one arm around
her son’s shoulder.

She’d correctly sensed that she was in no further
danger of molestation and realized that Sean must be
feeling devastated and confused. Linda was more than a
little confused as well Her son had almost succeeded in
forcing himself inside her, had almost succumbed to the
moment of blind lust and fucked his own mother.

Linda felt sickened by what had just occurred, but
couldn’t bring herself to blame Sean. He was young,
only eighteen and his sexual urges would be a dominant
force in his life at this moment in time. Linda knew
about the dangers of sexual frustration and the lengths
to which that primal impulse could drive people. She
hadn’t been with a man since her husband’s death, and
now that the long period of mourning and adjustment was
ending, she was beginning to feel the need for physical
attention again. Linda was horny as well.

‘Don’t worry, baby,’ Linda crooned as she held her son
and comforted him. ‘Don’t worry, I understand.’

Linda sat with Sean for more than half an hour without
a word passing between the pair. Eventually she left
him sat there in the dark and climbed into her own bed.
Sleep came after what seemed to be an age, but it was
troubled and dream filled, and Linda’s mind was
tortured by confused images of huge erections, an
ejaculating penis, and most disturbing of all, Sean’s

The next day Sean appeared at breakfast and was very
sheepish. Neither Sean nor his mother spoke of the
previous night’s events, and as time passed, when the
days became weeks, which became months and eventually
years, things slowly returned to outwardly normal
between Linda and her son. The shocking wound of Sean’s
near rape scabbed over and healed, but there remained
the hard carapace of scar tissue over the memory that,
although never referred to, always remained at the back
of their minds’. It floated on the periphery of their
awareness, not manifesting itself directly, but both
Linda and Sean thought back to that night occasionally.
Sean thought about it with embarrassment and shock, but
Linda found herself analyzing the events, and to her
utter horror and shame, began to develop sexual
fantasies over it.

At first Linda resigned herself to remaining celibate,
at least for the few years that Sean could be counted
upon to remain at home. She imagined that he would
eventually leave university, get a job and probably
meet a girl and settle down. The normal run of events
in Linda’s experiences of life so far. So, she decided,
no men until then. Of course she was still left with
the burden of her sexuality and the increasing urges
and demands her body signaled. Linda acquired a
vibrator, and then a second.

She discovered a shame filled penchant for mild
pornography, and satisfied her desire for sexual
release by masturbating and looking at images of naked
women in magazines. Her behavior shocked her; she
wasn’t a lesbian by any stretch of the imagination and
wondered if she needed some form of psychological
therapy. She had no desire to have sex with another
woman in real life, but found the pictures of the
attractive models visually stimulating.

She discovered erotic stories and would spend a happy
evening alone in her bedroom with her stories and her
dildo, and would masturbate to a noisy climax. It
wasn’t an ideal situation, but it was one in which she
could maintain a level of satisfaction and it removed
the problem of men from her life � for the time being
at least.

As the months passed, Linda used her tools of
stimulation privately in her boudoir, but slowly and
imperceptibly at first she began to build sexual
fantasies to supplement her diet of erotica. Some of
the stories she read were really graphic and obscene,
and as Linda grew jaded with the sordid acts that she
read about, the wilder her fantasies became.
Inadvertently Linda found a story that she was reading
was in fact an incest story about a woman and her son.

At first she was appalled when she realized the twist
the story had taken, but unable to help herself, she
carried on reading. It became a fascination for her and
culminated in the most frantic wanking session she had
had in her memory. The climax she experienced rolled on
and on in continuous waves of pleasure and release, and
at the very moment her orgasm subsided, while she laid
panting and sweating in her bed, Linda felt the shame
and humiliation of being so aroused by such a taboo

No matter, the seed was sown and in spite of trying
desperately to put the images out of her troubled mind,
Linda found she kept returning to the story, and of
course she eventually replaced the characters with
herself and her son, Sean.

To Sean however, things were never the same. He kept up
the outward appearance of normality in the same way
that Linda managed, but his nights were filled with
masturbatory fantasies from the very next evening. Sean
lay in his bed the next night and struggled with the
images that popped unbidden into his mind. He was
tormented by the knowledge that his mother was laying
in her bed only yards away from his, and he had to
fight the constant urges to go to her.

He fantasised about his mother’s body and dreamed of
taking her petite, firm breasts into his mouth and
sucking on them. He pictured Linda’s slim waist and
soft stomach as he pulled at his cock vigorously, and
he became even more aroused when he visualised how her
breasts had moved with a soft swaying movement as she
tugged at the man’s cock.

Sean’s semen spurted from his cock with an energy that
took his breath away when he climaxed during these
marathon wanking sessions, and such was Sean’s ardour
that he found that his cock would stay hard and
demanding in spite of its recent outpouring of Sean’s


Sean daydreamed at the window, his eyes glazed and
unseeing, and he didn’t realise that his mother had
walked into the kitchen until he was startled out of
his trance by her voice. ‘Oh, hi baby,’ Linda said,
surprised to see Sean standing so quietly.

Sean didn’t respond, but just looked at Linda’s figure
as it was deliciously displayed to him in a very
flattering bikini. In a flood of lust Sean’s cock grew
erect with shocking speed. He felt as though his penis
would burst through the front of his jeans and Sean saw
that the sudden reaction to Linda’s semi nakedness
hadn’t gone unnoticed by his mother. Linda’s eyes were
focused upon the bulge in his jeans front and Sean felt
the blood rise hot in his face.

Not again, he thought to himself and almost ran from
the kitchen in his haste to hide his desire and his
anguish. Sean was appalled at his body’s reaction. In
spite of having his nocturnal fantasies regarding his
mother, Sean had no wish to reopen the painful wound
caused by that night two years in the past. Sean
continued through the house and let himself out through
the front door. He wanted to put some space between
himself and his mother. He needed time to think, he
needed time to calm down.

After walking around aimlessly and with no sense of
time, Sean eventually let himself back into the house.
He must have been out for hours, at least five, and it
wasn’t until he got inside the house that Sean realised
he hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and that it must now
be way past tea time. He was distracted from his
obsessive thoughts about his mother by the delicious
smells that greeted him upon his return home. Something
was cooking � and it smelled good.

‘In here Sean,’ his mother called from the back of the

He walked through into the kitchen and was surprised to
see the table laid out complete with candles and a
bottle of red wine. ‘Er… Hi Mum,’ Sean said, puzzled
by this unexpected turn of events. He wasn’t sure just
how his mother was going to react to his earlier
performance, but this was certainly one scenario he
hadn’t envisioned.

‘Hi Sean,’ Linda turned from the cooker and smiled at
her son. ‘It’ll be ready soon, why don’t you take a
quick shower and then come back down; should be done by

‘Uh, yeah, sure.’ Sean replied inarticulately, still
surprised by the reception, but he did as he was bid
and left his mother to it.

A short time later, washed and refreshed, Sean arrived
back in the kitchen.

‘Perfect timing,’ his mother beamed at him. ‘It’s just
ready.’ Sean sat down as Linda passed him a plate of
food. ‘Wine?’ And Sean nodded his head in response.

As Sean and his mother ate the food and drank the wine
the atmosphere lightened and Sean relaxed visibly. His
mother was chatty and animated throughout the meal and
Sean noticed a peculiar light in her eyes. He was
puzzled by the unusual sheen to his mother’s eyes until
he realised that she’d perhaps been at a little drop of
the wine prior to his return home.

‘Are you Ok, Mum?’ he asked a little concerned.

‘Me?’ she replied with wide eyed innocence. ‘Why
shouldn’t I be Ok?’

‘Well,’ Sean was a little embarrassed, ‘you seem a
little weird.’

‘Weird?’ his mother laughed. ‘Weird, how?’

‘Have you been at the wine, Mum?’ Sean asked and nodded
towards the now empty bottle on the table.

Linda giggled and then stood up grabbing the empty
bottle by the neck as she did so. ‘I might have had a
little drinky,’ she said as she pulled a fresh bottle
from the rack. ‘More?’ Linda didn’t wait for a response
from Sean; she pulled the cork and poured both her and
her son a glass. ‘Come on through to the living room,
leave the dishes, I want to talk to you.’

Sean felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.
Shit, she wanted to talk to him. He really didn’t want
this; it was too much for him, too emotional and
confusing. It was a volatile concoction of lust,
desire, jealousy and embarrassment all mixed together.
How could he talk to his mother about his problem when
she was the problem?

‘Come on Sean,’ Linda said quietly. She seemed quite
lucid now, somehow the bright eyed and slightly drunk
woman had been subtly replaced by this new insistent
version. Linda walked to her son and lifted his hand
from the table top. ‘Come on,’ she said and pulled him
unwillingly to his feet.

‘Now,’ Linda said when they were both seated on the
sofa. ‘Let’s get things settled, once and for all.’

Sean was feeling decidedly uncomfortable. He didn’t
want to talk about this, also he was acutely aware of
he was sitting in the very spot that his mother had
occupied that fateful night two years before.

‘Mum, please…’ He began, but Linda pushed her index
finger against his lips to quiet him.

‘No Sean, I want to talk to you.’ Linda’s voice was low
and husky with her hidden, suppressed emotion. ‘This
has been going on too long, it’s not healthy, not
healthy for either of us, and I’ve been tortured these
last few months… It’s got to end.’

Sean looked at his mother speechless. He had no idea of
how deeply she’d been affected, he thought it had been
his problem alone to deal with, but now his eyes were
being opened and the realisation dawned.

‘Mum…’ Sean tried again, but once more is mother cut
him short.

‘No! Please don’t interrupt,’ Linda said sharply. ‘Its
taken me all afternoon to pluck up the courage to do
this.’ Linda paused and gave a wry little laugh. ‘Dutch
courage too, but I need to tell you something Sean,
something important.

Sean just sat and looked down beyond his knees to the
carpet between his feet. He was mortified and just
wanted to be somewhere else, anywhere else.

‘Since that night… that night you caught me in here
with Simon.’ Linda took hold of Sean’s hand and despite
his discomfort; Sean lifted his eyes to look at his
mother. ‘I know it’s been difficult for you. You saw
something that you shouldn’t have seen.’ Linda paused,
there was so much she wanted to say she was becoming
confused. ‘Shit,’ she swore with frustration. Then she
simply leaned into her son and pushed her lips against
his mouth.

Sean goggled, his brain unable to make sense of what
was happening
‘Wha…’ he began when Linda pulled back after the
kiss. ‘What… I don’t… Mum?’ he blurted ‘I don’t

‘Oh Sean… baby,’ Linda whispered. ‘I saw you that
night, I saw how excited you were, I saw the spunk on
the door where you’d come…’

To hear his mother speak so candidly, to hear her use
words like ‘spunk’ and ‘come’… Sean’s brain couldn’t
cope. She was using words in a reference that he
shouldn’t ever hear. It wasn’t right that his own
mother used the sexual references to him, but Sean
couldn’t help but grow aroused by them. His mother was
so close that he could feel the warmth of her body.
She’d kissed him; not in a maternal way, but as a lover
would kiss, and now she was using such language…

Oh God, what could he do? His traitorous cock
stiffened, in no way confused. The only part of Sean’s
anatomy that appeared to be functioning normally was
his penis. It seemed that his member had a mind of its
own, that it sensed what was happening, that it could
scent the musk of Linda’s sex in the atmosphere and it
was hungry.

‘I know it excited you to see me with Simon,’ Linda
said quietly. ‘And I know you got excited today when
you saw me in my swimming clothes.’ Linda pushed the
palm of her hand against her son’s jeans and gently
applied pressure. ‘You’re excited now too, you’ve got a
hard on, and to be honest, Sean, I’m sick of fighting
the feelings I have for you. I want a man, I need a
man, and just lately I’ve been thinking about you…’

Sean didn’t really register much of what his mother was
actually saying to him. He was overcome by a wave of
lust and his cock was painfully pushing out the front
of his jeans. The pressure from his mother’s hand and
the arousal from the kiss… In that moment it didn’t
matter to Sean that it was his own mother caressing his
hard cock through his jeans, he was desperate to find
release and meant to have it.

He moaned deeply in the back of his throat and closed
his eyes. He surrendered completely to the primordial
urge and when he opened his eyes again, Sean didn’t see
his mother sat next to him, he saw only a female that
could satisfy his lust. Sean lunged at his mother and
kissed her. After a brief moment of surprise Linda
opened her mouth willingly and allowed Sean to explore
her mouth with his tongue.

Linda returned her son’s kiss ardently and very quickly
their passion for each other escalated to the point
where they were both kissing and pulling at each
other’s clothes.

‘Sean,’ Linda said with a croak as she pushed her son
away from her. ‘Sean, come on… quickly… take your
clothes off… I want you… I want you naked… I want
to see your cock all big and hard.’ Linda had to fend
off her son as he kept pawing at her and tried to kiss
her again. ‘Sean please!’ she cried. ‘Just stop for a
moment and take your clothes off… Please!’

Sean stopped and looked at his mother with glazed eyes.
Taking the opportunity, Linda stood up and pulled the
straps of her summer dress over her shoulders. She let
the dress fall over her hips and then stepped out of
it. She had been nude underneath the flimsy dress and
Sean groaned loudly when he saw his mother’s trim body.

‘Mum,’ he whispered almost in awe. ‘Mum, you’re so
beautiful. Oh my God…’

Linda stood and allowed her son to take his fill of her
slender figure. She posed, almost arrogantly with her
hands on her hips. She felt glorious; powerful even,
and the euphoria she experienced as she exhibited her
nakedness to her son was overpowering. It was just as
she’d described to Sean earlier.

She had fought the disturbing sexual feelings she’d
felt for her son, but had reached a point where she no
longer cared. She was desperate for release; the sexual
tension had built up to such a pitch that she was no
longer satisfied using her sex aids and her fingers on
herself. She craved cock, and if that cock was her
son’s, then so be it.

‘I want to see you now, Sean.’ Linda said quietly as
she bent to kiss her son’s mouth again. ‘I know how
wrong this is, but I don’t care. No one needs to know
about this but us honey, Ok?’ She looked at Sean’s face

Sean was beyond caring about the morality of the
situation. He wasn’t concerned by the rights and
wrongs, and how other people would view what was
happening right there in that house. Sean didn’t care
that it was his own flesh and blood, his own mother
that he was craving. He just wanted to have her. He
stood up and pulled his mother close to him. The couple
kissed again, their tongues writhing and dancing, a
serpentine joining which was coupled with their moans
and sighs of lust and desire for each other.

As she kissed her son, Linda unbuckled the belt of his
jeans and pulled the t-shirt from the waistband. She
unzipped the fly and plunged her hand into the gap from
which she lifted her son’s hard penis. ‘Oh my God,
Sean!’ Linda cried when she felt the stiffness of her
son’s member. ‘It’s so hard!’

Sean pulled his t-shirt over his head and his mother’s
words of adoration over his cock were silenced when she
saw his lean, lightly muscled torso. Sean wasn’t hugely
muscled, just nicely so in Linda’s eyes. She eyed the
long muscles in his arms admiringly and drank in the
view of the taut, plated muscle of his chest and flat,
hard stomach.

‘My oh my, baby,’ Linda whispered. ‘You’re a lovely
specimen of a man… I had no idea…’

Sean smiled sheepishly, slightly embarrassed by the
admiration that was evident in his mother’s tone of
voice. He silently pulled his jeans down to his ankles
and then kicked his shoes and jeans off in one
movement. He peeled off his socks and then stood in
front of his mother, as naked a she, and Linda reached
out to curl her little fist around the girth of her
son’s cock.

Sean groaned loudly as Linda gripped him fully. He
looked into his mother’s eyes as she held him and felt
a wave of love for her. He’d wanted to protect her,
especially since the night he’d seen her with her
thwarted lover and there were, of course, the
subsequent feelings and desires he’d formed with regard
to his mother. Now it appeared that, miraculously, his
dreams and fantasies were coming true.

Sean fervently hoped that he wasn’t in the grip of some
dream and that what he was experiencing was in fact
real. If, however, it did turn out to be a dream he
wished that it would reach its obvious, sticky
conclusion before he woke. The sensation he was feeling
in his excited cock indicated that this was real life,
and Sean confirmed his state of consciousness by
reaching out to touch his mother’s bare skin.

‘Mmm, yes baby,’ Linda sighed when Sean caressed her
body gently. ‘Feel my skin while I feel your stiff
cock.’ Linda wanked at her son gently as she spoke and
Sean moaned softly. ‘You’re so fucking stiff,’ Linda
continued, and the use of the unaccustomed profanity
sent a further frisson of lust through Sean.

‘Mum…’ he gurgled in response. He had no idea of what
to say and was totally immersed in the feelings he was

‘You don’t have to speak, honey,’ Linda responded.
‘Just let me take you there.’ She pulled at his root
with a little more vigour and was surprised to note
that Sean’s cock actually throbbed in her grip and
increased in girth slightly as he became more excited.
‘I’ve been fantasising about you, Sean,’ Linda revealed
to her son. ‘I’ve been in my bed at night, frigging
myself and thinking of how you’d feel between my legs.’

Sean groaned at his mother’s words and his mind buzzed
confusedly. His mother pulled at him harder and harder
until her fist was almost a blur. The pre-cum was gooey
on the head of Sean’s cock as it oozed from the single
eye in its crown, and Linda’s wanking was accompanied
by the wet, squelching sound of her son’s lubrication.

‘Mum…’ Sean grunted. ‘Shit… Mum, I’m going to…’

‘Oh God, Sean’ Linda whispered. ‘You’re going to come
for me? Yes… Please… Come for your mother… I want
to see you do it.’ Linda’s excitement was obvious as
her voice croaked with the lust she was feeling as she
manipulated her son to his climax. The mere thought of
witnessing Sean’s gloopy outpouring caused her nipples
to stiffen and for her vagina to begin to oil.

As her son grunted like some sort of animal, Linda’s
attention was switching from the apparent pain on
Sean’s contorted features to the alarmingly large and
purple dome of his cock. Sean’s face was fully showing
the scale of his impending ecstatic climax and was
distorted in a rictus of seeming agony, with his groans
of excitement and pleasure sounding loudly in the room.
Finally, with a cry of delight, Sean’s first thick jet
of semen spurted from his cock.

‘Mum… I’m coming,’ he shouted. ‘I’m coming and it
feels so good.’ Sean’s head lolled uncontrollably as
his body was overcome with the pleasure of his orgasm.
‘Yes…Yes…Yes’ Sean grunted n time with the spurting
of his cock, and he thrust is hips forward in a
synchronised dance of release.

‘Oh!’ Linda cried out a little surprised by the force
of her son’s ejaculate, but she didn’t pause in her
furious wanking and the viscous spurts just kept on
gushing from a shaking, groaning Sean.

‘Oh God, Mum,’ Sean moaned shakily as his climax
subsided. ‘I’ve never felt like that before… It was
fantastic.’ A thick strand of goo hung heavily from the
end of Sean’s cock and his mother used her index finger
to scoop the thread of cum from his member.

Linda’s forearm and hand were spattered with her son’s
semen and more of the stuff had splashed across her
stomach when it had arced hotly from Sean’s body.
Unconcerned about the pools of goo staining her carpet,
Linda kissed her son deeply on the mouth before she
took his hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom.

‘I want you to share this room with me from now on,
Sean,’ Linda said as she used a towel to wipe the spunk
from her arm and body. ‘During the day we can continue
as mother and son,’ she clarified, ‘but at night…’
Linda paused and looked directly at Sean’s face. ‘At
night I want us to be lovers; I want you to share my
bed.’ Linda kissed Sean again and was relieved when he
returned the kiss eagerly.

‘Mum,’ his voice broke with emotion. ‘I love you and it
would be great to… to…’ Sean found he couldn’t use
the words.

‘Fuck me?’ His mother finished. ‘You’d like to fuck
me?’ She looked at Sean again. ‘ Go on, say it…
Please, I want to hear you. I want to hear you say that
you want to fuck me every night.’ Linda was hugely
aroused by the intimate situation she was in, and by
the sight of her son’s climax. She also found the sound
her son made as he came spurred her lust to greater
heights and Linda was becoming more and more desperate
for her own sweet climax, a fact that was made apparent
by her increased use of profane and obscene language.

‘Yes Mum,’ Sean whispered. ‘I want to fuck you.’

‘Oh God!’ Linda cried when Sean finally uttered the
word. ‘Do it to me soon, Sean, please, fuck me soon. I
want you to use your lovely thick cock to fuck me.’
Linda lay back on the soft bed and spread her thighs.
She exposed the forbidden aspect of her sex to her son
and offered the fruit to him willingly. ‘Taste me,
Sean,’ she whispered. ‘Lick my cunt… Please.’

At his mother’s utterance of that taboo word, Sean
groaned and his flagging penis suddenly jerked with
interest and reversed its downward journey. Sean feel
between his mother’s widespread thighs and
simultaneously tugged at his revived cock with one

‘I’ve never done this before, Mum,’ Sean said, his face
a scant inch from the plump labia of his own mother’s

‘Don’t worry baby,’ Linda cooed sweetly, ‘Mummy will
tell you how.’ She used the tips of her fingers to peel
the sticky lips apart and revealed the mystery of her
excited clitoris to her son’s eyes. ‘There,’ Linda
sighed as she touched herself gently, ‘just there, lick

Sean moved close to the heat of his mother and
tentatively dabbed at the little nub of flesh with the
tip of his tongue. His timid attempt was immediately
rewarded by a hiss as his mother breathed in sharply.
‘Yes baby,’ she sighed, ‘right there, right on my

Emboldened by his apparent success, Sean fell to his
task with gusto and very soon had his mother writhing
with pleasure as he tongued at her sensitive place. ‘Is
that ok, Mum?’ he asked and looked along his mother’s
outstretched body for confirmation.

‘Oh yes,’ Linda replied. ‘Lick me just there babe. Use
your tongue up and down and then side to side,’ she
instructed. ‘Then,’ Linda continued slightly
breathless. ‘Then, use your fingers inside me. Stretch
me open and massage me inside.’

Unsure, Sean did as he was told and was again rewarded
by his mother’s enthusiastic response. ‘Fuck!’ Linda
called out. ‘That’s so good, yes baby, lick me, finger
me, oh yes that’s so fucking good.’ Linda writhed on
the bed boosting Sean’s confidence even more. ‘Do it to
Mummy,’ Linda wailed as she got more and more carried
away. ‘Lick Mummy’s nasty cunt,’ she murmured, shocking
Sean with her depraved language.

Nevertheless he persevered with his oral and digital
manipulation of his mother’s increasingly wet sex and
was eventually rewarded by a prolonged cry of ecstatic
release. ‘Oh fuck, Sean, my beautiful son,’ Linda
called out. ‘I’m coming… Fuck, I’m coming.’ Linda
lifted her son’s face from between her thighs as her
climax engulfed her senses. ‘Kiss me, kiss me while I
come,’ she breathed urgently.

Linda all but pulled Sean forcibly along the front of
her body as she twisted and writhed with her orgasm.
She pushed her tongue into her son’s mouth and savoured
the perverted pleasure of her own juices, as she tasted
herself on his mouth, lips and tongue.

Sean could only hang on and return the ardent kiss as
his mother groaned into his mouth. He was awed by the
vehemence of her orgasm, and was slightly cowed by her
ferocity as his mother came violently.

‘Fuck… Oh fuck, oh fuck,’ Linda whimpered as her
climax died away. ‘I needed that baby,’ she sighed, ‘I
so needed to come.’ Then, as she lay limp and replete,
Linda smiled into her son’s slightly shocked face.
‘God, if that’s your first time at licking a woman…’
She laughed and whistled, Baby, we’re gong to have some

Sean rolled away from his mother’s relaxed body and was
suddenly shy now that she had climaxed. He was shocked
and surprised beyond measure at the way in which events
had turned, but was now suddenly unsure.

Sensing her son’s awkwardness, Linda moved to her knees
and cuddled close against his back as Sean sat on the
edge of the bed.

‘Come on baby,’ Linda whispered into his hear as she
pressed the hard points of her nipples against the
muscle and bone of her son’s back. ‘Lie down and
relax.’ She eased Sean onto his back and then took hold
of his thick cock. ‘It’s time for Mummy to suck your
lovely cock,’ Linda continued in a breathy tone and
then lowered her head to Sean’s groin.

‘Jesus,’ Sean murmured when he felt is mother’s hot
breath wash over his shaft and balls. ‘Fuck,’ he added
as the warm waft of Linda’s breath on his body was
quickly outdone by the heat of her wet mouth when Linda
wrapped her lips around the bulb of her son’s cock

A low moan sounded deep in Linda’s throat as she
fellated Sean. Her dark haired head bobbed rapidly up
and down as she sucked at the shaft of Sean’s
thickening cock. ‘Oh yeah,’ Linda growled when she
ceased sucking at Sean, but continued to use her hand
against him. ‘You’re getting bigger and harder, God,
but you’re a sexy fucking bastard.’

Linda smiled at Sean and then rubbed the slippery head
of his cock around her cheeks. ‘Let Mummy be your
slut,’ she sighed as Sean’s pre-cum glistened on her
face. ‘I want you to use me babe,’ Linda continued, her
voice growing hoarse, almost breaking with obvious
lust. ‘Tonight I want you to use me. Just use me for
sex. I’m just feeling so dirty tonight, I want you to
fuck me hard, I want you to fill me with your thick
cock and just pump into me.’

Linda took several long licks along the shaft of Sean’s
cock and smeared her saliva along its length. ‘Tomorrow
night we can make love,’ Linda went on in explanation
as a long silver thread of goo connected Sean’s cock
head to his mother’s chin as she spoke.

Linda moved the length of her slender body up along the
taut, muscular frame of her son’s torso and she settled
above him with her plump, slippery labia hovering above
his groin. Linda reached between their bodies with a
deft movement and held Sean’s cock upright with one
hand. As she held her son’s cock steady, Linda slowly
lowered herself down until the heat of her sex touched
Sean’s big, purple domed cock head.

‘Mum!’ Sean called out when he felt the heat of his
mother’s opening touch his body. His eyes were wide and
his chest was rising and falling rapidly with the
tension of what was about to happen. His cock was
touching the entrance to his mother’s sex. Very soon,
as Linda let her weight take her down, there would be
no turning back. The couple would have crossed the
bridge to the land of taboo, incestuous sex. The
situation was already irretrievable, but very soon this
final depraved act would seal their fates and Sean was
brought to the realisation of what was truly about to
pass between his mother and he.

‘Sean?’ Linda replied in a questioning tone and held
herself just above the point of no return over her
son’s cock.

‘God Mum,’ Sean whispered, are we really going to do
it? Are you going to fuck me?’

‘Do you want me to,’ Linda countered. ‘I’m right here,’
she continued. ‘Right here, just a push away from
holding you inside me, so close to fucking.’ Linda slid
the slippery, goo smeared dome of her son’s between her
plump labia in an effort to tease and influence Sean.
‘Your cock feels so good against my clit,’ she
murmured. ‘Look at how stiff my nipples are too.’

Sean looked quickly at the long, thick teats that
tipped the upswept curve of his mother’s breasts and he
groaned loudly. It was this teasing, as his mother had
fully intended that tipped Sean over the edge, and as
he groaned he simultaneously took hold of his mother’s
narrow waist and pulled her down towards his cock.

‘Yes!’ Linda cried in triumph as her son’s cock split
the sticky lips of her sex and pushed into the wet
opening of her sex. Linda sank lower onto Sean as her
shout of pleasure echoed around the bedroom and more of
Sean’s shaft sank into his mother’s body. Then, as
Linda accommodated Sean’s entire shaft, she rolled
forward and kissed him deeply again.

Keeping her hips as still as she could manage in spite
of her bodily urges to grind out her desire, Linda
savoured the long, deep tongue entwining kiss she
shared with her son.

‘Oh baby,’ she said quietly. ‘We’ve done it. You’re
inside me.’ Linda lifted her head a little so she could
read her son’s expression. ‘How do you feel?’ she

‘I… I dunno.’ Sean replied honestly. ‘I don’t know
how I feel, but I do know it feels good,’ Sean
continued and once again took his mother’s trim waist
in his hands to lift her several inches, this meant
that his cock was almost free of her body, and just as
it seemed Sean’s shaft would slip from Linda’s wet sex,
he let gravity pull her down again and felt the weight
of his mother’s body slap against him.

Then Sean moved his hands so that his mother’s buttocks
were in his palms and he could lift Linda easily from
his penis. Sean and Linda fucked frantically for
several moments; the tempo of Linda’s riding slowing
and quickening as her muscles became tired, but her
desire strived to overcome the fatigue.

‘Do you like that, Sean?’ Linda said in a voice breathy
and high pitched. ‘Do you like my tight cunt fucking

‘Mum…’ Sean swallowed heavily. ‘Mum, I love it when
you talk so dirty… It’s so bad, so nasty.’ Sean
squeezed the firm flesh of his mother’s buttocks and
lifted his hips so that more of his cock was forced
inside Linda as she fucked against her son.

‘Sean, my legs, please…’ Linda lifted herself from
Sean’s cock. ‘My legs are wasted, babe, please… take
me from behind.’

Linda knelt on all fours and pushed her hips back and
up in a blatant invitation for Sean to fuck into her
from the rear.

Sean moved quickly and held his cock up to his mother’s
wet, hot red sex. He offered his cock to her opening
and then pushed. Linda groaned loudly when she felt her
opening stretch around her son’s girth and she buried
her face into the soft covers as she moaned with

Sean held Linda’s hips and began to fuck into her
roughly. He found his confidence again as he heard the
muffled sighs and moans from his mother’s mouth as he
fucked. ‘You’re so fucking sexy, Mum,’ he grunted.
‘You’re tight around my cock, so fucking tight.’ He
banged hard against Linda’s buttocks and dug his
fingers into the soft flesh that padded his mother’s
hips. ‘I can’t believe we’re fucking, actually
fucking… Oh yes, it feels so good to fuck you, Mum.
I’ve dreamed about it, but I never thought…’

‘Me too,’ Linda said through gritted teeth. ‘At first I
didn’t know how to handle it. You know, when you saw
what you saw.’ Linda paused and sighed in reaction to
Sean’s deep probing inside her body. ‘But,’ she
continued, ‘over time I got dirty and then worse.’
Linda pushed back against Sean hard and heard the skin
of his taut belly slapping against her buttocks. ‘Fuck
me,’ Linda said finally, her mistimed attempt at
explanation abandoned. ‘Please baby, fuck me hard. Make
me come with your fat cock.’

Sean hammered his cock into his mother brutally. He
slammed against her body roughly and tried to force as
much of his length into her as he could. Sean began to
perspire with the effort of bringing his mother to
another climax. His stomach muscles tightened
constantly as he fucked and soon the sweat was running
in rivulets down his face and dripping from the end of
his nose.

Linda’s eyes grew heavy lidded with her desire as the
bubble of her climax began to build in the depths of
her belly. Her desire trickled from her sex and coated
the shaft of her son’s pistoning cock, as Linda grew
more aroused. At one point Sean was surprised to see
his mother’s beloved and familiar face contorted into
an unrecognisable mask of lustful hunger as she tuned
her head to look back at him, and the sight of that
look caused Sean’s orgasm to loom brightly.

In an effort to stave off his threatening climax, Sean
pulled his cock from the greedy, insistent grip of his
mother’s body. His penis jutted out from the curls of
his pubic hair and glistened with his mother’s juice.
Linda rolled onto her back immediately and spread her
legs in a similar manner as earlier.

‘Fuck me some more,’ she begged and ran her middle
finger along the cleft of her molten core. ‘Come on
Sean.’ Linda went on in a heavy voice. ‘Fuck me. I want
to feel you inside me, make me come.’

Sean eased himself into his mother again and began to
fuck her with vigour. Linda groaned, sighed, grunted
and exhorted Sean on to greater efforts, and at the
same time clawed at his back and urged him onward with
ever increasing obscenities pouring from her mouth.

‘Fuck me,’ she called. ‘Fuck me with that fat fucking
cock. Fill my cunt, come on, fuck my tight cunt and let
me feel you come inside me.’

Sean was dimly aware of the potential nightmarish
consequences of filling his mother with his seed, but
as horrendous as the possibilities were he simply paid
no heed. His lust was at such a fever pitch that Sean
could only focus on the here and now, and the future
held no concern for him. With his mother’s exhortation
to fill her with his semen, Sean did exactly that, and
grunted hugely as he thick cream of his second orgasm
spat inside his mother.

‘I can feel it,’ Linda cried as Sean fell against her
breasts. ‘I can feel you coming.’

The sensation of Sean’s semen splashing against her
insides sent Linda over the edge, and in a sudden rush
of love and affection for her son, she toppled over the
cliff to the mini death of her climax.

Linda writhed beneath her son as both of the lovers
orgasmed together. Linda wrapped her legs around Sean’s
flanks and pulled him deeper into her body, and she
pulled him tight against her breasts with her arms as
she held his body in her arms.

Sean could only think of how it felt as his cream
pumped deep into his mother and washed her womb with
its clinging, sticky balm.

Finally, when both were spent, mother and son lay
entwined and talked until the small hours. Their
conversation was punctuated with kisses and terms of
endearment, and they stamped out a hasty agreement of
how they would spend their lives in the immediate
aftermath of their incestuous coupling.

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